North London Derby is all I’ve got to talk about…

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Good morning fans of Le Grove.

Today, there is not much to talk. No guest post either. Which means this blog is totally on the fly, so who knows where it’s going to end up.

Maybe we should start on some of the North London Derby guff. Scott Parker reckons Arsenal will be in fear on Sunday because of that goal Bale scored.

“Arsenal players would have watched this game and it’s deflating,”

“I’ve been in that position when you’re watching the scores come in and you hear there’s been a last-minute goal in a game that’s important for your side.’

“You’re praying it’s gone the way you wanted it to and then you hear it’s a goal for the team you didn’t want to score. So it is deflating for a player watching, and I’m sure the Arsenal players are like that.”

Hey, you know what else is deflating Scott? The fact that you were so desperate to join Arsenal you would have crawled over the streets of London to get your move. It didn’t happen, then you went to Spurs and the chances are you best years are now past you and you’ll probably never get to lord it in the Champions League. That’s deflating.

As for the goal. Hardly that bigger deal. We spanked West Ham out of sight, I think most Gooners watching that game were of the mindset that anything West Ham gained out of that game would have been a massive bonus. A last minute goal against Chelsea, that would have been deflating. A last minute goal against us, yeah, that’d be pretty damn deflating. Against West Ham? Jeez… we’ve been watching Sam Allardyce take it whichever way was deemed necessary to ensure a favour wasn’t sent out way for years.

What Scott Parker needs to know is that their form might count for nothing on Sunday. Might. Might. Might.

Continuing on with the Spurs theme of today’s post, I can confirm that Jermaine Defoe might be available for the weekends show down. I’m not sure which I’d prefer, that little rat tearing up and down the pitch or Adebayor trying to rip the face off one of our players. Hmmm…

I watched Adebayor against Lyon the other day, though useless, he did put a shift in. He knows he’s not going to get games under AVB any other way. Adebayor has never been a world class player. He has however, occasionally been a world class pain in the ass. He’s tall, fast and very powerful. He was capable of getting 12 chances in a game purely because of those factors… sure he’d only score one, but that was his game. He should be good for 20 goals a season, he should be a Drogba like player.

However… his attitude has precluded him from ever hitting those heights. The weekends game presents another opportunity for him to cause us problems. He’ll be motivated and our back four need to be aware of his strengths as a player. We can’t let him bully us and we can’t let him dominate us in the air.

I think there are going to be three really important players for us at the weekend.

Jack Wilshere: In the absence of a real captain, we need this pocket dynamo to drive us from the start. He needs to set the tone. Spurs fans will hate him, he needs to make a nuisance of himself, he needs to fire the players up and he needs to remind the world what a London derby is all about. I want to see a measured game from him… but teetering on the edge of wild.

Olivier Giroud: I like him, I really do. He’s not shown top quality enough this season. He’s proved to be a great second striker. He reminds me of Wiltord. Adequate, but never one to set the pitch alight with amazing touches and incredible goals. He needs to start taking his chances. He needs to be our Adebayor with a touch and a feel for being onside. He needs to start playing the clinical game. He needs to stop being the nearly man and become the man…

Chezzer: The keeper has been poor of late. He’s dropping crosses, letting in shots he should be saving and generally playing like he doesn’t care. He needs a massive game this weekend. He needs to play with the spark an passion that endeared him to the fans in the first place. He needs to work on his positioning if Bale is about.

Those be my thoughts on the game so far.

I’ll have a 5th installment of the podcast for you a little later on today. Alex Fynn came to town again and had some interesting thoughts on Wenger, Dein and the latest set of financials. That’ll go out as a separate post at lunch.

Have a great day!


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  1. Kemp1886

    A good game for our captain to step up to the plate.When he first came to England he looked hungry,determined and full of fight.At the moment,he looks as weak and fragile as Squillaci.

  2. marcus

    Anyone else watch barca – real yesterday?

    Loved the game and the result. It seams like teams have finally figured out how to stop the tippy-tappy tactics. 100% commitment in defense and then counter-attack with lightening speed by challenging the center backs with runs in behind.

    Some people say this is a boring way to play the game. I say the opposite. I think it’s boring to watch teams with sideways passing and massive possession(read tippy tappy). It’s a joy to watch Real Madrid, bayern, Dortmund and others who play direct and with full speed towards the opponents goal. Lets hope this is the new trend in football, and that the days of tippy tappy are over.

  3. charlesbronson

    I think we will win. Fuck losing to them.
    And any cunt that thinks its ‘OK’ to lose to them deserves a fucking shoeing.

    We are linked with Laudrup (?) but I would prefer Anchelotti, has experience and the reputation we need, not an unknown quantity.

  4. Romford Pele

    Interesting point Marcus.

    I gues it’s all open to interpretation. What one person may deem as attractive may not be attractive to another. I too am a big fan of counter-attacking football. It’s what we made Wenger made his name out of when he initiatlly joined. I do, however, think there is a big place for tikki-taka. And plus, it’s always been Barca’s philosophy to play that way.

    The problem with counter-attacking football is that when you meet a team who parks the bus, you’re presented with a deep problem. Madrid, for example, found it very hard to break down United the other week. Like all things in life, it’s about striking the right balance, which is why i’m a big fan of Bayern and Dortmund right now.

  5. Romford Pele


    I too would take Ancelotti.

    Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe the squad is as bad as it’s made out to be. I just think it it has the wrong mentality and mindset, something a manager like Ancelotti I think could change.

  6. gambon


    I got underpaid by £2000 yesterday so have been on the warpath for 24 hours and didnt get round to writing anything other than my ranting yesterday.

  7. Globalgunner

    If the wise one decides to play clumsy Ramsey, dithering Diaby, or still thinks that Walcott should play CF. Then we will be tanked. We should play 442 with Sagna, Kos, Verm, Monreal
    Cazorla Rosicky, Wilshire Walcott
    Giroud, Podolski

    Everyone should be told to keep the simian out of our box and tackle him as soon as the ball is passed to the ape.

    Chezzer is shit BTW

  8. Rhys Jaggar

    There was a debate yesterday about whether the ‘money available to spend’ is £100m or £70m.

    I think that this comes down to how the Board view scenario planning:

    What do you do if you miss Champions League for a season?

    Well, you lose £30m odd in revenues and, unless someone knows better, you lose zip in players’ salary outgoings. And a big increase in earache from agents wanting you to ‘sell their client’, whose market value will have gone down due to the previous season’s non-result.

    I think the Board keeps £30m in reserve as a failsafe against finishing 5th or worse.

    There are those who will say: ‘but if we signed quality……’

    Well, Chelsea managed to finish 5th with a squad filled with Drogbas, Coles, Matas et al. They got out of jail free winning the Champions League. But no prudent Board would have that as the most likely scenario of a 5th placed league finish.

    Each will argue their own view.

    But given Arsenal FC’s performance the past 7 years, the scenario planning exercise is probably rooted in reality rather than negativity……..

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Whether it’s 70 or 100 we could still sign 3 really good players in the summer without harming our financial future

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    “Sometimes a player thinks it’s enough what they did the year before and doesn’t understand that every day they should improve. If you are a top player you know you can improve until the last day of your career but sometimes you get players who think it is not important to work and this is their worst mistake. He can do better than this year. He is a top player but he has not been playing at his level”

    Mancini on Nasri.

  11. Romford Pele


    That’s a very valid point. Nasri has definitely moved on to a more successful team and has a better wage packet but it’s clearly evident that he’s regressed as a player and isn’t enjoying his football as much compared to when he was at Arsenal.

  12. Romford Pele

    Seven players is definitely an exgaggeration. While additions are definitely necessary, it’s imperative to focus on changing the loser mentality and addressing in-house problems (structure, defence etc)

  13. Guns of Hackney


    No. Kidding

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Sorry, but my plan? Oh, you mean my plan to save Arsenal football club. Keep on burying your head in the sand like a good little Wengerboy.

    If anyone here thinks that squad is only three players away from greatness, they need a stern examination.

  14. Guns of Hackney


    How? The players mentality is just one thing – but their shitness is quite another.

    7 players might save Arsenal football club…3 French 12-15 year old’s, will not.

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    Aha, don’t have a decent argument, fall back on the old AKB type insult again. Please show me why I’m a ‘Wengerboy’ ?

    Your plan was complete and utter rubbish, I explained why pretty much every point didn’t work in anything other than your imagination

    And can you point out where I said 3 players would make our squad ‘great’ ?

    Nope, didn’t think so

  16. Romford Pele


    It wouldn’t surprise me if he did end up there and I think AVB could definitely make him play a lot better than he is currently. Mancini, while a good manager, isn’t very good at getting the best out of all his players. Nasri strikes me as the sort of player that needs empowerment and an arm over his shoulder rather than constantly being bellowed at. Just my view, but it appears to be like that on the surface,

    It’s all open to interpretation. I’m not saying that the squad doesn’t need strengthening, far from it. There are obvious flaws within the team that need filling but just buying players doesn’t necessary always solve the problem. Our best performances in my mind came early in the season away to Liverpool and City. In those games, there was a clear structure to the team and sense of accountability, something which hasn’t been continued since.

    For me, there’s a lot more to a team than just having great players and sending them out there. Man City is the perfect example here. A strong squad that has been knocked out of the CL’s group stages for two seasons running. And they only won the title on GD against a United team many would’ve last season seen as vastly inferior side.

    I guess what i’m trying to say in a nutshell is that buying players for the sake of buying doesn’t always guarantee success. United win more often that not because they have a clear structure and way of playing, while the manager always gets the best out of the personnel on the pitch – something I feel Arsene is guilty of.

  17. Guns of Hackney


    My plan was quite simple and straightforward

    1. eradicate the wastage at the club by releasing all shit players from their contracts – so what if it costs the club £20-£30m??? They don’t play for us anyway and cost that much regardless. I’m sure a few could be sold for a few pounds.

    2. Change wage structure to reward players based on performances, stature etc. I would not pay a chump like Diaby £60,000 pw just because it’s ‘socialism’. Under my regime, a player would need to prove his fitness and ability many, many times before I offered him a new contract.

    3. Sack that cunt, Wenger. This should be no.1 priority but this is in no particular order. Renew our scouting network.

    4. Ensure that Arsenal FC are always in the mix for recruiting world class players.

    Easy and fairly simple to implement.


  18. King Paul

    “Everyone should be told to keep the simian out of our box ”

    Except his goals all seem to come from outside the box, of course

  19. dennisdamenace

    Guns – My loathing of all things Wenger, Gazidis & Syrup pales into insignificance when compared to my utter hatred of those bagel eating cunts from N17.

  20. Exiledai

    Arsenal have no chance on Sunday. Time for a touch of realism bloggers. Virtually man for man the Spuds are a better team; we have Jack they have Alien Man. Bale is more likely to win the game. The best that will happen will be a draw. If we get more than one point from the next 3 EPL matches it will be a surprise. Who realistically thinks that we can beat Swansea at the Liberty? They are a class team of fast counter attackers and made us look ordinary on our home patch.
    Argue if you will but get real….its Europa League next year for sure. It will not be the remainder of this season that defines Arsenal’s future but what happens in the summer transfer window and whether AW goes or stays.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    And I with yours – I am not ever going to suggest buying for the sake of buying, but we are Arsenal and should be there whenever a top class player is available – we should never be scrounging about in the dirt for sub-class players like Gervinho, Santos and Ramsey to name but a few

  22. Rix On Alcohol

    As a player, I would take Adebayor over Giroud, irrespective of what the stats may be this season; we create more chances for a lone striker. It`s not only the great players that we haven`t replaced properly.

  23. Romford Pele

    For sure Guns, especially considering the prices we pay. There is a lot of mediocre dross on the wage bill which needs to be discarded of.

    What I was trying to get at originally was that we could buy the likes of Fellaini, Falcao, Jovetic etc and still not be in the hunt for the trophies because of the in-house problems (defence, organisation, tactics, structure etc). This, more than anything has plagued us for years, and until those fundamentals are addressed, we will continue to study. I mean not letting Bould drill the defence is pure stupidity from Wenger.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Exactly. Wenger has to go but I still don’t think that anyone, and that includes Mourinho and Ferguson could make Ramsay, Santos, Mertersaker, Vermalen et all play any better. Some players are just not good.

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    As I explained before, players might not want to be released from contracts, that’s the thing about contracts, it works both ways.
    Your plan would also cost more than sending those players out on loan and bringing in some money from the loanee club.

    You also talked before about ‘tearing up contracts’. They’re legally binding. You can’t just tear them up.

    Point 4. That’s like saying ‘Ensuring Arsenal are always winning games’ That’s not a plan it’s just an ideal. A plan would explain how we do it. You don’t

    so actually it’s easy to say, but illegal, and extremely difficult to implement

  26. Perth Gooner

    If I was AVB, that would be my simple tactic on Sunday.
    “Give the ball to Bale for a low shot from distance, their keeper normally doesn’t say no to that kinda balls!!!”

  27. Inter YourGran

    Morning All,

    Looking forward to the podcast Pedders, they’re always good (minus the dodgy mic/sound 😉 )

    I’m bored so….

    Buy: Kevin Strootman, Amir Begovic, Mario Goetze, David Villa, Mahmadou Sakho

    Sell/Release: Fabianski, Mannone, Arshavin, Squillaci, Chamackh, Diaby, Denilson, Gervinho, Wellington, Watt, Gallindo, Djourou, Santos, Miyaichi

    50/50: Bendtner, Rosicky

    Promotion: Eisfeld, Miguel

    C/C 1st team Debut; Akpom, Bellrin, Harper, Olson

    Loan: Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shea, Aneke, Afobe, Campbell, Gnarby

  28. Romford Pele

    I’m not sure I agree with that. I think they could improve and get to a certain level, but yes, you’re right; to actually win a major trophy, you need better CBs. Wenger’s never been good at signing them.

    Kos was a beast last season but even he has dropped of and made numerous mistakes this term. I’d still persevere with him though, our best CB IMO.

  29. WengersSweeties

    February 27, 2013 09:59:48

    Apologies,I got underpaid by £2000 yesterday so have been on the warpath for 24 hours and didnt get round to writing anything other than my ranting yesterday.

    What do you works as where they can underpay you by £2000?

  30. Romford Pele


    I’d prefer to go for someone younger than David Villa. And RE Gotze, right now it’s a step down for him. Maybe in the future, but for now there’s no logic in him leaving to join us.

    Sakho and Kos would be nice at CB.

    I agree with the OUT list.

  31. Romford Pele

    Does anyone else think that it’s a bit of a myth that we have a good youth system. This season has yielded some awful results for the reserves and academy teams.

    The ones that have impressed me are Akpom (a lot of potential there), Gnabry and Eisfeld. Bellerin has been injured but is good. The rest are poor for me.

  32. Guns of Hackney


    Argghh! Tearing up contracts is a figure of speech. And when I say ‘release’ I mean pay off the remainder of player X contract to get them out of the club. For ever shit player Arsenal have, stinking the place up, we lose out on potentially signing a world class operator.

    Mata? Nah, we have Ramsey or Diaby
    Jovetic/Falcao/RVP/Cavani – Nah, we got Giroud and Theo
    Rues/goetze – nah, we have Rosicky or Ox

    Get it? We have some terrible players on ludicrous contracts and massive wages who take the places up of proper players. Not to mention our manager taking up the biggest role at the club for twice what Klopp gets paid!


  33. Inter YourGran

    Romford Pele – Villa would be a good acquisition in my opinon. We are not going to spend upwards of £40m (sterling) on a cavani or falcao. I can’t think of too many strikers other than those two who i’d really want. Plus, Villa gives Giroud room to be an option B and imrprove, whilst allowing developmental hope for Akpom & Afobe.

  34. ozrus

    Looks like when mighty Pedro asks them to research their favourite topic – money, them ‘visionaries’ choke lol Perhaps tomorrow they talk about their big penis

  35. Romford Pele


    Few reasons why I think this won’t happpen. Firstly, Villa is paid ridiculously well at Barca. Would he be willing to take a paycut? I doubt that. Secondly, his wife has just had a baby so i’m not sure anytime soon would be a good time to relocate. Thirdly, he is 31 and coming back from a serious injury, it’s natural to have doubts about his long-term fitness. I think he may leave, but i’d be shocked if it was to us, and rightly so.

    I actually want Poldi to be given a chance up front. He’s strong enough to hold up the ball and is the best finisher at the club. Wenger tried it the first day of the season and then never gave it another go which is a mistake IMO. Definitely a better option than playing Theo or Gervinho,

    Poldi doesn’t contribute enough when he plays on the left IMO. His game is too one-dimensional and he tends to run in straight lines. I’d also argue that he goes missing in the big games. Having him as close to goal as possible where we could utilise his finishing ability is the best option for me. That move could help us to further strengthen the midfield and allow us to buy an Isco, Jovetic type which would make us more fluid.

  36. Relieable sauce

    Guess which team we drew in the next gen series QF?

    Regular readers of the comments should have the heads up, seeing as it was posted on several weeks ago then quickly deleted. This was pointed out by another grover (whose name i forget, sorry).

    Weird huh?


  37. Inter YourGran

    Also, we’re not a step down from Dortmund. I disagree with that. As a club on a whole, we’re still considered superior on the continent. O.K, we haven’t won a CL title, but you wouldn’t say Monaco or Porto are bigger clubs. We’ve lost focus a little but the basis of a top squad is there. Plus you get more money, more coverage, more recognition and more adulation playing in the prem.

    Only stumbling block is will we pay his release clause? Failing that, there’s always Erikkson from Ajax who’ll cost half, but Arsenal need to start making statements of intent in the market and not fobbing off fans with nearly men or players with potential.

    Goetze’s not the finished article but his ceiling is ridiculous.


    Sagna Mertesaker Sakho Gibbs

    Strootman Wilshere


    Walcott Villa Goetze

    bench from; szczesny, martinez, koscielny, monreal, jenkinson, miguel, ramsey, arteta, rosicky, oxlade-chamberlain, podolski, giroud.

  38. ozrus

    WengersSweeties, can’t you see? The exactitude of 2000 was bait. Now gambon’s going to tell you something that will extend his own cred in your own gullible eyes

  39. Romford Pele


    There is currently no logical reason for Gotze to join up. Dortmund are a team on the up and the Bundesliga is moving forward in general. Everything about Germany is pointing forwards so it’d make sense to leave when things are just getting good. And I see a good rivarly developing between Klopp and Pep in the next few years – possibly the worst time to leave.

    His ceiling is ridiculously high for sure, but lucikly for us, attacking midfielders are not in short supply. Eriksen, Belhanda, Jovetic – to name a few are all cheaper alternatives but not necessarily a step down in class either.

    And i’d be more inclined to go for Capoue over Strootman, I think he’s a better player in every aspect, and he can play CB.

  40. Inter YourGran

    RP – I’m open to suggestions for centre forwards as IMO Giroud certainly isn’t the answer. His lack of pace and chance conversion rate always mean he’ll be an option two at a top, top club.

    Podolski played upfront earlier in the season and looked woeful. His best position is on the left and he only excels there for |germany because he has a defensive stalwart playing behind him. He’s lazy and doesn’t have the stats to suggest a run up top. He did well at Koln behind the striker, but Shearer was better at his boyhood club…. Podolski is a bit of an enigma for me. Turns up 1 game, goes missinig the next 3, then is sub for 2 and does nothing when he comes on…. Jury’s out…

  41. Bergkamp63

    “the chances are you best years are now past you and you’ll probably never get to lord it in the Champions League. That’s deflating.”

    That’s a pretty bold statement given the fact that anything less than a point puts us virtually out the the race for 4th in my books ?

    I wouldn’t want to have to overtake Chelsea in the run in to get 4th !

  42. Romford Pele

    I’d agree RE Giroud. Most Arsenal fans love him because of his work rate and he has fantastic link-up play, however, his conversion rate is just poor. He has 14 goals but he could easily be on 25. And his lack of pace is definitely a hinderance, I agree.

    Poldi has had one game upfront, even Walcott had a longer run up top and we all know he’s not tailor made for that role.
    We’ve gone from Nasri/Arshavin wide left to Poldi. Now Poldi may have better stats but it definitely doesn’t mean that he’s playing better. The team dynamic and shape was much better when we had a creative hub out there (I actually like Cazorla there, that’s a debate for another day though.)

    He is enigmatic but I think he could work wonders as the main striker, similar to the transformation Arsene done with RVP (the last good thing he did).

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    When we loan out a player, the other club pays us. I doubt there are many (if any) that have their wages paid in full, but at least it’s better than simply paying off the full value of the players contract as you suggest.

    The other issue with paying off players contracts is it’s potentially damaging for the future.
    Imagine we have a player who’s not 100% happy. He has a chat with his agent, and up crops the fact that we’re in the habit of paying off players who we think are shit. It’s not an impossible scenario to think that players and their agents might take advantage of that in an attempt to get their player released.

  44. John nicholson

    On Sunday we need to shut Bale down. The only solution that I can come up with is to drop Arteta and bring in Kozcielny in front of the back four with the sole responsibility of closing him down. To counter that defensive set up have Theo and Ox on the wings, to use their pace on the counter.

  45. goona


    Agree with your posts.

    Re the wastage in the wage bill. IF we got shot of all the deadwood in the squad, and there are loads and laods of them, for even half what they are worth, it would save millions in the long term! Even if we paid up their contracts and dumped them. At least we could start building again, but only if Wenger goes with them. I for one would not trust him with a cheque book.

  46. Johnny5

    Re bale,

    Personally think if bale is played as a striker again then have kos man marking him all game. If he’s out wide left I’d put theo on him as he is probably best to deal with his pace and tell him to stick to him all game. I know theo isn’t the best defensively but he should be capable of just getting in the way and matching his pace

  47. Rob

    Tampons that greasy fat kid that needs a crane to airlift him out of his bedroom,I just don’t believe his bullshit.£2000 under paid?You do know you don’t get paid for playing call of duty with your ‘friends’ online?What’s more embarrassing though is the people on here that lick his arse.

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d like to see Arteta concentrating on Bale. He’s one of most experienced players, and he’s savvy enough to know how to stop Bale. The one thing we can’t afford is to give Bale any space.

  49. Romford Pele

    Having Theo man mark Bale is a really silly comment IMO, especially considering he’s our most reliable goal threat.

    The best way to alienate Bale is to stop the supply to him. It was very noticeable how quiet Messi was last night when Madrid forced Barca to channel their play to the wings. Messi had to go searching for the ball which meant Barca couldn’t find him in the most dangerous areas.

    Most people that have watched Bale this season would’ve noticed that he’s done his best work in the middle rather than wide left.

    What’s most important is to get our best players on the ball in the best positions, isolating Bale as much as possible. I’ve never really been a fan of man marking players in open play though I do recognise they have their place in the game.

    All this said, I expect it to be an open game like most NLD’s – very hard to predict.

  50. Inter YourGran

    RP – Also, i’d ratgher we sang the Koln Podolski song instead of using his name for the RVP ‘scores when he wants song’… Why that caught on I do not know…

    It’s like calling your new average looking girlfriend by the same as the miss wold you used to date.

  51. Romford Pele


    Haha, the Koln Poldi song is awesome – didn’t think it’d ever catch on with all the corporates at the Emirates though! It’s a real shame though, our away fans are fantastic.


    RobFebruary 27, 2013 11:53:34
    “Tampons that greasy fat kid that needs a crane to airlift him out of his bedroom,

    “You do know you don’t get paid for playing call of duty with your ‘friends’ online?”

    I think you meant Keyser..!!

  53. Arsenal 1886-2006

    marcus. February 27, 2013 09:51:12

    Bang on mate, couldn’t agree more. I also thought that the ref was good, he let the physical stuff go as long as it was fair and didn’t fall for the theatrics from either side.

  54. Guns of Hackney

    Sorting Arsenal out would be so easy. Stop making excuses for the current system and agree with the sensible people on here.

  55. bazza

    “Guns – My loathing of all things Wenger, Gazidis & Syrup pales into insignificance when compared to my utter hatred of those bagel eating cunts from N17.”

    You leave bagels out of this. If you don’t enjoy fresh bagels and smoked salmon then it’s you that’s the cunt my friend.

  56. reality check


    Why do you bother with mr. Mabey/could be/most likely?


    So many posters begging for the chance to guest post. Give them a chance?

  57. Relieable sauce

    The everton game is postponed so there’s now a 10 day gap between the NLD & the BM game. ….sigh!
    Good luck padding that out Pedro. Don’t forget OGL said us English don’t understand mental fatigue so no excuses thankyou 😉


    reality checkFebruary 27, 2013 12:15:31
    Why do you bother with mr. Mabey/could be/most likely?



    Guns of Hackney
    Nasri’s MouthFebruary 27, 2013 12:19:41
    @gunsWhat do you do for a job ?
    NM,want’s to tell you he’s a multi-millionaire,with lot’s of time on his hand’s.
    To wind you up,poke hole’s in your argument’s..

    I guess it’s better to be poked by Nasri’s Mouth,than by Keyser who scoff’s scone’s all day,is on prescription drug’s& is a healthy supporter of the welfare system..!!

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t need to poke holes in his arguments, they already have holes big enough that even Gervinho would hit them

    …actually, maybe not that big

  61. Guns of Hackney


    I am not sure what my job has to do with it but I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer – check out my work on

    Oh, but then everyone would know my real name…and that can’t happen because I know for a fact there are at least 3 active serial killers, 1 stalker and a couple of jimmy’s on here.



    I suppose if you were running a company,you would be happy to have deadwood eating up your wage bill..?

    Not only that,a culture of laziness,incompetence& mediocrity manifesting itself in your company..

    Your company’s productivity,standard’s, eventually take’s it toll on your revenue& profit’s..

    Instead of sacking the deadwood,I suppose you would think it would be more prudent for you to keep them,as it would prove expensive-right?

    Or fellow employee’s might employ the same tactics,leaving you in a bit of a predicament..-right?

    Well first question,one would ask is your recruitment policy is rather fucked..

    Secondly,would it not be better to get rid of one bad egg,rather than having that one bad egg spoil your basket of egg’s..?

    Nope,no doubt,you will come up with maybe/it’s different/unlikely,etc,etc..!!

  63. Guns of Hackney


    How many eggs are we talking about? I love eggs…nothing better than a egg and mayo sandwich with cress on brown bread.

    So how many eggs would go bad? I need to know…HOW MANY EGGS!!!!!!

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    Nope, but if I was put in charge of Arsenal. I’d want to maximise what we have. Better to send those players classed as deadwood out on loan and get some money back on them rather than pay off their contracts and get none, plus cause us issues in the future.


    VIX 12:34:48

    Well done for pointing out the true reality of what is actually happening with the club seeing as how they love to spout on about their good business sense.

    I think you may have opened a few eyes just now,i can see a few Arsene clones now wondering just how deep does the rabbit hole go.

  66. Guns of Hackney


    Maximise what we have? Oh, my…we have nothing, buddy.

    Anyway, why the question of my job? Do you want to stalk me?

  67. Relieable sauce


    There is some logic to your argument if the problem of wastage was a small one. It isn’t though as long as wonga is still handing out undeserved contracts to players he can’t or won’t rely on.
    Part of me wants diaby & djirou to get there testamonials just to highlight how ridiculous the situation is under wonga.


    Nasri’s MouthFebruary 27, 2013 12:48:31
    @VixNope, but if I was put in charge of Arsenal. I’d want to maximise what we have. Better to send those players classed as deadwood out on loan and get some money back on them rather than pay off their contracts and get none, plus cause us issues in the future.

    So rather than pay them off,get them off the book’s..

    Start afresh,employ A-team player’s that will enhance company value,fast track your company’s objective’s,performance’s,profit’s, revenue streams@ 100 times,what your C-Class player’s are doing,that are just costing you..

    You would be happy to let the basket of rotten eggs,eat away at your resources,until their contract’s run out..?

    Hmm..I suppose opportunity cost’s & writing off losses,is anathema to you hey?

    How can you have almost 20 mediocre player’s running amok at a club..?

    What message does that send..?

    You get rid!!Them being around,just foster’s a climate of complacency..

    We see it today on the pitch…
    Day in,day out..Week in,week out..Year in,year out..

    Maximise what!!

    The cost to the club in term’s of this mentality is immeasurable!!

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    Read the 2nd sentence of that post.

    And no, I don’t want to stalk you, just curious as to what your business experience was.

    I just don’t believe sorting out the issues at Arsenal are that easy, and I’m worried that while Wenger is clearly at fault for a lot, there are others who aren’t doing their job either.

    We can all live in a fantasy land and say if I bought Arsenal tomorrow, I’d do this and this, but we don’t and we won’t, so we’re stuck with Kroenke, and even if he sacks Wenger in the summer (I’d bet money he won’t) I’m not sure a new manager will solve the problems.


    Give the deadbeats their severance packages,and let them be greatful they at least had a chance to wear the Arsenal jersey.

  71. Johnny5


    Too fucking right. With half the talent any of us grovers could don the shirt and show more effort desire and bollocks than half the squad we have playing for us. And it would cost a lot fucking less

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    @reliable sauce

    Well I’m only talking about the current situation.

    As far as the future is concerned, there is a lot to do. Certainly the pay structure at the club has to change considerably


    Nasri Mouths..


    These are the guy’s you want us to maximise value from..What loan them out& when they are back,what they are busy boasting that they are getting paid to do bugger all?

    Further fostering a climate of freeloading parasites..

    Sell them at a loss,send a message out..

    Mediocrity won’t be tolerated..

    Get them off the wage bill,get some transfer money in..

    Surely this outweigh’s the cost of having them around,from a purely”it’s ok to sit out our contract’s attitude across the board” mentality..?

    This has been happening for far too long..

    Alumnia a case in point..& he bragged about it..

    It’s funny how the winner’s & the top player’s can’t wait too leave..

    Something to do with ambition & professional /personal pride..

    Something AW lack’s at the moment!!

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: You would be happy to let the basket of rotten eggs,eat away at your resources,until their contract’s run out..?

    Where did I say I’d be happy. What I’d try to do is find the best way to generate the club as much cash as possible while removing those players from Arsenal.

  75. Johnny5


    He’s shite 6 of those goals probably came at reading and other cannon fodder teams we should rinse anyway and means nothing because yet again no trophy and the rest probably came against poor teams fighting relegation. Theo is not a big game player and never will be. Funny that since he got his contract he’s gone shit again. Theo is improving but nowhere near the amount that justifies the 8 years nearly we’ve paid him more than he deserved.

  76. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I don’t believe it makes good business sense to offload Bendtner, Squillaci, Denilson, Fabianski and the other’s that have been mentioned by some here today, Arsenal would lose millions in special needs payments from the Govt.

  77. Lord Lew

    Did you see how miserable Cesc looked when he was subbed last night?

    He needs to feel the love back with us. He may be playing at a higher level, but he’s just not making the individual impact on games and grabbing the glory like he used to. Who wouldn’t have him back?

    Nasri’s just Hleb mk II…

  78. Johnny5

    Nasris mouth

    The best way is to transfer list them and if they’re not sold by end of window then pay them off and accept the losses. Loans do no good as arsenal probably still pay at least 50% if not more

  79. Romford Pele


    Nowhere am I saying that Theo is a world beater, however, he is a very useful and effective weapon to have in your armoury.

    Fact of the matter is, take away the CC goals and he’s still one of the top goalscorers. This season he has scored against Spurs, Pool, Chelsea so i’m not sure I buy the notion that Theo can’t score in big games. In fact, he has a very decent goalscoring record against top opposition, especially Chelsea so i’m not sure I buy the notion thathe’s not a big game player.

    I’m not the biggest Theo fan but evenm when he’s not playing well, he’s a threat. Having someone with his pace automotically causes the opposition defence to drop a further 10 yeards, thus leaving space for the likes of Santi and Jack to operate in. In case you missed, he also has 11 assists.

    As I said, i’m not trying to claim he’s a star, far from it, but in the modern game, he has assests which could be utilised to great effect. His goal record has improved season on season and at 23, I see no reason why it should stop.

    It’s also worth noting that WC teams don’t always win the major trophies, Chelsea last season are a perfect testament to that.


    Nasri’s MouthFebruary 27, 2013 13:15:38
    @reliable sauceWell I’m only talking about the current situation.As far as the future is concerned, there is a lot to do. Certainly the pay structure at the club has to change considerably
    It’s not going to change anytime soon..

    The punk that is Arsene,is still pursuing his hair-brained monumental fucked up scheme,of rewarding contract’s to player’s at young age’s who have yet to prove themselves consistently..

    How can you be giving Wilshere £80k p/w@19 year’s old?

    Gibbs,who’s failed to complete a whole season a pay rise?

    Jenks,who’s only been there a whole season& is now back-up to Sagna,a pay rise?

    Ramsay,who offer’s nothing,an extension?

    Ox-Chambo-Who negotiated a pay rise last season,get’s another one this season?

    All under the new titled British Project Youth MKII

    How is Arshavin,Squillaci & Mannone,allowed to run down their contract’s before being released..

    Mate we are haemorrhaging money at a rate of knot’s,with no end product continuously..

    & you want us to maximise our value,by loaning out the other excrement,wait till their run the contracts down,like at this very precise moment..

    Because according to you,it would prove prohibitive,to buy out their contract’s& prove troublesome in the future?

    Well I definitely won’t be hiring you as a Business Consultant to my company..

    In fact,I’ll barb wire my company premises,install electric fences,should you come within a few feet of my company..

    & ask the security guy’s to taser your punk ass!!

  81. Johnny5


    I do see what your saying and as I said he is improving. Just out of interest though were those goals scored while leading up to him renewing his contract?

    Look I know on paper he has the skills you talk of but rarely do we ever see him use them effectively ( or wenger doesn’t use them effectively depending on your view) I’ve said loads of times if he came on at 60 mins every game I bet he would be better and probably score and create more.

  82. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d bet that we’ve been touting a lot of them at various clubs already.

    And yes, we’ll certainly be paying a percentage of their salaries, but if a player has remaining pay of £5m left on his contract and we pay him off, we lose it all. If the loan club is paying 50%, then we only lose £2.5m.

  83. Nasri's Mouth


    Do you actually read my posts when you copy them ? Or am I not clear enough ?

    The point that you came in on was why cancelling contracts was a bad idea.

    Nothing to do with selling players. If we can sell them, then brilliant.

    Nothing to do with how we stop the situation from happening again (and again and again)

    That’s a whole different issue.

  84. Romford Pele


    Well considering he only signed the contract in January, it’s pretty logical to expect him to have scored most of his goals before then. And while he may not have been as productive since the contract, the same could be said for numerous other members of the team.

    I think his position is wide right, making runs behind the defence. It’s so easy to mark him out of the game when he plays up top. I don’t know how many people would’ve said his tally would’ve been this high at this stage of the season. Geting 20 goals for him should be viewed as a personal success for the season, and considering his age, you’d like to think that he’ll continuing improving.

    I do agree that Walcott would be a very good impact sub, however, we don’t have a good enough squad to leave him on the bench. And considering he scores more than anyone else, it’d be foolish to do so. He’s 23 so will naturally still be inconsistent, but the signs are positive.

  85. Johnny5


    What does it matter to a club pissing so much money away anyway. It also frees up a place for better players not to mention the wage bill might at last look a bit healthier


    Nasri Mouth’s
    but if a player has remaining pay of £5m left on his contract and we pay him off, we lose it all. If the loan club is paying 50%, then we only lose £2.5m.

    Oh I get it we lose £2.5million loaning them out versus £5million if we pay them off..

    So we have 20 player’s running amok at the club,with no desire to win,play,or perform..

    But since we are a charity,courtesy of AW..The best we can do is loan them out to save a bit of money..

    What about we threaten them,with rotting in the reserves,training with kid’s& never playing top flight football again,if they refuse to move permanently?

    What about if we just them pay them off?
    Thus maintaing our standards,bringing in A -Class player’s,that raise the bar,performances& our chances of winning trophies..

    Winning brings in much needed revenue,from increase’s in the fan base,commercial’s,merchandise,prize money,etc,etc…

    Surely that in the long-run will offset the cost’s of paying off the Z-Class player’s bounding around?

    Or are you too myopic to see that?

  87. Marko

    Gotze and Jovetic or even one of them would totally transform the way we attack. Other good shout outs for the summer (and gettable) include Andre Ayew (great dribbler and good for a few goals), Muniain (unbelievable prospect), Capoue (get him for about 12 mill), Cuadrado (him and Jovetic make up Fiorentina’s attack) I dunno about defenders maybe that’s a lost cause because Barca on last nights display will be looking at half of europes top defenders. Maybe give em Vermaelen for Alexis Sanchez?

  88. gambon

    Its very unlikely we would ever have to pay someones contract up in full.

    If we have to pay someone £2.5m pa for 2 years (£5m)

    And another club want to offer £30k pw, we only have to find £2m for him to have parity.

  89. Nasri's Mouth


    What does it matter? It could matter a lot.

    But yes, there are plenty of other parts of the club that need looking at and fixing.

  90. goona

    it’s a no brainer to get rid of them, there is no justification in keeping any of them, none are prem standard anymore, none enhance the team, ALL are costing us both financially and due to the size of the “squad”…. The interest on our £126m could pay em all off…… Arsenal should have a TV program akin to “Bargain Hunt” only replace the H with a C…..



    It’s not so much the paying up of someone’s contract is the issue in full here,but taking some loss,by releasing the surplus to requirement’s from our wage bill..

    I here you on that..But this Nasri-Mouth’s reckon’s loan’s are the best way forward..

    So great we have 12 on loan,they come back,sit back& run their contract’s to the very end..!!

    Instead of the club running a very simple calculation,offsetting the current cost’s of keeping them& loaning them,against what they could get by selling them & getting in a better class A-type player(s)..

    & the tangible& intangible benefit’s that flow from there..

    It’s quite simple..

  92. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: So we have 20 player’s running amok at the club,with no desire to win,play,or perform..

    I don’t know where you get these 20 players from. As for them running amok at the club, it’s nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

  93. Johnny5


    I get that he’s young and should get better and better but it’s often been the case that theo underperforms. He’s had 8 years in this league and should have already hit this level with his potential and if he had have done when we had better teams I’m sure we’d have won trophies ( not blaming him alone there’s a lot of underachievers ). I see your point about the team not being good enough to bench him but I feel a better way to go would be to use theo as an impact sub and play cazorla wide right ( where he has played before) the ox on the left wing ( where he impressed when first breaking into the first team ) and play poldi up front because after all he is a striker with a proven track record of scoring.


    Look Nasri’s Mouth,with a name like that..

    I’m suspecting you are an -A-Grade Homo,that’s currently necking Keyser,as we currently speaking..

    See you time is precious..

  95. Nasri's Mouth


    And then after going off on some mad tangent that had very little to do with my point, you resort to homophobic insults.


  96. Johnny5

    Gambon, vix, bermy, NM

    Would a good idea to be if a club comes in for a loan say for the last season of the players contract for arguments sake and they agree to pay 50% of their wages would it not be in our best interest to just pay the other 50% of the contract and make it a permanent deals. The loan club would have that because at least then if the player don’t work out they can sell them and recoup some losses and we can reduce the wage bill significantly?

    Just an idea. Might be the win win situation were looking for. What do you guys think to that?

  97. Romford Pele


    I take your point about how long it’s taken him to get up to scratch. Could be put down to a few variables I guess. Injuries/exposed to the big time too early/not good enough with the basics initially etc

    So I presume you’re talking something like this:

    Theortically speaking, that should be good, but the Ox himself has been nothing short of horrific this year. Call it inconsistency/SSS(second season syndrome) or whatever, but he’s been horrendous. On current form, he deserves no place in the side, he’s been very underwhelming. Shame as he has much more potential than Theo but the dude hasn’t even nailed down any position yet. He needs to find his niche. I prefer him left like you, we’ll see what happens though.

    At least we agree on something, Poldi should defo be striker.

  98. Nasri's Mouth


    None of know what the club are doing behind the scenes.

    I’d like to hope that they’ve identified the players that they think have no future with the club and are doing their best to move them on with the best deal for the club.
    I can imagine there is a possibility that Wenger is refusing to sell some of the because he still thinks there is a future for them, but certainly not for players such as Park, Squillachi Arshavin etc.


    Gambon,BERMYBOY,Johnny5,Reality Check..

    Out of curiosity to all..

    How many player’s can you recall under Ferguson@Man Utd,either running down their contracts,or refusing to move?

    I dare you to name one,in the last 10 years?

    Has Fergie,ever had 12 player’s on loan at any one time,other than those he’s bringing through the rank’s to get game time&experience?

  100. Johnny5


    Lol it’s not often grovers agree. But defo poldi should play up front. Regarding the ox I think his form dipped when wenger started using him out right which a pro should have no problem adjusting to really but he’s also still a kid and learning but like you say he needs to nail a place by showing some form. Also agree about theo being exposed too soon to the big time. SGE single handedly fucked the club by taking him to the World Cup. Perhaps he bought into the hype and now were seeing the result of a more focused grounded theo these days. We can only hope.



    But since we are a charity,courtesy of AW..The best we can do is loan them out to save a bit of money..

    What about we threaten them,with rotting in the reserves,training with kid’s& never playing top flight football again,if they refuse to move permanently?

    What about if we just them pay them off?

    Thus maintaing our standards,bringing in A -Class player’s,that raise the bar,performances& our chances of winning trophies..

    Winning brings in much needed revenue,from increase’s in the fan base,commercial’s,merchandise,prize money,etc,etc…

    Surely that in the long-run will offset the cost’s of paying off the Z-Class player’s bounding around?

    Or are you too myopic to see that?
    I suppose my above post,was completely at odd’s with your earlier argument,about maximising value?

    Funny how you missed that part of the post out..

  102. Guns of Hackney


    Mate. What evidence over the past 8 years do you have to even suggest Arsenal have identified players who should be moved on? He is still signing up no hopers on long term, long money deals…We have pissed away a combined total of about 20 years and £100m on signing up Ramsey, Ox, Gibbs, Theo and JW (although he’ll be sold in 18 months)…

    That money buys you a lot of world class players!

    Bad business, bad. You know I’m bad.

  103. Relieable sauce


    LOL, maybe one for the babestation channels.
    Thats an idea…get the dross on some gay chat TV channel where they can earn us a few bob to offset the wages.

  104. BERMY BOY

    Let me break it down for the six year olds.
    Why keep expensive wheels for your car when they don’t perform like you thought they would?Would you keep using them because they were expensive,or would you sell them cheap to someone else.You would probably take what you can get for them,and with new cash buy what really performs on your car. Ibet after after using those new wheels,you will be happy you got rid of the others.PEACE OF MIND

  105. Johnny5


    Not that I’m aware of bud. Fergie wouldn’t have that shit he’d rather release them so they can’t have any negative effect on the playing squad

  106. Romford Pele


    The Ox is a fantastic all-round footballer, no doubt about that. He has so many good aspects to his game which Theo could only dream about. What I do think he needs to work on though is his link-up play. Ox pretty much seems a very individualistic footballer and doesn’t combine well with the other midfielders, e.g one-twos, movement off the ball etc

    He needs to work on that more but i’m sure he’ll get it right eventually because he seems a very intelligent lad. I do think he’s another case of rewarding potential though. We’re building the guy up to be something massive before he’s achieved anything. He needs to scrap this Ox TV stuff and get his head down and work. What seemed like an assured place in the England set-up will be taken by the likes of Sturridge and Welbeck if he’s not careful – and maybe Sterling and Zaha in the future.