Arsene Wenger schooled in Europe | 16 years and he’s still behaving like a novice

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Once again the sacrificing of top spot in the Champions League has come back to bite us in the backside. Bayern Munich are one of Europe’s top clubs and we faced the daunting challenge of turning them over off the back of a very shoddy season. Pre-game the atmosphere was buzzing. I met a pal in the Che and although the outcome of the match was pretty much agreed to be a defeat, there was that sprinkling of energy around the ground that something special might happen. When we landed at the Grove, the Bayern fans were in full furious voice and more than added to the atmosphere when they set three flares off in the stands. The smoke drifted around the ground and the smell of gunpowder added to the feeling that Arsenal were about to go to war…

The game kicked off and what was apparent straight away was the dominant size of the German team. Van Buyten and Dante (£4m) at the back were man monsters, you kind of wondered what Wenger had in his head playing Theo Walcott against two giants who didn’t even need to jump to dominate him. I get that speed might have out done them, but Theo isn’t exactly world class on the ground. Play was back and forth as the two sides tried to settle into a groove. It looked like Walcott had the first chance on goal, an effort easily dealt with by Neuer.

The first goal came from terrible defending start to finish. It looked like Mertesacker played a hopeless ball to Vermaelen, he lost possession on the half way line, fell over,Schweinsteiger laid the ball off the Ribery, he then laid the ball off to Mueller who crossed with ease as Koscielny jockeyed… Kroos was on the edge of the box and banged home past our keeper. No challenge. Well, at least not a challenge that landed within in 10 seconds of the strike. The shot was thunderous and we all know that our keeper is rarely capable of surprising you with an astonishing save.

One nil down after 6 minutes. Reminiscent of that horrible United game 4 years ago. The fans were totally flattened. Why? Because nothing has been learnt since then.

The second goal was even harder to stomach because it was so unbelievably naive / lazy. We conceded a corner, it was fired into the front post, one I’d probably lambast Theo for… Ramsey and Mertesacker both watched on like shell shocked children as Daniel van Buyten (Bayern’s juggernaut defender) steamed in like a giant ghost wearing a neon jack with a siron on his head, his header was parried by the keeper, again, no one reacted on our team… leaving Müller to pounce and roof into the net.

Comical defending. An embarrassment that we’re witnessing that sort of football at home in the Champions League. At that point things started to get acidic in the stands, people were screaming all sorts at Arsene Wenger and small pockets of people were chanting for the manager to go. I hate that. Mid-match to behave like that is a disgrace. It makes for the sort of feeling you get in a pub when you know trouble is about to kick off. That’s not what football is about and it was really quite unnerving.

Arsenal didn’t really improve after the goal, things just got worse. Thomas Vermaelen at left back once again demonstrated that having a left foot does not mean you’re capable of playing more than one position. At right back, Bacary Sagna was an absolute disgrace to his shirt and his reputation. At one point he’d bombed the length of the pitch to get back in position, then when the keeper needed him to show… he wouldn’t turn and face him… this was 42 minutes in. There were plenty of other moments during the game where his attitude just reeked of ‘I don’t give a f*ck’. He should be dropped from the squad based on his performance.

In midfield, Santi Cazorla was no where to be seen all night, he didn’t show at all. Mikel Arteta, for all his professionalism is guilty every game of slowing our pace down. We don’t get the ball to the front three quick enough. Aaron Ramsey put in a shift, he covered a lot of ground, but he’s just not the quality you need to be facing Bayern Munich with.

Things picked up briefly, but we didn’t really have anything substantial to show for it. Then Mandzukic managed to slip between both Koscielny and Mertesacker to whistle a bullet header that slipped just wide of the post. It’s like they have no awareness at all. There’s no communication or leadership at the back. No one wants to take responsibility, bar Jack, who was seen giving some mouth the Vermaelen.

Arsenal did manage to source a glimmer of hope when Neuer decided to show our keeper he wasn’t the only one capable of flapping at crosses. He came bounding out of the area, more concerned with shoving our players over than connecting the ball, the ball bounced and Podolski nodded into an empty net. That was literally his only contribution of the game. He’s a very lazy player who has no regard for covering his full back. Which is pretty poor when you consider your left back is a make shift player who has less confidence than the boy who wet himself at a school play.

The team had nothing to give, there was one point when we had had a throw out on the right, it felt like it took 30 seconds for anyone to show into space. Our pressing game is totally pointless because we don’t do it in packs and only half the team can be bothered to do it.

We brought on some players to chase the game, Rosicky and Giroud did offer us a little bit more in attack. I have no idea why we play Ramsey ahead of the Czech, he’s a far better player. He launched a 50 yard ball to Theo, he controlled it and cut to Giroud who fired his shot at Neuer. Outside that, there was very little additional information to contribute to this match report.

Wenger punished his team at the end by not going to speak to them for 30minutes. Nice one, exactly what a team lacking in direction needs, less direction.

I was wondering during the game why everyone was so irate. I was wondering why the joy of going to see Arsenal has diminished to such a point, it’s almost become an excercise is masochism. I think it’s quite simple. We’re paying a huge amount of money, we’re investing a huge amount of time… and we’re seeing the same problems rehashed in almost exactly the same manner year after year. Last night was no different to United at home with the flags, or the second leg away to Barcelona on both occasssions, or the away leg in Milan. Well, there is a difference, each year the players get that little bit worse. Last night was infuriating because Wenger is the guardian of Arsenal football club, we put our trust in him to know what the problems are… and he refuses to address them. Last nights half time and full time booing weren’t beause of an isolated result, they were a culmination of 8 years of stagnation. 8 years of trying to rule Europe without a game plan. 8 years of selling your best players for massive money. 8 years of replacing them with substandard players.

The joke of this summer is that we won’t have to suffer with an exodus of players, why? Because bar Jack Wilshere, the best have already been picked off.

The joke of yesterday is that we rested our best players which resulted in us bombing a trophy we had a chance of winning… to show up our rested first team as not capable of competing at the highest level.

Sure the game isn’t over mathmatically, but I feel confident enough to say that we don’t have a shock performance in us to turn this around. We simply don’t have the quality. We don’t have a defence, we don’t have a keeper, our midfield is severely lacking bar Jack and up front, when it comes to the highest level, we’re predictable and one track.

Arsene Wenger has spoke about how his team haven’t been together for that long. Well, Bayern finished second last year, they spent £63m on Dante, Shaqiri, Mandzuckic and Martinez… plus some addtional players. They were fine last night. They’re dominating their league and they just turned us over. If you have intent, there are good players. None of those were out of our range. Bayern are sustainable, but get this, they’re ambitious with a lower wage bill than ours.

Last night wasn’t as painful as Blackburn and Bradford… but it was a short, sharp slap in the face for Arsene Wenger who has, for the 16th season in a row, failed in a competition he’s supposed to covet the most.

Arsene Wenger is finished in the top flight as a manager. I just hope he isn’t given the last year of  his contract to have a final blow out. We’ll only miss him when he’s gone if we make a cataclysmic cock up with the next guy we bring in, because as far as I can see, Wenger is lost as a manager. He really doesn’t have a clue.

This next week is the biggest under Wenger, if we don’t beat Villa and lose to Spurs, our season could be over by March 3rd. Think about that…

P.S. The training ground bust up between Bould and Wenger doesn’t have any base in truth…



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  1. stevegooner

    CowleygoonerFebruary 20, 2013 20:20:47
    Wonder if Cesc regrets moving to those ice lolly looking shower of shit??
    Should have stayed with us and our top,top,top quality side of internationals?

    I doubt if he regrets it, but he might not be overly happy at the moment

  2. Cesc Appeal

    I love all these players who left the club coming out and saying ‘Wenger deserves more time, he is the right man for the job.’

    What, because he never said no to you? Bent to your every wish? Sacrificed the integrity of the club for guys like you?

    Don’t come back, having left the club for ‘bigger things’ and tell the Arsenal fans you left that they don’t know what they’re talking about!

  3. Cowleygooner


    I take it you heard the Hleb interview earlier. I must admit I shouted ‘shut up you cunt’ at the radio a couple of times..


    SDEApril 17, 2012 00:05:47
    If a big Club can;’t do without a player like Arteta who was at his best about 4 years ago then it is a sad state of affairs and you have to look squarely at the manager for that. In reality Arteta shouldn’t even be featuring in an Arsenal 11, but with all the dumbing down that’s gone on all of a sudden he’s a vital component. What a situation we’re in. I have to laugh.

  5. Jeff

    That’s what I call a tactical game. Wonderful and effective. Passion, desire, technique and tactics all spot on. Well done AC Milan 2:0.


    SDEApril 16, 2012 22:19:59
    Gunner 2301
    In an ideal world,I would fire wenger with immediate effect,pay him off and run him out of the emirates..


    SDEApril 16, 2012 22:23:28
    This victor moses guy ran us rugged..Walcott could use some tips on how to cross,and take on defenders..

  8. kwik fit

    ‘ Milan tactics were spot on’
    Did you hear that Arsene , yes TACTICS.
    Milan showed tonight how to play against the so called big teams. Don’t give an inch,,,,,defend like trojans… like fuck…..take chances when they come along…….and don’t treat the opposition with too much respect……..But most of all have full confidence in your own ability.

  9. Cesc Appeal



    Really annoys me.

    You didn’t want to hang around and win nothing with Wenger…but the Arsenal fans should?!

    I honestly had a feeling he might resign last night after that ‘sulked in his office for 30 minutes’ thing….don’t know why I thought it, just imagines I’d wake up to news he’d quit.

    But no.

    All very heads down, get the players out to take the flack and support the manager. Call up old mates (like Hleb) and get them to voice support.

    Rome is burning, and the idiot is stood their watching, he could release the dam, flood the fire and sweep away the debris…but he wants to see if the fire burns out itself.


    Arsene’s NurseApril 16, 2012 22:35:49
    We lost this game in the first 8 minutes. It’s as simple as that. Why the fuck did we not prepare properly for this game? Why are have we lost concentration in the first 8 minutes?We play like arrogant school children at home against lesser teams and get bitten badly. How many goals have we conceded from our own corners this year? I bet we send the keeper and all of the back 4 up for corners in training.Defending – what’s that then? We had a golden chance today and blew it in 8 minutes,


    SDEApril 16, 2012 22:41:47
    At times like these I wish we did a little research into the team before the match. If we’d just marked Moses better it’d been 1-0.
    But according to wenger he doesn’t believe in doing research,or his due diligence on the other teams.
    He focuses on us,’cos we are superior-non?The game is won before we step onto the pitch.
    Anyway in his time of management and the 10,000 decisions he has had to make,he’s not once entertained the idea,or the thought come to his head to look at the opposition’s weakness..He gets paid £7 million,not to bother doing some basic research on opponents..
    But the other successful managers like your mourinho’s,ferguson’s,guardiola’s,rijkard’s,treat the opposition with the upmost respect,so much so that they will compile a 100 page dossier on the opposition.
    .Wenger treats the opposition with utter contempt..Not worth his salt..HIS THINKING..WHAT OPPOSITION??!!

  12. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Great performance from Milan, great to see players playing for the shirt.
    One goal in the Camp Nou and it could well be bye-bye to Barca.


    SDEApril 16, 2012 21:39:09
    Not even retaining one of them as back-up,i.e. kos/verm?
    What the heck is song doing all the way up the field,with him supposed to be moving into the CB role!!

    SDEApril 16, 2012 21:40:11
    you mean no hope of winning anything..

    SDEApril 16, 2012 21:48:07
    Gunner 2301,
    How many goals did we concede in 2009?
    I know it’s been getting progressively worse year-on-year..This year being the worst,and there is still a few games to go,having conceded 43 goals to date..

    I’m sure that figure rises to about 60 goals if we take into account all the cup competitions..Shocking!!

    Surely aren’t teams supposed to defend from the front..
    That the first line of defence is your attacking line..
    Why does wenger continuously ignore this with reckless abandon?!


    SDE April 16, 2012 20:02:09

    I can see this game being a potential bannana skin..I hope I’m proved wrong..I told you guys…Typical arsenal..


    KeyserApril 16, 2012 22:00:12 –
    Are you watching on a stream, Caldwell’s a fucking cunt, Van Persie should’ve fucking slapped him.Wigan are shite, fuck Martinez, hope Wigan go down.


    azedApril 16, 2012 22:02:09
    Pedro, Mayank, Albo
    Thats what you get when you look for a CL spot instead of WINNERS. Bunch of chokers…
    And please let me see the deluded c*nt that would tell me Ramsey is a good player.

  17. Ric

    kwik fitFebruary 20, 2013 21:55:09

    Considering the fact I cannot express my disdain for reality tv in words alone…

    That was bloody brilliant.


    Here;s the boner,for Anti-Keyser Opponent’s…Paulinho watch out…

    KeyserApril 16, 2012 22:03:15
    Benayoun and Rosicky played a game too many, without Arteta the aged triumvirate doesn’t work half as well SANTOS CAN’T FUCKING RUN, Wenger deserves everything for that.We’re not nasty enough we should’ve destroyed Wigan.

  19. AA23

    What a truly terrible poster Vix Affair is.
    Thick idiots like him really bring this site down. Lots of good quality posts and then that thick idiot comes and spoils it.

  20. Ric

    AA23February 20, 2013 22:01:11

    SDE *caugh* I mean Vix, would you be a doll and check if Keyser and AA23 has ever had a conversation with each other? Seeing as you’re down memory lane anyway…


  21. Cesc Appeal

    Rosicky should definitely start at the weekend as well ahead of Arteta…watching the game back again he did alright when he came on, was forward thinking.

    We might as well cast all the shackles off now, nothing to lose.

    Dignity? We left that in Bradford somewhere….or possibly even Old Trafford August 2011.

    Just play Rosicky, Wilshere and Cazorla in the middle from now on, go on the attack, we can’t defend, we don’t have a CDM, so what’s the point in pretending Arteta’s one?

    If this is the year we drop into obscurity and Spurs take our spot at the head table, then let’s at least go out with a bang.

    I can easily see us drawing at the weekend, losing to Spurs away and Swansea away and our season being totally over by the time the thumping at the Allianz comes around.

    My gear is Wenger is going to stubbornly stick to his ‘tactics’ (cough, cough) now and things really will get ugly.

    You can almost hear the anticipation from the Yids for next week, Bale vs a totally out of form Sagna? Running at Mertesacker who has the turning radius of an Aircraft carrier?

    That game could be awful.


    AA23April 16, 2012 22:03:36
    Let’s not get carried away, we will still beat Chelsea
    & the coup de grace….Chelsea win the CL2011/12 Trophy..

    & we win Top 4 place trophy…HAHAHHA..

    You absolute bastard…Who is your Father?

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I know.

    Tesco have an offer on Paracetamol and Value Scotch right now, the new guy should stop there before even attempting to look over the player contracts.

  24. Ric

    “Dignity? We left that in Bradford somewhere….or possibly even Old Trafford August 2011.”

    Spot on! I haven’t been able to look a manc in the eyes since 2011.

  25. Alex James

    What do I feel a repeat of Utd’s treble coming on? League sown up, draw away at Madrid and reserve strikers etc scoring FA Cup goals. And Barca on the floor. Please no!


    Let’s continue to take a trip down memory lane…

    Wengers Plastic BottleApril 16, 2012 22:03:53
    Gervinho couldn’t dribble on a bib

    Walcott jogging
    Ramsey waste of space
    Santos can’t defend for shit

  27. mystic

    Sun votes now up to 27716 – up circa 6k since I voted, the split has consistently been 53% / 47% in favour of Wenger going.

    I just can’t understand how that 47% can still be supporting him.


    KeyserApril 16, 2012 22:05:15

    Fuck it Arteta got injured they got the early goals they needed ..

    Paulinho,enough ammo,to launch a war against Keyser I think..!!

  29. Ric

    HerveDeNerveFebruary 20, 2013 22:07:28

    Been mulling it over and I think It’ll go well, Arsene probably has his office in better order than his team, and everyone you’d meet all day would be patting you on the back wishing you a good start, with an intense look of elation on their face.

    Plus the moneys good… I’d take it.

  30. TBH

    That waste of space, Ramsey was one of the better players yesterday imo… Better than Cazorla on the night whi I barely even saw playing. You can’t fault his effort, doesn’t create much though, but then again, neither does anyone else lately. On to Munich, I say. On to Munich, and all I hope for is atleast a bettre showing.

  31. Ric

    I hate the afc fans sometimes I really do… What will it take?

    Five years after the actual onset of his Alzheimers we will still be sitting here lambasting the tactical nous of a man that wears diapers…

  32. Alex James

    Wonder whether there are rules against playing the ladies in Munich? Presumably Wenger will rest our best players to deal with Spurs and Everton. At least the ladies play likea proper team whenever I have watched them. I have more faith in Kelly Smith than Gervinho or Girout.

  33. Ric

    Alex JamesFebruary 20, 2013 22:28:02

    Do we still have Martha?

    Cuz if we do, we have like half a team I’d give her a spot infront of.

  34. mystic

    With views like the one below there is clearly an element that will never let go.

    ‘As fans, we all know Wenger could have done a lot better and have assembled a better team than we have. But it’s time for us to forget that and get behind Mr.Wenger and the team. That’s the best thing we can do at the moment. ‘

  35. Ric

    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 20, 2013 22:32:56

    Didn’t he loose it twice….?

    Actually I think its one of the greater football tragedies…. Well….
    …. next to this team.

  36. Tomtom

    Liam Brady has just said that the board still back Wenger and that he will be given money to spend this summer. He also said that the fa cup and league cup don’t matter anymore and that Wenger has got the club in a great position now after moving to the new stadium.

  37. Alex James

    Liam Brady, the guy who spent his best years in Italy, instead of helping us to dislodge Liverpool in the 80s. Where have all the great youth players he is supposed to uncover been these last few years.? The majority have been sold or loaned out. A great player but didn’t hang around, once Juve came calling. At least he had the good grace to avoid Utd, whereas Stapleton and the cloggy ran there.


    AA23July 5, 2012 00:01:16

    I’ve not been happy with the way things have been going at Arsenal for a long time now.
    But Van Persie has made a right mess of this.
    Thick Idiot

    AA23July 5, 2012 00:05:50

    You know fuck all about me, don’t make blind statements you sound like AW.
    I know you are a cunt. We all do.

    AA23July 5, 2012 00:09:02

    Sal you thick fucking idiot I don’t want to keep him.
    I know more than you about Arsenal, like you know more than me about aids.
    now fuck off.

    AA23July 4, 2012 23:04:53
    I don’t give a fuck that he’s leaving.
    Silly statement to make though, so obviously trying to stop the fans from hating him.
    You left you Dutch cunt, of course we are going to hate you.
    Club before cunt

    The word’s of an articulate wise man?!!!

    We hear you,oh wise one- “AA23”,we hear you..!!
    We bow,before your mighty knowledge-“AA23”..For,we are not worthy…

  39. Johnty79

    Wenger said in 2009 after messi destroyed us… You can’t stop messi hes unplayable well intermilan, Chelsea and now ac Milan have showed him how…
    Wenger you are a clown.


    incescJuly 4, 2012 23:09:04
    i wonder if SDE has gone down to the emirates to set him self on fire
    I wonder,have you yet,after our disastrous season to date?

    Unless,you see it as progress..?


    KeyserJuly 4, 2012 23:09:35
    “RVP carried a huge sack of shit with him for 9 months recently. Not a crime to ask for some more help.”
    Yeah, and the club carried his shit for years.
    & today,who’s carrying who’s shit-oh masterful one?


    AA23July 4, 2012 23:11:36
    Don’t fall for that bollocks about club direction and “not about money” either.
    Embarrassing that he thinks Arsenal fans are thick enough to believe that load of shit.
    Can’t wait to see and hear the stick he’s going to get.
    & almost 9 months forward..2012/13..

    Dumped out of CC by Bradford

    Dumped out of FAC by BB

    Halfway Dumped out of CL..
    Fighting for 4th…
    Yep RVP’s statement was all “BALONEY”,as you mentioned..

    Excellent,your post’s are legendary…!!

    In fact they speak for themselves…!!
    Roll on,with the insult’s & comment’s..

    The blog & your all so subtle comment’s does not lie…!!


    AA23July 4, 2012 23:38:05
    fuck off cunt.
    you know fuck all about Arsenal or football.
    ————————————————-AA23,TOM,KEYSER,are the kind of rational,logical poster’s we are debating with these days..

    Great to know,the English Educational System,is producing it’s finest for the world to see..


    KeyserJuly 3, 2012 19:11:23
    azed – Mate, the question was about why we conceded 49 goals, that’s all, and injuries play a part, did you read all of what I posted ? There’s a whole myriad of reasons for it.

    So far in the 2012/2013 season-conceding so far 52 goals..

    That’s right,we are on course to beat our 60 goal conceded tally of last year..

    29 GC-EPL

    52 goal’s conceded so far in all competition’s with still a 3rd of the way of a season to negotiate..

    On course,to surpass our GC tally of last season..2011/12(60 Goals)

    What are the myriad of reason’s for this season?

    Injuries?Bad Luck?Oligarch’s?FFP?Sale of RVP?etc,etc…

    We are listening with intent..!


    PhilFebruary 21, 2013 00:39:25

    Not really,especially putting to bed,some c**t’s so called footballing knowledge..
    Quite an interesting journey,seeing that I hardly post on here,so much..

    On the other hand,yep,slacked on the triathlon training..Not good I know…


    AA23February 20, 2013 22:45:55

    I just love how Keyser destroys you every single day on here.
    It amuses me no end

    Just bloody love,how you destroy yourself,with your past comment’s..(read above)..

    It’s absolutely beautiful..priceless..!

  47. Gideon Okyere Anim

    Wenger and his boys are making us sick in Africa especially in Ghana is there any hope for arsenal? I wonder!