Arsene Wenger: Delving into the issues + why bad might mean good for Arsenal

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So the usual suspects are out in force defending the manager. Our captain has been in the news telling the world Arsene doesn’t deserve the sack.

 “He’s done a lot for this club. He still does a lot of hard work with us. He is the right man for the job. We have to show it on the pitch as well.”

Thomas dropping the customary JD Motivational morning message isn’t unusual this season. The captain isn’t going to say anything else though, is he? Truth is, if anyone’s position is under threat, it’s the one Thomas holds. Being the Captain really hasn’t worked out this year. His performances were iffy last year, this year, they’ve been out and out atrocious. Well, I say that… not in ‘Arsenal of now’ terms, but in terms of where they have been from past captains. I can’t for the life of me work out why Arsene chose his 3rd best defender to take on the duty. I still maintain Arteta would have been the best choice, but even he over the past few weeks has melted into the background.

I’m resisting the urge to award it to Jack (as if I have the choice), primarily because his game isn’t where it needs to be yet. When he’s one of the top 5 players in the Premiership, then we can talk about adding extra pressure to his game. He certainly has all the ingredients. Bucket loads of energy an passion… a lead by example way of playing… and a natural DNA for the club. We shouldn’t give it to him now though. It’ll be a case of too much too soon. The armband is something that should be worked towards.

Back onto Arsene Wenger. There’s been so many 180 degree spins in the web world. You listen around on the radio and see what people are punching into blogs and it’s quite unbelievable that we’re talking about top class football and basing our judgement on sentiment. This sycophantic behaviour is so counter productive. I just can’t understand how anyone can look at what’s going on at the club and think that Wenger is the man to take us forward. He’s dead as a top class manager, face up to it. It’s never going to change because he won’t change. Half his tenure at the club has been trophyless. The last 5 years have seen a steady decline in the defence, the personnel and style of play.

That from a manager with power, money and infrastructure.

Some say that it’s an impossible task to take on the might of City and Chelsea. Well, firstly, United have done a pretty sterling job taking them on with a lower wage bill and arguably, less quality. Then if we look out into the deepest darkest Europe, the two German teams, Bayern and Dortmund have also done a great job on smaller budgets. Bayern Munich tore up the blue print this time last season and brought in ten players, 5 of which cost £63m… three of which played against us two nights ago. Their wage bill still sits comfortably beneath ours. They’re managing to balance the structure so that the best players earn £140k plus… they had a great summer with the same amount of cash we have sitting in the bank unused.

Dortmund aren’t a million miles away either. They’ve sold big name players and brought in top quality on a budget. Their wage bill again is significantly lower than ours, but they’re managing to find top players and they’re managing to compete at a higher level than us.

Simply put, we need to stop assuming that more money is the only means to success. More money, generally means lazy… History is littered with brands who have had a market lead because of greater capitalisation… then subsequently have been taken over because they’re not the sharpest of most nimble. Arsene Wenger’s success was based on being a trailblazer. We carved out a place in the Premiership market not because we were richer… but because we were more intelligent, we ripped up the rule book and took football to the next level. This current Arsenal set up is a million miles away from being trailblazing. Because of Arsene’s success, he’s been able to get away with surrounding himself with yes men. When things are going well, these people are fine. Now Arsenal are going down the toilet pan, no one has the guts to tell Arsene how it is. He’s got no support. Wenger doesn’t have a voice who will to pull him to one side and tell him the truth.

That’s his fault though. He should be tearing that backroom set up every two seasons if he’s not seeing any progress.

Look at the issues we’re having. We haven’t had a decent goalkeeper since Jens left us. Almunia was a crime against keeping. Who had the guts, bar Jens, to tell Wenger he was a shocking keeper? No one. What was Gerry Payton saying to Arsene? What did Gerry have to say about Mannone and Fabianski? How has Chezzer been allowed to get away with such terrible displays of keeping over and over again. How comes his kicking is still so weak? Why hasn’t Jens been given that job? Because he’d tell Arsene what the deal was… he wouldn’t accept second best.

How have we got to February 2013… and let the past two years pass with one striker? I mean, seriously, we only had one striker last year and the same has been true of this year. What sort of manager is allowed to head into a season with just one recognised front man, who by all accounts, is still looking pretty damn average?

These are major issues. These aren’t ‘let’s just give him one more summer’ type problems. They’re sackable offences any other manager would face the chop for.

The most major flaw in the whole system is our 1998 approach to setting up. We still don’t’ prepare for teams. We still ignore all the basics a modern football club needs to survive at the top level. Ribery is in the news saying the game was easier than expected…

“We didn’t think it would be so easy,”

Why? Because we made it easy. We didn’t offer up a challenge. We didn’t offer up a system designed to stifle them. We just went out and played out flawed game against one of the strongest teams in Europe. That’s why, in 16 years of constant entry to the Champions League, we’ve never won it.

There is some good news though. If Arsene wants a new deal next year, he’ll have to spend this summer to have any hope of having power to leverage the sort of deal he wants. I hope if he is offered a new deal in November, it comes with stipulations, because if we want to compete again, the infrastructure needs to change. The club need to get the power back. The scouting network needs to be assessed, best practice approach needs to be implemented and managerial goals and objectives need to be reframed. This mess is understandable… Ivan is dealing with a legend. He doesn’t want to undermine Wenger while he’s achieving top 4. However, that legend is on a downward spiral, he needs to act and show leadership now… and he certainly needs to make sure he doesn’t cave to Wenger for another three years.

He knows this though… don’t underestimate how aware Stan and Ivan are to the problems. They’re inactive, not stupid.

I hope.

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  1. N21 Tone

    How do you get a bunch of ordinary players with an average manager to defeat the best side in Europe. Tactics, organisation and hard work. Hope you were watching Milan last night Wenger and your players. Just made it so much worse!

  2. Globalgunner

    There is no salvation to be had with Wenger still in charge. New players aren`t the problem, Wenger will mess them up too. Which team plays a full 45 mins of CL football AT HOME w/o a single shot on target. He is too old to change and has shown no inclination to.

    A new phrase has entered the lexicon of Arsenal supporters ABW…Anyone But Wenger

  3. Joppa Road

    “He knows this though… don’t underestimate how aware Stan and Ivan are to the problems. They’re inactive, not stupid.”

    Morning Pedro, I have held back from attacking IG only because yourself and Gambon seem to be in the know and think he is the right guy. I still think you should elaborate more on this.

    Do you know what I can see happening? Let’s face it, I have been right about most things. What I see happening is Arsenal finishing 4th/5th this season and Wenger staying regardless. He will buy one or two players in the summer ONLY and not blockbuster signings either. Maybe Villa, but for me this would be a dumb signing.

    Arsenal will get off to a good(ish) start to next season and the board will whip out the new contract quicker than you can say “rewarding failure”. A two year extension will be signed and then no doubt Arsenal’s season will go down the pan.

    It’s plainly obvious that this club is hell bent on spin and being under average (considering the wage bill).

    I know I’m right here.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    The reason the Arsenal players and come out and defend ‘ Father figure’ Wenger is simple: without Wenger molly coddling them/telling them they’re the best player in the world, these players wouldn’t have jobs under any ‘determined to win’ manager such as Mourinho and Ferguson. They are simply enjoying the ride being millionaire footballers with absolutely no pressure to succeed – like the manager, they are a mirror image of him: gutless.

    Money helps buy the best players, but without tactical input, those players are ineffective. AC Milan battered us last year with a team old enough to remember Emperor Nero…and I swear there were 3 players last night who played with Van Basten, Guillit et all in the early 1990’s…clearly Barca were the better team…on paper. But with organisation, a game plan and a bit of self belief, AC Milan actually won through fairly comfortably. AC would have given Bayern a much sterner test than Arsenal.

    Wenger, I feel likes to paint himself as some sort of ‘out there’ hippyish, Svengali type character who just lets his boys ‘play’…no tactics, no motivation, no input, no research, no fucking hope! Players and sportsman need motivation and coaching – there are some that break the mold and are simply geniuses who can just do amazing things without coaching – alas, not a single player at Arsenal are in that league – they need a slap across the back of the legs and told that they are shit and if you do not improve, you are finished with this club.

    By the way, Arsene has puked about £140m in the last couple of years on some rather awful players…Bayern spent half that on some world class operators. This is not a financial issue, this is a being fucking shit issue and Wenger is top of the tree when it comes to being a shit machine.

  5. goona!

    N21, so true what you say of Milan, a good team, but not as good as Messi & Co, but they made up for that with bucket loads of effort, blood and guts, battling and a desire to perform. Every quality that our current “team” is lacking and has been lacking for ages.

    If either of the teams that played last night played us they would declare at half time. As it stands we have no right to be in that competition anymore, not with this current squad. Even by some miracle, we do get fourth spot this year, we will never get out of the group stages.

    Wenger either spends big (on REAL PROVEN QUALITY) at the end of this awfull season or he goes.

  6. Rob

    Great post, valid points. When new manager comes in ( I hope rather sooner than later) he should bring in his backroom and scouts. I don’t understand how Newcastle have better scouting network than we have.

  7. goona!

    “Guns” you are spot on there…..being at the Arsenal is a free ride, win, loose or draw the manager/ board don’t care! Just pick up your £200K at the end of the month. Disgusting!

  8. N21 Tone

    Goona! – I want him to spend but I think proof was there last night that a bunch of average players who have been trained and prepared properly are a match for anyone. We think we can play our way against any team we play against and they will eventually cave in. Those days went with the invinceables I’m afraid.

  9. Arsene nose best

    What players will want to join us while we play in te europa league, anyway, it’s beyond just signing this one and that one and things will get better, the methods of wenger are disgusting, why beg bould to join as assisstant and not let the fella work, disgraceful.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    It’s fairly straightforward. When a player joins Arsenal they should be told “this is a club who expects to win every trophy…you are part of that. Should you not contribute to Arsenal’s success, you will be deemed surplus to requirements and moved on”. Now, I am not saying how long said player gets to impress, but a professional in any industry should not take more that a couple of weeks to get the hang of it. Language barriers aside, football is fairly international and easily understood.

  11. crumps

    we need a comp0lete fresh change – The Board needs to have a change around – Usmanov SHOULD be on the board – he earns 29% of the club he should have more of a say than HILL-WOOD – who sold his shares – he has no right to be on the board anymore – he has been appointed as NON-Chairman – which means sod all! The management needs to be replace – wenger and primorac have gone stale, there are out of date, keep steve bould on then we will know if he had a big imput or not while under wengers reign.

    The deadwood needs to be cleared – arshavin and squillaci contract at the end of the season, bendtner, denilson, chamakh, djourou all return – ship them out. Then clear the injury prone – diaby, rosicky bye bye get rid of them – doing that will free up at least £300,000 a week in wages = 3 top class players could come in a top class centre back that we so desperatly need, a midfield enforcer that we so badly need and a prolific striker that we so badly need.

    with the new management we might see a new formation – against munich we were asking our right back to play right back and right wing at the same time. Theo can not play up front on his own, his too weak, go 442 and let giroud hold the ball up or flick it on for theo to run onto!!!!

  12. Guns of Hackney


    Wenger is a control freak. We started off rather well in defense – we looked solid and better organised. Bould got some praise, Wenger didn’t like it and here we are. Look at the start of the season, Bould and Wenger were talking to each other, now they are not. Coincidence? Not likely.

    While Wenger is at the club, no player, coach, trainer or fucking tea boy will get a chance to shine. It’s all about Wenger.

  13. Jude Obuninta

    The Captain that needs to be stripped of the arm band and if possible be benched for the next couple of games is doing PR job.Talk about removing the plank in his eyes before seeing the Speck in the manager’s eyes or maybe another plank in the manager’s eyes,cos they are on the same page,performance wise.

  14. Spanishdave

    Why would Wenger change this summer, he wont, he still is shopping in Aldi’s
    for players being a good french socialist. Spin for season ticket holders it happens every year like the first cookoo.
    Getting rid of the dross and clearing the desk is the first step

  15. goona!


    “this is a club who expects to win every trophy…you are part of that. Should you not contribute to Arsenal’s success, you will be deemed surplus to requirements and moved on” TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT.

  16. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    I think the issue isn’t that Wenger is suddenly shit, he isn’t.

    It’s that he’s been overtaken pure and simple. It’s an inflexible, I- know-best attitude that’s killing his legacy. When he was the only manager espousing continental basics; good diet, no drinking schools, technical training he was hailed as a genius. Not hard against what was a pretty old school approach to most of the rest of the prem. Now most of the rest of the prem have continental managers, schooled in the latest techniques it’s a whole new ball game. One Wenger is losing. He is now the dinosaur.

    Although I think he’s killed the legacy, smothered it in garlic and eaten it with a nice Bordeaux.

    He refuses to reinvent himself like ol’ red nose does every year or two, so goes backward by comparison. He was never a top top player, so I don’t think understands the total will to win attitude you need.

    I personally have started detesting the man. Vain, inflexible, egotistical and, quite honestly, stupid.

    It’s emperor’s new clothes syndrome, the media and most commentators have suddenly worked out that beneath this “le professor” veneer lurks a distinct lack of tactical and footballing knowledge.

    I call on the board to have some guts and replace him now. 5 years too late.

  17. HP

    Arsenal are a finished club, because of wenger,gazidis and kroenke we are on a rapid decline and are a mid table club now.

    Spurs will surpass us very soon and have a bigger fanbase and more success.

  18. iSayed

    Of course Arteta has melted into the background. He’s been overplayed, run into the ground. Only a matter of time before he breaks down.

    Arteta, Santi, Podolski all look exhausted. They’re players who are used to the winter break but instead played 2 games every week during that period. They’re not used to such exertion.

    Plus they’ve played (almost) every league + cup game without a break.

  19. max

    Anybody backing Wenger is more delusional than he is, and that takes some doing. This is all window dressing, he is going at the end of the season, the problem we face is what kind of a mess will he leave us. He’s lost a lot of respect and its getting close to open ridicule now.

  20. kay

    All this “wonga is finished a top level manager” is fine..

    But dare i say he is not going to resign until he is sacked..

    There is no evidence of shame that the man has if any.. If he had, he would ve resigned the day we lost 2-8 to mancunts.. atleast during the 4-0 milan defeat.. dont get me started on the “B” letter games..

    utterly shameful…

    He wont go until he is sacked.. and that can happen only if stan/ivan are pushed towards that..

    meaning, its all in our hands.. total boycott is the way to go if you want our Arsenal back!!!

  21. goona!

    Agreed our better players are tired, but due to poor purchasing and an awful depth to the squad, Wenger (all his own fault) has no options but to play them! If he played the fringe players more we would be even further adrift of the “magical” 4th spot “trophy” If Santi or Jack do break down soon there is no way on earth we will get in the top 4.

    There must be better players in the Championship than some of the rubbish in our squad.

  22. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    There was an interesting article recently talking to west ham chairman, David Gold.

    He said that basically when wages get to 50k+, they weren’t able to match it. He said that only the top 4 went above 50k. And the prem is a fairly rich league.

    You look at our wage structure with shite like Djourou, squillachi, etc. all on the crazy socialist wage structure, it’s no wonder that nobody will touch them.

    Wenger, by this total lack of external awareness has made these players have zero resale value. And cost 200k a month, plus expenses.

    For that alone he should go.

  23. Midlandgunner

    He should never be offered a new deal,the man is a stubborn liar who will never change and as for a 70m war chest how often has that shit been spun in the press……we want Wenger out I say we want Wenger out

  24. Midlandgunner

    He does not deserve another chance to change his ways,he never will we need a new manager to come in motivate the players we want to keep and get rid of the dead wood something arsene is incapable of doing.

  25. Yippee Kai Yay

    There are a great many valid points above. My only hope is that this message is consistent between now and the end of the season.

    I still maintain that we will get 4th place, not by design but by default (and having a better run in).

    If this brings the wenger supporters out in validation of his ‘efforts’ as per the ‘4th place trophy’. then my disillusion will be complete.

    I would rather support Leyton Orient than be associated with the type of fan who is going to lead the charge to complete the demise if no significant changes are made in the summer regardless of final league position.

    My fear if the Asene FC supporter become the default for decision making by the board, and that no change transpires that it would be too painful to watch the club unravel over the following seasons.

  26. Arsene nose best

    All These muggy cunts that want wenger to stay, must like getting beat 8-2 by man united, throwing away 4 goal leads, getting beat by lower league teams and losing their best players every season, that’s why they’re spurs fans.

  27. Yippee Kai Yay

    ANB, I know for a fact that non-arsenal fans have been deliberately targeting some of these ‘online polls’ in support of wenger.

    A Man U acquaintance of mine was laughing yesterday that some of their blogs / forums were trying to mobilize their supports to do exactly that.

    That is how bad things have become.

  28. gambon

    Look at all the cunts that are defending Arsene Webster. What do they all have in common? They all owe Arsene.

    Its fucking pathetic.

    The players? – All vastly overpaid, of course they will tell you how great the child catcher is.

    Remi Garde? – Average player and dread to think how much we paid him.

    Ray Parlour – The original Aaron Ramsey. Hard working but average, overpaid and won trophies his talent didnt deserve

    Martin Keown – Was very critical of Wenger and AFC until a few years back, which coincided with him working for the club.

    Vieira/Henry/Petit etc – I dont even need to explain.

    Now lets see who is critical of Wenger:

    Steven Howard – Tore him a new one in the sun a few days back. Independent journo with no loyalty to anyone, but he is an Arsenal fan.

    Henry Winter – Brilliant article today, an open letter to Kroenke telling him to sort Arsene out cos hes lost it.

    Martin Samuel – Highly critical of Wenger and AFC

    Ian Wright – owes Wenger nothing, is a gooner, therefore sees the problems, highly critical.

    Paul Merson – owes wenger nothing, is a gooner, therefore sees the problems, highly critical.

  29. Wolfgang

    According to press reports,Arsenal are targetting a trio of wc plauers.Why the knee jerk reaction NOW? Why didn;t Wenger go for them athe start of the season?
    Anyway he has to improve the defence. I have all along maintained the big German aint good enough and is an accident to waiting to happen.AC Milan restricted Messi and company to two shots .Wenger shd get the Milan defence coach.And stop saying Messi is unplayable. No one is if the coach is determined to stifle him.RVP could be nullified one of these days especially if red faced meets BM.

  30. Ash79

    Morning troops,
    i dont want to sound all but we need a response against Villa and im talking utter destruction. Not scraping a 1-0. A damp draw or even defeat against Villa will really throw petrol in this fire.

    Cant keep thinking about Bayern and Blackburn, its tiring…need to look ahead to Villa and hopefully a better performance.

    Even if Arsene spends the 70m, hell even if arsene spends 100m it doesnt matter, the rest of the infrastructure remains intact and ultimately who ever we buy will simply blend into the malaise.

  31. Guns of Hackney


    Where you been? On a tour of a labour camp or something?

    It’s been heavy AKB traffic on here.

    Arsene simply cannot be trusted with money. May as well trust Pistorius with a gun, roids and a cubicle.

  32. Yippee Kai Yay

    Wolfgang, the answr to why now is simple, season ticket renewal time.

    That is the only reason.

    There will be more leaks of this volition over the coming weeks. All ‘tough talk’ no ‘action’.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    wengers sweeties

    I think it’s around £130m-£140m – just lower or equal to ours. The difference is, they spend it better. Their deals off the pitch dwarf ours however – easily by £200m+ per annum

  34. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Ash – I’m not sure this team has the character for a massive response. There’s not a single fighter in the team. Even jack isn’t a Viera/petit like fighter.

    If we were threatened then, they scrapped. Got red cards, but they fought.

    Saw Viera scrap with Kane – titanic. Who would do that now? Our joke of a captain? Pffft

  35. Yippee Kai Yay

    ash, I actually think a win aginst villa is on the cards.

    the worry then is that some will see it a validation of the ‘we have turned a corner’ sentiment.

    Whereas if our season is defined by wins against potential relegation fodder then it’s going to have been a pretty crap season and it validates nothing at all.

    The 3 points will be welcome at least though.

  36. Kemp1886

    For Wenger to splash out,he would have to reject his principles.Spending money is something that doesn’t suit Kroenke or Wenger. More spin,more lies and more deception from the club.

  37. shockandawe

    I heard a caller on Talksport last night and he made a valid point. He took his son and his sons friend to the Arsenal Bayern match and afterwards his son said “Dad. I dont want to support Arsenal anymore. They dont win anything”. Basically Arsenals current approach of charging the earth for no reward to the fans will result in the “next generation” of supporters fucking off to Chelski, Totteringham and Man Shitty. It will all come crasing down around their ears unless we start getting value for money and start filling our stadium with a hardcore of supporters for the next 50 years and not Japanese tourists

  38. Spanishdave

    Bayerns wage bill is 125 mill !!!!!!!!!!
    Their board is made up of captains of industry and world cup winners.
    Fresh ideas ,,motivation etc look at our board , a bunch of losers.

    In the words of Yogi Berra
    If you dont know were you are going you might wind up somewhere else !!!

  39. Arselona

    So our team does not prepare for on coming matches by watching recordings of the next team. I see this as a psychological thing Wenger uses to tell them they are outstanding and dont need too stress about it. But now that we are being ripped by lesser teams and being laughed off at by the bigger teams, the psychological impact is far worse and our mediocre players are not coping.

  40. Ash79

    gambon – decent write up by Henry. The comments section is worth a look; still deluded mongs out there in staunch defence of Wenger, the interesting this is the increase of ‘wenger out’ fans attacking the akbs. It’s good to see.

  41. Bush Gooner

    No one is to blame but Wenger for our steady decline. Just look at the awful buys he had us believe were “World Class”.

    Rami Shabazz

  42. gary

    United have done a pretty sterling job, yeh they have with a fowardline of over 50 mill (and sold a forward to Fulham who had cost 25mill) Do you not get it we AINT spending top money we NEVER have.. get rid of AW not a problem but the new manager is not gona be spending 25-30 mill on a player

  43. Danish Gooner

    Gambon dont slack of Romford Pele he is a legend,maybe not the most gifted of players but as hard working as donkey.He alone have more grit then this current Arsenal team.

  44. Guns of Hackney


    Come on my old mucker/nemisis! You seem off form. What’s up my little sausage?

    There’s a real peach to look out for: Tom. Classic AKB…Samsenal is still 50/50.

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Guns of brixton

    who saw stan kronke in the stands for the bayern match?
    honestly, he looks the one who only gives the fuck about himself and hes bank balance.
    no emotion, no reaction- nothing was on hes phone half the time. probably checking out how hes 80M colarado ranches are doing.

  46. HelpME

    The only way to win big competitions, and go in to games against the biggest teams is to buy 100% proven quality..FACT
    Barca inter juve bayern city Madrid Manu PSG Chelsea have all proved this..
    They have the players that step up when it’s asked of them..

    Why did we not get Wesley sneider on a 2 year deal? Wages you say? Aren’t we cash rich? Won’t Ramsey an wilshere benefit from learning from him? He would walk into the first team.. That is just one example..

    Shit defenders are costing us dearly, it’s as simple as that!

    Kosienly, utter bolloks.. Whenever he’s out his depth against the big teams he gives a penalty away or red card..

    Mertsaker, jus because he’s 6ft 5 an a German international does not automatically make him good enough for the arsenal. I’ve seen milk turn quicker than this kunt

    Giroud… Where do I start, and before you say “he needs time” will he ever be our drogba? No..
    How about our aguero? No..
    Our villa?
    Our benzema? Higuian?
    No no no he won’t.. Ever!
    We need to get with it, it’s 2013 you wanna striker? You have to buy it.. No quality in the market? Don’t insult me, your a liar wenger..

    And please don’t no one comment me back saying “wages is a problem” because that in itself IS THE PROBLEM that is why we don’t win, because we haven’t changed with the times, you want top players for top trophys? Pay top money, bingo.. It really Aint rocket science guys..

  47. John Kosmina

    Good to see official Arsenal mouthpieces, Jeremy Wilson and John Cross, right on cue.

    PR department earning their corn at the moment.

  48. Danish Gooner

    Hi Gary.

    But we dont need to spend 25-30 millon on players.Munich had one truly expensive player on the field Javi martinez the rest is players in the region of 5 to 15 mil .We usually spend less then 10 mil on any player and that would be fine if Wenger still had the golden touch but he has lost that to just look at current spendings,Santos,Squid,Aretea,Giroud,Podolski,Gervinho etc lousy players.

  49. LeMassiveCoq

    That Henry Winter article is fantastic.

    Even the Syrup must realise that Wenger is leading this club down the toilet, and that we will no longer be able to be self sustainable just by buying cheap teenage sensations and selling them on for millions.

    Unlike Winter though, I don’t want the Syrup to convince Wenger what he needs to do, I want him to ‘shit can his ass’.

  50. Arsene's Nurse

    6th-is-a-new-trophy February 21, 2013 10:27:42

    There was an interesting article recently talking to west ham chairman, David Gold.

    He said that basically when wages get to 50k+, they weren’t able to match it. He said that only the top 4 went above 50k. And the prem is a fairly rich league.
    Harry Redknapp was quoted as saying that no player at Spurs were earning more than £60k a week. No wonder our wage bill is £1m a week more than theirs.

    Think about it, if the spuds could afford an extra 10 players on £100k a week.

  51. Danish Gooner

    And this socialist structure is killing the club it makes it impossible for us to sign super,super quality as wenger says.

  52. visionary

    its a done deal i’m afraid folks,BRADY on Irish t.v. last night stating the board will back wenger with £70 million during the summer, (and a smidgen of progress next season and he will be given a new contract )
    not alone are the arsenal players not able to achieve much, their supporters are capable of sweet fcuk-all also. french nerd wenger making little of them and robbing them blind

  53. Guns of Hackney


    Not sure if Brady on TV constitutes a ‘done deal’…

    but lets just all hope that Arsenal wake up, have an epiphany and sack that maniac quick time!

  54. Leedsgunner

    A great coach makes even average players to dig that much deeper to become good. How? By teaching them better tactics organisation and positional awareness. Looking at our two seasons in particular can we really say that Wenger’s being doing this? Sure there has been some memorable victories but I would argue that they were achieved despite Wenger rather than because of him.

    I mean TV5 isn’t the only player to have regressed. Chesney was a breath of fresh air when he arrived, now he looks shattered. He needed an old experienced warrior to teach him the ropes… but he was left to got on with it. Gervinho was supposedly one of Ligue 1 potent offensive talents before his arrival. His pointless runs and childish finishing makes Heskey look good. Ox looks a kid now, when last year he looked like a man wanting to actually run at defenders.

    I guess in the case of Ox I shouldn’t be surprised. All hunger has been sucked out him. Barely played well for four months before he was given a contract extension… basically bribed to stay at Arsenal. The list goes on and on.

    Nice work if you can get it. I mean what does Wenger do?

    He doesn’t develop players anymore. Neither does he buy the necessary quality at the time we need them or train them tactically.

    What does he do?

  55. Stan Donkey

    “I’m resisting the urge to award it to Jack (as if I have the choice), primarily because his game isn’t where it needs to be yet. When he’s one of the top 5 players in the Premiership, then we can talk about adding extra pressure to his game. He certainly has all the ingredients. Bucket loads of energy an passion… a lead by example way of playing… and a natural DNA for the club. We shouldn’t give it to him now though. It’ll be a case of too much too soon. The armband is something that should be worked towards.”

    I appreciate all the negativity around the club, but can we avoid dragging Jack in to the equation.

    What he is doing as a young man, back from a long lay-off, in a struggling team, is testament to his quality. Is he one of the top 5 premier league players? You could certainly argue that others contribute more to their teams, but I wouldn’t swap him for anyone.

    Ideally I wouldn’t name him captain, but in an ideal world he would be in a squad that included a number of older, powerful, driven, warrior like leaders who were ahead of him in the queue.

    In our squad, just as Adams was 30 years ago, he is probably the best man for the job.

    Arteta brought much needed professionalism to the team, but is he a leader? If Wenger was doing his job properly, he’d be no more than a squad player.

    Vermaelen was the obvious choice. We enjoyed his determination when he arrived and largely appreciated his defending when partnered by Gallas. Potentially, with a decent partner and some coaching / team structure, he could be effective again, but again, i’d lay the blame with the manager.

    We all want better players, but I think we should celebrate the fact we have Jack and just hope someone comes in and gives him the team mates he deserves.

  56. gary

    Hi Danish Gooner.. your right re Bayern but look at premiership we do need to spend top money.. And if your only gona be spending up to 15 mill then theres more of a chance of the transfer not working out. I think AW has fucked up plenty as Pedro said lack of forwards (waiting for Chamack on a free) but the board will not compete with the top 3 clubs financially.. AW was asked to balance the books for 5 years when moving to the Emirates..FACT.. Do you think he done well getting us into top 4 in that time?

  57. Bergkamp63

    The bottom line is unless we get a manager of Mourinho’s kind of reputation, we simply will not be able to attract the kind of players to turn this around if we miss out on 4th place.

    Keep JW and ditch the rest including the reserves.

    That’s the size of the task awaiting someone !!

  58. Arselona

    Once I had this dream that I was a Arsenal player, way to awesome…though the only person who spoke to me was Nicklaus Bendtner?!

  59. Guns of Hackney


    Wenger has never developed a single player IMO. I just don’t see any evidence over the past 17 long years that suggests he has worked miracles. This whole developing talent has been spun since day one and I think it came out of camp Wenger.

    What is strange is that no other manager gets the same development kudos that Wenger gets…


    Not sure if you’re comparing Song to Arteta but they are both garbage.

  60. HelpME

    I know this is never gonna happen, and most of you will see this as unrealistic etc.. But if you ask yourself you know this is what it should be..

    In players:
    GK Sketinburg
    DF hummels & subotic
    MD fillani & errikson
    CF Benzema

    Out players:

  61. chukwudi

    Well said,but the peoblem is that Wenger have lost it and we refuse to see it,those players at milan yesterday are no better than the ones we have at arsenal but the work that the manager do is there to talk for itself.When Wenger can’t accept advice from any of his backroom staff that is when our down fall started and he refused to be challenged by his staff or them telling him that some of his decisions are not good for the team and he is going down and taking the team with him.I still put the blame on IG for not calling it a day with Wenger so that he will leave with some of his average players he brought to Arsenal.Our keeper is not there yet and Wenger insist on him being his first choice I have seen teams that can’t boast of the type of finance that we have at Arsenal still keep their best players yet we can’t do that at arsenal.It’s time for Wenger to leave with all his football philosophy that is failing season after season.

  62. Goonerpower

    He won’t get sacked, the board fricking dare not by the sounds of the rumbling bollocks coming out of them!!? So it will be another summer of hope, wishing, moaning, anger….. I could go on for hours

  63. GoonerDave

    Seems kind of pointless to compare ourselves to Bayern in any way other than commercially. They are the benchmark of maximising profit in terms of commercial revenue.
    But they are also the biggest club in Germany, with a far more glittered past than we do. We would have to become bigger than ManU to compare to that. We are far bigger a club now than when Wenger arrived, so at least we seem to be doing something right.
    Danish Gooner – Robben cost 25M. Ribery cost the same. And thats without any research into the rest.
    I will support Arsene for as long as he is manager. Id love him to spend 70M in the Summer, but I wont hold my breath.
    Shifting the over-paid dross on the wage bill is far more important to our future than available money. We have the resources, we just need our manager to manage the available wage bill. An injection of cash would be nice though.
    Some people in the comments are as blinkered as anyone -” if you support Wenger, youre a Spurs fan. ”
    If you would accept any manager over the one we have, then you should question your own loyalty – because thats just wanting someone you dont like removed. With no care or attention to who takes over. And you want whats best for the club?
    No decision can be made correctly without balance. And no amount of bitching, mud-slinging and frankly making stuff up will change that.

  64. Arselona

    Whenever the Board is under pressure, the PR machine is in overdrive. To con the fans like that is criminal. There favourite words, “War chest”…AKB assurance.

  65. gambon

    So Ornstein reckons Wengers job is completely safe.

    This club is dead, and its a fucking joke.

    We have been trading blows all season with West Brom, Everton & Spurs. We have been beaten by Bradford, Blackburn, Norwich, Swansea. We have been humilated in the CL infront of our own fans, and opposition players are commenting on how easy beating us is.

    Yet Wengers job is safe.

    I hope to god he and Kroenke die soon. Thats not overreaction, we are talking about scumbags, utter scumbags. I couldnt give a fuck if they died.

  66. Jimmythegun

    I must admit that I agree with your statement that Wenger is finished as a top-class manager.

    The situation has been allowed to go on for far too long and I have no idea how Arsenal go about fixing it.

    It does make me laugh though when Dortmand are help up as a paragon of all things we should aspire to – the same Dortmand who are being blown away by Munich this year and have only qualified for the Champions League in the last few seasons.

    We are going to have to rip up the script and start again to get out of this mess and there is only one club we should be basing our new model on and that, as much as it hurts to say, is Manchester United.

  67. Segun

    Ray Parlour – The original
    Aaron Ramsey. Hard
    working but average,
    overpaid and won trophies
    his talent didnt deserve.

    i would av to disagree with this, it’s subjective to say the least. the real issue with this current team is nt that they are not technically good enough, but they don’t work HARD enough!! or have been coached not to work hard enough!

  68. Bush Gooner

    gary February 21, 2013 11:07:46

    Yes mate. Sub standard players does not win you the title or trophies. Reinvest in quality and we all will see the ambition. Reinvest in dross and they are mugging us off.

  69. gambon

    If Wenger is being backed with £70m then god help us. This season is gonna be terrible, but next season we will fall down to mid table.

    Any sane manager would sell the dross to clear the wage bill and add extra funds. Then bring in c£100m of players.

    Wenger will sell no dross, add a load of average French & African players, no-one of real class…..then he’ll sell Wilshere & Cazorla to balance books that dont need balancing.

  70. Willie

    I’m so depressed with Arsenal it hurts! Made worse by AKBs like Tom. I mean, you could tell Wenger lost it about five years ago, if not earlier!
    These AKBs suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages or rape victims express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors/rapists, sometimes to the point of defending them. It’s irrational to still support the person responsible for all the pain and retrogression at Arsenal, regardless of his past achievements. Remember most captors/rapists are close relatives or friends to the victim, their past relationship with the victim doesn’t absolve their present deeds. Same way Wenger’s past success should not conceal that he’s cocked it up.

  71. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Gambian, sad truth is that wengers screwed up soooo badly on the wage bill management that he can’t shift the dross.

    Nobody in their right mind will pay any fee for shitmack and 60k p/w. so we will have to eat a 4-5m loss on his salary and get nothing back for him.

    Same with all the shite. Embarrassing.

  72. 1-eight-7

    Jeez! I just googled “trophyless” and can’t believe what I saw.

    It has more of Arsenal as answers than anything else.

    Guess we are the definition of trophyless now.

  73. Spectrum

    A quote from Vincent Kompany – ” Nothing matters apart from being first. Anything below that, then you are just another top team that’s failed.”

    With an attitude like that, you can see why City made him their captain. And to think we could have had him at one point. Another missed opportunity to have signed some REAL QUALITY.

    A future Arsenal manager ? I’d snap him up for the job.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  74. Turn

    Stan: Ivan, I need you to have a word with Arsene about winning this Champions League thing. We’ve won some decent Fourth Place trophies now, but, I’d like to see what all the fuss is about this Champions League. And tell him not to worry about that silly little tin cup episode at the weekend.

    Ivan: Sure thing, boss.

    Ivan: Arsene, we need you to start showing some real results. Get us past Bayern and we’ll back you in whatever you want to do this summer. Stan thinks the fans weren’t very happy about the FA Cup, so tell me you can do this.

    Arsene: FA Cup! Don’t talk to me about FA Cup. I have won it four times. Tell me – who has won it more. Give me a name!

    Ivan: Er…

    Arsene: Er? Then don’t at me?

    Ivan: OK… so that’s a “No”, then?

  75. Lord Lew

    The only question that matters is – When will Kroenke sell? AFC is a set of figures on an American balance sheet – the fans’ aspirations mean nothing to the owner. As long as it’s certain that, when Kroenke wants to sell, there will be competitive bids for the club, then that future price will still represent hundreds of millions of dollars’ profit for Stan – even if by then the club is struggling in the bottom half of the table and the Grove is two-thirds full. Things could get a lot worse on the pitch and the potential value of the club will still increase in the next few years. Conclusion: Wenger will stay as long as he wants (where else can someone with his terrible stats in the last 8 years earn £7 million p.a?) – with a contract extension guaranteed – and things will only get worse before there’s any hope of a return to the top tier of world football. Maybe we’ll lose our anger and become grimly self-mocking like Man City fans in the years before the Sheiks arrived – and maybe we’ll eventually be rewarded (around 2015/16, say) with properly ambitious owners who care about what happens on the pitch and will do what it takes to make AFC successful again….nobody cares less than Stan.

  76. Rowdy Rob

    How many times have we heard the same old garbage from our ever present captain this season, “we must stick together” or “we mustn’t dwell on this result” very inspirational words from our supposed on the field leader

  77. useroz


    You say in the early para Wenger isn’t going to change…and in the closing para, you think he’d be able do all those good stuff (ie changes) to ‘earn’ his next contract EVEN IF he wanted to??

    No way Wenger should be given another chance lest a new contract. It’d have been a criminal offence in the corporate world. In which Arsenal Plc is…

    Wenger out… Now.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    £70m will not break the back of Arsenal’s problems. Honestly, and I have said this in the past, anything less than £120m is small potatoes.

    Go through our terrible squad and I doubt anyone could find a genuine first 11 out of it, let alone 22 players.

    We stink of failure. The whole club needs refreshing.

  79. Johnny5

    Also Ivan needs to grow a fucking set and tell wenger how it is in the fucking real world. I think the situation wouldn’t be half as bad if Ivan did his fucking job and stopped giving arsene too much respect.

  80. Cowleygooner

    Wenger is like the bloke off the fast show who goes out to buy a loaf of bread and comes back with a lawn mower
    Do we really want to allow him anywhere near our transfer pot?

    Just fuck off Arsene.

  81. Spectrum

    The lunacy of A.K.B.’s part 1 – Talk about turning a negative into a perceived positive. They’ve turned it into an art form – in defending him, this one said the following……

    ” I would prefer Wenger to stay……

    1: This is not his first squad to implode about this time of the year!
    2: Neither his first squad to show no tactical variation!
    3: Nor his first squad to show no defensive nous ” !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  82. Guns of Hackney

    and a follow up to my £70m no,no is

    WC forward – take your pick but that’s £30m – now we have £40m left to get at least two midfielders and a back 5…

    Answers on a PC

  83. mystic

    Sorry Pedro but I don’t understand the Scout bashing.

    Chances are Wenger ignores them anyway, so it is a managerial issue not a scouting one.

    At what point did Wenger need his scouting network to look at players such as Demba Ba / David Villa / Gary Cahill etc etc?

    Wenger / the club are being tight with the money, the scouting network (not ideal granted) is being used as a scapegoat for the shockingly inadequate actions by the club.

  84. Radio Raheem

    It is understood the club have no intention of sacking Wenger, even if they fail to qualify for next season’s Champions League. Any decision over Wenger’s future rests with the Frenchman himself – he is under contract until 2014 and Arsenal would be prepared to offer him a new deal if he wants to extend a reign that began in 1996.
    Source: BBC

    There you have it

  85. mystic

    Apologies for the board meeting updates yesterday, I understand that in fact it is today – oh well at least it meant there was one more day without Wenger being offered a new contract!

  86. samsenal

    GOH in my screechiest voice: I ain’t an AKB! Heck, i’m going to form a new gang. It’s called the Arsene Knew Brigade. It’s for guys that used to think Wenger was The Man but haven’t thought this way in YEARS. I reckon i’m the leader of the largest group of Gooners in the World.

    I’m not sure what I will do with this new power. Any ideas?

  87. Radio Raheem

    Of all the goalies in the premier league Ceaser at QPR is the one I’d like us to go for. We could loan them Szczeny for the season in return. Get Sorenson to be our number 2

  88. pliget

    Here’s a thought – this summer we approach Mark van Bommel early and tell him we want him to lead a new revamped Arsenal. We tell him we will sign another younger player to support him (Kevin Strootman?) and ask his opinion on who he thinks would fit well, someone who could do some of his running for him allowing him to control the team on the pitch and who would also reinforce his leadership. We discuss other signings with him too (horror of horrors) – in particular a world-class striker and one with leadership qualities as well. I know van Bommel is a few years too old but I use him as an example. Ideally someone in his early 30s (Dave Mackay was 33 when Clough signed him for Derby) with a track record of successes at a top club and a strong personality (guess that rules that idea out for Arsenal then).

    I think Arsenal has no leaders at the moment and that is killing us more than anything else in our playing squad. We have quality but all of our players tend to disappear in matches (apart from Jack Wilshere but you are not a leader of a Premiership contender at 21). We need someone to galvanise the team when needed. Really we need 2 or 3. I think of England Rugby 2003 which had at least 3 world-class leaders and at least 3 other potential captains.

    Buy in 2-3 players who are real leaders with real mental quality and I reckon many of the existing players will start to look better

  89. Spectrum

    ” Don’t talk to me about FA Cup. I have won it four times. Tell me – who has won it more. Give me a name ” !

    – Sir Alex Ferguson ( FIVE times ).

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  90. Relieable sauce

    Its official, the only people still supporting Wonga are spuds, chavs & mancs. LOL

    “Arsenal game will be hardish” – fergie before Arsenal game.

    “Yoevil gave us a harder game” – Bradford captain after the Arsenal game (my personnal fav this season)

    “We didn’t think it would be so easy” – ribery after the Arsenal game.

    “this is the best team i have managed” – AW all fucking season.


  91. Radio Raheem

    Sorensen and Ceaser should cost about £10m leaving £60m for 3 players – a defender, a midfielder and a forward.
    Missing out on Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa was really stupid

  92. samsenal

    on to serious matters. As the newly appointed Leader of Arsenal fans my opening thought is as follows:

    Before buying Arsnal Kroenke asked himself the following question: Is Wenger the man to trust with my money?

    At the time the answer was undoubtedly yes.

    Whilst the feelings of the fans matter little to SK, he is surely asking himself that same question again.

    The answer depends entirely upon how much SK is prepared to let the club spend on new players. If he wants profits in the transfer market then Wenger has given him precisely what he wanted year after year after year.

    If he really does – sorry, i am trying not to laugh as a type this – if he really DOES want the club to spend lots of money this summer…sorry, this is really hard…then he will surely wonder about Wenger’s ability to do this.

    But SK will not make change for the sake of it, he will not let the booing of fans affect his judgement. But I still maintain that Wenger will.

    this year has been hard on the old guy. He’s not enjoying himself and now he is getting vitriol back from his former supporters. He will surely step down to move upstairs.

    Surely….right? Guys?

  93. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – yep. £15 large for a back 5…and it IS a WHOLE back 5 we need.

    So, I think we all agree that £70m is not going to be enough. Oh, and before anyone says “player sales” – even if we offload the dross at the club, and lets say that’s 98% of the playing staff – what good would £32.98 do us?


    I was kidding. Barracking you. Calling you out…AKB.

  94. Johnty79

    Ray parlour was average to good. Done a lot more than wiltord, hleb, Walcott. But watch the videos he was labelled hard working but he never ran back when playing out wide a lazy player. He was at his best in 2001-2 season playing in centre mid field.

    Funniest thing was Tom watt what saying parlour was better than beckam in 1999 season…on talk sport in 1999 just before we played man u in fa cup semi’s

  95. Guns of Hackney

    Samsenal – @12.50

    Would you give up the easiest £7m one could ever earn for a real job in football management? Nah…neither would he.

    He is an arrogant, puppet faced, sleeping bag wearing, frottaging nincompoop.

  96. Spectrum

    Dr. Hackney, I have come to your surgery because I have a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I fear that this Saturday, the team with the best attack at home, will beat the side with the second worst defence away. Your prescriptions have always worked well on my nerves in the past, and now I require something stronger. Can you help ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  97. Bob N7

    The board/Kroenke know that if they were to remove Wenger they would be open to the criticism that Wenger is now getting. At the moment through a lack of expenditure/ transparency, we are all slagging Wenger for not being ambitious enough. Either a new manager will accept similar constraints/lack of ambition or will insist on a major overhaul and plenty of cash. Either way the frustration will fall mainly on Kroenke if we don’t turn a corner. Why doesn’t he just cash in his investment and walk away with a chunky profit and let new owner(s) show some passion and ambition?
    For me Kroenke is the real enemy!
    We’re all demanding change from this mediocrity, Wenger needs to go for sure but that alone will not mean anything if we don’t start properly investing.

  98. NEEG


    The votes are being diluted amongst other contenders – select one on the list (Maureen is currently second) and we can then all vote.

  99. vicky

    Whether we like it or not: Wenger will go on his own accord. This club has become a laboratory for Wenger where he can entertain all his whims and fantasies
    and for that he is being paid 7m pounds. My fear is he will leave us in such a bind that no other manager can rescue us from there.

  100. Arselona

    FFS even Pardew is better than Wenger, sees his team is shit. Goes out and buys players to try get things working.

    Wenger goes to the treatment room to find our new signings.

  101. nickw

    Things won’t improve just by spending more money. Wenger has to change his approach to tactics and recognize that a team needs to be able to defend and nullify the opposition to compete. This he will not do, he is to old and too stubborn to change his ways now. The coaching is also poor, players do not improve anymore and the scouting is atrocious, who recommended Chamakh, Squillaci. Santos and even Giroud. For the money spent there were and are better players out there. More money will not do it there needs to be accountability and there is none because they live in denial and just make the same pathetic excuses every year. It needs revolution not evolution, if things are going to improve because Wenger is to stubborn to evolve.

  102. Guns of brixton

    AW may not be as senile as i thought. . . he approached vertoghen in the summer and asked him to play CDM, not LB,. . . . i wonder why? did he have monreal lined up for that position already? if so why dndnt he get him then? and why on earth didnt he get m’vla? i try to make sense of hes transfer actions but i cant. . . the board claim that our debt for the emirates is to be cleared in 2-3 yrs time. they predict by then we would be ”back”.

  103. Bergkamp63


    Are you not overlooking something rather obvious ?

    Our wage bill is higher than BM’s ? they have assembled their squad at a cost of £63m more than us if you believe the media stories.

    Which means should we not be judging Wenger alone rather than Kroenke ? On that basis, we could/should have a team better than BM’s and still have nearly £70m in the Bank !!

  104. useroz

    Wenger won’t buy real leaders…he sees himself as THE ONE LEADER. Can’t tolerate / accept another leader @ Arsenal, including his boss, team captain!!!! Just look at the Viera case …he’s real leader while at AFC at a time before Wenger’ showed his real egomanic character…would he return to AFC probably but wenger would never allow it.

  105. Bergkamp63

    Or put it another way, if Kroenke was so tight with the purse strings, why the fuck do we have a wage bill of £150m nearly ?

    The money has always been there to do better than we have, even through the Emirates building which is now long long in the past !!

  106. dennisdamenace

    Vermaelen “We need the fans more than ever now”

    Hey, here’s an idea, how about trying to defend like a defender who know’s what he’s fucking doing, then you might get a positive reaction from the crowd.