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‘The difficulty is that the belief is not completely there.’

When you’re being paid a Kings ransom, you should have a few more cliches in the bag. You should also have a little bit more substance to what you’re saying, especially when you’ve just been torn a new one by a team with a better work rate and better tactics.

Belief isn’t a magic ingredient you pluck out of thin air. Belief comes from confidence. Confidence can be built a number of ways. It can be instilled by a manager on the training ground with a load of massive pats on the back, it can come with a rip roaring half time speech… or it can come from knowing you’re more prepared than the other team. If you’re set up properly before a game, you know that even if the confidence and belief isn’t there, you’re one step ahead of the opposition because you know how they’re going to set up, you know what they do from set pieces and you have a structured way of crushing them in possession and out of possession.

So belief doesn’t sit just with the players, it sits with the entire back room team. Belief can be built by laying the foundations properly.

If I was going to change a few things at Arsenal for the remainder of the season, I’d look at the following…

Hand that defence over…

Yes Arsene, it’s clear that things have gone massively down hill since you stopped allowing Steve Bould to manage the back four… Hand all the defence over to him and let him work his magic. We’re an absolute shambles at the moment. A collection of broken individuals. They need to be drilled into defending properly, they need to have structure to what they do in every situation… they need to have the individualism drilled out of them like a battered  army recruit. When you think you’ve drilled them into the ground and they can take more, drill them further. Everyone needs to know their role from set pieces, from throw ins, from corners…

If we stop conceding goals, it’ll instill confidence everywhere else in the side.

… and remember Arsene, if someone on your team is getting more credit than you, that’s a credit to you.

Force players to sit through video analysis…

Arsenal players need to have individually tailored videos talked through on an individual level before each game. Lukas Podolski needs to be shown how badly exposed he left Thomas Vermalen the other night. He needs to be told how to play on the ball and how to play off it. If he falls foul of his instructions, he doesn’t play in the next game. These players aren’t good enough to be trusted to ‘work it out with football intelligence’… that might come, but it’s not there at the moment. When people are down in the dumps, they simply need to be built back up with structure.

A bit like children… except I wouldn’t spank a footballer.

Pick players based on form…

Yeah, yeah, I totally know… it’s an obvious one. But we don’t seem to pick players on form or the job they can do. We pick them based on favouritism. Why is Aaron Ramsey being played over Thomas Rosicky? Someone tell me? The Czech is captain of his country, he pretty much rescued our season last year and he’s been fit for months. What’s going on? Every time he comes on he looks far more potent than Aaron ever does. Outside that, there’s not too many other players I’d be calling for to drop back into the side… what I’m worried about is Wenger shoving Gervinho in at every give opportunity for the run in. If he’s playing poorly, drop him. Hey, maybe we could ressurect Andrey Arshavin’s career. We’ve got a bullet of a player hiding away there under the rolls of fat. Why isn’t he fighting fit and motivated? We should be trying to squeeze the best out of everyone…

Make changes before 70 minutes if things are going wrong…

Arsene Wenger is the only manager in football who has a routine for subs. How many times this year have we watched a horror show individual performance unfold and nothing changes until bang on 70 minutes. It’s ridiculous. If a player is having a stinker, pull him off (not like that you pigs) and put someone on who can change the shape of the side. It’s only a minor thing… but Wenger’s approach to subs cost us, amongst other things, against Blackburn.

Get the most out of Theo…

So Giroud is an aerial presence without pace… Theo is a pace machine with no aerial presence. Here’s an idea… why don’t we build a system that suits both of them. I appreciate 4-4-2 isn’t the way teams like to do it these days… but come on, there must be an iteration where you can play two strikers? World football can’t have hit the 150 year mark and given up… ‘guys, this is it… no more new formations, we’ve f*cked ourselves with this 4-3-3 thing’. There must be a way around this? Big man, little man… who’s going to work on this one for me?

Anyway, just a few things… what would you change with our current set up?

Onto other news… a gay Councillor has come out and said he’s slept with an Arsenal striker. He’s 51… so, what are we saying here… a George Graham striker? Maybe an early Arsene type? Is it even legal to play the guessing game? Anyway, seems a bit of an odd thing to drop in there for an MP.

I noticed Robbie Savage has landed himself a ghost writer to pen his illuminating thoughts with the The Mirror. Jeez… I mean, how do publications constantly out do themselves with people they want to represent them? There are literally no quality checks. What exactly has he ever done in the game to merit my eyeballs taking in his badly written dross? Is it cost? Is it because he irritates everyone? If I was running a paper, I’d want the articulate intelligent players churning out genuinely insightful content for me. Not some guy who can barely string a sentence together.

You know the problem with newspapers online… mainly in sport… they have something I call unconditional readership. Football fans will literally digest any old sh*t you send their way. That’s why so many shocking football networks have set up to push made up stories. When a content team presents number back on badly put together article, there’s no deep dive into how the article was received, all the guy running the show will see is XXX hits. That’s why in the main, there’s so much dross out there… because in sport, it’s about the headline. Basically, your clicks are the problem. It probably took Le Grove two years to get more traffic from Google than newsnow…  I’d suspect most of the network blogs depend entirely on Newsnow to survive.

Anyway, rant over…

Arsene Wenger’s presser is about to start… question is, are they prepared?



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  1. B

    Arsenal need to move on from Wenger.

    Wenger to step aside, new manager with new ideas to come in

    All this Wenger idolisation has got to stop, he is just a guy who is not up to it anymore, not some kind of “saviour”. People on here idolising should stop and look at the facts.

    We were the laughing stock of the world on Tuesday. I live in Munich, and everybody here is astonished who easy we were turned over. I think Stoke would have given them a better game to be honest. There was NOTHING to be proud of. We had no shape, no organisation, no tactics, no defensive discipline, no confidence, no ideas, no belief, no mental strength. This is down to a manager who cannot find it in him to motivate this team anymore. Sure, I believe he tries, he is not doing this on purpose. But I am also pretty sure he is also struggling to see why it all went down the pan. It’s like gambling in a casino, you have less and less money left, but you still believe that somehow with a bit of luck, you will recover all your losses. At some point, you have to admit your tactics are flawed, and you should get out of the game.

    This time has arrived (and it’s been evident for a fair few years that it was going this way)

    Wenger, do the honourable thing, and leave us in early summer, whether you make the CL or not. Step aside. let a new manager with fresh ideas take over, and spend the available money.

  2. Paddy got up

    Many people have said that action is better than words on here. So what we going to do to get this vermin out?
    As I said before anything planned count me in.

  3. tom

    Arsenal team 2013/2014 Begovic,Sagna,N,Koulou,Vermaelen,Gibbs, Capoue,Wilshere Diame, Podolski,Jovetic,Cazorla. Big powerful yet technical team.

  4. Johnny5


    Last I hear Doublegooner was trying to organise a protest but not enough interest surely now there should be a lot more. As I said earlier its clear nothing will be done unless its forced. It would take one day with enough bodies. I’m sick of just talking smack and bitching and doing nothing

  5. Guns of Hackney

    tom – big and powerful?

    gibbs? wilshere? carzorla? sagna? podolski?

    most under 5 foot, the others under 5.10

  6. Danny

    I haven’t posted in a long time but I feel it’s reached a point where I’ve got to write this:
    I’ve been supporting Arsenal since 1968 but with everything that’s been going on in the last 5 years (I date the start of the decline from when Eduardo got his leg smashed) I’ve come to decision that until there are serious changes at the club I’m not going to give a shit anymore.
    Getting 4th doesn’t interest me at all.
    Some will say to me “well fuck off then”. Fair enough but its more than just me loosing interest coz my family have been Arsenal supporters since the late 1920’s and I mean supporters in every sense of the word. We were executive members up until Highbury was destroyed. My brother still has 2 season tickets that he gives out except for the big games whatever they are nowadays etc etc
    Anyway in a nut shell, after 45 years I’m done.

  7. ArseneIsArsenal

    Doublegooner was a well planned stunt.

    We got all those email address and names, crossed checked them with the current season ticket holders and guess what, their renewals got turned down 🙂

  8. Johnny5

    Arsenal isn’t arsene

    Your boring. And probably a pasty skinned little uni student who gets bullied and sexually molested who likes to be a gobshite on the Internet to reassure himself he’s not a cunt. Well son you fucking are, a massive one at that. You should have been put down at birth.

  9. gambon


    Regarding that “belief & confidence” quote.

    Here’s the thing…..Wenger doesnt know what the problem is. He is utterly retar.ded and doesnt know how to get the team firing.

    Saying “We are great in the second half, which proves we are good enough” is beyond pathetic.

    Its like an F1 driver saying “look i know ive scored no points all season, but if you look between corners 3 & 6 from every race this year, I am quickest, which shows I must be as good as Vettell”

    As the years pass by its become very obvious that Arsene Wenger is clueless, and always has been.

  10. Gaz The Gooner

    Guns of Hackney, get down a brass house mate and be done with it!

    Don’t normally comment but that little shit flicker ArseneisArsenal, got my back up. I’m a steward!!! Fucking hate them job’s worth’s more than traffic wardens, “sit down, don’t swear” cunts!!!

  11. ArseneIsArsenal


    We take our job very seriously. Clowns that disrupt the Emirates experience are ejected. Simples!

    Wenger is the right man to lead this club. He is more than a Manager.

    He is a visionary.

  12. Gus J

    ArseneIsArsenal – you are my hero.

    How you succeed in riling people up is actually quite brilliant! Well played…
    Never mind the content, but you are consistent and truly determined to get under people’s skin. And you succeed. I’ll grant you that…

    Have a top Friday all – and remember there was a time before Wenger and there will be a time after. Too bad PHW will live to be a thousand (so we seem pretty stuck with him).

  13. tom

    Yeah Johnny5 wishful thinking but if he seriously want’s to keep his job these are the signings we should be making. Players to get rid next season Fabianski, Mannone,Santos,Djourou,Diaby,Arshavin,Denilson,Bendtner,Gervinho,Coquelin,Squilaci and Ramsey on loan we have so much deadwood it’s untrue.

  14. Johnny5

    Fucking hell!! Visionary. Ha. The can’t can’t even see. Even if he could he wouldn’t see past all his bullshit. And your definatly no steward. A cunt like you would get well and truly battered.

  15. michael

    Thanks goh

    Wenger needs to ditch zonal marking for a start

    442 against a struggling team like villa for45 mins wudnt be bad he can always go 433 if its not working

  16. Johnny5


    I know mate it’s a shambles the amount of shit in the squad. He won’t shift half if them though. And his buys will only be ones to offset the loss of sagna and kos only he’ll buy shutter versions.

  17. ArseneIsArsenal

    @Johnny 5

    And what is this “bullshit” that you speak of?? When has Wenger lied?

    Examples /citations / proof required or it didn’t happen. A bit like losing your virginity. IT DIDNT HAPPEN!!!!!

  18. Spectrum

    seventhwave101 – ” Spuds said to me , you an Arsenal fan?, yep i said. Oh 🙁 they said you used to be quite good……”

    You have my sympathies. That’s the ultimate put down.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  19. tom

    Guns of Hackney understand your point but players like Sagna and Podolski are strong enough.We don’t 6 footers for 1 to 11 but if we have players like Diame,Capoue in the midfield we would notice a difference in terms of not getting bullied by the opposition so easily. Our midfield three right now are far too weak and too small.

  20. gambon

    Johnny 5

    I wouldnt worry too much, this clown is a bored (friendless) kid from Untold/CuntyLeftFoot here to try and get a reaction.

    Just console yourself in the knowledge:

    – He has no friends
    – He is desperate for a father figure
    – He is poor
    – He has never seen Arsenal play

    His terrible comments and angry/rage filled tone mean nothing once you see the cunt for what he is…….probably a rape victim.

  21. Johnny5

    We’re looking 2 bring in two players

    We’re looking at zaha

    We were never interested in zaha.

    This is my best ever squad

    Find your own links there readily available cunt.

  22. tom

    Also if we were to look for a ready made world class striker Lewandowski is our man but I doubt he would leave Dortmund for us plus I heard he is off to Bayern Munich.

  23. Evan

    Arsenal Stewards top the list of biggest cunts with jobs,

    I haven’t had first hand experience of this but have heard so many negative things about our stewards. Not surprised at all, probably one of the reasons our atmosphere is poor.


  24. arsenesabemejor

    haha the mighty gambon who posts like a pussy on his twitter page , dont see any of the insults about Wenger like the ones you write on here, what a total fraud, typical anti wenger who is all mouth no action, much like many on here, you want change but cant be bothered to get off your arse and do anything about it,its no wonder that you arent taken seriuosly

    Wenger has more bottle than all of you at least he stands up for what he believes in public

    Here we have a bunch of pretend names who just bitch all day and insult anyone with a different view

    Has to be the most childish Arsenal forum on the net

  25. AC Gooner


    in all the years to come, when Wenger joins the Maggies and Ronald Reagans of this world in his expensive, exclusive mental ward, the whole world will think to themselves….

    “aha, that explains his last 10 years at Arsenal. He was freaking mental”

  26. Kwik fit


    Would somebody please shoot the fucker who said this.
    The author of this crap has no knowledge of our glorious club.
    Put it out of its misery!

  27. ArseneIsArsenal

    Now now Gambon and your bum boy Johnny5.

    These are the facts: WENGER runs this Club and both you clowns aren’t fit to lick his shoes. You moan and cry all the time, but never front up to any of these protests. You talk the talk but yet when my boy Doublegooner try’s to get some people to come forward both you clown wussed out. Luckily for you, DG was working for us so you dodged that one. Maybe we’ll get you next time…..

    Never forget, Arsene Knows.

  28. gambon


    Well fuck off then you silly little wanker.

    You have NEVER, I mean NEVER spoken about Arsenal or football on here. You are a disgusting abortion of a human that cant even enter the UK cos of child abuse charges from what I hear.

  29. ArseneIsArsenal


    haha the mighty gambon who posts like a pussy on his twitter page , dont see any of the insults about Wenger like the ones you write on here, what a total fraud, typical anti wenger who is all mouth no action, much like many on here, you want change but cant be bothered to get off your arse and do anything about it,its no wonder that you arent taken seriuoslyWenger has more bottle than all of you at least he stands up for what he believes in publicHere we have a bunch of pretend names who just bitch all day and insult anyone with a different viewHas to be the most childish Arsenal forum on the net”


    These lot are ALL MOUTH!!!! We could on two hands how many turned up at “that protest”. It was a pitiful display.

  30. Guns of Hackney


    we’re a tiny side – it’s no surprise that when we had a team of 6 footers, we were pretty hard to push about.

    Arsene tried to create a Barca-lite…but Barca have good players, we have Gervinho and the sheep shagging inbred, Ram-sheep

  31. salparadisenyc

    Arsene is Arsenal.
    I once acted like an immature cunt to no end. My dad put me over his knee and whipped the living shit out of me, I think I was 9. I remember the first match he took me to, Don Howe was in charge. Then the George Graham era now those boy were committed, exuded the belief this very posting is about . That was one tough outfit, Arsene inherited the steel that won many a trophy from that time, a quality we’ve sorely lacked in recent times.

    I aways equated the steward with attitude as some power crazed flunky from the police academy whom never could cut the muster.

    Theres always halloween.

  32. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon you prove my point, spineless and you also seem to be an expert on child abuse, is that a family connection, it may help if you get some of it out, if you talk about your abuse it may be the first step to your recovery

  33. Spectrum

    ArseneisArsenal is almost certainly paspartu. I’m surprised he hasn’t used the phrase ” little Englanders” yet. The best way to know for SURE, is to do what we all love doing anyway – abuse Wenger. He absolutely hates that. It’s sure to bring out the worst in him, because he has a manic obsession with protecting him. He feels it’s his personal duty. Isn’t that right, paspartu ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  34. tom

    Didn’t understand the Wenger comment about Gervinho I can name about 20 players alone in West Africa who are better then Gervinho. That comment was disrespectful to ACTUAL footballers in Africa.

  35. Brennyken

    Tom if we did have those two mids plus Fellani it could bully other teams. It would also make squad plyrs think twice about complacency if we got those plyrs you put in your next season line up.

  36. arsenesabemejor

    arseneisarsenal its so easy to spout off like many posters on here as they are hidden behind the anonymity

    when it came to a march or something where they would have to show their faces …………………nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bunch of keyboard warriors who the club would be better off without, none who have any experience of what they are talking about.

    Arsene mans up and faces his critics these lot stay hidden, hes got more bottle than any of them plus he cares far more about the club as well

  37. ArseneIsArsenal

    @Spectrum, I have no idea whom you are referring to.

    But Wenger has made this club what it is today. Children will sing about ‘Les Invincibles’ long after clowns like Gambon and J5 have moved on to support Shitty or the Chavs.

  38. gambon


    You mean it may help you to pretend its me that needs to talk about it…..transference don’t they call it?

    Sorry shouldn’t use words longer than 4 letters with you, your IQ of 56 will be a massive hindrance (sorry again)

  39. ArseneIsArsenal


    I concur. All these people on here make sweeping statements about Wenger and the training etc and yet have no evidence on which to base those assumptions. They’ve never been to any of the training sessions or internal transfer discussions/board meetings. Just simple sheep following their anti-French / anti-Wenger agenda.

    I remember the so called protest! Hilarious. How many turned up, 10? 11? I’ll be generous……12.

  40. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon the transference is exactly what youre doing , insults is all you have got, no real points, why do you post like a little pussy on twitter ? why not any of the wishing death on the board and manager on there?

    No need to answer its obvious

    The club dont need and certainly wouldnt miss fans like you, all this crap from you and I bet you dont even go to games

  41. PhilF

    ArseneIsArsenal, are you some little boy on drugs with a massive crush on Wenger? Visionary… you’re as deluded as he is…. Why don’t you fuck off to ‘Untold’

  42. arsenesabemejor

    arseneisarsenal this much hated for players and the manager from people they have never met is an indication of one thing,JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And a massive inferiority complex

  43. tom

    Yeah Brennyken imagine a midfield of Capoue, Diame, Wilshere and Fellani teams would fear us even before we would be out of the tunnel. Also if we were to sign those players they could actually play they wouldn’t be like players who are big for nothing.Having about 6/7 6 footers in the first eleven alongside players like Gibbs, Cazorla, Wilshere would make us a powerful team like the invincibles.

  44. arsenesabemejor

    philf isnt this a blog where you can have an opinion not get one, perhaps they should add

    “as long as its the same as ours”

  45. gambon


    You telling me i have transference issues is your transference cos infact you have transference issues.

    Now leave them kids alone and explain why you are exiled from the UK like Gary Glitters even worse cousin?

  46. arsenesabemejor

    Time to face facts Wenger has today said he isnt going anywhere and he has a contract until the end of next season, its also clear that he has the full support of the board as he is working under their restrictions.

    He is the clubs manager until the end of next season at least so why not try a novel idea and start actually supporting the team as its clear that nothing any of you do on here makes any difference

    He will strengthen in the summer

  47. Spectrum

    Guns of Hackney – No mate, I don’t agree that Tom’s on a wind up. I reckon they’re two different persons. This Tom has been calm and rational. The other I don’t think I’ve seen on here today yet. ( Thank God ).

    Now we just have to get the pest exterminators in to fumigate the site, seeing that paspartu and arsenesabemejor are stinking the place out.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  48. Guns of brixton

    Belhanda is apprantely holding out for Arsenal to pick him up after rejecting the spuds and galatasary,
    SHOULD we take him for the 8-10m price tag? the man AW called the next Pires if he unleashes hes potential??

  49. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon why do you post like a pussy on your twitter page ?

    why no mention of kiddy fiddling on there, you are a total coward and the great thing is its obvious to everyone, you may have a few school kids following you on here but in the real world we all know you are a fraud!!!!!!!!!! and a spineless one at that who when hidden away on here spouts vile and hateful things about a man with more class and style than you will ever have but when you have a public twitter page you revert to your real character!!!!!!!


  50. Spectrum

    paspartu and arsenesabemejor – Why don’t you tell us what you think Wenger is currently doing well ? Notice I said CURRENTLY. We could do with some light relief after the slagfest you two have ( intentionally ) caused.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  51. salparadisenyc

    “Arsene mans up to his critics” Joke Friday indeed.

    What the fuck are you looking at?

    All time week for Wenger.

    Eliminated from the FA cup to a very poor Blackburn side, throttled at home in the prizefight against a far superior Bayern on similar wages. An utter breakdown at the press conference wedged in the middle for good measure. Arsene is Arsenal, i’d agree mate. We are now the laughing stock of European football, and any team domestically fancies taking all 3 points against us.

    Its like a greek tragedy, except nobody is killing off the Emperor which makes for very dull reading in the end.

  52. gambon


    Lol, Webster, sorry Wenger “Give me credit, we nearly came back to 2-2……we didnt but we nearly did”


    This HAS to be the last game of Arsene “why you looking at me” Wenger. Cunt manager with a team of cunt players. I dont recognise Arsenal.


    Aresene Wenger is the french Kevin Webster….

    You were saying….???….

  53. gambon

    I tell you what is funny…

    arsenesamassivewanker……self confessed homosexual, lover of Wenger and missing a father figure….stalking the mighty one on twitter.

    You sad, sad, sad cunt.

  54. Holmes


    I’ve been reading your Arsene idolising rants for an hour or so now and whilst I’m convinced you’re not really as deluded as you’re trying to make out, and it’s all just to get a rise out of the likes of our boy Gambon. I still can’t help but picture you now … a little teenager hidden in the corner of his darkened bedroom in his pants with a crumbled up cherished picture of Wenger covered in an amalgamation of digestive biscuit crumbs and tears.

    Oh wait they’re not tears…

  55. arsenesabemejor

    Spectrum hes the man put in charge by the board and clearly still backed by the board, I trust his judgement and know that he only has the best interests of the club at heart and I am certain he cares about the club. We are now coming out of the financial restrictions imposed on him. Fact is we cant compete with the teams who have spent over a billion to win the league either on fees or wages.FFP is coming and things will change, we will still be a top team in 50 years time, cant say the same about chelsea or city

    Yes hes made mistakes but all managers do, but I trust him to put things right

  56. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon with every post you prove me correct, come on put some of this style of posting on your twitter wish death on the board and manager , why not use your cancer reference and we will all see that you are not all hot air

    show us all that you are a man who stands by his convictions rather than a forum bull

    Or are you really a spineless hater?

  57. stuart

    My entire family have been Arsenal supporters for over sixty years. My aunt lived within sight of the North Bank. It sadens me that the decline over the past five to six years has not be halted as I believe that two or three sensible, quality signings early on could have resulted in a trophy win if not a Premiership title.

    Arsene has been good for the club, have no doubt, but he has lost his way. His judgement is flawed both on and off the field and it seems anyone who offers an opinon is ignored.

    His lack of action in the transfer market, his on field tactics or lack of any and the flawed wage policy confirms that it is time for him to leave the club this summer.

    This hopefully will allow him to leave with dignity and give the new manager time to assemble his own squad, as long as the board allow him to spend.

    A sad time for all genuine supporters.

  58. Adam Bucci

    huge game tomorrow.

    my prediction, villa park take the lead through a corner and we eke out a draw or last minute win.

    which leads me to this – its blatantly obvious zonal marking at corners has costusmany goals or even games, so even if wenger wants the team to use it, why doesn’t the captain of the team – who once upon a time was a very good defender – just take charge on the pitch and tell the team to man mark. hes on the pitch, and has a better idea than wenger as to whats going on.

    everytime the pole allows a goal to go in because of an error by him, wilshere should kick him in the balls. he’ll turn into gordon banks by half time with that sort of motivation.

    as for ramsey,a couple of eyedrops of visine in his pre game porridge should be enough to keep him out with a ‘sudden illness’ allowing players who know what they’re doing, like rosicky, to start.

    thats my two pennies worth, remember to play ‘when will the subs come on’ at halftime tomorrow.

    100pts for guessing the minute
    250pts for guessing the player coming on
    250pts for guessing who’s coming off
    750 points if you guess who’s coming on and who’s coming off for them

  59. Johnny5


    It really is a shame. I used to love it when I was a kid. Highbury was like the coliseum for me loved it. Now it’s just frustration after frustration. I’m sick of talking about it though its depressing. I really do think the only way forward is protest phw and wenger will stay until their last breath unless the fans demand they do one. Surely there must be enough support for a decent protest

  60. HerveDeNerve

    Surely Oscar Pistorius can’t be the first bloke to wake up legless on Valentines Day and shoot a load into his girlfriend’s face while he was imagining she was someone else

  61. Johnny5


    ‘Yes hes made mistakes but all managers do, but I trust him to put things right’

    Mate he couldn’t give two shits about the club. If he did he wouldn’t constantly lie and ignore the fans. And you are mental if you thing ffp will change a god damn thing. All it will do is ensure teams like Swansea villa Everton etc wont ever have a chance. Even without your ambromoviches of the prem were not in that good shape. We lost money last year and had to sell players to make up the difference. And look at united. Not spent ridiculously yet still the best in the league. Why? Because the manager knows what he’s doing wenger hasn’t a clue. Stop living in 1997 dude and see what’s in front if your face.

  62. Spectrum

    arsenesabemejor – You haven’t answered the question. I thought you wouldn’t. I want to know what you personally think Wenger is CURRENTLY doing well. Don’t try diverting the spotlight to “trusting in Wenger.” That’s a convenient cop out.

    Second question ; He must be doing something well, surely, otherwise what justification can there possibly be for him to keep his job, especially given our continued lack of success ? Now I know you won’t want to let this one pass you by,so come on then, list all all the things he’s doing well. I’ll even give you a helping hand – list them going back for two years. That should be easy, huh ?

    Interesting how the A.K.B’s are totally lost for an argument when you deny them the option of falling back on the one thing they cherish the most – the distant past.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    P.S. Where’s your mate ArseneisArsenal ? Can’t he stand the heat ? Thought so.

  63. Bob N7

    Stuart – I’m with you. To those mindless haters, can I remind you that Wenger for all his faults has contributed massively. Arsenal as a club has a reputation, long earned, of doing things the right way. Wenger should be allowed to leave gracefully and with class. There are too many people, who don’t deserve to be named, who are disgusting in their rhetoric. I just wish they had a different interest to blog about, that allows them to get their bile out well away from anything to do with Arsenal.
    Come on you Reds!

  64. Spectrum

    ArseneisArsenal / paspartu – I suggest you keep quiet now. You’re even embarassing your fellow A.K.B.’s. over at “Arsenal Vision”, “Untold Arsenal” e.t.c. They should be institutionalised, but you need a high security unit all for yourself.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  65. arsenesabemejor

    Spectrum I am happy with the manager, I have seen but not often enough some really good football this season, we have a consistency problem, personally I would rather wait until the end of the season and see where we finish in the league before casting any further judgement, we have a great new stadium and a fantastic future and if it has cost us winning major trophies for a few years to do so then so be it, I have been fortunate over the years to see us win many things with different managers but never has the football been so good as what we see under Wenger.

  66. Guns of Hackney

    There are some truly deranged people on here. Seriously, ill.

    I am out tonight with friends for a few drinks, can you all stay away from the Moorgate Area of London, please.

    Thank you – A Worried Citizen.

  67. gambon

    “wait until the end of the season and see where we finish in the league before casting any further judgement”

    Nothing like being proactive

    “we have a great new stadium”

    New?, I thought it was 7 years old?

    “and a fantastic future”

    Mystic meg now are we?

    “never has the football been so good as what we see under Wenger”

    This highlights how stuck in the past the AKB is.

    We play terrible football. One shot on goal in big games is not good football.

  68. gambon

    “I am out tonight with friends for a few drinks, can you all stay away from the Moorgate Area of London, please.”


  69. Spectrum

    Paspartu – Where did I use those terms you described ? I didn’t. Others may have, I didn’t. You’re becoming delirious and imagining things. So now I’ve cleared up that little misunderstanding of yours, I’m sure you’re keen to apologise, and finally get around to answering my question now ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.” ( I DID say that ).

  70. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon see more deflection from you, cant answer , thing is you dont really need to , we all know the answer , PUSSY

  71. Guns of Hackney


    RE: Gable

    Looks quite nice. My opinion has changed about you over the past few weeks – I am now a Gambonista. I assume you wear a suit to work, something in insurance/finance, perhaps? It looks like a ‘no hats, no trainers’ kind of place.

    Nah, I would never say where I am going out online. One never knows, whom they may bump into.

  72. Guns of Hackney


    No, no – No spudly dudley would waste this much time on a Arsenal Blog…they have people to molest…and that takes time.

  73. Johnny5


    They are all in it together. All responsible. But the board and kroenke aren’t the ones lying to our faces. Wenger is. In a perfect world yeah your probably right he might deserve to see his contract out but the fans are sick of the lies, the selling of players to hide financial incompetence, the blatant lack of talent in the squad, the fact we no longer play good football, ticket prices, lack of ambition, the fact he cant spot a decent player to save his life.Do I really need to go on. He should leave in the summer at the latest.

  74. Spanish Bill

    For the record, am I right in thinking that Arsenal was the UK’s third-most successful club before Arsene joined? Just checking.

  75. TitsMcgee

    arsenesabemejor = arseneisarsenal

    Pretty obvious.

    If you stop feeding them with attention by responding to them they’ll go away.

    The thing that gets me with Wenger is that he genuinely seems confused that we aren’t a good team. He genuinely seems surprised that we are have lost.

    Even though we can all see it. Our rivals can all see it. TV pundits can all see it.

    The delicate genius can’t.

  76. gambon


    i wasnt trying to stalk you lol, thats what Arsenesasenileclown does to me.

    I work in KFC, I blend the 13 spices together, but i can never tell what they are.

  77. Spectrum

    paspartu – You’re still avoiding ( evading ) the question. Sorry, as Gambon said, the stadium doesn’t count. Remember to stick with the rules – I said CURRENTLY ( or if that’s too hard – two years back ). And no, we’re not interested in YOUR version of our future., either.

    Can’t think of anything better than to just wait ? That sums up the A.K.B. doesn’t it ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  78. arsenesabemejor

    tits absolutely not is that what you do when there is more than one person who doesnt agree with your point of view, pretend its not!!!

  79. Yippee Kai Yay

    pedro, it is difficult to be nice to some trolls here.

    I personally am choosing to ignore, but it is abundantly clear that some of these characters are very ‘half term’ trolls.

  80. Spanish Bill

    @ Guns of Hackney

    Thanks. I guess it depends on how you measure it. In any case, I think the underlying message is quite clear.

  81. Spectrum

    arsenesabemejor – Stop attacking Gambon, and using diversionary tactics to avoid answering me. So far, your score is one out of ten. Your uncle Arsene would be ashamed of you.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  82. Guns of Hackney

    LOL, Gambon – I know you weren’t. But I would never give my whereabouts online to anyone…

    It does look like a nice joint though. I used to work there (Moorgate) on Christopher Street. Did the usual ALLBARONES and the 8 Club – in fact, I worked beneath the 8 club – same building.

    Anyway, enough small talk. WENGER’S GOTTA GO!!!!!

  83. arsenesabemejor

    spectrum why do we have to use your rules? look theres far more support for Wenger than you may want to admit, its apparent that he isnt going anywhere soon , the board support him and he isnt going to quit.

    Not sure how long the extreme views of some on this blog have been around but ones things for sure , they dont make a blind bit of difference, there are no mass protests so its fairly obvious that theres a distinct lack of conviction to the views expressed on here, we have seen protests at other clubs against the board but nothing worth speaking about at Arsenal

  84. arsenesabemejor

    Pedro no support doesnt mean they want him gone, one day the full picture of the last few years will come out and one side will have to eat humble pie

    But if Wenger wasnt working under restrictions imposed by the board whilst the debts being reduced why havent they sacked him?

    Hes made mistakes and made some bad buys but name me a manager who hasnt, we have been buying at the cheap end of the market and some were speculative, does anyone really think that he wanted his best players sold and if accounts are to be believed we were outbid on many players by chelski and city, Wengers been used to competing at the top level , why would he now be settling to be falling behind the oil teams unless its part of a much bigger long term plan that just maybe coming to fruition if reports of large amounts of money are to be made available


    Guns of Hackney

    On slightly different news..

    Any tip’s for tomorrow on the Villa Game?

    Putting raw emotion’s to one side..!!

  86. Yippee Kai Yay

    That I understand Pedro, but seriously these guys have set out to be antagonistic and rile people. Where is the love in that?

    As for one of them to suggest that they are a steward (which clearly they are not) and will abuse any perceived ‘authority’ goes beyond ridicule, it puts us as a collectively as fans to shame. Regardless of the thoughts on our manager.

    I know you are an advocate for freedom of speech including at the ground.

  87. Guns of Hackney


    Alas, Arsenal will win this one – cue Wenger’s smug little grin like he’s saying “yep…told you so”.

    Villa haven’t got it in them.


  88. Pedro

    arsenesabemejor, I know people who work with him… he’ll never be able to explain away his poor preparation and lack of interest in a game plan.

    The money is neither here nor there nowadays… he can’t get the best our of his players…he has a poorly distributed wage bill and even if he had half of the £70m to spend… he’s not spending it. So he’s not maximising his resources.

    He’s not an elite manager. Simple as that.

  89. Yippee Kai Yay

    VIX, best odds you’ll get all season on us for a home win. But don’t expect a clean sheet, I would suggest 1-1 HT & 3-1 FT might be good odds. Or if looking at live odds half way through first half consider ‘1st goal in last 10 minutes’, given that if we don’t score in first 20 we have tend to leave it to last minute.

    But then as before, I am always more successful in gambling other people’s money.

  90. Spanish Bill

    It’s true that the protests to date have been mostly reactive and uncoordinated. We are Arsenal fans after all; it’s taken 8 years of failure to get to this point. I only turned anti-Wenger a year ago or so, and even then it’s partly because I can’t seen any other way to get to that waste of space Kroenke. But the point of no return has been crossed. I think a clear majority of fans have come to a similar conclusion. Wenger HAS made too many mistakes. Our squad has been poorly put together, And if any AKBs insist on denying that, I would simply like to ask them one question: how many trophyless years would it take for you to turn against Wenger & co? Nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, infinity? It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer.



    Based on logic & past performances.yep that seem’s about right..

    But no premonition’s then?

    I still have the handbrake on..
    Trying to find the mental strength to call it..

    I think I’ll pass on this game..

    But will release the handbrake for the Spud’s game..

    A definite Arsene win,a middle finger salute to his detractor’s..

  92. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – no premonition and I wouldn’t hold by breath on them – 2 in 30+ years hardly qualifies me for the next Mystic Meg.

    Having said that, the two I did envision were so weird and accurate.

  93. arsenesabemejor

    Pedro that s your opinion but I dont agree hes lost it, there are many people who are actually involved in the game and have some practical experience in it who are saying exactly the opposite.

    Funny thing is that he never really badmouthed by any of his former players , yes theres criticism from the likes of Robson but hes hardly done anything in the game.

    I dont know what his training methods are so cant comment on
    it and to be honest it s not something I have any experience in .

    Out of interest Pedro whats your stance on what Wenger feels about the club personally I think he really cares and is upset at the position we are in at the moment, hes always been a winner and I would love to see him at the helm and winning things again, wouldnt you?


    Yippei Kai Yay..

    What are the odds for an AFC win..?

    I’ll wait for the NLD..

    This Villa game is a bit of a slippery slope..
    I can see us winning,not that we’ve turned the corner,but Wenger want’s to tell us,he’s not finished yet..

    I suspect the NLD will be high scoring..!
    With us winning…

  95. patthegooner

    “So it is down to us to continue to be consistent like we have been in the Premier League.”

    WTF, Consistently inconsistent. The man knows no boundary when it comes to talking absolute bullshit. Does he actually think about what he is saying

  96. El Tel

    Thanks Evan

    Mst of the older Stewards I know are Arsenal through and through. Thry only took the job on to watch and be part of the Club.

    No pretend coppers that I know are Arsenal stewards, they are far from this.

    If people want to break the laws of the land ( Not Arsenal rules ) then it needs to be stopped.

    Stewards are not to blame for the lack of atmosphere at the Stadium this is the Teams business and the fans themselves.

    I must say a lot of the new rookie Stewards do not look like Arsenal fans to me and if I get a newbie working alongside me I always ask who they support. If they support the Mancs I tell the Supervisor to move them away from me as they will not like what will happen.

    I played in the Arsenal Stewards tournament at the Stadium last summer and there was a few wearing Manc shirts and Liverpool shirts.

    I went up to a Manc twat who was a giant of a cu t and said, come near me and I will kick the shit outof you

    I hate them arrogant cunts more than anything.



    Guns of HackneyFebruary 22, 2013 15:40:03
    Wenger is a liar. It’s that simple.

    A pathological liar & loser

  98. Johnny5


    I’m not too sure got a feeling we will pick up a red (jack) and bentekes threat against our defence. We’ve never been able to handle agbonglahor em who’s half the player. I’m going either a 1-1 draw or either team nicks it at the death

  99. tom

    We have to beat Aston Villa tomorrow no excuses Rosicky has to start from the beginning and Arteta has to stop playing simple passes it’s like he worries about his pass completion rate. Cazorla has step up his game as he has been slacking recently.

  100. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – sit on the fence much!

    Benteke will cause our terrible defense all sorts of problems but I think we’ll have enough going forward. 3-0 to The Gunners.



    AFC would give the Baath Party a run for their money..

    No protest’s,dissenting voice’s soon quelled & ejected from the stadium..

    Empty promises of reform,followed by quashing of rebel’s & activists..

    The masses,subsidising the luxury lifestyles of the Party member’s..

    Foreign bank account’s awash with the people’s money..

    No accountability..

    Rousing Speeches of FFP,Sustainability& Mental Strengthzzz..

    Various faction’s & other supporter group’s bought off by the Party,so as to consolidate their positions & keep dissension to a bare minimum..

    Speeches’s of outside influences(media& foreign influences),trying to divide & destabilize the club.

    You are with us,or you are the enemy.
    (The Bush Mantra)
    Shall be identified,imprisoned/ejected,or sent into exile..

    Media & fan censorship..

    The Spin,The PR,through known loyalist’s media platform(s)..

    Wheel out the loyalist’s onto the street’s & get them to infiltrate social media platform’s that want the regime out..i.e…The AKB’s..with their following mantra..

    “Arsene you are our Leader,our Messiah,we shed our blood for you”

    “Arsene,you are our Leader,
    Our messiah,
    We shed our blood for you”