North London Derby is all I’ve got to talk about…

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Good morning fans of Le Grove.

Today, there is not much to talk. No guest post either. Which means this blog is totally on the fly, so who knows where it’s going to end up.

Maybe we should start on some of the North London Derby guff. Scott Parker reckons Arsenal will be in fear on Sunday because of that goal Bale scored.

“Arsenal players would have watched this game and it’s deflating,”

“I’ve been in that position when you’re watching the scores come in and you hear there’s been a last-minute goal in a game that’s important for your side.’

“You’re praying it’s gone the way you wanted it to and then you hear it’s a goal for the team you didn’t want to score. So it is deflating for a player watching, and I’m sure the Arsenal players are like that.”

Hey, you know what else is deflating Scott? The fact that you were so desperate to join Arsenal you would have crawled over the streets of London to get your move. It didn’t happen, then you went to Spurs and the chances are you best years are now past you and you’ll probably never get to lord it in the Champions League. That’s deflating.

As for the goal. Hardly that bigger deal. We spanked West Ham out of sight, I think most Gooners watching that game were of the mindset that anything West Ham gained out of that game would have been a massive bonus. A last minute goal against Chelsea, that would have been deflating. A last minute goal against us, yeah, that’d be pretty damn deflating. Against West Ham? Jeez… we’ve been watching Sam Allardyce take it whichever way was deemed necessary to ensure a favour wasn’t sent out way for years.

What Scott Parker needs to know is that their form might count for nothing on Sunday. Might. Might. Might.

Continuing on with the Spurs theme of today’s post, I can confirm that Jermaine Defoe might be available for the weekends show down. I’m not sure which I’d prefer, that little rat tearing up and down the pitch or Adebayor trying to rip the face off one of our players. Hmmm…

I watched Adebayor against Lyon the other day, though useless, he did put a shift in. He knows he’s not going to get games under AVB any other way. Adebayor has never been a world class player. He has however, occasionally been a world class pain in the ass. He’s tall, fast and very powerful. He was capable of getting 12 chances in a game purely because of those factors… sure he’d only score one, but that was his game. He should be good for 20 goals a season, he should be a Drogba like player.

However… his attitude has precluded him from ever hitting those heights. The weekends game presents another opportunity for him to cause us problems. He’ll be motivated and our back four need to be aware of his strengths as a player. We can’t let him bully us and we can’t let him dominate us in the air.

I think there are going to be three really important players for us at the weekend.

Jack Wilshere: In the absence of a real captain, we need this pocket dynamo to drive us from the start. He needs to set the tone. Spurs fans will hate him, he needs to make a nuisance of himself, he needs to fire the players up and he needs to remind the world what a London derby is all about. I want to see a measured game from him… but teetering on the edge of wild.

Olivier Giroud: I like him, I really do. He’s not shown top quality enough this season. He’s proved to be a great second striker. He reminds me of Wiltord. Adequate, but never one to set the pitch alight with amazing touches and incredible goals. He needs to start taking his chances. He needs to be our Adebayor with a touch and a feel for being onside. He needs to start playing the clinical game. He needs to stop being the nearly man and become the man…

Chezzer: The keeper has been poor of late. He’s dropping crosses, letting in shots he should be saving and generally playing like he doesn’t care. He needs a massive game this weekend. He needs to play with the spark an passion that endeared him to the fans in the first place. He needs to work on his positioning if Bale is about.

Those be my thoughts on the game so far.

I’ll have a 5th installment of the podcast for you a little later on today. Alex Fynn came to town again and had some interesting thoughts on Wenger, Dein and the latest set of financials. That’ll go out as a separate post at lunch.

Have a great day!


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  1. Johnny5


    Exactly. It’s like keeping hold of your old ford cortina in the hope that you can get another 3 years out of it despite it breaking down three times a year instead of buying that nice new range rover you saw going cheap at a garage the next town over. How wenger gets away with it shows exactly why the board should also get the sack as they clearly don’t know enough about the footballing side of things to see where wenger is fucking up.

  2. Goonersfury

    Truth is arsenal will still finish top 4 instead of chelsea ,Benitez is even worse than wenger and players know he is leaving at the end of the season. Shame we can’t say the same about the arsenal boss. Some of the players kicking their heels around the club and on loan are disgusting footballers.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    I missed it out because you haven’t been paying much attention to what I have been posting, it seemed pointless. But if you want a response here goes.

    Vix: But since we are a charity,courtesy of AW..The best we can do is loan them out to save a bit of money..

    Paying off their contracts would be being more charitable than not. I agree that Wenger was at fault in the first place but as none of us has a time machine, there’s not much point going on about that.

    Vix: What about we threaten them,with rotting in the reserves,training with kid’s& never playing top flight football again,if they refuse to move permanently?

    So we’ve identified a bunch of players who have (in YOUR words) ‘no desire to win, play or perform’ and you think putting them in the reserves would help ?

    Vix: What about if we just them pay them off?

    I’ve answered this already.

    Vix: Thus maintaing our standards,bringing in A -Class player’s,that raise the bar,performances& our chances of winning trophies……etc.etc.

    Absolutely. For the future we have to prevent this happening again (or at least minimising it as much as possible). I’ve only been talking about the current players on the books, not the ones we will sign. There are various parts of the club that need to be looked at / changed to make sure we sign the correct players in the future


    I’d like to hope that they’ve identified the players that they think have no future with the club and are doing their best to move them on with the best deal for the club.
    All released..
    Season 2011/12
    Gavin Hoyte

    Season 2012/13

    Djourou(due to come back for a testimonial-2015)
    Denilson(2 season’s on loan-2014)

    Which one of the above loanees,has Arsene identified to release this summer,with Chamakh’s contract due to expire in 2014,Bendtner’s in 2014,Djourou-2015,with a testimonial this season..

    Why would they suddenly leave Arsenal,with a year,or two year’s left?

    Unless Arsene paid them off,or a club offered more money in wage’s,or the equivalent?

    Arsene,need’s to show some metal..,not just with the loanees,but also with the first team squad..

    The whole policy is wrong!!

    How long are we going to be indulging in the loanee business for..?

  5. Johnny5


    Exactly mate. Only problem is companies throw money at these young upstarts with potential and they’re easily distracted thus theirfootball comes second especially when agents get involved the greedy cunts. They’re big business though because they connect with the younger more technologically adept fans and through social media and become ‘brands’ before they’ve accomplished anything in football. That’s why frimpong has got to where he is now. Blinded by the pound notes and night life.

  6. Romford Pele


    I never really thought Frimpong was good enough but his ‘DENCH’ brand was definitely the nail in the coffin for him. Shame because he does seem very passionate about the club.

    Younger players are definitely thrust into the limelight from an early age it seems these days. There are so many more incentives and drivers that could lead to football taking a back seat. That’s why it’s important to come from a grounded backgrounded and keep your focus on football.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    The fact they’re on loan suggests that of those the majority have been identified as no longer having a future with the club. Whether it’s by Wenger or by someone twisting his arm.


    How many players has Fergie paid off their contracts though ? Not many I’d guess.



    In short,the loanee business
    is either supposed to be a way of :
    1) Getting young player’s game time & experience

    2)Getting player’s we don’t want,off the book’s..

    As per usual,Arsene,violate’s the rule’s of football..Tear’s the manual book to shreds& tries to reinvent the wheel..

    & see’s the window as:

    1) loaning player’s -that would almost make a first XI team,that he can’t get rid of because off his mad wage policy..

    Or &

    2) A convenient smokescreen to cart off player’s to other club’s pretending he’s trying to cut the wage bill& is being seen to make some changes..

    When in actual fact,he’s loathe to admit his whole transfer policy & wage structure is an abomination & refuses to sell..

    The fact we have 12 player’s on loan this season,should tell you that under Arsene’s regime,this practice of trying to maximise value through the loan system,is neither cost-effective,or productive..

    It’s pure & simple..

  9. Johnny5


    That might have something to do with the fact he doesn’t often buy shite players who aren’t good enough for his team. Obviously he takes punts on young lads like zaha etc but he doesn’t break club records for players then mismanage the shit out of them like arsenal and wenger do. And don’t come back with berbatov. Because whole yes he cost £30m and didn’t stay very long he was top goals scorer for 2 of his seasons there slade spite being branded lazy.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Again, you’re arguing a different point. We all agree there are various players on the books that have been overpaid. We can argue about a couple of the names if you want, though it’s pretty boring.
    The point is not we shouldn’t have done it, because we all know that. The point is what do we do to make the best out of the situation we currently find ourselves in.

    As for how we stop it happening in the future, if you want to,we can argue whether Wenger should be sacked, released at the end of his contract, awarded a new one, we can argue whether Gazidis is useless at his job or whether it’s simply that he’s not allowed to do it, we can argue whether Kroenke is likely to change anything, whether the people in the scouting roles at the club are doing their job, whether the people negotiating the players contracts are doing their job either, etc. etc.


    Nasri-Rinse Your Mouth

    You forget to admit,Fergie does buy the occasional dud,or two,but he does not allow them to linger on at the club,causing a massive stench in the club..

    Where the stench after a while end’s up smelling like Jean Paul Gaultier,Chanel No5 to the entire squad

    Where player’s suddenly rock up to Old Trafford,happy to collect their pay cheques,for winning bugger all!!

    It just would not happen,therefore he has no recourse to buy out player contract’s..

    Mate you are a complete cock& a half…


    Nasri -C-o-c-k In Mouth
    Funny you talk in hypothetical’s..

    Maybe/if/should have/could we/highly unlikely/crystal ball/we don’t know the future-but…

    Well,let’s talk in the present,one thing we know for sure,is that you are an….

    “Absolutely C**t”

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Apart from the obvious dislike caused by him playing for Spurs and ManU I actually rate Berbatov. You need the right system around him, but he’s a quality player

    But Fergie has bought a fair few duds in his time. Veron’s name got mentioned a few days back. He was a massive mistake, only partially recovered by Chelsea being even more dumb (in theory,they’d actually had the experience ofwatching him in the PL) and buying him off ManU. The thing is when he buys duds, he doesn’t have to pay them off / let them run down their contract because their wages are less.

    We all know that though, it’s not the issue. The issue is how we deal with the fuck ups we’ve made

  14. gambon

    In terms of players that are no longer needed at Arsenal:


    Youre looking at 2 players in each position, or a whole squad of wastage.

    Shift all them and we can afford to bring in Cavani, Isco, etc next year.

  15. Goonersfury

    Arsenal has 70mill for summer. Bet he has trouble finding super quality. Maybe we should scout some players for him because he has gone to bed with Sharon stone many a time to find out in the morning it was Lilly savage. Ie chamakh is no Sharon stone.


    The issue is how we deal with the fuck ups we’ve made
    Quite simple change your recruitment policy & wage structure..

    Better still sack the current management team & get in an A-Team Management Team..

    Let’s have the environment smelling of red rose petal’s..

    You would like that you homo..
    You’ll be skipping hand-in-hand with Keyser to the Emirate’s,with the stems of the rose rammed up both your posterior’s!!

  17. Johnny5


    We deal with them by either selling them loaning them at 100% cost to the borrowing club or we release them and pay them up and not prolong the fucking ridiculousness of the current situation. It’s that easy.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: Quite simple change your recruitment policy & wage structure..Better still sack the current management team & get in an A-Team Management Team..

    No shit, change our recruitment policy and wage structure ? Really ? who’d have guessed. The thing is, how do we guarantee we bring in the right people ? who’s going to do it ? Do we trust Gazidis to do it or do we think he’s incompetent ? Is Kroenke going to bother doing it ?

    By the way you’re mixing your insults, if I’m a c*nt, I can hardly be a homo with Keyser can I ?

    (Assuming Keyser is a bloke of course)

    As your time is apparently precious why don’t you just stop wasting it calling me names.


    You couldn’t get Keyser,but i guess NM would do eh,Both of you have strong points i guess,coming from different angles.SHIT,ya both on fire……hold on,wait a minute,um gonna get some marshmellows and a stick ,be right back.

    This is gettin good.

  20. Globalgunner

    There is a way to get players out of the club without tripping up contractually. You make the player WANT to leave.

    You do this by telling the player to call his freeloading agent and find him another club. Arsenal will then pay the difference between any salary at the new club and his current contract with Arsenal UNTIL the contract with Arsenal expires. YOu motivate him to find a new club by banning him from all Arsenal facilities. He cannot train with the club at any level and cannot of course train with any other football club.

    He will then be forced to either stay at home and become a useless fat slob or take the personal risk of running on the Hackney Marshes. where a lot of Grove supporters will be waiting for him

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    Exactly, and my point….about a million years ago, before Vix starting going about the wider issues is that financially it’d be better to loan them out and get something in return rather than pay off their contracts. Get’s them away from the club, gets us some money in return. Means we never have to have them back.


    Veron’s name got mentioned a few days back. He was a massive mistake
    Yeah he was such a massive mistake,that Fergie went on to win about 15 trophie’s after Veron’s departure..

    A CL,5 EPL TItle’s,FIFA WC,4 Domestic Cups..

    Yeah SAF screwed up big time,when he signed Veron,then got rid of him at a loss..

    Funny now,he has RVP,Rooney doing the business for him..& another EPL Title winging it’s way towards Fergie..

    Yep I get it,Fergie-” The Big Fuck Up..”

    Arsene -“The Great Genius”,who lately is misunderstood,or need’s to slightly tweak his recruitment & wage policy..
    Despite no freaking trophie’s for 8 years& no EPL title for 9 years!!

    By the way Veron was a good player,just was not adapted to the English League..

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Globalgunner: YOu motivate him to find a new club by banning him from all Arsenal facilities. He cannot train with the club at any level and cannot of course train with any other football club.

    I don’t know the details of players contracts, but couldn’t he take the club to court for that ?

  24. Gunner Mick

    a bit petty pedro slating Scott Parker. Fact is most likely he’ll be playing champions league next season and we won’t. I don’t think he’d come near us with a barge pole now, which in my opinion is a shame, it would be nice to have someone other than jack who would show a bit of passion and desire for the short, not like the rest of the wankers we have in our squad


    By the way you’re mixing your insults, if I’m a c*nt, I can hardly be a homo with Keyser can I ?(Assuming Keyser is a bloke of course)
    Keyser is a trannie…
    In fact,you’re both trannie’s..

    So I think you can be both..A homo & a c**t!!

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    You keep doing it, don’t you ?

    What has Fergie making a massive mistake buying Veron who bombed in the PL got to do with Fergie being successful after he sold him ?


  27. Johnny5


    Like global gooner said above if noone takes them on loan you make them want to leave. If they’re told to stay away from the club in all aspects and agents are told find a move or your player will become a forgotten has been sitting at home getting fat and lazy I bet he’d find a move and advise his client take any offer going.

  28. Globalgunner

    Since we dont know the details it only conjecture on both our parts but i doubt that a players contract will state that he MUST be allowed to use the clubs facilities. This is usually a given so not likely to be in the contract agreement. But I could be wrong

  29. Inter YourGran

    Gambizzle – FFS I forgot Eastmond was still here! I’d persist with Joel campbell or Benik Aofbe for another season though. If they can’t demolish lower leagues/score a few at the top level then it’s time to move them on.

    I know Akpom is highly rated. What’s happened to Ansah btw?

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Me too, I just think that stopping an employee from gaining access to his/ her place of work seems the kind of thing that wouldn’t be allowed.

    Also, imagine what the press would make of that if they got hold of it? Especially if the player has been turning up to training every day and working hard.

    Part of me agrees that it would show the players what the reality is, part of me worries that it’d make the other players wonder if the club had lost it’s marbles.

  31. Johnny5

    Isn’t this whole debate a bit moot?

    We all know wenger sees these waste of space dirt merchants as children or victims depending on if you believe gambons version of what goes on at the grove so what makes any of us think he will get rid of them. Remember wenger won’t admit failure when it stares him in the face why would he admit failure by letting the shit go.

  32. Globalgunner

    @ Real Madras. We all know that Wenger has issues with letting go. He either still thinks that Djopoo will come good or he is angling for a cut of his testimonial coming up in a few months time

  33. gambon


    Ansah never really made the step up from youth to reserve, and missed a lot of time through injury.

    Dont think he will ever be close to making it.

    Akpom on the other hand is a serious prospect. The next 2 years are so important for him, 17-19 is where Afobe & Ansah stopped developing.

    Ive said numerous times, Akpom & Bellerin are the only ones we have that have a chance of making it big.

  34. Nasri's Mouth


    If we had an owner who cared for the club as a club and not as an investment, he’d give Gazidis the authority to deal with it and make Wenger

    Of course, it’s possible Gazidis agrees with Wenger….



    Look Nasri’s cockpiece..

    I’m all for the loan system..

    As I mentioned in my earlier post see below:
    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 27, 2013 14:43:10
    In short,the loanee business
    is either supposed to be a way of :

    1) Getting young player’s game time & experience

    2)Getting player’s we don’t want,off the book’s..
    Now Arsene,butcher’s the loan system,like he butcher’s everything else,wages,recruitment,tactics,analysis..etc,etc..

    You name it,he butcher’s it..

    The loan system under Wenger,is just a mean’s to an end to park his failure’s..

    Not to get the screw up’s,off the book’s..

    Under Arsene,the loan system has proved counter productive..

    What use was it for Arshavin..?
    He came back,afte a loan spell with Zenit ,won a trophy & is currently sitting out his contract,with cameo appearances..

    If Wenger used the loan system,as how it’s meant to be used..I would agree with you..

    He doesn’t…

    Having 12 player’s on loan,with contract’s due to run out b/w now 2013-2015,only serves to highlight the tomfoolery behind Wenger having such vast number’s on loan,in the first place..

    I’m exhausted..

  36. Inter YourGran

    Gambon – You don’t rate Olsson or Harper? They’ve looked pretty good on the few occassions i’ve seen them.


    Johnny5February 27, 2013 15:32:13
    Isn’t this whole debate a bit moot?
    It is..Just NM’s continues to behave like his siamese twin Keyser..A pair of embittered & confused Trannie’s,trying to project their issues onto us..

    You know,if what/maybe/possibly/what about scenario’s..?

    NMouth..”What if I was a man & a girl?”
    “Oop’s,what am I talking about- I am both.”

    They should undertake a course of therapy at the T.A.C.(Trannie’s Anonymous Clinic)

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Again and again, you keep doing it don’t you ? Why are you trying to convince me that Wenger has made mistakes?

    I am NOT arguing that Wenger is right.

    I’m arguing about how we make the best of what has been done wrong.



    Djourou is not going anywhere..

    Not until he collect’s his testimonial money anyway!!

    Joke of a loan system under Arsene

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: Here we go..if/possibly?

    ok, then, you tell me, does Gazidis have Kroenke’s full backing ?

    Please enlighten me with your knowledge, if you can pull yourself away from these weird gay transexual siamese twin fantasies you’re indulging in.

    Or are you going to go off at another tangent and talk about something else irrelevant?

  41. Johnny5


    We’ve told you. Various times but we Are always met with ifs ands buts and maybes. If you keep looking for an out all the time instead of just accepting the reality of the situation I bet you’d have far less people calling you a cunt. Or if you don’t agree just say so stop trying to justify what’s going on stop thinking wenger will change

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: Even without backing from kroenke he’s CEO if he tells wenger to do something and he doesn’t he has the authority to discipline him.

    So from that you’re assuming that Gazidis agrees with Wengers methods?

    (not disagreeing, just trying to get your view on it)

  43. Johnny5


    No I just think gazidis is a pussy and giving wenger more respect than he deserves.

    And you justify the status quo by saying things like ‘let’s just put them all on loan’ despite that being tried already and failing.


    Here’s what Nasri’s Mouth is like in real-life..
    Goes to a trendy bar…Hot Supermodel rock’s up to him & say’s..

    Hot Supermodel:Hi Nasri’-Mouth..What a suggestive name..Do you fancy wild sex?

    NM:Depend’s who asking..?

    Hot Supermodel:Arrghh,you are so witty..
    Who else is asking
    (Whilst flicking her hair,fluttering her eyelids)

    NM:I need to see the full moon& then if that transpire’s,it really does depend on the hormone tablets..zzzzz


    Arsene Wenger’s rock’s up,with Diaby & Nasri..

    AW:Nasri-Mouth why are you looking at me?

    NM:It’s been a while since I’ve had 3 french prick’s come onto me!!
    I’m game for a bit of L’escargot Arsene…

  45. Johnny5


    To be fair while NM at times is a bit frustrating as far as wenger sympathisers (I only call him that as he’s not a nutty akb but tends to think wenger isn’t as much to blame as the rest of us) go he’s alright and usually makes a decent point. I might not agree with it but he provides an opinion which is usually coherent and understandable to some degree. He does have a habit of busting out the ifs buts and maybes though.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    Amazing for someone with so much to say, you can’t answer me.


    So if he’s a pussy would you keep him at the club ? (at his massively huge salary)


    BadeFebruary 27, 2013 15:51:44
    Hilarious pic of Diaby’s statue at the Emirates, posted by some Gooner on


  48. Johnny5


    I don’t have any say as to whether he stays or not if I did I’d tell him to stop cold calling convienience shops in hackney looking for commercial revenue and start getting involved in the actual running of the club and not let wenger just do as he pleases but that’s me. Kroenke is us based comes over for the odd match and board meeting and peruses the particulars of our financial position and swans off back to the us of a.


    Personally I would sack IG,just based on the commercial deal with the Emirates alone..!!

    £30m p.a. is a joke..(£150 million over a 5 year period)..

    As CA alluded to..

    It should have been@ least..
    £25m p.a. for the Stadium Right’s

    £20m p.a. for the Shirt Sponsor

    &£15m for the training kit..

    Making it £60m per annum..Over a 5 year period £300m, vs the current £150m deal..

    On that alone IG is no Daniel Levy..I tell you..

    & Nasri’s Mouth say’s we should maximise our resources..

    We do fuck all,both on & off the pitch..

    Just happy to pass our incompetency/short-coming’s & selling of best player’s onto the fan’s through our exorbitant ticketing pricing policy..!!

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    No, you haven’t been answering me all day at all. YOU stuck your nose into a conversation I was having with someone else. YOU then brought up points that weren’t relevant, (or that I even disagreed with). YOU insulted me. In fact I don’t think you answered any of my questions at all.

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    Ahah, you answered a question, (though not one directed at you) but hey.

    Here’s another one then

    With a hands off owner such as Kroenke, a board who aren’t exactly on the ball either, can the club survive the sacking of our CEO and our manager, (I’m assuming the sacking of our manager by you is a given) ?


    Anyway,better see your therapist,for replacement hormone tablet’s!!

    You whine,like a .bi**h…..& moo like a cow..
    I think your gender operation,was a bad idea..

    Very bad idea..!!

  53. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Kroenke might be letting wenger run his course and hoping he leaves at the end of his contract. He saw the empty seats the other day and was there to see Bayern rip us a new one, that will surely make any owner sit up and take notice of the failures within the club.
    I do believe he is fearful of sacking wenger as he holds so much power and a majority of the supporters in his possession, he knows that sacking wenger will unleash the wrath of the wenger acolytes and undo any goodwill he might have from them.
    He is playing the long game and not really looking at short term solutions.



    Wenger sacked..laughable..Won’t happen.

    So in a round-about way,are you saying AW,should appoint his successor?

    Heaven forbid!!

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    And you dodged the question. Ha!

    Wenger picking his successor ? Literally no idea how you linked that to my question.

    I was simply asking that as I assume you want Wenger sacked and you want Kroenke sacked, how you think the club would do if you had your wish and both were gone

    (for the record, I’d bet on both being in their jobs in 12 months)

  56. Alex James

    Fact. No super player would join us, as we are no longer seen as a major force. Fact, even if one of them said he would, the club would never pay the money involved. PHW said as much recently, when he linked trophy success with financial stability. So, the most we can look forward to is a couple of £12 M to 15M players, assuming of course the dross leave. The only salvation I can see is the empty corporate seats, which will indicate to the board that loss of the huge revenue involved in that area could be at risk, due to loss of status in the game.

  57. Andrew

    Thanks for putting up the interview with Alex Flynn.i’m off on holidays to Thailand tomorrow night and its perfect listening!i’ll have that and the making of a modern super club on the kindle,sorted!

  58. Alex James

    Jeff Sad, isn’t it? Perhaps Ronaldo will choose us instead of Utd, when he leaves Madrid. He would have to get by on £60K a week of course, to ensure our loaned out and holidaying players don’t get upset!

  59. Leedsgunner

    Is it just me or do others feel bewildered at Wenger’s apparent fixation with David Villa? Sure on his hey day about 4 years ago he was up there with the Messis of the world but £12m to £15m for a player 31+? If we were going to fork out that much why didn’t we save ourselves the trouble and keep RvP?

    Surely the prudent thing to do is to fork out £30m and go for a world class player on the right side of 25? Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski or even Mario Gomez at 27 is better long term value.

  60. Goonersfury

    I think abou’s doctor is on his payroll. He is off sick more than a 38yr old father of 10 from hull. He probably claims under other aliases to maximise his arsenal handout Rosicky being a good earner for abou. Thanks to arsenals social.

  61. Segun

    I had the misfortune of goin to untold Arsenal yesterday, and there was this moke saying the reason man u are 21points above us is BECAUSE of there fans!!! I felt like crying!

  62. Royal Bludger

    Gambon never really made the step up from punter to guest blogger, and missed a lot of time chasing a few thousand pounds someone denied him because of incompetence.

    Dont think he will ever be close to making it.

  63. Jeff


    I honestly don’t believe we have to go super, super world class. There are plenty of players on the 20m to 30m range that we could afford. The problem is (and has always been) the wages paradigm. We cannot afford to pay upwards of 50k per week to so many players who contribute little or nothing. Currently we have too many of these and it will take a few years (contracts running out or being renegotiated) to weed them out. Once that happens we can actually pay according to ability rather than “potential” which is what we’ve been doing.

    Potential is overrated. We need a first and second team that can consistently and realistically compete at the top level. It should be something like 10k – 15k per week to the up and coming players, 40k – 60k per week to the bread-and-butter ones and between 150k – 200k per week to the four or five truly world class stars we must have to bail us out (conjure up some magic) when the going gets tough. Under Wenger, all this is just pie in the sky; a bridge too far. He can manage for another 10 years and if allowed, do exactly the same thing over and over again.

    I am so sick and tired of coming third or fourth and winning nothing while our rivals do all they can to strengthen, evolve and adapt. In my book if a top football club does not strive to win things, they have no business in the world of sport. They might as well just pack it in and sell souvenirs.

  64. spurs.are.stupid

    First its always the ….we have the money to sign anyone…we have a warchest…then it turns to we will spend big only on very good players…or players that can strenghthen the squad…then it changes to (after buying 2 or 3 average players) we have the quality to be up their with the rest of the big clubs or I have faith in my players…..then in january when we are failing….wenger will give his famous…big players do not move in the january transfer….and after that the very famously used…we can still make it in top 4……and then the whole saga again to round up season ticket holders…..


    Gambon is a stat-arb trader..

    Something a lot of you guy’s would struggle with..

    I can relate to him..I know about his field..

    NM’s you are still a tranny!!A c**t & a homo!!

  66. kwik fit


    You underestimate a lot of the guys on here. Hedge funds are so yesterday and not something one would admit to being involved in given that the managers of such funds have caused much of the world’s financial problems. Its called greed but hay that’s a different storey.

  67. Alex James

    Jeff Well said and written. I first went to Highbury in 1955 and wecstartedcto go down from about then. I went to games in the dog years of the 60s, when Spurs were the top team in London, but never complained because we were more content then in terms of what football clubs should be. What you say is right, a football club is precisely that. It is not about being run as a money making business, on the back of the highest seat prices of any football club on earth. It is not about a manager who talks like a financier, instead of concentrating on what his job is really about. Utd have a massive debt but I don’t hear Ferguson preaching financial stability. That’s not his job. What a farce!

  68. Alex James

    In 1995, we set a transfer record to bring DB 10 to the club. We are now one of the wealthiest clubs on the planet but it is inconceivable that we would shell out the money it would take to get Falcao or someone similar. DB is the player I admire most in all my years supporting the club. TH cleared off to Barca and this reduced his status in my eyes. Can’t wait to see the new statue.

  69. kwik fit

    I think the next Statute should be Charlie George.

    We have links to each decade ;

    Big Tony 80’s to 90’s
    DB 90’s 00’s
    TH 00’s

    Charlie has got to be next? I know he pissed of early to Derby but I think that that was not his doing. Anyway he’s an Arsenal Legend.

  70. Alex James

    Kwik fit. No argument from me. Not his fault he left. Bertie Mee couldn’t handle him I understand. I can see him to this day smacking the ball into the Pool net to get us the double. I’m pretty sure I stood next to him on the Bank. One of us.

  71. kwik fit


    Charlie is right up the in the folklore of Arsenal history.
    An Islington boy made good.Believe me Charlie is one of the biggest Arsenal fans. A true Legend. A Charlie Statue is a must.

  72. Lee Pace

    Looks like Chavski fans have got their wish getting rid of a manager they detest, Rafa’s leaving at the end of the season. They’ll probably get Jose, we’ll still have Wenger.

  73. Alex James

    Kwik In the late 60s and early 70s, the Egg Marketing Board ran a series of TV adverts to get people to buy eggs. There was go to work on an egg, followed by Egg for Breakfast and Georgie Best. Then E for B and Charlie George, as Charlie was seen as indicative of the target area – young, balshy characters. I am clearly getting old but still love our club to bits, even though it has been taken over by Dr Strangeloves.


    kwik fitFebruary 27, 2013 21:54:23
    VixYou underestimate a lot of the guys on here. Hedge funds are so yesterday and not something one would admit to being involved in given that the managers of such funds have caused much of the world’s financial problems. Its called greed but hay that’s a different storey.

    & what do you call football,especially AFC…

    A benevolent fund??!!

    Answer me this?

    What do you call David Cameron & Osborne..?

    Charity giver’s..??!!


    & Arsene,whilst you are at it…take IG-the boss you hired along with:


    & all the other dross I forgot with you..

    Let’s have a clear out..Maybe it would be a cheaper system,than the current loan system..!!

  76. Jeff


    “so the fans are at fault . UnTold must be a really shit blog actually allowing that opinion to be made without being binned.”

    They can’t have it both ways. If financial considerations come before success on the pitch, they must concede that “the customer is always right” if we’re a business first and a football club second. And if the fans boo at the end of the game it means their patience is running out. For eight years we have been lied to and deceived and finally a lot of us are waking up and they don’t like it.

    The longer this farce carries on the volume of booing will increase and so will the number of empty seats. A classic case of “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of them all of the time”.