Arsenal £70m warchest is PR spin to get you to part with your cash… | Only hope for Bayern is complacency

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No time for moping, we’ve a massive game in the Champions League tomorrow night. We face Bayern Munich, arguably one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. They have an incredible defence and a blistering attack. If there was ever a time you wouldn’t want the visit of Bayern… it’d be this Tuesday after an embarrassing result against a bunch of Northern cloggers.

Football is a funny old game and Arsene is a funny old manager. The decline of Arsenal is a slow car crash, so don’t be surprised if something mega happens on Tuesday. Wenger is quite often down… but never out. If he turns in a win on Tuesday, no doubt half the fan base apoplectic with rage from the weekend will take a look at the scoreline and say… yeah, you know what, I was too hasty… maybe we’ll give him until the summer… we did beat Bayern at home.

Me? No way. Wenger is done as a top flight manager. You can always paint over the cracks, but for me, Arsene ran out of paint years ago and he’s trying to cover a mark on the wall the Russian asteroid made last week. The odd good result won’t convince me he’s capable of anything but the same over and over again. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t go into the Bayern game talking up a victory in my head.

We’ll have a full team of players to pick from and hopefully a group who are a little more energetic than they would have been had they had to exert themselves against Blackburn. We also have the added spice of a complacent Bayern. Running through the videos of Arsenal must be fun. Spot the strength would be a tougher task than digging out our weaknesses.

Arsene Wenger needs this win more than any other in his career, if he loses this one, who knows how badly our season might unravel. He also has the prospect of the three B’s knocking him out of the cups this year. Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern. It’s not relevant, but I’ve no doubt it’ll have some sort of historical relevance when The Sun spin it into something more compelling than I could.

I’d like to think he was playing to save his bacon, but despite the bookies slashing odds left right and centre, I have my doubts Arsenal will do anything decisive in the summer. Perhaps the only way that happens is if we drop out of Europe. Then it really will be a sorry old season. Wenger won’t have anyone to blame but himself… and if there was any doubt around the money he’s been allowed to have… perhaps this would be a good time to out Ivan.

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

The last few years of warchest documented…






February last year...


Yeah right...

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

Taking the first story on, what’s changed? What’s the difference between The Telegraph story and the ‘£40million to spend in January’ story just before Christmas? We had exactly the same run of stories this time last year when it was all going wrong. I think we’ve all grown accustomed to the nature of carefully placed stories of hope around the time Club Level tickets and season tickets are up for renewal. When it comes down to it, you have to face facts, the club tells lies to get you to part with your money. In the main they shouldn’t need to, but when it comes to Club Level, I can tell you one thing for certain… it’s not all Eton educated hedge fund managers… it’s people who work hard, love the club and want to spend a bit more to sit in a nicer area. That extra £1,500 a year it costs to sit there might start becoming a bit of a burden. The renewals started a month ago and I suspect the uptake has been low. Lots of people who have club level tickets also have normal season tickets. I know plenty who ditched club level for their cattle class tickets last year. The gaps around club level tell a story this year.

The Arsenal business model is built on success. When you’re successful or at least demonstrating you want to be successful, people will pay whatever. When Arsenal become a predictable chore, which, sadly it has over the past few years, spanking out £3,000 on a ticket in autere times becomes an increasingly difficult thing to justify. I’ll be renewing this season, I’ll always renew providing I’ve got a job or access to a pay day loan. I wouldn’t sign up to club level though… even if I had the money. I’d source a season ticket loan. If Arsenal want luxury money from me, they’ll have to pull their end of the deal and start showing some intent with that massive bank balance they have. Arsenal charge premium prices and expect to get away with out delivering on the premium expectations that are associated with that.

You know who else does that? BP. Premium fuel? Do me a favour. It’s not difference to the crap stuff.

Anyway, I feel the club is acting in a totally disrespectful way by planting stories like these. It raises false expectation and actually helps increase the disdain for the manager who we know never delivers on the pre-transfer window leaks. I’d probably be able to stomach a summer if the club just came out and said ‘look, we’re saving money for the 2017 fire sale in Europe. We have no intention of investing’. It’s the lies I can’t stand. We’re becoming more and more like a bank or a political party with each day that passes. Where is the class in that Arsenal? I appreciate people have targets and bonuses to earn, but… well… what can I say… this is big football… people are bonused on getting bums on seats and when the team put out isn’t good enough to do that on its own, you’ve got to resort to dirty tactics.

Right, that’s all I’ve got today. Enjoy your day and say no to anyone who offers you a warchest.

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  1. Dev_Gooner


    the only reason I have avoided twitter since saturday evening! Its funny to read those fools making deluded excuses for a while, but then you kind need to find a new hobby coz it gets a tad boring!.

  2. Ric

    TheOldGuardFebruary 18, 2013 16:00:07

    Yeah I know another player that just couldn’t stay fit.

    His name was Winston Bogarde and he has the closest faximilie of Diaby’s career trajectory. I await Diaby’s book with as much anticipation as I do his next match performance.

  3. TheOldGuard

    bazza – i dont think we will ever fully understand the pressure of football management but to keep everyone happy something must give and end of the day it comes down to money. the club needs money to survive so we sell. its simple.

  4. TheOldGuard

    Ric – haha. The only difference being Bogarde didnt care about his club where as Diaby does love the shirt. Have to feel sorry for the lad.

  5. Dannyboy

    LMC, he was a bit, but to his credit, at least he knew when to admit defeat/ top himself, unlike another Dictator we are all familiar with…

  6. Guns of Hackney


    The players, player. A hero. Le Prof never read his autobiography: How to take a football team hostage and win…Diaby did.

    Wenger out!



    Just woke up from my slumber..Been in a come since 2006…

    How’s AFC been doing since then..?

    Hmmm..Our yearly capitulation come Feb continues with gay abandon..

    Hmmm..Wenger still mumbling about qualidee &mental strengthzz…

    Hmmm..Yearly sales of top players..

    Hmmm..Defense in tatters…Wasn’t Lee Dixon,banging on about this in 2008..

    Hmm..PHW satisfied with the job AW is doing..”There’s a contract waiting for him to sign..A few mindless idiots wanted him out..But he’s doing a sterling job..”

    Hmmm..Season ticket prices gone up& the most expensive in the world..

    Hmmm…No nearer to winning a CL,or even a measly domestic cup..

    Hmmm..AW doing his summerly spot for Castrol &Canal Plus

    Oh well,someone smash me over the head with a baseball bat,so I can slip back into my coma..

    Divine intervention,will bring me back to life in 2018..

    Maybe,Arsene will be gone by then..

    I might have something to live for then..

  8. GoonerDave

    Not every Arsenal supporter wants Arsene to leave, at least, not until the real truth is known. These supporters, myself included, were the massive majority until fairly recently. I think realistically, this is still the majority, but it has dropped from maybe 90% in favour of Wenger to about 60% now, though thats an estimate obviously.
    So a massive amount of people want Wenger to resign, yet a massive number also want him to stay. And an awful lot seem to drift between the two, depending on recent results.
    Why are so many fans, on both sides, so unwilling to hear the other side? Assuming somebody with a different point of view is stupid seems lazy. Its far easier to trade insults than to come up with logical and reasoned assumptions.
    And nobody likes to think they might be wrong, so therefore a person of opposing view must be insane.
    We will win nothing for another 8 years if our fans are all fighting with each other.

  9. Marko

    See his press conference? The man knows he’s done he’ll be off in the summer thats for sure now. Jesus he’s lost it and he’s only got himself to blame at this point

  10. Johnty79

    Surely everyone on here would like us to be humiliated by bayern. Wenger will see a narrow defeat as success and blab on about how r we expected to compete with them[ even though our wage bills r compararable].

    Pray for a massive defeat in both legs. The joy it would give to see he’s wrinkled face try and explain it would be a Jem.

    The first 8 years were good. Viera,Henry,pires saved your bacon. 2008 was a truly good team. That was one centre half from winning the league.

    Good riddance I hope he is remembered for the failure rather than the success at the club.



    What was the odds on Blackburn win..?

    I’m still pretty peeded off,I did not capitalise on your premonition..

    Put me out of my misery,what were the odds mate..?So I can slash my wrists,or not?

  12. TheOldGuard

    GoonerDave – WELL SAID!

    if you defend wenger, you are labelled an akb. I do understand the issues but people find it fashionable to jump on the bandwagon. Today it is arsene, next time it will be the new manager. fickle, short memories.

  13. TheOldGuard

    Johnty79 February 18, 2013 16:29:26
    Surely everyone on here would like us to be humiliated by bayern

    That is the most stupid thing I have ever read on this site. We dont need you Johnty, run along to the Lane.


    Notice,how AW talks in the past..

    He say’s he won 4 FAC’s..So what..

    Mourinho has won 2 CL’s..You don’t see him churning out his past achievement’s to justify his current position.

    He looks forward,to breaking more records..

    So does Fergie..Never heard Fergie say,I’ve won 20+ trophies,respect me.

  15. Guns of Hackney


    Glad you remembered but I drempt 2-1 to BR so I was wrong – just lost a tenner and the odds were 14-1…no loss.

    Go for a Bayern Munchen by three goals in first leg – that should get you a 22-1 – trust me, that will come down fast!


    Should play Queen’s tune,for AW next press conference..

    “Under Pressure”
    “Another One Bites The Dust”

    That will work him into a real frenzy..Frothing at the mouth..

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    Bergkamp63: Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen any manager get that irate ?

    Fergie when questioned about the ability of Veron?



    I wanted to place a wager on an outright win,that morning..

    But I had the handbrake on…
    Lacked the courage of my convictions to go with it..I knew it would happen..But we are so schizo at the moment..I just did not show real mental strengthzzz…

    So,so gutted….I was thinking maybe the odds for an outright win were like 10-1?

    & wanted to spank £20.00 on it..

    It would have been a beautiful weekend for me..Now,I’m just a wreck..With the handbrake still on..

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    What are you on about ?

    You want us to get smashed by Bayern just so you can enjoy seeing Wenger squirm ?

    I never want us to lose and struggle to understand any fan who does want his club to lose. There is a slight argument that a particularly bad loss might mean the end of a manager’s tenure, but not at this stage of the season and certainly not at Arsenal, but to suggest you want us to lose heavily just so you can laugh at Wenger ? Think you’ve lost sight of something big there

  20. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – Mate, there is plenty of other games to win something out of Arsenal capitulations…the Spurs one springs to mind.

    Bayern will eviscerate (word of the day) us.

  21. gambon


    Yes, yes I do.

    In the league I always want us to win.

    Us winning tomorrow is pointless. We cant possibly win the CL, we dont have the team and we have a mentally ill manager.

    However losing in a close 2-1 is the kind of shit that Wenger will ask for credit for, so its best all round if we get smashed to pieces so the fans can all call Wenger a cunt.

  22. TheOldGuard

    gambon – thats terrible you would say that. Support the club in everything. I honestly feel that you want the team to lose so you can feel smug about it. Thats awful.

  23. Bergkamp63

    We don’t need to wish for defeats against us by teams like BM, they are going to happen anyway.

    We can’t even beat Blackburn or Bradford FFS !!

    Roll on summer.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    Veron was a failure in the English league, and was a cock up for ManU. Fergie couldn’t take the criticism so lashed out at the reporters.
    Only annoying thing was that Chelsea saved ManU a load of cash when they took him off their hands.



    Fan’s by & large are just as myopic as Arsene..

    We should lose all game’s b/w now & the rest of the season..So there is no doubt,that Arsene’s time is up…

    We can’t have some wins,some losses..
    The Schizo,Arsene will just spin-ball the win’s..

  26. gambon

    The Old Guard

    Any true fan should be praying for a Munich win tomorrow.

    No, sorry, any true fan should be praying for us to be annihilated.

  27. Bergkamp63

    There isn’t even any enjoyment in watching Arsenal anymore, the only good thing about watching something Arsenal related is press conferences like todays !!

    May there be plenty more this season !! Very entertaining Arsene !!

  28. jack

    The arsenal business model is built on 4th place trophy. Arsene gets his 7.5m. ivan gets his 1.5 m and the board share the profits from CL qualification. Arsene meets his and the board targets and the dumb sheep are deluded in celebrating 4th place or Progress as Pedro calls it. I said yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene is offered another contract, and guess what, it comes out he may get new 2yr contract. Todays press conference was hilarious by the way. WANKER OUT



    Personally I can’t see Spurs winning against us..We seemed to be up for these kind of game’s,when our back is against the wall..

    This might be the decider b/w finishing 4th& 5th &Arsene will probably snatch victory from the jaws of defeat..

  30. TheOldGuard


    imagine the scenario – wenge resigns, new manager comes in, say Klopp as he is your current fancy man. After 10 games, we are bottom 6. Would you demand his resignation?

  31. SUGA3


    not going to happen, these players are better than their collective output, they just need to be managed, you know, as in doing the homework about the opposition, practicing set pieces, rotating and resting, this kind of stuff…

  32. SUGA3

    I have heard Wenger’s outburst on the radio on the way home, by the way, squaeaky bum time, Adolf, the Russkies are in the Chancellery’s gardens 😆

  33. Guns of Hackney


    Alas, you are correct. In a shit league, we are the best of a bad bunch. Wenger literally has built a career out of being better than the worst performer.


  34. TheOldGuard

    Can I just say, not many would i should add. Some of you have made very reasoned and reasonable arguments. Certainly worth a second thought. I shall sleep on them but I wonder if i could be looking at this in the wrong way completely.

  35. gambon


    Fuck right off. What are you, a fucking 12 year old?

    Wenger has failed, repeat failed completely for 8 seasons, 31 competitions (32 after tomorrow).

    8 seasons, 400 games, 31 competitions of abject failure.

    And you are trying to paint a picture of fan unrest after 10 games.

    How about i ask you a question:

    If Jurgen Klopp came in, won nothing for 400 games, 31 competitions, 8 seasons, and repeatedly lied to the fans, bought utter shit, overpaid utterly terrible players and broke down in press conferences, would you ask for his head? Or would you carry on backing an 8 year failure?

  36. TheOldGuard

    would you ask for his head? Or would you carry on backing an 8 year failure?

    depends on the circumstances, like these.

  37. Bergkamp63

    I doubt there is a football fan in the entire world that wouldn’t think Arsenal supporters have been abnormally patient ?

  38. Capelgooner

    Say for example Wenger does walk in the summer and a new guy comes in…..then what?

    He inherits a team of overpaid losers with no desire or commitment to the badge (ok Jack excluded).

    What’s worse than that? Try having a board and chairman who’s first thought is money, second is money, third is money…..I’d put success 478th on the list.

    What I’m saying is we need Usmanov and his fresh approach and we need a manager/back room team with a winning mentally!


    I swear these newcomer’s are either infiltrator’s,plant’s by the club,or simply wind-up merchant’s..

    Old Guard,Tom,GoonerDave,etc,etc…

    It beggar’s belief…

    What the fuck are you guy’s on Opium?Ketamine?LSD?
    Arsene-Gazidis artificially inseminated love-juice..?

  40. TheOldGuard


    You look at things too simplistically. There is more to football than just points on the board and paying players £150k per week. Football is now a business, things have moved on from the Division One days. Alot of external factors. You need to consider all these in your argument.

  41. SUGA3


    dude, as a top flight manager, Wenger is done, finished, there is nothing more he can offer to take us forward, we don’t even play nice, exciting football any more, which I could even live with in the past for a short time without the efficiency!

  42. gambon

    “depends on the circumstances”

    Circumstances like being 1-0 up in the champs league final with 15 to play and losing?

    Circumstances like being 1-0 up in the CC final and losing?

    Circumstances like losing the CC final to Birmingham, yes, thats relegated Birmingham?

    Circumstances like blowing a 5 point lead in Feb 2008?

    Circumstances like losing 8-2 to a team that we used to call a rival?

    Circumstances like being trounced & embarrassed infront of the world in Milan?

    Circumstances like selling the PLs best player to Man Utd, gifting them the title?

  43. Bergkamp63

    Kroenke hasn’t taken a penny out of the club ?

    The money has always been there.

    £150m wage bill at someone’s disposal
    £150m in the bank.

    WTF do people want of this owner ? Stop blaming the owner, it’s the Manager that’s the problem.

  44. Johnny5

    That press conference was fucking cringeworthy. Mental strength, quality, I believe! You could literally write most of his answers to the questions beforehand and guess right. He makes this club look farcical.

  45. Relieable sauce

    Fuck me, we are watching the breakdown of a once widely revered manager & still hugely respected man on the global stage. Very very disturbing shit, could be an episode of black mirror.
    He is called a cunt & likened to js & hitler regularly on the web but these comments are just used for effect & shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    The most worrying thing is that people who love him or are close to him don’t feel they should step in, or maybe they have & he just won’t listen.
    Don’t the akb’s know that by supporting him so vigorously to the bitter end, is only going to prolong the slow, painful & very public demise of the man they respect so much.

  46. SUGA3

    doing business is simple: one does not pay over the odds for a commodity, in this situation, we overpay average to shit players, who are a drain on the club’s resources and don’t even get me started on the subject of merits of this bullshit socialist wage structure eployed by AFC!

  47. lamia

    My word !. Have you read the comments on Youtube following the press conference. Reminds me of the devoted flag wavers in China after a Chairman Mao speech.
    I swear we must have the thickest supporters in all of football.

  48. Inter YourGran

    I think the contract story was made up to get a fan reaction, which would not be one of joy, may I add. So his annoyance in the conference was justified in my opinion.

    He knows he’s already under immense pressure and now it’s starting to show in pressers, where the media always give a fair rub because he usually conducts them in such a gentlemanly manner.

    What I did realise though is that he basically has put it on the players to perform tomorrow night. If they fail and we get thumped, the manager, players and board will have no hiding place.

    I reckon tomorrow’s starting line up will be;


    sagna koscielny mertesaker vermaelen

    arteta ramsey

    cazorla walcott podolski

    bench; mannone, jenkinson, diaby, rosicky, oxlade chamberlian, gervinho, giroud

    I’m going to go out the box and say 3-1 to Arsenal, wally to have a stormer… Stranger things have happened 😆



    Are you playing devils advocate,or what?If AW were the CEO of a fortune500 company he would have been working at McDonalds at least 7yrs ago.

    Would you like fries with your shake sir?

  50. TheOldGuard


    Circumstances like being 1-0 up in the champs league final with 15 to play and losing? – we got screwed with 10 men and the ref was awful
    Circumstances like being 1-0 up in the CC final and losing? koscielny and keeper fault
    Circumstances like blowing a 5 point lead in Feb 2008? Feb,w ay too early. April i would understand. Utd blew it last year does that make Ferguson a teriible manager?
    Circumstances like losing 8-2 to a team that we used to call a rival? – look at that team we put out. lambs.
    Circumstances like being trounced & embarrassed infront of the world in Milan? this is AC milan and we gave them a hiding and should have gone through.
    Circumstances like selling the PLs best player to Man Utd, gifting them the title? we had no choice. he wanted off.

    like i said, you’r every simple in your argument. You do make some good points at times but on the whole you need to consider it all. dont let your rage blind you.

  51. HP

    I don’t want us to be annihilated score wise but I hope bayern exposes our first team for what it is, a semi decent chance with no chance in hell in beating europe’s elite.


    GoH’s any new premonitions,about tomorrow’s game?

    I’m like a rabbit caught in headlights..
    Handbrake,need’s to be gently released..

    This schizo team/manager are trying my patience,on the wagering front..

    I call the result’s right most of the time,I don’t wager…


    Now,I’m about to step into the breach,the fucker probably pull’s off an upset..!!


    I reckon Pedro has sourced out these infiltrator’s to provide balance to the blog..

    It’s so mind numbing,tedious & really pathetic..

    That these guy’s make Keyser look like a well balanced moderate..

    How,has this come to pass..?

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    Bergkamp63: WTF do people want of this owner ? Stop blaming the owner, it’s the Manager that’s the problem.

    You don’t think the owner is part of the problem at all?

  55. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Arsene Wenger has vehemently denied reports he is going to be offered a two-year contract extension by Arsenal.
    The 63-year-old showed his irritation at a news conference ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League last-16 tie against Bayern Munich.

    “It’s the wrong information,” said the manager, whose Arsenal side has not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup.
    “I think I deserve a bit more credit than wrong information that has only one intention – to harm.”


    Does he believe that rumours of him staying for longer will harm the club?

  56. Dev_Gooner

    we had no choice. he wanted off.
    I’m sorry, but as a club we should be doing everything we can to hold our key assets. If it meant releasing (likely scenario is paying off a compensation for breaking the contract, a small price to pay considering you are willing to spend £12m on Gervinho who cant tap in from 2 yards in front of an open goal) Squil and the other dross to free up £150k per week for van persie then that is exactly what we should’ve done. Recent example comes to mind. David Villa wanted off and still does. every one knows that. Did Barca cave in and let him go on the cheap? No! I understand the contract situation is different but eventually the final stance is the same. Barca, Chelsea, real madrid, City dont just sell their key players willy nilly to rivals! DID utd sell Rooney just coz he wanted to leave, NO. DID Liverpool Sell Gerrard when he wanted to leave for Chelsea. NO. DID Arsenal sell Nasri, Adebayor, RvP coz they wanted to leave… YES!

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ve never known a divided fan base like ours, and when twitter rumours go out about the extension, and the Sun decides to run with them after we’ve just lost to Blackburn in the cup, it’s hardly going to do the club any good.
    It’s crap journalism



    The whole set-up is rotten..& they are all complicit..

    But remember firstly,we are a football club..
    That remit,start’s & end’s with Arsene..

    So,in part,whatever he is spin-balling the hierarchy..He has to take a large share of the blame..

    It’s not the owner,or IG that decides the playing staff,or the predictable substitutions,or the tactics,or the recruitment,or the defense,or the video analysis & data analysis..

    That is Arsene’s remit..Success from that,envelopes into more more money generated for the club & the cycle repeats..

    Arsene is the point man,the only footballing man in that club..

    He is holding the club back..With resources at his disposal ,that he is systematically pissing up the wall..

    That said,Owner & IG should hold him accountable..They don’t?

    Why not?Because they are happy with the money being generated& what Arsene deliver’s..

    Who spin balls the crap..Arsene

    Therefore,he shoulder’s a large part of this nonsense..


    scene from Rocky 3

    Mr Ts’ character is asked his prediction on the fight.
    Mr T looks at the camera with a screw face and says paaaaaaiiiiiiin.

    Fast forward to Arsenals game with BM.

  60. Arsene's Nurse

    TheOldGuard February 18, 2013 16:00:07

    gambon – wenger doesnt set the wages.
    Actually he does – he’s said as much, where do you think his socialist wage policy quote comes from.

    This is the problem with AKBs like you; you actually know very little about the club’s structure, who does what and when.

    As he prepares to finally offer Theo Walcott close to the £100,000 a week the England international has been seeking for his new contract, Wenger revealed it was he himself who insisted that the gap between the club’s highest-earners and lowest-paid players is narrower than at the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.

    “We pay well. We pay very well,” Wenger said ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup third-round tie away to Swansea City. “I’ve spent all my life making sure people who work for us are paid well and I believe if you can do it, you do it.” ……

    …… Asked whether he set the wage structure at Arsenal, which has been criticised for having a too narrow band compared to other clubs, Wenger said: “Yes. I don’t know how it works at others. But it’s not only me, it’s in co-operation with the board. When we want to go ‘far’ I ask for the authorisation of the board.”

    So TheOldGuard – you have been shown catagorically that you are wrong. Why should anyone take any notice of you or your opinion when you spout such easily demonstrable nonsense?

    That’s why I hate AKBs – they know nothing about the club they profess to support and will spout rubbish to defend their messiah at all costs.

  61. Former AKB

    COYG! With our backs against the wall, some spuds and mancunts in our midst , not to mention the deserters, I can see a 3 nil scoreline in our favour.Our boys will win inspite of the manager.COY fucking Gunners of London.North London is red.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Gotta agree with Gambon

    Its pathetic but Wenger would look for credit if we managed to JUST lose 2-1 or 1-0 or 3-2 or something….’we showed great heart and desire’ blah blah fucking blah

    Personal I think we’ll lose 4-0 or 4-1.

    They’ll shut down JW and that’ll be that. Bastian and Javi will seal up the middle and allow Ribery, Kroos and Muller/Shaqiri/Robben to create the chances for Gomez/Mandzuick.

    Last 5 games:

    Won 5
    Scored 13
    Conceded 0….ZERO

  63. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Nasri’s Mouth.

    Quite a few clubs have fans that are divided over the overall aims and intentions of their clubs. Some United fans broke away and formed a new club because of the Glazier’s, some still wear the Newton Heath scarf. Liverpool fans were and in some cases remain divided over Dalglish’s sacking. Chavs are divided about Benitez as some believe he has to do the dirty job in removing the old guard and is unfairly targeted, and some are even questioning Abramovich.

    It has always been the same, the only difference now is the internet allow’s us to get a broader opinion from the worldwide fanbase rather than just the pub or workplace.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Can we have questions about tomorrow nights game please?’


    Reporter ‘What do you think about Bayern’s defence?’

    Arsene ‘Can we not talk about Bayern now!’

    What a fucking dick! Utter cock wipe!

  65. marcus

    most safe bet for tomorrow would be Bayern Munich to score the first goal. Surely we will see a prime example of the Arsenal big game first half choke…


    Hey OldGuard
    Time to change those depends or cut down on the stool softener,oh by the way WW11 is over.Welcome to the 21st century.

  67. kwik fit

    Arsene reckons the news paper article about about a contract extension is lies. I think this time he is telling the truth cos if anyone knows it somethings a lie its him . He’s told a fucking enough to us the supporters! Arsene if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen .

    New song for Arsene;

    Pink Floyd

    ‘Hey Arsene leave our club alone’


    Arsene’s Nurse..

    Thank’s for your post..

    I suffer from lazy finger’s these day’s..& trying to dig up old post’s to counter AKB’s..

    The information is readily out there & argument’s for Arsene to leave,have been done to death on here since time immemorial..

    Why such prick’s rock up& try to counter such argument’s in the face of 8 year’s of mediocrity at best ,& 8 year’ of destruction of the club’s plight beats me..

    A bunch of loyalists,that are the very nemesis of what all AFC supporter’s stand for..

    That of being competitive& challenging for honours with our warchest..

    It’s pure & simple..They can’t digest the pure & simple…Only Arsene & the club’s b/s..

  69. TitsMcgee

    You can tell his disdain for anyone dare questioning him or putting him on the spot.

    How dare this lady ask me a loaded question at this presser?

    You can almost see his holy-than-thou attitude in that video. One needs not go any further. Sums up why we suck so much right now.

    I am the man. I am the boss. What I say goes. Don’t second-guess me.

    No wonder RVP wanted out. No wonder he doesn’t play players who speak up against him.

  70. Arsene's Nurse

    “Arsene Wenger has vehemently denied reports he is going to be offered a two-year contract extension by Arsenal.”

    He’s actually been offered a 5 year contract!


  71. TitsMcgee

    I can see us going and being more competitive tomorrow night and I agree with the other sentiments here.

    “All is well, BM just beat us. etc etc”

  72. Bergkamp63


    1) Kroenke has not taken a penny out of the club
    2) he’s sanctioned a £150m wage bill
    3) the £150m is still in the bank waiting to be spent
    4) he doesn’t get involved in which players arrive or leave the club
    5) he hasn’t pumped hundreds of millions into the club like Man City or Chelsea which most don’t seem to want anyway.

    And you still question he is part of the problem ?

    The only thing he is guilty of is not sacking Wenger IMO.

  73. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s given the club no direction, he’s gone back on his promises to talk to the fans, and for all know the ever increasing cash reserves are down to him

  74. Bergkamp63

    I think in anyone’s wildest dreams tomorrow night, the most goals we are likely to score is 1 max.

    It’s just a matter of how much they want to come and play. It wouldn’t surprise me if it ends 0-1 or 1-1.

    The second leg will be somewhat different though !!


    Nasri’s MouthFebruary 18, 2013 18:07:45

    I agree.Kroenke is the worst owner we could have..

    They all need to go..

  76. Bergkamp63


    Who actually give a fuck what a chairman or owner says or does ? the only thing the fans give a shit about is if their team is winning or competing given the resources at hand.

    Wenger has and always has had all the resources needed to bring in enough quality to supplement those players that were at the club already. We could have had RVP, Cesc, Wilshere still at the club with another 6 players or so of similar quality and still had money in the bank !!


    kwik fitFebruary 18, 2013 18:10:56

    He’s really lost the plot.
    He lost the plot in 2008,giving the captaincy too Gallas,ahead of Gilberto,selling Gilberto & subsequently selling Toure…

    Roll forward 4 years..He really lost the plot selling RVP to Man Utd & then bragging about it…

    Now,the fucker is in meltdown mode…

    I’ve got a hunch,he’ll pull off a result tomorrow& buy himself some more time..albeit temporary…

    But yeah,he’s gone..Just waiting patiently for him to fall on his sword..

  78. Bergkamp63

    But yeah,he’s gone..Just waiting patiently for him to fall on his sword..


    He would miss the sword completely !!

  79. Ash79

    I was at the Schalke match. They are the VW of the bundesliga, they dispatched us with minimum fuss and top efficiency. Imagine what Mercedes-Benz will do tomorrow.




    I could counter,he would miss the sword,cos’ FFP would be his white knight that would deliver him..& dock point’s against Man Ure,RM,Barca & the Sheikh’s..

    & the whole b/s cycle continues..

    Not likely,I know..But football is a funny ‘ole game..

  81. salparadisenyc

    Wenger has more lives than any cat i’ve been around.

    3-2 to the Arsenal tomorrow, well pull the result and media reprieve for mr. kookoo.

    Bayern will shut us down at the Allianz 2- Nil for the exit.

    AW will attack the first questioner post match getting physical, then dragged out of the stadium by the polizei kicking and screaming. Remanded into the custody of the modern day stasi thus never being heard from again as they’ve shipped him off to some North Sea island where they house the obviously insane. Stan will collect the insurance money with a giant cowboy smile.

  82. Ric

    The “Arsene knows best” crowd seems to have gone into “Arsene still knows something” mode, I have to say that is a good sign.

  83. Dannyboy – read through his timeline and see some of the weird people associated with AFC. Some of the ‘fans’ are really bizarre, they remind me of terrorists who have been brainwashed by extremists who preach their own twisted version of the Quran. Weird martyrs who would literally sacrifice their lives for Wenger.

  84. bazza

    “I was at the Schalke match. They are the VW of the bundesliga, they dispatched us with minimum fuss and top efficiency. Imagine what Mercedes-Benz will do tomorrow.”

    Recent car surveys show that Mercedes cars are actually pretty unreliable not even in the top 15. Whilst technically very good in terms of performance they also break down a lot.

    Lets hope their engines fall out on tomorrow.

    PS those that want Arsenal to lose really are complete non thinking idiots

  85. Dannyboy

    ‘Poor man is probably having trouble sleeping these nights. Wondering if he’ll ever be good enough. I feel sad for him’…

    I wouldn’t mind a few sleepless nights for £150k a week!!! Hell i’d do it for £150 a week if I don’t have to achieve anything like Wenger!

  86. Ric

    GoonerDaveFebruary 18, 2013 16:27:41
    “Not every Arsenal supporter wants Arsene to leave, at least, not until the real truth is known”.

    Ha ha ha!…. You know a very minute part of me is going to miss these akb’s once Wenger leaves.

  87. kwik fit

    Here we are guys , this is what is managing us tomorrow night. God help us;


  88. Dannyboy

    Kwik, he is trying to make funny quips, but no-one finds it funny anymore because everyone thinks he is a cunt now.

    Arsene’s Nurse, great song that! very apt though, all the AKB’s are perennial losers just like their leader.

  89. patthegooner

    I want Wenger out, but I take no pleasure in watching him in that press conference.

    He is done. I wish he would come out and state that he will step down at the end of the season. Maybe then the weight would be off his shoulders and the players might play to that extra level to give him a good send off.

    Sad day today, that was his lowest ebb

  90. wanger-wenker

    we appear to have a few “clever farkers” on here that believe the guys consistently abusing that wanker wenger like myself have somehow not got the intelligence to think more broadly about the other factors in our decline. Well smart-arses…we have done the analysis years ago and have after careful analysis laid virtually all the blame at the idiot running the club. Wenger runs the club with gazidis probably doing the paperwork and kroenke just checking his profits.
    So although you are a few years behind, dont worry you will catch on and understand that in some cases a strong and direct opinion fingering the culprit is required rather than fumbling around for more minor information to muddle the thinking.
    congratulations to all those fans that have remained consistent about their opinions of wenger,it appears you have been proved correct.


    Kwik Fit

    kwik fitFebruary 18, 2013 18:43:59
    Wenger also said “I want to lose it and I want to lose the game tomorrow so you can all be happy.”

    Now I hope this is fucking reverse psychology on Arsene’s part…

    Because if he mean’s it..My statistical analysis on the match goes to shit..

    I’m trying to piece together some logical statistical analysis on the game tomorrow,so I can win big time..

    The last thing I need,is Arsene Wanker,throwing in comment’s like that..It’s throw’s my model’s all over the place..

    He really is a prick..!!
    My model was fine,until that comment by him..

  92. Arsene's Nurse

    Do you think Wenger had been doing the whole Robert De Niro “You lookin’ at me?” thing in the mirror last night?

  93. Evan

    I just watched the interview Snappy mother trucker ain’t he. I just wish someone would say “Arsene, hows your mental strength” that would go down well.

  94. Dannyboy

    Pat, it’s quite amazing that Bayern are replacing their manager next season because he didn’t win Bundesliga in 2 consecutive seasons, even though he is going to win it at a landslide this season, however they saw Guardiola available and went for him anyway. Yet we sit here with the same clueless mug who hasn’t won a pot in 8 years, and you still get some pricks saying ‘but who will replace him?…’




    You mean “How’s the qualidee of your mental strenghtzzz & organisation?”

    Does it need,in the word’s of the Wire actor’s “A re-up?”

    “Or do we need to take the cock-sucker out of the game?”

  96. Jeff

    Well it’s about time the press started asking some hard questions. Where have they been for the last 8 years? He doesn’t miss any opportunity to remind us how many times he’s won the FA cup. Never though how long ago it was. He’s still living on past glory.

    So who’s to blame then Arsene? Who are you really angry at? Is it the press? Is it the players? Or is it your lunatic policies that are ruining the club and your career at the same time. Some people just don’t know when to quit and you are one of them.

  97. patthegooner

    I know Danny

    It is like there is no other Manager on the planet and if we get rid we will face back to back relegations until we are in the Conference.

    None of these people (like me) had even heard of Wenger before he came to us. Sure he has revolutionised our club and the English game, but you cant dine out on that for ever. He is stale and refuses to play the game in this generation.

    The crazy thing is, I dont think he will go this summer. I think regardless of how bad this season gets (and hey we may finish top 4) he will be guaranteed to be there come August to make the same mistakes, come out with the same excuses and fail to do what is right in the Transfer market

    I dont know who originally came out with the line In Arsene we Rust but it is so apt, and you can add Kroenke and Gazidis to that as well.

    The only fix for this situation is Usmanov. I just hope he mounts a take over in the Summer

  98. zeus

    Anyone seen the Bayern pre-game press conference. Wenger was mad! Lashing out at the press and all. He is under pressure.

    Arteta looked uncomfortable beside him.

  99. Ric

    wanger-wenkerFebruary 18, 2013 18:50:09

    Hear, hear…

    The best example of this on here is currently Keyser and Mystic; I mean do any of you remember when they first showed up here all AKB’d out of their minds?

    Yeah well it wasn’t just us that put them on the right side of the argument. I imagine its only so many failed arguements you can make before succumbing to the full weight of the actual truth.

    I view all these other clowns still desperately grasping to the various excuses surrounding AFC and Wenger; as people that simply just don’t know better or are far too young to have a full picture of the extent of our woe.