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Gooooood morning everyone. How you doing? Has anyone asked you that this morning? No? Don’t worry about it. All you need is me and this Arsenal blog. I’ll make the loneliness of office life ok with a delicious serving of Arsenal goodness.

Let’s crack on…

What have we in the news today?

Well, we have an interesting article from Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph to talk through. Why are stories from him interesting? Well, because from where I’m looking he’s the journalist with the most Arsenal trust credit points. I think he’s the only UK journo to have had access to Stan Kroenke… not to mention he writes for a paper that is so big, poor people who have to get the train are excluded from reading it. Chaeffeur driven reader only…

Anyway, news this morning is that Arsenal are prepared to break the bank to bring in some mega talent this summer. Now, we’ve heard this all before and it rarely happens. I think the first time we heard this was way back when Samir Nasri was talking about signing for Arsenal before the Carling Cup final. Word had it that he was offered £120k a week. Now, whether that was true or not remains to be seen. However, it’s about time Arsenal bit the bullet and accepted that if you want to play with the big boys, you have to pay big boy wages. United, City and Chelsea all have at least one player on above £200k a week. Now, I’m not saying those be the rules if you want to compete… you need to have the right sort of player to pay that… however, you can’t constantly grow players. Sometimes you have to just go out and make a statement.

Interesting that the article in question says Arsenal will look to break the wage structure and go to £140k a week. I’m not sure you’re really breaking a wage structure when all you’re doing is offering players the same compensation the manager gets. The fact Arsene is the highest paid man at the club still baffles me. I mean, how many sports clubs operate with a system like that? Anyway, rumours are still strong for Gotze, Capoue and Jovetic. Players that on paper would certainly give us a massive kick up the table in points. Trouble is, the problem still remains that you can have the best players in the world… under a Wenger management system, you’re always going to get found out against teams who have a plan.

It’s funny, we’ve gone from a situation 4 years ago where all we needed was depth to compete… to a situation now, where we need depth with players, we need more advanced technology, we need better coaching staff, we need a more efficient scouting network not only for new players but for tactical scouting reasons… basically, the club needs a refit.

All these stories are nice, but we’ve been here before. Sure, we might be interested in Jovetic and Gotze… will we break the bank for either? Will we compete with United or City for either? If we miss out on them… will that be game over? Just like it was in January. Let’s not forget, we were in for David Villa, Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Mark Schwarzer… what happened when those deals fell through? Nothing. Or something so substandard I don’t want to say it here for fear of messing up your day.

In other news, there’s talk of Dennis getting a statue. Brilliant news. Remember, the signing of Bergkamp signaled the end of the general sale Arsenal season ticket. Big money signings don’t work? Do me a favour Arsene, he was and still is one of the most exciting transfer memories of my childhood. In fact, I think I was almost more excited about David Platt. Remember those days people… when Sampdoria were a massive deal? Wow… so many good transfer memories. Anyway, the statue is well deserved. People are batting around lots of old names from the past… jeez… get over it, if I can’t see a colour video of them, it’s clear to me they didn’t exist.

Onto the Spurs game.

Who is excited about the build up?

As much as I hate Spurs, it’s great to go into these games with something on it. For Spurs, it’s the chance to knock about with the elite of Europe. It’s the only way they’ll keep Bale. It’s the only way they’ll be able to expand as a club. For Arsenal, it’s about long term security. It’s about the future of the manager. It’s about the caliber of players we’re in for this summer. Sunday is massive. So massive, if it were a man vs food challenge… Frank Lampard would walk away with a stream of urine trickling down his leg.

So what’s your prematch routine? I mean, if you’re going… that’s brilliant, but there are plenty around the world not.

If you’re in the States or India, do you have local Spurs fans to banter with?

My pregame routine involves a weekly build up of text messages to my nearest and dearest Spurs fans. In the work situation, it’s all about the postit notes. Keep them immature and regular. It really builds the tension. Look at the fury on Bob’s face. That’s his fourth of the week.

Is this an HR issue yet? No. When he sees what I did in his packed lunch box, we might be having a different conversation.

My point here people is this… it doesn’t matter if we’re not the favourites going into this game. It’s all about stoking it up with the Spurs fans before. Why? Because if you win… the glory next week will be double what it was had you not put on the big show.

So do yourself a favour, get out those postits, start laying bets… start acting like a bit of an arse. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Feel free to share you preSpursgame routine in the comments. How far have you taken the betting? How far have you taken the mad LOLZ? How far have you gone to upset a North London rival.

Too far?


I know what you’re thinking… I didn’t just go and do another podcast with Alex Fynn? Well, yeah I did. I promise I’ll bring in some new guests very soon.

Anyway, the reason I bring Alex on is because I think he’s really interesting. Churning out podcasts on a schedule isn’t of interest to anyone. This podcast has some great anecdotes, a really poorly delivered attempt at a joke from me… plus a load of insight into Arsene, David Dein and the commercial deals we’ve just struck with Emirates.

Well. Worth. A. Listen.

iTunes Link

Android or desktop

Also, remember that Alex (Along with Kevin Whitcher) penned one of the defacto books on Arsenal that has appeared over the last 20 years. If you haven’t read it, you must. Especially fans of Arsenal who’ve only been around during the Wenger years. It’s great to understand what went on pre-Wenger. Even for me, because I was only a kid then… I actually loved ‘1 nil to the Arsenal football’… interesting to see the parallels between Wenger and GG now.

Anyway, there’s a discount code you can use ‘GROVE’ and you can get the book here

Click the book to go to the site

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  1. higz

    I remember the signing of Platt and going mad over it. Saying that, bergie will always be remembered for reigniting that arsenal team.

    I can’t see why goetze would come to us now? Maybe a few years ago, but I think Dortmund have got a great side. ok struggling a bit in league, but they are champions from last year.

    as to pre match routine, living in Essex there are plenty of spurs fans. right now I’m avoiding them as I fear the worst.

  2. pharo9ja

    Pedro,fuck the india and the US,they havent got gunners compared to Nigeria! So u’re question is misdirected.
    The derby over here is a massive deal and I dare say the build up is as intense as it is in North London. We’ve got radio stations like Wazobia fm,Brilla fm(in partnership with Skysports network) etc all over the country with special phone in programes designed for pre game banter. There is banter in every pub and on air (TV) between us and the spuds,and u even get chavs and United supporters on a gang up.
    Nigerian supporters dont get enough mention and respect on le-grove and that’s CUNTISH! India,USA? Oh please. We bring true support and followership to this club. How many American or India season ticket holders or Share holders do u have? My neighbour is already in London for the derby and there are scores more.
    The followership in Nigeria brought the Airtel and Malta Guiness deals recently anounced by the club. Lets always remember and show some RESPECT to Naija gunners!

  3. vicky

    Very happy with what is happening at Chelsea. Rants of Rafa could just derail the Chelsea season even further and land us a great opportunity to get in to the top 4 even If spurs maintain their good form. Just hoping that players stop playing for Rafa If at all they were playing for him . Arsene is very lucky If that were to happen. The last season spurs lost their way and this season it could be Chelsea.

  4. Inter YourGran

    Pedders – Good job on the PC… Very good…

    for the summer maybe get a few in with yourself hosting about the end of season, what arsenal need going forward etc. with a few different viewpoints always a guaranteed good debate.

    PS good job on the sound but i can hear them buses in the background son 😆

  5. pharo9ja

    in other news…me and my mates have a bet in place,if Spurs win I pay for drinks for the next 3 game days(saturday,sunday & tuesday’s champions league game). If we win I get my Guiness to my fill along with any of the local delicacies available such as Nkwobi,Isi ewu or ox tail pepper soup and 3000 naira(about £12). Funny bet since amongst my mates,there isnt any single spud. Two chavs,2 mancs and one barca fan. U can imagine what the last 8 years has been like being a gunner with these nutters. They say on form,we’re losing to the spuds,I tell them that this derby demands more than form… Cant wait for Sunday,BRING IT ON!!

  6. vicky


    If Arsenal don’t qualify for top 4,our beloved club could go on a really downward spiral. Not that it is not going on a downward spiral at the moment but at least there is a hope that things will change once Wenger leaves. Arsene will anyway will not be there after the next season imo. He is not getting any younger. My 6th sense says that he will relinquish the post in 2014. So let us tolerate the Le senile for one more year for the greater good. The last thing we want our club to become is a Liverpool.

    On a lighter note, If Arsene left we grovers will miss out on your hilarious rants. You would become all lovey-dovey 🙂

  7. Relieable sauce

    The David Platt signing seems to be a bit of a when kennedy was shot moment for a lot of gooners of a certain age.
    Real happy times for me, Arsenal were showing ambition with established signings & i was in my early twenties with a beautiful girl on holiday in Italy.
    Needless to say i performed supremely that night in Sorrento……Reliving Platts Italia 90 volleyed goal in my minds eye does wonders for your staying power.

  8. rob green

    am i losing the plot? i have heard this Alex Fynn podcast before. This isn’t new?

    PS why does it always ask for a website when i post? what am i supposed to enter in?

  9. Johnny5


    I agree. I want us to get at least 4th purely so we don’t go the way of Liverpool. I too think wenger won’t extend his contract unless come November it’s looking like we’re going to win the prem have a good run in the CL and domestic cups. Plus I love watching the CL not so much lately but I remember the games like Milan barca real when we were properly feared in Europe by the big boys. A few decent summer signings and we could be looking that good again. Well as long as wenger can get the players motivated and actually take time to strategise so we don’t just have plan A or bust.

  10. Dan Ahern

    But seriously–why would they say ‘we’ll bump of the salary ceiling to £140k pw’?

    Just seems bizarre, and reeks of only slightly updating our same pathetic structure. And they’ll probably pat themselves on the back about it. They don’t look around and see who we’re supposed to be competing with. They just see, “Oh, look there, we bumped up our wage ceiling 30%. Thirty!! That’s massive.”

    You know what a better idea would be? Forget ceilings altogether and get rid of your ridiculous wage floor.

  11. TheBayingMob

    My pre-spurs routine is to strip naked, I rub myself down in olive oil and hire three high-class wh0res to sort me out, before the match I’ll do several grams of gak from their arse cracks and t1ts then make my way down the Seven Sisters stopping off for a few cold ones before hand … At some point during the first half, my head will fucking explode!

  12. Hitman49

    I’d like to put forward my idea .
    of a statue of arse hole wanker.
    Him standing with his head up his own arse !
    Because that’s where it’s been for the past 7 years ! !

  13. Grandizer

    Sky sports news – Diaby is 50/50 to play on Sunday…who actually gives a flying fuck! The guy is an embarrassment as is the manager who persists with him! And putting up a statue of bergkamp!! Seems like a desperate attempt by the club to take focus off whats going on on the pitch…but all its doing is reminding fans that we used to be decent.


    This club is fast becoming a complete joke..

    Leaks of increasing the wage ceiling,building of statues…etc,etc

    They extend every sinew,on every side distraction known to man,other than addressing the simple things,the basic things..

    Winning on the pitch,with a far better quality of player(s),tactic’s,motivation,analysis,etc,etc..

    That’s all..The club is so far removed from reality,it’s not even funny anymore..

    I mean do you see Chelsea erecting a statute for Drogba?

    Or Liverpool for Robbie Fowler?
    Or Sami Hyppia?

    Do you see Man Utd erecting a statute for Roy Keane?

    Or for Rudd Van Nisteroy,/Schemeichel?

    Or Ole Skosjar,/Andy Cole?

    You get the picture…

    Absolute joke of a club..

  15. Spanish Bill

    I sabotaged the Wikipedia entry of a Spurs-supporting friend who just happens to be an anchor on a well-known US channel and pasted a print-screen onto an email to all my Spurs and Arsenal mates. Very satisfying. I don’t think she’s noticed yet. Can you get sued for this sort of thing?

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: Or Liverpool for Robbie Fowler?
    Or Sami Hyppia?

    Erecting a statue in Liverpool ? Are you serious ?

    Do you know the value of scrap metal at the moment?

  17. mystic

    Arsenal not getting into the CL qualification positions will make no difference to the tenure of Wenger. The curs above like him too much and have over £100m stashed away for such an eventuality.

    The guy is fireproof at the moment. It is fucking absurd, but that is what happens when the club sold its soul to the billionaire.

    Falling out of the top 4 might mean they will be more reticent about offering him a new contract, but with the firewall they have accumulated in the short term it is likely to only be us fans who will suffer the immediate consequences of loss of CL football – potentially in the longer term the fallout of being even less attractive to top players, regardless of whom is manager.

    Your assumption that falling out of the top 4 might hasten Wenger’s departure is based on the premise that people such as SS passionately care about football results, unfortunately I don’t believe the evidence of his also ran American teams suggests such a thing.

  18. Simon

    Nice pod Pedro, though Fynn does have a bit of a pro DD agenda. Interesting that he puts the boot in Wenger somewhat, more than he usually does. He’s repeated that anectode about the window a few times now, it obviously upset him not to be appreciated!

  19. Dan Ahern

    VIX — I don’t take much issue with having statues of the greats, but you’re right that it’s a poor time to be doing it. AFC carries on acting like the massive, top-of-the-world club it wants to be, but hasn’t achieved. It makes it feel a bit cart-before-the-horse.

  20. Joppa Road

    Many Arsenal fans don’t realise Arsenal existed before Wenger.

    Pedro now thinks LeGrove owes nothing to Geoff. He has gone has far as removing all traces of him from the blog AND bans people like SDE who ask ‘where is Geoff is?”

    Scary similarities between Wenger and Pedro.

  21. Lee Pace

    @ Cloggs

    Just ordered.

    My curiosity and his knowledge of Arsenal behind the scenes tempted me.

    I can’t believe Wenger said he’d turn down 100m for players if it was given to him.

  22. Ash79

    what i dont get about Abou is he was wearing a spurs kit, at that point, his contract should have been terminated!!? he created a massive SIN, how can you do that? Adams & Co would have batterred the shit out of him. Bet he cant wait to play against his beloved spurs. An own goal perhaps Abou? you utter disgrace for a footballer. Cunt.

  23. Ashmania

    We r only building these statues because there won’t be another legend in the future as we will always sell them before they hit there prime …. Rvps statue will be outside old Trafford and I will hate to c ware jacks will end up

  24. TheBayingMob

    I thought the podcast was OK, but Flynn talks mainly in the past, 10 years in the past, that’s where Arsene still is, I’m not really too interested if he phoned someone once to tell them Arsene had left a window open once, Wenger’s family insular and withdrawn! I’m shocked! He didn’t add much new to the situation at the moment did he? The bit of Spurs was actually quite interesting. Now where’s my Arsene Wenger mask, I’ve got some high class whores to arrange …

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Essentially Arsenal fans are being had over to make the rich richer, all that money in the bank makes Arsenal the asset worth A LOT, a lot more than it was when Stan and his ilk bought into it, so Ivan’s/Arsene’s job is to keep the club at the top-ish level whilst creating a mountain of cash to make Arsenal PLC worth as much as possible…thus meaning Stan’s shares are worth triple what they were or something crazy.

    Everyone involved Ivan/Arsene/PHW etc get handsomely rewarded for taking the enormous flack they get for being an also ran and selling our best talent…but do they care…on £2.2 Million and £7.5 Million a year…the best paid manager and CEO in Europe (you think that’s a coincidence? Doing so badly on the pitch..what on Earth could Stan being paying them so much for??? Hmmmmm)…they don’t give a fuck.

    That’s why Stan never engages with the supporters…he doesn’t have a clue about football..sorry…soccer, not the foggiest about Arsenal or it’s history, probably couldn’t name you the starting eleven…all he cares about is that share price.

    And that my friends, is Arsenal FC circa 2013. We are an asset, something to be invested in, to get returns out of, the football side is coincidental. In the same way a city slicker might invest in an oil firm…does he know how to run a rig? Does he fuck.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    The White Hart, next to the ground…go in with your Arsenal shirt on and you’ll officially be awarded with the balls of steel trophy

  27. IL Capo

    This is not a serious Arsenal site…..

    It is quite clear that this Gambon thing is an avatar doppelgänger for the web administrator to provoke posts which a lot of mugs fall for…..

    Shame on you

    Try Goonerholic….

    Much more adult place to visit

    Ciao losers!

    PS Peter you did not take my advice then?

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    “Is this an HR issue yet? No. When he sees what I did in his packed lunch box, we might be having a different conversation.”

    Talking of packed lunch pranks – I used to work in a lab where we had a big tank of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) outside which was piped into the lab. We used to go to the pub on a Friday for lunch.

    I asked a mate of mine if he was coming to the pub for lunch and he said, “no, I’ve got sandwiches today”.

    As soon as he left the lab, for whatever reason, we were straight into his desk, got the packed lunch and proceeded to dunk the sandwiches, apple and mars bar into the liquid nitrogen. Turned them as hard as concrete. We put them back in the box and put it away in his desk.

    2 hrs later off we went to the pub and as we walked down the corridor all we heard was, “You bastards! Oi, wait for me!”

    We used to do terrible things with the LN2 as well as some pretty good stuff too.

  29. Gunner2301


    You need to sort IL Capo out coming on your site and dissing you like that. I wouldn’t mind but he’s raving about a site with about 20 people posting on it 😆

  30. Toli83

    My mates are pressuring me into a bet.

    They are yids but don’t support the yids as much as I do arsenal. They win I wear a spurs shirt at Monday in the office, arsenal win and the chief big mouth yid leading the bet wears an arsenal shirt… Tempted to do it as he would fucking hate it, and to be fair he’s a bit of a mug.


  31. kwik fit


    Spuds are the favourites and at home so the bet should be loaded. The spud should wear and Arsenal top complete with Arsenal G string and killer heels 😉

  32. kwik fit

    The Evening Standard reckon that Chelsea could appoint Avram Grant next week until the end of the season. Hope not , we could do with Rafa staying until the end of the season.

  33. Johnny5


    We’ve got a better chance of winning if verm just goes in two footed so he goes off on a stretcher. The red he will get isn’t a problem were probably stronger without him anyway.

  34. Toli83

    I want to take it, just to see their faces (providing we win)… Fucking hate the yids at times like this, always think they’ll do us. Last two games have been 5-2 and everyone was sure they would do us…

    Ill raise the killer heels tomorrow kwik fit.

    I said we should play coq as well and stick him on him. I think he could do a Job there.

    Pretty sure Wenger won’t have mentioned bale once leading up to the game though!

    What’s the Sagna conspiracy theory I missed that one?

  35. kwik fit


    I can’t remember any game were Wenger actually used tactics. In the first few years the quality of the players carried him. Now when the players are less than top quality they need tactical nous and Wenger fails miserable. He won’t even listen to his coach FFS.

  36. Toli83

    Yeah she’s fine… Mighty fine…

    I was at Chelsea away and he was visably fucked, all over the show . Never really tracked back well and when it was layed off for him to whip it in he couldn’t even run onto a five yard ball without been beaten to it by a Chelsea player 10 yards away.

    Corporal jenks should play if he ain’t fit.

  37. incesc

    Probably the first time ever, I’m predicting a spurs win in the NLD.

    All the momentum is with them.

    Let’s just hope Jack pulls something out of the bag

  38. kay

    I think we will somehow toil and win this time.. max those scumbags can get out of us is a draw..

    bale and walcott to score…