WE’RE RICH, RICH I TELLS YA! | Steve Bould muttering madness | Spurs win to keep the spice going

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Ivan, you're gonna need a bigger pot...


Yeah, it’s that time of the year when we look above us in the table and say… yeah, Spurs, Chelsea, City and United might be ahead of us… sure Bayern Munich might have taken us out of the Champions League… and fine, Bradford and Blackburn went further than us in the respective cups.

… but do they have £123m in cash reserves?

Of course they don’t. So actually, we’re the real winners.

Oh dear people, I’m kidding of course!

Once again the financials have come out to much embarrassment. Everyone loves a well run football club. They’re few and far between these days… however, when you dig below the surface, we’re actually a bit of a bloated pig.

Most of our commercial gains have come from centrally negotiated TV deals in the Champions… and another boost in income from Emirates. Great news that our main sponsor want to tie in with us again, but what about new commercial deals (like Arsenal’s sponsorship deal with Betsson)? Where are they? We’ve remained pretty static on that front, considering United are turning in well over double what we do commercially, plus the fact they have about 42 partners to our 13-14. It just makes a bit of a mockery of what we’re trying to achieve. In the same way we’ve managed to avoid dropping out of the top four not through being proactive in improving what we do… but by watching everyone around us get worse… it seems we’re doing something similarly lazy with our commericals… looking to squeeze every last penny out of the home fans whilst squeezing deals that were already here or that were negotiated elsewhere.

The other interesting news is that despite losing pretty much all our superstars over the past few years, we’ve still managed to turn in a wage bill that looks like hitting a £155m. I’m pretty sure that stacks up very closely with what United’s was last season. A staggering cost when you consider that Newcastle’s is about £60m and they finished 1 point behind us… and Spurs, who are ahead of us in the league sit with a bill of £90m!

When Arsene Wenger talks about not have money over the past few years, I’d have to ask him a few questions. Firstly, how did we get to £123m cash reserves if you haven’t had money? That didn’t just happen over night… it’s been a steady increase because the manager doesn’t spend what he’s given. The second questions I’d ask is this…

Why during the years when we had very little cash (this was the case at the start of the move) did we not fight tooth and nail to keep the wage bill under control?

Our Wage bill should not be above £90m. If it wasn’t above £90m, we’d be looking at a £65m transfer budget every summer. If Arsenal were so keen on keeping things prudent, why did they insist on loading average players up with massive contracts? It makes no sense. Those wages have been crippling the club because it’s made it difficult to turn a profit without selling players. Now, if these wages were going on top talent, there would be an argument. They’re not though, they’re going on player who’d never get those deals anywhere else.

It’s crazy that anyone lets Arsene get away with the no money thing… like I’ve said many times before, our wage bill now exceedes what City’s was two seasons ago. It’s the same as United’s was last year. Yet we don’t boast any of the quality those sides have. By the looks of it, we’ve just dumped all the surplus salary from Cesc, Nasri, Robin and Song straight into another group of maybe players in Jenkinson, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Walcott and Jack (ok, this guy isn’t maybe). On the flip side of things, we’ve a new batch of Denilson’s, Bendtners and Almunia’s. How long are we going to have to deal with Santos, Park Chu Young and Gervinho? More expensive wage bill flops…

Thankfully, we’re losing Squillaci, Fabianski and Andrey this summer… maybe even Bendtner and Chamakh? That should free up a whopping £317k a week. Trouble is, where does that go? It tends to go on the next batch of pet projects. Wenger shouldn’t be allowed near contracts heading into the last 18 months of his deal otherwise the next manager will be totally hamstrung.

Arsenal on the face of it look like a club that is incredibly well run, however, when you scratch beneath the surface, we’re in a state of disarray. That’s down to one man and his monumental power at the club. He might had an economics degree and a penchant for a bit of idealistic philosophy…  but a business brain? I’m not sure he has one of those.

Here are a few rules he should pin to his fridge…

1) If you want to become the best, staff retention is key

2) Rewarding mediocrity fosters a culture laziness and resentment

3) The best staff want to work with the best organisations

4) If you spend all your money on wages, you won’t have any surplus for other items you might need (like pens and postit notes)

5) If you don’t have a successful product, you can’t grow your business

6) Brands buy into success on the pitch, not success on the balance sheet (though that balance sheet success is debatable)

7) If you sell at a premium price, you have to deliver a premium service… even if you have an incredibly loyal fanbase.

Non-Finance stuff…

So, outside the party popper excitement of the finance day, Spurs took out West Ham last night as Gareth Bale destroyed them with two great goals. I just followed the game on Twitter. From what I’ve heard, our North London foes were kept at bay by an inform Jussi… eventually though, Gareth Bale came to the rescue with an incredible goal at the death. I think it’s quite amusing that the Arsenal fans who were incredibly annoyed at anyone who called us a one man team last year are all calling Spurs ‘Bale FC’. He’s a massive talent and he’s clearly their best player… but Spurs have a solid side this season and they’re on the up. I said it’s not always about the three points, it’s about the performance. I forgot the mention that it’s not always about the performance, sometimes it’s the way you win. Scoring in the 89th minute is always hugely exciting… it carries you into the next game.

Sunday is going to be feisty…

At least we know one thing is for sure… Gareth Bale won’t be with Spurs next  year. However, don’t get too excited, Spurs will spend a majority of whatever they receive for him on two replacements. That’s the difference.

In other news, friend of the blog Matt Scott has been kicking up a storm after putting his mad lip reading skillz into action… he reckons Bould mouthed

‘How many times do I have to say it to you’

… after Villa scored. If you’ve seen it, it’s hard to deny it looks like he muttered something like that. He’s a master defender, he’s not being listened to… entirely plausible, but in the world of hard evidence, many won’t take that item until they’ve got a signed confession from Bould. Even then, there would still be a debate about the tone it was muttered.

Again, amazing how many world class lip readers there were when John Terry had a ethnicity point to make to Anton Ferdinand.

Hey, let’s play a game… what am I mouthing at Arsene here?

That’s all I’ve got on The Arsenal today… I’ll be bringing in a guest poster tomorrow to give you the down and dirty analysis tomorrow. I’ll look forward to that, as I’m sure you all will as well.

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  1. gambon


    Cos for me a DM would maybe not be a priority, and maybe more of a squad player.

    The numbers werent meant to be exact, but i do think we are talking about £30m of wages over 6-7 players.

    A GK, CB, CM & CF are absolutely vital, and money shouldnt guide our decision.

    Wenger always says quality is important and that passports and price, its utter bollocks.

    Was he looking at Parks quality? or an opportunity to pay peanuts and get a South Korean for commercial purposes?

  2. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 13:13:06

    Ozruz father voted for G.W.Bush in his first election season, then he promtly went home r*ped his sister and thats how we got our latest addition to le grove.

    Lets all salute another case of succesful inbreading.

  3. Ric

    ozrusFebruary 26, 2013 13:23:08
    Ric, I give up lol, you are too clever. you win! But you know, I’ll get you next time! you hear me!! lol

    He said watching Ric gleaming ass with a passion unheard of in these part of the world….

    Ric hurried away frightened, clinging to his briefcase, desperately using it to obscure Ozrus view.

  4. Ric

    BERMY BOYFebruary 26, 2013 13:24:53
    Wenger needs to escape the Matrix and live in the real world.Anyone have a red pill?

    If you do please give half of it to Oz…

  5. gambon

    Just imagine if Wenger was morpheus

    He would sell Neo as he doesnt want any superstars, and he wouldve sold him to the agent bloke played by Hugo Weaving as he doesnt mind helping the enemy.

    he then wouldve told the guy from home & away, and the other crew members that they were all “the one” then watched with his silly coat while they were all annihilated in the Matrix

    Then he wouldve gone to the oracle “Why are you looking at me?”

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Bould looks severely pissed off in that clip and who can blame him. There is a real strain between him an AW, you can see it in their body language toward one another.

    If Bale is given that amount of space he will rip us to pieces especially on the counter attack.

  7. Ozy

    It’s funny how everybody here is a financial expert.

    I have a question for you guys:

    Lets say we win the treble in two seasons time.. would you rather we have accomplished that with a squad built on unearthed gems, all relatively cheap but talented enough to win the treble and continue competing or by going out and buying a bunch of world class players such as Gotze, Hummels, Cavani?

  8. Honest Bill


    “he then wouldve told the guy from home & away, and the other crew members that they were all “the one”


  9. useroz

    On the excessive and wasteful wage bill, I recall IG stated in a press con couple of years back that we had to pay for ‘potential’ because we adopted a youth policy…so to keep the team together while they matured.

    So stupid IG had to have been spoon fed by Wenger.

  10. gambon

    “Lets say we win the treble in two seasons time.. would you rather we have accomplished that with a squad built on unearthed gems, all relatively cheap but talented enough to win the treble and continue competing or by going out and buying a bunch of world class players such as Gotze, Hummels, Cavani?”

    What exactly is the difference?

    Our most popular ever player was a huge purchase, a British record that shattered our wage structure.

    Do Man City fans lament the fact that Yaya & Aguero are essentially mercenaries or do they love the way they fight for the club like they were educated there?

  11. Ric

    Johnty79February 26, 2013 13:32:55

    No they could not becuase the banks only profitt on this is the damn interest and they will want the deal to go as it was writ. And it makes no damn differecne to us whatsoever becuase it is completely seperated from the day to day operations anyway.

  12. Johnty79

    Surely know one on the site wants arsenal to finish forth??? Although it will be painful we must cheer spurs to hammer us 5 or 6 nill…it is the only way for change…don’t give me that crap about not attracting champ leave quality players…we signed bergkamp when we weren’t in Europe….

    Why do we take half that 123 m and make an offer for bale it would totally fuck with spurs minds and they would probably choke again…but do we really want that. Though. A relegation battle next year would be better than this season…


    Arsene’s Nurse
    I agree,they look like two quarreling adolescents forced to sit next to each other in the back seat of the family car going to kindergarden.

  14. leon

    there is zero chance of the board getting rid of wenger as they know full well no other manager will do what wenger does.this club was the 4th richest has gon down 6th but still one of the richest but a large reason for that is wenger because of the way he run the club,however that has come at huge price on the pitch.as everyone could see over past 3 games is a team that major major problems that can only be addressed by proper investment in the squad with proper top class players something that has been done in about 7-8 years

  15. TheBayingMob

    Actually Wenger’s tenure is like the Matrix films:- first one of the triliogy (96-04) was ground breaking and very enjoyable, second one (05-08) was trying to build on that success but came up short, the third and final installment (09-Now) has been utter fucking shit and, in the end, quite laughable.

  16. Bergkamp63

    As long as we are not doing a Leeds and that will never happen with the money & infrastructure we have.

    Who gives a fuck where the players come from, all the fans should care about is what we have won or are going to win full stop !!

  17. Ric

    OzyFebruary 26, 2013 13:34:03

    Lets say we win nothing for the next three years, nor do we qualify for the champs league, as we are looking odds on to do, but then after firing Arsene two years from now; then wathcing some unheard of manager take over and nab us a CC cup even with a worse team than we have now.

    Then we go on to win or compete for nothing for another three years.

    When should our patience with the new man run out?

    Afterall at least once he has proved he can do more with less than what Arsene had, so do we give him a decade?

  18. leon

    sorry i just feel that wenger had the board owe the fans a trophy but only thing they are concerned about is there profit margins

  19. Johnty79

    Leon this is a myth wenger is doing a good financial job. With the squad we have our wage bill should be 50 m less. That means 50 m more in profit for arsenal…

    Financially even if we missed the champs league we would still be 20 m plus better off each season with a wage bill of 90m. Of course wenger doesn’t care about this as he is the second highest manager in world football. Even money’s bags city don’t pay Mancini thatmuch..

    This club is a travesty……

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: Surely know one on the site wants arsenal to finish forth??? Although it will be painful we must cheer spurs to hammer us 5 or 6 nill


    1) NO, I want us to finish 4th or higher.

    2) I certainly don’t want us to lose to Spurs

    3) if you want us to finish out of the top 4, then 1-0 or 2-0 would be good enough, why would you want US (and that’s every Arsenal fan in the world, not simply Wenger) to suffer like that ?

    4) even if I thought us losing to Spurs might somehow improve the future of the club, the idea of ‘cheering’ for Spurs is quite simply impossible to anyone who’s an Arsenal fan

    5) painful…. PAINFUL ? Clearly you have zero idea about supporting Arsenal

    I don’t often name call, because it’s pretty silly, but you are a serious fucking idiot

  21. IQ HiGh

    Bale won’t leave until he’s played in the CL with spurs next season. Only way he won’t see out the season is if they don’t make the cl which is looking highly unlikely

  22. gambon


    Wenger has not in any way made us 6th in the financial rankings, if anything his pathetic management has held us back.

    The rankings dont go on cash in the bank, but on revenue.

    Our revenue has been flat for years due to us not competing for trophies and not cashing in commercially on success.

    A normal manager that bought top class players, and didnt bottle finals against Birmingham, or lose 8-2 to “rivals” would have seen us earning more than we do.

  23. leon

    its pretty clear in order for this team to get back success whole sale changes are needed maerly getting a new manager alone will not change much as current board needs to bo changed.sorry i just cant see much changing any time soon

  24. Ric

    Nasri’s MouthFebruary 26, 2013 13:55:18
    I don’t often name call, because it’s pretty silly, but you are a serious fucking idiot

    And as far as we are all concerned thats your nickname NM…


    Good Post Pedro

    A bit tiresome ,going over the same ground..

    Swiss ramble,has said for year’s there is money..

    Just the running of the club,is taantamount to the running of a third world dictatorship regime..

    No regard’s to the masses,or development of the country & it’s infrastructure,that benefit’s all & sundry..

    Just a systematic pillaging of the country’s resource’s,by the political elite,that benefit’s them & their cronie’s,whilst the masses live in abject poverty& squalor..
    Nepotism,favouritism bywords for the skunks..

    With the propaganda machine in overdrive,every now & again, telling you,there’s no money,there’s a world recession,or the IMF are screwing us over with their conditionalities programme..

    Expect more b/s to emanate from the Emirates,in the coming months..

    You can only go over the same nonsense,so much..

    It’s getting depressing,exhausting & quite frankly a waste of time..

    I suppose the like’s of Keyser,still think come 2014,our fortunes will change..!!


  26. Ric

    Johnty79February 26, 2013 14:12:04
    Ric short term pain for long term gain….if for instance we lost 9.0 do you still think wenger would be in his job Monday?? No he would be sacked..

    I hope your right but with these fucking zealots and sycophants you never know, I mean I bet if you stannd face to face with some of the akb lot that comes on here and ask them what they think about the 8-2 scrubbing they’ll just go blank and ignore you as if nothing happened.



    I don’t think Arsene would be sacked..

    But the humiliation & derision he would be subjected too,by fan’s & the media would make him rethink his position!!


    We are all aware that pin pointing this clubs short comings is in reality a 360.Speaking for myself personally, i like the comraderie and the back and forth trash talk,it amuses me to no end.

  29. Bergkamp63

    We will all be put out of our misery come Sunday afternoon anyway.

    7pts with 10 games left will be too much I feel against a team with a much better squad than ours.

  30. Johnny5

    So let me get this right were a little bit richer than last year mainly due to selling RVP but aside from that were still pretty shite and sitting passing the time until the renewals time when we will have even more money to lavish on shit players while letting other clubs strengthen and over take us in the league. Great plan!

  31. Ric

    Guns of HackneyFebruary 26, 2013 14:18:07

    On any other day man, but fucking hell ONE TWO THREE with a shitload of zeroes behind it, and we declined Cahill, Schwarzer et al.

    This is not a day to stop cursing.

  32. Bergkamp63

    Johnny5February 26, 2013 14:20:32
    So let me get this right were a little bit richer than last year mainly due to selling RVP but aside from that were still pretty shite and sitting passing the time until the renewals time when we will have even more money to lavish on shit players while letting other clubs strengthen and over take us in the league. Great plan!

    You got it !! Now try to convince the AKB’s of this !!

  33. roaaary

    Sign cherno samba and kim kallstrom. I played champ man and they were class. Also a guy called bakircioglu or something. I cant say his name but i think we should sign him.
    And rivaldo.

    Doing this for our nigerian fans

  34. Johnty79

    I urge everyone to study the afc full financial results..

    If you takeaway the propert sales and player sales we r losing around 40 m each year minus the champs league and this is a 70 m loss. Our turnover predicted is 215 m for 12 months. Virtually the same as when we moved to the emirates 6 years ago….complete stagnation.

    The club is arguably one of he worst run in England. If wenger has full financial control as suspected then he is to blame if not it is the board.

    With Daniel levy in charge I couldn’t gurantee we would have one a trophy in the last 8 years but I guarantee our wage bill would be under 100 m and our turnover over 300m and our profit over 100m. With that set of figures we could sign the worlds best cavani, falcon etc…

  35. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – mate, I was pulling chains.

    I love swearing.

    Anyway, we don’t spend money – I think that should clear things up for another day.

  36. Johnny5


    Anyone who actually thinks we’re entering a new dawn in which we will be financially superior to everyone else and all teams will just bow down to the might of arsenal are fucking re t arded. Regardless of what money we have wenger is NOT the man to trust to spend it. He wouldn’t know talent if it came up to him and smacked him square in his annoying french fucking face. Get ready for 10th place you deluded akb fucks.

  37. Ric

    Guns of HackneyFebruary 26, 2013 14:27:13

    I assumed you did actually but I still felt it deserved a proper reply 😉

    If only so I could repeat this point to the tiresome “fucking hell! ONE TWO THREE with a shitload of zeroes behind it, and we declined Cahill, Schwarzer et al.”


    Convince the AKBs,have you ever seen The Simpsons?When someone asks Homer a question he dosen’t understand, he always gives you a blank stare with cricket noises in the background.


    BERMY BOYFebruary 26, 2013 14:18:15

    I hear you Bermy Boy..

    But I’m literally spent..

    What peeve’s me off even more,is that the press have only started to scratch the surface of our problem at AFC..!!

    I guess better late than never..

  40. Bergkamp63


    In virtually no time at all Chelsea have overtaken us commercially and are FFP compliant, Man City are at break even as far as FFP is concerned, Spurs also compliant and will soon make inroads commercially and non of them have a ground like ours producing the kind of revenue we get from that.

    None of those teams need to strengthen anywhere near like we need to so just how are we supposed to be dominant by 2014 ?

    It’s laughable !!



    I noticed the other day,you said you had an alcohol dependency problem..

    Well I was wondering,did that start when we flogged Henry/Cesc,or RVP..?

    & as the year’s under Wenger has worsened,is there like some strong correlation b/w the 2 event’s?

    Mind you banging out 7 post’s a day,365 day’s a year..Require’s great mental strength,with psycho Wenger at the helm!!

    I really do feel for you..

    Your brain cell’s must be shot to piece’s by now..!

  42. salparadisenyc

    Love this post, the grand illusion that is our Arsenal with the invisible trophy to match.

    2nd spot, 3rd spot.. the highly coveted 4th spot.
    What happened to winning the league?

    Were strapped with a manager whom has lost the will to win as the pressure it will bring is too much for him to cope with. The comfort of finishing within the top 4 has job security, great financial gain and much less pressure on him. Wenger is brilliant, he’s created this alternate mindset to achieve less and its now become our barometer of success. The invisible trophy, that his army of AKB supporters will defend to no end, as if it contained the sands of iwo jima in its cup.

    Fergie has the winners mentality. Second last season went out and bought the best striker in the league, free and clear with 11 to play. United’s for the taking.

    Poor Bouldy
    “How many times do I have to tell you.. you’ve no CLUE”

  43. Cloggs

    Wenger won’t get sacked, he’ll be there next season unless attendance/renewals will drop dramatically which won’t happen.


    I understand completely,i still get tickled pink(don’t even think about it you guys)when i hear Fox commentators mention the very shit we rant about on this site every day.

  45. mystic

    ‘If we had Spurs wage bill, but our finances, we could go out this summer and sign Cavani & Gotze.’
    spurs wage bill isn’t relevant to the point of signings – £123m cash reserve unspent is.

    ‘Levy wont sell. He proved that with Modric to Chelsea… Real has first option on him, but it wont happen.’
    Agree 100%, think Modric is having a fantastic season for spurs – oh hang on I forgot he isn’t there is he? they sold him last summer despite being in contract.

    @Arsene’s Nurse
    We don’t need a contingency fund to cover missing out on CL money because all the other deals cover that loss.
    The most annoying fucking thing with Arsenal is that with correct expenditure we wouldn’t be looking at even needing a contingency fund in case we missed out on CL football.

    @gambon ‘
    Whether the senile one or a new manager is in charge, we will only be able to buy according to what we can offload.’
    £123m says otherwise – just the tight bastards won’t spend it.

    ‘Ric short term pain for long term gain….if for instance we lost 9.0 do you still think wenger would be in his job Monday?? No he would be sacked..’
    Sacked by whom? Fuck the team were humiliated 8:2 and the club didn’t sack Wenger. The twat is untouchable whilst he does what his mate SS wants. Football results are an irrelevance to too many people involved with the club.

    ‘Lets say we win the treble in two seasons time.. would you rather we have accomplished that with a squad built on unearthed gems, all relatively cheap but talented enough to win the treble and continue competing or by going out and buying a bunch of world class players such as Gotze, Hummels, Cavani?’
    You honestly think Wenger has found enough gems that make buying world class players unnecessary?

  46. Bergkamp63

    As someone pointed out a few weeks ago,

    It’s like Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove riding the bomb just after it has been dropped.

    Yeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa ! Ride em cowboy !!

  47. TheBayingMob

    Ozy February 26, 2013 13:34:03

    “Lets say we win the treble in two seasons time.. would you rather we have accomplished that with a squad built on unearthed gems, all relatively cheap but talented enough to win the treble and continue competing or by going out and buying a bunch of world class players such as Gotze, Hummels, Cavani?”

    This is what Wenger was meant to do from 2006/7 onwards, that was the dream. He’s fucking failed at it, big time, and in doing so has ballooned the wage bill on fucking dross. That could still be the dream, the realisation though is that it isn’t Wenger who’s going to be doing it any time soon. I loved seeing Bergkamp and Henry play, both big purchases; the David v Goliath route is all very well, but football history tells us it doesn’t really happen (see Bradford), and Wenger’s recent history tells us he’s not the man to do it with us; the amazement is there’s still Arsenal fans who not only believe that this can happen, but believe Wenger can still make it happen.

    Beggars belief

  48. Ric

    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 26, 2013 14:35:08
    BERMY BOYFebruary 26, 2013 14:18:15

    Yup I think thats why we’ve had so many akb’s come on here lately, they think we are the source of this major “Anti-Wenger dis-information campaing”, but then they come on here and get flooded with information that has been kept from them or that gets distorted in the other Arsenal echochambers. And when faced with the actual proof some of them follow it relentlessly and sooner or later end up back here in the comment section, but most of them just shut down lock up and throw away the key. I guess its getting harder and harder to be a part of the last group when even untold are having troubles convincing themselves that what they read in the Guardian (or every other newspaper in the world for that matter) was untrue.


    Bermy Boy

    You know the abiding memory for me..

    Was like back in late 2010,I think it was,or 2011..

    IG’s rock’s up at the AST & start’s his usual 10 hour monologue..

    Anyway,he get’s to the bit about the reason for a rise in ticket price’s & say’s to paraphrase him ..

    “Part of the reason for a rise in ST price’s is due to a rise in utility cost’s & to compete with the Man City’s,Chelsea’s of this world..”

    I almost fell of my chair…Utility costs,competing with the Sheikh’s..!!

    We sell them almost £70million worth of talent,helping them win trophies& inflate the transfer market,whilst simply dumbing down the quality of personnel,we recruit,or keep..

    & then he has the ball’s to insert “rising utility costs”,as justification for a rise in ST!!

    It’s not only a joke,it’s an outright piss take..

    It’s make a mockery of fan’s intelligence& loyalty..

    Fuck the lot of them..Pardon my french!!

  50. Ric

    mysticFebruary 26, 2013 14:43:55

    For once I only have one point to contend with you on;

    Øivind was clearly missing a few facts but Levy did hold out for twice what was first offered, and spurs managed to sell their talisman albeit a hated figure in the end for as much money as we shipped out our “irreplacable captain”, a player that was even younger and more talented than Modric.

    Now I know, you know, I know this…. And I was the first to post about that transfer today; Hence did you purposefully leave me out of your sumary?

  51. Cloggs

    Fuck the team were humiliated 8:2 and the club didn’t sack Wenger.

    I expected a fan uprise after that, instead, the first thing I saw the next home match was that IAWT banner, fucking unbelievable!. Then again, just look around at The Grove these days and you see the real problem; Us, politely farting a little boo now anden.


    RicRicFebruary 26, 2013 14:48:07

    What’s even more annoying,is that they’ve taken away my valuable time in the past,that could have been better applied to more productive & innovative cause’s..

    These AKB’s make me sick to the stomach..

    Noticed,you are getting more militant these day’s..!

    How come’s?

  53. mystic

    Just the one, shit I’ve written something you agree with! (must reread it!!) Nah didn’t leave you off deliberately, so many posts I shot through and must have jumped your – sorry mate.

    @Vix Affair
    VIX AFFAIR February 26, 2013 15:12:27



  54. Ric

    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 26, 2013 15:04:43
    RicRicFebruary 26, 2013

    Don’t know… its knowing we’re this close to being able to take some facet of enjoyment out of this team once more; win or loose, just not knowing how a game will end, who will suck, who will pull us through, and hearing that french fuck explain absolutely nothing using the exact same lies that he has been using regularily for decades.

    Its like I really, really want to support us these days but the rational part of my brain just shuts down and goes ” OMG are you really that incompetent?” whenever I see us play or Wenger talk. And its… I can’t help fucking knowing better and its annoying as fuck becuase in this instance ignorance is bliss, with ignorance I’d at least have hope. These are all thing I thought I came to pass with, but then seeing him take so much flak lately, I think my brain has a renewed optimism and I guess the disconnect is making me a bit bitter and very, very testy.

    Hows that for introspection Vix.

  55. gambon

    Couldve bought Mata but bought Gervinho instead LOLOLOL

    Best players in the PL?


    He couldve signed the bottom 3 but fucked up, he sold the top one to our rival “for football reasons”

    And anyone trusts Wenger?

  56. Ric

    The Poldi PrinceFebruary 26, 2013 15:20:32

    That on the other hand would be AWESOME in the English sense and not the American bastardization.


    gambonFebruary 26, 2013 15:24:28

    Instead of Mata,

    We bought:-
    & Joel Campbell..

    How many of the above 4 are permanent 1st team fixtures?

    How much did they cost?

    & How much in wage’s are they costing us p/wk..

    All versus a £17.5 million Mata@ £90k p/w..

    Scandalous…Wenger is a schizo,with no business,or footballing brain!!

    Financial prudence my ass AW!!…



    Sound’s like you need Rehab..A bit like Pedro..

    In Pedro’s case,it would be substance abuse..As for you maybe-“A case of being A Wenger abusee!!”…

    HAHAA…You’ll have plenty of time @ Rehab,for introspective..Maybe you & Pedro,can book into T.Adam’s-Rehab Clinic..(Sporting Chance Clinic)

    You know compare note’s with Merson & Adam’s,in a small room,about Arsene& get to the root causes of your affliction’s..

    Maybe mount a coup’d e’tat!!

  59. Ric

    If Wenger is still in charge by the time summer comes around then I willl seriously try to get help dealing with this AFC obsession; because honestly I can see myself stomaching another season of this without developing a life threathenng ulser or something of that nature.



    Or you could always stalk him..

    You know camp outside his Totteridge home,in one of his big black duffle AFC coats,light a camp fire to keep you warm during those cold night’s..
    Burn an effigy of him,IG,SS&PHW…!!

    & shout Arsene”Spend some fucking money,or fall on your sword”

    The schizo Arsene would probably reply:”Why are following me?”

  61. Ric

    BERMY BOYFebruary 26, 2013 16:05:11

    No I think I still really, really just want to believe…

    AW – “Why are you following me?”

    Ric: Its your house mothefucker I don’t know where your booze is!



    Ric: Its your house mothefucker I don’t know where your booze is!

    & whilst I’m here,where’s that french rapper missus of your’s Arsene?

    Let me show her who’s the Real OG,you impotent,spineless geriatric!!

  63. NEEG

    Currently Jack is the ‘great white hope’ at AFC. He is the Atlas carrying the future hopes of Arsenal supporters on his shoulders. Whilst he is far from the finished article he is without doubt currently the best player in the squad.
    What would the reaction be by AKBs if Jack was to approach Wenger and the board with the same ultimatum as RVP last year – change your policies or I hand in a transfer request. What would the reaction of the board and sensible supporters be?
    Jack could become a modern day David – Wenger is Goliath (well senile old git)


    Amazing 2 billionaire’s at the club,one ringfenced,the other having some affliction to spending..

    We’ve not won an EPL in 9 year’s,nor a trophy in 8 year’s..

    We turn over a profit every season,by virtue of selling our best player’s to our rival’s..

    Our match day income approximates £100million

    Our revenue stream’s in excess of £220 million

    A transfer fund of £ 70 -£100million+

    We have a crippling wage bill& an astronomical ticketing policy..

    We have the largest squad in the country 70 player’s+,that no-one really wants..

    A manager,who’s stuck in a time warp..2005..

    No tactics,no analysis,no motivation,no leadership,no direction…

    Yet according to the prick IG,our fortunes will suddenly change around come 2014..

    FFP will be our white knight,that will suddenly overturn,the perpetual stench emanating from the club..!!&
    all will be well..

    Could not make it up..

    What a tragic comedy…

  65. Ric

    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 26, 2013 16:24:16

    Well make sure to let me empty some of that booze first…

    Ric; Arsene I can’t do this with you standing there… Please for the love of… STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF YOU OLD GEEZER!


    No tactics,no analysis,no motivation,no leadership,no direction…..

    Sounds like a few of my immediate supervisors…….sigh.

  67. Steve

    Can anyone give a good reason why Wenger was NOT at the West Ham Spurs game last night?

    Approaching the defining game of the season (4th Place battle) you would have thought he would have taken the opportunity to see Bale first hand and devise a plan to thwart him at the weekend. It’s only down the road for Christ’s sake, and I’m sure he could have claimed expenses!

    This is BASIC management, something our dear leader doesn’t do!

    Sack the twat.


    SteveFebruary 26, 2013 16:44:30
    Can anyone give a good reason why Wenger was NOT at the West Ham Spurs game last night?

    Arsene was busying help Diaby recover from his injury,with some hip-swaying pelvic exercise movement’s at his Totteridge home..

    I hear it was a full blown 90 min workout..
    Expect to see a spring in Arsene’s & Diaby’s step come Sunday!!


    After the intense workout..They both collapsed on the floor & starting to sing “Hip-Hop Hooray”,by Naughty by Nature,swinging their leg’s in the air,like we don’t fucking care!!

  70. Yippee Kai Yay

    Steve, this was mentioned the other day. We are frequently seeing other managers at stadium ahead of important games. Moyes and Martinez seem the most prevalent.

    Maybe the expenses would have disturbed the force of the ‘balance sheet’? It may have felt undermined by ‘expenses’ and it’s career from six month to full annual report could have been in jeopardy.

  71. Thomas

    The problem is that Wenger doesn’t even realize that the team can’t defend. He’s completely oblivious to the fact.

    1. Acknowledge that there is a problem
    2. Sort it out.

    We’re not even at number one now. Fuck we’re in trouble.

  72. Ryan

    For the same exact batch of players, Arsenal would have to pay more than United. Players are willing to sacrifice a little coin for trophies, not directly but as a whole. Arsenal have to pay over the odds to keep a top player because that’s all we can offer right now.

    And why do we have so many players that want to get behind the ball on attack? Only Rosicky will sit between the lines. Our “wingers” Podolski and Ramsey, even Cazorla want to come back and get the ball off the center back’s foot. It’s all too easy for opposing defenses.

  73. jlp

    Only fucking Arsene would spunk on a over the hill teetering unwanted striker.
    Fucking embarrassing.
    Do it right once and we may not have to do it for a fucking while kept doing it this way and we can be assured to get fucked every time.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    What a strike for Bale’s second, just hit it, power and swerve on that ball was insane!!

    Sczezney can’t save long range shots, Dembele and of course Bale can hit them from range….Walker will have the occasional punt as well, and with Sczezney flapping at them and our defense’s inability to clear anything we might be in trouble.

    We need to spend that whole £130 Million, but only with a new manager in charge.

    Cabaye is a great idea, £15 Million for an all round excellent player in the middle. Like a Fabregas light really.

    I hear good things from different sources around the net about Rode, the young German CDM, but we need to really sure up that position, so Rode and Capoue for £15 Million gives us options outside of an ageing Arteta.

    Nani is having a contract dispute, he has the potential to be something really special, he needs a club where he is the starter and the star…he could easily get to Bale’s level, fast, powerful, well built, bags of skill and cracks them from long range.

    Belhanda wants a move, and at £10 Million it’s not exactly bad, is it?

    Laudrup would be my first acquisition of the summer though, get him to bring Michu along as well.

  75. WengersSweeties


    “Just imagine if Wenger was morpheusHe would sell Neo as he doesnt want any superstars, and he wouldve sold him to the agent bloke played by Hugo Weaving as he doesnt mind helping the enemy.he then wouldve told the guy from home & away, and the other crew members that they were all “the one” then watched with his silly coat while they were all annihilated in the MatrixThen he wouldve gone to the oracle “Why are you looking at me?”



  76. Gooner Lad

    Denilson wasn’t he captain of Brazil youth teams?

    Bendtner good young player, he was a prospect.

    Chamakh did well for 1/2 season not been able to reproduce that form. Before we signed him he was getting chased by quite a few EPL clubs.

    Cesc, RVP, Anelka, Henry (the failed serie reject), overmars, petit, viera, peires, Ljunberg, Lauren, Gilberto etc…

    Fact is some player progress, others don’t. Hindsight is a great thing.

    Young players with potential come to us because we offer good salarys and opportunity to potentially play in the first team.

    You mention salarys we are top four spender and achiever but why don’t you compare total spend i.e. transfer fee and salary. You mention other clubs but how often have they finished above us?

    You have my email would welcome the opportunity put a balanced reposite…

  77. Ric

    In response to all the new wishlist; I for one genuinely believe we an get a lot (A LOT) more out of this crop with a better manager.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    Totally agree.

    There’s quite a few players playing massively below par art the moment and the manager is incapable of getting them to play.

    With Wenger, either the squad is good enough to play by itself and win by itself…or we don’t win anything at all.

    Certainly he gets enormous credit for finding the Vieira’s, Henry’s and Pires’ of this world but did he ever put into place a tactical master plan beyond the individual genius of these players all clicking?

  79. Toli83


    I think he did and credit where credit due he was a legend then. Just sadly not anymore…

    One thing I never understood was why ditched the big strong arm players for the little short players to replace them. I remember Petit and Vieira tearing up the midfield, what a sight. After those years we turned into a team that got bullied.

  80. Alex James

    Wenger doesn’t need to watch other clubs. After 30 years, he is omniscient, according to him that is. Probably sent one of his coaching experts. If the goalie coach went, he would have straightaway left on holiday, thinking of what Bale will do to our keeper.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    If Villas Boas is smart he’ll spend all week drilling distant shooting and crosses deep into the keeper’s area,,,If I was Spurs boss I’d be telling them I want a goal scoring chance from every set piece…sadly utterly believable.

    Anyone know anything about this Rode guy in depth? Eintrach CDM? U21’s Germany?

    Read the story and had a little poke around…feels a thoroughly Arsene buy.

    £7.5 Million…young…not really heard of…no contest for his signature (rumored BvB and Munich interest)…and open to a move to England.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Shame as well we look set to miss out on Shaw, we have bigger fish to fry but he looks a real prospect, 17 and already giving commanding performances in the Premiership.

    People comparing him to Bale, but I think Cole is more like it, he’s more defensively astute than Bale was at LB….much more.

  83. supergunner14

    Just watched one of my past fav moments on YouTube arshavin 4 goals at anfield fuck me gave me goose bumps!last time that was I felt alive with arsenal that was!

  84. kc

    If one knows how to read basic financial report, IT CLEARLY STATEES THAT THE CLUB CONTINUES TO MAKE A LOSS!!! Hence every year we have to sell to balance the books. Thats a shocking fact that most of you doom seekers fail or refused to see. You guys cannot be so financially naive. Only with the new commercila deals with Emirates and shirt providers will we be able to make a profit witout selling or property sales. I hope thats clear to some of you. Thence how could the club afford to buy the players that some of you demand???
    I agree that commercial revenyes from other sources are way behind MU, but comparing how do we compare with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, City and Spurs???
    Wages are high, but , we have been in the CL for the past 16 years, one have to maintain a large squad to play in europe. Moreover, we have the fourth largest wage bill; thats reflect our league position!!
    Hopeffully, with the additional revenue the club can now spend on quality players for next season.

  85. Evan

    Kc u forget to mention the club tells us its manageable debt and arsene has funds available every transfer window. Ur lord even states he has the money to buy super qualidee he just cant find anyone pffft wake up donut

  86. TheBayingMob

    The club doesn’t have to turn in a healthy profit to buy players. You don’t wait until you have 250k in the bank to buy your first house. Most people don’t save up 20k + in cash to buy a car. They do it on tick then pay it back. The club can do this against future income streams which are gaurenteed (TV, commercials) and by getting Wenger out and someone in who wants a proper football team around him and lose this fucking mental socialist pay structure that see’s us sell our top players but at the same time bloat the wage bill to that of Bayern Munich’s with little descernable qualideeeee (and pay it’s not so socialist manager 140k a week, it’s nice that he doesn’t seem himself as part of that socialist structure)

    While what KC says is true to an extent, the club only profit from player sales and property (property now pretty much exhausted), the main crux of the argument is tha the club value business profit over being a proper sporting entity and trying to be the best they can be balancing this against what they can afford. It’s always a risk, but the better you are, the better your brand is, the more you get out of commercials … Arsenal are making do with mediocre as it’s the safest thing to do.

  87. HR

    You can pout all you like about FFP, but there are some things at Arsenal that are broken.

    1. The wage bill. It’s stupid beyond belief. And it’s the sole season we can’t shift the likes of Arshavin and Squilacci. I’m all for socialism to a point. But you can’t have socialism in a free market structure and think it can work. It can’t. It doesn’t. And it never will. Stop paying mediocrity the same as the real talent would be a good start. Better still, stop paying complete and utter crap the same as the best or you just can’t get rid of them for four fucking years.

    2. The slow decline of our squad. We may have put out a whole bunch of internationals against Blackburn, but I ask whether they had that much experience playing together … like … ever! Some had just come back from injury. One had only just arrived. Some were obviously out of form. Some were finding their form. This was typical of Arsene Wenger’s stupid, lazy philosophy of letting players go out and express themselves in any way they seem fit. The only tactical intervention our manager makes is based on pulse rate and Km’s run. Second rate squad. Third rate tactics.

    3. The board. These are the real fucking idiots at the club. And you can add to them the likes of Fox and Gazidis. When did you last see one of them punch the air in delight? Mmmmmm? Never? These old farts simply don’t care. Where you can argue that nobody cares more than Wenger does, you’ve not got a leg to stand on when it comes to the board. They are the real rot that’s destroying the club. They’re all far too old and conservative. They haven’t a molecule of innovation between them. They like the status quo being the status quo. And THEY WANT TO KEEP IT THIS WAY FOREVER. Anyone who thinks this is all Wenger’s fault is deluded. The board has to go … lock, stock, and fucking barrel. And until they get put up against a wall and handed their P45s … no manager is going to have a chance. (By the way, Gazedis is the epitome of mediocrity. Good at being a bloke in a suit. Bad at everything else.)

    That’s not all. But if I were to choose just one thing … out of all the things we could do to turn the club around … it would be to sack the board and get in younger members who also love the club. Because if these people stay then no matter what we do elsewhere at the club … different manger … quality transfers … new sponsorship … it will be built on a mediocre rickety indifferent foundation. And it’ll never have the the effect you think it will.