Villa – It’s a big game, but it shouldn’t be… | Arsene Wenger’s contradictions

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So Villa come to town off the back of what can only be described as an incredibly shocking season. I mean, they haven’t had it good over the past few years, but they’ve never really been in danger of dropping. However, under the guidance of Paul Lambert, they’re looking every inch the doomed club. I feel for Paul, I think he’s a good manager… I just think he bit off more than he could chew with this job. He should have stayed with Norwich for a few more seasons.

Anyway, we’ll have more on Villa in the guest post piece below. I want to talk about Arsenal. This is a major, major game… arguably bigger than the Bayern game because of the impending importance of the fixture after… which is Spurs away. Beating Blackburn was important so we could take something resembling confidence into the Bayern game… that didn’t happen, we lost to Bayern. That’s why this game is a massive worry, because we need three confident points to stand a chance next week.

I watched Spurs against Lyon in the week. Adebayor looked motivated and charged up, Gareth Bale is in an inspired run  of form and they’re team overall looks pretty compact. AVB has worked on their play off the ball, he’s brought structure and and planning to the side and they’re reaping the rewards at the moment. I still don’t think they’re a better side… but considering they spend £60m less a season on wages, they’re doing alright. They’re still in Europe and the winds of progress are blowing firmly in their directions.

If we win today… then next week, the gap will have shut significantly. If we drop points today, next week will look even more daunting and we could find ourselves out of all cups and the run for fourth place by early March. That really will be a tragedy.

Arsene Wenger is still talking nonsense in the press each week. I can’t work out whether he’s bluffing or he’s totally deluded. Whatever it is, taken at face value he doesn’t think we’re that far away from Bayern Munich.

“We are not so far when people think at the moment from Bayern. We need to be intelligent and strong in this period and keep a guideline of what we have done until now. Strengthen the team where in the positions we feel we are a bit weaker. But we have a basis of a team that is very strong for me.”

How can we make up the ground?

“It costs a lot of money*, it costs intelligent work,”

Hmmm… it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do the basics right Arsene.

When pushed on players, he said the following.

“I think, now, we are in a stronger situation where, like you say, we can spend some money,”

“We went out to spend money at Christmas but we didn’t find the players. If we find tomorrow a player of top, top, top quality, we will take him.”

Would you buy Falcao for loads of cash?

“We can do it. If we can afford it, we will not say no.”

When asked if he had an issue spending out…

“I’m not reluctant to spend,”

First of all, we only had money recently. *Secondly, in England there is a way of thinking that every problem is sorted out just by spending money but that’s not always the case.”

Can we afford to keep our best players?

“Yes, of course,”

Could we resist buyers?

“You can only keep your best players, let’s be realistic, by paying the wages of the market.”

So above, you have all the ingredients you normally find spread across a transfer window.

1. We haven’t had money in the past (Even though it’s been pretty clear for the last 4 years there’s been plenty)

2.We have money to spend now (he said this two seasons ago… ‘we can compete with Chelsea’)

3. He said he’ll sign top top quality if he can find it

4. He said he can’t find top top quality

5. He’s said we could sign a £40m player

6. He said problems aren’t sorted with money

7. He said the only way to catch Bayern is with money

I mean honestly… the man is an absolute nightmare. I’ve gone through the clubs issues at length all week, I can’t be bothered to this morning, I think his contradictory press conferences are enough for you to chew through this morning.

All we need out there today is a win. We can’t afford to take Villa lightly and we can’t afford to sit in reverse gear until late into the second half. I hope we get a performance out there today… we desperately need one. It’s going to be freezing, sadly, I’m expecting to see loads of empty seats dotted around the ground. Not as many as there will be if we don’t win out next two games.

Anyway… fancy reading something from a good pal of mine who is a Villa fan? Why not. Here’s Tom… his e-mail was titled ‘Villa are sh*t’… enjoy and follow him on Twitter.

Guest Post – Villa

This fixture last season produced a routinely comfortable hammering of Villa. This was back in the dark days of Alex McLeish, who considered a thorough 3-0 defeat to a ‘top 4’ team a significant achievement. Big ‘Eck didn’t send his teams out to win; he sent them out to lose by a respectable margin. So cut to a year later, and we’re in an even worse position. Some how. However, there is nowhere near the disdain for Paul Lambert that there was in bile-filled bucket loads for McLeish, probably because we actually try to win games now. The only problem is – we’re not very good at it.

You’ll hear about how Villa generally aren’t playing as badly as their results suggest, and that’s partly true, although shipping 15 goals in 3 games without
reply is hardly an indicator of great quality. We’re coming off the back of a rare victory over West Ham, but that seems like an awfully long time ago now, and I
would worry that the team’s collective short term memory of how to win games, is as underdeveloped as their ability to adequately defend set pieces.

This Villa side fold like a house cards at the first sign of trouble, and even Arsenal on a bad day have plenty to tear apart our feeble defence. Arsenal fans should
brace themselves for a goal fest if Lambert sends the team out with 3 at the back; a bizarre preference he insists on returning to, despite the fact that the team
look much more solid, comfortable and dynamic in a 4-4-2. Gabby Agbonlahor should be back from injury, which is good news for us, and not so good news for
Per Mertesacker’s ability to turn, and obviously Christian Benteke is a match for the toughest of premier league defences (and someone you really don’t want to
see in a Spurs shirt next season). Charles N’zogbia has suddenly started to look like a man who actually accepts the fact he plays football for a living, albeit with
all the gusto of a nightclub toilet cleaner. Still, his undoubted quality represents one of the few remaining strands of hope we’re clinging onto to somehow drag us out of the relegation quicksand. And although this isn’t necessarily a game we would expect to win, sooner or later that ‘do or die’ mentality surely has to kick in. And let’s face it, stranger things have happened. After all, we did both lose to Bradford City.

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  1. Joppa Road

    Wenger and the whole board are fckin liars. Like Arsenal Truth said the best thing to do would be to double bluff and just not turn up to the games. See what happens then.

    Yes you’ve paid for a ST but what would you rather have? Boycott now and message hitting home with the club and change or turn up and more of the same for the next 8 seasons?

    Right as usual. Double bluff the c***s

  2. St Freak

    Mr. Wenger
    I sincerely hope you read this blog, or in the very least have someone else doing it for you. I am going to tell you a story. Feel free to compare this guy to yourself.

    Where I come from, I’ve known one president all my life. That’s right. He has been president for 26 years. And No! I am not making this up.

    When he first arrived on the scene, he was compared to the second coming of Christ. Mind you, we’d previously had some seriously diabolical dudes like Idi Amin. He was, and by a mile, far better than anyone before him.

    He changed everything. He fixed the economy (hint hint), modernized the politics, heavily invested in infrastructure…..seriously I could write a book. Everybody loved him. HIS NAME WAS SYNONYMOUS WITH THE COUNTRY.

    But 26 years is a long God-forsaken time.

    He has now managed to single-handedly drag the state into a really hairy situation. He’s sold off all the really profitable state owned assets and has jailed anyone stupid enough (some call it bravery) to mouth off. People hate him. The only ones that try to defend his credibility are the ones paid to do it, and we all wonder how they sleep at night.

    He is about 70 years old and he has manipulated the law to protect him. The only way we get out of this is if he dies a natural death (in another 30 years), or resigns.
    (If you live in a western democracy, this might all sound fictitious. IT IS NOT)

    Back to you Monsieur Wenger

    We loved you when you came. In fact, many of us still have that lingering respect for one that did so much for the club. But I genuinely believe it is time to take a bow. Many of the fans that loved you once, now genuinely just want to see your back. I don’t need to spell out the shortfalls. Better minds than mine have already done that.
    Alex Fergusson has been around a bit longer, but what makes him different, is that he respects the law of evolution.

    You cannot get fired, so the decent thing to do here is to resign. We shall graciously accept it, and I am sure they’ll offer you a seat on the board.

    There is that old saying: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Let someone else undo the damage. Staying any longer will just make it harder for whatever unfortunate soul gets the job of steadying the ship after you’re gone.
    We love our club, and it is incredibly painful to watch our boys get beaten so pitifully. Tuesday night was like watching your son fight the school bully. He sweats and swings wildly, managing to land a single feebly blow. Every time the bully throws a punch however, it lands in the eye and on the lip. One! Two, Three!

    I won’t see today’s game, not because I hate arsenal, but because I can’t go through another painful 90 minutes.


    I feel for you Pedro..

    Where do you find the motivation,to keep churning out the post’s daily..?

    I’m lost for words..Which is a rarity..

    You are a trooper..Albeit a fickle trooper..!!


  4. Pedro

    Substantial for four years…

    Vix… thanks, I think?!

    Guys… any disgusting comments about Arsene or anyone will be punished with a ban.

    There’s banter, then there’s just being plain disgusting to get an reaction.

    It won’t be tolerated. I know it’s only a small sample of people doing it… so apologies for the rest that keep it football.



  5. Leedsgunner

    So good, it’s worth repeating…

    No one takes him seriously anymore. If rival managers see him this way can you imagine what our players think of him?

    The result today is meaningless. One, two three good results in the league doesn’t change the fact that for the past eight years…

    1. We have been out of the title race by February.
    2. We have lost our bottle in the FA Cup and the League Cup.
    3. We have been outplayed out manouvered and out gunned in the Champions League.
    4. Sold our best players…
    5. Dithered in the transfer market losing out on super quality players and settling for second best. (To think we lost out on Alonso because we refused to pay extra 2m — how any millions have we paid Diaby to sit on the treatment table?!!?)
    6. Persisted with deadwood and crocks (“the Chamakh-Diaby effect”)
    7. Been lied to about spending in the transfer market.
    8. Told continually that we were rebuilding… but next season we will “challenge” – yeah right!

    Win all remaining games in the EPL before anybody talk about “corners being turned” and “new dawns beginning.”

    Will he do it? No he won’t. Win today he’ll speak of mental strength, lose day he’ll talk about how they are still recovering. No wonder takes accountability on the field – the manager doesn’t take responsibility off it!


  6. Joppa Road

    Who has said anything bad? No one? Pedro in dictator mode again.

    I’m just amazed the Arsenal fans are as laid back about having Kronke at the helm. His other sports franchises (insult to Arsenal) are not doing a lot and it’s rare they do.

    I wish we could get the lot out. I am possibly coming around to Pedro’s way of thinking on David Dein though. Perhaps he is not the way forward. His complete reluctance to say anything even slighly negative towards Wenger is worrying.

    Anyone who thinks it will be a walkover today are deluded as well. It will be tough.

  7. floody

    I don`t give a shit if he has got money to spend, just sort out the players he has got now. Like trying to defend and working hard or is that too hard to ask for!


    We love you Pedro,you are the greatest thing..

    We love you Pedrooooo,you make my day so great…


    Pedro,what do you think of this 50+1 scheme,introduced to the Premier league..?

    I’m all for it..

  9. Leedsgunner

    Thanks Pedro for getting the discussion back to the Club and football — some of the periphery was becoming ridiculous!

  10. Pedro

    Leeds, tell me about it…

    It’s the justification after that baffles me.

    This is a football site… how conversation gets so disgusting is beyond me.

    Then to read muppets saying they’re calling the police. Jeez… get a fucking life.

  11. IL Capo

    Pedro the source of all these problems regarding inane and disgusting comments is the Gambon avatar

    You would be best advised to keep him/it away from the comments and to rebuild the comments section on football discussion but you really don’t need me to tell you that do you….

    Sorry but if you do not the posts and visits will continue to decline

    BTW I hear through the club that AW’s successor has been sounded out for May and has accepted the invite to open detailed discussions and that the Uzbek guy is poised to play a far bigger role in things from May


    I think today’s discussion,should be centered on how,we as fan’s can lobby the Govt & the Premier League for a greater say in the decision making process of club’s..

    The 50+1 rule…is the way forward peeps..

    This whole Arsene& Arsenal debate thing is getting tiresome..

  13. Ric

    Mancini more or less said Nasri andcertain other players bought from Arsenal was shiiiite because they don’t do enough to improve, when asked why he knocks his own players. He simply aswered that the difference between him and Wenger was ; His players improve and he likes to win.

    Jezuz if its not clear we are the common denominator when any world wide football fan is asked; Whats the joke of football?


    50+1 allow’s member’s & fan’s majority holder-ship..

    So an Oligarch like a RA,or a SS, cannot do as they wish..

    I call it accountability to the fan’s…

    To be honest,I’m skeptical about Usmanov coming in as a majority holder,should SS sell to him..

    This time around,I would like fan’s having a bigger say in the decision making process of the direction& running of the club & hold the President to account,should he screw up..

    He has a term to deliver on his promises,he screws up he’s out..

    But either way the manager in charge is held accountable..

    Everybody in the hierarchy is held accountable..
    The fan’s in a nutshell wield the axe..

  15. Sammie

    For all y’all here lucky enough to be going to the game, give the lads a good cheering,! I’ll be up at 2am here in Aussie infront of the tele, experiencing all the emotions with you. Here’s to a good win against the Villa!!



    I know a bit heavy for a Saturday morning,
    after a blistering Friday night,sat in front of the TV,watching Hammer House of Horror,with a cup of Horlick’s..

    But what’s your cerebral take on the 50+1?

  17. Ric

    Even you have to say the timing of my last comment was pure comic genius P.

    I could feel your dissillusionment an ocean away 😉


    I think Pedro,should implement a 3 strike rule ban..

    1st time: Warning
    2nd time:Yellow Card
    3rd time:Red Card &Sin Bin,for a day to cool off…!!

    Call it the 2+1 PR(Pedro Rule)..

  19. Joppa Road

    “Joppa, if talking about raping children is cool with you”

    Who said it was fine? I didn’t even see the comment as you had taken it down.

    Strange boy. Only child, surely?

    Joppa Knows Best – I like that.

  20. Tim

    Good post, Pedro

    Can’t help but feeling that the club needs to pull together at the moment though. Yes, we’re going through a shitty time, which is probably down to the manager, but the last thing we want is for the things to get worse.

    Personally, I think the main issue lies with Ivan (and I think you mentioned this earlier in the week). He doesn’t have the football background or the same knowledge about how football works as others. I would like to see the back of him and bring in a man who is respected in the footballing community as director of football.

    In a crazy way, I think it would be great if Wenger would step into this role and let a new manager take over. But no manager is going to appreciate having their predecessor looking over their shoulder all the time, so it’s very unlikely to happen.

    Ultimately, there is little that can be done at this stage of the season, and I believe it would be massively destabilising if Wenger left now. Let’s see where we are at the end of the season; if we miss out on the Champions League, then it’s time to part ways. If we somehow scramble 4th (or even 2nd as Diaby suggested on Arsenal Player this week!), then the Board needs to give Wenger a clear directive for his last season. Don’t forget that the likes of Bendtner, Squllaci and Arshavin are all out of contract at the end of the season (I think – apologies if not), which will free up wage funds for new summer signings.

    I want to see us bringing in a quality CB (Mertesacker can leave), GK and CF. A strong holding midfielder wouldn’t go amiss either. Diaby’s main contribution to the club seems to be utilising the physio’s. It’s time to move him on. We need a strong spine to the team, which has been missing since 2005. If we do this, Wenger surrounds himself with people he trusts to do their job (rather than controlling everything), then I honestly think we’ll be a dominant force again.

    Let’s get behind the team, they need our help now more than ever. One thing is for sure; even if Wenger cocks it all up and we lose out on Champions League football, the club will still be there. And as long as the Arsenal exists, I’ll continue to support the team.

  21. Dplanet

    It’s getting hard to find new and interesting ways of stating the obvious – that Wenger is finished. Until there is a major change at the club, we can talk about which players we’d like to see coming in but we all know that even if we brought in Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani and Falcao, Wenger would turn them into a disorganised, schizophrenic mess within weeks.

    All I can do is bide my time, watching the slow motion train wreck unfolding and hope that too much damage is not done. Tottenham can sense our weakness and it’s giving them extra motivation. I will be amazed if we finish above them this season. Then we’ll be told that we don’t need CL football and even great teams like AC Milan haven’t been in the competition as often as us.

    It’s all so unnecessary and avoidable, that’s what makes it so hard to take.


    gambonFebruary 23, 2013 10:43:09
    Wengers comments were weird, but i do believe we will spend big in the summer.Just hope under a new manager.

    Why do you think we will spend big?

    We won’t..
    & who will come to us,given Arsene’s track record of the last 8 year’s?

    No player,worth his salt,will dare enter the corridor’s of Arsene’s terrain..

    Unless he’s cheap,young& want’s a platform to showcase his talents & subsequently be sold off to ManUre,RM,Barca,Man City!!

  23. Tim

    The problem, Vix, is that it’s a business. So if one man is the majority shareholder and owner of the club, they decide what will happen to funds. Lobbying the government would be futile – they aren’t going to change company law just for football clubs.

  24. Johnny5


    Only thing is clubs would never agree to it government won’t do shit they don’t want to rock the tax income the clubs generate ( and probably evade)

  25. gambon


    Why do i think we will spend big?

    – Wenger has always been the problem
    – We have a fan situation unlike any other in the PL, the manager is becoming hated by the fanbase, as are the board
    – There is a real influx of cash into the club
    – Gazidis is starting to force wengers hand (Chamakh, Djourou loans)

    Its basically inconceivable that we wont strengthen this summer.

  26. mike

    I am pretty sure that wenger is as aware as anyone one else , that it has been his management and decisions that have brought us to the edge of a disaster. I believe he has gambled. Like tip toeing out to the centre of a frozen lake, slowly the cracks begin to show . But he keeps on going, all the time acknowledging that he should reconsider and turn back from this course. But all the time he wants to prove to all that he can go all the way. I think that is where his problem lies. Its not so much an arrogance, but more a strong fear of being told, we told you so. Maybe our finances had something to do with it , but clearly not now. Im with pedro and think that we have a better team than the spuds but here not really that special are they.

  27. Dev_Gooner

    Good post pedro.

    I seem to have missed the naughty dudes on here lool. The comment section is always to a good read. The wired and the wonderful!

    Anyways, today will be a tough match. I think we will win. We always seem to do that. Few disappointing couple of weeks are always followed by decent to good results and all AKBs will run wild with I told you so to us Wenger haters. We always gonna have that unless Wenger gets us relegated and that ain’t gonna happen in my life time!

    The we will change our transfer policy line was out again! It always does this time of the year. I assume the season tickets aren’t selling as we’ll as they would’ve hoped so let’s put out some PR bullshit and reel the suckers in! How can you even think he will change the policy? Not in a million years! Whatever the outcome of the season, I hope he resigns in the summer and we get a good experienced manager with funds to spend, deadwood and wage bill cleared out and hopefully The Mighty Arsenal will be back!

    It’s possible! Squill, Arshavin, Chamckh, park, santos, Denison, diaby, Fabianski, bendtner, djourou, Mannone, all of the wage bill and we can save around £550k per week in wages by chucking them out! Release them or get whatever millions you can and just show them the door. (Sorry if i missed someone, there are just so many, i just couldnt be arsed to name them all) For 550k per week, we can afford to have the likes of cavani, falcao, hummels, and many more if we want to! We have the funds to buy them and now we have the wages in our wage bill to afford them too! Hey gazidis can I be your financial guy?

  28. midlandgunner

    villa have been piss poor this season anything less than 3 points would be a disgrace something tells me it wont be easy,draw ht arsenal ft 2-1 to the gunners…….wenger out



    Thanks..It is the only way forward..

    As it stand’s,fan’s are marginalised,fed horse m-a-n-u-r-e,empty promises & our wallet’s pilfered..

    Currently,we are waiting for a white knight,in the shape of Usmanov to deliver us from the current joke of a regime…



    Failure to do that,after 4 year’s the regime get’s ousted..Pure & simple..

    No soundbites,no spin..!!

    4 year’s show your worth,or move on!!

  31. Guns of brixton

    jeez, pedro laying down the law today! yo!
    anywho, spurs have 1 striker wid defoe out, they heavily reliant on bale whos goin madrid, unlike us, when they lose star players, they sink and die.
    today we should be playing like mad, with a passion. carzola-theo-polds to score.
    if we are considering buying beneteke today should be a major step in hes audition. lets hope it dnt get to out hand though.

  32. Gooner S

    @Pedro When I read Arsene Wngers comments I could have predicted this post. It made me chuckle.

    You do a great job in putting content out there every day, even if I don’t agree with some of it; it must be hard work. I respect that. But this post is largely spinning a line to support your own view. Fair enough…but in Wenger’s interview it also states what some others of us (Arsenal supporter’s) have been saying…that is there has not been money….there is some now….. we will spend on the right players (I will add at the right price)….that they couldn’t come out tell us that things would be bad and we would struggle for Champions league qualification after moving to the Emirates because of fan reaction (and I will add financial reasons)….. It also acknowledged that the fans are right to be upset at ticket prices and the performances they get for those prices but then pointed out the contradiction of fans then wanting the top players that cost the top money that drive prices up. A situation not helped by the likes of Chelsea and City paying over the odds for players.

    Wenger’s interview made sense…I didn’t agree with all of it but I saw somebody trying to explain…perhaps a little late but there you might ask why now?

    So stop spinning the line the Wenger is mental, off his head, deluded or whatever other adjective you care to throw at him. You know he isn’t and frankly you don’t need to be stooping to insults to get your points across.

    On the subject of insults; I don’t pay any attention to the comments other’s place on your message board because frankly some (not all) are well out of order in the way they put things and any sense that have in their point of view is instantly lost upon me because of this. They are never going to win an argument or convince anybody with that approach. This also reflects poorly on this blog.

    Now I fully expect soembody to call me an AKB because of this post…I’m not. I don’t mind anybody disagreeing with me though if they can make a valid point. I’m not happy with things at the moment, but from my perspective they could be a lot worse and actully since we announced the move to the Emirates we have done better than I thought we would. I thought we would win sweet FA for 10 seasons and struggle for a top 4 place. In this time we’ve come close to a few cups, a couple of league titles and finished in the top 4 during those years. We’re coming to the end of the 10 year period and my expectations are on the up. I expect to see things improving and this is where we disagree…I think Wenger should be at least allowed to see out his contract for seeing us through this period. The guy deserves some credit for sticking around when he could easiliy have gone elsewhere.

    Some of the stick he (Wenger) gets he deserves, just like Ferguson but when it is time history will look kindly on him. Whoever inherits this set-up from him will be well placed to succeed and they should credit him for that.

  33. charlesbronson

    I would keep Mertsacker, and possibly look to sell on Kos or The Verminator.
    I would keep Arteta too, and play him in a more attacking role.
    I would get rid of/not renew contracts of Squid, , and move Diaby along too.

    We deffo need a class experienced goalkeeper though, wasn’t Buffon available a while back?

  34. Guns of brixton

    LOL! mancini is so dumb! he pubicly crictises hes players thats why they hate him,and they still play crap! and b’cos they hate him thats why hes getting sacked. hes under pressure. AW copes better than him. who saw the conference where he swore when they asked him if hes gona be around nxt season? half your team are former AFC players you mug,


    Johnny5February 23, 2013 11:06:45

    As I mentioned last night,fans organise a group with one voice,with a sustained,concerted effort by lobbying Govt,via their local councillor’s up & down the country..
    Vote with their feet& hit the club’s matchday revenue’s for a whole 1-2 year’s..

    You’ll be surprised..Suddenly the Club’s & the Govt,will want to sit down & talk..

    Surely,this is better than just rocking up to matches & moaning about the status quo..

    People have mortgage’s,fees,bill’s to pay..!!
    Especially in such austere times..!!

  36. Johnny5


    Sounds a good idea. Especially the 4 year thing. Only thing is

    1. How do you get arsenal fans to unite to put the pressure on to get it done?

    2. If that can’t be done how do you get fans from all clubs on board?

  37. Joppa Road

    Has Pedro ever said sorry once? Ever?

    I deserve an apology after the way I have been treated on here this morning.


    gambonFebruary 23, 2013 11:09:10
    Vix,Why do i think we will spend big?- Wenger has always been the problem
    – We have a fan situation unlike any other in the PL, the manager is becoming hated by the fanbase, as are the board
    – There is a real influx of cash into the club
    – Gazidis is starting to force wengers hand (Chamakh, Djourou loans)Its basically inconceivable that we wont strengthen this summer.

    Your reason’s are logical..

    But we are not dealing with a logical,rational Club…

    I likened this Club,to a dictatorship regime last night…See VIX AFFAIRFebruary 22, 2013 16:21:09

    It’s the money that keep’s the Guy’s 5 alive..

    In term’s of fan situation like no other club..

    I think Blackburn last season was the worst..

    Did you see their game in the EPL towards the end of the season..

    Relegation decider,with one half of the stand chanting Venky’s out..

    & the other half chanting Keane out…

    That’s the worst I’ve seen at a EPL game& it was at home..

    The farming out of Djourou make’s no difference..

    He has a testimonial this year & his contract expires in 2015..

    Chamakh,has said all along,he’s not going anywhere..He’s contract expires in 2014..

    When has Wenger paid off such guy’s to leave..?A la Alumnia…

    My point is ,as long as Arsene is still manager..

    We are not buying anyone big this summer..

    Under a different manager maybe..

    But not ,whilst Arsene is still in charge..

  39. Pedro

    Gooner S…

    Wenger has had money for years.

    He had money in the summer – he didn’t spend it

    He had money at Christmas and he didn’t spend it

    He said the FA Cup was important two weeks ago… yesterday, he said it wasn’t important.

    He’s full of lies and contradictions.

    He won’t spend this summer. It’ll be more of the same. Don’t fall for it.

    That interview was a shambles.

    Close to Bayern? Is he fucking joking?

  40. Yippee Kai Yay

    I really don’t get why some are now saying ‘there wasn’t money, there is now’. The club and the manager for years have said ‘there is money’, just read Pedro’s post from earlier this week.

    Choosing which lie to believe is just one form of denial that exists among our fan base.

    Either the money was always there, as the club has always said, or they lied to everyone to get them to renew season tickets.

    So the obvious question I ask of any fool who believes that ‘the money wasn’t there, but it is now’ if they clearly and very publicly did lie before, then why are they not liars now?

    They can’t invest between now and May so why put info out there at the precise time renewals are due?

    And if they make their coveted 4th place (which I suspect they will do by the skin of their teeth), why then would they bother to invest, when they can keep their shiny annual report in tact without doing so?

    Fans reluctance to see the truth is more than infuriating.



    What with the new SKY TV deal money,probably seeping into the coffer’s next season…

    What you will see,is an explosion in transfer activity amongst club’s & massive wage inflation..

    Who subsidies this?The fan’s..
    This should now be the tipping point,if for the average worker,wage’s are not rising as fast as inflation..

    The point,I’m trying to make,is that you’ve got guy’s up North moaning about the matchday experience..It’s costly..

    You’ve got AFC fan’s moaning about we pay the highest price’s for what?With no say..

    Fan’s in their various form’s have grievances..Want some transparency& accountability..With price & money being a common factor..

    If they can’t find common ground to form an action group& get other fans along the length & breadth of the country to lobby the club’s & government..

    Then good luck to them..

    50+1 is the way forward…

  42. Johnty79

    If wenger spends and we win something he will see it as cheating so what’s the point.

    The only way to get wenger out is call for kronke and gasidaz to be sacked. In truth we need rb,cb,cb and striker, midfielder.

    At least spurs will try to win the champs league if they get back in it next year. We won’t so what’s the point.

    Laudrup is the dream…

    Along with

    Clyne- Southampton , should bought last year.
    Zuma – st ettienne
    Samba – qpr will go down
    Felaini – everton
    Strootman – psv
    Nani – man u
    Striker – cant think of a good one that we can afford.

    Why did wenger miss out on holtby what a fool the man is. He will be worth 20m plus in a few years.

    Clyne samba zuma Montreal
    Strootman fellini wilshere cazorla
    Poldolski walcott/ another

  43. Incesc

    Get the feeling that yesterday’s interview was fully prepared by Wenger,charm offensive.

    Falcao question was probably arranged before hand as well

    Actions speak louder than words

  44. Johnty79

    You here it here first diaby is to sign a new 4 year deal. It has been agreed and will be signed in the summer..

    I want diabys agent to look after me. Surely the best worker in the world.


    PedroFebruary 23, 2013 11:42:09
    Gooner S…Wenger has had money for years.
    He had money in the summer
    – he didn’t spend it
    He had money at Christmas and he didn’t spend it
    He said the FA Cup was important two weeks ago…
    yesterday, he said it wasn’t important.
    He’s full of lies and contradictions.
    He won’t spend this summer.
    It’ll be more of the same.
    Don’t fall for it.
    That interview was a shambles.
    Close to Bayern? Is he fucking joking?

    Love it….Love it…

    I’m about to faint…Where are the smelling salt’s..!!

    Pedroooo..We love you Pedrooooo

    You are the greatest guy……!!

  46. Kurt F

    Wenger: “Trophies for me is basically the Championship and Champions League because that is where the real quality comes out”

    Just writes off the FA Cup and League cup, which is ridiculous, and fails to acknowledge that because of his leadership we’re miles away from winning even the two trophies that he does value.

  47. Alex James

    Wenger is right about one thing. Participation in the CL is what defines a top club these days. It is a pity, therefore, that he has virtually ensured that we can’t achieve this, through rubbish buys, loyalty to average players and no defensive tactics. Talk about Janus faced. Gervinho to the rescue! With regard to today, Villa are the sort of team that cause concern for us. Yes, they are poor this year but since when has this stopped us from messing up? Their defence is worse than ours but they have a couple of dangerous players up front. Dangerous enough to capitalise, as soon as our dozy defenders drop off to sleep, as will inevitably happen at some point during the game. As for our keeper, his below average responses to shots raise further doubts about our ability to keep a clean sheet. This afternoon may not be for the faint hearted amongst us.

  48. Johnny5

    What’s everyone think about today’s game.

    I reckon it’ll either be a white wash or maybe we nick it on the 85th min.

    If we do lose though makes the spud game next week all the more important. Think I might get a ticket for it. It’s possibly the most important game of the last few years. And it’s spurs. I want to smash them.

  49. Incesc

    To be honest though I find it really weird that Wenger hasn’t got any young strikers on the books. Someone coming through…

    Someone to throw on 2nd half when we are chasing.

    This squad is really weird

  50. Inter YourGran

    Boom! Good Afternoon Grovers,

    Pedro – I like the guest posts on game days. Good balance and allows for more debate on the game. When is the next podcast btw? 😉

    Need a win today to bump up the confidence. Seeming as we’re on a half decent run in the league it’d be nice to respond to Tuesday with a decent performance and decent result. Although, Villa have had a bit of a revival of late so if they’re on it, they can make it very difficult as they have some threats from set plays and counter attacks.

    Line up today?

    jenkinson vermaelen koscielny monreal

    ramsey wilshere

    walcott giroud podolski

    bench; mannone, mertesaker, coquelin, diaby, rosicky, arteta, gervinho/o-chamberlain


    Kurt F

    Arsene can’t even do the basic’s right..

    Win a shitty CC2011 against relegated B’ham..

    Beat a Bradford,or a BB?

    Selling Chamakh is even a troublesome cause for him..

    He create’s fire’s,not put’s them out..

    Player’s run ring’s around him..

    When you now have Theo in a standoff in contract negotiation’s..

    Arsene blink’s first& caves in..I fold here’s£100k-Theo..!!

    Arsene:Djourou here’s £60K..See you back in summer for your 10 year testimonial..

    Arsene-The fire starter..I’ll raze your club to the ground..!!

  52. Guns of brixton

    hoping for a clean sheet 2day. schezzers is gotta learn how to catch honestly, not just parry.
    defence gotta lose dat zonal bs.

  53. Inter YourGran

    50 + 1 rule means the fans & shareholder affiliates must own 51% of the club at all times. Outside investors can only own a 49% stake in the club as a majority holding.


    If we do lose though makes the spud game next week all the more important.
    Every game since the start of the season has been an important game…

    The perennial battle for 4th place!!

    Not trophies,just the holy grail of a top 4 finish..

  55. gambon

    Joel Campbell the striker that averages 2 or 3 goals per season?

    Akpom is the closest we have and he isnt ready.

    Wengers management from 2008-2011 was pretty terrible, but since the day he sold Cesc its been utterly appalling.


    Inter YourGranFebruary 23, 2013 12:00:35

    Ohhhh,you’ve just cottoned on…
    We were not really asking for an explanation..

    That’s been done already…

    More how,it can be implemented into the English game??!!

  57. Pedro

    Inter… it’s this week. Alex Fynn is back on with some goss on Wenger.

    I should really branch out! I just don’t get the time at the moment.

    Vix… sorry, I think the rule is the way forward!

    …off to read up on it now 😉



    As long as Wenger is in charge..

    No massive spending this summer,on big WC signing’s..

    No way….

    I guarantee you that..

    In fact,I’ll stake a wager on it..?

  59. Ric

    I disagree with the view among Journos that this is the biggest AFC crisis under Wengers tenure, its just I also agree its the biggest “Wenger caused crisis” in his tenure.

  60. Johnny5

    Vix I think the question is more who can implement such a thing that would be a massive undertaking.

    And I know I moan like fuck about wenger going but losing 4th spot against spurs would hurt more than anything we have to win that game. Even if we’re pipped to 4th on the final day we can’t lose 4th against them.

  61. michael

    The board and wenger have lied and still lie to the fans and like the rest of us it bugs the f out of me but from the top down they have to put a run together n treat every game as a cup final n ensure at least 4th to attract the players we need



    It would not work,simply because the power’s that be,won’t allow it..

    As I keep on saying,the fan’s have so much power,they fail to utilise their resources to devastating effect..

    Mobilise the troop’s..Campaign,lobby,protest…

    Social media platform’s & site’s such as your’s are an effective starting point..



    Government intervention..

    Fan’s voting with their feet across the length & breadth of the country..

    Lobbying their local councillor’s..

  64. The Poldi Prince

    All we need to is decide who in our squad would make united or city. Keep them.

    Several others may be okay as squad players.

    Fuck the rest off over the next three years and start again with players that haven’t been taught to be losers.

    I would keep jw, santi (squad player), monreal, mertesacker, poldi, sagna and Walcott. Fuck the rest off.

  65. Guns of brixton

    David Dein.
    i loved that man, downhill since he left.
    odd, they say (dnt knw if true) he spoke to kronke and usmanov b4 selling hes shares to usmanov. . . no 1 liks kronke.



    I’m past the whole 4th thing& the win at all cost’s against the Spud’s..

    We win so what..Rinse,repeat..

    I just want to see greater fan participation in the decision making process.

    I’m bored to tear’s about :-
    “Wenger Out”,
    “Wenger is Shot”
    “Do we have money to Spend-Yes/No”

    I just want to roll forward,find a way to end this cyclical bullshite..

    It’s tiresome..

    Trust me,if Arsene is still in charge next season,we will be having the same conversation,that has been voiced over the past 5 years…

    Let’s look at the bigger picture..

    Usmanov,is just one outlet to escape too..

    Let’s not do a L’pool,let’s be different..
    Let’s shape the game as Classy AFC fan’s..
    Let us be a prototype for other club’s in the game to emulate..

    If the AKB’s are so hamstrung on Wenger,allow him to run down his contract& then try to enact in b/w the 50+1 rule…

    Arsenal 5-Spud’s 2
    (Adebayor sent off after the 1st minute)

  67. azed

    Johnty79February 23, 2013 11:49:10
    You here it here first diaby is to sign a new 4 year deal. It has been agreed and will be signed in the summer..I want diabys agent to look after me. Surely the best worker in the world.

    If Diaby gets a new contract then the board/Wenger are spitting on face



    & b/w me & you..Let’s forget about Dein..

    He had his time..The game has moved on..

    We can’t allow our club to be a retaliation battleground,or a score-settling pitch for their grievances..

    Let’s move forward & attach ourselves with the modernity of the game..

    New innovative ideas& philosophies..

    New& young management that know’s how to propel the club forward..

    The old school of merchant banker’s,sugar traders& old school money is not dead,but a relic of the past!!

    This is not 1948,but 2013…!

  69. Phil

    Wonderful in theory, but will never happen. Forget govt intervention.
    Can you imagine the battery of lawyers the existing owners would engage to fight it in the courts? They would protect their asset. So compensation would need to be huge if ever agreed to. And it wouldn’t be.
    It’s abit like expecting Liz and Phil to decide to abolish the monarchy and lose their jobs in the process .
    By the way I can’t understand why some people think you’re SDE. he never wrote one sentence paragraphs the way you do!

  70. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Guns of brixton.

    I was listening to Stewart Robson the other day and he said that Gerry Peyton reckons the goalkeeping situation worldwide is pretty drastic.
    I remember reading about an ex-keeper a year or two ago who said that the excuse that the ball moves too much is bollocks, he pointed out that if a keeper can get his fists on the ball then he can surely get the ball in the palm of his hands. He was challenged by the keeper of the club he used to play for to prove his point after he called the keeper useless, and prove it he did. They fired shots in at him and fired over corners while he was in goal at a pre-arranged practice match, he also used his old gloves and not these clown hands we see today. He caught most shots instead of parrying the ball, and corners were meat and drink for him.


    PhilFebruary 23, 2013 12:35:24

    Yes it’s an ideology,great as it’s sound’s..

    But it work’s in other countries,with varying formats..

    Is there a better solution,to the current predicament?

    Currently I can’t think of one..

    Government intervention,I say as a last resort..

    But the whole process begin’s with the fan’s..

    No fan’s,no match-day revenue for the club’s..

    Forget about TV money for now..

    Minimum fan’s in the stadium’s up & down across the country..

    What happen’s?

    Club’s are forced to revise their strategy & now engage fan’s in discussion’s..

    Fan’s sing with one voice,regarding greater participation in the decision making process..

    You get your usual platitudes from the club’s..
    Fan’s remain steadfast in their objective..

    Suddenly it become’s a nationwide debate..
    & then what..?

    NewsNight,Channel4,Question Time…

    Club’s losing money hand over fist,protest’s,campaigns,twitter,facebook..

    At this point Government intervenes & look’s into this issue..

    The whole point,is bringing this issue to the fore..

    Fans across the country,are doing neither!!

    But there has to be a start..



    The average mindset of the fan,has to change..

    From being perceived as a consumer/customer, by club’s in England,to that of a learned,rational,active stakeholder,in the decision making process,where there is accountability& transparency for all concerned..!!

  73. patthegooner

    I would love to believe Wengers latest words about now having the money, I really would

    But I don’t

    It has been a carrot that has been dangled in front of us for years, but now for me it is a case of cry wolf. He cant keep saying the same things year in year out with no delivery of his promises.

    Lets face it, he has to say it as the club has the most expensive seats in the world and they need to fill them. Another timely press conference dropping hints like Falcao will convince a decreasing number to renew. Why would a player like Falcao come to Arsenal now? After the Invincibles season (A season where we were promised a 10 year dominance) we could have attracted a player like that, and I am quite sure we could have brought in a player of that caliber every summer since which is what should have happened, but instead the Galiticos have gone and the Averageness has replaced them.

    Wenger wont change and money and transfers aside, his micro management style and his shocking tactics and bizarre habit of playing round pegs in square holes should be a sacking offense in itself.

    The board are playing a very dangerous game by backing this mug for another season. The gaps in the stadium and the churn of ST’s has been gathering pace over the last few years, and next season will be a lot more ferocious to the point where not just Wenger will be abused inside the ground. Its lucky Kroenke cant be fucked to attend as he will bear the brunt of it.

    All we asked and all Wenger said himself was ‘The fans will decide when I quit Arsenal’ but just like when Wenger said ‘Judge me in May’, the board and the Manager ignore us and I would imagine the Sky deal and renewed sponsorship probably pay a part in that. They are blinded by the $$$ instead of being blinded by the nice shiny Trophies that should surely stand for what we are here for.

    The end of the season will be interesting for me as surely that is the time that the AST will remove their support for both the Manager and the Board (that ignore them anyway).

    We desperately need Usmanov

  74. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Pedro of course the club are saying there is money to spend there always has been! Only now do they choose to mention it and why? Because we are in the final furlong of the season ticket renewal! I personally gave mine up last year choosing not to illegally lease it out like a scum bAg writer in the gooner magazine.

  75. patthegooner


    It is some 4 or 5 years now since I cancelled my membership and have not spent a dime on them since.

    It has been interesting to watch this all evolve and each game and season sees another load of fans realise that Wenger is done as a Manager. he would ruin any club he goes to now

  76. patthegooner

    Kwik Fit

    That was in a 4-4-2 wasnt it. I remember him playing wide but not in a position where Podolski and Walcott now find themselves.

  77. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Agreed pat . I see you too are an honest person giving back ST rather than sell on. Allowing another to have that privellege legally. When wenger goes I will rejoin the list maybe , but then the love affair may be totally lost.

  78. Phil

    Don’t get me wrong, I prefer member owned clubs. Green Bay a classic example competing in a sea of billionaire owners.
    Aussie Rules comp has members and not private ownership as the norm.
    But changing the existing fabric of ownership is nigh on impossible.
    The only body who could try it would be the governing body. the same people who employed Sven!
    And all it would take would be half a dozen owners to see them and say, “We are out, and by the way the hundred of millions we used to invest in the UK, we will now spend in Germany or Italy, and no English team will ever win the CL again.

  79. kwik fit

    Thats right pat. Perhaps he could revert to the old 442 with Giroud and Teo up top. Hold on a minute ,on second thoughts, that can never happen cos wenger always plays the same system with subs on 70th minute. It keeps the game easy to understand and everyone , including the opposition, knows exactly whats going to happen.