WE’RE RICH, RICH I TELLS YA! | Steve Bould muttering madness | Spurs win to keep the spice going

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Ivan, you're gonna need a bigger pot...


Yeah, it’s that time of the year when we look above us in the table and say… yeah, Spurs, Chelsea, City and United might be ahead of us… sure Bayern Munich might have taken us out of the Champions League… and fine, Bradford and Blackburn went further than us in the respective cups.

… but do they have £123m in cash reserves?

Of course they don’t. So actually, we’re the real winners.

Oh dear people, I’m kidding of course!

Once again the financials have come out to much embarrassment. Everyone loves a well run football club. They’re few and far between these days… however, when you dig below the surface, we’re actually a bit of a bloated pig.

Most of our commercial gains have come from centrally negotiated TV deals in the Champions… and another boost in income from Emirates. Great news that our main sponsor want to tie in with us again, but what about new commercial deals (like Arsenal’s sponsorship deal with Betsson)? Where are they? We’ve remained pretty static on that front, considering United are turning in well over double what we do commercially, plus the fact they have about 42 partners to our 13-14. It just makes a bit of a mockery of what we’re trying to achieve. In the same way we’ve managed to avoid dropping out of the top four not through being proactive in improving what we do… but by watching everyone around us get worse… it seems we’re doing something similarly lazy with our commericals… looking to squeeze every last penny out of the home fans whilst squeezing deals that were already here or that were negotiated elsewhere.

The other interesting news is that despite losing pretty much all our superstars over the past few years, we’ve still managed to turn in a wage bill that looks like hitting a £155m. I’m pretty sure that stacks up very closely with what United’s was last season. A staggering cost when you consider that Newcastle’s is about £60m and they finished 1 point behind us… and Spurs, who are ahead of us in the league sit with a bill of £90m!

When Arsene Wenger talks about not have money over the past few years, I’d have to ask him a few questions. Firstly, how did we get to £123m cash reserves if you haven’t had money? That didn’t just happen over night… it’s been a steady increase because the manager doesn’t spend what he’s given. The second questions I’d ask is this…

Why during the years when we had very little cash (this was the case at the start of the move) did we not fight tooth and nail to keep the wage bill under control?

Our Wage bill should not be above £90m. If it wasn’t above £90m, we’d be looking at a £65m transfer budget every summer. If Arsenal were so keen on keeping things prudent, why did they insist on loading average players up with massive contracts? It makes no sense. Those wages have been crippling the club because it’s made it difficult to turn a profit without selling players. Now, if these wages were going on top talent, there would be an argument. They’re not though, they’re going on player who’d never get those deals anywhere else.

It’s crazy that anyone lets Arsene get away with the no money thing… like I’ve said many times before, our wage bill now exceedes what City’s was two seasons ago. It’s the same as United’s was last year. Yet we don’t boast any of the quality those sides have. By the looks of it, we’ve just dumped all the surplus salary from Cesc, Nasri, Robin and Song straight into another group of maybe players in Jenkinson, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Walcott and Jack (ok, this guy isn’t maybe). On the flip side of things, we’ve a new batch of Denilson’s, Bendtners and Almunia’s. How long are we going to have to deal with Santos, Park Chu Young and Gervinho? More expensive wage bill flops…

Thankfully, we’re losing Squillaci, Fabianski and Andrey this summer… maybe even Bendtner and Chamakh? That should free up a whopping £317k a week. Trouble is, where does that go? It tends to go on the next batch of pet projects. Wenger shouldn’t be allowed near contracts heading into the last 18 months of his deal otherwise the next manager will be totally hamstrung.

Arsenal on the face of it look like a club that is incredibly well run, however, when you scratch beneath the surface, we’re in a state of disarray. That’s down to one man and his monumental power at the club. He might had an economics degree and a penchant for a bit of idealistic philosophy…  but a business brain? I’m not sure he has one of those.

Here are a few rules he should pin to his fridge…

1) If you want to become the best, staff retention is key

2) Rewarding mediocrity fosters a culture laziness and resentment

3) The best staff want to work with the best organisations

4) If you spend all your money on wages, you won’t have any surplus for other items you might need (like pens and postit notes)

5) If you don’t have a successful product, you can’t grow your business

6) Brands buy into success on the pitch, not success on the balance sheet (though that balance sheet success is debatable)

7) If you sell at a premium price, you have to deliver a premium service… even if you have an incredibly loyal fanbase.

Non-Finance stuff…

So, outside the party popper excitement of the finance day, Spurs took out West Ham last night as Gareth Bale destroyed them with two great goals. I just followed the game on Twitter. From what I’ve heard, our North London foes were kept at bay by an inform Jussi… eventually though, Gareth Bale came to the rescue with an incredible goal at the death. I think it’s quite amusing that the Arsenal fans who were incredibly annoyed at anyone who called us a one man team last year are all calling Spurs ‘Bale FC’. He’s a massive talent and he’s clearly their best player… but Spurs have a solid side this season and they’re on the up. I said it’s not always about the three points, it’s about the performance. I forgot the mention that it’s not always about the performance, sometimes it’s the way you win. Scoring in the 89th minute is always hugely exciting… it carries you into the next game.

Sunday is going to be feisty…

At least we know one thing is for sure… Gareth Bale won’t be with Spurs next  year. However, don’t get too excited, Spurs will spend a majority of whatever they receive for him on two replacements. That’s the difference.

In other news, friend of the blog Matt Scott has been kicking up a storm after putting his mad lip reading skillz into action… he reckons Bould mouthed

‘How many times do I have to say it to you’

… after Villa scored. If you’ve seen it, it’s hard to deny it looks like he muttered something like that. He’s a master defender, he’s not being listened to… entirely plausible, but in the world of hard evidence, many won’t take that item until they’ve got a signed confession from Bould. Even then, there would still be a debate about the tone it was muttered.

Again, amazing how many world class lip readers there were when John Terry had a ethnicity point to make to Anton Ferdinand.

Hey, let’s play a game… what am I mouthing at Arsene here?

That’s all I’ve got on The Arsenal today… I’ll be bringing in a guest poster tomorrow to give you the down and dirty analysis tomorrow. I’ll look forward to that, as I’m sure you all will as well.

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  1. gambon

    Arsenal have 11 commercial partners, Man Utd have added 15 in the last 6 months.

    We are utterly incompetent commercially.

    Our sole commercial strategy of the last 3 years has been to wait for 2014, absolutely pathetic.

  2. Ric






  3. HerveDeNerve

    Bale will help spurs qualify for CL and then leave????? Does it give you comfort making these types of stupid statements pedro???

  4. gambon

    Yippee Kai Yay

    If you had £1m in the bank, but lived month to month in terms of pay cheques, youre still rich.

    The idea that we cant touch our reserves because we arent massively profitable is ridiculous.

  5. Yippee Kai Yay

    Maybe it’s me, but I still don’t get this quest for being the first to post without contributing.

    Pedro goes to great lengths to pen something every day, and you can’t be bothered to read it before proving you have internet access at a particular time of day.

    It is this sort of celebrating non-success which is endemic in the club, lets not allow it to foster among the fans….. oh wait, it already has. *sigh*

    Looking forwards to the breakdown tomorrow, Sunday seem like a painfully long time away.

  6. Real Madras

    Great Post Pedro!

    Now please fix the time on the posts. Sometimes i can’t watch an arsenal game so i follow the match via the posters on le-grove, usually makes an interesting read but there’s a 7 min time difference.

  7. B

    What’s that all about Herve? Bale is bound to get bought, most likely he’ll go to Utd, typical Utd player, and would make them even more unbeatable…

    I shiver at the thought! Hate them c#nts!!!

  8. gambon

    Fuck me,

    Real Madras has been going on for fucking days about the “7 minute delay”

    Are you that thick that you cant just +7 to whatever time it says.

  9. Alan

    Rick, I think there is a “P” missing infront of your name.
    We might have £120m, but that’s only because we’ve been selling players. Without the player sales we’d have made a £30m loss.

  10. B

    My last comment was out of a wish to see all clubs other than Barca, Real, Bayern, Chelsea and Man U/C be disbanded as they are never going to win anything/keep their best players

  11. Ric

    BFebruary 26, 2013 10:09:12

    Bale’s not going anywhere if the spuds win something; thats the difference between them and us we don’t want to be a big club anymore they do.

  12. nickfury

    I think this is what annoys me most of all with the arsenal board in general but wenger in particular. With £123m we could actually have bought a few good players over the years and be in a better position than we’re in now. And without rewarding average players with big contracts our financial position wold be better still.
    As someone has already pointed out, we didn’t want to go above £2m to buy schwarzer, we offered bolton £6m for Cahil (or an amount not far off!), we ignored Mata completely then bought Gervinho. All this penny pinching in the transfer market and then reckless spending on undeserved contracts. How is it that nobody at the club thinks this is all wrong? You dont have to be a football genius to figure this one out.
    The point is, with propr distribution of contracts and buying the right players (not necessarily the most expensive players) we could be a better team football wise and still be not far off where we are now financially!
    Inexcuseable from the board,ubelievably arrogant from Wenger!

  13. Yippee Kai Yay

    gambon, absolutely, the interesting element is that rather than living month to month the club is living year to year. and the risk element between forecasting and actual income is getting harder. But in no way does it justify the current set up.

    I was talking to some fellow former season ticket holders a number of years ago about the rationale behind the move to the emirates. At the time the actual decision was made, the club was pretty much nailed on for top 2/3 and some sort of tangible success. House prices were still double digit increasing and so setting up the holding company to offset construction costs against sale of the redevelopment of the land was also logical, however construction inflation was outstripping RPI and CPI at the time and so it was difficult to fix a price.

    But the club also had a pretty good squad and it decreed that ‘the long term finances were kept separate to avoid impacting upon player trading’ (this is almost verbatim what the club set out back in the beginning).

    This was the first lie, well it wasn’t a lie, it became something of an inconvenient truth, structurally they were separate, but the clubs willingness to speculate when the market conditions shifted were clearly being reigned in. perhaps sensibly so.

    But that reluctance to spend has exacerbated the current situation, the club is both rich and cash rich, and yet it is citing ‘financial prudence’ with almost every spin / PR piece of BS it produces these days.

    Fact is that the club always could afford to spend, swiss ramble for years has been able to show that. They just don’t they let the fans pay for their ‘financial prudence’, with scant regard for accountability to those fans, knowing that they are still currently all replaceable.

  14. gambon


    Ive said it over and over and over again….its all about the wage bill.

    Quite how we’ve got ourselves in this mess of being 5th with a £150m wage bill is absolutely ridiculous.

    If we had Spurs wage bill, but our finances, we could go out this summer and sign Cavani & Gotze.

    As it is we have no idea what we are gonna be able to do until we have seen who we can offload.

  15. Kushagra

    February 26, 2013 10:13:44
    Fuck me,Real Madras has been going on for fucking days about the “7 minute delay” Are you that thick that you cant just +7 to whatever time it says.

    It’s your turn tomorrow

  16. Ric

    Ok get this;

    We get charged for watching the greatest team in existence:

    We get told we are watching the greatest team in existence:

    We pay salary for the greatest team in existence:

    We are told we have the greatest infrastructure in existance:

    We get told we have the greatest manager in existence:

    We pay for the “greatest manager” in existence:

    Yet I havent seen anything but great lies and delusions come out of this set up for more than a decade.

    I repeat its “Lynching time”. String Tom Fox up and lets see if they get the message.

  17. Yippee Kai Yay

    gambonFebruary 26, 2013 10:01:57
    Arsenal have 11 commercial partners, Man Utd have added 15 in the last 6 months.We are utterly incompetent commercially.
    This x 1000

    It still irked me that Ivan was ‘rewarded’ with his bonus last year. the commercial team really should have already got ahead of the game. the problem they now face is that the value of any deals are going to be contingent upon CL qualification.

    So playing catch up isn’t made any easier by the clubs complacency on the pitch. As any corporate sponsor worth their market share will tell you, ‘who remembers the guy who came 4th in anything? That’s not even a podium position’.

  18. Ric

    BFebruary 26, 2013 10:23:00

    Don’t care if you agree; history says you’re wrong I’m right.

    Levy has proved he will get the deal he wants, if Bale wants to go it’ll be on Spurs terms, but then again you’re also assuming Bale wants to go and I can tell you this much just by watching him thats its a helluva lot more fun to be a spud these days than it is a Gunner. Bale is young if he keeps his form up, looking for a move then it is three maybe four clubs in the world that could improve him. Juve, City, United and Real. Anything else would be a step down.
    We would be a step down.

  19. gambon


    Maybe because if you breakdown the £250m debt you will see:

    – £220m repayable between now and 2031, at low interest, costing £20m pa in a business where revenue streams are rising dramatically
    – £30m that will never ever be repaid, and while technically debt will never come off the books

    So whats your point?

    A business with £240m revenue, rising to £310m in the next 2 years shouldnt spend their reserves?

  20. Ric

    nayanFebruary 26, 2013 10:30:33

    Suck my #¤%K you Cun’6 ignoramus you!

    Piss of to Arsenal Truth to educate yourselves you untold nincompoop.

  21. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Good man Nayan. Well spotted.

    It’s due to be paid in 2 weeks time.. The entire amount. I’m willing to chip in 100 quid to help make up the difference. Anyone else? Together we could club together and help out instead of whining about non-existent cash.

    I hear every board meeting finishes off with a game of monopoly.

  22. AJ


    It’s not 250, it was 200 million one or two years back and we require to pay some 20 million a year. So of course we need not concern ourselves much with that, and concentrate on improving the team, that’s where the money comes from basically.

  23. Yippee Kai Yay

    Gambon, again I agree (re: overinflated wages), the path that the club headed down with rewarding mediocrity has created a rod for it’s own back.

    It drives the wrong behaviours in the team and leaves you with expensive and overpriced assets you cannot sell for ‘full value’.

    The problem the club faces is telling the truth, their reluctance to get tough now will see them further extend the problem.

    The other problem related to the above is the with a section of the fans reluctance to see /admit the truth, either they are not able to comprehend structurally where it positions the club or the fact that people like you and pedro have given a consistent message becomes boring to those that don’t want to hear. It’s very much a damned if you do /don’t.

    Hopefully some are starting to see ‘the wood from the trees’ as even more mainstream media outlets start asking the right questions. But I wouldn’t hold my breathe on changing the hearts and minds of some of the clubs fans any time soon.

  24. Arsenalone

    155 million pound wage bill.

    For our piss poor squad,that’s incompetent from the manager,he should be held accountable.

    Giving out contracts to the likes of bender,squalicy.and all the other shit players we own.

    In our modern world what AW has done is sackable.

  25. gambon


    Ive been saying for years we need a major clearout, as in 30 players.

    Not because I hate these guys, as the AKBs think, but because we need to totally restructure the club financially.

    Everyone earning too much needs to go.

    It wont happen, Wenger has completely lost his marbles in recent years, if you asked him, he genuinely wouldnt accept theres a problem right now.

  26. Real Madras

    Gambon am assuming you are doing the guest post tomorrow.

    But my post was addressed to Pedro, it’s up to him to reply to me. My intelligence should not be any of your concern.

    So for today remember Pedro Knows Best!

  27. øivind

    Sorry, but Bale ait leaving unless it means their New stadium can be named White Hart Bale stadium…

    He signed a New 5 year deal last summer, loves Tottenham, loves AVB and he thinks he has just as good chance at winning the PL with spurs as with United (they Took 4 Points from United).

    Levy wont sell. He proved that with Modric to Chelsea…
    Real has first option on him, but it wont happen.

  28. AJ


    Yes, Diaby is injured.

    By the way our wage bill suggests that we are the worst run club.
    At my workplace, if I turn up thrice a month and demand full wages I am bound to be kicked out. My potential means F ALL. But here, we have all money squandered on crocks, trash players.
    If you say its a company, run it like one.

  29. gambon

    Look at our loan & dross situation for fuck sake:



    All these guys are still employed by Arsenal, yet they contribute NOTHING to the progress of the team.

    Thats £500k per week of salary these guys get paid for nothing.

    Why has there been no comeback at all for Arsene.

    if anyone in a £240m business literally threw away £25m pa (10%) they would be sacked on the spot.

  30. Leedsgunner

    “Our Wage bill should not be above £90m. If it wasn’t above £90m, we’d be looking at a £65m transfer budget every summer. If Arsenal were so keen on keeping things prudent, why did they insist on loading average players up with massive contracts? It makes no sense. Those wages have been crippling the club because it’s made it difficult to turn a profit without selling players. Now, if these wages were going on top talent, there would be an argument. They’re not though, they’re going on player who’d never get those deals anywhere else.”

    Finest paragraph written this side of Highbury. Quote it to Arsene next time he tells you he has no money to spend and we can’t afford top players and compete with City, Chelsea, Man United or with any other club for that matter. By the sustainable business model what they really men is the sustainable bonus model. Is this why we are ask to go trophy less year after year and pay the highest ticket prices in world football?

    F*****g embarrassing.

  31. nickfury

    Yes we may have £200m debt, but doesn’t Man U have a massive debt also (or used to have) that didn’t/doesn’t stop them from spending. They bought a 29 year old with a history of injuries for £25m without batting an eyelid. They now sit comfortably at the top of the tble.

  32. Ashmania

    He won’t spend until the cap on fees and wages start he will continue to look for bargains like capoue and ogbonna

  33. andy1886

    Nayan, so by your logic anyone with a mortgage has to live like a pauper because they owe £200k (for example)? It’s factored in, and has been said a million times before, if we didn’t have the dross on high wages we could afford a mortgage on a second Emirates never mind a first.

  34. Doublegooner

    The club is run solely to generate cash & profit.

    This appears not to have come from new commercial deals or success but from

    Without our best players or properties being sold off where else would these ‘wonderful results’ come from ??

    Offset this against all the long list overpaid dross & wasted transfers and it would be even higher.

    Commercial partners are not turned on with our cash mountain. They want to be associated with a club who want to win or seriously try & win SILVERWARE !

    We need a different owner(s), a different manager with an football ambition ethos and not paranoid about FFP being our saviour. Perhaps then we’ll become a big club & taken serious again.

    In the meantime. Hill Wood, the majority don’t trust you or your owner whatever you say.

  35. Sam-Gooner (@Sangbaran)

    Saw Bale’s goals from yesteday’s match.
    Expect a barrage of long range efforts on Sunday!!!
    everyone saw our Gobbly Pole’s handling against the pretty tame Weimann’s shot the other day.

  36. Ric

    gambonFebruary 26, 2013 10:41:17

    Jupp its borderline hoping we do a repeat of the mancs accident in the seventies and recoup our losses fromt he insurance. (Damn that was a bit harsh even for me being as pissed as i am right now, but I’m not taking it away.)

  37. Leedsgunner


    Speaking of embarrassing… Shut up grandad, thanks for taking an interest in our affairs… on second thought thanks for nothing. The only reason you’re on the board is because your family connections. I see you’ve retired from all our other businesses, do us all a favour and step down will you? Our club deserves a dynamic chairman not the walking dead.

  38. chukwudi

    123million is not a small money for one to give all these excuses Wenger has been given to us all these years.I notice one the clubs that we are richer than they are always keep their best player until the club say otherwise while we can’t keep our.

  39. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    The loan situation is difficult to predict (in terms of impact on the wages bill).

    Generally speaking, the receiving club picks up the tab, or a substantial portion of it. I don’t have any reason to say Gazidis was lying through his teeth when he made this statement?

    Certainly it has an impact, as for example a player comes back in from loan in May then he’s back on his full wage and impacting on the AFC wage bill.

    In fact I would say the wage bill would be substantially higher than what is reported if these guys were not out on loan. So our 155m is in the main spent on those who are actually at the club! Which makes it all the more horrific!

    Clearly we need to have a big clear-out both in terms of loanees without a future and the ‘dross’. Development loanees is always a good policy.

    But this is merely tinkering. We need a complete new model of wages which will reward the really good players, create space to attract more good players, and move us towards competing seriously.

    This will only come with a change in manager. And that will take 1-2 seasons to achieve under a new one!

  40. chukwudi

    123million is not a small money for one to give all these excuses Wenger has been given to us all these years.I notice one thing the clubs that we are richer than they are always keep their best player until the club say otherwise while we can’t keep our.

  41. Ric

    BiodunFebruary 26, 2013 10:55:20

    Considering they are on track to finish in front of us while paying their players half of what we do, I’d sincirely doubt any of their players would even listen to what our guys have to offer. Unless its Wenger and Diaby together with a briefcase full of money going; “hey you are 17 and from London would you like to be the world greatest player? Take this money and whenever someone ask how good you are just answer the best, now go with Abou he will show you how to get paid without playing for a decade”.

  42. adi

    our wage bill is high due to the amount of quality junior players we give competitive contracts. One cannot compare our development department with spurs, its an unfair comparison. Yes we have a few loafers on our senior squad, but not all of them were bad when we contracted them.

  43. yiddo4ever

    Spurs fan here….interesting article and good you didnt slate us but instead actually pay a compliment! Im kinda hoping we can get another season or two out of bale..hes only 23 which people forget so has plenty of time to make that big money move to Spain or wherever. As long as it isnt to Manchester or Chelsea then good luck to him. We hate Arsenal but end of the day they have been the club we have been trying to emulate of late, we are very similar in history and the way the clubs are run. Yeah you have won more silverware the last couple of decades but all things go full circle, may be our time to be challenging now. Maybe not, who knows. Still not sure who would replace Wenger though and bring success if the board wont speculate to accumulate? Bring on Sunday!!

  44. Gelbs

    Can someone explain this, please? How on earth, can Arsenal only have around £123 million in their bank account, when they make shit loads every year due to season tickets, home match revenue, Champions League and Premier League money, etc, and the sale of Highbury that was well over another 100 million?!! We should be talking about over 300 million here, at least. So you telling me, 3-4 years back, Arsenal only had around 50 million in reserve?? What about the 40 million from 2009 back as well from the Toure and Adebayor sales to City?

  45. Matchy

    I have written and commented about this before. About the money and wages.

    The other interesting news is that despite losing pretty much all our superstars over the past few years, we’ve still managed to turn in a wage bill that looks like hitting a £155m. I’m pretty sure that stacks up very closely with what United’s was last season. A staggering cost when you consider that Newcastle’s is about £60m and they finished 1 point behind us… and Spurs, who are ahead of us in the league sit with a bill of £90m!

    wait till spurs have qualified consistently in the next two years for top 4 and well see if their ‘wage’ bills are where it is. Well see if they they keep hold of their players first of ‘all’.

    Wait till newcastle can stay in the top 7 consistently for 2 years and well see if half of their french players have not already left due to ‘escape’ clauses or they can maintain their wage bill as it is.

    Can arsenal wage bills be better optimised? sure. But can it be lowered than spurs and newcastle at present? NOoooooooooooooo unless arsenal drops out of top 4 and staggers around 6-7 for two consecturive years or more and well see.

    When Arsene Wenger talks about not have money over the past few years, I’d have to ask him a few questions. Firstly, how did we get to £123m cash reserves if you haven’t had money? That didn’t just happen over night… it’s been a steady increase because the manager doesn’t spend what he’s given. The second questions I’d ask is this…

    Hahahaha.. the money available was due to the manager selling the players because he had to sell.

    Look at the numbers of that $100mplus.. arsenal commercial revenue over the last 6 years contributed zilch. What has gadzis been doing all this time?

    What did Usmanov say abt Gadzis? He said gadzis lacks business acumen.


    The manager didnt spend whats he given? yes what was he given to spend? is the question and anwser. $10 miliion? $100m?


    I recalled Elderman came out to say in 2006-8 ,,, we have money for the manager to spend. hahah.. look back to those financials during that period. hahaha Arsenal was struggling to pay of Van Persie transfer fees to his dutch club hahahah

    People say there is no ‘vision’ at the football club. Kronke has to attend more games and blurts out the vision as a leader.

    Arsenal football club under kronke’s vision is in the follwing order,

    1. A self sustainable Football Club

    What does self sustainble mean? it means kronke will never evere be needed to write a cheque from his own acct if arsenal football club loses money.

    2. win the league

    3. win champ league

    4. never ever forget point 1.

    5. point 3 and 4 are a BONUSes


    7. MICKEY MOUSE cup

    this is arsenal football club vision under kronke. Actually this vision was not kronke .. it was the previous owners yes including that lady who tweeted she regretted selling to kronke after pocketing $100m plus in her acct.

    And what about Wenger? Wengers job is to make sure he balances the book. And at the moment the only ‘way’ he can balance the book is by ‘players trading’.

    YES ITS PLAYERS TRADING. NOT SELLING PLAYERS. Arsenal develops potential players into developed players and sold for profits and buys potential players and cycles continues. Ok the cycle has somwhat changed a little in the last 1.5 years.

    because gadzis been learning the ropes in the football world in europe for the last 4 years paid by afc.

    So like i said many many times. If you wanna get rid of wenger, kronke told me many times, to find a buyer willing to make him an offer he cannot refuse.

    I have wwritten this soooooooo many times on here….. i’m getting tired.

  46. Johnty79

    Pedro well said a good piece… If our wage bill was 90m what it probably should be I would be fairly happy with the season so far. I would say our place in the league is just about right. Think about it if our wage bill was 90 m then our gross profit for this year would be 100m plus per annum not the current 35 m what it looks like it will be.. If wenger got us to 4th with a wage bill of under 90m I would say well done arsene. Also it can be said that kronke and gazidas are doing terrible jobs as if arsenals gross profit was 100 m then the value of the club would probably be about 1 billion plus meaning kronke could more than double his investment.

    All thruth of the matter is arsenal is being run in a terrible manner…without player sales we would have made a big loss this season. On the face of it with out champions league we will make a big loss next term…

    If kronke had hired Daniel levy his investment would have almost doubled or tripled compared to what it is now. Kronke is a billionaire but can’t be that bright if he lets the status quo continue…

    I emailed arsenal fc 2 years ago Asking them to explain how there wage bill is 50 m more than spurs. They did reply….by saying thank you for you comments they will be taken into account..

    Absolutely shocking club.

  47. Guns of Hackney

    Mmmnn…not sure how anyone knows for sure that ‘Bale won’t be there next season’. After all, Spurs might just replace Arsenal in the CL, Spurs are in the ascendancy and will probably strengthen if the CL place is assured. All in all, Spurs wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

    As for our cash surplus, or whatever you’re going to call it – so what. We have always been well off but we choose not to spend it, what is going to change? Nothing. Done.

    I quite like the whole lip reading thing…I’d only wished it was something less ambiguous like “You fucking puppet faced glow worm, why the fuck don’t you listen to me” – that would have been far more entertaining.

  48. Moe

    Its the hope each year that kills, hope of dropping out of top four to finally bring change, or hope that we will do the impossible and finally gel as a team, ripping the league a new one. Fourth place seems to be ideally placed for that.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that would rather nick fourth than drop out.If I had confidence in our bod to lead us to new heights post wenger, I would reconsider.For one thing, not sure drop out will bring change necessarily with our board of directors policy under silent stan. We drop out, can’t entice better players with champs league football no more.

    Furthermore, the brand of arsenal nowadays is associated with mental weakness, self capitulation,mamby pamby attempt at pretty football with not much steel, oh and financial prudence…not like 2006 where one would feel in awe they were coming to a great club of winners post invincibles era. We have used up all our attracting awe of the late nineties, early millennium. Pretty much all our past players are slagging us off(and a particular former board member), even those that experienced most success with us. Only way any new manager can entice better players when we are fifth or sixth is through bucket loads of cash to restructure everything Wenger put in place over 8years but throwing money at things doesn’t change it unless there is absolutely clear direction and vision where it’s heading to.   Look at qpr, that would scare our financially prudent bod. Type of manager we get is extremely important with attracting players. Mourinho, sir Alex, pep attract the top names. money is only half the motivator(man city), need a manager with fire in belly stuff, don’t know if that’s what ogl will go for in his replacement.

    However, the other option is the status quo, always in champs league to suffer heart wrenching inconsistent performances leading to embarrassments like gallas tantrum kicking off the now traditional week in February where we effectively drop out of three competitions simultaneously, the kolscienly/sceszny carling cup final, Newcastle comeback,man utd mauling, Bradford defeat, Blackburn defeat, Milan thrashing last year,Bayern this, Barca every other year, summer transfer Merry go round etc. These are our types of memories nowadays (maybe barring Barca at emirates two years ago).

    That’s where I have to applaud wenger on his genius of setting up this rock hard place situation where he seems kinda indispensable in a wierd sorta way. He either leaves us with a bod too toothless to inspire change under silent Stan potentially leaving arsenal in freefall (if he left with usmanov in charge, entirely different proposition) or he stays feeding us with just enough hope for one half, of being elite like bygone years…. by barely making it to top four/champs
    league but not enough to satisfy with a trophy. It also keeps the other half in a little hope that drop out of fourth place would inspire change(they dont really want to drop out of being in champs league and see their beloved club sink to even new lows but wengers dictatorship desparation makes the grass on fifth place turf look greener). After all, we so close to fifth place at end of season, I can almost feel my (not the bod’s) despair at that prospect being a turning point, again from my perspective not sure about the bod’s, to change things(it won’t or rather bod is too scared to). If we can find a manager with absolute will to win that is also financially prudent, that’s who the bod will hire and Wenger is the closest thing they think they have to that…*sigh*.Guy must have got inspiration from the hunger games.

    President Snow: Seneca… why do you think we have a winner?(not a real winner, one made by us.. fourth place trophy )
    Seneca Crane: [frowns] What do you mean?
    President Snow: I mean, why do we have a winner? I mean, if we just wanted to intimidate the districts, why not round up twenty-four at random and execute them all at one? It would be a lot faster.(why not just keep rvp and let bouldie use his expertise to shore up our defence?)
    [Seneca just stares, confused]
    President Snow: Hope.
    Seneca Crane: Hope?
    President Snow: Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. Spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.
    Seneca Crane: So…?
    President Snow: So, contain it.(do enough this summer to keep us in fourth place status quo but not enough to actually win!!)

  49. gambon

    The only way we will invest properly into the team is if we fall out of the top 4.

    The only way we will change the wage structure and review the managers position is if we fall out of the top 4.

    I cant actually believe anyone gives a fuck if we get 4th this year, it would probably be a disaster. Wenger would say “I told you so” as he actually thinks the PL table goes from 4 to 20, and nothing will change.

  50. ozrus

    Me, I feel sane reading most of the mad comments on here. Pedro’s asking gambon to contribute to a post is a good enough reason to skip the editorial. Next Pedro will be asking ArsenalTruth clown to contribute. Whoever writes that pile of utter shite doesn’t go to matches, yet reviews matches based on tweeeeter reviews hahaha. Don’t think Pedro will mind though.

  51. Arselona

    Wengers 4th place trophy aint about the Champions League, everybody knows we have no hope in hell winning it with this lot. It’s all about the cash.

    We could have a billion in the reserves, but if you dont use it, it means absolutely nothing.

  52. Ric

    MatchyFebruary 26, 2013 11:11:10

    Pedro could you just remove this post what the heell is the point in droning on about aboslutely nothing for that long huh?

    Bla bla bla “repeats de facto propaganda” before going “ha ha ha” like a fucking moron incessantly, please begone.

  53. Moe

    Yea,it would definitely make sense to restructure and review managers position after falling out of top four and I would wholeheartedly welcome it….thing is I dont really trust this board, with wenger speaking sweet nothings into kronke’s ears, to follow sense. They havent really proved they would. I guess falling out of top four woould give us the opportunity for us to conclusively say we told you so rather than other way round but I fear that would be the only change. He would talk about the british youth foundation having enough qualitee and mental strength to get back into top four whilst telling board his 16years experience is enough to do so. He will actually have the gall to say this year was a blip,shgould look at previous 16 years. Imagining saying that with that wry smile of his makes me want to purchase a shot gun and find him..,

  54. goonert1m

    that’s this season Gambon, stadium is empty and people wont re new tickets especially club level,

    problem is it’s too late, the senile old tool has lost it, will find it difficult to dig us out of this mess.

  55. HP

    Said it before and will say it again pedro

    we are a finished club

    the manager will extend his deal

    we will drop out of top 4

    our reserve will be used up for our wage bill

    we are the new leeds

  56. Gregg

    I’d imagine Bould did say that but was probably referring to the team or a player who lacked positional discipline again, rather than Wenger.

    On that note we are going to get destroyed by an in form Bale precisely for that reason. He now operates in the holes between defence and midfield, where lets face it, we leave acres of room. I cannot see us making special plans for him, even if we do, whoever is detailed to track him simply will neglect their duty. It’s the modern Arsenal way.

  57. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 11:28:51

    Thats rich the dumbest fuck to ever cross the earth starts pointing fingers…

    The fact that you can’t understand the big words being used does not automatically make them “lies” Oz. Oh why do I bother…

  58. Guns of Hackney


    I do not write Arsenal Truth.

    There is nothing anyone can do for you if you suggest everything is fine at Arsenal.

    Dipstick is an underused put down, so a point to you.

  59. gambon

    Would love to get to the bottom of why Ozrus, and AKBs in general are always so mad.

    So so so much anger.

    Likely all under 5’4″, thats for sure.

  60. ozrus

    @cynofix, do you normally stomp your feet when you say ‘I want’? Or do you just let yourself loose and sound like a whiny bitch

  61. TitsMcgee

    Bale shows us here(not that we didn’t know) why it’s important to have that special quality player. The match winner. Players that can win it with a wonder strike.

    Too bad Wenger says piss on that.

  62. gambon


    No, Wenger thinks that when youre struggling in the 90th minute mental strengz will get you the goal, and “collective desire”

    he doesnt even realise that he owes most of his success to 1 specific individual, Thierry Henry.

  63. ozrus

    Ric, you bother because you have nothing to say, that’s why you open with ‘why is it that AKBs blah blah’ in like every post.
    gambon, the answer is simple, I can’t stand scumbags. I’m game, I say I’m much taller and better looking than you. You want to play?

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    I’ve only seen the ‘Bould’ clip on 101 goals. I just don’t see how anyone can read anything from that.

    Yes he looks pissed off, but so does everyone else in shot.

    In the 2nd (and largest) segment, it looks like he’s talking to Vic Akers.

    Still, good for a conspiracy I guess

  65. ozrus

    Nasri’s Mouth, it’s like when AW supposedly lost it at the press conf. All in the eyes of the beholder. But some will write 1000 word blogs about it, let’s infer blah blah. I personally think the female jorno was propositioning to Arsene with her devilish stare. He was just saying ‘you are not on my level’. Bould looks like a misery man every time the cam is on him anyway. Oh wait, it’s because he’s had a rift with AW. RIGHT?

  66. Rhys Jaggar

    Arsenal’s £123m in cash includes two things which aren’t available to spend in the summer:

    1. The £20m+ which must legally be kept in a bank account to cover next year’s mortgage payment.
    2. The annual season ticket money which goes towards paying the players’ wages.

    That season ticket money drains through the season from lots to nothing.

    It may also be the case that TV money’s don’t get paid monthly and that some of that has just arrived to inflate the ‘cash in the bank’ figure.

    I still stand by AST’s £70m war chest as being broadly accurate.

  67. Bergkamp63

    Just perusing the accounts again !!

    of the 123m the only money we can’t touch is 23m (10% of the mortgage + 50% of the ST debentures) of it which is in the reserve account.

    As Gambon & myself had this conversation previously with several AKB’s, the rolling balance of cash is enormous and probably never goes below £100m, and don’t say we have to pay money for wages etc out of this as money is coming in throughout the year !!

    Why then do we not have money to spend on world class players ? If you have 80 players on your books with a NBV of 105m it’s not surprising that the average cost of these players we have at the club equates to peanuts.

    And we all know what you get if you pay in peanuts !!

  68. Rhys Jaggar

    Pedro, there’s a possibility that whatever Spurs get for Bale will contribute to a downpayment on their new stadium. After all, must be getting close to time to bring in the builders and they won’t be allowed to proceed, even with a bridging loan, without a sizable deposit. The only way they can avoid that is either signing up an Emirates-style sponsor front-loaded to pay the builders or to do an equity raise to cover it. No-one I wouldn’t have thought would give Spurs bonds up-front……

    There’s no-one else they could sell in the next 18 months that would get within a million miles of what they could get for Bale, so time will tell what they will do with the money……..

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree that the amount that’s available to spend is pretty close to £100m.

    Assuming it’s not being kept for something else.

  70. Yippee Kai Yay

    ozrus, the merest fact that you used ‘supposedly’ about wenger losing it at the press conference, when the unedited version was there for all to see, renders every single one of your posts pointless.

    If you cannot see what is staring you in the face then you must either be Stevie Wonder or just plain stupid.

    If you are blind then my apologies for the analogy, I have a blind friend from Uni days and so understand how people misinterpret ‘blindness’ for ‘incompetence’ as a matter for social convenience.

    However I suspect it is the latter, so don’t bother replying, it just isn’t worth it.

  71. ozrus

    gambon’s balls have a shriveling sensation every time he brings his own height into question. Like I said, much taller and better looking than you. Deal with it.

    6th-is-a-new-trophy, are you OK? Did I say somewhere that all was great?

  72. Honest Bill

    Szczesny.. Really needs to be replaced.. Don’t get me wrong, i know the defense is very leaky and he can’t help the amount of shots that come at him, but seriously… Does he need to let them all go in?

    Surely we can do better than that.. This kid makes Almunia look like Dave Seaman…

  73. gambon

    When you look at what we can spend you have to consider a few things.

    1- Our turnover is going to rocket in the next few years (TV deal £35m, Emirates & Nike/Adidas deals)
    2- Transfers are usually paid to get as close to amortisation as possible
    3- We dont really owe anything on old transfers

    You dont need £100m in the bank to spend £100m, you just need to be able to cover the £100m out of cashflow in the coming years.

    We could undoubtedly spend £100m tomorrow on players.

    Now heres the problem.

    The wage bill

    Our current wage bill isnt just maxed out, its at the top of the acceptable window for what our revenue will be in 2 years time. Our revenue is trailing at least 12 months behind our wage bill.

    This is such a big problem its unreal.

    If we had the option to swap our squad with Spurs squad right now i would in a heartbeat.

  74. Yippee Kai Yay

    HB, Begovic, foster, vorm, even Al Habsi. All would cost less, were probably procurable and all should have been pursued before the start of the season.

    This was debated a long time ago, along with the lack of competition throughout the pitch, which is inherently part of the problem for the squad, and once again it all comes back to the decision making of one person.

  75. Yippee Kai Yay

    HB, my friend has a ‘labradoodle’ as their guide dog. Vicious little thing if it wants to be.

    So I wouldn’t arbitrarily upset a blind person if I were you, until you check out their ‘wing man’.

  76. Honest Bill

    I’d even prefer Fabianski at this point… I know he was flappy at crosses, but Szczesny is flappy at just… well shots in general. A bit of a problem for a goalkeeper i’m sure we can all agree.

  77. Bergkamp63

    The real problem is getting Wenger out so that someone else can get shot of the 30-40 players we need to get rid of and bring in 10 proper players !

    Our wage bill would remain static at worst but at least we would have a decent first 11 that could challenge on all fronts.

  78. Arsene's Nurse

    People are forgetting that the £123m figure is a half-yearly report. Last summer we had £151m in the bank. The year before those figures were £115m and £153 respectively.

    So even though our wage bill has massively increased we are still increasing or maintaining our cash balances.

    We have to keep a certain amount for stadium repayments which I believe is £20m. The club have also said they hold money to compensate for falling out of the CL. That’s believed to be £20-25m.

    I’m also lead to believe that there was or is a clause in the Emirates sponsorship that says that the club must invest a certain proportion of sponsorship money/revenue/funds in the team. Wenger has chosen to pay huge wages to substandard players to meet this obligation rather than spend on transfers.

    TV money increases by £30m next year, Emirates is worth £30m a year minus a percentage if we drop out of CL, kit deal will increase by £12m plus, property worth £27m has been sold and £20m of that is payable over 2 years at £10m a year, so even if we dropped out the champions league our revenue would still increase!

    We don’t need a contingency fund to cover missing out on CL money because all the other deals cover that loss. Therefore we actually have an even bigger war chest.

    We could easily spend £100m in the summer with zero negative impact on the future of the club. If we get rid of the dross sucking down the wages we could easily afford to pay 3 players £200k per week.

    We can compete with Man U, Man City and Chelsea. If the spuds can be 2 pts ahead of Chelsea and 5 points off City with a wage bill £50m less than us then why can’t we compete?

  79. Mo

    I just don’t understand why fans are happy to blame Wenger for everything that is wrong just because he is the face we all see we automatically assume he is to blame for everything wrong, when in his first 7 years at the club when we had the petits, overmars, hernys, vieras, etc of the world, when we won two doubles went a season unbeaten and continued the run for 49games, went to cup finals, went to the CL final and was about 15mins away from winning the CL and on that run we didn’t concede a single goal even though we played the mighty Real Madrid home and away with a make shift defence and the record for not conceding a goal on that run stands to this day, so you can talk about your Bayern Munichs, Barcelonas, Reals, Man Us but none of those have been able to replicate what Arsenal and Arsene have done NONE why do you think Real Madrid for at least 8 Years have tired to get Arsene. And we idiots blame him for everything tell me one Manager who has done what he has done and don’t just give me the lazy answer of Fergie who has had top level guys at board level behind him and has had more or less an open cheque book and is at a club that don’t sell their stars.

    We sit and we speak about the stars that have left and how many times before those stars that left did Wenger say he wanted to get rid of? Answer none. Think back Wenger said he wanted to keep Cesc and Nasri in fact he said a club that sells two stars in one summer can not be called a big club and then with RVP he said countless times that under all circumstances we must keep RVP but what was PHW saying at the same time, he said he doesn’t see what RVP’s problem is and he is in dreamland if he thinks we will offer him more than what has been offered, and went on to say that he is free to go if he isn’t happy.

    The truth is people that Wenger is given hardly any money to use each and every transfer window you mention the likes of Mata well the truth is Wenger wasn’t to blame for that Garzidis took the blame for that when he admitted it was his error, Cahill you say that we made a pathetic bid for him but we bidded 7M for him and the Bolton chairman said that is well below his valuation although he had one year left on his contract minimal international experience, no european experience and we had Clicthy in a similar position to Cahill, but he has experience at the very top level and sold him for 7M so how was a bid of 7M below their valuation of their player, and Arsenal and Wenger got slated in the press and by fans, but on deadline day Arry and spurs made the same bid for Cahill and it was rejected by Bolton but the press and guys on SSN said how they understand why Arry wouldn’t offer more considering Cahill’s contract situation, and to top everything off when Chelsea brought him how much did they pay? 7M so how was offer laughable which was said at the time?

    We need to understand that Wenger can only say he wants a certain player it isn’t his job to make a deal, and discuss contracts that job goes to our chairman and his team of guys they employ and pay top wages to. When David Dein was there thats what would happen Wenger would say he wants a certain player and he would go out and make a deal and if there is one person that that we should have never got rid of its not Henry, RVP or any player it was Dein and the quicker we get him back the better it will be for the club a lot of problems we face now he forecasted before the stadium move.

    I am not saying that Wenger is faultless but he is has made mistakes like all managers have done but it seems that he has a lot more resposiblity at Arsenal in comparison to other managers, and the board have totally failed in everything they have promised where as Wenger everytime in the last 8 years he has built up a team that has come close to competing, key players are sold in the summer and the rebuilding starts all over again where as teams around us have kept players and added extra and are now miles ahead.

    You mention Spurs having a better team than us and as much as it pains me to say they do but why is that, its not because Arry is a great manager and he is proving that at QPR right now so I don’t even need to say anymore on that and it isn’t because AVB is a great manager either its because Levy takes no shit and when they sell players he will make sure the money is spent properly to replace the player they have lost just think they had a keeper as laughable as our own Alumunia and althought Wenger has been linked to so many Goalkeepers how many did we buy none, but in the same time Spurs have brought two in Brad and Hugo and where are we well we have moved past butter fingers to a keeper how has the potential to possibly one day be at the top but with zero competion coming from within the squad for him to improve looks like we could end up with another Alumunia.

    So I rest my case we need Dein back and we need to get rid of these clowns on our board mainly Grazidis, Korenke, PHW and we will see a huge improvement in everything.

  80. Bergkamp63

    Laudrup being touted for RM & Barca, doesn’t surprise me at all.

    From what I have seen of Luke Shaw, he looks a decent prospect so probably off to Chelsea.

    El Sharaway looks a real talent too but doubt he will come to England and certainly not to us !!

  81. Kemp1886

    The cash reserves make the selling of Van Persie to Utd even worse.We could have afforded a big hit on him by selling him abroad,or at least have spent the money to show ambition.Great post Pedro.

  82. Yippee Kai Yay

    I’m not a particular fan of Foster, but he is better than what we have. even (and this is a real sickener) Freidel at 108 years old or whatever he is, is better than chesney.

    That shows where the margin exists. we should have bought spurs second keeper to replace our 1st choice. And yet our ‘2nd choice’ keeper let 4 in at the weekend in an U21 game!!!

    Should have had Schwarzer or even Cesar, and dare I say it for £11mil we should have jumped the queue for Lloris.

    I mean what is the point of particularly scouting the french leagues (as the club has a long history of doing ‘successfully’) and then not signing the national 1st choice who was clearly available!!!!!!!!!!

    But this is all academic, as we will end up signing someone cheaper form the continent and is about 8 months too late.

  83. Tomtom

    Arsenal are very like the public sector,everyone is overpaid for a terrible standard of work without the fear of getting the sack

  84. TitsMcgee

    I cant actually believe anyone gives a fuck if we get 4th this year, it would probably be a disaster. Wenger would say “I told you so” as he actually thinks the PL table goes from 4 to 20, and nothing will change.


  85. ozrus

    lol taller and better looking

    ‘Blind people are all idiots’ you’are as bright as a fucking beacon bro

    YipteeDo, heh you’ve got to make up your mind, you are either insulting your blind friend or bringing him in to make a point. You can’t have it both ways, he’d get confused

  86. Bergkamp63

    As I said yesterday, It wouldn’t surprise me to see cash balances of £180 as at the end of this coming May.

    The 30m property development costs basically absorbed all the overhead for QR and the remaining 14m left is probably pure profit.

    If we get beat on Sunday we are going to be 7pts adrift of Spurs with only 10 games remaining and might have to fight Chelsea for 4th.

    Not a position to be in but it could be a blessing in disguise !

  87. gambon


    Are you mentally ill?

    None of these clubs have managed to replicate what Arsene did?

    Like what? Win the CL? Arsenal are the only “big club” that havent….

    So whats your mental point?

    Madrid havent gone 10 arbitrary games without conceding? You think they care?

    As for Madrid trying to get Wenger…..erm no! Arsenal & Wenger leaked a fake story to the press to get all the fans to say phew when he didnt leave to a job that didnt exist.

    You think Madrid would accept 8 years of incompetence?

  88. higz

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but my understanding is that the profit figures include paying off debt in that period, so the debt issue doesn’t really come into it. Also ppl saying that without sales we would have made a loss? Again not really true as we spent a similar amount on 3 players. Therefore without player trading, we make a profit to add to our big packet of cash reserves.

    clearly our wage structure is massively flawed, but we can still afford to spend big and we don’t

  89. Bergkamp63

    TomtomFebruary 26, 2013 12:57:06
    Maybe we should all chip in and sent Wenger on a nice hot air ballooning holiday in Egypt

    What as ballast !!

  90. Honest Bill

    Tits Mcgee

    Agreed. We can’t win it, so i don’t care if we’re in it..


    You did get that was just a joke… right?

  91. Guns of Hackney

    I must echo Gambon and I have said similar. Wenger hasn’t stayed at Arsenal because is is unreservedly loyal, it’s because he wouldn’t last 6 months in a job like Real or the Milan’s – and he know’s it. At Arsenal he is treated like a deity, at Real, arguably the best manager in the world is under pressure.

    If Arsene was at Real and Barca beat them 8-2, he would have been sacked at half time

  92. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 11:56:14

    I haven’t even mentioned akb’s until brocahing the subject of your existence today Oz, the fact that you self identify as one, says a hell of a lot more about you than it does me.

  93. Honest Bill


    To be fair Mourinho’s Madrid did get battered 5-0 by Barca.

    Generally agree with you though.. Wenger would not be allowed to sell off all their ‘galacticos’ and buy fucking Eboue.

  94. gambon

    Whether the senile one or a new manager is incharge, we will only be able to buy according to what we can offload.

    Our wage bill is now at £150m and thats before Jack, theo, Ramsey and all the other payrises.

    So what do we realistically need and how much will it cost?

    – Keeper (£80k pw)
    – RB (£70k pw)
    – CB (£100k pw)
    – DM (£60k pw)
    – CM (£80k pw)
    – AM (£80k pw)
    – CF (£150k pw)

    So thats £30m of wage spend we will have to find to have a competetive squad.

    I have no doubt we can clear £30m off the wage bill…..if we had a sane manager.

  95. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 12:55:58

    You were even conceived in confusion Oz, just ask your mother; she has eleven candidates to consider after falling asleep in the spurs locker room.

  96. Bergkamp63


    The bottom line might interest you ?

    Arsenal Holdings plc
    Results for the six months ended 30 November 2012
    Group profit before tax was £17.8 million (2011 – £49.5 million).
    Profit on sale of player registrations amounted to £42.5 million (2011 – £63.0 million).
    £40.9 million of investment in new players and extended contracts pushed amortisation charges up to £19.9 million (2011 – £17.3 million).
    The resulting profit from player trading was £23.2 million (2011 – £46.1 million).

  97. Ric

    RicFebruary 26, 2013 13:07:10

    BTW this is humourless humour that only affects the simple minded, but hey looking at previous statements who here will say he understands a more sophisticated approach?

  98. goona

    The half yearly figures just released make Arsene and the Board look like even bigger idiots than ever. We are very financially well off club (despite the ludicrous wage bill), with income set to steadily grow and yet we STILL do not buy world class players. Does Wenger know that you need to speculate to accumulate?

  99. ozrus

    AW couldn’t at Real/Barca. Pure conjecture.

    Ric, how old are you lol? My mum’s never been to London. You are trying to hard

  100. Guns of Hackney


    If I’m a DM, I am pissed off – why do I earn less than a RB?

    I’m livid, mate…my agent is going to be calling you!

  101. Ric

    Wenger wouldnt last two weeks at Real Madrid, the clearest evidence of that is the fact that he himself wouldn’t even dare to consider taking the job if it was ever actually offered. Besides who leaves a job where you get paid 7.5 mill to do nothing?

  102. gambon

    Fabianski £2m
    Mannone £1m
    Djourou £2.5m
    Squillaci £3m
    Santos £2.5m
    Diaby £2.5m
    Arshavin £4m
    Gervinho £3m
    Chamakh £3m

    Not much more to go for that £30m

    Wont happen though.

    Wenger will NEVER admit defeat with Gerv & Diaby, and will probably give Squaillaci a new deal.

  103. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 13:13:06

    Ozrus is older than twelve? Pure conjecture.

    Ozrus is steaming his toilet paper in Wengers turds before ingesting it? Pure conjecture for now, but backed up by several credible witness reports…

  104. Guns of Hackney

    Honest Bill

    F-that. I am leaving Arsenal and going to Chelsea…

    “after hearing their offer, I nearly swerved off the road”