Top four race blown wide open | Run in looks good, until United at home (Robin + trophy)

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Well smack my arse with a banjo… look at the state of the league table!

I mean honestly, it’s an absolute disgrace! When everyone complained they wanted a more competitive league, I don’t think they meant they wanted a more competitive league outside the top one. I don’ t think they wanted a more competitive league at the detriment of defensive duties. We’re 11 games from the end of the season, we’ve conceded 30 goals and somehow we’ve managed to achieve the joint third best defence in the league. We’ve lost 8 games and we’re still in the mix for 2nd. It’s all totally mental and sadly it’s all pointing towards one thing… a top four finish and vindication for Wenger who will see that as another piece of silverware in the trophy cupboard.

City did Arsenal and Spurs a favour yesterday taking down Chelsea. Poor old Rafa Benitez. He has some of the best names in the league at his disposal and despite his early season smugness, he doesn’t seem capable of turning them into Championship challengers. His days as a top flight manager over here are closing out. Though apparently Madrid want him next year, not quite sure what the appeal is there… but then again, I didn’t see what the appeal was when they snapped up Faubert from West Ham way back when.

Push comes to shove, we’re still in the mix for top four glory.

We’ve got four pretty meaty games in a row. First up, we have Spurs, which is going to be massive. How massive? I’m talking Andrey Arshavin after a 3 week all inclusive holiday to Cuba. It’s difficult to apportion form to this game. Though Wenger has tried to…

“What is important is that we can focus again on football. Confidence is our best friend and lack of confidence is our worst enemy. Both of them are very fragile.”

We’ve had plenty of match ups over the years when Spurs have come to us on a massive downer and put in a blinder of a performance. We could go there and win 5-0 or we could get spanked 4-1. Form is on their side… I don’t really know what’s on our side other than the experience that comes with being Top Four trophy winners for the last 16 years in a row. We should have the experience to take them apart. We have a week to prepare… or to not, as the usual prematch preparation goes. We’ll be rested, they’ll be rested. There are no excuses.

After that we take on Everton at home. Though they’ve fallen out of the race for top four, they’ll still be a massive challenge. Players like Fellaini will be keen to show their value as they’ll be looking for summer moves, not to mention their manager will be charged up with potential suitors around the country looking at his profile and wondering if he could do wondrous things for them.

After that, it’s the Bayern game. Could we turn in a miracle? Of course we could. We nearly did against Milan next year. I won’t get my hopes up though. All I’ll be praying for is an empty injury list when they get back. At worst, it’s a nice trip away for the away fans.

When we get back, it’s Swansea. Carling Cup winners. Team of the year. Manager of the year. This could be a tricky game, but hopefully, with little to play for and the bloated ego that comes with winning a major trophy, they might let up on the gas. Is Laudrup a manager Arsenal should be watching? Absolutely. Even if things go south next year because of the likely exodus at Swansea, he still has all the ingredients to be the next Arsenal manager.

After the Swansea game, things start to look good for us. West Brom, Norwich and Fulham… then United at home. Sadly, that could be the game that haunts us forever. There’s quite a chance that Robin could lift the league title at the Emirates. I know, disgusting eh?

News is at a premium today, so I shan’t go on too much longer. This will be a long week what with the long gap. I’ll probably start previewing the Spurs game tomorrow.

So, is it top 4 for Arsenal? Could the hammers turn in a famous win? Let us know in the comments…

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  1. Lee Pace

    I’ve already accepted the prospect of spurs finishing above us, it was bound to happen sooner or later with Wenger refusal to spend and strengthen. I just hope we don’t get humilated next week. Players slipping all over the place, own goals,red cards, injuries etc.

    This is deja vu of last season going into the NLD with spurs on a high, even though we beat them. This spurs team is much stronger than last seasons.

  2. kwik fit

    Do we really think that Wenger will use tactics and try and get someone to man mark Bale. Of course he fucking would. He won’t even tell the players to not let him shoot on his left.

  3. Alex James

    Does anyone know whether Bale Hotspurs have any supposed tough matches to go? Clearly, I can’t count us. To think that we are fretting about fourth place. One of the richest football clubs on earth, and we are worrying about finishing fourth! Shocking,

  4. Toli83

    Avb will be targeting vermaelan and playing ade on the should of mert I reckon. Both weak links for us, bale will have free role and no one will be on him.

    I would honestly stick coq or someone on him the whole game, what harm would it do.

    If you can remember the home game where bale danced through our team then beat Chesney from 30 yards with a tame effort, he is better form than that now and will be all over it.

    Giroud needs to fucking wake up in Sunday, he is useless in big games… Infuriating cunt.

  5. AA23

    Man up you wankers, fuck me.
    No wonder the team shits itself! The fans arseholes go at the first sign of a tough game
    West ham are fucking shit and they put two past them.
    I can’t wait to play them.

  6. Danny

    We should play for a draw next week, an ugly fuckin’ draw otherwise they’ll destroy us on the break. I’d start with Sagna, Nacho, TV, BFG and Koscielny. Keep the 4 point gap coz a 7 point one is curtains. 4 points is closable with the Scums remaining fixtures being harder than ours. Park the bloody bus I say.

  7. tippitappi

    interesting that our grip on the trophy slips away the day they boast about how much money the’ve made bonuses all round

  8. kwik fit

    Spuds next 3 games: Arsenal (h) Inter Milan (h) Liverpool (a) Also face Chelsea, Swansea, Stoke all away & Man City, Everton at home. Not that it really matters

  9. AA23

    Ill be here mate. I don’t give a fuck if they beat us. Ill be up for the game.
    You are shitting your pants already.
    Typical coward, give up before you start

  10. Alex James

    Spurs with a lower wage bill and Ade thingy having half his wages paid by City, and yet are above us. Thevproblem is that we dish our money out on players who are on loan or on permanent holiday and are a poot side. How can our manager say that participation in the CL is the only way to attract players, whilst at the same time he builds a team that will only qualify if Chelsea or Spurs collapse. But we have said all this before. But, one never knows, we may nick a win at Spurs and go on to finish the season in style. No my real name is not Wengernor PHW.


    Kwik Fit..

    Last time Arsene did tactics,was back in 2005,against Man Utd in the FAC Final..Sacrificed our beautiful game for a more defensive 4-5-1 approach..

    Since then,it’s largely been,go out & play your game lads..
    With no shape,positional sense,leadership, direction,or penetration..

    Roll forward, 8 year’s s,expect more of the same..

    Our only reliance,is on other team’s around us screwing up royally..
    & the way the EPL has been this season(i.e.absolute codswallop)..

    Won’t surprise me,if we finish within the top 4,by default only..

  12. Cesc Appeal



    More often than not in dying seconds of the game they grab something…or Bale does anyway.

    Breeds a winner’s mentality…where ours is that we’re going to cock up and concede the game at any second

  13. gambon

    Im not sitting myself

    Just not in denial like you. You and your AKB cunt mates pretend every year that theres no problem, and Spurs could never catch us, and kid yourself that we still fight for trophies.

    Ive known for 3 years that sooner or later Spurs would overtake us on the pitch. Its happened, deal with it.

  14. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Let’s face it, we have relied on teams faltering at the arse end of the season to clinch “Our Trophy”. While we have gone sideways then backwards, they have strengthened, and now they look capable of sustaining a run-in where they may well have faltered in the past.

    I predicted a few weeks back that the United game will see them clinch the title while putting us out of contention for 4th place.
    RVP could well be grinning from ear to ear that day, it could turn more fans against the general direction and current malaise that the footballing side finds itself in at the moment.
    Finishing outside of the European places could be a blessing in disguise, if and only if the board decide to act to stem the decline in the quality of the squad. If they do not act then we could well be cast aside and become almost irrelevant on the world footballing stage, we are fast heading that way now. We are not feared in England let alone Europe, we are heading back to being just another English team.

  15. Jeff

    In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if we finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th? If some serious quality is not injected into the side come next season, we will be in exactly the same situation again. No trophies, 20 odd points from the top and having to rely on other teams to drop points and hoping we don’t drop any ourselves.

    Now, who in their right minds thinks that Wenger is going to spend upwards of 80m, get rid of about 10 surplus-to-requirement players and change the wage structure so as to attract top talent? This is the minimum required to compete for any major title.

    The best we can expect is he’ll go out and buy a couple of average players and tell us they’re world class. We’re on a hiding to nothing with Wenger and he could be here for another 50 years and still do the same thing over and over. He won’t change and so long as he’s in charge, neither will our trophy situation.

    My only remit as far as following Arsenal is concerned is waiting until Wenger is replaced. I see no hope and absolutely no chance of any success with him in charge and no longer believe a single word that he says.

  16. AA23

    I’m not in denial. We’ve gone backwards and they have come on.
    I’m still not scared to play them.
    We will give them a good game, we always do.
    I won’t come on here throwing in the towel because they beat a shit west ham and Bale is on fire.
    You are the hardest man ever and you are scared to play a decent Tottenham side?
    You should change your name to Tampon

  17. Alex James

    Jeff thanks. Their run in is not easy on paper. But we are always likely to concede against poor opposition, and thus we can’t take anything for granted during our remaining games. A really worrying time, and I lived through the dark days of the sixties and early to mid eighties.

  18. gambon


    Im the 3rd hardest man ever, and no not scared, just:

    – Completely apathetic to finishing 4th (Think its best for us to finish 5th)
    – Accepting of the fact that Spurs will overtake us, whether this season, or next etc. Spurs are on the up, very well run, we are crumbling, very badly run.

  19. Doublegooner

    The spuds have ambition to better their team every season.

    Our only ‘ambition’ is to build a cash mountain. It keeps Kroenke’s share value up.

    Wenger has no ambition. How can he when he has no tactics, no coaches, no decent scouts and not a clue who to buy.

    Lets face it, he’s an old washed up deluded wreck.

  20. AA23

    Couldn’t agree more. We are a fucking disgrace.
    I still want to beat them though. And we definitely can, they are alway on fire and about to overtake us.
    Makes it funnier when we beat them. And if we don’t then Wenger is closer to the door.
    Like I said earlier
    Win win.

  21. Jeff


    I know the feeling. It’s a numb sensation that I have these days when it comes to Arsenal. I just don’t have any expectation or hope. I know that we could win three in a row or score 6 past some team and lose three in a row or get dumped out of competitions by the lowest of teams. It’s been happening for 8 consecutive years. We have no consistency and no drive. There is nothing about Arsenal that stands out from the crowd anymore. We have become a tired old entity just like Wenger and I am extremely saddened by it because nobody at the club will lift a finger to do anything about it.

    Someone has to realise this isn’t good enough and put a stop to it but that would only happen if we actually had at least one person on the board who was passionate about the sport called football and didn’t have their heads buried only in the fiscal side of it.

  22. Lee Pace

    @ AA23 ”West ham are fucking shit and they put two past them.
    I can’t wait to play them.”

    You forgot to mention the saves from West hams keeper. Could you see Chezney saving those?

  23. Alex James

    Double Quite right. Wenger’s tactics are shouting at the fourth official, because the referee has allowed the opposition to score. He has nothing left to offer. For years we have suffered fools between the posts and defenders who fall over or go to sleep. I have seen some duff keepers at the club but this present lot are probably the worst, albeit not quite at the Almunia level of incompetence.

  24. AA23

    Lee pace
    How many times have keepers had the game if their lives against us?
    If every team scored every chance the average premiere league score would be 9-7
    You worry too much. They might beat us, we might beat them. If not it will be a draw.

  25. HerveDeNerve

    Wow SSN reporting that we head into the NLD with over £100 million in the bank. That should really help us get a result, maybe we should bring the cash with us and stack it up behind chezzer in the goal!

  26. Jamal

    Whoever said Walcott is better than Bale must be feeling like a massive cunt right now.

    Bale can change the game on his own.

    Theo is just a sprinter.

  27. Lee Pace

    @AA23 ”Lee pace
    How many times have keepers had the game if their lives against us?”

    What’s that got to do with the fact West Hams keeper stopped those shots going in. Compare those saves to the goals Chezney leaks in and mistakes he makes game after game.

    If you’re not worried/concerned about the state of our club then that’s entirely up to you.

    I’m a realist and am not afraid of dropping my pride when reality kicks into a situation. Sooner or later you might just have to do the same and it will hurt you more.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    We need a goal, we need a good defensive display as well and a general to command that middle, so my team for Spurs:

    £15 Million
    Sagna £20 Million Vermaelen £15 Million
    Cazorla £17 Million Wilshere
    Walcott £35 Million £25 Million

    Maybe put the money in loose piles so they cover more ground, they’ll interrupt play more that way as well and have a chance of pulling defenders out of position.

    However If I draw your attention to piles £20 Million and £17 Million in CB and CDM we need those to be as tightly bound as possibly in hundreds with thick bank of England bands so that they can put hard challenges in.

    That should see us get a result.

  29. The Blaster

    Once upon a time, Kos kept Messi quiet for a whole game. Messi is on another planet to Chimpy. We can but hope. I REALLY disagree when people go on about Spuds having a better squad. They are midrange journeymen to the last. Just one or two, like Chimpy and Modric(last year), who would ever get into our team. If we are on it we can tear them a new one. … It’s just that us being ‘on it’ this season is about as predictable as a 1970s Allegro starting on a frosty morning.

  30. ikon

    I think some of the comments here are a little over board.

    Spurs might seem to have a better squad, but they are well off from our squad. Let us be honest, it is the mistakes that we commit that has taken away so many points from us. It is completely avoidable, and there are motivational factors as well. Spurs have nothing to loose, we do.

    Quality wise there is no comparision. On our best day we will thrash them 5-0 for each 90 minutes we play.

    Calling for some perspective here.

  31. TheBayingMob

    gambon February 25, 2013 22:45:08

    “Spurs are on the up, very well run, we are crumbling, very badly run”

    I don’t think we are crumbling and it depends what you mean by badly run. Do we have the wrong management and a board interested in profits? Yes, definitely, but financially we have a far stronger outlook than Spurs who are yet to build their stadium, and unless someone pays for it for them, it’s a massive drain on a football club to do that (see Leicester, Saints, Derby, Sunderland, etc.)

    One day we will reap the benefits of the Emirates, only, it will need a slow train crash to initiate change from the top.

  32. gambon

    Baying Mob

    What good are finances when you dont use them to buy top players, and just pay out silly wages?

    Spurs have a squad as good as ours, if not better, on £50m pa less

    If they get CL football they will have £60m extra to spend next season, which they will use to buy good players, keep bale, and progress.

    We will use any additional money to give Diaby, Wenger,m Gazidis & Gibbs a payrise.

    I agree we have huge potential, but we dont want to progress as a team, literally from Kroenke down to the team, they dont give a fuck about winning.