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‘The difficulty is that the belief is not completely there.’

When you’re being paid a Kings ransom, you should have a few more cliches in the bag. You should also have a little bit more substance to what you’re saying, especially when you’ve just been torn a new one by a team with a better work rate and better tactics.

Belief isn’t a magic ingredient you pluck out of thin air. Belief comes from confidence. Confidence can be built a number of ways. It can be instilled by a manager on the training ground with a load of massive pats on the back, it can come with a rip roaring half time speech… or it can come from knowing you’re more prepared than the other team. If you’re set up properly before a game, you know that even if the confidence and belief isn’t there, you’re one step ahead of the opposition because you know how they’re going to set up, you know what they do from set pieces and you have a structured way of crushing them in possession and out of possession.

So belief doesn’t sit just with the players, it sits with the entire back room team. Belief can be built by laying the foundations properly.

If I was going to change a few things at Arsenal for the remainder of the season, I’d look at the following…

Hand that defence over…

Yes Arsene, it’s clear that things have gone massively down hill since you stopped allowing Steve Bould to manage the back four… Hand all the defence over to him and let him work his magic. We’re an absolute shambles at the moment. A collection of broken individuals. They need to be drilled into defending properly, they need to have structure to what they do in every situation… they need to have the individualism drilled out of them like a battered  army recruit. When you think you’ve drilled them into the ground and they can take more, drill them further. Everyone needs to know their role from set pieces, from throw ins, from corners…

If we stop conceding goals, it’ll instill confidence everywhere else in the side.

… and remember Arsene, if someone on your team is getting more credit than you, that’s a credit to you.

Force players to sit through video analysis…

Arsenal players need to have individually tailored videos talked through on an individual level before each game. Lukas Podolski needs to be shown how badly exposed he left Thomas Vermalen the other night. He needs to be told how to play on the ball and how to play off it. If he falls foul of his instructions, he doesn’t play in the next game. These players aren’t good enough to be trusted to ‘work it out with football intelligence’… that might come, but it’s not there at the moment. When people are down in the dumps, they simply need to be built back up with structure.

A bit like children… except I wouldn’t spank a footballer.

Pick players based on form…

Yeah, yeah, I totally know… it’s an obvious one. But we don’t seem to pick players on form or the job they can do. We pick them based on favouritism. Why is Aaron Ramsey being played over Thomas Rosicky? Someone tell me? The Czech is captain of his country, he pretty much rescued our season last year and he’s been fit for months. What’s going on? Every time he comes on he looks far more potent than Aaron ever does. Outside that, there’s not too many other players I’d be calling for to drop back into the side… what I’m worried about is Wenger shoving Gervinho in at every give opportunity for the run in. If he’s playing poorly, drop him. Hey, maybe we could ressurect Andrey Arshavin’s career. We’ve got a bullet of a player hiding away there under the rolls of fat. Why isn’t he fighting fit and motivated? We should be trying to squeeze the best out of everyone…

Make changes before 70 minutes if things are going wrong…

Arsene Wenger is the only manager in football who has a routine for subs. How many times this year have we watched a horror show individual performance unfold and nothing changes until bang on 70 minutes. It’s ridiculous. If a player is having a stinker, pull him off (not like that you pigs) and put someone on who can change the shape of the side. It’s only a minor thing… but Wenger’s approach to subs cost us, amongst other things, against Blackburn.

Get the most out of Theo…

So Giroud is an aerial presence without pace… Theo is a pace machine with no aerial presence. Here’s an idea… why don’t we build a system that suits both of them. I appreciate 4-4-2 isn’t the way teams like to do it these days… but come on, there must be an iteration where you can play two strikers? World football can’t have hit the 150 year mark and given up… ‘guys, this is it… no more new formations, we’ve f*cked ourselves with this 4-3-3 thing’. There must be a way around this? Big man, little man… who’s going to work on this one for me?

Anyway, just a few things… what would you change with our current set up?

Onto other news… a gay Councillor has come out and said he’s slept with an Arsenal striker. He’s 51… so, what are we saying here… a George Graham striker? Maybe an early Arsene type? Is it even legal to play the guessing game? Anyway, seems a bit of an odd thing to drop in there for an MP.

I noticed Robbie Savage has landed himself a ghost writer to pen his illuminating thoughts with the The Mirror. Jeez… I mean, how do publications constantly out do themselves with people they want to represent them? There are literally no quality checks. What exactly has he ever done in the game to merit my eyeballs taking in his badly written dross? Is it cost? Is it because he irritates everyone? If I was running a paper, I’d want the articulate intelligent players churning out genuinely insightful content for me. Not some guy who can barely string a sentence together.

You know the problem with newspapers online… mainly in sport… they have something I call unconditional readership. Football fans will literally digest any old sh*t you send their way. That’s why so many shocking football networks have set up to push made up stories. When a content team presents number back on badly put together article, there’s no deep dive into how the article was received, all the guy running the show will see is XXX hits. That’s why in the main, there’s so much dross out there… because in sport, it’s about the headline. Basically, your clicks are the problem. It probably took Le Grove two years to get more traffic from Google than newsnow…  I’d suspect most of the network blogs depend entirely on Newsnow to survive.

Anyway, rant over…

Arsene Wenger’s presser is about to start… question is, are they prepared?



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    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 22, 2013 15:58:35

    AFC would give the Baath Party a run for their money..

    No protest’s,dissenting voice’s soon quelled & ejected from the stadium..

    Empty promises of reform,followed by quashing of rebel’s & activists..

    The masses,subsidising the luxury lifestyles of the Party member’s..

    Foreign bank account’s of the Party member’s awash with the people’s money..

    No accountability..

    Rousing Speeches of FFP,Sustainability& Mental Strengthzzz..

    Various faction’s & other supporter group’s bought off by the Party,so as to consolidate their positions & keep dissension to a bare minimum..

    Speeches’s of outside influences(media& foreign influences),trying to divide & destabilize the club.

    You are with us,or you are the enemy.
    (The Bush Mantra)
    The enemy shall be identified,imprisoned/ejected,or sent into exile..

    Media & fan censorship..

    The Spin,The PR,through known loyalist’s media platform(s)..Wheel out the loyalist’s onto the street’s & get them to infiltrate social media platform’s that want the regime out..i.e…The AKB’s..with their following mantra..

    “Arsene you are our Leader,our Messiah,we shed our blood for you”

    “Arsene,you are our Leader,
    Our messiah,
    We shed our blood for you”

    Rinse,Repeat for Another Season..!!

    The link about AW & Sarzosky a case in point…

  2. Simon G

    hi pedro,

    Totally agree with your point about blog networks, going for sensationalist headlines to grab hits. New bloggers can’t get off the ground without really upon rehashing these obviously made up headlines, in order to make a few pence on adsense. Unfortunately quality writing from new bloggers is extremely hard to get noticed and only works when you have an established readership. Which ultimately leads to fabricated horse shit stories.

  3. Spectrum

    arsenesabemajor – ‘Why must we play by your rules” ? I set that rule to try to get you to see the error of thinking as you do. Do you not see that A.K.B.’s like you have been stuck in an era of time that no longer applies to today’s Arsenal and the footballing environment that we NOW live in ? Wenger is past it. He and you are living in that era still ( in your minds ). If you are convinced he still has what it takes, why can you not confidently list all the things which, according to you, he is STILL good at ? Even up to two years ago. You can’t, and that is the point.

    Then I asked you a second question, which was along the lines of how can you justify Wenger still being at our club, when 1) his biggest achievements are in the past, 2) you can’t provide good reasons as to why he should stay, and you only have hope that he can turn things around. A hope that based on his past and present behaviour, cannot be considered to be a viable possibility of ever being fulfilled.

    We realists prefer to base our conclusions on what we see NOW, not on what he did eight years ago. We have matured in our opinion of Wenger to the point where we no longer are seduced by the temptation to dwell on past accomplishments. We ‘re concerned with the NOW, and improving our prospects of future success. All the evidence overwhelmingly suggests this won’t happen under Wenger. Which is why he must go as soon as possible.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  4. Leedsgunner


    HAHAHA… Joke Friday from our joke of a manager. He loves winning, apparently. Funny way of showing it:

    Out of the title race by October.
    Out of the League Cup to Bradford
    Out of the FA Cup to Blackburn
    Disgraced at home by Bayern Munich

    If he likes winning, why does 4th mean so much? Why not go for 1st? Why sell our established stars year after year?

    Shut up Arsene you’re embarrassing yourself.

  5. jlp

    Well I’ll be…
    See what the club has done here,there pushing back,seeing how serious this Wenger out sentiment is.
    Sneaky cunts.
    Stay strong fuckers. Don’t let up on this bitch.KEEP THE PRESSURE ON HIM.
    He’ll crack.

  6. Josip Skoblar

    The adulation of Arsene Wenger in North London is not on the wane. I saw two chaps near Tufnell Park tube station this morning who were wearing Wenger’s sleeping bag… Absolutely identical to the one Wenger wears. I didn’t know you could buy that in a shop. 🙂

  7. Josip Skoblar

    I was offered a ticket for the Spurs game. Thanks, but not thanks, no more money to the current regime. I’ll watch the game at home.

  8. Lee Pace

    Is Wenger still here?

    Oh ArseneIsArsenal, a certain woman just asked me to tell you she’ll be coming home late tonight so you’ll have to heat up the Findus Lasagne for your tea dinner.




    Good one…

    Was just highlighting the PR Machine by the club..You know,like what most Dictatorship Regime’s do..?

    Brainwash the fickle,the poor,the lame & the useless..

  10. JK

    Some time ago, you failed to publish a comment from me. I think I now know why. It did not contain a single expletive! How can you allow the kind of imbecilic, disgusting, totally uninteresting drivel we have seen today? Unbelievable!

  11. Spectrum

    jlp – ” Stay strong fuckers. Don’t let up on this bitch.KEEP THE PRESSURE ON HIM.
    He’ll crack “.

    Maybe Wenger should be asked the same questions as I asked of arsenesabemajor and ArseneisArsenal. After all, they couldn’t find one decent reason for him to stay here. Fight them with logic and they have no valid defence. Poor buggers. I almost feel sorry for them.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    ” In Arsene we rust.”


    Josip Skolbar..

    A friend of mine, offered me his ST…

    I laughed& laughed & laughed..

    Told him,to bugger off….

    Yep,he was an AKB..Had countless argument’s with him over the year’s about Arsene..

    The BB game was his tipping point..

    I call him & the first thing I do,is burst into fit’s of laughter..

    We are now trying to find a way for him to get rid of his ST..

    He’s decided,he’s going to give it too his dog,to chew too pieces..

    Not really the most logical way to go about thing’s..

    He say’s his dog show’s more hunger,more bite than the club & Arsene..

  13. Spectrum

    JK – you’re right. We’ve had enough of the drivel from those two clowns that have been on here today. One seems to have gone. The other….?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  14. Spectrum

    Vix Affair – Wenger not going to P.S.G. ? You owe us an explanation before we string you up.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  15. Jeff

    Just to prove how lame, irrelevant and stupid the excuse of lacking “belief” is, you only need to consider the last 8 years. All the teams and players that have come and gone and also won nothing since then: did they also lack belief or was it something closer to home Arsene? Just admit it is finished and bow out gracefully before you destroy the club, for you have already destroyed your legacy and any standing at AFC. All the blind buggers will also start to see you for what you really are. A big charlatan who hasn’t the first idea about football, management, tactics, training, defence or formation – I don’t even believe you ever did anymore.

    The board and owner think you are bigger than the club. You’re not; you never were and you never will be.

  16. Spectrum

    Jeff – Where were you earlier ? We could have done with you. We’ve had A.K.B.’s on here trying to justify their existence. They’re back under the floorboards now though.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  17. Spectrum

    PhilF – The Emperor’s new clothes. I like it. What about the tale of the Pied Piper too ? Wenger leading us down the path of mediocrity.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  18. Jeff


    I don’t address, engage or even acknowledge AKBs anymore. If a person stands there and professes his “faith” in something or someone even though there is a mountain of evidence to suggest otherwise, it means whatever they are positing is a form of religion and therefore classed as nothing more than sophistry and illusion (paraphrasing the great philosopher David Hume).

    They cannot, for example, see that by saying that “belief” is all that is lacking, Wenger is simply deflecting blame from himself. He is saying “I have done everything I can it’s up to the players”. Whereas in the real world we know from empirical evidence that he has bought a load of duds who may sometimes perform to their peak (which is average) or drop in form in which case we could potentially lose to any side. It’s his fault that we are in this situation there is no question about that.

    The bottom line is that Wenger is consumed with conceit and when that happens to any leader they have to be removed forcibly. Since the board won’t do that, we are effectively lumbered with a huge handicap. Any success will be in spite of him and not because.

    When I heard that the board have given him the green light to stay even if we drop out of top four it felt like crashing into a brick wall. To fans like me it’s like a prison sentence that has just been extended. It’s horrible. It means we are going to repeat this nonsense for years to come.

    You might mention Usmanov as a potential candidate to rescue us out of this mess but the chances of that happening are minuscule. Deep sigh.



    Why would you string up a fellow AAA..?

    Anyway the season’s not done yet..We’ve got till Aug 2013,to know whether AW is off to PSG..


    Are we still in the 2012-13 season,or do i have to do a Rip Van Winkle?Shit i may as well sleep through next season too ,because I hear foreskin cheese is going to see his bang me in the ass/contract out.


    JeffFebruary 22, 2013 17:16:31
    When I heard that the board have given him the green light to stay even if we drop out of top four it felt like crashing into a brick wall. To fans like me it’s like a prison sentence that has just been extended. It’s horrible. It means we are going to repeat this nonsense for years to come.

    Jeff,if we were to drop out of top 5,why would you see this as a prison sentence,with the CLUB,sanctioning an extension to his contract?

    Gazidis,said as much back in late 2011@the AST,that we have budgeted for 5th place finish..

    What’s changed b/w then& now..?

    I’m just hoping the Club management & Arsene all rise & fall together,with the majority of fan’s launching some kind of “Arab Spring” type revolution..

    There has to be a tipping point,like my friend with his cocker Spaniel,chewing his ST,too piece’s,according to him..

  22. jlp

    JKFebruary 22, 2013 16:41:31
    Some time ago, you failed to publish a comment from me. I think I now know why. It did not contain a single expletive! How can you allow the kind of imbecilic, disgusting, totally uninteresting drivel we have seen today? Unbelievable!

    Super awesome point regarding Arsenal Football Club,the players and football in general.

    Dear me, adding zero fucking intelligence to a blog you’re slagging off for being unintelligent isn’t that clever is it or wait… is it backwards day today?

    Anywho…how bouts those board members…what a bunch of fuckers huh…

  23. Jeff


    The way I see it is that of course as far as the fans are concerned (and perhaps this has not been factored into their lunatic formula) there is definitely a tipping point. It is already starting to happen in a small way but if it goes beyond mere “words” and people start launching fists and getting hurt there will be media frenzy and the board will be forced to let him go.

    But this is only a small hope because he only has to win one game every now and then and everything is fine again. As it is, there is no real pressure on the board to do anything but that scenario I think is the only hope.

    My surprise about the board confirming Wenger’s job for life status is that I thought they may have been persuaded a little given the recent defeats but not a bit of it.

  24. BillikenGooner

    1) Break our guys of doing that flap arms thing when things offensively fall apart and then stand (or walk) while watching the other team goes the other way. While I’m sure many players do this, I’ve seen it enough lead to goals for the other team, and don’t seem to see it for other top teams. Effort + skill = top teams. We seem to think we can just rely on skill.

    2) If it takes a change in formation, fix why whenever we do have someone break down their defense and get into a position to cross, pass into space in the box.. we have 1 (sometimes not even that) guy there and the next option is still 20 yards away.



    We talk shit because there isn’t a positive fuckin thing left to say about our season ,aaaaaand our coach is going to give us one more season of the same shit.

    But you already know this,yes?


    It is already starting to happen in a small way but if it goes beyond mere “words” and people start launching fists and getting hurt there will be media frenzy and the board will be forced to let him go.
    There has to be sustained,co-ordinated pressure from the fan’s..

    A complete standoff,irrespective of a win here,or a win there,that placates some of the fickle lot..

    It won’t happen..AW will decide his destiny..If he renew’s his contract,leave’s for PSG,or leave’s at the end of his contract..

    The fan’s by & large don’t have the gumption to fight the club all the way..

    The fan’s underestimate their own power..

    Besides..It’s not the AFC way-for fan’s to want rid of a clueless manager.
    It’s not in keeping with the traditions of this great establishment..Pfttt…

    I say to these fan’s,keep urinating your money up the wall..& subsidising Arsene’s yearly monumental fuck-up’s..

    It’s in keeping with the tradition’s of the club-right?!!


    No puns intended,just seems as if things are a little boring today ,and a little verbal sparing would keep everyones interest today.You would have to agree we have hit our proverbial wall on this site.

  28. wanger-wenker

    the “term” AKB should now be taken out of circulation….as its meaning has always been illogical and using it just gives these morons and personality disorder freaks some semblance of respect…….in future refer to these cnuts as “cnuts”

  29. wanger-wenker

    wenger holding on to the managers job is just the worst case of arrogance and selfish pride that can be imagined. Some sportsmen dont know when to quit and they pay the price for that personally. However wengers price is our price as his continuation in wrecking this club affects us all.
    There is a pride in giving your best shot, but there is no shame in resigning after you have given your all and it isnt good enough. Indeed an act of resignation can often be the gesture of a proud considerate and fair minded person.Thats why this man is detested for his self-absorbed arrogant character. I hope he gets what he deserves.


    Bermy Boy

    The proverbial shit,hit the fan with the sale of Cesc & Nasri..

    Arsene,took it to a whole new level with the sale of RVP,to Man Utd..

    Now most of us,are just waiting for him,to fall on his sword..

    As with most dictatorship regime’s..
    It’s going t be a long painful process in b/w..

    We will have Usmanov,gauging fan’s opinion& coming out with his intermittent statement’s about wishing for a seat on the board & investing..

    The focus will shift from the on-field shenanigans,to the boardroom in-fighting..

    With Usmanov,portrayed as the enemy,the destabiliser..The evil we must rid ourselves off..

    Ohhh this will run & run…
    & the fan’s in b/w doing nothing,other than fighting b/w themselves..

    Not a common goal b/w us as fan’s..

    These loyalist’s should wake the fuck up & look at the bigger picture..

    The enemy is within..


    Kwik Fit
    I ask myself this question…
    Like in any democratic country..

    Why can’t the fan’s have a large say,in the decision making process..

    We have a say in term’s of voting right’s,in this country..

    Why can’t the English footballing system,introduce a similar project that exist’s in the Bundesliga..

    A 50+1 for member’s & fan’s..?

    Why not?

    Why are we so different..?

    Why not have fan’s have a say in the decision making process of top club’s..

    It work’s for Barca..
    It work’s for BM..

    Why not us..?

  32. Colonel Mustard

    I laughing that is has taken the press and journos like Holt 4 years to get what any knowledgable gooner could have told them about Wegner and board.

    Tipping points:

    • Throwing of FA cup match a few years back….Exclusion of Ardshavin …reckless..
    • last years pre-season leading to 8-2….£7million to manage that summer.
    • Cesc leading us a merry dance and being played vs. barca when his head was in Catalonia.
    • Van Persie sale – the worst of the worst….
    • The utter refusal to address our goalkeeper back to Jens leaving
    • The treating of fans like fools with ‘bullshit’ transfer stories..

    I could say the 4-4 newcastle or the League Cup Final but that was player
    stupidity really.



    Good link…Say’s what we already knew…

    Maybe a reporter should ask Arsene:
    “What is your Current Philosophy Arsene?”



    Maybe fan’s across the Premiership,or English Fooballing League, should organise some kind of group,that allow’s them a greater say in the decision making process…

    But they won’t because they are either too thick,too loyal,or too spineless to do anything..

    You reap what you sow..

    That’s why I’ve fallen out with this beautiful game..



    Lobby the government,Lobby the club’s..

    Effect change!!

    Not a single-co-ordinated voice in action..
    They are as bad as the clubs..

    Only difference,fan’s pay for this nightmare of a scenario..& club’s milk them for all it’s worth..


    Colonel Mustard

    Holt is a mouthpiece,for the player’s & the club’s..

    He’s an apologist..

    Now,he’s sensing the tide is turning,he’s suddenly shifting camp’s a bit..

    Funny after the Bradford defeat,he was squarely still in Arsene’s camp,choosing to lay the blame at the player’s,Stadium debt& the Oligarch’s..

    Remind’s me of Keyser..Turncoat…


    Wonder if Jamie Carragher,Gary Neville,Nigel Winterburn,Martin Keown,etc,etc..
    are still steadfast in their belief that Arsene is still the man..?!!

    Watch out for SAF,doing his bit.
    Saying Arsene is still the man,whilst behind the scene’s offering Arsene,huge money for Wilshere?!

  38. Johnny5


    Why would the government listen?

    I’m sure they’ll be too busy banging rent boys or sucking as much cash out of poor people as they can to give a shit.



    They would start listening,if fan’s across the board,start voting with their feet,their’s a major decline in matchday revenue,across all clubs in the English League..

    When the club’s start taking major hit’s in matchday revenue& are forced to slash cost’s..Selling of player’s ,reduction in cost’s..Job’s lost in the wider community..

    Many club’s going to the wall..

    Oh,how do we save the beautiful game..?

    People will start to wake the heck up..

    It’s a huge revenue earner for the government…



    The whole point is getting the club’s to step out of their parallel universe,engage with the fan’s,not with their cosmetic procedures,or soundbite’s..

    & engage with them..
    Bring about reform’s that allow’s the fan’s a greater say in the decision making process..

    I agree,it won’t happen…

    But as I keep on saying,the fan’s underestimate their power…!!

  41. kwik fit


    Sorry I was in the gym when you asked the question. Now sweating profusely and the pours are ousting beads of sheer hard graft.

    Your question was an excellent poser , one which i’ve consider many times. Johnny has probably hit the nail on the head regarding the set up been driven by greed. I think for a proper answer though we would need to consider the history of clubs in both Spain and germany to fully appreciate how football has developed in both countries.


    Bermy Boy

    I forgot to omit Italy in my above argument..

    That said they have Ultra’s with political affiliations..That said,although extremist in their way’s..There’s a degree of accountability?Right..?!!

    Would Arsene,survive,under such a structure..?

    We know the answer..!!

  43. LeMassiveCoq

    VIX…I used to think you were a bit of a coq. Then I read your post at ~16.21 comparing the current AFC set up to the Baath party. Brilliant.


    Kwik Fit
    I think for a proper answer though we would need to consider the history of clubs in both Spain and germany to fully appreciate how football has developed in both countries.

    Look at their National team’s in final’s..
    WC’s & EC to date…

    Can’t be arsed with the stat pack..but will wheel out,if need be..

    & then look out,ow many CL final’s reached or won by the respective nations talked about,over the past 20 years..Spain & Germany?

  45. kwik fit

    Point taken Vix. These countries have the mental edge in football but not necessarily in other sports . Therefore one could conclude that it comes back to the coaching structure set up being sub-standard.
    I personally blame Sir Trevor Brooking. Never forgive him for that winner in the 1980 cup final.


    LeMassiveCoqFebruary 22, 2013 20:10:42

    AFC is not a footballing club,but a dictatorship..

    I’ve known this all along..

    I do go on a bit..But I hit the right notes…

    Look at this latest link as a starter…
    It’s a joke..


    I’ve alway’s questioned Pedro’s reluctance in the past to really criticise the regime..

    He’s slowly detaching himself,albeit a few years too late..


    50+1 allow’s member’s & fan’s majority holder-ship..

    So an Oligarch like a RA,or a SS, cannot do as they wish..

    I call it accountability to the fan’s…

    To be honest,I’m skeptical about Usmanov coming in as a majority holder,should SS sell to him..

    This time around,I would like fan’s having a bigger say in the decision making process of the direction& running of the club & hold the President to account,should he screw up..

    He has a term to deliver on his promises,he screws up he’s out..
    But either way the manager in charge is held accountable..Everybody in the hierarchy is held accountable..

    The fan’s in a nutshell wield the axe..

  48. Jeff


    At last a sitting manager tells it how it is. Thanks for the link. It is so refreshing to hear this as opposed to the usual drivel we hear from other managers draped in cowardice. Mancini won’t give us the usual claptrap about “you be sorry when he goes”. Instead we got:

    “I’m not Arsene Wenger. We’re different. I want to win,” Mancini told The Guardian. “I think every player should be strong enough to take his responsibility and, like this, you can improve.

    “You don’t improve if you have a manager saying ‘ah, don’t worry, you made a mistake but it doesn’t matter.”



    Mancini -2nd place-9 point’s ahead of 5th Placed AFC in the EPL-decide’s to stick the boot in…

    Quite funny…Talk about kicking a man,when he’s down..
    Shoving more sand in his face,after the BB & BM defeat…

    Is Mancini peeved off,’cos Arsene sold RVP to Man UTD..?

    Either way,Arsene need’s to do the honourable thing..
    Fall on his sword & be carried off to PSG..

    Arsene & Sarsoksy can swap notes, on their demise in the comfort of the Parc des Princes Stadium..

    Ahhh..The pair of them..”What the fuck happened?”

    Sacre Bleu…!!

    “We are misunderstood,they do not u/stand the French way…PEASANT’S”!!

  50. kwik fit

    So those are the guys who have been screwing us all for the passed few years. I wouldn’t have minded if they had of worn a brown paper bag over their heads. At least we could use our imagination 😉

  51. Leedsgunner

    Jeff, Johnnny5 and Ramsey’s backpass

    I’m thinking about sending the link to the club, I wonder what Wengazidas would say?

    With an attitude like that I would have Mancini at Arsenal. Obviously he knows how to handle over-inflated egos and knows how to win. I don;t know about you but for me the EPL title is key.

    Call me a dreamer I would love it for Arsenal to win the league again in the next five years… everything else is secondary imo.

    Sadly we all know it won’t happen under this Board and Manager. I reckon if we had the Uzbek in charge, Wenger would out on his sorry derriere… you don’t get be a multi-billionaire in a country like Uzbekistan without being ruthless. I know previously Usmanov has said he respects Wenger but after this shambles off a season I wonder if his opinion has changed… just wondering.


    Where i come from it’s called the 60-40 rule,so that the balance of power/ownership stays in the hands of the indigenous people.

  53. Jeff

    Come on Arsene. You can’t say no to an x-president. Sod your principle about breaking a contract. Nobody is going to hold it against you. The anti-Wenger mob will be sending Sarkozy “thank you” cards and the AKBs will stop supporting Arsenal. Win, win really.

  54. Johnny5


    That’s a good idea in theory but wouldn’t the shares just be brought by toffee nosed rich boy gooners like piers Morgan? Would the average fan get the opportunity to invest at an affordable rate? Does every one who invests get an opinion or is it basically like a board within a board? Wouldn’t there be temptation for the board (phw gazidis for arguments sake) to just bribe the fan board members?

  55. Jeff

    Here’s a question. If Wenger goes to PSG will he take the AKBs with him to become PSG supporters. Why not? After all Arsene knows best so by going to PSG they will argue that the move was in fact a convoluted plan to help Arsenal win trophies. He will finish in fourth place by proxy and swipe all the glory once again.

  56. Johnny5


    I’d give up anything to see us win. Told the mrs were not having another baby until arsenal win the league. Figured that way if we don’t win I’ll save a ton of cash by only having the one or if we do its my turn to name this one so he will be known as ( if he’s a boy) Herbert Bertie george Dennis theirry Patrick tony lee Ian. Lol


    Danish GoonerFebruary 22, 2013 21:15:33

    Arsene Wenger is harder to get rid of then Bashar al Assad.
    But the same could be said for Mubarak,Saddam,Gadaffi & co..with almost 90 year’s b/w them in power..

    & what was the end result..?

    They got overthrown in the end,to put it politely..

  58. Johnny5


    I surmise by that post that you mean that we need to shoot wenger carry him around for a bit batter the shit out of him and jam a rifle up his arse. Any takers? Lol.



    In Wenger’s case,

    In the interim do a UN-Style-Oil for Food Programme..i.e.freeze his account,& impose sanctions..
    Like a-trophies-for food programme & pay him the national minimum wage..!!

    He will bugger off on his own accord,by then..


    Johnny5February 22, 2013 21:08:42
    Vix That’s a good idea in theory but wouldn’t the shares just be brought by toffee nosed rich boy gooners like piers Morgan? Would the average fan get the opportunity to invest at an affordable rate? Does every one who invests get an opinion or is it basically like a board within a board? Wouldn’t there be temptation for the board (phw gazidis for arguments sake) to just bribe the fan board members?

    It’s just an alternative solution,to the myriad of constant bile streamed on here,or in general..

    “Wenger Out,Wenger is a C**t..”

    “We the fan’s are urinated on..”

    “We are silenced..”

    “Protest’s are redundant..you will lose your ST’s..”

    Do you have another alternative..?

    This form of membership,allow’s fan’s some voice,albeit in a democratic format..

    There is no perfect system..But what this system does is allow’s fan’s a voice,a say in large number’s..

    Do you have a better system to voice ahead?

    I’m all ears?

    Any system you introduce is always open to abuse,or exploitation of loopholes..

    But I suppose this system,will make’s fan the key decision maker’s in an imperfect world..!
    Without owner’s,manager’s monopolising the direction & key decision’s of the club..

  61. jlp

    BERMY BOYFebruary 22, 2013 17:52:42
    We talk shit because there isn’t a positive fuckin thing left to say about our season ,aaaaaand our coach is going to give us one more season of the same shit.But you already know this,yes?

    Nah Bermy Boy
    I was under the impression things were tip-fucking-top at the club…

  62. kwik fit

    “We went out to spend money at Christmas but we didn’t find the players.’

    Ah suddenly it all become’s clear. Wenger went out shopping BEFORE the window opened.

  63. PK


    What you whrite is good Pedro hand the defence over and get starting with preparations instead. Get the out of form and tierd players some beer and a hot dogs. Formationwise i do not agree that we should change to 4-4-2.

    I look at wigan (and barca) and what martinez is doing there, it can be a quite interesting thing to do with our style of play.

    Kozzer. Mert. Verm.
    Sagna. Nacho
    Arteta. Jack
    Giroud. Podolski


    That would give some stability to the defence and at the same time let us play the shortpassing game that we are so good with. Our wingbacks are good enought to cover the wings by them self (they alredy do…) and with this formation our midfield could push higher up and let them play more freely, as we can have one of verm or koz (depending on ballside) be aggresive as they do it anyway. It also solves the problem upfront as we get 2 men up there plus the offensive midfielder, who can couse problems for there backline (we are no good at crossing anyway).

    For the bench it would be perfect aswell as we have the players for it in our squad:

    CB’s: ok we are short, but it gives miquel a chanse to prove himself.
    Wingback’s: jenko and gibbs are made for offensive wingback roles.
    MC: Rosicky, Diaby,
    AMC: Oxo, Arshavin.
    Forwards: Theo (supersub and get to learn his trade), Gerviniho (hahaha).

    The season is fucked anyway and every team can read us as an open book nowdays. So why not try something new instead of 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. If you study Barca this is the way they really play as thier DMC drops down to create a 3 man backline when they attack to create more freedome to the wingbacks. Now we have the chanse to work it in to next season and invest for it in the summer (haha i know): 1 GK (someone who can keep chezzer on his toes), 2 CB’s (one young and one worldclass), 1 holding MC (worldclass) and 2 forwards (1 young and one worldclass).

    What do you people think?

  64. jlp

    So 7 years of ‘yes we got money’ and ‘if Arsene wanted to buy a 30 mil player he could do it’ for him to pick,DURING RENEWAL TIME, to actually say they were just fucking about…SHAMEFUL and still fucking misleading fans on their intention.
    Clearly he isn’t going to spend money….the fact he uses the ‘last straw’ excuse that we didn’t have money says it all really.

  65. TitsMcgee

    Wenger is such a pathetic BS artist at this stage. Everytime he is in trouble he talks about all of the money he now has to spend and how willing he is to spend it. Then the transfer window open and it’s *crickets*….

    Then says some stupid shiite like we aren’t far off from Bayern and how our morals and principles regarding developing the ‘young players’.

    Im glad Mancini is calling him out. A loss tomorrow will be perfect for keeping the pressure on him.

    A win and he’ll spout off about how the quality is still there and it’s the belief that is lacking.

  66. Royal Bludger

    KwikFit – teenage boys have been hauled before the courts for far less than that – sometime in the next 2 weeks we’ll find out Gambon’s name and see a photo of the stupid fuck in the Daily Mail – the Oscar Pistorius of Le Grove.


    Royal BludgerFebruary 22, 2013 23:31:43

    “Pedro – you’re a weak arsehole. ”

    Why do you think Geoff quit..?

  68. Johnny5


    No offence dude but none of that would get anyone arrested unless threats are made to inflict harm and why you sticking up for the troll anyway or is it more a case of you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about gambon?

  69. UGooner

    You know Wenger’s really been terrible this season, and he’s made a lot of the same mistakes repeatedly over these past seasons. I don’t dispute that it’s about time for a change. And it’s easy enough to make that point without stretching certain things to suit your argument. That is what I don’t agree. Arsene should listen to Bould I feel, but not so much you lot at times.

    I mean you say things like ‘Arsenal don’t even do video analysis…’ I was like whoa, u know so much.. Then giroud comes out and says, “Oh Wenger showed me some footage and it’s really helped…” Makes me wonder about other things like… You cry for Bould to come in… He does and next thing… Consecutive clean sheets to start the season… Yay Bould done did it… Then defence goes to shit… Now it;s Arsene won;t let him do anything… You might as well be those reporters questioning his commitment. He may be shit as you say, but he sure is commited. Now why would he take a defence away that was better, and did he ask Sagna to drop his form and Vermaelen to back off attackers? Maybe he made a mistake to persist with Santos and Gibbs, but did he injure him? C’mon… Use facts please, don’t act like you sit in the dressing room jus so people will read what you write. I mean Oooo we are intrigued…

    Second, Rosicky comes back from injury, gets overplayed then injured and it’s Look at Wenger, couldn’t even give the guy a rest… So he tries to get him back in slowly which he obviousl needs to do and the critics come out with the knives. Ramsey is more than capable of holding his own, as he has shown lately. He had a terrible ran of form but that is most definitely behind him now. He’s done ok lately and he can still do even better. He definitely deserves the game time he gets, maybe not over Rosicky when he’s hitting form buut definitely as he’s gaining fitness he does.

    Otherwise, you do have some great points as well. like yes, switchin the system up front would be a good idea. This one isn’t working consistently enough. I just don’t think they were willing to try a completely new system mid’reason. I certanly hoped they would. I do think though that the 4-3-3 with Walcott on the wing but always running into the middle was a good try but it’s not worked either and there’s a defensive fragility there if the DM can’t cover well. Arteta’s done well in that respect though I’ve thought.

    Truth is we are just not god enough. We need more, just much more. I won’t pretend to know exactly what the more is. I can only speculate as you do. Cheers.

  70. UGooner

    It;s funny that as much as AKB’s love for Wenger blinds them, a lot of y’all’s hate for him and craving for trophies blinds you too. Just sheep arguing with sheep. Atleast sheep aren’t so foul mouthed and aggressive though… Relax, ultimately we want the same thing. You wouldn’t know that from reading some comments. Even those that say they want us to fail, they all feel that little ‘umph’ when we score or win.

  71. Royal Bludger

    Johnny5 – the hotshot lawyer – Gambon made a public statement claiming as fact that Arsene Wenger “rapes kids”.

    Hope he can defend that in court.

  72. Royal Bludger

    Gambon has also dragged Le Grove (i.e., our community) into the potential action as the publisher of the libel.

    The Mighty Gambon is dead.

  73. GoonerDave

    Royal Bludger –
    I know that Gambon bloke is a bit OTT but no need for the police. Every blog is its own little community anyway, and the problem should be sorted there. The owner of the blog etc. may get into trouble or something…
    Besides, Gambon is all talk. He either lives a very, very sheltered life, or is very small, and suffers from small man syndrome or something.

  74. Ozrus

    GoonerDave, Pedro should be getting into trouble for letting gambon get away with spouting psychopathic shit on this public blog. It is not a ‘little’ OTT, it’s absolutely terrible.’ Wenger rapes children’. who’s going to sort this innocent statement on THIS blog. The mostly bah bah militant morons who come to read the comments? Vix? Joppa? Jeff? Johnny5? Goh? Spectrum? They love it!
    Then you wish gambon a bit of cancer, they all go ooh! Ahh! ‘Do we need bloggers like this on here?!’ The fucking hypocrites

  75. Evan

    Reporting gambon is a waste of police resource and quite simply pathetic. Pisses me off seeing Tax payers money being spent on such things. His comments aint always nice but there only words get over it

  76. Johnny5

    Jesus fucking Christ. The PC brigade up in here. No offence but if you can’t put up with a bit of banter from gambon or people calling each other cunts or wenger names that’s your fucking beef. Grow a fucking set. Sticks and stones and all that. Seriously this country is fucked if people get all offended by words written on a blog. What’s wrong with you people?

  77. reggie 57

    It’s only a opinion!! not mine! what ever happened to free speech? you are a idiot bludger of the highest order…

    As if the old bill aint got nothing better to do you fool!!

  78. gambon

    Royal Todger

    Make sure you send all the stuff you’ve written about me to the police as well…and all the blog stalking….