Arsene Wenger: Delving into the issues + why bad might mean good for Arsenal

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So the usual suspects are out in force defending the manager. Our captain has been in the news telling the world Arsene doesn’t deserve the sack.

 “He’s done a lot for this club. He still does a lot of hard work with us. He is the right man for the job. We have to show it on the pitch as well.”

Thomas dropping the customary JD Motivational morning message isn’t unusual this season. The captain isn’t going to say anything else though, is he? Truth is, if anyone’s position is under threat, it’s the one Thomas holds. Being the Captain really hasn’t worked out this year. His performances were iffy last year, this year, they’ve been out and out atrocious. Well, I say that… not in ‘Arsenal of now’ terms, but in terms of where they have been from past captains. I can’t for the life of me work out why Arsene chose his 3rd best defender to take on the duty. I still maintain Arteta would have been the best choice, but even he over the past few weeks has melted into the background.

I’m resisting the urge to award it to Jack (as if I have the choice), primarily because his game isn’t where it needs to be yet. When he’s one of the top 5 players in the Premiership, then we can talk about adding extra pressure to his game. He certainly has all the ingredients. Bucket loads of energy an passion… a lead by example way of playing… and a natural DNA for the club. We shouldn’t give it to him now though. It’ll be a case of too much too soon. The armband is something that should be worked towards.

Back onto Arsene Wenger. There’s been so many 180 degree spins in the web world. You listen around on the radio and see what people are punching into blogs and it’s quite unbelievable that we’re talking about top class football and basing our judgement on sentiment. This sycophantic behaviour is so counter productive. I just can’t understand how anyone can look at what’s going on at the club and think that Wenger is the man to take us forward. He’s dead as a top class manager, face up to it. It’s never going to change because he won’t change. Half his tenure at the club has been trophyless. The last 5 years have seen a steady decline in the defence, the personnel and style of play.

That from a manager with power, money and infrastructure.

Some say that it’s an impossible task to take on the might of City and Chelsea. Well, firstly, United have done a pretty sterling job taking them on with a lower wage bill and arguably, less quality. Then if we look out into the deepest darkest Europe, the two German teams, Bayern and Dortmund have also done a great job on smaller budgets. Bayern Munich tore up the blue print this time last season and brought in ten players, 5 of which cost £63m… three of which played against us two nights ago. Their wage bill still sits comfortably beneath ours. They’re managing to balance the structure so that the best players earn £140k plus… they had a great summer with the same amount of cash we have sitting in the bank unused.

Dortmund aren’t a million miles away either. They’ve sold big name players and brought in top quality on a budget. Their wage bill again is significantly lower than ours, but they’re managing to find top players and they’re managing to compete at a higher level than us.

Simply put, we need to stop assuming that more money is the only means to success. More money, generally means lazy… History is littered with brands who have had a market lead because of greater capitalisation… then subsequently have been taken over because they’re not the sharpest of most nimble. Arsene Wenger’s success was based on being a trailblazer. We carved out a place in the Premiership market not because we were richer… but because we were more intelligent, we ripped up the rule book and took football to the next level. This current Arsenal set up is a million miles away from being trailblazing. Because of Arsene’s success, he’s been able to get away with surrounding himself with yes men. When things are going well, these people are fine. Now Arsenal are going down the toilet pan, no one has the guts to tell Arsene how it is. He’s got no support. Wenger doesn’t have a voice who will to pull him to one side and tell him the truth.

That’s his fault though. He should be tearing that backroom set up every two seasons if he’s not seeing any progress.

Look at the issues we’re having. We haven’t had a decent goalkeeper since Jens left us. Almunia was a crime against keeping. Who had the guts, bar Jens, to tell Wenger he was a shocking keeper? No one. What was Gerry Payton saying to Arsene? What did Gerry have to say about Mannone and Fabianski? How has Chezzer been allowed to get away with such terrible displays of keeping over and over again. How comes his kicking is still so weak? Why hasn’t Jens been given that job? Because he’d tell Arsene what the deal was… he wouldn’t accept second best.

How have we got to February 2013… and let the past two years pass with one striker? I mean, seriously, we only had one striker last year and the same has been true of this year. What sort of manager is allowed to head into a season with just one recognised front man, who by all accounts, is still looking pretty damn average?

These are major issues. These aren’t ‘let’s just give him one more summer’ type problems. They’re sackable offences any other manager would face the chop for.

The most major flaw in the whole system is our 1998 approach to setting up. We still don’t’ prepare for teams. We still ignore all the basics a modern football club needs to survive at the top level. Ribery is in the news saying the game was easier than expected…

“We didn’t think it would be so easy,”

Why? Because we made it easy. We didn’t offer up a challenge. We didn’t offer up a system designed to stifle them. We just went out and played out flawed game against one of the strongest teams in Europe. That’s why, in 16 years of constant entry to the Champions League, we’ve never won it.

There is some good news though. If Arsene wants a new deal next year, he’ll have to spend this summer to have any hope of having power to leverage the sort of deal he wants. I hope if he is offered a new deal in November, it comes with stipulations, because if we want to compete again, the infrastructure needs to change. The club need to get the power back. The scouting network needs to be assessed, best practice approach needs to be implemented and managerial goals and objectives need to be reframed. This mess is understandable… Ivan is dealing with a legend. He doesn’t want to undermine Wenger while he’s achieving top 4. However, that legend is on a downward spiral, he needs to act and show leadership now… and he certainly needs to make sure he doesn’t cave to Wenger for another three years.

He knows this though… don’t underestimate how aware Stan and Ivan are to the problems. They’re inactive, not stupid.

I hope.

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  1. Kwik fit

    Has Keyser would say ……we’ve got to be proactive and bring this corrupt regime down. No more chances no more time.

  2. gambon

    The only thing that can cheer me up now is watching Wenger make a cunt of himself in his press conference…

    “Why are you looking at me”

  3. Inter YourGran

    Bendtner returned from Juve earlier in the season due to an injury.

    It’s funny, Bendtner’s the best striker we have at the club 😆

  4. Guns of Hackney


    Alas the prognosis for long term health…is not great. We will be okay this weekend, but that initial hope will soon fade when the realisation of Wenger’s continued bullshit, hits home.

    I prescribe some beer.

    In Arsene we rust

  5. Demon

    People are convinced theres a £70million transfer budget…..knowing arsenal this includes the wages and any other cost such as lawyer fees and agents etc soo expect a £20 million jovetic and a £13million french lad. And a £8 million wonderkid.,

  6. Bob N7

    Bergkamp63……I’m not saying Wenger hasn’t made a serious of mistakes, of course he has. I’m saying that a reason why Kroenke is loathe to get rid, is because then criticism will be more likely to be aimed at him. I totally agree that Wenger has had sufficient ‘wage bill’ funds to compete much more successfully than he has, it’s just to really compete we need a net transfer policy of say 15mill a year with £70 mill saved, to be spent in addition.

  7. Inter YourGran

    70m is a decent sum of money, it’s hardly a warchest.

    That’ll get you two world class players and a decent goalkeeper with the change. We need a 1st team GK, 2 centre halves, defensive midfielder, a winger with technique to play on the left and a world class striker…

    70m is not going to buy all that but selling the players surplus will generate the extra cash. Question is, are we going to be that ruthless with the dogshit (Squillaci, arshavin, park, djourou, santos, gervinho, fabianski etc.)

  8. Bergkamp63


    Take a look at the financials, there is £150m sat in the bank, not £70m.

    The money has been there for 3 years and has been growing each year without the need to sell the likes of RVP.

  9. Paddy got up

    Board meeting today. Only one question I want answered
    When are all you fuckers going to leave??
    Oh and take that fucking Tom with you….

  10. Bergkamp63

    Selling players will not raise anymore cash, unless we sell JW who is the only one worth anything.

    The rest we must give away due to their absurd contracts.

    The wage bill reduction is the only way we can now raise money on these tossers !!

  11. ArseneIsArsenal

    Look at all the wannabe mugs on here. Spouting off with your visceral hatred of Wenger. Just can’t take it that a FRENCH man made this pathetic club what it is?! PATHETIC!!!!!

    Why don’t you buy the club if you know so much about management and tactics.

    Elevator music…..

    Oh wait. THAT’S RIGHT YOU NEED TO GET A JOB FIRST cause your broke and living in your mums basement!!!!!


  12. TitsMcgee

    Now this…

    Every f****king time this cunt is under pressure we hear about a magical amount of money being granted for him to spend and every f****king transfer period he spends fock all and actually comes out of the period with a profit sometimes.

    These f***kers really think we are children they can just fool with simple parlour tricks.

  13. Bergkamp63


    Not everyone is like you thankfully, some of us have paid off our mortgage and doing very nicely thanks !!

    Loser !!

  14. Bergkamp63

    You guys do realise that Kroenke is over here as a prelude to the half year results being announced next week.

    A nice little profit should be announced which should excite the likes of ArseneIsArsenal !!

  15. samsenal

    GOH might some of our back 5 perform better under another manager? If you get your wish and Wenger is toast I think i’d rather we spent even more on midfield and attack.

  16. Bergkamp63

    There is no way Wenger is getting the chop, it’s not Christmas !!

    At the very least he will keep his job until his contract expires next year.

    Suck it up !!

  17. Johnny5


    Honestly I think if we buy at least 3 proper quality defenders that’ll be a start because whilst the midfield is light a bruiser type in jw and caz we’ve got the silky passing and penetrating runs sorted we need a proper winger and we need a striker but I think if we get the defence sorted first that’s half the battle won. We lose more games by shit defending than by not scoring.

  18. Cloggs

    TitsMcgee February 14:05:27

    These f***kers really think we are children they can just fool with simple parlour tricks.

    These f***kers know the majority of us will just pay and show up next season.

  19. samsenal

    Guns and Johnny – leaving Wenger aside for a sec, serious football people have picked Per, Tom, Bac and even Gobbs and Kos for their respective countries. Maybe it’s the lack of defensive shape in the side as a whole, the inept defensive coaching, the lazy inconsistent pressing that sees Wilshere charge at a player to close them down and turn round to face a 30 yard hole between him and the next Arsenal player? Perhaps, in a more disciplined side one or 2 of them might improve? Perhaps.

    I am more than happy with Cazorla and I am over the moon about Jack but if we want to challenge for a big title next year we need – just for the starting 11 – 2 World class central midfielders to partner Jack (i would be happy with Cazorla out wide), one winger (though if you want Santi in the middle we need 2 wingers) and one striker. 4 fabulous players before we even look at the back 5.

  20. Spectrum

    neeg – No, I think you misunderstand. I had ALREADY selected one on the list. That then took me to the results page, where I saw Wenger at 30%. It’s probably not a very scientific poll anyway, as it appears you can vote more than once ( ? )

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  21. Dony

    The Wenger issue is just the tip of the iceberg.

    After the Bayern game, I took a look at the Bayern website to understand who they have running their club.

    One thing that resonates loud and clear is that they are a true football club, set up to win trophies. If you take a look at their Board and Leadership it is made up of smart, ex-Pros who have won all there is to win (Rumenigge, Sammer, Jung, Hoeness).

    Who does Arsenal have? Kroenke, Gazidis, Peter-Hill Wood, etc… We’re set up as an American company, that’s trying to sell a product.

  22. NEEG

    now that the credible hacks have got their teeth into Wenger they are not likely to hold back – they have tasted his blood and will continue to hound him unless of course he manages to change the current fortunes of AFC for the better.

    Gone are the days when they as one would ask him to give an opinion about other teams players and managers – he is now well & trul y in the spotlight.

    The excellent article by Henry Winter follows a milder one by Amy Lawrence earlier in the week. Others will jump on the bandwagon – it will be interesting to see if any daggers are drawn at this weeks press conference pre the Villa game.

  23. Evan

    Sources close to the club reveal Arsenal are are set to honour Arsene Wenger by unveiling his statue outside Emirates Stadium.

    Innovative manager Arsene Wenger, will be commemorated in a Gold statue, which will be unveiled at Emirates Stadium by Arsenal Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood.

    Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s billionaire owner, will reaffirm his support for Arsène Wenger this week when he flies into London for a meeting with the club’s manager to celebrate the unveiling and discuss a new contract


  24. Bergkamp63

    The last thing any manager should want to do is get on the wrong side of the press.

    He’s done it now and they won’t let go, he’s finished.

  25. TitsMcgee

    Stewart Robson said it best. We are shambolic at the back and players don’t seemingly know where they should be or what they should do. Says he’s broken down film for years and said that we have been shambolic for the past 5-6 years at the back.

    I don’t think Per and Verms are total dross but I think they suffer because we have ABSOLUTELY NO COHESION back there. We are all over the place. Look at United or Munich and their players know when to push forward and when to drop back and when to press and when to lay off. We don’t and haven’t for years.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Wenger will never spend 70 mil not even if they held a gun to his head,if he did he would be just like Man City and Chavski who he depise like the plaque.Wenger will once again spend nothing and suggest Frimpong and Djourou and Bendtner will be like a new signing.The current squad have zero resale value noone wil buy Squid,Arhavin,bendtner,djourou and the rest of the dross that takes up space in the squad.

  27. Danish Gooner

    We need a hard tackling achilles biting pair of cunts like Petit and Vieira someone to protect the back four so they wont constantly be over run.

  28. useroz

    Myles ANR has some good bits when he’s not carried away…

    Did you see AC Milan last night?

    They played Barcelona off the field.

    Physical, tactical, intelligent, defended the box, didn’t get fullbacks pulled out wide.

    Two sharply taken goals by ex-Portsmouth players Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari.

    Max Allegri plays my kind of football : forceful and serious and organised and committed with bits of flair to win a game.

    Allegri, 45, is proper football manager, not a snob or a charlatan.

    Arsenal badly need a proper manager who can win big games and win finals.

    Someone who can control players and isn’t scared of confrontations.

    Allegri wouldn’t have played Henry against PSV when he wasn’t fit.

    He wouldn’t have played Fabregas against Barcelona when he wasn’t fit.

    Last summer the Milan team suddenly got younger and more dynamic because Berlusconi unloaded 13 big earners.

    Including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Nesta, Inzaghi, Gattuso and Seedorf.

    Milan are what Arsenal could be and should be.

    Wenger, a polymath who became a dictator, is now a tired old clown and this Arsenal team gets worse every time I see it.

    I don’t think they’ll beat Aston Villa.

    I reckon this lot will draw with Villa.

    He’s lost the dressing room. They don’t play for him any more.

    They know he’s damaged and can’t lift them or guide them to success.

    If Arsenal fans want change, boycott the Aston Villa game.

    Make a stand! Don’t go!

    If you go, you approve of failure & decline.

    If you stay at home, send a message to Kroenke on Twitter: Give us back our club. You don’t need it and you don’t care about Arsenal and you’re so ignorant that you don’t even realise that if Danny Fiszman was alive today, Wenger would have been sacked last year or in 2011.

    On Saturday two fans were removed for shouting “Wenger Out!”

    If that authoritarian staff behaviour continues, there will be more security goons in the Emirates than supporters.

    As I said on ANR after Day One of this season, Arsenal don’t want your opinion or your participation.

    They only want your money.

    1. The security can go to hell.

    2. Yes, Arsenal Plc only wants our money.

    Stan and Wenger can go to hell (or heaven if they can buy admission!) and keep each other company, the sooner the better.

  29. Johnny5


    Like I said we lose more games due to bad defending than lack of attacking threat. Out of the back 4 I’d keep only per. Gibbs has potential but isn’t near good enough yet sagna clearly wants a move kos and verm both pony. Sagna and kos only get picked for int duty because there part of arguably the worst French team in years. Gibbs is an understudy to say the mid ATM is missing a Fellani type and winger and we need a striker but I think they can wait till after we have proper defenders.

  30. samsenal

    Yeah the press haven’t had a major Premier League sacking for a while. I mean, even Roman has kept the dust cover on his axe. Wenger won’t be sacked that will never happen. He will walk out over sprinkled rose petals to the sound of trumpets, with 12 Virg:ns waiting for him, straight into a well-paid job upstairs, possibly even a place on the BoD.

    Like him, loathe him, think he knows, knew or just knob… he deserves better than to be dragged through the streets by Horses.

    *dons tin hat and takes cover*

  31. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Why should stan give wenger £70 million to spend? he should tell him that he has a full squad of players that he has bought and proclaimed to be top quality and he should utilise what he has. If wenger then complains that they are not good enough then Stan should boot him out and tell him, “You have wasted enough of this clubs funds and you will not get a penny more, you bought them, so you go with them.”

  32. ArseneIsArsenal

    There is nothing sweeter than when mugs start chanting “Wenger Out” at the Emirates.

    I get the magic nod from my boss and I drag their arses out of the Stadium.

    Love it.


  33. SpanishDav

    I frequently go to Florida and the sports is all about franchise, bullshit,and corporate involvement with sucess not so importat as there is only one trophy per year. No club is allowed to dominate so they are all made to be of the same standard. This is Stans world and he hasnt got a clue about the passion in football and the history of our famous club.Wenger now thinks he is the club
    all on his own,deaf and blind. This combination will never deliver sucess.
    Both Stan and Wenger have to go.Thats the hard bit.

  34. samsenal

    johnny5 we are living in a dream land anyway. Fellaini isn’t coming to Arsenal because he will cost too much. As i have said before i don’t buy the idea that SK has been begging AW to spend only to be rebuffed. I think we should have done better with the money we HAVE spent but I think the financial requirements of our owner are probably pretty mean-spirited. I can’t see that changing with a new manager either. Even if we were to go a little crazy, Arsenal’s version of lavish spending will always be Tesco’s finest lasagne and a bit of cheesecake. £70m? even with that, would it get us significantly closer to United?

    Can anyone seriously see us buying 7 World Class players? In which case I can see a lot that back 5 remaining.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal is Arsenal

    I get the magic nod from my boss and I drag their arses out of the Stadium.

    What does this mean? Are you a steward?

    I don’t think you’ll be dragging anything out, except Arsene’s belongings.

  36. Cloggs

    Evan 14:42
    The frog has his bust casted in Bronze at the ground, his face and “famous” quotes are all over the stadium, I have been in Club level once (192 pounds for ticket thank you very much!!, ) and you’ll see his portrait everywhere, it’s like he’s the visionary profet, Arsène Arsenal Wenger, Alsace de Totteridge OBE, the 1st.

  37. Johnny5


    Oh so your one of those classic bullied at school types with a tiny penis who loves a job where you get to have power over people. What a cunt.

  38. Bob N7

    I’m going to the next home game to support my team- I am not a mug for that. I will clap at the end in response to Jack for example, who with Theo and BFG always make an effort to applaud the fans who stay to the bitter end. We talk and talk about what we want for Arsenal but my support of the team does not waiver… it’s as simple as that!
    There are lots of things I’m sick of…ticket prices, lack of investment, boring Wenger sound bites, excuses for overpaying mediocrity, Gervinho etc but I cannot be sick of supporting Arsenal. Sometimes people’s frustration manifests itself in anti-Arsenal statements, by all means criticise Wenger, Kroenke but when it comes to the games I simply want to hear supporters supporting.
    You may argue that mass booing may affect change…personally I can’t do it!

  39. Johnny5


    Na I see us only keeping hold of Gibbs merts. Possibly verm perhaps but kos and sagna will probably go in the summer. So defenders will be priority I feel. And Fellani will cost £25m that is not too expensive and he would come for the possibility of CL football should we make 4th.

  40. Johnny5


    That’s a fair enough statement dude. Me personally I won’t go back until there is change but if I was going I would support the team during the game but win lose or draw I’d sing anti wenger chants not boos unless the performance was so dire it demanded a good boo!

  41. samsenal

    Johnny5 I don’t think we will get 4th, i really don’t. If i’m right you can forget spending £25m on a player. that is £10m more than our record fee (ish). You’re talking about a completely different approach to running the club and I’m not convinced Wenger is entirely responsible for the financial decisions, therefore his removal will change nothing in that regard. even if we pip Spurs AND Wenger steps down I’d be amazed if we bought more than one player over £20m.

  42. TitsMcgee

    No wonder ArseneisArsenal defends Wenger. lol He works as a steward lol

    He’s still trolling though.

    The idea that Wenger would admit his failings and ship out all the deadweight(about 10 of them) is comical. He will NEVER admit his failure with such an action.

  43. Johnny5


    Dude the wages and signings are wengers choice. He controls it noone else he has said as much except he stated if he wants to spend a excessive amount he goes to the board to sign it off. But yes I don’t expect he would do a 180 and start spending big if he had £100m I’m convinced he’d sign 10 average players instead of 3 top players. That is unless the board tell him he needs to improve the squad strength or fuck off.

  44. bayo

    Next summer…we well sagna, wenger starts with the jekinson project….we draw matches we should have won because of him coupled with project ramsey and giroud he is on presently. Munich spent over 50 million on players after getting to the final of the champions league but we have failed for 8 years yet our manager cannot find players that can improve our present squad cause we have ramsey and the best player in africa

    My final conclusion No title, champions league, fa cup in another 4 years…maybe win a carling cup if we dont score an own goal 10 seconds before the end of the match…….NOTHING IS GOING TO GET BETTER…THE SORROW WILL INCREASE…..I have given up on arsenal under wenger already… may say people like me are only in it for the trophy but is a club not established because of that and if u are in a strong position to be more ambitious like arsenal and you go for mediocrity then its a sin….

  45. mystic

    Bergkamp63 February 21, 2013 14:23:58

    I’d love to see an empty stadium on Saturday !!

    Then they announce a 60,000 attendance !!
    Arsenal don’t announce the actual attendance, merely the number of seats sold. apparently Man U do exactly the same – by ignoring reality it saves them admitting the embarrassment of truth.

  46. gambon

    “He will walk out over sprinkled rose petals to the sound of trumpets, with 12 Virg:ns waiting for him”

    Yeah, 12 African boys is what he would ask for

    Arsene Webster strikes again.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    My dream scenario would be Wenger walks at the end of the year, take his £7.5 Million in compo.

    Kroenke bottles is, realizes his cash cow has been put to slaughter and decides to sell up to Usmanov.

    Ivan Gazidis would be quickly dispatched, hence why he wants Usmanov having nothing to do with the board.

    A ruthless, football orientated CEO and DOF are installed, the £160 Million reserves we have are freed up along with the new commercial money, kit money and any commercials Usmanov would more than likely bring to the club.

    We get someone like Jurgen Kloop, who, with a budget massively bigger than anything he’s likely to ever get at BvB starts bringing in a mix of young and experienced talent. Perhaps he brings over Hummels, Reus and Gotze with him. Hummels the CB we’ve always wanted, Reus the replacement for Nasri and Gotze the replacement for Fabregas…finally.

    Scours Europe for little buys like Gustavo, or Capoue, or Wanyama etc to fill the squad up with and is allowed to be ruthless enough to chuck out all the shit.

    That’s the dream. It’s distant, but closer than it has ever been to seeing Usmanov in control, I think it was very strategic to be seen at the game on Tuesday night. Not saying he did it for those purposes because he buys his own executive box every year but…

    Wenger with a budget is a disaster. He could buy Gotze, Reus and Hummels and he’d still win nothing because he can’t do tactics, can’t motivate a team.

    Look at Tuesday, your job is on the line, the club is being laughed at, mocked by everyone around Europe, the players are being called average, lazy, not fit to wear the shirt, everyone has written you off for the game.

    If ever there was an opportunity to cast the shackles off and play fluid attacking stuff not worrying if you lose 10-0 because it’s what everyone expects. To have the players playing with fire and brimstone, putting their bodies on the line to repair their and their manager’s scarred reputations.

    No….flat, weak, raped.

    If Wenger see’s out his last year, or inexplicably is offered a new deal…that’s the end.

    If Spurs get UCL at our expense, they won’t look back.

  48. unhappy gunner

    Arseneisarsenal. Your title says it all. How fucking dare you, Arsenal have been around before your child snatcher boss was even born and will continue to be around long after he has fucked off with his little bitches following him. This is a great club with great history, he hasnt made us you cunt. Herbert Chapman was a real revolutionary and some of his ideas he advocated all those years back are still being used today. I doubt if any of arseholes ideas will still be in use 80 years later.

  49. Gooner63

    ArseneisArsenal is as much of a steward as i am the pope

    i doubt he even knows any history of the club before Wenger

    Let me ask u this –

    Wenger said we cant compare the players 8 years ago never winning a trophy with the ones now who cant win a trophy – as they are all new players

    But 1 thing has stayed the same over the last 8 years – which must therefore be the reason we cant win a trophy

    Bet u cant guess what it is

  50. tom

    I have seen the light its time for Wenger to leave ASAP!!! Tuesday night was a farce why can’t we defend like Milan. Enough is enough.

  51. salparadisenyc

    “Ribery did not think it would be that easy”

    Shame my love for the Arsenal is now completely toxic. The lack of clear cut decision making on behalf of the betterment of the club is shameful and killed yet another season.

    Top post Pedro UTTER decline.

    How many of our starting 11 against Bayern would get into the 04 side? Walcott for Henry, Ramsay for Pires, Arteta for Vieira, Kozzer for Toure, Mertesacker for Campbell, any left back for Cole, Sagna for Lauren, Sczez for mad Jens?

    Not even touching on Bergkamp and Ljungderg, think Wilshire would be on the bench and he was the only standout performer.

    How is that progress? If thats not sackable nothing is.
    Long live the King.

  52. Jeff

    If Van Persie’s sale was for footballing reasons, Wenger’s retention is for non-footballing reasons. Makes perfect sense.

  53. Leedsgunner

    I cannot believe after the debacle of a season we’re going through some people STILL want Wenger as our manager. What are they so afraid of that they cannot let him go? Yes, he was our Club’s greatest manager… we owe him nothing. It’s not like he worked for the club for free?!? Ironically, whilst the club went through its leanest period in the past eight years – Wenger’s had his most ludicrative. Trust me whilst he espouse socialist principles, the man that Wenger looks after first and foremost is ARSENE WENGER.

    “Let them have their season tickets” he says from his multi-million mansion in Totteridge. “Peasants…” He spits out at us.

    He won’t be shedding his tears for them, why do these lemmings shed their tears for him? I really don’t get it.


  54. Stan Donkey

    Evan, we should be able to save a few quid on the bronze by simply dipping Wenger in to the liquid metal…. it may actually bear some resemblance then too.

    BobN7, I agree with you re supporting the team inside the stadium. I sat next to some real miserable gits on Tuesday. They just sat there muttering to themselves, they didn’t join in with a single song. Why do these people go?

    It reminded me of the West Upper at Highbury. Sadly the whole stadium has taken on that characteristic! I stopped attending regularly when the stadium became all seater. I’m just glad I was able to spend a few years supporting my team, standing on the old North Bank & Clock End. It’s never been the same since.

  55. Davido

    I agree completely that there’s a huge failure in coaching (especially defensive coaching and positional awareness) that has crept into the side and remained for almost 4 years. I once had this belief that we were unlucky and conceded ridiculous goals because of that but it’s very obvious now that that’s not the case. I know Stewart Robson might be a vengeful unemployed, sacked ex-Arsenal employee but it’s difficult to attribute some of his most acidic Wenger comments to just that.
    He claims we don’t prepare at all for opponents we face week-in, week-out; even Cesc hinted at this when he described how surprised he was with the attention to detail shown at Barca. What we’ve seen is that if you think you can go out and like His Master says, “impose your game” on another team, yes you will trash some bottom-feeders 7-1 every 20 or so games but anyone who studies you well and follows the now foreign concept of ‘tactics’ has a big chance of upsetting you or quite literally blowing you out if they’re a quality club a la Man Utd (several times over the past 5 years), Milan (last year), Barca (a couple times) and Bayern on Tuesday.
    What I saw in Milan yesterday was a team, of clearly lower-quality players, who’d prepared hard, studied tape and practised their exact strategy for controlling the best team in the Universe (the way it’s described at times) by clogging the middle and only opening up the deep cross that Barca does not consider one of their more effective playing styles. What I always see in Arsenal is a team of sometimes-higher quality players that have been given rudimentary instructions on something that’s meant to look like pressing and instead ends up being a half-hearted attempt to overwhelm the player with the ball who passes out quickly and realizes that the pressing made no sense because the so-called ‘pressers’ have no awareness of space and only want to ‘show’ that they pressed sometime in the game.
    It’s the same thing you see in set pieces- for both our team and the opponent, goal kicks (where the only 2 options are outlet passes to a CB or FB or a non-directional punt forward by a keeper who hasn’t been taught targeted goal kicks), corners where players forget that the only assigned CK taker is actually not in the starting lineup and anything that veers from Wenger’s pathetic imitation of Barcelona’s style because that’s the only way to describe the 1 in 20 displays of ruthlessness we put up each season mired in a thick quagmire of perpetual hesitancy and ultimate impotence.
    I don’t agree with your conclusion though: it’s obvious Wenger has not adapted to the modern game and his stubbornness and pride in failing to realize that or even delegating (like Fergie continuously does) areas that may not match his utopian view of football has doomed him. When he drops rude and plainly stupid comments about Blackburn having only 1 shot at goal and can’t come out and own our filth the times we’ve been utterly outclassed or after the numerous defensive blunders we’ve had, it’s evident of a petulant man who has decided this Arsenal machinery that rhymes so well with his first name was built for the veneration of his demigod personae. I’m watching and waiting for this nightmare to end and don’t think an extra 7.5million in wages plus a so-called hefty transfer budget should be poured into this refuse dump. And a better manager would’ve done much better with the players we’ve had the past 2 or so years and not had to rely on food poisoning by one nifty Gunner or obvious rule changes that come a year too late (when Liverpool as Champions should’ve qualified instead of us) or the greater ‘other’ filth in North London always showing their quality to bail us out and leave us with the only trophy we bother to compete for this days.

  56. salparadisenyc

    Hard to say what is going on but this team. We’ve no plan, no cohesion and most importantly no ability to counter attack which few could deal with when we were at the peak. We decimated sides with the ability to counter as quickly as we did.
    Went from that model to our attempting to be Barca and tippi tapping it around but lacked the final blow that Barca had. Now we just lack any sort of identity at all other than the fact were just not very good.


  57. Kurt F

    Very good point from Inter Your Gran at the top of the page – an in form Bendtner would certainly be the best striker at the club. I’ve always found it ironic that at Wenger managed to fall out with him months before he allowed RVP to leave – Bendtner could have secured the central role he so craved for years to come. Is there a chance he could be rehabilitated and bought back into the fold*? I think he’s still got lots to offer

    *if not, he’d still make a useful pawn in a cash plus player deal for Benteke.

  58. tom

    The sooner Wenger goes the better for Arsenal football club. The lies are too much to take in and eight years and soon to be nine trophyless a didn’t good enough.

  59. kwik fit

    Now your talking
    Couldn’t agree more tom . I knew we would get you round to our way of thinking. Granted it took a day or two but you had to concede to the inevitable . Welcome aboard son.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    I know a lot of people are bigging our £150 Million deal over 5 years but…

    £30 Million P.A for Shirt sponsorship, Stadium name and Training Kits.

    When you think you could have:

    £25 Million for Stadium naming rights P.A
    £25 Million for Shirt Sponsorship P.A
    £15 Million for Training Kit Sponsorship P.A

    That’s £65 Million P.A more than double!

    That’s £325 Million over 5 years not £150 Million.

    And none of those numbers are in anyway exaggerated!

    The Emirates Stadium is a global brand. You could get massive money for that alone.

    Shirt sponsorship runs at those sort of numbers £25-35 Million for the popular sides.

    Man United training kit deal is worth £25 Million P.A so £15 Million is conservative for a team that gets as much press and has training grounds pictures in the papers and on the net as much as we do.

    So add to that £65 Million P.A another £25 Million say from Nike/Adidas so that £90 Million a year, we’ve got a fair few little deals here and there, Lucozade, Citroen, O2 etc meaning we’d probably be more in the £120 Million P.A territory for commercials, and that’s before we managed to add any biggies like Gazpron or MegaFon (who a certain Uzbek owns/has a massive stake in).

    Soft on the field and soft off it….Emirates have seen their profits rocket since picking up on shirt sponsorship, armed with this our negotiation team should have played hard.

    Emirates have got a fantastic deal there.

  61. Cesc Appeal


    Famous last words…perhaps it’ll take Spurs winning Europa and getting fourth, as well as destroying us next weekend for that 47% who still want Wenger to finally wake up!!!

  62. Jeff

    We must have done something really, really bad to deserve Wenger and Kroenke. An unbelievable, irremovable curse has descended upon us. How did it happen? We’re no longer a football club. We’re a theatre with actors.

  63. geekpie

    just read the telegraph article. so who’s gonna print up a line of t shirts – we don’t buy world class players. we sell them. or banner perhaps ?

  64. Lee Pace

    When we play spurs I think any goals they score will be from outside the box, most of their players can shoot from long range. We wont take a shot unless we somehow breech their defense which is unlikely and will most likely scuff it across the post and miss AKA Forehead.

  65. Steve

    Next week-end could be like having a tumour removed – painfull, necessary, not recommended viewing and you’re not even sure it’s going to work.

  66. Jeff

    We must have done something really, really bad to deserve Wenger and Kroenke. An unbelievable, irremovable curse has descended upon us. How did it happen? We’re no longer a football club. We’re a theatre with actors.

  67. kwik fit

    Lucky spuds got through. At least now they may have their eye of the ball when it comes to the chase for fourth place. Although with the shape we’re in at the moment it hardly matters.

  68. tom

    Joke Tottenham are going to be in Europe longer than us. Improving the squad in the summer is a certified must but replacing Wenger is even more important.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs next week has the potential to be horrid.

    Adebayor always scores against us.

    Bale loves a crack outside the box…Sczezney’s weakness.

    Dembele loves a crack outside the box….Sczezney’s weakness.

    Bale and Lennon will run at our defence.

    JW will have to try and boss Dembele, Parker and Holtby alone.

    The ineffectual Giroud will have to break a decent Spurs defence…they can be prone to lapses though.

    Both their full backs are fast so Theo will have to be on game.

    Essentially, we need JW to have another master class, Theo to be in tip top form and for Spurs to not show up… figuratively

  70. tom

    I am sorry guys but seeing guys like Gervinho and Ramsey made me lose hope. No one and I mean no one can convince me that Gervinho is a professional footballer player. Colin Kazim Richards is a far superior player and that is saying something.

  71. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I don’t believe a word comes out this club no more I don’t believe in bould I don’t believe in peyton you can keep your old guard I don’t want no wenger . I’m an arsenal junkie like em spending money.

  72. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Laurent kolincsky is in fact a roofer by trade. Him and his family have roofing business in Paris. Warsaw. They are in discussions with the bank to open a London office while he is at the club.

  73. Toli83

    We’ve missed out on some players… Suarez would be one of top on that list…

    I quite like the fact he’s such a cunt, exactly what we need. The panto villain, we used to have 11 of them in the pitch..