Arsene Wenger loses the plot, the upshot? It might spark a reaction against Bayern…

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My new friends. They think Bayern 2-1. After they said that, I attacked them with a stein. Just kidding.

Well I say, what an explosive press conference. Probably the most outrageous Wenger eruption of the last 16 years. He’s agitated, why? Because he knows time is running out on his Arsenal career. He knows his 9 lives are nearly up and if he doesn’t make something pretty magical happen tonight, he could find his season one match away from near total implosion.

Was it a meltdown, no. This is a meltdown.

It was pretty mental considering Wenger’s zen like approach to conflict.

What started the explosion? A question about Stan Kroenke offering him a new deal. I’m pretty sure most who follow the game with any interest were pretty sure that was a load of nonsense, but the reporter in the room let rip with the question, probably with the best of intentions. This was his response…

“I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am 30 years in this job and if I was paranoid you would know it already. I just think that when I worked for 16 years in the country I expect a certain respect. You can criticise me and say I am doing a bad job, but manipulative things when they are wrong, I don’t accept. I think I deserve a bit more credit than wrong information \[reports about a new contract\] that has only one intention: to harm.”

He then went on the chop down a female reporter mid question which was even more out of character. He lost his composure and he tore into the press corps. Amazing the usual suspects around the web were in total denial about the seriousness of the blown fuse, but there we are.

What could have sparked such a reaction? Well, this is the first time he’s ever had 18 months on a deal without the fan fare of ‘please, please sign on’… and I don’t know for certain, but I’d be almost certain that talks of an extension haven’t been mentioned. If they had, Wenger would have delivered a wry smile and a ‘we will see, but now is not the time’.

Regardless of my opinion on the mans performance, I don’t like to see people react like that. He’s obviously suffering like any iconic figure past his best would be. Accepting you’re no longer the best must be incredibly hard to stomach, especially in top level sport…

‘My contract ends in 2014, I will have completed 30 years without interruption at the top level. Football demands a lot of commitment — I may not have quality, but commitment for sure. I am sure you would miss me when I am gone.’

…because the only way you get to the top is by donating your soul to the game you love. That doesn’t mean I can’t be totally baffled when he drops quotes like the one below.

‘Not because of what happened on Saturday, but because we started the season with a lot of scepticism. I think we have made improvements and it would be nice for us to continue with this improvement until the end of the season.’

I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about, unless he means we’ve made marginal improvements? We needed a massive lift this season and some serious investment. Instead we sold out two best players and mainly performs cosmetic surgery around the edges of the side.

People say they want the old Arsene back this summer. That’s exactly what we don’t want. Why? Because the old Arsene Wenger couldn’t compete in the modern era. What we need is a less powerful Arsene who is surrounded by experts he’ll listen to on coaching, players, technology and the insight generated from them. We need an Arsene who believes in video analysis. We need an Arsene who can motivate players. We need a whole new man… because heading into your sixties trying to rekindle skills that have been made redundant over the last decade isn’t going to bring back the glory.

£70m can make us competitive again. Don’t listen to the naysayers who were backing Wenger to make us competitive up until a month ago. You just need a smart set up and a smart manager (modern smart). This whole ‘we compete well compared to our wage spend’ grates me. What happened to our competitive streak? What happened to the culture of competing beyond your means? Swansea have a £20m wage bill and have some fantastic players. Everton consistently out perform their wage bill, Newcastle did last year. The reason we can’t is because we’re not cutting edge anymore. We’re getting up good players second because we’re too late or not bold enough to make a quick decision.

That can all change… you just need the right man to make it happen. The men who pioneer don’t look at the big boys and cower. They look at them and see an opportunity to be smarter, more nimble and more creative. You know, just like Arsene did when he arrived over here.

Tonight is where our focus should be. Part of me wonders whether the players will look at the manager losing the plot and think… ‘Jeez, we’ve been sh*te this year, perhaps we should show some sort of passion for the cause this evening’. I’d love that. The fans would love that. Arsene would love that.

It’ll be tough though, we don’t have a left back, which actually, I beleive, is an omen. Why? Well I’m pretty sure we made it to the Champions League final 26 left backs short. The year Flamini stepped into a make shift defence with Senderos, Campbell and Eboue… and kept the record amount of clean sheets. So, when your chips are down, don’t always think that means it’s time to go home and drink the night away. Tonight is going to be tough. Bayern have attacking fluency meshed in with defensive solidity. They’ll come with a tactical game plan and they’ll know everything they need to know about us. That said, in a one off 11 v 11… you just don’t know what could happen. We’ve enough quality to make an impact. How much of an impact over two legs? Well… we’ll find out. I’m not counting out anything… we’ve had a few fantastic nights at The Emirates Europe wise, so let’s pray for one this evening.

Tear the roof off the place people. Make it a night to remember.

P.S. We drank all the Jaeger in that German bar last night, you know, marking our footballing territory. (LINK)

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  1. samsenal

    Cloggs i think many people have forgotten what an AKB is. An AKB is someone someone who thinks Wenger is infallible. They think Wenger is the best manager in the world, that he WILL succeed.

    You are confusing those people with normal Arsenal fans who cheer their team on but are concerned about what is going on at the club. People who pay the ludicrous fees for an Emirates ticket don’t want to sing Wenger out songs halfway through the season. Wait until Spurs attributing sight and you will start to see the change. As I said though, a casual read of other blogs will show you how deep the concerns are.

  2. Paulinho

    Well you obviously don’t expect much from Diaby. He plays like a zombie with the brain of a satsuma and he hardly merits a mention in your post-match synopsis.

    Unless of course when you feel the worst ever footballer to play for the club is needed to hold his hand.

  3. tom

    I dont know anyone who thinks AW is infallible.

    Good? Yes.
    Right man for the job?  For now.
    Faultless? Your having a laugh.

  4. Keyser

    That’s seriously what you’re left with ? Fawning for some sort of technicality. Maybe Arteta’s just regressing at such an exponential rate, odd for someone who age holds no relevance about to peak.

  5. samsenal

    Tom, there was a time when Wenger was considered faultless.years ago it may have been but that proves my point; over time his standing in the average Arsenal supporter’s eyes has slowly diminished to a point where the blind faithful that so.many Grovers obsess over are a tiny minority.

  6. Paulinho

    Saying that in your words “the worst player to ever play for the club” is needed in order for a player (you rate highly) to be effective is a technicality?

    If he’s so bad why is he needed?


  7. Keyser

    Mate, he’s been playing shit, for weeks you’ve refused to answer what he does, now you’ve consigned his role to a very limited definition, rather than just say “you know what he’s been crap but I think he may improve”, you’ve decided to try and quote me from when ? which Chelsea game ?!

    Even then who care, maybe he itches Diaby’s nutsack in only a way he knows how, tweezes his mono-brow to perfection, is our only option with our limited squad, it won’t have made him play better, and you won’t have been any less embarrassed by your own comments.

  8. Cloggs

    samsenal 00:20:01
    Fair enough.. though you didn’t answer my question but I take it as your point of view.

    People who pay the ludicrous fees for an Emirates ticket don’t want to sing Wenger out songs halfway through the season.

    Yes, because then they would realize they have been treated like mugs.
    And that’s why lots of us are ignorant to the issue.
    Qualifying for CL is a (the) trophy, to Wenger as well as to the board, otherwise they would have sacked him eventually.
    Competing with the top clubs is NOT on the agenda; that’s why we don’t fish in the same transfer pond as Man Utd, City and Chelsea, moreover we sell our top class players to them.
    FFP is used as an excuse plus the usual spin and drivel to lure us into ST/membership renewals.
    Now.. as soon as you realize that, you know you have been a mug. Better keep silent about it.

  9. Paulinho

    I’ll try and make it easy for you, do my usual baby steps thing with you to help you process and understand your own ‘special’ way of thinking.

    You said a few weeks ago Mikel Arteta was needed to make Abou Diaby be effective.

    Now, why would you come to that conclusion if you had no idea what Mikel Arteta he brought to the team?

    If you can answer that question, maybe you can gain some closure and work out why you talk absolute shite so often.

  10. Paulinho

    A few more quotes from you:

    “Worst ever footballer to play for Arsenal”

    “Most pointless player ever”

    “We need Arteta to work around Diaby”

  11. Paulinho

    Whenever your made to look a mug (which if often) you pull out the ‘desperate’ card. Yawn. Desperate is what I would use to describe your efforts to cover up your contradictions.

    So Arteta’s gone from the worst player to ever play for the club, to being just a poor player?

    Next you’ll be saying he’s needed to bring out the best in someone?



  12. Keyser

    “So Arteta’s gone from the worst player to ever play for the club, to being just a poor player?”

    No, you loser, it’s about your perception, I asked YOU what he brought to the team, not Arsenal, or Wenger, or Arteta himself, YOU, you’ve basically come up with what ?!

    It is desperate because you’ve tried to twist it around and make it as ambiguous as you can.

  13. Paulinho

    “Arteta’s work rate and general reading of the game has remained consistent throughout”

    Try and read you penis.

  14. Keyser

    It’s also desperate when you try and play to your imagined gallery, babysteps, mug, no-one gives a shit about this, it’s just you and me, it’s 1:30 in the morning, neither of us is winning here.

    Arteta has been shit, he’s been one of our poorest players and when he meanders about aimlessly, he is one of the most pointless players in our history, and if you watch enough he does it quite a bit.

    Anything else ? Diaby ? Diaby might need him, so what, you don’t rate him at all highly all that matters is that he offers more than him when fit, that’s how poor Arteta’s been.

  15. Keyser

    “Arteta’s work rate and general reading of the game has remained consistent throughout”

    Which is bollocks. unless he’s got a book going on the side. If you truly believe that we should leave it there, or maybe it’s your politcal way of saying ‘I agree, I’ve got nothing.’

  16. Paulinho

    I’m winning. By a mile.

    And you partake in far too many of these all nighters for it not too mean great deal to you.

    “Diaby ? Diaby might need him, so what”

    Just give up mate. It’s embarrassing.

  17. Paulinho

    Well we’re trying to work out what you think of Arteta. You seem to have trouble making up your mind.

    You call him the worst player to ever play for the club, after previously mentioning how important is too Diaby performing (a player you seem to absolutely adore). Contradictory to say the least, but extremely consistent with your general meandering bullshit.

  18. Keyser

    No, we’re not this is funny now.

    -Arteta’s great.

    He’s shit.

    -Ok, yeah he’s shit.

    Told You.

    -Wait a minute he’s not that shit.

    Why not ?

    – I’m winning !

  19. Paulinho

    A few more quotes from you:

    “Worst ever footballer to play for Arsenal”

    “Most pointless player ever”

    “We need Arteta to work around Diaby”

    “You’re twisting my quotes”

  20. Adelaide Gooner

    What is the definition of Insanity?

    Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result.

    Sounds familiar??

  21. reggie57

    Them cunts on talkshite are doing my nut in!! especially fatty Brazil the spud cunt what’s with all the german music at the start


  22. Jeff

    It wasn’t unexpected really. How can a team that cannot beat Bradford and Blackburn beat Bayern? How can a team that has sold its soul to an impotent owner and its best players to the highest bidder ever hope to compete? How can a side that comprises mediocrity all over the pitch be expected to take on the likes of Bayern, Real or Barcelona? It is a ludicrous proposition and we had about as much chance of winning as Lofty getting off with Angelina Jolie.

    We have been going through this awful torture and torment for eight long years and nobody at the club has the balls or the inclination to put an end to it. We are rotten from top to bottom – stupidly pretending we are waiting for some obscure financial rule to kick in so that we can compete again. It is a pipe dream and will never have the effect they believe it will have – not now, not in two years time, not ever. If we carry on like this, by the time the FFP rules do kick in we’ll be so far down the toilet that it won’t matter anymore.

    And why does Wenger agonise, rant and rave so much? Is it the Boogie Man that sells our best players and pays lucrative wages to lame talent? If you hit your hand with a hammer, why complain and cry when it hurts? How mad can you be to complain “we have lost our best players” when it was you that sanctioned their exits? And if you truly did “have no choice”, why stick around to be beaten to a pulp when supposedly the likes of PSG and Real are beckoning? He has been lying to us season after season while making empty promises and fatuous claims about the quality of the team. It’s all rotten and it’s bad for the club.

    All good things come to an end but someone has to realise it and press the red button. A change is needed badly at the Emirates and it can’t come soon enough.

  23. Doublegooner


    The pain as write the above is felt by most of us.

    Last night to me shows we are now stareing the realities that Wenger is so far gone as a top manager.

    The other reality facing us is, Jack is now bigger than Wenger. Nothing would surprise if he’ ll give the club notice in the summer (privately) that next season will be his last.

    With Wenger & Kroenke running the club we are finished for a very long time.

    It breaks my heart.

  24. jonnygoon

    It amazes me how every year we get to Feb and Arsenal’s frailties show. This has happened for 6 years now and still AFC supporters regurgitate the same statements.

    “next year, i think we will win a cup/the league”
    “I think Arsene will sign some class players for next season”

    Although, for a couple of years now AFC fans have stopped saying ” we are two players short of winning the league”

    Arsene’s reign is very much in line with a dictator. if you go to the stadium there are pictures of Wenger and quotes from him.
    Very much like Sadam, Moa and Blair(sorry). you see the arrogence in interviews when an interviewer questions Wengers tactics, the smile that say’s “I know so much more than but i will entertain you with your inferior IQ”.

    And with long dictatorships come’s brainwashing. it won’t matter how far Arsenal go downhill, certain fans will still believe the team is going in the right direction. these people have a certain trait.
    People who have a weak sense of identity and tend to experience guilt, great self doubt and black-and-white thinking are more likely to be successfully brainwashed. they will never see the sinking ship, even with the water up to their neck.

  25. Jeff


    Inwardly I think we all know it. Admitting it is harder for some. I can’t really think of a realistic scenario that will spell the end to this nightmare but a new manager should definitely be the starting point. You see I don’t think the team is as useless as they make themselves look and we can certainly improve it without breaking the bank. But there is a huge barrier in front of us called Wenger who’s stuck in his ways and will not change.

    We have even lost the luxury of hope because 8 years of repeating the same mistakes is just too much to take. You’d think anyone with an ounce of intelligence would learn from that and change but he is too stubborn preferring to suffer rather than do what is necessary. I really don’t know. All we can do is sit and watch the horror unfold from one game to the next.

    The habit of winning has left us it seems and though even a child can see what is wrong, nothing is being done about it. The silence is deafening. Don’t know what else to say. I find it so futile nowadays to even talk about the football and the players because I can’t get over the fact that by far the greatest obstacle in our way is Wenger. What use is talking about world class players when we know he won’t buy them? What purpose does talking about formations serve when we know he won’t change it for any game and any opposition? What possible end can it serve to talk about individual performances when we know most of the first eleven are simply not up to what it takes?

    All roads lead to Wenger.

  26. midlandgunner

    he still has his beloved 4th place trophy to hang onto,but if spurs beat us it will be extremely difficult to get 4th we have become a laughing stock under these mugs but the end of wenger is near now just look at his interviews and body language on the touchline hes finished

  27. Jay2oh

    I remember reading an article 2/3 years ago (cant remember where) about how some fans argued that Arsene has never improved the squad since the Bayern defeat in 2005….

    How ironic that they have just truely rammed another nail in the coffin.

    Those two teams shouldn’t have been on the same pitch, but thanks to Wenger they were. All the attributes we used to have- pace, strength, skill, class, defensive capability- we faced and it was embarrassing to say the least.

    Wenger looks a beaten man, has done for a while. The end is approaching Gooners.

  28. fanboy


    there goes another seasons hopes and dreams. nothing to look forward to but the scxrape for 4th.

    so same time next year? 🙁

  29. goonerboy

    There is some validity in the concern from other fans that too many people on here are comfortable about the team losing-some people purporting to be fans appear desperate for the team to lose.

    Fans wanting the team to lose are not fans.
    Fans thinking the team will not lose because they worship the manager are even more deluded.
    An anaemic, clueless, shit performance like today does not just reflect on the manager. It reflects on every Arsenal fan- everywhere.

    Real Arsenal fans experience pain when the team loses/embarrasses itself like this- too many people on here welcome it- they think it strengthens THEIR opinion- and boosts THEIR ego. Well let me make it clear- you are a fan- nothing more. If you want my team to lose- I have nothing in common with you- even though we both might agree that the current manager is crap.

  30. Monkeyjeffrey

    Strong opinions
    So tell why is your opinion of a fan the right one??
    We are all fans and support in our own way other wise we wouldn’t be here

  31. Goonersfury

    The Bradford/Blackburn defeat is what worries me. Bayern are better all over the pitch and they are one of the favourites for champions league. Arsenal have become 4th place fodder and can’t beat league 2 sides. Wengers worst season as boss. Sad sad times…..

  32. Goonersfury

    The Bradford/Blackburn defeat is what worries me. Bayern are better all over the pitch and they are one of the favourites for champions league. Arsenal have become 4th place fodder and can’t beat league 2 sides. Wengers worst season as boss. Sad sad times…..

  33. miki dora

    I don’t know why there’s so much surprise at the loss? I cheered and willed on every move and you could see that Jack, Rambo, Theo etc are all trying.

    They’re just better than us.

    Fuck all point in saying “we didn’t perform” because we didn’t for a reason: They’re better than us.

    The real argument is why our ‘manager’ (I use this word in the loosest term) continuely sells our best players, we have the shittest scouts in the world, our board are a bunch of fucking criminals hell bent on cash, we overpay very average players…. etc etc



    Bloody hell…You guy’s need to move on & get a life..

    Arsenal FC,is done under Arsene & SS..

    What more evidence,does one need..?

    Skirting with relegation..?

    It’s absolutely boring,reading the shame nonsense everyday..

    & the like’s of Tom & Keyser,are really pissing off the real fan’s..

    This blog,has is fastly going down hill,like the club…


    KeyserJuly 4, 2012 23:09:35
    “RVP carried a huge sack of shit with him for 9 months recently. Not a crime to ask for some more help.”
    Yeah, and the club carried his shit for years.
    & today,who’s carrying who’s shit-oh masterful one?


    AA23July 4, 2012 23:11:36
    Don’t fall for that bollocks about club direction and “not about money” either.
    Embarrassing that he thinks Arsenal fans are thick enough to believe that load of shit.
    Can’t wait to see and hear the stick he’s going to get.
    & almost 9 months forward..2012/13

    Dumped out of CC by Bradford
    Dumped out of FAC by BB
    Halfway Dumped out of CL..

    Fighting for 4th…
    Yep RVP’s statement was all “BALONEY”,as you mentioned..

    Excellent,your post’s are legendary…!!
    In fact they speak for themselves…!!

    Roll on,with the insult’s & comment’s..

    The blog & your all so subtle comment’s does not lie…!!


    KeyserJuly 4, 2012 23:23:08
    This is like players that have gone before, you want them to be able to turn this around to come back, and he can still do it, if we signed one or two players, if we signed M’Vila and an attcking midfielder, that’d be 3-4 players of decent quality.Van Persie could still change his mind, I don’t get why players are soo thick at times.


    AA23July 4, 2012 23:38:05
    fuck off cunt.
    you know fuck all about Arsenal or football.

    AA23,TOM,KEYSER,are the kind of rational,logical poster’s we are debating with these days..

    Great to know,the English Educational System,is producing it’s finest for the world to see..


    SDEJuly 3, 2012 22:09:30
    I think RVP is gone…
    So that leaves us with what..?
    Poldoski & Giroud…!!

    Hmm…The total of our summer signings..

    Then on the last day of transfer deadline..A mad supermarket dash for some cheapo signings..Scraps left over..

    Then we go into the season,handicapped through our own design..

    Suffer countless injuries& some routine routings& come the end of the season..

    Bemoan the fact that we did well to finish b/w 3rd& 4th,given our start..& surmise that Wenger has learnt his lesson & will change things next season..