£1.5billion cash takeover bid planned | North London Derby day here we come!

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So here we are… the biggest game of our season so far. Arsenal take on Spurs at the Lane in what should be a bit of an epic. The last 6 games have seen a staggering 33 goals, so I’m hoping for more of the same today. If there’s any game in the calendar that never fails to deliver, it’s been this one over the last 5 or so years. For me, it’s hands down the best derby in the world. Hopefully, today we’ll see another demonstration of that.

Firstly though, let’s take on the story that the Telegraph are leading with today… that’s the one about a £1.5b takeover of the club from an unnamed consortium. Word has it they’ll come in, wipe out the debt, give the manager money and make him accountable, they’ll slash season ticket prices and they’ll make us a force in the game.

All sounds a little too good right?

I’m game for this if the consortium can be validated. I mean, taking over Portsmouth with fake money is one thing, I’m not quite sure there’s a benefit in doing so if you’re laying out £1.5b cash. I mean, that’s serious, serious money. That’d give Stan Korenke a £400m profit for contributing almost nothing to Arsenal over the course of his tenure. That’d make Geoff’s solitary share worth £20,000. A huge sum of money.

Will Stan say yes? Well, as the consortium say…

‘We will not bid for Arsenal if they go into decline. Kroenke and Usmanov will not get this kind of valuation if Arsenal do not succeed and will not get this kind of valuation ever again.’

That is a mega bid. Arsenal are becoming a problem for Stan… £70m is unlikely to make us competitive again. Well, at least under Arsene Wenger. If we want to be able to live with the big boys, sadly, we’ll probably have to become one of the big boys. Or get a manager in who can replicate what Arsene did in the early years, which is a massive ask.

Would it interest Stan to sell up? I doubt he’ll do it. Stan doesn’t sell shares in his teams like Arsene doesn’t break contracts. I’m not sure how Usmanov would feel about it either. You’re dealing with incredibly rich men with massive egos… selling up when you don’t need to could feel a bit like failure. So, as much as many of us dream of having a club that didn’t hinge it’s business model on having the biggest pile of cash in the world… for me, this one feels dead in the water.

Dreams of a recreated North Bank and cheaper season tickets will have to hit the backburner. Still, it is nice to know we’re still a hugely attractive proposition to mega rich business people. It’s just a shame Danny Fiszman jumped into bed with a man who has a massive lack of ambition when it comes to sport. What can you do?

Onto the game today… I don’t want to labour on it too much. I’m pretty nervous. I’m heading back to my home town to take it in with some pals of both Arsenal and Spurs persuasion, so it should be fun.

The team has to have a big game today. No excuses. We have to go out onto that pitch and fight tooth and nail to claw back those three points. I think Wenger will be confident going into this match. Hopefully the team will find a bit of the spirit they found in this corresponding fixture last year. We need to come out of the traps early on… no slow starting this time. Our defence need to communicate with each other, our midfield need to stay disciplined and everyone needs to make sure they’re doing their job properly. Carl Jenkinson, if he’s playing, needs extra special attention during the game.

If we win this… our remaining games definitly have a nicer feel to them. If we lose, well, it’s unthinkable. We have to win today. Our season rests on the outcome being positive.

Enjoy the game people…



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  1. Ric


    Laudrup anyone?

    On a sidenote… first honest interview with Arsene for as long as I can remember.

  2. Keyser

    How the fuck can anyone trawl back through 10 months of comments and still not have a point ? Fucking hell, do we have to wait for an orderly to come along with a sedative.

  3. Bergkamp63

    Bergkamp63March 3, 2013 15:21:57
    No reason to fear anything peeps,

    We can’t lose whatever the score, win or draw we still have bragging rights, lose and one more nail in the Wenger coffin.

    Personally I can’t see us winning, I think we will choke like a pro blowing a horse !

    With our defence & keeper, a draw at best for me.

    Bergkamp63March 3, 2013 15:39:33
    Odds for Bale to get on the scoresheet ?


    Bergkamp63March 3, 2013 15:45:03
    Lose this
    Lose to BM in 10 days time
    Lose to Swansea

    Home crowd against reading = < 30,000

    Some of us don't change our minds as much as others on here and perhaps have a little more insight into what they are actually watching !


    Bergkamp63March 3, 2013 19:31:25

    Tell me about it..As fickle,as a $2 Street Hooker,then proceed’s to take you on a white knuckle ride,for the fun of it.Simply because they are demented& off their meds..

  5. Keyser

    Paulinho – That’s what you’ve come up with ? Seriously, maybe this is your level. A bit better to watch ? fuck off you’re just taking the piss now.

  6. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: fact is you say lot of shit.
    And you should shut up rather than exposing your own stupidity.
    How can anyone keep coming on here with same crap arguments and still not even try to understand other people’s points is beyond my understanding of human stupidity.

  7. El Tel

    Lets get our Arsenal back.

    Too right. Thats what I try to do each time I am on here. Some truly great posters have left this site because of the Mancunt Sperze mob ( glory hunters) who seem to have taken over.

    Pedro seems like a good bloke but is missing Geoff as a back up.

    For the life of me I dont know why I still post on here to get insulted for having my own oppinion.

    I like this site and will not go until all you haters are defeated.

    By the way. I wanted Wenger gone right from the first time I posted on here years ago.

    I will not see you wanting our Club to go down the shitter so you can say I told you so and win a pointless argument against a fellow Gooner or a person on here who will be off the moment we do go down the shitter.

    I couldnt give a fuck who is Manager if we win, I just want us to win.

    Wenger has been treading water for years, in fact as soon as the Invincibles were beaten by them cheating cunts.

    There was only one way for him to go after that achievement and He is going in that direction.

    I see some excellent players at the Club who are rudderless either because they dont want to put a shift in for Wenger or because He is average as a Manager?

    Some question MY loyalty and call ME a loser yet I support the Club through thick or thin.

    Are you not a loser for wanting or predicting us to lose?

  8. Ric

    Our “devoted” fans made it to the frontpage again…

    Bananas at Bale and “Ha ha Togo bus deaths” for Ade, all class amongst our lot.

    But it all pales in significance when compared to the absolute “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitednesss” of our captain.

  9. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well they would’ve won fuck all, so what else is there?

    Maybe they would’ve popped the ball around well enough to the point where you could go back to blaming referees and conspiracies for our inability to win anything.

  10. GUNNER786

    HerveDeNerve is a SPUD!!!

    He comes on here to wind people up, especially after Arsenal lose in a NLD.


  11. bayo

    Wenger dragged this club down this mess….the writing has been on the wall but he refused to change. He persisted with signing players like gervinho, giroud and co…Wenger sold song to play diaby who has been injured for 6 years.

  12. Bergkamp63

    “Are you not a loser for wanting or predicting us to lose?”

    No, just a much better judge at what I’m looking at !!


    IvoryGoonzMarch 3, 2013 19:44:28

    Here,Here..I agree with you..In fact it get’s tiresome,when this $2 Street Hooker,monopolises this blog,for his own selfish& attention seeking ways..

    How can everyone according to the $2 Street Hooker,be wrong& he is always right?

  14. Keyser

    Bergkamp63 – No mate, you don’t have a point, has Arteta been shit this year, Yes, unless think no other cicumstance has changed and Arteta’s been immersed within a vacuum, please have some self-respect.

  15. Toli83


    Yes I do mate, yeah it’s a nightmare. But to want us to lose just to get rod of that cunt I can’t agree with, iv wanted hi gone years mate. I remember about 15 of us or so went to Milan and watched us get destroyed and we all knew Wenger was completely gone mate, but its different for little wankers on here to come and use that to slag the club off.

    Aa and Herve the cunt, next home game, come down and ask for Toli, they’ll point you in my direction.

  16. GUNNER786

    HerveDeNerve comes on LG pretending to be an Arsenal fan.

    Enjoy the glory while you can you mug because when the Arabs takeover you’ll shit your pants.

  17. kev

    poor result today but no surprise really. people going around laughing at liverpool for playing Europa League. wont be laughing next season though.

  18. Ric

    Bergkamp63March 3, 2013 19:50:23
    “Are you not a loser for wanting or predicting us to lose?”No, just a much better judge at what I’m looking at !!


  19. Incesc

    Just gonna save all the texts I got today till the final league results.

    Someone needs to step up

    Rather poldolski up top till the end of the season. Really don’t like this guy Giroud as a player, we’ve dropped loads of point cos of I’m and he’s slow as shit

  20. Bergkamp63


    You just make yourself look more stupid each time you come on.

    One minute Arteta is good then he is pointless !!

    LOL !!

  21. kwik fit

    “We were not efficient in those decisive zones, not at the back or up front. We were not cautious enough. On the two goals we played offside in a position where we shouldn’t play offside.”

    Not good up top or at the back Eh Arsene. Same excuses different day. Arsene do actually work on changing the deficiencies or will we listen to the same shit after every game until the glorious day.

    In the words of Wolfy Smith Freedom For Arsenal!!!

  22. Ric

    GUNNER786March 3, 2013 19:52:29
    HerveDeNerve comes on LG pretending to be an Arsenal fan.Enjoy the glory while you can you mug because when the Arabs takeover you’ll shit your pants.

    That was by far the saddest most pathethic “comeback” I’ve ever heard…

  23. f4phantomphreak

    The bottom line is this, until we Arsenal fans stand up and do something about it, it will not change. What to do you ask, stop going to the matches, having the stadium half empty will wake them up, stay away! The only thing that will hurt them is their profit margin

  24. IvoryGoonz

    Vix: not sure what wind up you’re on about apart just an actual wind up.
    When I’m wrong I admit it.
    You just plainly keep playing like a kid.
    Well read this.
    Fuck you.

  25. El Tel


    I never said we are the greatest thing the world has ever seen.

    My only point was that we were as good as them.

    They never battered us and they are not better than us either.

    They won that game because we were shit in defence not because they were good.

    That is my point.

    If you want to cunt me off for saying thei then do so. On here I am used to it becoming a pissing contest.

    Rememebr this.

    We all think we are the best until someone better comes along.

    I support the Arsenal. Always will no matter what happens. I am a third generation Arsenal fan and my Sons are Gooners too. I hate tatoos yet have an Arsenal one on my arm.

    I hate losing but after the event what can I do to change it. Everyone loses in life. It is part of life.

    Top Gear on Ciao.

  26. Keyser

    bergkamp63 – One minute ? Seperated by 10 months, at your stage in your life does time begin to lose meaning.

    Here’s a quote for you..

    So true, so true..

    “Only the AKB’s,will offer you a modicum of so-called intellectual debate..”

    Do you see ? Do you see Bergy ? Do you agree ? Do you agree ?!

  27. mystic

    HerveDeNerve March 3, 2013 18:10:49
    ‘Today proved that man for man, bar Jack, they are better all over the park. They didnt even play well and beat us with ease, no panick, no fuss, they knew they would win.’
    Don’t agree – Arsenal were fucking shit at the back – it would be insulting to children to say that it was school boy defending.

    Wenger hasn’t a bloody clue about defence and should either pass that responsibility 100% to Bould, or better still pass over 100% of the management task to someone else.

  28. Joppa Road

    can anyone honestly see us beating a well organised, slick, clever, confident Swansea side? I would say we are not even 50/50 to win that game. If Swansea win it (and I think they will) then they will only be 4 pts behind us.

    Despite this people are talking about how unlucky we were today. Are you for fkin real? Spurs were the better side when and where it mattered.

    I see this defeat as a good thing. Give me the real Arsenal back any day over what we have now. If that means bad results then so be it.

  29. Bergkamp63

    If anyone thinks things are going to change anytime soon they need to up their meds, if you are not taking any you need to get yourself down the doctors in the morning.

    It’s not rocket science !

  30. Bergkamp63

    The only reason we had so much possession is because spurs allowed us to have it and dropped deaper knowing they could pick us off on the counter.

    An idiot could see this but apparently there are people who still can’t !

  31. Keyser

    Paulinho – “Well they would’ve won fuck all, so what else is there?”

    I can’t believe you’ve forgotten already, pointless but attractive, the love o your life.

  32. Toli83


    I think spurs were better as most other teams are these days because of how shit our defence is. They could have had two or three more to be fair. For that reason alone, any team in the league thinks they have a chance against us.


    More bullshite from Keyser..

    KeyserApril 13, 2012 23:51:48
    what makes me laugh is people who say ‘Wenger talks constant shite’..

    Hey let’s run through some Arsene Classics..

    Arsene: 4th place is a trophy

    Arsene: If we sell Cesc & Nasri,we will not be considered a big club

    Following week:Cesc & Nasri Sold..

    End of Season 2011/12..

    Arsene:I’m confident RVP will stay..

    Season 2012/13

    Arsene:I knew by selling RVP to Man Utd,they will win the EPL

    Club Statement:RVP was sold for footballing reasons..

    Arsene-2012/13:This is the best squad,I’ve ever had.

    Followed by 12 player’s on loan/ farmed out,or loan’s further extended..













    Followed by defeats to Swansea & co..

    Bombed out of COC against Bradford

    Bombed out of FAC against BB

    Half-way bombed out of CL @ home against BM3-1.

    Arsene..Beginning of Jan 2013 Transfer Window..”We are looking at Zaha..”

    3rd week into the Jan 2013 transfer..

    Arsene”We were never looking at him”

    3rd Week Feb 2013..Arsene’s Press Conference:

    Arsene to Reporter:Why are you looking at me..?

    Reporter:It’s your press conference-Arsene!!

    Arsene:Name one manager that has won 4 FAC’s..Name one?

    Arghhh..Sir Alex-For the record 5 FAC’s..

    Yep Keyser,Arsene talk’s complete sense…
    like you-eh..?

  34. Bergkamp63


    I wish it were true but I still think nothing will change unless an actual bid arrives. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he is not there until the end of his contact.

  35. Keyser

    “Only the AKB’s,will offer you a modicum of so-called intellectual debate..”

    Do you see ? Do you see ? AKB, Do you see ? Do you see ?

  36. Keyser

    “What the hell are you on about..?
    I’m not winding you up..!!”

    ShaL’OM, I think he’s on your side, don’t get it twisted.

  37. Toli83


    Think he’s biggest self mug off was the cesc / nasri ‘if they both go we’re no longer a big club’ comment.

    What a cunt.

  38. Ric

    Well theres a reckoning on here tonights thats for sure… Yeez I just came from a house with five spuds and there was less ball busting over there… I’m just gonna piss off until tomorrow aiight guys…


  39. HerveDeNerve

    GUNNER786March 3, 2013 19:52:29
    HerveDeNerve comes on LG pretending to be an Arsenal fan.Enjoy the glory while you can you mug because when the Arabs takeover you’ll shit your pants.


    Ha ha, your so funny 786! I bet your sitting there right now with your sandals on and white towel wrapped around your head tied on with one of your smelly black socks!

  40. Johnny5

    I don’t want arsenal to lose. I want us to win. I wanted a win today but the fact remains we weren’t good enough. Tottenham were pretty poor but better than us. We’ve basically made 4th a highly unlikely scenario there’s still a glimmer of hope but the team are fucking shit no talent no class no pace no defence do I doubt it’ll happen. Spurs usually bottle it but I’m not so sure this year. Worst thing about it is that it’s ALL wengers fault for thinking he’s cleverer than everyone else. It’s his fault we have shite players its his fault he didn’t buy in January when HE could have made a difference. Fuck wenger fuck the board and the shite players. We need to replace around 9 of the starting 11.

  41. Bergkamp63

    “We were not efficient in those decisive zones, not at the back or up front.”

    Or in the middle, or in our preperation, or in……

  42. Joppa Road

    Here are the run in and predictions anyway:


    Swansea (a) 1pt
    Reading (h) 3pts
    WBA (a) 1pt
    Norwich (h) 3pts
    Everton (h) 3pts
    Fulham (a) 3pts
    Man U (h) 0 pts
    QPR (a) 1pt
    Wigan (h) 3pts
    Newc (a) 1pt

    Total: 66pts

    I’ve also gone through Spurs and Chelsea’s remaining fixtures and have the league finishing as follows:

    3rd Chelsea 75pts
    4th Spurs 70 pts
    5th Arsenal 66 pts


  43. kwik fit

    He said: “I would like to remind you that we had the best defensive record in the league away from home until today [at Spurs].

    “It’s not down to the work we do on the training ground at all.”
    This guy is seriously deluded or else he’s a fuckwit who gets off on taking us for a ride or both.

  44. HerveDeNerve


    I think Everton at home will be a sticky one, apart from that I agree, spurs will lose to chelski and man city and possibly everton at home so its all to play for yet.

    But whats the point, we’re just going round in fucking circles season after season, its mundane and totally boring


    kwik fitMarch 3, 2013 20:21:40

    This guy is seriously deluded or else he’s a fuckwit who gets off on taking us for a ride or both.

    Sounds to me like you described Keyser to a tee..!!

  46. Keyser

    “Only the AKB’s,will offer you a modicum of so-called intellectual debate..”
    Do you see ? Do you see ? AKB, Do you see ? Do you see ?

    I don’t think he sees, wheres the stapler?

  47. Bergkamp63

    They might lose to liverpool next weekend but still think they are going to have to lose more than 4 for us to overtake them.

    And that’s assuming we win at least 7 of the remaining 10 games ?

    Thursday’s & Monday’s will become more interesting to some Arsenal fans !

  48. mystic

    Anyone one know what the below have in common:
    PL Chelsea
    PL Man Utd
    PL Man Utd
    PL Man Utd
    PL Chelsea
    PL Man Utd
    PL Manchester City

    FA Cup Liverpool
    FA Cup Chelsea
    FA Cup Portsmouth
    FA Cup Chelsea
    FA Cup Chelsea
    FA Cup Manchester City
    FA Cup Chelsea

    League Cup Manchester United
    League Cup Chelsea
    League Cup Tottenham Hotspur
    League Cup Manchester United
    League Cup Manchester United
    League Cup Birmingham City
    League Cup Liverpool
    League Cup Swansea City

    Wenger is a fucking joke, this year even his coverted 4th place trophy is at risk.

  49. kwik fit

    Where’s that tom(Lofty) fella who was on here a couple of weeks ago giving Wenger the old rump up the backside. Wonder what he’s doing at this moment in time.

  50. Joppa Road

    Wenger and Arsenal are the absolute masters of bullshit. Today, for example Wenger was banging on about how we have the best away defence. The best away defence in a totally shoddy, poor league. What is this man on. It’s desperate stuff.

    Seriously, we cannot be made to look such mugs. The constant bad results and the man is still untouchable. I urge all Gunners to not turn up. Perhaps then with a half empty stadium change will occur.

    Swansea away next week for me is a real barometer of just where we are. I don’t think we will win.

  51. mystic

    ‘If you watch the game again you will see that at the moment we were 2-0 down we should have been 2-0 up. ‘
    WTF – 2:0 down is all that counts.

  52. Bergkamp63

    It’s not beyond the realms of impossibilty that he PL have no team in the QF of the CL this year, a measure of how poor this year has been team wise ?

  53. Joppa Road

    Johnny – I am left scratching my head at how this man is still untouchable; it’s such a royal fck up. We’ve got players on our books we cannot give away! We’ve been humiliated season in season out:8-2 and Bradford come to mind. The squad is a complete shambles with the likes of Giroud and Gervinho spearheading it and yet people say ‘give him time!’.

    WTF? Seriously WTF?

  54. TitsMcgee

    Loss keeps the pressure on Wenger. That is a good thing that came from the game.

    A win would have resulted in more paper over cracks behavior.

    People still defending Wenger need to wake up.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    When the Tottenham fans sing ‘we want you to stay’ to Arsene Wenger you know you should leave.

  56. mystic

    What pressure?

    SS doesn’t give a toss about results his American teams are testimony to that, so is losing really going to affect Wenger’s position? Will SS countenance a multi-million pound compensation payout?

    Wenger has no shame, SS has no class, together they have no ambition.

  57. TitsMcgee

    Well pressure from the fans at least and in the press. Internally he can do no wrong but as the losses pile up and the golden egg slips from their grasp something might change.


    WE know that scraping fourth will be champagne popping and caviar dreams. An awesome staff party.

  58. TitsMcgee

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Only way to hurt these pricks is in their pocket book.

    Hope the takeover is true because i fail to see Kronke turning down 1 billion of his own dollars

  59. kwik fit

    Interesting Fact

    Under Stan Kroenke, Arsenal are the lowest spending team in the Premier League after player sales [2008-2013]

    And to think we pay the highest prices. Tight American Git.

  60. Jeff

    As the walls come tumbling down the only one left in the middle of it will be Wenger hallucinating about fourth.

    Even that meagre privilege is being contested by others and we’re just being tossed around like a salad. Maybe it is time someone else had a go at CL. We’ve certainly done nothing (especially in the last 8 years) to win it. In sixteen consecutive participations you would think we might have won it just once but our frailties got the better of us when it mattered, even when we had a team and we were competing with the best of them.

    Nowadays we just take it for granted that we would qualify, take the money and nothing else should matter. Poor Arsenal; what has the madman done to you? How dreadfully you have been treated in the hands of these lunatics. And today, yet again in a match that we should have won in order to retain a semblance of dignity, we bottled it to hand Tottenham the win they would have sold their grandmothers to win. Did anyone bat an eyelid? The camera focused intently on Gazidis and co. in the closing minutes; sitting there like limpets staring into space while Wenger hid his face in shame behind his sweaty palms, as if no longer wanting to look.

    In our heart of hears, did we expect anything different today? It can only get worse as the remaining ten games will further embarrass this great club and rub its face in muddy excrement while the spoilt brats dance on our grave.

  61. Jamal

    A player we rejected got Man of the Match today ( Vertonghen).

    Aaron fucking Ramsey played the full 90 minutes.

    And Jenkinson, who was pretty impressive got subbed.

    Wenger Knows

  62. Johnny5

    Well that was an utter spurs wankfest. They got it right about our defence. Shocking. Sol saying theo was great today but noone passes to him. Well sol that’s because he’s a jumped up little prick who’s own team don’t even trust him to finish an ice cream. I fucking hate Hansen. Royal cunt.

  63. Alex James

    Just watched the match again on MOTD. Shameful, shameful and shameful. Pictures of the power brokers made them look like the old Kremlin, which says it all. Dein looked as if he would vomit. The whole bunch of them and at least seven of our players and Wenger should be ( I’ve expurgated the rest myself because I’m a balanced person. Enjoyed writing the words though).

  64. uk

    Wow, today seems to be keyser bashing day. Though keyser, for an intelligent guy, you do seem to talk a lot of bullshit.

  65. Doublegooner

    All the Benitez out banners in the stadium.

    Imagine what would happen if many took WENGER OUT banners into our PC ‘Arsenal Bulgaria, Arsenal Malaysia, Arsenal Japan’ Sterilised Soccer Bowl.


  66. Joppa Road

    Johnny5 – I thought the same thing in the game a few times. Theo made some great runs. JW (who I thought was very quiet) should of picked him out a few times.

    What the fck Giroud did today is anyone’s guess. He is such an average player. No better than Chamakh or Bendtner. Certainly no where near Ade’s ability.

  67. Johnny5


    I agree some of those runs looked alright one was almost certainly a goal opportunity. I think it’s because they don’t trust him. They don’t trust giroud either but that’s because he’s pure shite. I want to punch him whenever he makes that fucking face when he misses

  68. Joppa Road

    Johnny…I honestly don’t know what Wenger has to do to get sacked. Would any other manager in world football been afforded so much time? Yet, the man has no shame and neither does the board.

    For me I can stomach losing all games if it brings change. Had enough.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke’s unpopularity should be a cause for concern for him, he really is disliked wherever you go all over the web

  70. crass

    Jenkinson is not good enough. He doesn’t offer anything going forward, he’s definitely trying hard. He is like Denilson at right back, backwards and sideway passing. Watch most games he plays not just the derby.

  71. follow the money

    Mikael Silvestre (playing for Portland in MLS now) just bungled a back pass and New York Red Bulls scored. How much wages did we throw away on this clown? Oh, hehe there we go….Silvestre burned again for another goal. If for no other reason this is why Wenger should be fired; we sell Man U RVP and they sell us Silvestre. Who says our manager knows anything about the transfer market? Not me

  72. TitsMcgee

    Wenger would have fired 5 times over at any other big club by now.

    But we keep gibing him chance after chance. Why? Because he won the league 10 years ago and won an FA cup 8 years ago…

  73. follow the money

    Wenger really has an eye for a defender eh? 🙂 Obviously he got lucky with Adams and Keown and Sol. Ever since then we’ve been utterly shambolic defensively

  74. El Tel

    Emirates wont be half empty next year or any other year.

    Keep on trying to get the odd fool to jump on your bandwagon.

    Tell me ftm do you actually go to games? If you do then you dont talk to many people there do you.

    The only reason people are giving up their tickets is because they are too expensive. You know what they still wont give them up, they just sell them to others but keep their name on it.

    The Chav fans protested with small A4 or A3 size cards which they probably sneaked in u der their shirts. You get a close up view of the dissenters which makes it look like the whole lot of them are after Rafa.

    Do yo really think ALL the Arsenal fans want Wenger out?

    There are a small minority who want this but not enough to make a difference. By the way, I had enough of Wenger years ago.

    Unfortunately for us the Arsenal heirarchy will not sack Wenger, our Club will not behave like the Chavs or any other Club bar Utd for that matter. They will either have to back Wenger next season or THEY ( BOD) will be the ones to get the abuse.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Wenger had the word put out that some unknown Arab was going to buy our souls. Wenger likes talking in code and has done for years.

    It would have been a masterstroke to deflect Arsenal fans attentions to the hope of becoming what we should really be ( Kings of England) It could also be a code to tell them we need to spend cash?

    What I saw today was good players playing without any structure. It was like going to the park for a kick about for our Lads yesterday and has been like thos for years.

    I am convinced a good Manager will get so much more from Giroud and Theo. it wouldn’t be hard to improve the defence, just give them proper coaching and see the difference.

    These are my ratings for the Spuds match

    Chesney. 5
    Jenkinson. 7
    Nacho. 6
    BFG. 6
    TV. 4
    Arteta. 6
    Jack. 6
    Santi. 6
    Ramsey. 7
    Theo. 5

    I have read that they played bad but we also played poorly and apart from their two goals we dominated them.

    We need three world class signings and two top notch squad players to compete with the top two. This does not include a Keeper. Chesser is so bad that any Keeper will do.

    Did He make a save today? How many shots were on target? How many goals did he concede?

    His shots on target to goals conceded stat is truly embarassing.

    Wenger fucked up when He took Jenks off instead of Theo and He should have put The Ox or The Forehead on.

    Yes the Forehead, they were very vulnerable at FB and Gervinhio would have ran at them.

    The Ox would also have ran at them.

    They would have conceded a penalty as Theo could have got one early on if he was a diver like Bile instead he stayed on his feet when clearly kicked.

    Santi scored two last game yet this match he was asked to play much deeper than I have seen him for ages. I would have switched Santi to the right to have a go at Ekoto or whatever his name is. That bloke is shit and was beaten time after time.

    We will be back. Just hope it is sooner rather than later.

    Up the Gunners.

  75. follow the money

    El Tel I also gave up years ago. 2008 to be exact. Wenger’s unwillingness to do the little we needed then to get over the top convinced me he was a deluded fanatic and egomaniac. No I do not go to Emirates–I live in another country. But it’s obvious from the telly that there are empty seats. Combine this with the way the club has pandered to the “new fan” at the expense of long time fans will result in even more empty seats. These “new fans” go to games because of the status it brings and to watch an exciting team. Arsenal deliver neither of those the last few years. The club MIGHT still sell the seats but there won’t be anyone sitting there

  76. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    Szczesny perhaps could have done marginally better to avoid conceding the second goal, but to put the majority of the blame for the loss on him is a bit silly…

    dominated them? what nonsense, there is probably only a couple of people in the whole wide world who consider the ‘all petting no penetration’ tippy tappy crap to be entertaining, effective and ‘dominating’, one is Arsene Wenger and the other is El Tel 😆

    our back four is pathetic, both these goals were perfectly avoidable, shame that our wort captain in living memory is clearly not capable of getting the basics right or just not a very good/intelligent player with decent vision, how can someone like him even be a captain? he is not a very good player and has the charisma of a wet rag…

    the game was decent enough to watch, but bloody hell, we are not winning an argument with the strike force as it is, Giroud can fuck right off with his theatrical facial expressions, he is no better than Bendtner was and IMO, the latter would be better than OG if we actually coached our players!

    by the way, how good was Vertonghen yesterday?

  77. Jeff

    Kroenke being disliked is probably the reason he’ll dig his heels in even more. He’s just as stubborn as Wenger. We truly do have a bunch of good-for-nothing con artists. He won’t help us to win anything but he won’t allow anybody else to try either. No, I think it really is going to be up to the fans to bring change.

    The AKB numbers are still too high. I don’t know how but if the share price drops to around 1k (especially if we fall out of the top four), Kroenke might start looking for an open window – we can only dream.

  78. Johnny5


    If the talk of a takeover is true he’s be an idiot if he didn’t take it. We’re not going to get top 4 unless Chelsea continue to slide. So no CL money coming in and with no top quality players left to sell our losses next season could be pushing close to £100m so that means the cash cow will run dry and if I can see that so can he.

  79. Confidentgoner


    I agree they were not miles ahead of us. They were slightly better, but that begs the question. The fact is that problems we have known with the defense have never been addressed. And that reflects on the coaching. Mr. Wingers time is up, if he had any pride left. But it looks like his 7.5m wages looks too important to him than his sanity.

  80. Jeff


    I full understand and endorse what you are saying but these men live in a different world. We only look at it from Arsenal’s perspective. Kroenke will look at it from a different angle. Arsenal to him is simply another ornament on his desk. He has a reputation for not selling and will do his utmost to maintain it because of how it might look with regard to his other franchises; if this one is up for sale to the highest bidder, why not the others.

    I am beginning to think that he is a proud man who sticks to his principles come what may. That, I shouldn’t wonder, is why he gets on so well with Wenger. Any sane and straight thinking person of course would sell and it makes perfect sense as you have explained but pride and stupidity gets in the way.

  81. Confidentgoner

    Will Stan stand still and see his shares slide down to a dangerous low? Where will he get the money to fund the next farm purchase? I know pride can make him hold on but the inevitable slide will only make his stake loose value, increase the rumblings from genuine supporters and dig a massive hole in his pocket, with losses and him spending more of his money. From a strategic perspective, this is his time to sell. Am willing to bet that in his sober moment, he will come to the same conclusion. I expected the initial reactions from the club.

    Am sure some cold quiet calculations will be going on somewhere in a laptop held only by Mr. Stand or his trusted aide.

  82. Jeff


    I hope so. I really hope they don’t just dismiss it out of hand as would appear from this morning’s reports. It would be difficult to go back and accept the offer if they say no straight away but one never knows.

    Like everyone else here I too am fed up with this farce year after year. The same recurring nightmare is once again upon us and set to get worse. I hope the bid is true and I hope Kroenke sells and both he and Wenger along with the rest of the boogiemen never darken our door again. They have been to Arsenal what the Black Death was to Europe.

  83. Doublegooner


    You have good sixth sense & read the club situation very well. I agree with all your observations & have felt the same since mid 2007.

    As every year goes by with Wenger & Kroenke running (down)our club I fear.

    A glimmer of hope is I do know many AKB fans (all season ticket holders) who this year have now openly now turned against Wenger. Hopefully many will continue to do the same over the coming months.

    When you ask an AKB calmly,

    ‘ In all honesty hat attributes does Wenger have that demonstrates he is the man to lead us forward ?’

    Other than the idiotic comment of ‘look what he’s done for us & we must give him a chance, he deserves respect’ . There is none.

    His tactics are terrible. His delegation appears poor. His signings are a disaster. The odd couple of decent players signed have gone backwards. He’s a control freak and in managerial terms, been left behind.

    He’s washed up at this club.The man is 64 this year, at his age there is no way he’s going to peak again.

    Only the continued pressure from fans may make a difference.

    We need more fans like this to take action. Perhaps this will worry Kroenke more.


  84. Johnny5


    It’ll be his pride that doesn’t allow his investment to depreciate with him at the helm. I think he’ll sell you don’t become a billionaire by being stupid he probably has a team of people looking at this from every angle. Lets just hope that they advise him to sell.

  85. Jeff


    Absolutely. Fan support for the current regime is the final safety net and if that is taken away there will be freefall.

    However, I would much prefer it if it was done through financial clout (like the bid that may or may not materialise). That way we stand to turn this disaster around much more quickly. But of course, if they dig their heels in and refuse to go, fan pressure will be the only weapon left.

  86. wanger-wenker

    my spud mate neighbour came out uncoincidentally to see me this morning…and was obviously about to engage with the wind-ups…he was staggered when i said “great”……but understood the reasons and adding that whilst wenger is there he loves it. Its a strange psychology now and far from winding me up, the mood totally pissed on his fireworks.Yes i wanted this result….because of the bigger picture. I dont like this arsenal team….for me its just a collection of average with a few good players with no leader and no tony adams type spirit running through it, I have no pride in this team and as for that arrogant pile of shit wenger well i hope he feels the pain of his own demented misery he is inflicting on the club.
    I agree with many on here that feel wenger will see his contract out. I am now worried about any extension to 2014….if wenger gets 4th then there is every chance he will extend. Fans, the media and his partners kroenke and gazidis will have a hard job arguing against his 4th place success. So just one more season of this wenger garbage may be all we can hope for then the nightmare ends.
    The spuds are not much better than us, so take comfort that if they reach champs league with that side, they will probably bomb out early.

  87. TOLI83


    I’m hoping that as well. He (and his advisers) must see this isn’t going well, and they are going no where very quickly. As soon as Wenger goes, whoever comes in will demand money. If champs league isn’t hit then the task becomes greater and the value goes down. All things considered he should sell.

    None of his other teams are in the European market, so Arsenal compared to his other ventures sticks out like a sore thumb. Lets hope what needs to happen – happens.

  88. dennisdamenace

    I got into a major, and very nasty, row on Twitter because of this clueless cretin in charge of our club last night, and no i don’t mean the insipid Yank, i mean the insipid Frog.

    Fucking cunts all of ’em, apparently the defeat was hard to swallow, but made sweeter by the fact that he ‘earns’ £7.5m+ a year to ignore defence……

    My fucking heart breaks at the soulless nature of my club nowadays, profit before EVERYTHING.

    And, let’s be honest here, the Spudz aren’t any better than in recent years, we have just regressed so badly we’re now well below their average level. And, as long as this management remain in place with their self-serving policies and philosophies we will continue to regress. People need to wake up before it’s too late.

  89. Yippee Kai Yay

    Some of the comments above still exemplify the problem.

    El tel is clearly an impassioned gooner, his vitriol for spurs showed how well ingrained it is. So far no problem with that, fill your boots I say. And I don’t want to pick on individuals, he just happens to have brought up some illogical statements. But at least he has attempted to justify some of what he has said.

    But the problem is ‘objectivity’, we didn’t dominate them, sure we had long periods of possession, but to what effect? Their back line was robust, and dare I say it the other central defender he couldn’t remember (vertonghen) was MOM and put in the type of tackle we used to see Sol making.

    Now I have no problem with El Tel, I like his obvious support the team ethos, but when it affects your ability to rationalise what the current state of affairs is, then it becomes a problem for the club.

    His use of defining who has ‘majority’ and minority’ support is subjective, not objective. But most importantly the indisputable fact is that they have a better starting XI, more importantly a better back 5 and over all more depth in the squad than us. This is why they are currently 7 points clear.

    To continue to deny they are in a more healthy position than us is to display the type of myopia that is leading the club on a downward path.

    Hopefully we can move on from here, but until all fans open their eyes and start to accept the painful truth (and it is painful) they are no more serving the club no better than Steve Jobs’ homeopathic doctor.