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‘The difficulty is that the belief is not completely there.’

When you’re being paid a Kings ransom, you should have a few more cliches in the bag. You should also have a little bit more substance to what you’re saying, especially when you’ve just been torn a new one by a team with a better work rate and better tactics.

Belief isn’t a magic ingredient you pluck out of thin air. Belief comes from confidence. Confidence can be built a number of ways. It can be instilled by a manager on the training ground with a load of massive pats on the back, it can come with a rip roaring half time speech… or it can come from knowing you’re more prepared than the other team. If you’re set up properly before a game, you know that even if the confidence and belief isn’t there, you’re one step ahead of the opposition because you know how they’re going to set up, you know what they do from set pieces and you have a structured way of crushing them in possession and out of possession.

So belief doesn’t sit just with the players, it sits with the entire back room team. Belief can be built by laying the foundations properly.

If I was going to change a few things at Arsenal for the remainder of the season, I’d look at the following…

Hand that defence over…

Yes Arsene, it’s clear that things have gone massively down hill since you stopped allowing Steve Bould to manage the back four… Hand all the defence over to him and let him work his magic. We’re an absolute shambles at the moment. A collection of broken individuals. They need to be drilled into defending properly, they need to have structure to what they do in every situation… they need to have the individualism drilled out of them like a battered  army recruit. When you think you’ve drilled them into the ground and they can take more, drill them further. Everyone needs to know their role from set pieces, from throw ins, from corners…

If we stop conceding goals, it’ll instill confidence everywhere else in the side.

… and remember Arsene, if someone on your team is getting more credit than you, that’s a credit to you.

Force players to sit through video analysis…

Arsenal players need to have individually tailored videos talked through on an individual level before each game. Lukas Podolski needs to be shown how badly exposed he left Thomas Vermalen the other night. He needs to be told how to play on the ball and how to play off it. If he falls foul of his instructions, he doesn’t play in the next game. These players aren’t good enough to be trusted to ‘work it out with football intelligence’… that might come, but it’s not there at the moment. When people are down in the dumps, they simply need to be built back up with structure.

A bit like children… except I wouldn’t spank a footballer.

Pick players based on form…

Yeah, yeah, I totally know… it’s an obvious one. But we don’t seem to pick players on form or the job they can do. We pick them based on favouritism. Why is Aaron Ramsey being played over Thomas Rosicky? Someone tell me? The Czech is captain of his country, he pretty much rescued our season last year and he’s been fit for months. What’s going on? Every time he comes on he looks far more potent than Aaron ever does. Outside that, there’s not too many other players I’d be calling for to drop back into the side… what I’m worried about is Wenger shoving Gervinho in at every give opportunity for the run in. If he’s playing poorly, drop him. Hey, maybe we could ressurect Andrey Arshavin’s career. We’ve got a bullet of a player hiding away there under the rolls of fat. Why isn’t he fighting fit and motivated? We should be trying to squeeze the best out of everyone…

Make changes before 70 minutes if things are going wrong…

Arsene Wenger is the only manager in football who has a routine for subs. How many times this year have we watched a horror show individual performance unfold and nothing changes until bang on 70 minutes. It’s ridiculous. If a player is having a stinker, pull him off (not like that you pigs) and put someone on who can change the shape of the side. It’s only a minor thing… but Wenger’s approach to subs cost us, amongst other things, against Blackburn.

Get the most out of Theo…

So Giroud is an aerial presence without pace… Theo is a pace machine with no aerial presence. Here’s an idea… why don’t we build a system that suits both of them. I appreciate 4-4-2 isn’t the way teams like to do it these days… but come on, there must be an iteration where you can play two strikers? World football can’t have hit the 150 year mark and given up… ‘guys, this is it… no more new formations, we’ve f*cked ourselves with this 4-3-3 thing’. There must be a way around this? Big man, little man… who’s going to work on this one for me?

Anyway, just a few things… what would you change with our current set up?

Onto other news… a gay Councillor has come out and said he’s slept with an Arsenal striker. He’s 51… so, what are we saying here… a George Graham striker? Maybe an early Arsene type? Is it even legal to play the guessing game? Anyway, seems a bit of an odd thing to drop in there for an MP.

I noticed Robbie Savage has landed himself a ghost writer to pen his illuminating thoughts with the The Mirror. Jeez… I mean, how do publications constantly out do themselves with people they want to represent them? There are literally no quality checks. What exactly has he ever done in the game to merit my eyeballs taking in his badly written dross? Is it cost? Is it because he irritates everyone? If I was running a paper, I’d want the articulate intelligent players churning out genuinely insightful content for me. Not some guy who can barely string a sentence together.

You know the problem with newspapers online… mainly in sport… they have something I call unconditional readership. Football fans will literally digest any old sh*t you send their way. That’s why so many shocking football networks have set up to push made up stories. When a content team presents number back on badly put together article, there’s no deep dive into how the article was received, all the guy running the show will see is XXX hits. That’s why in the main, there’s so much dross out there… because in sport, it’s about the headline. Basically, your clicks are the problem. It probably took Le Grove two years to get more traffic from Google than newsnow…  I’d suspect most of the network blogs depend entirely on Newsnow to survive.

Anyway, rant over…

Arsene Wenger’s presser is about to start… question is, are they prepared?



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  1. Evan

    The Life of Deadwood on the eve of weekend game
    “I think i will buy a new watch today, maybe a car. looking forward to watching some football later doubt I will play, not too bothered feel sleepy today, I wonder if Cham wants to meet in soho for a catchup this evening, a smoke in Soho would go down well”

  2. TheBayingMob

    3rd! Result! What’s my prize? Do I get to nominate which AFC player gets bummed next by a gay MP? If so, I vote for Chamakh … no wait, he probably already is … I was at Bayern on Tuesday. Good atmosphere, dross team. The German supporters were incredible, I’ve been told that’s how they do their home games too. I think the Bundesliga is the way forward. The PL has whored itself so much it’ll be left in the gutter with it’s arse bleeding wondering where it all went wrong while the money walks off with someone talking like zis!!

  3. Honest Bill

    This whole ‘give the defense to Bould’ thing that people keep regurgitating just shows a massive lack of understanding of how a football team works..

  4. ArseneIsArsenal

    Arsene IS the right man for the job.

    Unfortunately the PATHETIC supporters never get behind the team and treat the Emirate’s ‘experience’ as if going to the fucking theatre. You mugs think that your their to be entertained. This just shows what is wrong with the ‘entitlement’ culture of the ’emirate’.

    Arsene has more experience than all of you mugs put together. You think that you can do a better job?! why?! because you play PES? Fifa? Champ Manager?!!!!!


    IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Brennyken

    Another great post. If you worked for Arsenal tv you would get sacked for your honest assessments on how bad things have been. Bouldy needs to work with the defence again. In pre-season Mertesacker kept going near post when attacking corners. We looked like defensive unit in August until jealous Wenger put an end to that.

  6. HerveDeNerve

    Pedro, the ideas you raise are all well and good and would improve any team. But the problem here is Wenger, he only sees green lights, he does not consider or even see red ones. His belief is that his teams should go out and express themselves in a positive attacking style and at the end of the day we should score more then the opposition.

    When was the last time you ever saw Wenger at an away ground on a cold Wednesday evening looking over a team before we play them? Never, I’ve never ever seen it. Ive never even seen a representative of AFC like an assistant manager, Rice or Bould sent out to look at an opposing team.

    Have I seen Ferguson? Yes Have I seen Mourinho? Yes This just shows you how arrogant the man is and is proof enough that he will never ever change. These are his principals, this is what makes the man and no matter what happens, no matter who says what to him, he will not change.

    He does not do tactics, he does not care who our left and right backs will be up against this weekend, he does not give a damn who are the dangerous players are in the opposing team, its just green lights all the way.

    The only way to change this sorry situation is to get rid. But who is going to do it. Who is going to warn him that what is going on is not acceptable. Even this week there are soundbites coming out of the club that he can stay as long as he likes.

    The only people who can force this is the fans. It always has been and it always will be. 99% of all manager sackings (excusing the madman that is Abramovich) are always as a result of fan power.

    It’s coming soon, i can feel it.

  7. Gaz

    Always enjoy hearing what you have to say and generally agree with most of it. But I think we’re now at the stage where we have to stop believing that Wenger will ever change and continually suggesting what he needs to do is just utterly pointless. There really now can only be the two ‘camps’ to be a part of. You either want Wenger to stay and accept nothing will ever change. He’ll never delegate coaching duties, subs will always be made on 70 mins, and we’ll continue to buy at the lower end of the market (despite the spin the Club are currently coming out with). He’ll continue to sell the future and we’ll never win another trophy with him in charge. If fans are happy with this then fine-continue to support him. If on the other hand you want to see a change of direction then you simply have to accept that’ll only happen with a new manager in charge. I’m in this group and whilst I realise nobody can ever be sure a new manager will change things for the better at least we’ll be moving in the one direcetion or the other which is far more appealing than the current stagnation and malise the Club are going through.

  8. babasola tokoya

    Your wenger is at fault totally nand absolutely becase he allows good players to slip through our fingers JUAN MATA and CAHILL and SAMBA senegalese striker BA were literarilly begging to join arsenal but wenger signed rubbish average players like MERTESECKER SANTOS PARK GIROURD and see what these players are doing in other clubs Has wenger replaced SONG and why did he allow him to leave in the first place when he still had 3 years left on his contract and prefeered sluggish slow coach injury prone DAIBY in midfield when he is not a defensive midfielder Honestly i am fed up with wengerComment Here

  9. TheBayingMob

    ArseneIsArsenal February 22, 2013 09:33:33
    “Arsene IS the right man for the job. ”

    No he isn’t, he’s proved that for the last five years.

    “Unfortunately the PATHETIC supporters never get behind the team and treat the Emirate’s ‘experience’ as if going to the fucking theatre. You mugs think that your their to be entertained”

    You’re the mug, you clearly weren’t there on Tuesday night, the atmosphere was amazing and the team got great support. They still didn’t turn up. Our away support is always great, but I suspect you don’t actually go to any games.

    “You think that you can do a better job?! why?! because you play PES? Fifa?”

    Plot. Lost. You’ve. Who on here has said they would do a better job? All we’re saying is that Arsene looks a lost and haunted man, there’s no way he’s recovering this situation.


    No, the constant AKB’s are the losers, like you, they are happy and are condoning mediocirty. It’s appeasement. And not only are you happy with the last five years of gradual decline, you actually want to see it continue under some heart over head sentimental fantasy that Arsene is suddenly going to cobble it all together, Diaby will stay injury free and drive us onto domestic and European dominance. What fucking planet do you live on?

    “IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Take a T out of there boy!!


    Errrrrr, the club is over 125 years old, Arsene has been around for 16 of those years. Have a day off mate, you could do with a rest from being a cunt.

  10. Paddy got up

    I have to ask again the role of Steve Bould. I love the bloke as a player but if as you say he should be given the back four to work with, what’s he doing now?
    Bouldy could blow this situation up by stating that Wenger has undermined him and the situation is unworkable, then The Puppet Gazides would have to act..
    The longer he says nothing makes him compliant with Le Nosetrough.
    Come on Bouldy SPEAK UP

  11. SpanishDav

    We all know Wenger is not for turning, his ego will not allow it. He hasspent the last eight years fiddling about with his pet schemes while the world and his dog have past him by. His only motivation is the carry on the same so one day he can say ‘ told you so’.
    The board have man up ,its not up to him when he goes.The club are slowly loosing support and now every match is a mini crisis of some sort.
    In all my life I have never known anything like this in football, where the manager has the board by the balls.

  12. Gus J

    The old saying goes: “if you believe in something, than that’s real. If a lot of people believe in something, that’s reality”.

    Sadly for Wenger (and thereby also Arsenal), he has lately been unsuccessful in constructing his version of reality as he has failed to change his ideas and philosophies to reflect the times. As a consequence, his efforts now appear less like spin, PR or personal convictions, and more like delusions and blatant lies.

    I would feel bad for the ole git, if it weren’t for the fact that Arsenal are paying for his deficiencies. Too bad he has managed to isolate himself from anyone who wants the best for him and who he trusts, who would kindly tell him that the thing to do is to let go of the reigns while he still has an ounce of dignity left.

    Sad really.

  13. kc

    Great post Pedro. Really looking forward to the lunatics presser. Sure hope the reporters don’t look at him to long. – ” What are you looking at?” – ” You, it’s your press conference.” What a nut. The pressure has almost snapped le senile.

  14. Kemp1886

    At the start of the season Wenger said that it was his strongest squad.In January,only an injury forced his hand to buy.Why would anybody trust this man to improve the squad,with or without money?

  15. Arselona

    4th place trophy = 25million pounds??

    That may keep the board happy, but FFS as a fan, if thats all we going to aspire to each season, then why do we even bother attending and supporting??

    We want trophies, they want profits…

  16. The Arsenal Inn

    Really can’t disagree with much that has been said here.

    1) Let Steve Bould drill the defence. Or, alternatively, if he has been doing it and the rumours of him just being ‘bibs and cones’ are false, hang him out to dry…. blame the defence on Bouldy. If he is in charge then he’s not the coach we were hoping, if he isn’t allowed to drill them then he should walk…. at least we’d know for sure.

    2) Video analysis. Quite right. A confident footballer can just go out and play his game. A down in the dumps footballer needs to be told exactly what to do.

    3) Form….. or as you put it – just fucking get Rosicky in the team. Walcott and Giroud up top. Wilshere and Rosicky combing in midfield.

    4) I’d also like to see a back four of Jenkinson, Sagna, Koscielny and Monreal. I’ve had enough of Vermaelen now. And Sagna’s lost his pace and stamina so let’s try him at centre back.

    5) Gibbs left midfield when he comes back? So how about a 442…. Szcz, Jenks, Sags, Kos, Monreal, Rosicky, Arteta, Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott, Giroud….. Santi and Poldi need to prove themselves off the bench for a few weeks in my opinion.

  17. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Belief? I’d imagine better players and tactics might be a better bet..

    But what do I know? I’m not paid 7m to come up with this stuff…

    Can you imagine AW in the dressing room telling giroud he should believe he’s as good as messi? Wish we could see that on webcam.

  18. Graham

    Sagna (arse kicked)

    Theo, Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, not good enough
    Ox, Ramsey, Gibbs, work in progress

    You can’t lose Seaman, Jens, Adams, Vierra, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Lundberg, Cesc, RVP, et al and replace them with mediocre dross. Senderos, Squillaci, Santos, Flapianski, fucking list goes on and on.

    4th a miracle this year.

    And Bould is another £1m a year yes man, he wouldn’t have Jens or Tony or Dennis or Patrick involved because they’d question him

  19. Afc53

    Ditch zonal marking good shout and two up top

    Why not try a 5-3-2 like below with wing backs

    Sagna kos verm
    Jenkinson. Monreal
    Jack Cazorla

    Giroud Theo/podolski.

  20. HelpME

    Sketlenburg £5.5 million?

    Naah wenger would prefer to stick with chesney, he doesn’t wanna block his career etc

    The only player in our wardrobe to have a ounce of passion for the arsenal is wilshere, wilshere is the one who fits the same passion as keown Adams parlour Dixon!

    Cazorla looks like fabregas did 3years ago, he looks like he’s lost his momentum, like he is saying “what’s the point” cause he knows giroud or gervino etc will balls it up, shame…

    I’ve seen 4 Arsenal players this week, I’ve seen Kieran Gibbs at prezzo cockfosters picking up a order with his flash white Mercedes parked outside

    I’ve seen gervino in his audi q7 which has 2spoilers on (wierd)

    I’ve seen chesney in his Porsche twice this week driving about

    And funnily enough I saw pat rice eating in a cheap resteraunt in cockfosters…

    Anyway my point is, there going round in there sports cars picking up there 60k a week living the life in Hadley wood and do they earn it? No!
    Does Fergies boys do the same? Yes, does Fergies boys earn it, yes!

    Wenger out, French faciost mug

  21. Dony

    I’ll always be a fan but I’m not giving this regime anymore of my money. Arsenal no longer feels like a football club trying to win trophies. It feels like a corporation trying to sell a product and I’m not buying the product anymore.

    Bringing in a new manager (could help) but it’s simply papering over the cracks. The set up and Board need to go (Kroenke, Hill-Wood, Gazidis). Proper Football men would have been challenging and pressing Wenger long ago. To run a top club you need some commercial acumen in the leadership team but the balance is completely wrong at Arsenal.

  22. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    In the BBC comments, says it all really..


    Who cares?

    Trophies are what matters, and at ANY other top club, he’d have been fired a long time ago.

    Personally, as a Spurs fan, I am happy for him to stay. Clearly not the manager he once was, unlikely to win anything else at Arsenal in the near future. Marvellous.

  23. Kurt F

    Another one for the list – play the players you buy in their best positions!

    And I’m sorry, but the idea that no manager could do any better under this board is foolish (but conveniently impossible to prove as long as Wenger stays). I believe there are a large number of managers who could achieve a top four finish with a £140m+ wage bill at their disposal, and at the same time be capable of organising and motivating their players well enough to achieve victories over lower league opposition.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Arsene and the board are in this fiasco together, so we may as well drop the posts calling for Wenger’s head – it isn’t going to happen. The only thing the board will take notice off is if we, the fans, start making some real noise.

    Ditch your tickets. So what if you don’t go and sit for 90 mins in the freezing cold watching Arsenal churn out turgid performances…save some money and buy your boyfriend something nice.

    If you don’t like it, stop buying it.

  25. Mr Believe

    The big problem with our club…players/supporters alike is lack of belief, we all listen too much to the criticism..we are all on egg shell from the first whistle of every game…time we stood up and supported our club

  26. Relieable sauce

    A comment from the “i never thought of quitting” story on the bbc.

    13 Minutes ago


    Who cares?

    Trophies are what matters, and at ANY other top club, he’d have been fired a long time ago.

    Personally, as a Spurs fan, I am happy for him to stay. Clearly not the manager he once was, unlikely to win anything else at Arsenal in the near future. Marvellous.


  27. Ash79

    Am i the only one who is not enthused by the BS talk of Reina, Wanyama, Villa and Capoue?

    Out of that bunch i’d take Capoue. Funny thing was that pre-season we were ‘linked’ with Van Buyten, would have been a great signing.

    Anyone who still thinks Vermaelen will come good needs to have their head read. At the very least he shoudl be stripped of the armband. If Barca stump anything in teh region of Alex Song money, flog him.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    Totally agree – those players are either untested (we have loads of those clowns already) or on the downslide…again, we are full of that, already.

    The only thing that matters to me is a new manager. Anything else is plugging a flood with a cork.


    I wrote many times Ramsey is absolutely NOT good enough at the moment,and he should be loaned…simple as that.
    Whenever I see him in the line-up I expect adverse result,and as far as I remember,only a few ( if ever ) we won when he started a game.
    Rosiscky is a much polished player and works much harder that Ramsey…ditto

  30. ArseneIsArsenal

    If you don’t like it then STOP RENEWING YOUR SEASON TICKETS.


    END OF.

    I’m stewarding at the next home game so any of you mugs start protesting………

  31. Alex James

    Extraordinary statement to make that Wenger built this club. Chapman, Allison, Whitaker and Grahame did. Wenger built on what was already an institution. He is now In the process of pulling it down. My family has been supporting the club for close on 100 years. Take it from me that Wenger is not Arseneal. The generations of fans are.

  32. S Asoa

    Starting at the tail of your piece Pedro , Le Grove has passion which is an offshoot of honesty . The mention seems plastic moulding to situations. Your 5 points are an intelligent assessment . Unfortunately they are an indictment of Wenger prejudices , politics . Plus the perversity of letting super class like Mata , Ba , Young , et al who openly expressed desire to join , go elsewhere indicates Wenger has lost his bollocks . Oh why do we persist with this embarrassment ? Is it because the Board is senile and therefore in dire need of above mentioned councillor s for their entertainment and gratification ?

  33. Yippee Kai Yay

    btw, as bad as things are, I still see a convincing win over villa, they are a poor team, they lack experience in the team to pull it out of the bag when it matters, especially away from home.

    A lot of players with a point to prove as well, so they will be up for it (as they should be every bloody game, but that is a different issue).

    As I said yesterday, my concern is that the ‘Arsene not arsenal’ supporters will see this as a ‘back on track’ result.

    Once again establishing, among the more imbecilic end of the supporter spectrum, the notion of ‘a strong opinion after one game’.

    The irony of which will not be lost on me.

  34. simon McMahon

    Wow really another five minute fan;!!! Arsene is arsenal, he has made the club. What an ignorant and foolish thing to write.

    fella try and research and think before you write, for your information, Herbert Chapman made this club and George graham didn’t do a bad job himself, why don’t you google this as im sure you’ll have time as its half term this week.

    really what an idiot , by the way why don’t you look up the last time we won a big game under your fake messiah .
    Wenger out!!!

  35. Craig

    Whilst Rosicky is fit he has to be in the starting line-up as the only other player apart from Wilshere with sufficient drive and passion…

    and I’ve said it to friends for years that we need to have a world-class goalkeeper – I doubt Chezzer would get a game for Utd reserves….

  36. HerveDeNerve

    “If I go out now and play one against one with you [a reporter], you will see that I will beat you and at least if I don’t manage to beat you, I will want to beat you. That will not change as long as I can move. We can organise that if you want!”

    Ha fucking ha!

  37. Yippee Kai Yay

    tbf gambon, I could well believe that a belligerent, idiotic gimp like Arseneisarsenal is in fact a steward.

    From ST holders who used to be near me, before I handed mine back, they have started to become over officious, and quicker to enforce ejections, especially of anyone who wants to exhibit their rights to a freedom of speech.

    I always thought the use of the term dictatorship was a bit far fetched, but recent months have led me to re-think that term. If fact it wouldn’t surprise me if their mandate has been redefined in recent months.

  38. ArseneIsArsenal

    @Gambon, Whats your seat number? Oh thats right. YOU HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE EMIRATES!!!!!!

    LOL at all these fake fans

  39. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    Arsene made this club?


    The workers at the Woolwich Arsenal had nothing to do with it? Herbert Chapman had nothing to do with it? Bertie Mee and the famous double side of 71 had nothing to do with it? Alan Sunderland in 79 had nothing to do with it? Anfield 89? European glory In 94?

    Generations of players who wore the jersey. Rocky Rocastle..

    I could go on… Generations of Gooners who passed down the tradition from father to son had nothing to do with it? I bumped in (literally) one guy going into Highbury some years back as he stopped suddenly to bend down and tell his son; “Now Son, this is a life-defining moment for you. Going to see your first Arsenal game.” This father and son and thosands of other fathers who saw it as a duty to pass on the love of the club to their sons made this club.

    People who post on this blog: life long Gooners like Josip Skoblar and El Tel etc who through thick and thin have supported the club; before, during and will do so after Wenger. These people made the Arsenal.

    Arsene Wenger is but one chapter in our history. Fizman, Dein, Hill-wood were just as instrumental in our stadium as Arsene was. These are the guys who actually made it happen.

    Wenger came to, at that time, a pro-active and progressive club who were willing to take risk. I am not going to belittle his contribution… He made a very significant one.. He didnt build the stadium with his own money or alone.. He had great success and brought us many happy moments and will have his place in the history.. But a place in it. He will not be it.

    But to say he made Arsenal… Well that’s just complete bollocks!

  40. gambon


    Get your homework done you angry little AKB cunt.

    Why all the capitals? Why so angry?

    Arsene not returning your emails? Begging him to come round and suck you off?

    Little freak.

  41. goonerDNA

    ” I doubt Chezzer would get a game for Utd reserves….”

    De Gea has a very good defense in front of him unlike Chezzer.

    Chezzer makes the odd fuck up but so does Joe Hart


    Wenger’s job description makes it difficult to assess him. Upon moving to the emirates he was asked to be in CL and the man has been doing that. Blame the board that refuse to combine new stadium and challenging for trophies

  43. Ash79

    ..oh and another thing while im here, Rosicky…annoying that yet again we have to rely on a crock to save our season and give us that ‘drive and directiness’. Just beggars belief that we always end up in these situations. Then we reward them after 4 good games with bumper deals. Sick of this, fed up with it all. Simply fuckin start again. Pay off the dross to leave, let them train with the reserves Malouda styles, slag them off in interviews if they refuse to leave, do whatever to get rid of the shite. Start again.

    No point saying that qualifying for the ECL can help attract players if we dont bother going fo rthem. Remember too that qualification makes it harder to shift the dross also, even cunts like glamour occassions.

    Start again.

    Jenks (yeah i think he can step up and can learn quicker than most)
    Striker/Podolski (a motivated pods is dangerous)

    see what i did there, 442..

  44. Leedsgunner

    “We need to be united and strong and not be too destabilised by people who have strong opinions after one game,” Wenger.

    I think if it truly was ONE game people wouldn’t be fussed.

    Try EIGHT years of “RIEN”. Deluded fool. Proud arrogant sad excuse for a manager – when are you going to man up and accept the mess you’ve created rather than blaming everything and everyone else?


  45. patthegooner

    “What we need is to be united and strong, and not destabilised by people who have strong opinions after one game,” Wenger said.

    One game hey? nothing to do with 8 years of slow death.

  46. gambon

    Sorry but Szczesny doesnt have a leg to stand on any more.

    He has been terrible for 2 seasons.

    I like him, but he should be making his first team debut right about now, not playing his 150th game.

  47. TBone

    HerveDeNerve makes an excellent point. When have you ever been watching a game and seen Wenger in the stands with the commentator saying “Oh look there’s Wenger,obviously taking notes for next weekend’s match at the Emirates” ? Never. He thinks he’s above it. He’s a stubborn, arrogant dinosaur. Time for a change, we need a winner,not an economics-obsessed moral crusader.

  48. tom

    I repeat Wenger out!!! He is ruining his legacy everyday he sets foot in Arsenal football club. New board,New Manager, New ideas please!!!

  49. AC Gooner

    They dont believe because they know its useless.

    Wrong players, wrong positions, wrong substitutions, wrong tactics and wrong size jacket.

    You have an owner who is given the mic at an annual meeting asked to say something to the crowd and he says, “they asked me to say something, i havent really got a clue what for.”

    You have a CEO who says, “in two years we will compete” – sooooo what does that mean, Ivan. We should just train for the next few years? Highly motivational.

    You have Wenger who says he would like to end up 2nd for the next twenty years and coming fourth is better than winning something. Highly motivational.

    I tell you we are cursed.

  50. ArseneIsArsenal

    As the Great mans says:

    “We need to be united and strong and not be too destabilised by people who have strong opinions after one game,”

    Minority Troll groups such as le-grove are an irrelevance. Why don’t you go support the City or Spurs!?


  51. goonerDNA

    Gambon, The defense is shit most top keepers play for sides that defend well Chezzer doesn’t have that luxury.

    The set up is making players look worse than they actually are the mis management is unbelievable I bet even Aaron Ramsey is actually decent

  52. AC Gooner

    When did Arsenal lose its soul?

    When we lost the CL final ?

    When we sold PV ?

    Leaving Highbury?

    Maybe it was when all our “core shareholders” sold out their fucking souls for millions and millions to Mr. Mustache.

  53. TheBayingMob

    ArseneIsArsenal February 22, 2013 10:41:14
    “I’m stewarding at the next home game so any of you mugs start protesting………”

    Ha! you’re not stewarding anything, Mummy is going to change your soiled nappy while you play Call of Duty you fucking virgin … get back to your Xbox Live account and stop eating crisps, it makes your acne worse.

  54. patthegooner


    Firstly your name sums up what is wrong with the club.

    Secondly Why dont you go and support Villa or Wigan. They seem to match your ambitions

  55. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    “My responsibility is to keep the guidelines and guide the team and the club in what I feel is the right way.”

    This one line demonstrates the self-importance and the circumstances under which Wenger works.

    He sees it as his responsibility to guide the club? In the way he feels is the right way? His way! I would see it as the other way around. The club guides him. His responsibility is to manage the team and get the best possible results with the resources he is given. Now if that is a particular style/way of playing that’s ok too.

    He will definitely walk away as soon as ‘the club’ doesn’t follow his guidelines. There is evidence to suggest that he demands excessive control over and above what a coach/manager should have.

  56. ArseneIsArsenal

    @TBM They always give it a good front. But when we’ve dragged your arse where the cameras don’t shine you you lot shit your pants so fast its embarrassing.

  57. Alex James

    We need to be united and strong and not be too destabilised by people who have strong opinions after one game,” Wenger

    Leeds Absolutely right. The fact that Wenger thinks one game is the problem shows how ridiculous he has become. I cannot see how any intelligent person can swallow the tripe he consistently spouts. One of the problems is that many supporters under thirty have probably never known the Arsenal managed by anyone other than Wenger and believe that without him the club will fold. Arrant nonsense of course. GG won six major trophies in a shorter space of time than Wenger, and his 91 team came within one game of being unbeaten in the league. A lot of younger fans don’t know about or recognise the significance of his achievements. In his latter days, he did lose the plot but overall he deserves to be placed alongside Wenger and our other great managers.

  58. unhappy gunner

    The first one to nut that cunt arseneisarsenal will be a hero for life in my eyes. If your such a brave man and a supposed steward, make sure you put your name on back of your hi viz so we can sound you out you cunt. Cunt supporters like you are 1 of the reasons we are in this mess.

  59. goonerDNA

    GOH, Love to hear what you say about Milner, not to mention the rest of the midfielders in the premiership if OX is garbage.

  60. Joaquim Moreira

    I had watching Porto-Malaga and compare the way Porto and Malaga defend with Arsenal it’s amazing. Arseval gives a lot of space. The opponent has space for going forward, turn on, thinking and executate. No pressure in it.
    Like I posted before somewhere, I think Arsenal didn’t prepare the match in a good way. Probably we didn’t watch any DVD of others teams and explore maybe, the weaks of them. Bradford and Rovers was clear examples.

  61. Jamal

    So Beleeeeeeef, qualideeeee and mental strengz is all we need..

    We’ll beat Villa tomorrow and everything will be fine again.

    This cycle will continue with Wenger in charge

  62. Guns of Hackney

    Alex James

    George Graham was a far superior manager than Wenger ever was and should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Wenger is a charlatan who has spent 17 years pulling rabbits out of an increasingly threadbare hat – he is undone, been found out and the only reason he is still employed is because Arsenal have found themselves run by suits.

    Gooner DNA

    If OX was any sort of player…why can’t he get into the team? This team! This, terrible team…what does that say about him? Forget age, that is a lame excuse for a players frailties.

    I actually hate this club now but alas, I am stuck with it.

  63. Hitchy

    TheBayingMob February 22, 2013 09:48:29

    ” Have a day off mate, you could do with a rest from being a cunt.”

    That line really made me chuckle and has kicked Friday off on the right foot.

    Was in an evening language class last night and the teacher said to, desribe someone’s day as an excersize in writing, she then suggested I could do Arsene Wenger’s day knowing that im an Arsenal fan- to which I replied “Sorry, I dont know how to say Mental Breakdown in Dutch”

    The upshot is that I’m getting pitied by LIVERPOOL fans for fucks sake!
    This is because we are continually regressing as a team, or at best stagnating season on season whilst others strengthen.

    The Club will not move any further forward under Wenger.

  64. andy1886

    AC – When we left Highbury for that sanitised bowl. A double cock up as we also missed the chance to club together and pay the Don to make AW part of the foundations.

  65. Doublegooner

    Under Kroenke & Wenger Arsenal FC have No Footballing Ambition.

    That’s why we’ve lost our best players.

    That’s why one more season & Jack will want out..

  66. Danish Gooner

    Wenger might actually suffer from Alzheimer,i kid you not.
    After only one game that suggests to me his short term memory have gone because he has clearly already forgotten about Blackburn and Bradford.

  67. Doublegooner

    Guns of Hackney:

    Graham works out at the David Llloyd Finchley.

    He only knicked £250,00. Wenger’s trousered £7.5m a year & wasted millions.

    What’s worse ??

  68. Guns of Hackney

    double gooner

    Everyone at the time was taking so called ‘bungs’ – it was part of football but Arsenal made an example of him. Are you telling me GG was the only manager to do it?

    As you said, Arsene is a criminal. Socialist with a £7.5m salary??? A FUCKING JOKE.

  69. Danish Gooner

    Hahahah I never for one second thought of quitting what a deluded fool.He is more diificult to get rid of then your average vermin or fire ants or a bad case of syfilis.

  70. Alex James

    Guns. I wouldn’t argue with your placing of GG vis a vis AW. His 91 side played wonderful football and deserved to go through the season unbeaten. As you will know, after the Benfica mauling, he ditched style for organised defence. This paid dividends but stopped team developing in the way it should have. But who cares? Give me the trophies over tippy tappy oblivion!

  71. The Blaster

    Top top quality post, further refined by Arsenal Inn. Arteta is the master square and back-passer, not Ramsey. If Ramsey listened to all the bile and left, United would snap him up in an instant and he would be the best midfielder in the team. In all cases, the lack of research on opponents makes players with already shaky confidence feel dropped in the deep end every match. Massive fail in the part of Wenger’s coaching is that he has not adapted and moved with the times. He once was a youngish ambitious manager, who changed and modernised diets and killed off the beer and fags culture in Arsenal, which everyone followed. Now he’s an intransigent f

  72. Guns of Hackney

    Alex J

    I just don’t agree. AW has more resources, more money, Europe every season etc. GG had to go through a European ban but still managed to reach two finals, winning one. What has the miracle worker Arsenal done?

    Arsene has single handedly destroyed my club and he’s not finished. Now he’s pouring petrol on our carcass and throwing matches on it.

    Wenger will stop when Arsenal are no more.

  73. andy1886

    Personally I’d love to see Graham and Wenger in the ring to duke it out man to overpaid twat for title of best modern manager at Arsenal. Then I’d sell tickets for the rights to stick the boot in while AW is laying sparko on the canvas.

  74. Johnny5

    I’m getting tired of coming on here everyday moaning like fuck about the club I feel bet passionate about. After the last few days of board members ex players and arsene himself suggesting nothing will be done I’m at the point now where I feel I’m done with talking. I would sign up to a supporters group but half of them are in the clubs pocket and the other half just have meeting after meeting and do nothing. The fans need to do something to get our club back we need to take action to force the dinosaurs on the board not willing to change and wenger out. Bitching on here won’t cut it no more. I’m not just talking season ticket holders but also ex ST holders who refuse to go and fans in general need to do something. A protest at the ground maybe. I know people are busy but if enough of us were to organise a Saturday protest or something surely we could amass a good 10k or so. But then again would it make any difference? Sorry for the rant I’m just sick of it now I’m done bitching. Actions speak far louder than words.


  75. Spectrum

    Ha-ha ! Wenger is at it again. What was I saying the other day about us predicting what he will say ? He’s just come out with this ( again ) – ” We are here to win games and when you don’t it is a huge disappointment. WE HAVE GOT TO GET OVER THAT AND FOCUS ON THE NEXT.”

    The same predictable tripe that he’s said repeatedly. This, after another of his melodramatic appeals for the fans to “get behind the team” e.t.c. He has no answers of his own, so he thinks the fans can help win the match for him.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  76. Guns of Hackney


    Oh, I know mate – just saying GG was the best IMO. Just angry, not with Alex, with Arsenal.

    Thanks though

  77. patthegooner

    “When you look at the numbers we are 10th in the league in the first half and top of the league in the second half. That shows we have not a problem of quality, we have a problem of belief and confidence, and that is noticeable especially in the first half”

    Hang on, last week you said they had belief and mental strength. Now we dont?

    Arsenal are on a mass PR campaign today. All of it Shit.

    Forget stats, lets start looking at Fucking facts Arsenal

  78. TitsMcgee

    Why are you guys feeding ArseneIsArsenal?

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Everytime Wenger is interviewed it shows how deluded and out of touch he is with reality.

    He ain’t going anywhere.

    Hopefully we/he keeps the pressure on by losing this weekend.

    He is ruining the club day by day.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    gooner DNA

    Mate, we aren’t going to agree on this. OX is another typical Wenger purchase: overpriced, overrated and now on a long term, highly paid deal.

    This club is a toy for Wenger. Amazingly, Abramovic gets critiqued for using Chelsea as HIS plaything, but Wenger gets nothing. RA paid for Chelsea, has no shareholders and no one to answer to – read Wenger at Arsenal but without the success. I swear if Wenger ends up on the board, I take my support elsewhere. I suppose Leyton Orient is closest to me.

  80. Spectrum

    Judging from the style of his rabid defence of Wenger and his psychotic break with reality, I’d suspect that can only mean one thing ; ArseneisArsenal is actually paspartu from the “Arsenal Vision” site. The one who regularly changes his username, and the same one that was on here arguing with Gambon until he got banned for his stupidity.

    How’s it going, Golum ? Been thrown out of “Arsenal Vision” and come to spread your bile on here ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  81. goonerDNA

    ” Forget age, that is a lame excuse for a players frailties.”

    Age plays a huge part of a players game and as a team sport have you not seen what project youth did to Arsenal in the first place.

  82. Cloggs

    Spectrum February 22, 2013 12:08:42

    The usual spin of the frog; When we lose we have to look at it as an isolated freak event, never paint the bigger picture, when he talks of himself then does the opposite in favour of himself.

    Arrogant french cunt!

  83. ArseneIsArsenal

    Mugs on here wanting George Graham??? Who is this prick???

    Oh yeah I remember he’s that failure that let Adams become an Alcoholic. He’s that clown that thought English Fish and Chips eating clowns would make Title Contenders. He’s that clown that loved that sold out to SPURS!!!!!!!!!


    End of

  84. andy1886

    The farce with Wenger reminds me of ‘The Life of Brian’ – watch it thinking Wenger rather than Brian and see how many parallels there are:

    Hapless main character – check.

    Moronic followers seeing only what they want to see – check.

    Plans that even Baldrick would be ashamed of – check.

    For AisA or Tom substitute the blind geezer who claims to have been cured and then falls into a feckin great hole.

    My only consolation is that Brian got crucified in the end – bring it on.

  85. AC Gooner


    the cfc article is exactly how everyone sees us: fucking useless dimwits who think they are better than they are and continue to lose.

    Well run Football Club = Stealing money from fans = using none of it to provide utility to them

    it all goes to fund Wenger’s very own fantasy football league.

  86. goonerDNA

    I hate Wenger but I not going make stupid comments to make a point about it. George Graham was a prick…..rose tinted glasses I think .

  87. Spectrum

    Fellow Grovers – About Tom. It seems there are two of them. One I have noticed has his name in black text ( the deranged version ) and the other ‘s name is in red text ( the sensible realist ). It would be easier to differentiate them if one or the other changed their name / username. But that said, I think we can tell which is which by the content and intelligence of their posts.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  88. Kurt F

    Just seen a very funny defence of Wenger on the BBC site which said: “If the players we sold were so good, how come we never won anything with them?”

    Ummm, because of the manager.

  89. seventhwave101

    Was in the pub last night watching abit of the Spuds game. 2 Spuds said to me , you an Arsenal fan?, yep i said. Oh 🙁 they said you used to be quite good……Didnt know whether to punch him or shake his hand…..thats how bad we’ve become…..

  90. ArseneIsArsenal


    “George Graham was a prick…..rose tinted glasses I think .”


    We need to get behind Wenger and get behind the TEAM!
    You trolls on le-grove need to pipe down and move your toxic filth to antother club. Maybe Shitty or the Chavs..

    Arsene has a plan, Arsene knows!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. LeMassiveCoq


    You are clearly in the Arsene Knows Brigade, fair enough, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but to threaten people, voicing their displeasure with the current set-up, with eviction from the Emirates or even physical retaliation?

    Those people (sane people), with an opinion different to yours, pay for their tickets and are equally as entitled to voice or express their opinions (in a non-violent or provocative manner) as those (insane) people who support Wenger. To have it any other way is tantamount to Fascism. Are you a fascist?

    If Wenger was not an advocate to AFC (Arsenal Fat Cashcow), then he would of done the decent thing and resigned, whilst exposing the yank 2 or 3 seasons ago. So instead we have a psuedo-socialist manager, making a lot of risk free money for a capitalist owner, whilst himself and the BOD rake in the cash from the highest season ticket prices in Europe.

    Meanwhile he continues to asset strip the club of quality players and replaces them with dross.

    Show Arsene respect for what he achieved all those years ago, but have the sense to see that he is no longer the man to take this club forward.

    And stop using capital letters, it just makes you look a bigger cunt than you already are.

    Good boy.