North London derby eve…

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I’m not really sure how many different ways there can be to preview a game, but I feel like I’m touching on variation 14.6 this morning.

Statistics are flying around the web today around how good our defensive record away from home has been this season. To be honest, the fact Steve Bould has come in and we’ve the 3rd best record in the league is quite astonishing… not because that is born out of great defending, more because it seems like the rest of the league have become worse. I don’t have the stats to back that up… but seriously, our defence is far from sound yet we seem to be defying logic with stats that stack up.

Tomorrow we head over to the lane for a massive game. North London Derbies don’t accept form as a guage for the outcome. So this puts us in a hugely advantageous position because like our defensive record, our form looks good on paper… despite the reality of it being far from incredible.

As a fan, I’m looking for a number of things tomorrow… but in the main, I’m looking for a performance, because I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve played this year and turned in a shift. We haven’t been owning games in the way we used to. There’s always a fracture in the set up somewhere, I’d generally say that’s come from having an impotent midfield. On paper, it looks great, on the pitch, I’m just not sure we’ve managed to find the right balance this  year.

The big games need to come from Theo and Giroud up top. Grioud has the potential to cause all sorts of defensive problems for Spurs… combined with the pace of Theo and we could see an interesting game. Theo and Bale come from the same place, one is being tipped for Madrid… the other is still having his massive contract questioned. I’m hoping that serves as a motivating factor for our boy tomorrow. Stats wise, I think Bale just passed him… but tomorrow presents a good chance for the reverse to happen. Theo, regardless of how well he develops will never have the factors that make Bale such a tantalising prospect… i.e. height and power. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be hugely effective in a tight north London derby tomorrow.

The biggest performance tomorrow is going to have to come from Wilshere in the middle of the park… if he can bring his a-game to the table, you always fancy our chances. He just needs to keep his discipline in check… I suspect Spurs will be on the wind up tomorrow and I suspect there will be a red card. Goals though… you can’t help but think this will become another goal fest.

Anyway, should be super exciting. Sit back and enjoy the other matches today… keep em’ crossed for West Brom!

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  1. Ashmania

    I’d put theo in the middle oxo chamb on the right and let coq or Ramsey man mark bale or even try verm or Kos in the holding role …… Ice cream

  2. Ashmania

    I’d put theo in the middle oxo chamb on the right and let coq or Ramsey man mark bale or even try verm or Kos in the holding role …… Ice cream

  3. Dannyboy

    wake up this morning, and first thing i hear is some cunt on Soccer AM saying ‘I don’t want Wenger to go, as who is gonna replace him???’ what a wanker.

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006

    47 years old and still i get physically sick and nervous before a North London Derby. This is still the biggest game of the season for me, you can shove your bayern’s, united and barca’s up your arse, this is the big one.
    Just wish they were playing today to put me out of my misery.

  5. Gooby

    arteta isn’t a DM mid, the only player we’ve got that is close to a real DM is coquelin.

    We have to balance the midfield with a new DM, a beast that will sit in front of the back 4 and protect it

  6. El Tel

    Early morning Gooners optimism is great.

    Who is writing this hype about Bale?

    The Spuds are starting to get gobby again, we all know what happens when they get gobby.

    Truth is winning this match is down to us and not much to do with them.

    If we play to our best then they have little hope of beating us but if we are half hearted or sloppy then they will smash us.

    I go for 3-1 to the good guys.

    The whore will score for them the ugly mong looking diver will get sent off for exactly that (diving) and we will see Giroud scoring an hat trick for us and cementing his place in Arsenal history.

    Come on you Gunners.

    Another chance to give both barrels to that poncy looking pidgeon sitting on a basketball and their mug neanderthal fans.

  7. El Tel

    Bale will find loads of space tomorrow. So what. They will be too busy trying to stop our forwards for this to make a lot of difference.

    Jack will run at them and load Giroud who is going to smash them pricks all over the place.

  8. AC Gooner

    Pedro, you asked for pre-spud regimens yesterday and I didnt get a chance to post.

    I mainly go inwards, mild meditation and doing good deeds all around trying to collect good karma and focus it on our lads. Getting to bed early the last few days, resting up, drinking less than usual – if anything something distilled. Hand distilled. Having one now as a matter of fact.

    Then tomorrow, will get to the pub good and early and start off on the Guinness until matchtime and then switch over to the lager. Smoke non-stop and hope all the good spirits come home to roost.

    Then planning my trip to Munich.

    Come on Gunnazz, we can beat the Spuds if we turn up. And beat them handily too.

  9. Arsenalone


    I get that feeling as well,it’s been there years when we play these cunts.
    There ain’t no bigger game for me spurs away.

    Great atsmophere marching down seven sisters road with your pals knowing that soon some dancing will take place.

    Nothing like beating these sister fucking banjo players

    Always in our shadow,even when we have had a few baron years,still in our shadow.

    61 never again

    1971. 2004 you can’t delete history

  10. HendonGooner

    We’ll do those 5pur2 slags.

    They have Bale and we have Cazorla, Podolski, Wilshere, Walcott and Giroud to cause them problems.

    The only caveat is that Chezzer doesn’t drop a clanger and the gun our defence use to shoot themselves in the foot is left back at London Colney.

    Come ON you GUNNERS….

    Smash those useless neighbours…

  11. AC Gooner

    1886 – 2006

    eh, didnt that make you chuckle?

    Let’s hope we see that monkey gone to heaven tomorrow.


    Everyone keeps focusing on Bale,what about their speed merchant on the right side.I mean ,do we have someone to pull his slack tight ,is our new signing up to that type of blistering pace.

  13. Ric

    IncescMarch 2, 2013 11:04:02
    cazorla is better than bale wish everyone would stop shitting it

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  14. marxdrive

    Spuds vs Arsenal, top five scores in the league (from the players available).


    Bale……………….. – goals – 15………Assists – 1
    Dempsey……….. – goals – 5………..Assists – 4
    Lennon…………. – goals – 3………..Assists – 6
    Caulker…………. – goals – 2………..Assists – 1
    Adebayor…….. – goals – 2………..Assists – 0

    Total: ……goals 27………Assists 12


    Theo…………… – goals – 11………..Assists – 8
    Cazorla……….. – goals – 11………..Assists – 6
    Giroud………… – goals – 9………….Assists – 2
    Podolski…….. – goals – 8…………..Assists – 9
    Arteta……….. – goals – 4…………..Assists – 2

    Total:…….goals 43…………..Assists 27

    If we stop Bale scoring more than one goal, victory will be ours.

    Note: I’m assuming that Defoe will not be playing.

  15. Ric

    “Get behind your team”

    must seriously be the saddest damn motto in the history of motto’s ha ha ha ha ha ah ah

  16. Jeff

    The man is so deluded now that he thinks we owe him something. He thinks he deserves the status of being untouchable and non-criticisable simply because he found himself a passenger on a very good horse in his first eight years. After deliberately and wantonly perpetrating the death of that horse, he now rides a donkey but pretends it’s a thoroughbred.

    I no longer rate Wenger as a top manager but just a sad old man who is clinging to memories of what once used to be. If you want to engage in sadomasochism, do it in your own time and expense, not Arsenal’s. The sooner you free us from this burden the better for both parties.

  17. Simon

    I seem to recall earlier in the season u were taking the piss out of AVB. Maybe not so much now!!
    Hope the gunners win but the usual capitulation is very possible.
    Considering AVB as a replacement for the clueless prof now??

  18. Johnny5

    We better beat these cunts tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve wanted a win more except the final against barca. Time these little upstarts put in a shift and earn the right to wear the shirt. We need a win lose and I think our season will get worse.

  19. Toli83


    I thought everyone said he can’t speak English . Seems fine to me, would love him here. Switched on guy, knows everything about the game.

  20. marxdrive

    Spud fixtures:

    Liverpool (A)
    Fulham (H)
    Swansea (A)
    Everton (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    Man City (H)
    Wigan (A)
    Southampton (H)
    Stoke City (A)
    Sunderland (H)

    Arsenal fixtures:

    Swansea (A)
    Reading (H)
    West Brom (A)
    Norwich (H)
    Everton (H)
    Fulham (A)
    Man Utd (H)
    QPR (A)
    Wigan (H)
    Newcastle (A)

    If we can get a win against Spuds, our run In should see us finish ahead of them and Bale on his way to Madrid.


  21. Jeff

    One possible incentive for a “normal” board or owner would be that they wouldn’t have to pay a new manager anywhere near what Wenger gets. A cool 4m saving there I should think. For singing from the same hymn sheet and being part of the “inner circle” Wenger receives a bonus premium of 3.5m per annum and this is well worth the money for the board. They want this setup to go on forever. If that wasn’t the case they would have put a stop to it years ago.

    They make some ludicrous decisions based on “footballing” reasons such as letting our best players go; so one can only assume all the other decisions must be for “non-footballing” reasons.

  22. AC Gooner


    Rosicky all the way tomorrow. Spuds killer extraordinaire. If he is fit. (yeah, no jokes there).


    Don’t think we need that duplicitous,conniving arsewipe fighting our battles for us..

    I’m referring to the born prick that is….”PIERS MORGAN”

  24. marxdrive

    Alan Smith

    “It is the obvious question ahead of the north London derby. Who is going to tame the man of the moment, the outstanding British player in this country right now? Who can stop him from winning this match single-handedly through his rare ability with the ball at his feet? ”

    “But enough about Jack Wilshere. I will get round to him in a short while.”

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    wtf was Piers Morgan doing on Football Focus? Either someone is massively stupid or is just trying to take the piss out of Arsenal fans

  26. Arsenal 1886-2006


    First time I heard of him was when he took the Rwanda job, I think it was Eurosport or someone similar that done a programme about him.
    Pretty bad treatment by the Hamburg players as well, pretty ironic that Keegan went on to become a legend for them.



    Yeah I was a bit surprised about his treatment at Hamburg..What with the President signing Keegan,then the player’s & director’s trying to force Rudd’s hand..

    Quite an interesting CV..

    How he coped in Iran,at the time,is beyond me..

    Fair play,to that guy..

    A lot of respect for him..

    Would like to see Arsene,embark on some of the project’s this Rudd bloke undertook..

    Arsene would cack his pant’s,or cave into the highest bidder..!!


    Nasri’s MouthMarch 2, 2013 14:05:03

    For once I agree with you..!!

    Rank stupidity & a massive urine job,on the fan’s..!!

  29. Keyser

    Kushagra – Do you have an opinion on the article ? Or did you write it ?!

    As much as you’d look into styles, players or the lack of Villanova’s guidance, they just looked tired against both Milan and Madrid, neither were especially good, they were solid and disciplined and obviously good enough to take their chances, but Barcelona struggled to create anything.

    Mourinho’s had the better squad for 3 years now, Milan have several young technically gifted players, and neither team you’d expect to be rolled over.

    Keita’s moved on, Abidal’s out, no Mascherano, the little variation they had is gone and Alves looks a shadow of the player who was racking up assists and goals a couple of years ago, I just think the margins have closed up and even the big money buys they’ve made have failed to energise what’s left.

    They’ve still romped the league of course, but tight Champions League ties, Madrid having put soo little together in the first half of the year and Barcelona are susceptible.

  30. Bergkamp63

    gambonMarch 2, 2013 12:06:19
    El Tel is like the missing link between ape & human.

    LOL ! I was thinking along the same lines.

    Perhaps on occasion IQ stands for idiot’s quotation ?

  31. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Munich had just won 3 European Cups backtobacktoback, if he’d had a chance to overthrow them it seems overly petty, I think 2 years later Hamburg were runners up in the European Cup.

  32. Keyser

    It’s not live though ? and why’s it on at 3 in the afternoon ? Are they changing up La Liga’s tv times.

  33. jwl

    Here’s a video to make everyone weep about how Arsenal players are today compared to a decade ago.

    I am Canadian, didn’t know anything about football until I moved to London after uni and got a job at pub on Essex Rd and landlord, manager and a few regulars had season tickets to Highbury. My introduction to Arsenal was Rioch season in ’95/96 – my manager took me to Southampton match in late Sept and Bergkamp scored two. That was my first live game and I was hooked.

    What I would give to have the iceman playing tomorrow.

    Dennis Bergkamp, March 2 2002


    Nasri’s MouthMarch 2, 2013 14:49:36

    I agree with you 1000%..

    Can’t stand the bloke..

    He’s a slime ball..

    How he got away with that insider trading info@ the mirror ,is beyond me..

    Remember when he was in charge of the financial market’s,section?


    This is crazy,I’m agreeing with you today..

    What’s happening,are you on mellow pills..?

  35. Zeus

    Barca players losing the plot haha.

    Now knock out man utd. So I won’t have to suffer their fans boasting.

  36. Jeff

    Barca lost again. Mmm. What’s happening there? Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. But Man U ‘s Kagawa scores hatrick. United are truly over the horizon and beyond anyone’s reach. Chelsea won 1:0 so the pressure is on Tottenham as they drop to fourth.

  37. Relieable sauce

    Is cesc injured?
    I don’t want wenger to sign villa, don’t want wenger full stop! Both yesterdays men.

  38. Toli83

    Madrid will score that’s a fact…

    Jeff, don’t you think Maureen would be stupid to leave now? Barca aren’t what they were, looking less and less fluid, and Real have a great squad to push and dominate. Have always preffered Madrid to be honest.

    Looks like QPR could stay up, should they go down, Cesar should be our first signing of the summer.

  39. Jeff


    Spanish football appears to me to be more volatile and fickle than EPL; especially up the top. So I think that Mourinho staying or leaving will very much depend on the Champions League. I don’t think they have any chance in La Liga so his only chance for glory will be to win the CL and perhaps a domestic cup. That will seal his place and endear him once again to the fans.

    I don’t think he’s doing his case any harm though by beating Barcelona twice in a row. Now everyone will want a piece of Barca and try to emulate what has happened in the last few games.

  40. Kushagra

    March 2, 2013 16:59:3
    Madrid will score that’s a fact…Jeff, don’t you think Maureen would be stupid to leave now? Barca aren’t what they were, looking less and less fluid, and Real have a great squad to push and dominate. Have always preffered Madrid to be honest.Looks like QPR could stay up, should they go down, Cesar should be our first signing of the summer
    Vilanova’s absence has played a massive part in that they’ll be back

  41. Kushagra

    Just an insightful read wanted a good discussion on it but people are not interested anymore comment section has reached its nadir .

    Fck football any new movie ??


    KushagraMarch 2, 2013 17:48:18

    Arsenal FC,will need to overhaul the whole entire ownership & management structure..

    Where we have a new ambitious owner& an ambitious team management on board-challenging for trophies..Not money,but trophie’s& showing intent..

    Not building statutes for living legend’s,that are no longer connected to the club..

    So conversations of the like,you so desire,will flow,like the River Tigris..

    In short,I think to a man,we are spent,tired& want revolutionary change..

    Until then,such intellectual talk is rather redundant..

    Only the AKB’s,will offer you a modicum of so-called intellectual debate..i.e…

    Reason’s why Arsene must stay& why we’ve suffered in b/w..i.e.Oligarch’s,Stadium Debt,FFP,Commercials..

    You get the drift…?!!

  43. Dannyboy

    wow its dead in the Le Grove world tonight.. wouldn’t have guessed we play the Spuds tomorrow!. A tip for you keen gamblers, Skybet go 7/1 and 8/1 respectively on Spurs and us winning tomorrows game from behind. Seems a safe bet seeing as the team scoring first in the NLD literally never ever wins.

    I fancy the monkey looking cunt to score first, Vermaelen to go in on him 2 footed knee high and end his career, and then us to run out 3-2 winners.

    Predictions chaps and chapettes?

  44. Johnny5


    I’m hoping 2-1 to us but logic tells me it’s likely to be to them. But I’d love a 5-0 thrashing. Smashing them like that at home will give me something to rub in my step dads fat spurs supporting face

  45. kwik fit

    All quotes from Wenger over the past seven days. I think we have underestimated the level of this guys madness.
    I mean WTF are Bosoms? Does he mean Bosman perhaps.


    DannyboyMarch 2, 2013 19:08:30

    We want an English Style Revolution..

    Word’s from the Club,are cheap…

    & Building statutes of current living legend’s is not going to placate the rational’s..

    How about,they all just retire from life..

    Mind bit something to cheer about..!!

  47. Gunner2301


    Nice warm up for tomorrow.

    I fear a loss 4-2 to Spuds. Fans will not be happy numbers will be down for next home game but that will be the sum total of it. Wenger will still be here. As he has been through all the disastrous results over the last year +.

    Can I get behind the team? Sure I can once the French fuck is gone.

  48. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    1-1 draw. We need the win more than them, and we have – in the last 8 years – been shit at getting results under pressure.

    Although I have this nagging sense of “bale doom”. Fucker’s on a real run of form and most rational managers would have a plan for him. But no, les idiot will let him run riot…


    Yep,indeed the calm before the storm..

    We win 5-2..

    Arsene,has another stay of execution..

    AKB’s roll out in force,pronouncing his greatness..

    AFC FC..announce 4 year contract for Arsene..

    Rinse,Repeat,Cycle-for another 4 season’s……

  50. Jeff


    Wenger does not change his monotonic mode of play whoever the opposition. Nothing ever changes. There are no special tactics or strategies against teams that have particular traits; be it weaknesses or strengths. He doesn’t believe in it; he probably doesn’t think it makes any difference.

    David Dein is the latest in coming to Wenger’s rescue by talking drivel again. He thinks that the criticism the manager is receiving is because he was so very successful in the past whereas nowadays he’s just successful. That is 24 carat bullshit. He speaks as if Arsenal never won anything in its life before Wenger. What baffles me is why all these historic figures that gave up the fight and left Arsenal for dead are crawling out of the woodwork to jerk us off now?

    A top club cannot go eight years without a single trophy; by definition if it does, it cannot be a top club. Arsenal was indeed a trophy winner once and it has gone from that to being an also-ran. Is that what the great plan was? How do we swallow this huge log and keep a straight face? It’s complete madness.

    They are so quick to blame the rich oligarchs who have helped Chelsea and City but conveniently forget to mention that there are clubs all around Europe who have achieved great things without the injection of sugar daddy funds. How did they do it? Well it wasn’t by paying extortionate wages to talentless players and neither was it by selling their best assets to rivals. How they reconcile those deliberate acts of sabotage and still try to talk up Wenger’s achievements is completely beyond me.


    In the grand scheme of thing’s..

    Given,how far we’ve fallen under Arsene,compared to where we were 8 year’s ago..

    The issue should not really be centered on Spur’s,but on how we’ve fallen from grace..?

    Anyway,it’s a NLD, but don’t Spurs say Chelsea as more of a threat & rival,these day’s?

    As much as I detest the regime at AFC…

    Come on AFC,stick it,to the Spuds!!

  52. Jeff


    Your predictions are depressing and yet inevitable. How on earth are we ever going to wake up from this fiendish nightmare?

  53. Cesc Appeal


    If there is a God…we’ve suffered enough.

    They don’t see Usmanov not selling as a problem as they believe they can work WITH him.

    Kroenke stands to make £400 Million PROFIT from the offer that would be almost £900 Million for his shares.

    £1.5 Billion would be a world record…that’s something for him to stick in his portfolio, the biggest deal in sporting history!!!

    Investors promise fans debt free club, transfer funds and lower ticket prices.

    Fingers crossed this has weight to it, but I think he’ll totally take it, it’s all going a bit pear shaped for him now.

  54. Dan not Stan

    We moved away from multiple ownership to our detriment, moving to another overseas suga daddy wont be any better, especially in the new times of FFP.

    Having said that we cant go backwards (in terms of the old days, not league position. We’re well capable of doing that) so I’m very keen for this to be true.

    Cant see why such a large group of people would have any interest in Arsenal for anything other than just profit.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Bit suspicious of the:

    >End star exodus

    >Hold Wenger to account bits though

    Sounds like fan talk, businessmen wouldn’t speak like that, they haven’t even got their foot in the door and ‘sources’ are already saying that.

    I pray it’s true, but as with most things Arsenal now I don’t get my hopes up.



    A major coup d’etat…

    The pig’s with their snout’s in their trough,turn on each other& a few people break rank’s..

    What bind’s them together is ££££’s..!!

    That fall’s by the wayside,trust me,all hell will break lose…

    With Emirate’s reducing their fee’s,based on dire performance’s,fan’s in their drove’s not attending,media & fan backlash…

    & the remaining top player’s(Jack,Sagna,Carzola)-sold,or begging to leave…

    Usmanov,will be there,waiting in the wing’s like an uzbek vulture,waiting to pounce..

    It’s going to get really ugly,until then..

    By then,I hope I’m in the Bahamas,on a yacht,with a beautiful princess,having the time of my life..!!

  57. Cesc Appeal


    We don’t need a sugar daddy though. We just need an owner who says SPEND THE CASH WE HAVE!!

    We have the ability to spend near on £200 Million off our own backs!

    Trouble is we have a ‘small time billionaire’ in the grand scheme of things who’s only interested in running sports franchises as businesses.

    IF…big IF this is true, the kind of people who bid £1.5 Billion for a club aren’t looking to make money off of it, you’d buy United, Bayern or the like if that was your game…even then, £1.5 Billion would be better invested in another industry for returns.

    Perhaps they’ve seen the massive increase in profit Emirates has had through sponsorship and what a conduit for trade a football club can be, even passively.

    I don’t care, as long as they are aggressive for success.

  58. patthegooner

    FFP will be a complete joke anyway, it is not enforceable.

    UEFA and the PL live off sponsorship and TV rights. That is based on the best players at the biggest clubs.

    Can you honestly see those corrupt fuckers kicking a club out of a competition when it could affect that revenue?

    Clubs will find ways to get around it, and UEFA will turn a blind eye

  59. patthegooner

    If it is a similar takeover to that seen at Man City I am all for it.

    I would rather Arab money than Russian.

    The Arabs seem to be investing both on and off the field in Man City and also seem to give the Manager time.

    I dont want 9 Managers in 9 years.

    I do think this would be the death of Wenger though with probably Mourinho coming in.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger would have to go, or risk being tarred as a hypocrite for all time.

    Money is the devil, money is the devil, money is the death of football…blah blah

    Suddenly someone gives him an open cheque book…all he has left are his frustratingly dogmatic morals.

  61. patthegooner

    Sounds like they want to recreate a North Bank again too.

    Wasnt their plans in place to rip out the posh seats and squeeze more in to increase capacity to 70,000

  62. Doublegooner

    Our club as we know it is about to change whether it be the useless Kroenke staying or the oil well money.

    I said 2 years ago the overseas owners get Sky out the way in afew years and someone like Al Qaeda Jazeera TV will own the rights & you’ll see the start of some ‘home’ games being played in front of the club’s new season ticket owners/’fans’ in the Far/Middle East.

    We here will then have to watch our ‘home’ games through TV.

    I can see in 10/15 years time you’re see more FC United’s being set up.

  63. Zeus


    Please don’t talk of this non story about The Arab consortium buying Arsenal.

    Usmanov will never sell up. Who knows with Kroenke.

  64. TitsMcgee

    This is fantastic news. Wenger would never be held accountable though so he’d leave which i am all for.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    When the BBC and Sky start picking it up I’ll believe it.

    The Telegraph fronting it so much though does give you hope, when I thought it was just a ‘Sun Exclusive’…meaning word down the pub I was skeptical.

    Daily Mail is promoting it now as well.

  66. fell

    Call me just a tired old cynic but this reeks of Usmanov to me.

    Whether he’s in kahoots with, or he is in fact the ‘Middle Eastern’ buyer all the key points are ones he favours and it certainly rocks the boat.

    Or just some yid trying the same before tomorrows game.

    Strange timing either way

  67. Cesc Appeal


    If it is true it’s opportunistic…if we get creamed tomorrow they’ll have more support than they could ever dream of for a takeover

  68. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Arsenal, Psg, AC Milan and Real Madrid have Emirates as their shirt sponsors, they obviously want to create an Emirates brand in all the major european cities that they can.
    I do believe that Usmanov will not sell his shares and would be willing to put in an equal percentage in sponsorship and direct investment equal to his shares.

    But the main stumbling block will be Kroenke, will he sell, or will he look to bring in American sponsors to try to quell any unrest that may start if CL football is not at the Emirates next season. And why has Kroenke been present at the last couple of games, is he trying to show he plans to change things by raising his profile at matches or is he in negotiations?

    Could be an interesting pre season, the biggest transfer could be the ownership of the club.

  69. fell

    If what’s to be believed is true jabba has never been one for spurning an opportunity.

    Looking at the Suns take on it I can’t I can’t help but notice under a subsection titled;
    “Who owns Arsenal?
    Following a brief history there’s a picture of a smiling Jabba, whilst Stan is pictured further down the page looking forlorn and alone, wrapped in a blanket
    The language is all Jabbas,

    These ‘mysterious’ Middle Eastern bidders are prepared to work with jabba

    I’m not a financial expert but I’m sure Jabba could channel money via the Middle East

    Like I said, I’m just a tired old cynic 😉

  70. Arsenal 1886-2006

    This sort of ties in with what Emirates insinuated when they announced the clause about investment in the new contract, the talk of dropping out of the CL and a reduced deal was a shot across kroenke’s bow.