Arsenal £70m warchest is PR spin to get you to part with your cash… | Only hope for Bayern is complacency

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No time for moping, we’ve a massive game in the Champions League tomorrow night. We face Bayern Munich, arguably one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. They have an incredible defence and a blistering attack. If there was ever a time you wouldn’t want the visit of Bayern… it’d be this Tuesday after an embarrassing result against a bunch of Northern cloggers.

Football is a funny old game and Arsene is a funny old manager. The decline of Arsenal is a slow car crash, so don’t be surprised if something mega happens on Tuesday. Wenger is quite often down… but never out. If he turns in a win on Tuesday, no doubt half the fan base apoplectic with rage from the weekend will take a look at the scoreline and say… yeah, you know what, I was too hasty… maybe we’ll give him until the summer… we did beat Bayern at home.

Me? No way. Wenger is done as a top flight manager. You can always paint over the cracks, but for me, Arsene ran out of paint years ago and he’s trying to cover a mark on the wall the Russian asteroid made last week. The odd good result won’t convince me he’s capable of anything but the same over and over again. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t go into the Bayern game talking up a victory in my head.

We’ll have a full team of players to pick from and hopefully a group who are a little more energetic than they would have been had they had to exert themselves against Blackburn. We also have the added spice of a complacent Bayern. Running through the videos of Arsenal must be fun. Spot the strength would be a tougher task than digging out our weaknesses.

Arsene Wenger needs this win more than any other in his career, if he loses this one, who knows how badly our season might unravel. He also has the prospect of the three B’s knocking him out of the cups this year. Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern. It’s not relevant, but I’ve no doubt it’ll have some sort of historical relevance when The Sun spin it into something more compelling than I could.

I’d like to think he was playing to save his bacon, but despite the bookies slashing odds left right and centre, I have my doubts Arsenal will do anything decisive in the summer. Perhaps the only way that happens is if we drop out of Europe. Then it really will be a sorry old season. Wenger won’t have anyone to blame but himself… and if there was any doubt around the money he’s been allowed to have… perhaps this would be a good time to out Ivan.

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

The last few years of warchest documented…






February last year...


Yeah right...

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

Taking the first story on, what’s changed? What’s the difference between The Telegraph story and the ‘£40million to spend in January’ story just before Christmas? We had exactly the same run of stories this time last year when it was all going wrong. I think we’ve all grown accustomed to the nature of carefully placed stories of hope around the time Club Level tickets and season tickets are up for renewal. When it comes down to it, you have to face facts, the club tells lies to get you to part with your money. In the main they shouldn’t need to, but when it comes to Club Level, I can tell you one thing for certain… it’s not all Eton educated hedge fund managers… it’s people who work hard, love the club and want to spend a bit more to sit in a nicer area. That extra £1,500 a year it costs to sit there might start becoming a bit of a burden. The renewals started a month ago and I suspect the uptake has been low. Lots of people who have club level tickets also have normal season tickets. I know plenty who ditched club level for their cattle class tickets last year. The gaps around club level tell a story this year.

The Arsenal business model is built on success. When you’re successful or at least demonstrating you want to be successful, people will pay whatever. When Arsenal become a predictable chore, which, sadly it has over the past few years, spanking out £3,000 on a ticket in autere times becomes an increasingly difficult thing to justify. I’ll be renewing this season, I’ll always renew providing I’ve got a job or access to a pay day loan. I wouldn’t sign up to club level though… even if I had the money. I’d source a season ticket loan. If Arsenal want luxury money from me, they’ll have to pull their end of the deal and start showing some intent with that massive bank balance they have. Arsenal charge premium prices and expect to get away with out delivering on the premium expectations that are associated with that.

You know who else does that? BP. Premium fuel? Do me a favour. It’s not difference to the crap stuff.

Anyway, I feel the club is acting in a totally disrespectful way by planting stories like these. It raises false expectation and actually helps increase the disdain for the manager who we know never delivers on the pre-transfer window leaks. I’d probably be able to stomach a summer if the club just came out and said ‘look, we’re saving money for the 2017 fire sale in Europe. We have no intention of investing’. It’s the lies I can’t stand. We’re becoming more and more like a bank or a political party with each day that passes. Where is the class in that Arsenal? I appreciate people have targets and bonuses to earn, but… well… what can I say… this is big football… people are bonused on getting bums on seats and when the team put out isn’t good enough to do that on its own, you’ve got to resort to dirty tactics.

Right, that’s all I’ve got today. Enjoy your day and say no to anyone who offers you a warchest.

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  1. Aussie Gooner Dave

    This is without doubt the most difficult period of time in Arsene’s reign. The talk about renewing his contract for another 2 years is too dangerous to permit. He must go either at the end of the season, or at least when his contract expires. Somehow, some way we need to keep the pressure on. Arsene’s time is up and the sooner he is removed, the quicker we can start rebuilding to get this club back to where it belongs.

  2. Joppa Road

    The chickens are finally coming home to roost. Fans, albeit slowly are starting to see the truth. I have likened Wenger to a dictator and have also likened our board to the Labour spin machine on the late 90’s early 00’s.

    When are Arsenal going to get back to being about football. Wenger is a football manager not the moral high ground and concious of football.

  3. decampo

    The day Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal will be one of the happiest days of my life. Hopefully Kroenke will join him too. So sad to see how far we’ve slid since 2005.

  4. Alan

    Lets not forget that bayern is the son of nazis boyhood club. Wenger admired this lot and still watches videos of their games in the 60s, roughly the period that wenger s tactics and current players fitness corresponds with. What can we say about him to get him to F off for good ?

  5. Nick-Palmer1988

    Prepare for a continued twitter-meltdown today Le Grove. I read some of the conversations you had with those who had a pop at you., and they all had one thing in common…selected vision, i.e. they will not accept the reality of these stories. Good post.

  6. Nick-Palmer1988

    Prepare for a continued twitter-meltdown today Le Grove. I read some of the conversations you had with those who had a pop at you., and they all had one thing in common…selected vision, i.e. they will not accept the reality of these stories. Good post.

  7. supergunner14

    Yawn,I can’t be arsed no more!nothing will change till his gone.and if he doesn’t go this summer or gets a contract renewal,am finished supporting arsenal!

  8. indian gooner

    Bravo man…good analysis of the situation with the club. The only request i have for fellow fans is to not renew the season tickets.Let the club’s board members know they cant take us for a ride.I want to know whatll take them to push wenger and ivan out the door. This has to end and if it takes arsenal to fall a couple of steps back then so be it.A new start is needed.Enough of the same old BS being spouted by the club.

  9. paul mc daid

    It all went downhill after Dein,PHW,Stan the Wank,Ivan the Clown and this board would not know a football if it hit them in the face,we are run by complete fools who are being lead up the garden path by a deluded frenchman,we the fans are doing the club no favours by aiding and abetting this pathetic regime.

  10. Kevin Weaver

    Apart from the fact that he’s had money to spend in the past and not spent, if we don’t qualify for the CL he’ll have no one to spend it on. Once upon a time players wanted to join Arsenal because of Asene Wenger now they avoid us because of him! Vertongen, TV5’s best mate (allegedly) joined Spurs because Wenger wanted to play him out of position. Holtby, a player available for buttons and admired by Wenger, joined Spurs because of Villas-Boas.

    On top of that, I understand that Dick Law who negotiates the transfers is so useless and disliked that no-one wants to deal with us.

  11. Weenson

    Even if we should beat Bayern, so what? It would be a one-off. More pertinent is the absence of consistent good form. We are a train wreck and it’s creators are Wenger and his CEO pal, Gazidis. Time to say goodbye gentlemen.

  12. Afc53

    Now is the time for him to leave as he is hurting the club I don’t want him to stay and spend the reported war chest.

    Bring in Laudrup or Moyes

  13. Globalgunner

    More spin from the Pinnochio truth agency. They only care about keeping their hands thrust in your wallet. A manager who thinks not of winning things but being left alone to indulge himself in his lofty ideals. Players are not hanging around while he plans world domination from withing the confines of his bubble jacket. So why should the fans?. So much is wrong with this club on so many levels. I am hopeful that fans will start to boycott the stadium in thousands after this week. And please don`t start creating false hope about winning against Bayern. Unless we beat them 3-0 in the first leg there is NO, Repeat, NO way we will get through.

  14. Crusaderrabbit

    100% correct Pedro – nothing that happens from here on in will convince me he’s not done as a manager of this club – regardless of what happens against Bayern. If you think about any kind of data analysis relating to his and the team’s performance over the last 8 years that graph would only be going in one direction – and that’s down and I just don’t understand why people can’t see this. Yes there would be a few little peaks here and there but it’s an unmistakable trend. As far as I’m concerned we’re no better than the City’s/Real Madrid’s and Chelseas of this world, just at the other end of the spectrum. Whilst they react too hastily to a team’s dip in form, we’ve had 8 years of pretty much constant decline and done absolutely nothing about it – just as bad. And it’s worse because as fans we don’t know where our club’s bar is set – top four? profitability? Absolutely disgraceful

  15. N21 Tone

    Find it interesting that the club engage in a “divide and conquer” strategy with the fans. They have divided us right down the middle. Season ticket holders, TV fans, fans from abroad – all of us. It was evident on Saturday that there was ill feeling between fans in the section that I sit in and that they have created with all the spin from Gazides and all the bollocks from Wenger after the match a “you are with us or you are against us” attitude. I don’t know about you lot but I was here long before this crowd arrived. We cant let them continue to destroy our club and keep setting fan against fan. This is despicable and every day it damages our club that we all love.

  16. solhorizonte

    “We’re becoming more and more like a bank or a political party with each day that passes”

    being saying it for a while: From “le professur” to “le politicien”

    i agree, the lies and the disrespect for the fans is making the situation worse

  17. Doublegooner

    I’ve just sent an email to 25 Gooners today asking them if Wenger renews his contract or is here next year will they renew their season tickets.

    So far everyone has said yes or probably.

    90% want Wenger Out though.


    How do all the fans come together who want Wenger Out ??

    Why don’t we start demonstrating outside the ground. At the Armoury Roundabout. Every Home Game.

  18. N21 Tone

    Also, I understand the argument of not renewing a season ticket but I have to say to you, I went 15 years waiting for a ticket and last year when they sent me the letter telling me that I could have 2, I jumped at it. This is my club. I have followed them since 1968. In my opinion this is one of their greatest hours of need as a club (not talking about owners or manager – just the club) I know we are being milked but I want to be there when these fuckers are marched out of the club and we return to our glory days. Sorry.

  19. ed the Gooner

    The really scary thing is that even if (When) no trophies are won and we miss out on CL qualification, as far as the board and Wenger are concerned this will be the first failure of Wengers reign, not the eight years of slow decline that everyone else see’s. So expect it to be spun like that. More pain to come I’ m affraid, this is just the start!

  20. Doublegooner


    All my mates are Anti Wenger & sit near Red Action.
    There was a bloke cunting off Wenger & some pratt told him to sit down. He told the bloke to shut his mouth. Suddenly a steward came over & tried to remove him. Wrong move !

    Loads of people told the steward to go firth & multiply & a senior steward took the ‘parking attendant’ away.

    Real Arsenal fans like us need to start rallying at every home game. All my crowd meet at the Armoury (Bear) Roundabout every home game. The Roundabout should now be taken over every home game with banners venting our feelings. They may not let banners be shown in the ground but they cant stop it on public highways on their doorstep.

    I own a wide format printer. I’ve said many times I’ll print banners at very low prices just to cover costs.

    Watching this club become what it is & Kroenke, Gazidas & Wenger stick 2 fingers upto us is vile.

  21. Johnny5

    Like clockwork the bullshit emerges in the sun newspaper. Anyone that buts that paper is an idiot(unless your only buying it for the tits on page 3). They should change its name from the sun to arsenal propaganda plc.

  22. Adelaide Gooner

    Chapman & Graham were both great managers of this fine club. Unfortunately for me & lots of other staunch supporters of the Arsenal, Wenger falls into the exact category of these legends of the club. Former greats that we’ll never forget. I don’t understand the majority of Wenger supporters thinking that his tenure at Arsenal should be indefinite and purely up to him. No one person is bigger than this club & a policy of reaping financial rewards for good recruiting at the expense of ambition is something that we cannot tolerate. Unfortunately for this club, Wenger is too stubborn to resign which in the end means we’ve just got to wait longer until we can start the healing process.

  23. Spanishdave

    Bayern will beat us over two legs, if we win it is meaningless if we then loose the tie.
    Failure unfortunately is the only way to get the manager changed. AKB s remember Wenger was unknown when he joined us so there are plenty of managers out there who can do a job better than he can now.
    it is ridiculous that Wenger can blindly disregard the fans and all around him, still believing he is right and we don’t know what we are talking about, His arrogance knows no bounds, its become insulting.
    Please sing GO NOW ( Moody Blues) at the next match

  24. N21 Tone

    Double – agree with all you say but there are fans among us who still think it is a form of dis-loyalty to say the manager needs to go. I hate seeing and hearing stories like you have told there. We are all Arsenal fans FFS. It goes back to my earlier point where I said they have divided the fan base. They will have no need to condemn any protest we might have because they know they have sufficient numbers of fans that come to the games that will do it for them. I’m not sure what the answer is but these fuckers are tearing our club apart.

  25. MorrowsBrokenArm

    …was going to bed, but ESPN sitting here discussing Arsenals woes… annoyed. Moved to the point of comment, and it’s been over a year since my last comment on here. I like to read.

    What fecks me off sooo much about the curent wave of “Arsenal in Crisis”..”Is Wenger done…fans turn on Wenger”…blah blah blah….I truly truly believe that 5-6 years ago, when all this really began, we were never more than 2-4 key players from being competative…really…and then in the 2 or so years that followed, as we starred a midfield of Song – Denilson-Eboue (a personal fav…thats when things really hit rock bottom…tell me I’m wrong)…don’t givel me stadium move B.S…we all cried out on this very site…give us a goal keeper….CB…..CM (don’t gove me this deensive midfielder b.s…we just needed a solid CM)….and Striker. 4 players. Investment at that time and who knows, we might still be facing the same nonsense…but I think we ‘d have half our players we since lost, because we would have competed.

    And if anyone out there from Asrenal reads all this…..don’t dismiss the boos as tripe, fickle fans…..I’m not pissed off because we won’t win a trophy…all I ask is that we compete, that I can live with….but this true sense of hoplesness, and thats what it is….I cannot stand. I don’t expect a clean sweep year in year out…but I expect to be in with a shout. Don’t call us fickle fans, thats too easy…we’ve been screaming this for 6 years….its only now coming to a head. I’m done…

    ….yet will continue to get up at 3,4,5am to watch our games (can’t describe the dissapointment at waking up to watch Arse vs Blackburn at 4am!!!! Time for fresh minds…….AW cannot turn this around….and I dont say that lightly…I’m done thinking all these lows will result in a swift kick up the arse…has not done so in the last 6 seasons. Rant over

    When I hear Fergie asked “What would happen if you went more than 5 years without a trophy”…”It wouldn’t hapen”……and throw in the an comments by Jose, Pepe etc etc….winners all. To anyone out there reading this who still thinks AW can turns this around…if he was asked the same question…do you think he would answer the same way????

  26. Hitman49

    Sorry lads

    Question ?

    Are we missing something ?

    As voices keep saying he’s great he’s untouchable ?

    Are we mad or are they ?

    Please confirm for me

  27. GoonerDave

    Calling people who agree with your opinion “real fans” only stirs the pot even more.
    All the fans of this club have a right to their opinion, and this has no bearing on their love for the club. This is half the problem. When Wenger does leave, we will be left with a divided fanbase unless people learn to respect and value the opinions of others.
    As for the “warchest” stories today, I dont believe them either. I support the manager, so am in the minority here, but I still know PR rubbish when I hear it.

  28. AC Gooner

    Let them lie. Its just another example of the “patheticness” that has become Arsenal. Really, I am already used to it. The banter from my non-Arsenal mates at the pub just runs down my back like water off a duck these days.

    And it aint gonna change until something changes.

    One of the following, probably both:

    – ditch Mr. Yesterday. Wenger is past it.
    – new owner who cares

    Until that happens, we are so fooked. We are being run like a disney park by a bunch of idiots who have no clue. Wenger the mentally deluded has-been is in charge of the whole show. Kroenke is busy picking tapestries for his new ranches.

    Stop buying tickets – it is the ONLY thing they notice.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Nice post Pedro – welcome to the dark side.

    I’m not normally someone who likes to kick someone when they’re down…but on this occasion, I am really pleased that finally the end is in sight for Arsene Wenger. Of course, I say this with an impending sense of trepidation because AW is a slippery sucker and still remains the golden egg for the Arsenal BOD, but the fans are ultimately the power within a football club, and Arsenal’s fans have had enough. You all know my thoughts on Wenger, and of course I am biased, but clearly his position has become untenable. Defeat to Bayern isn’t the final straw…that mark was reached 6 years ago IMO, but it would be the final full stop on another fruitless season.

    With regards to war chests…add up all of the sums being bandied about, and we may just be where we actually need to be to rebuild this club.

    It’s over, you know it, I know it and hopefully it’s just a matter of time before it becomes official: Arsenal part ways with Wenger after 17 years. Until then, we remain a stagnant, hollow club with delusions of grandeur, whose last hurrah was in 2006…we have been sleepwalking since then, hoping our rivals over inflate and burst and we’re there, like shining beacons of morality to mop up the broken pieces of world football – it hasn’t happened. Wenger gambled with your clubs’ future, rolled ‘snake eyes’ and has now been asked to leave the table. I for one can’t wait.

    Arsene’s report would read: started well, integrated and played well with others, creative, intelligent and admirable…A+++

    then…Arsene started believing he was bigger than his club, got found out.

    Thanks Arsene, you were great for 10 years.

  30. MorrowsBrokenArm

    N21 Tone

    Agree with the protest sentiment…have always thought it a pointless excercise…plus it just makes us look a mess…..there is one simple form of protest.individual choice to .just not show up. Anything else to me has always been an empty protest. C’mon, we’re better than terrace protesting (again, how empty is it when you complain and complain…yet continue to turn up. Just protest the local brothel…then slip in late a night for a quick one…thats what they’e doing).

  31. AC Gooner


    Can you imagine Kroenke’s Monday morning mgmt briefing? They will discuss several issues and then somewhere near the end one of the lowly interns will mention: “oh yes, and that soccer team you bought in England, they lost a match on Saturday.”

  32. Kevin

    It’s like Arsenal have the same tactics as North – Korea. Filling us every year with propaganda! There has been money for ages now, then why haven’t we spend anything? Who have we bought in replacement of Nasri, Fabregas, V.Persie and Song. Wenger said it himself, you cannot convince anyone your ambitious after you sell those players.

    There are no football people on the board, the owner only want’s to make money, and we have a manager that is reluctant to spend.

    Let the mad russian take over, maybe that will turn things round. Being fed up with all this bullshit every year!!!

  33. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Hey Gnarley…I’ve never left…read every night…just stopped the comments. Mainly because I was starting to repeat myself…and Im going back years here, but we started pulling AW up on his BS years ago….nothing here is new. Plus I got fed up with alot of the same old bs that was appearing on hear night after night..and some of the nonsense…thought i’d let others duke it out.

    You could take the comments on here over the last 5 years or so and literally see the anatomy of Arsenals decline…we’ve never been far from the heart of the real issues. Listen to the fan base every once in a while Arsenal.

  34. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    The date in the season when we have nothing left to play for gets earlier and earlier, but the biggest indicator that we are a failing team is that this season, no one is after any of our star players (not that we really have any left).

    I don’t know how much revenue that season tickets bring in, but if we have a £70 million war chest (for the second transfer window in a row i might add), anything left unused should be offset against the season ticket prices. So if 30,000 season tickets are sold at an average price of £1200 each and there is more than £36m left in the “war chest” then everyone should be refunded.

    Then and only then will the fans turn the occasional blind eye to going out of the cups to lower League opposition.

  35. Ash79

    Our top top captain talking on about not dwelling again bullshit. Im fed up with post-defeat comments. Sagna said pre-rovers that the Bradford game will serve as a reminder etc. You’re right Bacary, it absolutely did. Jack more than anyone of those lads, knows the squad isn’t good enough and that morale is at an all time low – and if it isn’t, i.e. if they’re joking about piggybacking on the training field, then it should be! No one seems devastated of affected as they walk off the pitch, probably thinking about where they will eat in the evening and what to wear. What is annoying is we don’t know the truth, we don’t know where the line lies in terms of blame. At first we thought Wenger didn’t have the money to spend then you hear that he does from Ivan. You then think well maybe they are in on it, maybe they’ve said Arsene we will pay you a fortune but you will have to take the heat from the fans. Thing is now I don’t care. Im fed up with the spin, the propaganda, these truly awful attempts merely serve to treat the fans with absolute contempt. They don’t look at us as fans, or people that actually matter. They just see money and they know that slowly the ‘original’ football fan is dying breed; most youngsters are impressionable and fairweather and if we can get some young players on twitter etc, they can rope the kids in. They aren’t that fussed with fans over 30 years old cos they know we will always support the club, our route to support is emotional, from previous eras, its unshakeable, we will always support them. But they know eventually we will disappear hence they are tapping up eastern markets to keep that cash coming in. Are they working for themselves or the future of the club, I cant work it out. Im disgusted with the entire regime but cant put my finger squarely on one issue so I have to look at the 90mins and say that Wenger cant motivate these players, he has set their wages and expectations, he doesn’t train defence, he doesn’t lambast them when he has to, he wont buy players leaders, he would rather sell quality than add to it, he’s lost the squad and the fans. Times up Arsene, lights out motherfcker, don’t trip up on your French rapper bird on the way out you senile old cunt.

  36. Adelaide Gooner

    Woah is us, we’ve got Wenger for the rest of this contract and another 2 years after that….we’re so fucked!

  37. Arselona

    We always get in these situations, where the next game will trully be the end of Wenger should we lose…but then the team somehow win/scrapes through a game and the AKB’s are reassured. We stuck in an endless loop >_>

  38. Double Dutch

    Pedro, a very succinct post which reflects the feelings of a growing majority. I don’t really posy much on here, mainly because I read most of what I want to say. The sadness and truth behind our demise is the inability to grow and adapt. We let Dein slip out of the door and then expected AW to do all of his jobs as well as his own. Don’t get me wrong – I truly believe he is past it and we need someone new, but when we could have made a difference to AW we didn’t. Add to that the appointment of IG – a visionary money man who in his own right is a success – at making money. Shame is, he should be working in the city, not at AFC. Then there is the shameful depletion of our squad. You cannot expect any team to sell more than they buy – and replace with inferior quality to be a success. Yes, I am angry, angry that there are still some top players at the club who never get the backing they deserve, and angry that a once greta giant is now no longer even a contender. A sad scenario.

    On a personal whinge note, how is it that Mike Dean is allowed to ref any Arsenal match? 20 GAMES – ONE WIN? Think Fergie would allow him to ref at MUFC?

    So here’s hoping for what I wake up for every day – some change, some good news and a day when the press don’t treat us like shit and AW lika a paedo.

  39. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Dannish Gonner;

    Ahoy there Danish…to be fair to AW….if you were being offered an 2 year extension, as reward for mediocrity…at 7mil (or whatever it is bat seems to be the ball park)…knowing you didn’t have to deliver 1st, 2nd or even 3rd…would you say no? I’d be in quicker than Mr Quick at the Quick Championships who just won the 100m Quick Race. So where does the responsibility lie?????? I have serious questions of our board. Why put a new manager in place if the bar remains so low?

  40. Jude Obuninta

    W archest or no Warchest,there’s need for Wenger,the board and all involved at Arsenal to tell themselves some bitter truth,Arsenal are on a downward slope. We might get over Bayern.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Fantastic post Pedders, you’re sounding more and more like Geoff 😉

    Honestly you’ve written the words on my mind.

    Too little too late. I mean, what? They didn’t have such a meeting when we lost to Bradford earlier in the season? What about after the disgraceful display against Reading when we won 7-5? Ok we won but our club conceded 5 against Reading – Chesney’s place as our number one should’ve been numbered then. Then at the very least in the January transfer window we should’ve bought an experienced keeper to buck Chesney’s ideas up… and a decent DM to protect our fragile back four. Tell everybody who would listen that Ramsey was now our new DM. Honestly, Ramsey isn’t fit to wipe Patrick’s s*** off his arse never mind play in his position.

    We have a manager who is happy to build his team from Aldi while he dines at the Fat Duck every night. The only person that suffers is the good lady Arsenal.

    What did we do instead in January? Dither, dither, dither. Should have, could have, would have.

    Too little too late. One win against Bayern Munich won’t change anything. If we do, are we really going to defeat Real Madrid and Barcelona too? Yeah right, give me a break – we can’t beat Backburn at moment.

    I’m sure if we win on Tuesday Wenger will claim a moral victory and claim all is fine.

    I for one am tired of meaningless moral victories and third/fourth place finishes.

  42. unhappy gunner

    If ever proof was needed that the board treats us fans with utter disdain and contempt then look no further than them offering the child snatcher another 2 years. If this story is true im done as an Arsenal fan. Ive worshipped this club for 35+ years but no more. Fuck off wenger and the board

  43. MorrowsBrokenArm

    All this talk of Bayern…I’m genuinley not fussed if we loose. I dont want to of course, but I have no expectation of us winning. Anything other than a loss is a bonus. That is not a negative attitude…I am just ok with loosing, it wont dampen my day…its just how i’m feeling. Defeats are becoming very easy to stomach….that is what i don’t like…that averagness has become the norm.

  44. james wood

    70 MILLION-Would just about buy Messi’s right leg.
    So absolute Bollock’sa again.
    What a sad state of affairs,a manager that lies over and over
    to protect his own interests,how he ever thinks the squad
    is up to strength is delusional?.
    Arsene remind’s me of those old stunt’s in the HOUSE OF LORDS
    who never want to retire,sleep on the job,and get paid- a job for LIFE.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal FC the only club that offers its loser of a manager with a new contract extension even after 8 years of nothing and one humiliating loss after another.

    Where’s the accountability?

  46. busayo

    Nice Post… Enough talks… Its now time for action… @doublegooner, thanks for d offer to print. I am sure anti-Wenger banners wld not be allowed into d ground…. But outside of it, we have enough space to make a real statement every home game. I just hope people can agree and pull together to save the future b4 we become L’pool, Newcastle, Leeds, etc. I rmba a particular club’s supporters (sunderland I think) flew a banner into the ground to make their voice hear… We shd explore every available option. God bless all d gonners worldwide.

  47. Ash79

    Think about it lads, if he gets his 2 year extension – that would be 10 fuckin years, a FUCKIN DECADE with no trophies…what the fuck is going on!? what were you doing 10 years ago?? 2 olympic games, 2 world cups etc etc and no trophies, what the fuck.

  48. Gregg

    I think Morrows Broken Arm is right. The press called it an FA cup shock, at the weekend. Was it ? really ? – certainly didn’t shock me at all

  49. Yippee Kai Yay


    He is untouchable, the lies that shroud his continued form cover a myriad of failings. The mainstream media all keep supporting the ‘you’d be mad to get rid of him’ principle. With phone-ins like 606 peppered with the ‘be careful what you wish for’ message’.

    the reality is that No-one really knows where ‘the majority lies’ because that in itself is open to interpretation, is it the majority of those who are season ticket holders, those who attend, previous season ticket holders who have already relinquished theirs in protest, fans in the UK, fans around the world? Different factions will define who has a ‘divine right’ to an opinion in itself.

    The real tragedy is that it should not have come to this, he should have been seen as a one of the greatest at all times. But as each season passes and the collective failings of those who have guardianship (I call it that as the club is more than just shares owned by someone) and the volume of spin, and barefaced lies produced by the self same people.

    It all leaves a bitter taste.

    And being the cynic I am, as much as I would like to see change, until something is done demonstrably to show the owners ‘enough of the lies, don’t make us pay for your lack of ambition’ nothing really will. I am resigned to it.

    I would also like to applaud Doublegooners efforts to try and rally the troops to make that point, but the clubs ability to stifle any form of protest is in part due to protecting the ‘brand arsenal’.

    Showing once again that this board only understands one thing – Money. Until they hurt in that department – status quo is maintained.

  50. Guns of Hackney

    Arsene WILL get his new deal.
    WE will get fourth.

    Arsenal are happy. Trophies and fans mean nothing.

    Stop buying into the propaganda.

    Support Arsenal FC but do not support the manager, team or BOD.

  51. MorrowsBrokenArm


    SPOT ON. This is where we’re all getting pissed off. Not fickle fans booing because we lost a game, we’re done with mediocrity…8 years of it…and if AW stays on thats a guarentee of no change!

    10 years ago I was loving life, travelling America and Sydney…now I’m married with a mortgage and a kid…….life really does suck these days doesn’t it! C’mon Arsenal, give me a reason to cheer. Am already dressing up my kid in Arsenal onesy….and asking myself “do i want to open her up to a lifetime of this!”

  52. unhappy gunner

    We are the only club to reward failing players and managers with new and improved contracts. No wonder david villa wants to come to us in the summer. Arsenal fc a special needs home for shite players and players past their best. Fuck off wenger you cunt

  53. miki dora

    Yawn. Same shit season after season.

    I’ve never understood how it takes us so long to sign players compared to everyone else. Literally everyone else ties up deals quickly with no fuss. I guess our approach is similar to our scouting network – fucking useless.

    I’ll support the club on Tuesday. I’ll hope for a win. I’ll cheer. But if going out of Europe and finishing 5th ends that senile wankers reign then I’m all for it. The sad fact is that your right Pedro. A win tomorrow and everyone will hail him again as the saviour and some poor fucker will get beaten up again for expressing an opinion.

    It’s all so boring.

  54. Stegooner

    Good write up as ever and spot on too, I think it’s time Arsene went, I personally think he’s partially lost the dressing room hence the players not performing and to make it even worse I just read a story linking TV5 to Barca, will the skipper curse strike again! I hope not.

  55. Keyser

    Sczcesny didn’t play against Reading, also Podolski was tied up very early, Giroud, Cazorla, Monreal without much fuss.

  56. mystic

    Don’t know how much bull there is in this story:

    ‘According to Phil Thomas in The Sun Arsenal are preparing to offer Arsene Wenger a two-year contract extension.

    Arsenal’s trophy drought has put Wenger under a lot of pressure, but the Arsenal manager has hinted he wants to stay to reach two decades in the job, ending all talk he will go when his deal runs out in June 2014.

    Wenger’s future has been in doubt after eight trophy-less seasons and last autumn he knocked back an informal approach from the club to arrange talks.

    But there has been fresh impetus in the boardroom to keep hold of the manager and develop a team to take advantage of the new financial fair play rules, which start to bite in two seasons’ time.’
    If true it goes to show how little Kroenke and the bods above Arsense care about what the fans think. It seems to suggest there is a faith in the man that only a financially driven wanker would think appropriate in football.

    If there is any truth to this story it will underline that taking the anti Arsenal stance that some do isn’t going to change a thing. I stand by my view that the only way we are going to see real changes is when Kroenke sees a big fat profit in selling his shares.

    Usmanov needs to act asap, both in offering Kroenke a price the money hoarder can’t ignore and also distancing himself from Dein, who has made it perfectly clear that he still regards Wenger as the man for the job.

    Arsenal deserve better and getting rid of everyone Wenger and above is the only way that on the pitch this will start to be realised.

  57. MorrowsBrokenArm


    I used to throw shit at my TV screen if we conceeded….my mum was down here when I got married 5 years back…..chelsea beat us 2-1 (i think, it was 4am and we were all up watching the game, was a biggie) Sagna had scored for us, then we lost…I stood up, looked at me dear old mum and shouted “Cnut”…I can’t really remember being that angry at the TV in the last 2 years or so……that worries me. Getting ribbed by Spuds, mancs and scallys at work holds on fear for me….fact is…they don’t really take this piss anymore…….and that my friends, says it all!

  58. NEEG

    Ash 79 (the year of my first season ticket)

    Morale clearly must be at an all time low as your comment suggests. The news that the relationship between Wenger and Bould is fractious was highlighted further last week when, in front of a full first team squad they had an almighty row regarding defensive training. I am given to understand that Colbert has since been involved and has covered Boulds role – putting out the cones. Who do the players respect?

  59. Keyser

    “10 years ago I was loving life, travelling America and Sydney…now I’m married with a mortgage and a kid”

    Heh, doesn’t that say it all ?

    I was almost scared to go back to school after we lost 6-1 at Old Trafford all those years ago, now the same United supporting mates care more about what sort of mortgage payments I make and how and what house to buy.

  60. Jeff furley

    And while our beloved club slowly gets worse and worse ARSEHOLE WENGER had pocketed nearly £50m in wages ,no wonder he is happy just to finish 4th if we are lucky . He has become to complacent and comfy and is just like some of the players just happy to take the money


  61. mystic

    ‘ Who do the players respect?’

    Regrettably I think there are people on the top echelons at the club who simply don’t care whether the players respect the manager or not..

  62. Doublegooner

    I’m at a loss to see how we change anything when no one wants to even try alternatives.

    The BSm try a demo & it gets put down.

    The editor of the Gooner this weekend calls for a Wenger Out chant & there is blase response.

    Pedro says he doenst believe in Demos and that social media campaigns are better. But where are they ??

    The fans who live within the vicinity of London, visit the ground or could visit the ground and who say;

    ‘Whats the point in a demo, or showing banners’.

    ‘What difference will it make’

    ‘It’s best to not spend any money at the club etc, etc’

    When I say ‘real Fans’/ I mean real fans who live near, want Wenger Out…We have to try something.

    I’ve been going every season since the 60’s. I bleed Arsenal. I run my own business & still it fills my days.

    There are many of you like me. WE CARE…Kroenke just wants a big buck.

    Wenger is a Control Freak. A shit has been manager.

    IF YOU CARE. Moaning on line will certainly come to nothing.


    Suggestions ??

  63. lamia

    It is clear that Wenger is untouchable. No manager in history has had so much power and influence within a club, not even Fergie. Even if we were to miss out on CL qualification he will not be sacked. He will leave Arsenal on his terms.

    The question that must now asked is what will make wenger leave arsenal. We all know that we have been in decline for years and we are now a second tier club. In reality we are competing with only 2 teams (Spurs and Liverpool) for the glorified 4th spot. Teams like Everton, Newcastle may have the occasional good season but will never emerge as serious challengers. The only scenario where wenger will walk is if we are really struggling and we finish mid table of flirt with relegation . This will never happen, and even though we are humiliated by lower league teams, taken to the cleaners by promoted teams etc, the reality is wenger still has the support of the board and the vast majority of the fans (admittedly this is declining). So look forward to at least 2 more years of frustration, anger and exasperation. Have a good day..

  64. Bush Gooner

    Wenger has clearly run out of tactical ideas and the players know this. You play your strongest side to get an early foothold of the game then you rest them for the CL games. Dont try and play your squad players to get a result as they are clearly not good enough.

    As for that imaginary £70M war chest, that does not hold water for me. Its just a big fucking lie and they are mugging us off again.

    The lot out!!

  65. Guns of Hackney

    double gooner

    Stop going to matches
    Never buy anything the club sells.
    Do not believe anything that the club say.
    If you do have to go to the games, scream abuse as loudly as possible.

    Wenger Out!

  66. Guns of Hackney

    Bush Gooner

    Sorry to correct you but Wenger never had any tactical ideas to begin with. He was lucky that his players knew what to do.

  67. NEEG


    I expect overly optimistic TOM is still lying on the canvas having taken repeated blows to the head. In his ‘drunken’ stupor he is probably wearing a stupid smile dreaming of being cuddled up to Wenger.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Regarding that freebasing, Wenger Fanboy, Tom…he is a wind up merchant, has no affiliation towards Arsenal or Wenger. He’s a kid who found Mums’ password to the PC.

  69. Real Madras

    This is Arsene’s best squad ever, 2 quality players in each position and the player’s care more than Adams & Viera did. And then flop against a relatively easy passage into the QF of the FA Cup, I believe that was the first home loss in the FA Cup under Wenger, hmm. How the result contradicts his beliefs.


    Tom,is probably Keyser’s siamese twin brother..When one fall’s asleep,the other takes on the “I love Wenger” baton..

  71. Yippee Kai Yay

    DG, If pedro is right then ask him how to propagate a trending ‘#comeinmrwengeryourtimeisup’ trending twatter type thingy.

    I can’t pretend to understand twatter as it appears on the surface to be a medium where the majority of stuff in ‘twatterverse’ is facile and vacuous. with only Stephen Fry’s presence adding a modicum of credibility.

    But I am fairly sure you could get Piers Moron (yes, I am a private eye reader, and yes, I know hes a gooner but he is also a prized cutn) and other such famous gooners who are starting to recognise that the wheels of change need to be turned, on board fairly swiftly.

  72. Ric

    Fuck me, is it just me or is Vermealen actively trying to get people to hate him?

    I really had nothing against him until this season, but his form of late has really been pathethic and stupid shit like this doesn’t help either:

    Verm by far our Worst captain in Wengers reign apart from … OH my god didn’t he make Almunia captain… Oh yes the idiot did.

  73. Rhj

    Good post, spot on. And quite ballsy too, given you must have contact with the club and I’m sure would love to be more involved with them if there was a chance (ie. to get some of their lovely money!)

    I’m club level x 2 (yep, £8k a year) and I’m as working class and as Arsenal as anyone and it’s not all corporate where I sit, although there is one posh twat that sits behind me from time-to-time and says stupid things like ‘we’re having a lot of territory this half’, which I’ve recently found out is a rugby phrase. Knob.

    Anyway, these PR lies do coincide with the club levels renewels and as you say it could not be more obvious. Anyone who can’t see these lies is in denial or just not paying attention. I was amazed to see so many people rabidly defending Wenger on twitter after that load of cack on Saturday. Some people really are born suckers – a lot of people apparently. Reminds me of that story about the emperor’s new clothes. Wake up, Arsene is not the mesiah, he’s just a silly old man bolling around the place bollock naked!

    Wenger out.

  74. Bush Gooner

    Guns of Hackney

    Spot on.

    Which manager goes into a game with a weakend squad hoping that they will win the game ? Did the chavs do it? NO. Did $ity do it? NO. Will the mancs do it against reading tonight? NO.

    That man is deluded and needs to go along with the rest of the mob.

  75. Guns of Hackney


    All of Arsene’s players are mirror images of himself. The pattern is as follows:

    Arsenal win: “we have learnt our lessons and we are mature enough for the challenges ahead” – Normally the manager, Verm, Wilshere and Ramsey, possibly Chesney

    Arsenal lose: “you may say it’s over, I do not, we still have a lot to fight for and I believe in this teams quality” – Arsene

    or like we have today” Chelsea are an inspiration and we have to believe that we can do it, Blackburn was a blip…we can win the CL…why not” – JW, Chesney and Verm. What the lovable overrated JW fails to mention is that Chelsea had a fantastic team, albeit misfiring, leaders on the pitch, financial backing and a Drogba – not quite the same at poor old predictable Arsenal.

    Bullshit merchants who know that without Wenger, they would be playing their trade in the French Third Division. Spineless, cretins.

  76. mystic

    Sorry Guns, I know where you are coming from but cannot agree with your merchandise boycott.

    I am proud to walk down the street wearing my Arsenal shirt and the abusers can all fuck off – there are a few up my way. No matter what I think of the wankers running down the club, I love sticking the proverbial two fingers up at fans of other clubs.

    Humiliated by the daily shit going on, yes.
    Humiliated by the abysmal results and crap the way Arsenal play, yes.
    Humiliated by the media attention given to the tight-fisted farce, yes.
    Know how to get out of this mess, no.
    Prepared to give fans of other clubs the opportunity to feel superior, no.

  77. Ash79

    unverified STAT OF THE DAY

    Those who have forced a move or been shown the door have racked up a staggering 73 trophies between them since Arsenal beat Manchester United on a penalty shootout to win the FA Cup.

  78. Guns of Hackney


    What manager who hasn’t come close to winning the sum total of fuck all for 8 years goes into a game without his main attacking weapons??? That’s the question!

    We all said on here that if WE were Arsenal, I would play full strength from the off, aim to bludgeon Blackburn for 30-45 mins, hope for a lead, change at HT and pray we can hold onto our lead.

    What did that example of shitness do? Play a shitty, injury ravaged team…wait too long to change things, keep on the players who were doing fuck all and take off our best player: Rosicknote.

    Words do not do Arsene’s ineptitude justice.

  79. Guns of Hackney


    I don’t think anyone who isn’t going to a football match should wear a football shirt. I have never, and will never wear colours.

    We have to stand up to the club – put your support on hold for a bit, mate…wait until Wenger is gone and start again. Easy 😉

  80. Ric

    Bush GoonerFebruary 18, 2013 11:48:21

    Yeah but honestly that isn’t all, Wenger could get a 17 year old Ibrahimovic for half a mill and he’d still turn out as David Bentley.

    Wengers “turning turds to gold” reputation is completely unwarranted.

  81. Ric

    RicFebruary 18, 2013 11:53:26

    I mean anyone remember Aliadiere? He was supposed to be the first RVP, but was litterally ran crocked under Wenger, until his entire career was shot to hell. Very similiar trajectory to Diaby, only Wenger will seemingly never give up on that 26 year old “prospect”.

  82. mystic

    I wear a shirt every match day, regardless of whether I am at the game or not. On holiday wear one with pride, shopping wear with pride, days out wear with pride (in fact recently didn’t wear an Arsenal shirt and my wife said it was probably the first time un-persauded in over 20 years).

    I simply love showing off my pride in Arsenal everywhere I go (even when secretly I am not 100% certain that I actually feel it).

  83. Bush Gooner


    After 15 mins I would have made changes. Diaby and Gerv were absolute garbage and effectively brought us down to 9 men. For Rosicky to be our best performer just goes to show how fast we are declining. Wengers time is done here now as I cant honestly see us beating Bayern and Villa.

    Time for a fresh manager.

  84. Guns of Hackney

    Ric 11:48:21

    Exactly. Wenger had this reputation of turning average shmoes into world class operators…but lets look at the facts: for every TH14, PV, there is a Kaba Diawara or Park – in fact, there a lot more duds that hits. But here lies my argument towards this Wenger love in regarding his talent spotting…these players had the tools, the ability and the knowledge anyway, Wenger merely played them. He didn’t coach them, he played them and they did what they were going to do anyway. Look at his recent record, he buys crap, throws them in and they sink without a trace – I say trace, but they do leave few million £ holes laying around.

    I mean, if Wenger was such a genius, how come for the past 8 years, he has been totally left high and dry.

    He has been found out. A charlatan. A clown. A fraud.

  85. Ric

    Ash79February 18, 2013 11:45:05

    IF true that is by far the most damning verdict on Wnegers tenure at AFC.

    He has litterally produced far more trophies for our rivals than for us while being in charge at our club. I mean if City takes it this year (I doubt it but..) then technically thats the second Arsene team that takes back to back FA cups or league titles in his entire career.

  86. Guns of Hackney


    Fair enough, mate – I respect that you don’t or can’t turn in your Arsenal supporters badge. I am too far gone, I think – everything Arsenal is just making me sad.


    LOL – Gerv would not be allowed to fly over the Emirates airspace if I had my way, the guy stinks the place up. As you said, if TR is our best performer, we are doomed.

    Bayern will walk this 3 or 4-0 at Emirates and add another 4-5 at theirs…if it were a boxing match, the ref would have to call a halt to the match.

    Arsenal KO.

  87. unhappy gunner

    Agreed with you Ric. How many young players has he brought through the ranks and turned into a full blown star? A couple may be e.g cashley? Wilshere has the potential but can see him getting worse under wenger. Cesc, anelka etc etc where poached from other clubs so all this ” he turns shit to gold” is bollocks. Guns i agree with 99% of what you say but i dont believe wilshire is over rated mate. Yes he is not a superstar but the potential and talent is their.

  88. Vish

    LEEDS Gooner

    There is no accountability mate. We have an incompetent chairman who hasn’t a clue about running the board and an overpaid CEO who’s frightened to challenge the manager of operations (Wenger). Arsene is free to do what he wants and he in essence he undertakes his own annual appraisal.

    There is no accountability at the club. The person responsible for achieving the benchmarks is the same person setting them. The club is governed in a manor which limits transparency and allows those who hold powerful positions to pursue personal agenda . They are strictly remunerated for deriving shareholder wealth.

    We are a badly governed club and every problem that we see before us stems from this.

  89. Ric

    unhappy gunnerFebruary 18, 2013 12:08:35

    Yup Wilshire has bags of potential but who here believes he’ll fulfill that at AFC?

  90. Guns of Hackney


    Sorry, I reread my post and didn’t mean to get on JW’s back…a missed comma here and there LOL. JW is our best player and hopefully the future of the club, but I don’t think JW will last more than 2 more seasons (if he keeps playing well) – bigger clubs can offer him more.

    Also, Cashly wasn’t an Arsenal youth player – I think he came from Palace – perhaps someone could confirm that.

    Arsene’s only youth team success has been JW – one player in 17 years is quite horrific. Although, Brady has to take 80% of the flack, surely.

  91. Bush Gooner

    Ric – February 18, 2013 11:53:26

    Wengers magic has gone kaput. Wenger had the chance to really have an exciting squad at his disposal if only he decided to buy Mata and Hazzard. These players can change games and can grab you goals and points. If you look at our current bench (And the £250k PW loanees) none of them would get in the top 5 PL teams.

    Sad to say this but red nose would get rid of any injury crocks of crap players from his squad.

  92. Ric

    But still though I view these recent comments from Wenger with regards to our underperforming players with the utmost contempt and supreme disdain. The fact that he picks both the team, the players on the field and the tactics seems completely lost on him. How can he ship out all our performers, replace them with inferior players, do nothing to mitigate his blundering tactics and still have the temerity to call out the players on the field for underperforming.

    Its like god badgering lucifer for coming into existence. It cannot be tolerated and he should not be allowed to get away with it.

  93. Ash79

    Found this on that Twitter thing..

    “Against Munich, we need to put our petty differences aside. Whether you want Wenger sacked or not. Whether you are an ‘AKB’ or ‘WOB’ a ‘Banner Wanker’ or ‘Banner Basher’ we need to come together as one and back the team.

    This article has been inspired by one individual who, this afternoon, decided to make a stand. @AFC_GlEN (get him followed!). Rather than sit and moan about how things need to change, he is inspiring Arsenal fans to start the change;


    We moan about our atmosphere. we moan about the players not doing there job, lets ensure against Munich, we do our job. Lets get RED ARMY started from the 1st minute. Lets get the stadium rocking. Bouncing. If you are not at the stadium, but have access to Twitter, lets get #REDARMY trending worldwide. As Arsenal fans we need to come together as one to beat the Germans.

    Make a stand. Be a difference. Red Army”

  94. unhappy gunner

    @Ric, i believe if arsehole wonga is given 2 more years and the reports are correct i honestly cant see him being at Arsenal come the 2014-2015 season. And i dont blame him either. Yes money is important but when their playing days are over, the number of medals is just as important. Especially for the real top class players.

  95. Bush Gooner



    The problem we have now is getting the players motivated for Bayern after that humiliating defeat. I would like to see TR start as he was the only player that actually controlled the ball and hardly gave it away. I would have Steve Bould ahead of Gervinho in the squad. I will go for a 2-2 .

  96. Kane

    A friend of mine made an interesting poi nt yesterday. It used to be that the majority of paying Arsenal fans (i.e. those that paid money to go to games) were true, lifelong gooners, wjth a splattering of corporates, tourists and fair weather fans who would go to 2-3 games a season if they were offered a ticket.

    Over the last 5 years, the shift has moved to less and less true fans and more and more fans who want to turn up, see some pretty football and a win and go home via the club shop.

    The question I ask is this – are true, lifelong gooners now in the minority of paying customers who go to matches? If so, then does it mean that the club is operating without consequence? Fans who are indifferent will still go to games, regardless of performances as they have no deep affiliation with the club in the same way that lifelong fans do – sure there may be a group of a few thousand who are outraged, but until number reaches 30-40k will the club even care?

  97. Ric

    unhappy gunnerFebruary 18, 2013 12:20:42

    Yeah I fear that as well, I mena it doesn’t take a genius to understand that as long as Wenger is still in charge it is going to get worse before it gets better.


    So let me see if i’m correct..
    menteel strenght………A LIE
    qualideeee………….ANOTHER LIE
    intention to spend money(again)….BIGGEST LIE YET

    A another
    f fabricated
    C comment

  99. Bush Gooner


    Haha. My reason for that scorline is that I know anytime we have an embarrasing defeat we always bounce back. But history dictates that FA cup, CL and league matches in Feb dont favour us at all.

    1 – 2 (Revised) 🙂

  100. TheOldGuard

    you know what would help? if some of you actually bothered showing some support and respect to the manager and players. Thankfully Arsene is going nowhere, and come 2014 when FFP kicks in, he will show you and the rest of the world who the greatest manager is.


  101. Guns of Hackney


    Okay – I get it…Yes, failure followed by hope, followed by more failure…

    shall we say 3-0 bayern…and because it’s so easy for them, they finish the game with 7 men as Heykes takes off 4 to save them for the return leg 😉

  102. Dev_Gooner

    I was so angry from my trip to the emirates on saturday, I refused to read anything arsenal related for the whole weekend. Nice to catch up on the blog! Bring on Bayern, my brother (who is a utd fan, is already relishing the prospect of Bayern ripping us to shreds). As a gooner, I wish we win, I hope we win, for our season’s sake more than anything else, But looking at it from a neutral position, I just cannot see that happening. The Bayern team sheet alone petrifies me! Ribery and Robben will terrorise whoever plays in that left back position. No recognised LB remember! I just hope the team turns up with the correct attitude and gives it a real go. The result don’t matter, as long as the effort and the pride is there!

    Fundamental issue is our fan base. I had a big argument on twitter on my 1.5hr journey back home from the match on Saturday. This person posted, “maybe wenger did not have the funds or targets to strengthen”. I gotta say, maybe the emotions of the disappointing journey back home got the better of me, but that post riled me up in a big way. I went back to him saying he did have the funds (as gazidis promised) and there were targets available, to that he asked me to name a few targets, which I happily did. David villa, fellaini, m’vila, m’biwa, to name a few that were reported in the window. Immediate response to some of those targets not being snapped was various reasons which I believe us as being a top club shouldn’t really be acceptable.

    If the selling club blocked us buying an unhappy player who clearly wanted to leave, then why didnt we have the same stand before selling our best players to rivals for footballing reasons? any ways, twitter’s character limit really limited my ability to make my point across but I somehow managed.

    All of sudden then comes a personal attack! This person, whoever he may be, automatically questions if I was a real fan or just one by name? Fuck me, This just boiled me over the edge! Just because I have an opinion that differs from the masses, I am a what these people would say “plastic fan”. Granted I may not be the longest serving fan in the history The Arsenal, but since the day I learned about the club’s existence, I have not had second thoughts about my decision to support Arsenal. I am a die hard gooner and will continue to support the club no matter what! How can he even dare question my loyalty to the club. All I have said is time is up for wenger. He’s had one too many chances to rectify the situation and he hasn’t done so. If Man Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or even spurs were in the same position as us, their manager would get questioned. Hell, Roberto Di Matteo won Chelsea their beloved Champions League and he still got sacked. If City don’t win the league this year, Mancini is surely a goner! How should Wenger’s position be any different? He’s the manager of a top club, 5th richest in the world, total control over all matters in the club, and failure to not succeed should be punished! Mind you I don’t want him sacked, that would be horrible against a man who has taken Arsenal where it is today! He’s achievements at the club don’t deserve him to be sacked. But there should be pressure from above saying if you dont win or succeed then there will be consequences! I hope he as enough dignity left in him to leave in the summer. I hope he realises that its time to move on. Time for someone new to come in and bleed the club with new and fresh ideas. Majority of our fans do not think this way. As soon as some one will say Wenger Out or something critising wenger, they are branded as traitors, idiots who don’t know what they are talking about, beaten up! fans need to get united and support one cause, CHANGE ! Whether its CHANGE in management, or CHANGE in policies, CHANGE is the key prospect of turning this tide of failure around!

    Time for Wenger to go I’m afraid.

  103. TitsMcgee

    Wenger is untouchable and HE KNOWS IT.

    That’s the only way he could go into that game having not won anything is almost a decade and put out a weakened squad saving the “others” for the UCL.

    Only way he can hoard the club’s money like it’s his own and blatantly sell off our best players in favor of cheaper ones.

    Talk about arrogance. He is THE BOSS at Arsenal and the boss doesn’t get fired.

    “Wenger is under no pressure from the club’s hierarchy. ”

    -per the Daily Mail

    Wow soon to be 9 years without winning ONE GODDAMN THING and he is under no pressure?

    This has to be the twilight zone.

  104. Ric

    KaneFebruary 18, 2013 12:27:36

    Very good point, I totally agree with you and I think the Wenger, Gazidis and Tom Fox’es off this world simply just don’t care, they know they’ll take a hit with the hardcore when selling off the RVPs of our lot. But hence all the lying and carefull PR manipulation ahead of renewals. Podolski last year for example, anyone that believe we had any intention of keeping hold of RVP, simply has not been here to watch these people operate over the last decade.
    As long as they are able to make the fans heroes look like criminals then it will always be an easy task to paint Wenger as the savior afterwards.

  105. TheOldGuard

    haha Guns of Hackney, i remember you saying that Van Persie should be sold as we had a better player in Bendtner.


    Kane,my father’s been a AFC supporter of almost 30 years..

    Season ticket holder..He’s gradually stopped going over the past 2 years..

    He’s had enough of Wenger..

    He used to be a staunch supporter,of Arsene,up til 2 seasons ago.

    Now he pursue’s other interest’s,like hunting the Keyser’s & Tom’s of the world,in shooting vermin on a Saturday afternoon,down on his country estate

    I gave up my ticket last season & I too enjoy my father’s pursuit’s on Saturday afternoon’s..

  107. Keyser

    “haha Guns of Hackney, i remember you saying that Van Persie should be sold as we had a better player in Bendtner.”

    Come on even buns isn’t that stoopid.

  108. unhappy gunner

    @the old guard….ffp is a bullshit smokescreen offered up by wanker and gazidis to excuse the fact they are fucking up and fans like you have brought into it. Trust me it will make no fucking difference whatsoever. And when it doesnt they will offer up another bullshit excuse which fans like you will blindly lap up.

  109. TheOldGuard

    unhappy – what excuses?

    lack of funds?
    cant compete with petro dollars and roubles?
    mercenary players who leave us or wont join us cos of an extra 50k elsewhere?

    dont sound like excuses, sounds more like FACT

  110. Guns of Hackney

    the old guard

    you have just fabricated that RVP story up! Even Keyser, knows that one was a step too far.

    Keyser – how you doing? Still loving Arsene? Silly man!

  111. Keyser

    “I too enjoy my father’s pursuit’s on Saturday afternoon’s..”

    He doesnt use real ammo when he chases you does he ?

  112. Joppa Road

    I repeat to the thick modern day Arsenal fans:

    We are not Red Army. We are Red & White Army. Apparently I’ve been told ‘Red Army’ is an Arsenal chant of some 20 years and nothing to do with Man United. Can’t make it up.

    Also you lazy fkers using COYG. Idiots. Why use a Spurs related acronym? Just don’t do it.


  113. Keyser

    Classic, and that ‘By far the greatest team in the world..’ bollocks..

    Used by Epping Forest Seniors club in 1832.

  114. TheOldGuard

    Classic, and that ‘By far the greatest team in the world..’ bollocks..

    yeh always makes you cringe when you hear people singing that

  115. unhappy gunner

    @the old guard, players will no longer join us as they know wengers lost the plot. As for no funds…4th highest wage bill. How many shite out on loan whos wages we are paying? What about shite he has signed….bender, flappy,almunia,squill, denilson, mannone, dj,park,santos,the forehead etc etc etc. Get them off the wage sheet and you can buy 2-3 genuine world class players, who will also generate x amount in merchandise. How many park, shitmakh shirts do you see at the emirates?