Arsene Wenger: Delving into the issues + why bad might mean good for Arsenal

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So the usual suspects are out in force defending the manager. Our captain has been in the news telling the world Arsene doesn’t deserve the sack.

 “He’s done a lot for this club. He still does a lot of hard work with us. He is the right man for the job. We have to show it on the pitch as well.”

Thomas dropping the customary JD Motivational morning message isn’t unusual this season. The captain isn’t going to say anything else though, is he? Truth is, if anyone’s position is under threat, it’s the one Thomas holds. Being the Captain really hasn’t worked out this year. His performances were iffy last year, this year, they’ve been out and out atrocious. Well, I say that… not in ‘Arsenal of now’ terms, but in terms of where they have been from past captains. I can’t for the life of me work out why Arsene chose his 3rd best defender to take on the duty. I still maintain Arteta would have been the best choice, but even he over the past few weeks has melted into the background.

I’m resisting the urge to award it to Jack (as if I have the choice), primarily because his game isn’t where it needs to be yet. When he’s one of the top 5 players in the Premiership, then we can talk about adding extra pressure to his game. He certainly has all the ingredients. Bucket loads of energy an passion… a lead by example way of playing… and a natural DNA for the club. We shouldn’t give it to him now though. It’ll be a case of too much too soon. The armband is something that should be worked towards.

Back onto Arsene Wenger. There’s been so many 180 degree spins in the web world. You listen around on the radio and see what people are punching into blogs and it’s quite unbelievable that we’re talking about top class football and basing our judgement on sentiment. This sycophantic behaviour is so counter productive. I just can’t understand how anyone can look at what’s going on at the club and think that Wenger is the man to take us forward. He’s dead as a top class manager, face up to it. It’s never going to change because he won’t change. Half his tenure at the club has been trophyless. The last 5 years have seen a steady decline in the defence, the personnel and style of play.

That from a manager with power, money and infrastructure.

Some say that it’s an impossible task to take on the might of City and Chelsea. Well, firstly, United have done a pretty sterling job taking them on with a lower wage bill and arguably, less quality. Then if we look out into the deepest darkest Europe, the two German teams, Bayern and Dortmund have also done a great job on smaller budgets. Bayern Munich tore up the blue print this time last season and brought in ten players, 5 of which cost £63m… three of which played against us two nights ago. Their wage bill still sits comfortably beneath ours. They’re managing to balance the structure so that the best players earn £140k plus… they had a great summer with the same amount of cash we have sitting in the bank unused.

Dortmund aren’t a million miles away either. They’ve sold big name players and brought in top quality on a budget. Their wage bill again is significantly lower than ours, but they’re managing to find top players and they’re managing to compete at a higher level than us.

Simply put, we need to stop assuming that more money is the only means to success. More money, generally means lazy… History is littered with brands who have had a market lead because of greater capitalisation… then subsequently have been taken over because they’re not the sharpest of most nimble. Arsene Wenger’s success was based on being a trailblazer. We carved out a place in the Premiership market not because we were richer… but because we were more intelligent, we ripped up the rule book and took football to the next level. This current Arsenal set up is a million miles away from being trailblazing. Because of Arsene’s success, he’s been able to get away with surrounding himself with yes men. When things are going well, these people are fine. Now Arsenal are going down the toilet pan, no one has the guts to tell Arsene how it is. He’s got no support. Wenger doesn’t have a voice who will to pull him to one side and tell him the truth.

That’s his fault though. He should be tearing that backroom set up every two seasons if he’s not seeing any progress.

Look at the issues we’re having. We haven’t had a decent goalkeeper since Jens left us. Almunia was a crime against keeping. Who had the guts, bar Jens, to tell Wenger he was a shocking keeper? No one. What was Gerry Payton saying to Arsene? What did Gerry have to say about Mannone and Fabianski? How has Chezzer been allowed to get away with such terrible displays of keeping over and over again. How comes his kicking is still so weak? Why hasn’t Jens been given that job? Because he’d tell Arsene what the deal was… he wouldn’t accept second best.

How have we got to February 2013… and let the past two years pass with one striker? I mean, seriously, we only had one striker last year and the same has been true of this year. What sort of manager is allowed to head into a season with just one recognised front man, who by all accounts, is still looking pretty damn average?

These are major issues. These aren’t ‘let’s just give him one more summer’ type problems. They’re sackable offences any other manager would face the chop for.

The most major flaw in the whole system is our 1998 approach to setting up. We still don’t’ prepare for teams. We still ignore all the basics a modern football club needs to survive at the top level. Ribery is in the news saying the game was easier than expected…

“We didn’t think it would be so easy,”

Why? Because we made it easy. We didn’t offer up a challenge. We didn’t offer up a system designed to stifle them. We just went out and played out flawed game against one of the strongest teams in Europe. That’s why, in 16 years of constant entry to the Champions League, we’ve never won it.

There is some good news though. If Arsene wants a new deal next year, he’ll have to spend this summer to have any hope of having power to leverage the sort of deal he wants. I hope if he is offered a new deal in November, it comes with stipulations, because if we want to compete again, the infrastructure needs to change. The club need to get the power back. The scouting network needs to be assessed, best practice approach needs to be implemented and managerial goals and objectives need to be reframed. This mess is understandable… Ivan is dealing with a legend. He doesn’t want to undermine Wenger while he’s achieving top 4. However, that legend is on a downward spiral, he needs to act and show leadership now… and he certainly needs to make sure he doesn’t cave to Wenger for another three years.

He knows this though… don’t underestimate how aware Stan and Ivan are to the problems. They’re inactive, not stupid.

I hope.

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  1. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

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  3. Doublegooner

    Be interesting how many get slung out saturday singing

    ‘We want Wenger Out, say we want Wenger Out’

    I sit in row 8 row in block 100 where it kicked off at the back. There were about 200 fans all standing many were shouting at the stewards to fuck off when they were trying to take some fans out.

    I’ve been going 46 years & I’m not keeping views to myself.

    Fuck the traffic warden stewards

    Fuck any AKB who tries to shut me up

    Fuck Kroenke & Gazides.

  4. Gunner2301


    Funny as fuck. Pedro I love the new tone about time fella.


    Yeah I’d let you escort me out to a quiet spot where I could fuck you up! You’re probably one of those who was too fucking fat to get into the army, tried the police force and you were too dumb and thought the next best thing was to become a steward just to feel better about yourself.

    How sad your life must be. Waiting for your boss to give you a nod? What are you a Staffy? You pleb.

  5. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

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  6. pliget

    No-one else thinks we need a leader (or three)? Maybe too late and people have stopped reading, like me now. I shall try to post again in the morning. How about an article Pedro about leadership, and the lack of it, in the Arsenal squad?

  7. Gunner2301

    According to Wenger we have leaders all over the field as he points to the number of international captains we have (not that that means fuck all but that’s his thinking).

  8. Gunner2301

    TV is probably the worst captain in our history. Considering he demonstrated quite clearly despite being the senior player in the middle of the defence that he showed no leadership or organisation. So Wenger sees this and thinks “I know what I’ll give the armband to TV”. Such a decision epitomises how Wenger has list his way.

    Mind you Wenger spent so much time pimping out the captaincy since Viera left to curry favour with certain players he probably forgot what qualities are required.

  9. Alex James

    Liverpool who have been out of the CL get Suarez. We are in the CL (just) and get Gervinho and Giroud. Thus, if we are out of the CL next season, we can look forward to Kevin Phillips. Mind you, he is a gooner.

  10. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    One person who will no doubt be in contention for captain is Santa carzola. Few if any are aware that his grandfather Rudolph was and up till recently the captain of Villarreal del monte factories indoor bowling team. Young Santa would watch in awe how his grandfather would handle the mixed team during their derby matches with the sunny delight mob from up the road. He saw his gradaddy deal with egos of long serving player who thought because they ran the packing department the prestigious right of throwing the opening jack. After a while the Apeel of the game drained on santi

  11. tom

    In the summer we should try to sign Jovetic,Capoue,Begovic and N’Koulou that would be a good start at least. Capoue and N’Koulou are the only players I can trust from France.

  12. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    George Galloway ? Where should we stand? I like him when he stands up for minority’s but walking out because of a perdons country ? Surely that’s his game to talk to people from all walks of life?

  13. Gunner2301

    I think Mbiwa would have been a solid signing and allow us to start rebuilding at the back. How the fuck do we miss signings like that? We can’t guarantee Vertonghen playing time but we can Vermaelen? Another indication that Arsene has lost it.

  14. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Gunner Tomas and Aaron have other life’s outside football to , you see arsenal are notourious bad payers so the players have to seek alternative income? But the question is do they disclose to the beeswax man?

  15. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Gunner me too, I like a lot of what he did does, snaked the yanks one by one is possibly the best ever use of you tube . One by one he cherry picked thence off after they called him over to grill him classic. However this one of not speaking to a fellow who is from Israel and said we. Come on George grow up.

  16. Gunner2301

    My favourite George quote “”Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.”

    Maybe Arsene should be stealing his lines Mental Strength is getting tiresome.

  17. mystic

    Well this comment about sums it up

    ‘Please Don’t sack AW and AW please don’t leave. As a Chelsea fan it’s brilliant. Just like the days of Rafa and Liverpool. A top 4 side who currently offer no such serious challenge in any competition so long as AW is at the helm. God help it if they get a new manager in who will strengthen the squad, we will then have serious competition again for the top prizes. The longer he stays the better for me as a Chelsea fan. Come on you gunners!’

    For the sake of Arsenal Football Club FUCK OFF NOW WENGER

  18. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Barcray Sagan is not the only gunner earning extra pin money working nights as a tribute singer. Podolski was distraught when he got his first pay cheque that his only option was to go back to doing what he he did as a struggling kid at bayern a few years back! He dusted off the guitar put the jeans in the dry cleaners Gand got the German translation sheet out for Bruce Springsteen early 80s albums. Lucas does the early evening shift Monday and Wednesday at the greyhound Fulham, just before the strippers come on at eight. The pub pay him £4.90 to to up his oyster to allow him to attend. Arsene is unaware of this as he beloved their is score to branch Lucas out to north lond and create a franchise, two other young unnamed young arsenal stars are earning extra ninety whilst on loan playing in a tribute band to the pasedenas. Go to the reebok and goose to catch a 2013 version of ridding on a train! By the youngsters !

  19. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I would love wenger to call all our bluffs! Next home age coincidentally Saturday ten to three live spin the coin . If its heads I stay … Tails I leave before the game … You will hear a pin drop.

  20. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Thomas … On Friday arsene takes in fairy cakes that he has made Thursday, each is decorated in the the players number. The club are actually considering selling the idea to local greggs shops in nort London. Fact

  21. Capelgooner

    Why do we want to do a Newcastle and flood the team with these average French players?

    Germany and Spain dominate the international scene and that’s where we should hit up.

    Subotic, Gotze, Van Stegen, Lewandowski, Isco, Koke, Navas.

    £100m of talent there…..job done.

  22. reality check

    Is it just me, or isn’t it abit weird how he kept saying “wrong information”

    He didn’t actually denie the contract extention.

    He didn’t exactly state what his or the boards intentions are, whether that be..
    “We are in discussions” or “we plan to talk about it at the end of the seasom”

    You see with liars and word twisters you gotta look at the words they use. Very clever, “wrong information” hmmmm will the right information could be IG offered a 4year extention. So it real terms, a 2yr extention is the “wrong information”

    Answers on a PC

  23. Jeff


    I think you’re spot on. It’s not the fact that the journalist had “wrong information” that angered him it is because the subject was brought up. He doesn’t want the fans that are against him angered any more than they are already and he doesn’t want those who are for him to switch. That is why he deflects from talking about failure and wants to talk about “the next game”. Well the next game came and went just as predicted – another failure.

    The board have made no secret of wanting him to stay and are trying to get him to agree a new contract even as we speak. Kroenke doesn’t care that Arsenal can’t or won’t win. It’s not his business. He just buys and lets people get on with it. In my estimation I don’t think it matters one little bit if Arsenal go without trophies for another eight years.

    When we moved to the new stadium the promise was that we would be in a position to compete: blatant lies. All it did was line people’s pockets with more attendance money. Now of course a fresh promise is being made. In two years time we will compete again because of the commercials. You have to be a complete banana head to believe it given the track record this manager has. He will flush any commercial money straight down the toilet on unproven talent and when most of them flop, he will hold on to them until they turn into “stars” which they won’t. By the time that becomes reality another three years will have passed without a trophy and a fresh promise will be made in order to buy more time. Goodness knows what it’ll be this time.

    When Wenger finally does decide enough is enough he will go “upstairs” to conduct things in exactly the same way as before. Buy cheap, sell expensive, make money, win nothing. That’s about the size of it and unless something spectacular happens this is our fate most probably for the next decade. I hope to be wrong obviously, but there is no other conclusion I can draw.

  24. Adelaide Gooner

    What really pisses me off about AKBs is that they’re prepared to accept the mediocrity we’ve had to put up with for at least 5 years. No one person is bigger than the mighty Arsenal. COYG

  25. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Jeff – change will only come as we slip down the richest club positions. That will hurt Silent Stan’s investment resale value.

    And the irony is, even winning nothing we’re currently getting richer! It would take a seismic financial event to change that.

    Although missing CL qual for two years in a row would probably make a dent.

    Miserable truth of modern day arsenal – money comes before everything else. New stadium was about asset value, not competing. And you are right commercial deals aren’t about competition either – suspect its cash flow.

    Bloody miserable time to be a Gooner to be honest. Miserable.