Arsenal £70m warchest is PR spin to get you to part with your cash… | Only hope for Bayern is complacency

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No time for moping, we’ve a massive game in the Champions League tomorrow night. We face Bayern Munich, arguably one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. They have an incredible defence and a blistering attack. If there was ever a time you wouldn’t want the visit of Bayern… it’d be this Tuesday after an embarrassing result against a bunch of Northern cloggers.

Football is a funny old game and Arsene is a funny old manager. The decline of Arsenal is a slow car crash, so don’t be surprised if something mega happens on Tuesday. Wenger is quite often down… but never out. If he turns in a win on Tuesday, no doubt half the fan base apoplectic with rage from the weekend will take a look at the scoreline and say… yeah, you know what, I was too hasty… maybe we’ll give him until the summer… we did beat Bayern at home.

Me? No way. Wenger is done as a top flight manager. You can always paint over the cracks, but for me, Arsene ran out of paint years ago and he’s trying to cover a mark on the wall the Russian asteroid made last week. The odd good result won’t convince me he’s capable of anything but the same over and over again. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t go into the Bayern game talking up a victory in my head.

We’ll have a full team of players to pick from and hopefully a group who are a little more energetic than they would have been had they had to exert themselves against Blackburn. We also have the added spice of a complacent Bayern. Running through the videos of Arsenal must be fun. Spot the strength would be a tougher task than digging out our weaknesses.

Arsene Wenger needs this win more than any other in his career, if he loses this one, who knows how badly our season might unravel. He also has the prospect of the three B’s knocking him out of the cups this year. Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern. It’s not relevant, but I’ve no doubt it’ll have some sort of historical relevance when The Sun spin it into something more compelling than I could.

I’d like to think he was playing to save his bacon, but despite the bookies slashing odds left right and centre, I have my doubts Arsenal will do anything decisive in the summer. Perhaps the only way that happens is if we drop out of Europe. Then it really will be a sorry old season. Wenger won’t have anyone to blame but himself… and if there was any doubt around the money he’s been allowed to have… perhaps this would be a good time to out Ivan.

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

The last few years of warchest documented…






February last year...


Yeah right...

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

Taking the first story on, what’s changed? What’s the difference between The Telegraph story and the ‘£40million to spend in January’ story just before Christmas? We had exactly the same run of stories this time last year when it was all going wrong. I think we’ve all grown accustomed to the nature of carefully placed stories of hope around the time Club Level tickets and season tickets are up for renewal. When it comes down to it, you have to face facts, the club tells lies to get you to part with your money. In the main they shouldn’t need to, but when it comes to Club Level, I can tell you one thing for certain… it’s not all Eton educated hedge fund managers… it’s people who work hard, love the club and want to spend a bit more to sit in a nicer area. That extra £1,500 a year it costs to sit there might start becoming a bit of a burden. The renewals started a month ago and I suspect the uptake has been low. Lots of people who have club level tickets also have normal season tickets. I know plenty who ditched club level for their cattle class tickets last year. The gaps around club level tell a story this year.

The Arsenal business model is built on success. When you’re successful or at least demonstrating you want to be successful, people will pay whatever. When Arsenal become a predictable chore, which, sadly it has over the past few years, spanking out £3,000 on a ticket in autere times becomes an increasingly difficult thing to justify. I’ll be renewing this season, I’ll always renew providing I’ve got a job or access to a pay day loan. I wouldn’t sign up to club level though… even if I had the money. I’d source a season ticket loan. If Arsenal want luxury money from me, they’ll have to pull their end of the deal and start showing some intent with that massive bank balance they have. Arsenal charge premium prices and expect to get away with out delivering on the premium expectations that are associated with that.

You know who else does that? BP. Premium fuel? Do me a favour. It’s not difference to the crap stuff.

Anyway, I feel the club is acting in a totally disrespectful way by planting stories like these. It raises false expectation and actually helps increase the disdain for the manager who we know never delivers on the pre-transfer window leaks. I’d probably be able to stomach a summer if the club just came out and said ‘look, we’re saving money for the 2017 fire sale in Europe. We have no intention of investing’. It’s the lies I can’t stand. We’re becoming more and more like a bank or a political party with each day that passes. Where is the class in that Arsenal? I appreciate people have targets and bonuses to earn, but… well… what can I say… this is big football… people are bonused on getting bums on seats and when the team put out isn’t good enough to do that on its own, you’ve got to resort to dirty tactics.

Right, that’s all I’ve got today. Enjoy your day and say no to anyone who offers you a warchest.

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  1. Jeff

    I still don’t understand what he’s angry at. As far as I could make out nobody actually said “you’re a sad loser and should be sacked” or “don’t let the door hit you on your way out” or “spend some money” or “you don’t know what you’re doing”. All of those would have been no more than he deserves.

    The only explanation is that he’s angry because his pride is dented. Perhaps it’s finally beginning to dawn on him that it is not possible win things with rubbish players all of whom hand picked by him.

    Van Persie must be rolling on the floor laughing his head off watching the mayhem unfold.

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Dannyboy February 18, 2013 18:47:03

    Arsene’s Nurse, great song that! very apt though, all the AKB’s are perennial losers just like their leader.
    Neon lights, a nobel prize
    The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
    You don’t have to follow me
    Only you can set me free
    I sell the things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face on your t.v.
    I’m the cult of personality
    I exploit you still you love me

    Lyrics very apt eh?

    I used to admire Wenger, I thought he was not only good for the club, but also the game in general. He was a breath of fresh air. But along the line somewhere something has changed in him., I cannot admire someone who constantly tries to twist the truth and tries to pull the wool over my eyes. This has been happening more and more frequently. The bullshit has piled up so fast and so high you need wings to stay above it.

    Great leaders instinctively know when to quit. Their legacies remain and they are fondly remembered. Wenger is well past this point. He’s had the money, the resources and unprecedented support and patience from Arsenal fans to at least make a concerted effort to concentrate on winning something. Instead he’s looked at 4th place only and pays lip-service to the rest. He’s now losing control.

    All teams are a reflection of their manager and ours is one in decline.

    A couple of weeks ago I actually realised that I couldn’t stand the sight of Wenger. I’ve had enough of him. I don’t wish him any harm or misfortune, I just want him to go.

  3. kwik fit

    Wenger realises that he’s lost the fan’s and his ego is such that he won’t face the truth. Hence losing the plot in the press conference. Totally irrational behaviour.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Bergkamp63: Who actually give a fuck what a chairman or owner says or does ? the only thing the fans give a shit about is if their team is winning or competing given the resources at hand.

    well, if you don’t, then you should. Football clubs, like it or not are companies and while they’re not exactly run the same way as a typical company might be, the input of the chairman or the owner could well be vital.

    To me, Kroenke has little or no input. Given that you think the club is doing really badly, don’t you think the owner ought to be doing something a little more visible ?

    The problem is Kroenke doesn’t see owning Arsenal as a job, he sees it as an investment.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    If I’m honest, I suspect if I was Wenger I’d have told the press to piss off years ago in a press conference.

  6. Alex James

    Just a thought. Napoleon’s Old Guard went down with a wallop at Waterloo. When asked to surrender, they replied “merde” or something like that and got blown to bits.

  7. tom

    Im not stopping today, but one question for Pedro;
    How do you know a particular story is an AFC pr plant and not just paper talk?

    Everyone knows theres cash for players so isnt it natural for the press to roll the war chest angle out when ever the team is failing?

    So many lies are attributed to AW with very little basis.

    If a journalist asks Wenger

     will the board be allocating funds for transfers in the summer?

    and AW replies

    The money is there, of course, and we will be looking to bring in players that can improve the team if the right one becomes available.

    Is that a lie if he signs a Cazorla or Monreal?

    I dont think so.



    Shittttttttttttttttt A la Clay Davis…

    Arsene:You mean,you are going to throw me to the lions…Shittttttttttttt..

    Arsene:Man,if I’m going down,you all are going down with me…I mean I delivered my part of the bargain,took the flak from the fans,from the media,whilst you were all happy pocketing the dough quietly…

    Arsene:Shittt….Man,you better back me the fuck up,or we are all going down..Shittt…..

    Kroenke..Just step down quietly,we will make you VC,replace bitch Lady what’s her name..All be well..

    Wenger:..No way…I like the shitttt..£7.5 million,4th place is a trophy..I won’t get that anywhere else+commercial renewal’s..I want what’s coming to me..(Eddie Murphy Style)
    You owe meeee..

    Kroenke..Regime change Arsene..Take the hit,go quietly…

    Or, we will shall show you Operation-Shock & Awe..

    PHW..Fan’s are in uproar,the tide has turned..You are no longer our cup of tea..
    Thank you for your interest in our affair’s..

    There’s the back door…!!

    Arsene:Sacre Bleu..I’ll be back..

    Next Season…

    Arsene rock’s up at Spur’s the following season(A la GG style,out of bitterness)…

    Arsene:I aim to shift the power of dominance to Spurs…Diaby £30 million signing..Supreme quality…

    Arsenal fan’s in unison..Hallelujah,Hallelujah..Both gone!


  9. Draper-Corleone

    Ola Le Mourners. It’s all gloom and doom here, is it. Now that’s a massive surprise.

    This team is 2/3 short. 2/3 real world class players. If we buy well in the summer, we will be contenders again.

    Arsenal continue to perform or even overperform as per the investment. So what are we mourning about.

    Expecting what has been effectively a selling club fot a decade to win anything is delusional.

    The only thing not in line with what we have is the fans expectation. Get real and you will be happy.

  10. Johnny5


    Kroenke doesn’t pick the team. Wenger does.

    Kroenke doesn’t choose the tactics
    Wenger does

    Kroenke doesn’t lie in the press
    Wenger does

    Kroenke doesn’t hoard transfer funds. Wenger does.

    The only thing on the face of it kroenke is guilty of is not sacking wenger. But on the face of it arsene makes it look like the club is doing allright.

    Kroenke is obviously not the ideal owner but I don’t think the current problems at the club are his fault. The rot started before him.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Draper-Corleone: Arsenal continue to perform or even overperform as per the investment. So what are we mourning about.

    Personally I’m mourning about the fact that if we’d spent some or all of the money we seem to be keeping under the mattress and performed or even overperformed as per THAT level of investment, we might actually be winning something this season.

    I’m also worried about WHY we’re continuing to stuff money under said mattress


    Evan’s re-watched it over a 3 year period..

    It made the soprano’s look like cheesecakes..

    Tried to get my missus to watch it..She was disinterested in the beginning..Took a year for her,to become re-interested & she could not get enough of it..

    Had to talk her through some scene’s..

    Season 2 was shit though..I skipped it…
    But was one of the best drama’s out there to boot..

  13. Johnny5


    We’ve already lowered our expectations and standards massively. With the financial resources available and the set up we have we SHOULD be up there battling with united not fending off Swansea Everton and Liverpool. This club is a joke. The manager is useless and a bigger joke. Its not us who should accept mediocrity it’s is you who should be demanding more.

  14. tom

    Personally I much prefer a hands off owner. His only function should be to not interfere, to be supportive of his management and to watch his asset appreciate, hopefully.

    I couldnt stand to be subject to the fickle whims of Abramovitch for instance.

  15. Evan

    Draper “This team is 2/3 short. 2/3 real world class players. If we buy well in the summer, we will be contenders again”.

    Is that before or after Arsene has re-negotiated new contracts for the bench warmers, which will take ALL SUMMER. You’re aware that Wenger will need to sell before he buys..

    Why buy when you have Ryo and Joel Campbell and Frimpong returning. Wake up Dorothy

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    So if Wenger has been cocking it up for years, why hasn’t Kroenke stepped in and changed things ?

    While it’s not up to Kroenke to sort out the tactics, he could make Wenger allow other coaches more input to training.
    While it’s not up to him to hoard transfer funds (as this is debatable) why has he not stepped in and demanded that the team is strengthened ?
    If we’re having problems with scouting decent replacements, why not bring in new scouts ?
    He’s the owner, he has full control, yet despite the club not performing as well as it could at many levels, he has done basically nothing.



    Are not the owner’s of West Brom & Swansea hand’s off to a certain degree? & look where they are in comparison..

    One’s in a Cup final & the other is challenging us for 4th place on vastly inferior resources..

  18. tom

    Personally I’m mourning about the fact that if we’d spent some or all of the money we seem to be keeping under the mattress and performed or even overperformed as per THAT level of investment, we might actually be winning something this season.

    But we are spending. We have bought 6 1st teamers in the last 2 windows.
    The war chest exists because we were forced to sell. Its a one time deal. It doesnt reflect AFCs revenue unenhanced.
    It ought to be spent wisely and not, in my opinion on a single player.

  19. Graham O'Keeffe

    lol suga thats made my day….heard a sound gooner this morning on talksport Nick from rochester sum it up perfectly….ENOUGH we have all had enough…I hate to think it but I hope bayern give us a real footballing lesson at home so Arsene and more importantly the board hear just how bad its got….not that I think itll make a blind bit of difference….

  20. Johnny5


    Because on the face of it (I.e profits and making top 4) it looks like wengers doing a good job it’s not until you take a close look that you realise it’s not and with all his other interests and I very much doubt he’s looked that closely at the club since his accountant looked the books over before the purchase.

  21. Keyser

    “I hardly ever resort to this kind of expressions, but fuck off you halfwitted cunt!”

    What are you on about, that’s your go to move, if this was a computer game from the 90’s..



    Finish Him.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    Where did I say it should be spent on a single player?

    I’m guessing if we finish 4th in the league we’re roughly where we should be based on our transfer/wage spending.
    We continue to post profits due to player sales, when we no longer need to. The last couple of seasons we could have signed 2/3 more players and improved our league position and our cup runs while continuing to keep the club on a sound financial footing

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    Right, so you’re proving my point for me. You’re telling me we have an owner who hasn’t even bothered to look into the running of the club.

    That makes him a crap owner.

  24. tom

    Where did I say it should be spent on a single player?

    Maybe you didnt many here seem to think we should buy Falcao or Cavanni

    The last couple of seasons we could have signed 2/3 more players and improved our league position and our cup runs while continuing to keep the club on a sound financial footing

    so signing 8 or 9 new players (instead of the 6 we did) would make us winners this year? 
    What about bedding in and continuity?

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    Bedding in and continuity.

    what about giving our keeper some competition ?
    What about bringing in a player who could cover in defence and midfield to use against some of the more rugby playing sides?
    what about bringing in another striker so we could play 442 if needed ?

    There are gaps in our squad that could and should have been filled.


    But we are spending. We have bought 6 1st teamers in the last 2 windows.
    The war chest exists because we were forced to sell. Its a one time deal. It doesnt reflect AFCs revenue unenhanced.
    It ought to be spent wisely and not, in my opinion on a single player.

    Alonso–£15 million
    DiMaria…£7 million
    Schwarzer £3-£5million
    Demba Ba-£7.5million
    Cahill..£8-£10 million
    Vertoghen..£10 million

    How are any of these players,blockbuster deals,that will cripple AFC,with a £70 million warchest & £150 million in the bank,bought in not one season,but over a period of 5 years.?

  27. gambon


    Arsene Wenger announced as new Swindon boss.

    At the press conference:

    Wenger: “What the fuck are you looking at?….”

  28. Leon

    Cazorla or Monreal are not good enough to win us a trophy – its a fact. Wenger’s tactics are the same as when he started 16 years ago and everyone knows how to play us. The truth is, Arsenal are in terminal decline and will remain so as long as Wenger and Kroenke are at the club – for the sake of the future of this club these two MUST go….


    Tom mate..

    You are doing the unthinkable for me here mate..

    You are making me love Keyser,more & more with your crazy love-in’s with all thing’s Arsene..

    Keyser is beginning to look like the voice of reason,in your innate mumblings..& making us realist’s look like radicals..

    Talk about brainwashing…Are we talking to programmed computer program?

  30. tom

    Alonso–£15 million
    DiMaria…£7 million
    Schwarzer £3-£5million
    Demba Ba-£7.5million
    Cahill..£8-£10 million
    Vertoghen..£10 million

    Sure those players have been good buys for other teams. I suspect AFC considered them all but decided against for one reason or another. Its easy to see who you should have bought in hindsite.

    DiMaria…what makes you think he would come to AFC over RM?

    Mata….We got outbid by CFC

    Vertoghen….we got our BFG. Im ok with that.

    Alonso….would have been nice but Arteta is good too.

    Schwarzer ….would have been a good buy.

    Cahill and Demba….meh

    Lloris….good but AW didnt want him.

    Ceasar…..mercenary that would cost a fortune in wages and could only be a stop gap.

  31. Arsene's Nurse

    Why is it always extremes with the AKBs? This polarised thinking is always a sign of people who can’t think properly or a looking to deflect an argument.

    Abramovich may be an interfering sod, but he’s put huge amounts of his own money into Chelsea. He goes to games! I watched him sit there, at the weekend, next to a little lad (I presume it’s his son) and smile when Chelsea scored. When has Kroenke ever done that? At least he’s interested.

    Do I want someone in the Abramovich mould at Arsenal? No I don’t. I think that someone who interferes as much as he does is destabilising. You only have to see the ridiculous turnover in managers for that. However, at least he is passionate about his club, at least he has a winning mentality.

    The other extreme is Kroenke – a man who has no idea about Arsenal, a man who doesn’t support the team or the club, a man who doesn’t watch his own team. That is just as bad. Do I want him? No I don’t. He offers us nothing. No investment and no leadership.

    There is a healthy balance to be had. Many other clubs have exactly this balance. You expect an owner to have passion and interest, to do all he can reasonably do to foster a culture, a structure and set-up that allows a team to compete to the best of their ability. You expect him to inject capital if required. You expect him to put in place people who are experts at their job to achieve success (by whatever measure) and to make changes when they consistently under-perform.

    Leadership and direction come from the top and the culture should permeate from the top to the bottom of that organisation so that everyone is working for the common good, The direction is haphazard if the two extremes above are employed.

    There is no reason why Arsenal can’t have an owner who fits in between the two extremes.

  32. Leon

    Arsenal are not a club anymore – just a franchise who puts profit before the people who pay good money for a product that is not up to scratch. The fans are the life, blood and soul of this club. Arsenal fan’s should vote with their feet and see how long it will take for that daft syrup wearing Kroenke to realise that his cash cow is getting a little dry – Hill Wood should be shot for allowing this parasite to have such power in this club – but then again he is a senile old fossil anyway…

  33. tom

    A good proactive owner is wonderful a bad one the kiss of death.
    I prefer the hands off approach especially it comes to what happens on the field.

    Im not saying Stan is the greatest but it could be much worse.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    Personally I’d love to have the club owned by several shareholders who looked at themselves as fans and custodians of the club.

    The problem is we now find ourselves in a position where we either continue with Kroenke, or he sells to Usmanov. I can’t foresee any other option in the next decade.

    On the surface, Usmanov would seem a better option. He goes to games, says he’s a fan (despite his earlier love of ManU) and seems to want to be involved in the club, but not too involved. Sounds wonderful.

    The problem is that he sounds just like every politician before they get elected.

  35. tom

    Personally I’d love to have the club owned by several shareholders who looked at themselves as fans and custodians of the club.

    Thats how it used to be.

  36. tom

    On the surface, Usmanov would seem a better option. He goes to games, says he’s a fan (despite his earlier love of ManU) and seems to want to be involved in the club, but not too involved. Sounds wonderful.The problem is that he sounds just like every politician before they get elected.

    Hes dodgy as fuck. No thanks.


    tomFebruary 18, 2013 20:18:16

    Fortunately for me,this is where I end my dialogue with you…

    You are neither the voice of reason,or a man to converse with..

    Your flagpole is firmly centered on the centre circle of the pitch,like Graham Sounsess did, when he rocked up after the Turkish Cup Final in 1996, & planted the Galatasaray Flagpole into Fernanbache’s circle of the pitch,after defeating them..

    We know where you stand..
    Have a good night..

  38. Johnny5


    No it doesn’t at all and I’m not a fan of kroenke at all but like I said to him it looks like the club is doing fine. We’ve been making top 4
    And we’re in profit with a big cash reserve which is good for the share price if he ever wants to sell up why would he stick his nose in? Plus I’d rather he didn’t anyway most yanks know fuck all about football.

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    Nasri’s Mouth February 18, 2013 20:26:49

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    Personally I’d love to have the club owned by several shareholders who looked at themselves as fans and custodians of the club.
    We used to have that. I’d ultimately prefer the fans to own the club. I don’t know if that model could work in the UK.

  40. Draper-Corleone

    Suga3, hyperbolic abuses serve only to distort your own psychological balance. Check out the stats. No. of points per unit pound of net spend in the last ten years. Then we can talk. Calmly and civil-ly.
    “it’s simple: more cash assets = higher share value at the moment of sale”

    You need a crash course in investment finance my friend. Fast. Hope you don’t invest in the equity market.

    Cash hoard is static asset. At best you earn a few per cent interest on it. Any cash hoard beyond the need for financial stability affects the value of a company negatively.

    Since Arsenal’s share price has only gone one way, it is safe to assume that in the market’s view that cash hoard is necessary for the financial stability of the club.

    2014 was always going to be the watershed year for Arsenal after the stadium – when commercials are renegged. Spending cash reserves before there was a guaranteed increase in revenue to would have been a gamble that could go either way. And you do know that Arsenal are run conservatively – don’t you? They won’t gamble.
    Wisely so.

    On the other hand the club could also not raise its hand and say that sorry folks, forget any winning etc till 2014. We are going to be a selling club till then. That would have been honest but would have resulted in even a bigger exodus of players than has been.

    The hope has to be kept alive, even if its the slimmest of hopes. And in my view as far as Wenger is concerned it has been an honest hope that something can be achieved even on zero resources.

  41. Bade

    “Alonso….would have been nice but Arteta is good too”


    It’s Monday. Friday still far off

    Not to mention we got Arteta FIVE seasons after we could have nabbed Alonso, who’s just much much better

  42. John

    Not sure
    the blow up yesterday was connected to other things that went on.
    It has been reported on several site

    that arsnehas the left Arsenal football Club by mutual agreement



    DiMaria…what makes you think he would come to AFC over RM?
    This is where you show your lack of knowledge & footballing history..

    We actually bid for him,agreed his deal,with his Argentine Club..

    All that was required,was for us to deposit the money into the Argentine Club-Arsenio De Central,which mysteriously failed to materialise..& he was sold off to Benefica as a consequence..

    Mate..You’re a wind up..

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    Would be nice to allow fans to own a greater percentage of the club, unfortunately the sheer value of shares makes this all but impossible.

    Once Dein tried to bring in Kroenke though, the die was set

  45. tom

    How does a club resist having its best players pinched by bigger clubs?
    It doesnt. Arsenal havent managed it any better than Southampton.
    Its only options are to lock its players down with good long term contracts or hope and pray for a little loyalty (see Henry and Cesc).

    Just saying.

  46. tom

    Happy to admit I dont know all the dealings behind diMaria moves.
    If you are right something must of happened to foil us…who knows why we didnt buy Messi or Ronaldo as kids,either.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    Looking at the club and seeing that it’s making profit, and the share price is going up and deciding he doesn’t need to do anything makes Kroenke a decent INVESTOR. It doesn’t make him a good owner.

    He should be questioning our recent scouting failures. The lack of motivation in the squad, the training regimes, the lack of squad strengthening.
    If he doesn’t know football, he could very easily bring in someone to advise him who does. He could make positive changes to the club without going all Roman on Arsene’s arse.

    To some extent, it has to come from the top. I was lucky to work for a company where the owner had a massive desire to see success in all departments and all levels. I worked for both him and his successor who bought him out. Both were 100% committed and involved. Unsurprisingly the company was successful in a market that was shrinking.
    Had we had an owner who handled the company like Kroenke apparently handles Arsenal, I would imagine we’d have gone the same way as some of our competitors

  48. tom

    I suppose by your logic,Alonso,would have killed Denilson & been a barrier to Song..?

    That could well have something to do with it.

  49. Ric

    Jeeezuz I’ve been posting all day when I’ve had the chance but I’ve been too busy to actually see the interview.


    I mean…. damn.

  50. gambon

    no tom

    Our only option is to pay players according to their quality.

    Southampton cant afford to keep hold of their best players, we can.

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    No I don’t want him to be like Roman, but he’s the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Somewhere in the middle would be much better

  52. tom

    Wenger is under tremendous stress. Today it showed.
    I believe he was triggered by false reports that his contract was to be extended. Shit stirring.
    I havent seen it yet.

  53. Keyser

    You know what’s funny, is that there was a whole line of people waiting to go down the auto-asphyxiation route because some twat on twitter said Wenger might be getting a new contract.

    Wenger comes out and vehemently denies this, to the point where he’s wondering how the journalists come up with this shit.

    The same people are now upset because he denied it a bit too strongly, wasn’t nice enough to the journalist.

    Fucking weird.

  54. Ric

    Lee PaceFebruary 18, 2013 21:02:26

    I’ve been saying tom is plant since he first commented on here….

    …. in fact I’m fairly sure he’s a vegetable.

    Baddumm psshhhh!

    thank you, thank you I’m here all week.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    I don’t get the excitement over the press conference.

    He got annoyed, he had a go back at the press. So what ?

    He didn’t storm out, he didn’t swear, he didn’t kick anyone out, he didn’t refuse to do any more interviews.

    I don’t think he’s exactly cracking up

  56. Tomtom

    Great to see the pressure finally coming on Wenger today and watching him squirm like a little pig when asked questions he didn’t like.

  57. gambon


    I think most people just enjoyed seeing Wenger acting like a complete lunatic Kevin Webster cunt face in front of the worlds media.

    “why are you looking at me?!! Stop looking at me”


  58. unhappy gunner

    Tom to put it bluntly wengers a cunt. Anyone who treats the fans with such contempt and disdain is a cunt. Hopefully and by todays performance his tenure is coming to an end and then you, him snd the other wengerettes will be consigned to history.

  59. Keyser

    Lol, seriously own up, who’s made loads of youtube accounts just to leave comments under the Video.

    You kidders you.

  60. Ric

    KeyserFebruary 18, 2013 21:07:39

    Yeah stop reading Murdochs toilet paper Keyser, thats BS btw.

    Although its based on something actually real, I don’t get how they made the story about the fireplace but the part about the train is true, even though the first time it was a boat going from the southern tip of Norway to the farthest city in the north.


  61. kwik fit

    I watched the full conference and Arteta was particularly uneasy sitting next to Wenger. Wenger was ready to blow at any time. He never seemed in control of his emotions at any time during the conference. Asking the female interviewer ‘ Are you looking at me’ doesn’t inspire confidence. What type of team talk can the players expect tomorrow?
    Will someone who is not in control inspire players to go out and beat arguably the second best team in europe?

  62. tom

    gambonFebruary 18, 2013 21:00:27
    no tomOur only option is to pay players according to their quality.Southampton cant afford to keep hold of their best players, we can.

    Like Bale and Theo and the OX.

    Bentner is an example.
    He looked extremely promising when he first emerged, scored goals and seemed to have a future. Naturally other clubs start to watch him a bit closer. This is where you are obliged to decide his fate (and its sooner than you would hope)so you think young, talented, home grown we ought to try and keep him. His agents know his value on the market and you negotiate. AFC wage structure entitles him to be paid with in a certain range, whatever…I dont know the details and Idoubt you do either.
    Result you have your player. If things dont pan out you have a harder time shifting him or justifying his wage. If things do pan out youve done the right thing.

    I think thats how it works. And that doesnt seem gross mismanagement to me.



    You are neither just,or fair in any assessment’s,or logic brought forward to yourself,as to why Arsene Wenger should go..

    Hence,we have varying extreme’s b/w his triumph’s & his disaster’s..

    Arsene has reminded me of a Dictator,since 2003,to be precise of his unwillingness to adapt to the times,his unwillingness to force change,his unwillingness in the face of a few discontented people to listen…


    We won the double 2002.
    AW’s pronouncement was, he will not change the team..

    The invincible year’s..”The power of football dominance has been shifted to the South..”

    What does he have in common in with past & present dictators..

    An arrogance of he knows best..A la Saddam,Gaddafi,Ben Ali..

    -A suppressing of the uprising,by stating it’s a few malcontent’s voicing their opinion..(A-la-2010-End of Season Fulham Game..)

    -A revolt& an uprising by the populous…

    Countered by shootings,tanks& censorship…

    Read into that..Ejection of supporter murmuring’s against Arsene& Spin-Doctoring by IG & PHW 2010 ..

    Quell’s the minority suppresion..
    Uses group’s such as AST & other minority group’s to ram home the message..
    “All is well,we are sustainable & FFP is the mantra”

    FFP& Sustainability propaganda..(Subtly quell’s the growing rebellion)

    2011…Arab Spring snowballs…

    Arsene& AFC response,is just to talk about potential signing’s-in synchronisation with ticket renewals…

    2012..Arab Leader’s such as Gaddafi & Ben Ali are toppled….

    AFC & Arsene’s response is to spin-doctor..
    & bullshit to their heart’s content in order to consolidate their position..

    2013..Post-Dictator’s Regime Change..Arsene on the precipice…
    More spin-doctoring,tales of potential new signing’s,in order to consolidate position..
    & influx of cash from commercials to bring a different dawn..

    Yep,they are lagging behind the political timeframe of the overthrown dictator’s..& there time is coming…
    Sooner,rather than later…

    You cannot overthrow,or deceive the voice of the growing people for so long..

    Practically impossible…!!

  64. Keyser

    Ric – I didn’t actually read you nutter, ahaha, mate it was just linked on newsnow and I thought of you.

    What was it about ?!

  65. Tomtom

    Even Wenger himself was annoyed at the mention of a new two year deal,he has no confidence in his team and probably now has no confidence in his own abilities. He knows the fans would react with outrage at the thoughts of him getting a new deal

  66. Draper-Corleone

    Like, what I see is something very simple – the last right years have been about damage limitation.

    It was never a question of ifArdenal would slip from the top table, but by how much. Especially after the petro billions arrived , sending all previous calculations about gains from the stadium totally out of orbit.

    Considering the circumstances we have done well.

    The last two years were always going to be the most difficult as well. The longer you remain a selling club the worse you get as a squad. No big surprise there.

    BUT we have reached 2014. In decent shape. It gets better from now on.

    If you see reality in this way you will stop bling the manager. He had done very well.

  67. NoMoreCesc

    What are the odds that Reading will take ManU 0-0 into injury time and RVP will come on as a sub and score the winner? Salt and wound come to mind.

  68. Keyser

    “You are neither just,or fair in any assessment’s,or logic brought forward to yourself,”

    Hahaha, another classic.

  69. Johnny5


    I’d like that too. That’s not what we’ve got though so until the time he comes to sell and a more hands on owner takes over we’re stuck with him but wenger who is a massive part of the current problems at the club needs to go and is more likely to go than the owner. That’s then half the battle won.

  70. gambon

    Kwik fit…..

    Team talk:

    “Guys we need to show the fans and the world what we can do…….Per, why are you looking at me? Stop looking at me….”

    Per: “Its your teamtalk Arsene….”

    Wenger: “We need to talk about the Midfield”

    Diaby: “Will I be playing the holding role”

    Wenger: “Dont talk about the midfield”

    Wenger: “Whos that old French kevin webster looking at me?”

    Bould; “Boss, youre looking in a mirror”

    Wenger: “STOP LOOKING AT ME”

  71. tom

    I think tom is David S….

    So far Ive been called this guy, who ever he is, 
    Tony Attwood
    Lofty from Eastenders
    Arsene Wenger
    A  cunt

    Really Im Lord Lucan

  72. Paulinho

    Wenger accuses the journo and others of superficial analysis when his defence of the team he picked was even more superficial.

    “But they were on at the time Blackburn scored”

    We probably would’ve been two or three nil up if they had started.

    It’s always amusing to see how dense Wenger when he tries to go on the attack and criticise the line of questioning.


    KeyserFebruary 18, 2013 21:04:03
    You know what’s funny, is that there was a whole line of people waiting to go down the auto-asphyxiation route because some twat on twitter said Wenger might be getting a new contract.Wenger comes out and vehemently denies this, to the point where he’s wondering how the journalists come up with this shit.The same people are now upset because he denied it a bit too strongly, wasn’t nice enough to the journalist.Fucking weird.

    No,what will be even more weird,after his meltdown..Is when he sign’s an extended contract taking him too 2018?

    Now that would be just AWESOME..?

    What would you say then?

    We are just a bunch of c**t’s,hell bent on driving Arsene out,after almost 10 years of failure & a £ 150 million wagebill,that has gone to pot..
    Suffering from victimisation disease?

  74. kwik fit

    Ok tom tell us who you really are………come on please tell us…….now don’t say I’m tom and I’ve being getting therapy for 3 months now.
    Tell us the truth,,,,,no lies

  75. tom


    I wish I could provoke you to a debate but, even though you are thick as two short ones, you are smart enough to know you would get mullered.

    I have to go now but if you can summon some courage and logic maybe we could have a chat tomorrow.

  76. Keyser

    “We are just a bunch of c**t’s,hell bent on driving Arsene out”

    Mate, you don’t drive anywhere, you do nothing apart from moan and abuse people on this blog, so what’s left, use your logic and work that out.

  77. tom

    I am an Arsenal supporter.

    Later chaps.

    Remember to respect our manager. He is one of the best we have ever had.

  78. Keyser

    Johnny5 – He winds you lot up with ease, I don’t know what’s worse, that he can do it without trying or that you lot almost salivate for his return.

    Where’s that AKB tom, I think he’s the voice behind the Knighrider Car, he used to blog on Lost’s forums, I saw a likeness of him in my toast today, usually it’s just Hayzeus.

  79. kwik fit

    I remember when I first was in the Arsenal dressing rooms and John Radford was explaining that Arsene pays attention to detail. So much so that he made all the surfaces round so that the players were in a positive mindset . Feng Shui I think he called it.
    Moreover the away teams get sharp corners to install negativity in their mindset.
    And now were wondering when to fuck did it all go wrong?

  80. Keyser

    SDE – I was going to make you look silly again, but come on, really, I’ve seen Doublegooner set up numerous e-mails on here asking for people to contact him, why not give it a try ?!

    Or maybe you just like being embarrassed on here.



    Draw them into 48 hour debates..if not 120 hour long debates,in an attempt to get them to reason with you,whilst you want to scalp them too piece’s over a line sentence..

    Mate,get a life,get a job..
    Or go work for Arsene& at least make a contribution to society & pay some taxes..
    You jobless prick..

    24/7..You are on a here,trying to incite some riot…

    Fuck me,Arteta,who you call useless,earns £ 60k p/w ,is Spanish& contribute’s more to this country than you ever have,in your whole entire existence..

    You’ve got some cheek fella,I give you that..

  82. Johnny5


    He diesnt wind me up. He’s just a fucking idiot. I’d prefer 8 hours of your shit than 10 mins of his. By comparison your reasonable. That either means

    A) your letting shit slide and need to shape up


    B) Tom is just that big a cunt

  83. Keyser

    gambon – Mate, one of these days you’re going to be walking hom from work and there’s going to a little white tent surrounding the front of your house, you’ll stop halfway down your road, stare blankly as you see a plain clothes policemen carry a plastic bag with what looks like your hard-drive out the front door.

    Sort it out before it’s too late.

  84. John

    Do Arsenal fans realize that in this season transfer windows they have spent a combined total £40 million and last summer was around about the same. The last two season have been two quick rebuilding jobs mainly because project youth failed due to disloyal, delusional players and unrest at boardroom level.

    Alexander Hleb being the best example he is back at Belarus and regretting his decision to sign for Barcelona. He may have a medals for La Liga, Copa Del Rey and European Cup but did he full fill his potential, did earn the right to win those medals. Samir Nasri is probably thinking the exact same thing (O yeah he enjoyed the moment of holding his medal at the time) but would you say his career moved forward. A player expected to be the next Zidane and star of next generation of French players. Currently can’t get in Man City starting 11 and has lost his place for France.

    Roberto Mancini said he is the best manager in England but anybody should win trophies with the money Man City can spend. They also are expected to do better in the Champions League. The simple factor his development and furthering players careers is pathetic as proven in the case of Samir Nasri. Yaya Toure was already a top player before he came to city, same with Sergio Aguerro, Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko, David Silva, Gareth Barry, James Milner and Joleon Lescott where already top players before signing for Man City. Mancini success didn’t take great management.

    Now people will say what about Wengers first 8 years. Well lets examine this he spent £10 million on a player who failed a big money move at a top club (Henry) converted a decent centre back into a holding midfielder (Petit). signed an unused squad player from AC Milan (Vieira). Replaced a top dutch winger with a fringe French squad player who he was told he would be sending back to France half way through his first season (Pires). £1 million on an unknown player who only scored one goal in his first season (Ljungberg). Dropped and replaced the club topscorer for ever season before him becoming manager with an unknown Ghanaian striker and an unknown 18 year old French striker (Christopher Wreh and Nicolas Anelka) Massive names now but before they joined the club and Wenger signed them not well known and not top players before they signed for the club. This was great developmental management and top management.

    In the last 8 years Wenger has had to deal with a lot and try to compete with the winning machine that is Sir Alex Ferguson and the spending power of Chelsea and now Man City who can write a check for insane amounts of for established players or out bid Arsenal for players who would once have signed for Arsenal. It will take Arsenal a lot longer to rebuild because football does not reward good financial management but instead rewards corruption and greed. Barcelona being the best example of summing the modern game. The greatest team of their generation but owe clubs million/billions in transfer fee because they are unable the money to pay transfer fee up front. Which weakens other teams but are able to strengthen their own. In any other industry or sport they would have been forced to sell players such as Messi, Xavi, Iniseta or Pedro. With them not being able to spend money on purchases. Instead they are allowed to pay their best players over £200, 000 a week and buy employees without paying in full up front.

    Weneger hasn’t changed in the last 8 years but the game has it has be come greedy, corrupt and very nasty sol less sport. It is the only sport which has no concrete financial rules and no level playing field. Adramovich and Mansoor would never have been able to do what they have done in Rugby (both codes) or cricket. Same with Barcelona and Real Madrid. It’s FIFA and UEFA who are behind the times and are unable to enforce proper rules and punishments.

  85. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit February 18, 2013 21:15:52

    Wenger is under tremendous stress. Today it showed.


    All his own doing
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    And that in a nutshell is the issue.

    Wenger has had the power and the backing from fans and club. Unfortunately he has overseen his own decline/demise because he has not been able to adapt. He seems to live in his own bubble. He hasn’t seemed to realise that the game in it’s entirety has changed and that he has to move with it. He and everyone else can make excuses of “petro dollars”, but the fact remains that he has not changed his methods. In effect he hasn’t learned and is stuck in the same mould.

    Those at the top realise that you have to change, you have to innervate, but Wenger seems to be a victim of his own success. The idea that doing what you once did before, because that is what worked, is all fine and good until it doesn’t. That “doesn’t” has no gone on for too long. Such a manager should have the self-awareness to realise that and move-on, make changes, bring in new people with new ideas and methods.

    Fergie is a classic case. He has renewed his staff and methods. When he requires a big investment he makes it – see RVP.

    Now I fully understand that there have been some financial constraints regarding the stadium move, however, this doesn’t forgive the reluctance to refresh. Pat Rice is a good example of this. Pat has been a fantastic servant to the club, no one can argue against that, but should there not have been an argument for a replacement earlier? Now we see Bould in, but it’s clear that the ideas and methods he has brought into the first team are unwanted by Wenger to the detriment of performance.

    A good manager understands his own limitations.

  86. Keyser


    Doesnt wind me up at all, at all I tell you.

    Can’t stand 10 mins though, ooh no sirree, not saying he winds me up, 10 minutes though, he’s not getting to me don’t be silly, what ju on bout, I’m not losing it, whatcha looking at, I’ve been here 16 years..


    I see the prick Keyser is silent over this post..Conveniently overlooking it..

    VIX AFFAIRFebruary 18, 2013 21:41:50

  88. Ric


    I have just seen the interview again with a behavioral analyst buddy of mine.

    Based on Arteta and the stanks body postures he’d say Arteta loathes the man and that they are both beaten men.