Arsenal £70m warchest is PR spin to get you to part with your cash… | Only hope for Bayern is complacency

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No time for moping, we’ve a massive game in the Champions League tomorrow night. We face Bayern Munich, arguably one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. They have an incredible defence and a blistering attack. If there was ever a time you wouldn’t want the visit of Bayern… it’d be this Tuesday after an embarrassing result against a bunch of Northern cloggers.

Football is a funny old game and Arsene is a funny old manager. The decline of Arsenal is a slow car crash, so don’t be surprised if something mega happens on Tuesday. Wenger is quite often down… but never out. If he turns in a win on Tuesday, no doubt half the fan base apoplectic with rage from the weekend will take a look at the scoreline and say… yeah, you know what, I was too hasty… maybe we’ll give him until the summer… we did beat Bayern at home.

Me? No way. Wenger is done as a top flight manager. You can always paint over the cracks, but for me, Arsene ran out of paint years ago and he’s trying to cover a mark on the wall the Russian asteroid made last week. The odd good result won’t convince me he’s capable of anything but the same over and over again. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t go into the Bayern game talking up a victory in my head.

We’ll have a full team of players to pick from and hopefully a group who are a little more energetic than they would have been had they had to exert themselves against Blackburn. We also have the added spice of a complacent Bayern. Running through the videos of Arsenal must be fun. Spot the strength would be a tougher task than digging out our weaknesses.

Arsene Wenger needs this win more than any other in his career, if he loses this one, who knows how badly our season might unravel. He also has the prospect of the three B’s knocking him out of the cups this year. Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern. It’s not relevant, but I’ve no doubt it’ll have some sort of historical relevance when The Sun spin it into something more compelling than I could.

I’d like to think he was playing to save his bacon, but despite the bookies slashing odds left right and centre, I have my doubts Arsenal will do anything decisive in the summer. Perhaps the only way that happens is if we drop out of Europe. Then it really will be a sorry old season. Wenger won’t have anyone to blame but himself… and if there was any doubt around the money he’s been allowed to have… perhaps this would be a good time to out Ivan.

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

The last few years of warchest documented…






February last year...


Yeah right...

The club have gone on PR overdrive this morning, The Telegraph is running with ‘£70million available to rebuild’ whilst the The Mirror says Wenger has finally lost it with his squad and he’ll look to ship out under performers.

Taking the first story on, what’s changed? What’s the difference between The Telegraph story and the ‘£40million to spend in January’ story just before Christmas? We had exactly the same run of stories this time last year when it was all going wrong. I think we’ve all grown accustomed to the nature of carefully placed stories of hope around the time Club Level tickets and season tickets are up for renewal. When it comes down to it, you have to face facts, the club tells lies to get you to part with your money. In the main they shouldn’t need to, but when it comes to Club Level, I can tell you one thing for certain… it’s not all Eton educated hedge fund managers… it’s people who work hard, love the club and want to spend a bit more to sit in a nicer area. That extra £1,500 a year it costs to sit there might start becoming a bit of a burden. The renewals started a month ago and I suspect the uptake has been low. Lots of people who have club level tickets also have normal season tickets. I know plenty who ditched club level for their cattle class tickets last year. The gaps around club level tell a story this year.

The Arsenal business model is built on success. When you’re successful or at least demonstrating you want to be successful, people will pay whatever. When Arsenal become a predictable chore, which, sadly it has over the past few years, spanking out £3,000 on a ticket in autere times becomes an increasingly difficult thing to justify. I’ll be renewing this season, I’ll always renew providing I’ve got a job or access to a pay day loan. I wouldn’t sign up to club level though… even if I had the money. I’d source a season ticket loan. If Arsenal want luxury money from me, they’ll have to pull their end of the deal and start showing some intent with that massive bank balance they have. Arsenal charge premium prices and expect to get away with out delivering on the premium expectations that are associated with that.

You know who else does that? BP. Premium fuel? Do me a favour. It’s not difference to the crap stuff.

Anyway, I feel the club is acting in a totally disrespectful way by planting stories like these. It raises false expectation and actually helps increase the disdain for the manager who we know never delivers on the pre-transfer window leaks. I’d probably be able to stomach a summer if the club just came out and said ‘look, we’re saving money for the 2017 fire sale in Europe. We have no intention of investing’. It’s the lies I can’t stand. We’re becoming more and more like a bank or a political party with each day that passes. Where is the class in that Arsenal? I appreciate people have targets and bonuses to earn, but… well… what can I say… this is big football… people are bonused on getting bums on seats and when the team put out isn’t good enough to do that on its own, you’ve got to resort to dirty tactics.

Right, that’s all I’ve got today. Enjoy your day and say no to anyone who offers you a warchest.

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  1. Keyser

    SDE – Seriously just look back up, Doublegooner left his e-mail, rather than calling yourself a cunt on here just write a few words down pop in a short one to him.

    Maybe leave a number or something.

    “We are just a bunch of c**t’s,hell bent on driving Arsene out”

    Ah, this is beautiful, Tom I salute you, RubberJohn you’re right mate, less than a few days and he’s got SDE to call himself a Cunt.

  2. Keyser

    Johnny5 – I think he needs a hand, help a breder out, I think he might want you to ask me about my girlfriend, wife, signifcant other, legal partner, live-in partner, or something.

    Maybe he wants to talk about his country estate or something..

    “my boyhood in Surrey, romping with my school chums in the fens and spinneys, where the twilight bathed the hedgerows like a lambent flame”

  3. Ric

    KeyserFebruary 18, 2013 21:53:01

    Stop being a cunt…

    My friend thinks Arteta’s movements indicate he has unsettled business with AW and that he seriously loathes him. What would you say about that?

  4. kwik fit

    Interesting post John but you hit the nail on the head with your statement ‘ Wenger hasn’t changed in the last 8 years’

    Stand still and fall behind just like Wenger

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger whilst shaving before his press conference:

    [looking in the mirror] Yeah. Huh? Huh? Huh? (I’m) faster than you, you fuckin’ son of a…I saw you comin’, you fuck, shit-heel. I’m standin’ here. You make the move. You make the move. It’s your move. [He draws his gun from his concealed forearm holster] Don’t try it, you fucker. You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me? [He turns around to look behind him] Well, who the hell else are you lookin’ at? You lookin’ at me? Well, I’m the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you’re lookin’ at? Oh yeah? Huh? OK. [He whipps out his gun again]

  6. Ric

    JohnFebruary 18, 2013 21:45:50

    If anyone needs lessons in hw to write nothing for very, very long. Call John.


  7. Keyser

    Ric – Mate, don’t be rude.

    Ask your “friend” how much worth he’d place on his own opinion and whether he’d need to know more about Arteta.

    This could be an interesting subject, don’t be a mong and spoil it now.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I hope we lose tomorrow so you can all be happy.’

    Arsene Wenger to the press.

    What a Grade A Dick he has become. Petulant, arrogant, deluded, stubborn and past it.

  9. Ric

    KeyserFebruary 18, 2013 22:07:19

    Oki doki Der Kayz

    He’s convinced me to put some money on Bayern at least…

    My honest oppinion is that the team has a tendency to roar back into action after really sore defeats no matter who the opposition is. But I can’t see Wenger pulling a rabbit out of a hat for this one, and I’m having trouble seeing Arteta inspire a toddler right now so…


    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 16:52:57
    Lol we could probably go out of the Champions League and still not get 4th.

    Arteta is literally the most pointless player in our history.

    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 16:57:17
    Arteta shouldn’t be playing at all, if you look closely he probably flickers in and out of focus with pixels missing.

    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 17:22:15
    Arteta would be a problem if people can check to see if he exists,.Maybe you can quote some stats, 87% pass completion or something, or he runs 11.3 km in the warm-up.

    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 17:27:22’s head could finally explode and produce something more substantial than Arteta.

    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 17:37:14
    incesc – Arteta is the reason Wenger should be sacked he sums up everything about the clubs motivation, 5 years ago we used to have discussions on here where we’d say Arteta isn’t good enough to play for us, what do we do, get in a panic and buy him 3-4 years later.
    KeyserFebruary 16, 2013 18:18:36
    Paulinho – There’s no lecture, there’s you creaming yourself over Arteta without being able to describe what he does. Would he fail the audition, could they fashion a bobsled out of his carcass so he can feel like he’s apart of it all.


    Now schizo,you continuously slag off Arteta,which you have every right to do,as a freeloading armchair of a bum fan…

    He contributes to the UK tax System..Pay’s he taxe’s,pay’s he way.Probably contribute’s more in his taxe’s,than you have ever earned in your lifetime..
    That’s assuming,you ever worked in the first place..!!
    By your account’s,you’ve said you don’t work..

    Where as, you come on here slander& rip’s to piece’s AFC tax paying fan’s to boot,that are in disagreement with you..

    My question,is what is your contribution to the UK Democratic System?

    To rip,people to pisses…?

  11. SpanishDave

    Tomorrow night it could be all over. Wenger is clutching at staws.
    He has gambled and lost he could have bowed out years ago and he would have been a legend. He has now lost that chance forever.
    He can never get back his past glories he is done. Le boss is finished sad but true

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Neil Ashton: ‘Yes as long as Wenger gets fourth he keeps his job because as long as he gets there everyone at Arsenal get’s paid.’

    Finally Journalists are saying what most on here have been for years.

    Don’t think at all it’ll suddenly make Arsene, Ivan and Stan fall on their swords but might start waking up some of the deluded masses who still think Wenger is going to spend £100 Million in the summer and win the UCL!!!

  13. Incesc

    Cesc appeal

    Did wenger say that about hoping we lose?

    Been busy all day but just read that he laid into a journo for asking about bayern in a press conference about the bayern game lol

  14. Keyser

    “Where as, you come on here slander& rip’s to piece’s AFC tax paying fan’s to boot,that are in disagreement with you..”

    Wenger earns 7.5 million a year…

    Lol seriously this is soo easy, that I almost pity the effort you’ve gone to.

    What gives me the right ? The same right..

    The thing is maybe Ric and his “friend” should have your twithcing, tick addled face on webcam, because I don’t even want to call you stoopid now, because I’m in actualy fear for your wellbeing.

    “My question,is what is your contribution to the UK Democratic System?”

    The same as you, a Vote. Who did you choose.

  15. Johnny5


    The first 8 years wenger was hungry had fresh ideas and had ambition and he/his team were good at spotting and developing talent.. Now all he has is outdated ideas no ambition (4th doesn’t count as ambition) is shockingly bad at finding developing and retaining talent. In fact all he has is an empty trophy cabinet and a tear stained mattress left over from project youth ( or one of the biggest paedo rings in Europe as its known to some).

  16. Hitman

    Today was Wenger’s Ceausescu moment. Everybody loves me, how dare you criticise me, dont you know who I am….?

    Its only a matter of time before the bullets rain in. All dictators deserve to go in ignomony. Any goodwill for Wenger went ages a go.
    Too many lies, too much contempt for the fans, too much personal greed.
    No longer a man you can trust.
    His wife certainly doesnt. Why should we?

  17. Johnny5

    God they just showed a bit of the press conference on the news. The more you see it the more it looks like he’s gone fucking nuts. Even the news reader looked like he was having a hard time not laughing his arse off.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    All Ivan, Stan and Wenger care about is profit…we all know that.

    UCL money every year, sell a star, noce binuses for everyone without the risk that comes with actually competing for anything.

    They’ve stripped the squad for profit to try and find a level where they have no egos to deal with, no interest from the big clubs and no pressure to win but still can scrape into fourth.

    But they’ve gone too far and Spurs have pounced, unluckily for us Spurs find themselves with one of the best players in the Premiership who can SINGLE HANDEDLY win games.

    In the next few weeks our season could literally be over.

    Lose to Munich (a given).
    Lose to Spurs (easily possible)
    Lose to Everton (why not)

    Goodbye Fourth.

    We don’t have RVP to save us this year.

    Next three prem games, Villa (H), Spurs (A), Everton (H)

    I’m going:

    D, L, L and I think we have Swansea away after that quite possibly?

    Hell, any game is tough for us now.

    I wouldn’t describe JW as a match winner, not yet.

    Theo needs people behind him to play well.
    Cazorla can go missing easily, or marked out of a match.
    Giroud, definitely not.
    Podolski, thoroughly average.

    Big, BIG trouble

  19. kwik fit

    So Wenger’s’ madness’ has made it onto the national news. It will probably be shown on CNN later. ‘ Are you looking at Me?’
    Funny if it wasn’t so sad.



    A democratic vote,without one penny paid by you into the tax system..

    But you feel ,you have the overwhelming self-entitlement to slag off taxpaying fan’s,in disagreement with you..

    I’ve noticed,you neither deny that you don’t work,as it’s on record & in the archives..

    You spend all day,all night chasing,targeting poster’s that are not aligned with your sentiment’s..

    You have no ball’s,no courage to stake your claim in the outer,bigger world..

    But are happy to stir the pot,much to your delight..It provide’s a source of comfort& happiness for you..

    Were you to contribute to society,your stance,I believe would be somewhat tempered,with reality & objective..

    That is something,we have yet to see..!!

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Yes he did.

    He was a total knob today.

    Utterly embarrassing to hear all the reporters bemused tacking the piss out of him….but WORSE Arsenal

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Tony Adams.

    Those calling for more spending on the current team will be interested to learn how highly Adams rated Fiszman’s contribution. “I think that a significant factor, 90 per cent, in why we achieved so much is that Danny Fiszman invested £50m in the club and we were able to go to the next level,” he said. “I got my first decent contract at the club, so did David Seaman, we were able to bring in Dennis Bergkamp – and that was before Arsène arrived – David Platt, Patrick Vieira, Nicolas Anelka, and were able to pay them – top players from around the world”.


    Okay when we had a sugar daddy but when others got one wenger threw his toys out of the pram.

  23. Toli83

    To be fair I don’t think the media will let go of this now, why would they…. He really is biting.

    They’ve got a story which is been supported by the majority of the fans with the crisis exposé. Ex players, celebrity fans and journalists are calling for his head. Only time close to this I remember was after the imfamous drubbing at Old Trafford. I hope the sun don’t take him down to the Graham Taylor levels for his sake…

    Ill be in the gunners pub if any grovers are there before KO,

  24. Jeff

    Here’s some more BS from the master. I like the way he says “we have lost our best players” as though someone came and took them without asking. You sold them Arsene – you sold them to the highest bidder instead of paying them the going rate and adding more in their calibre to give them the impetus to stay and win things. All you’ve done is collected a bunch of pitiful players, put them on high wages and now they are good for nothing. Whose fault is it that we lost our best players?

  25. Incesc

    Get lost SDE

    Why did you change your name? Just to stalk keyser?

    Thought you were giving up watching football for gymnastics

  26. andy1886

    “So far Ive been called this guy, who ever he is,
    Tony Attwood
    Lofty from Eastenders
    Arsene Wenger
    A cunt
    Really Im Lord Lucan”

    No, number 5 on your list. No doubt about it.

  27. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Tom always disappears at about 10. When his mum puts him to bed and takes the crayons off him, ready for a busy day at the special needs centre.

    His teacher says he will have the reading age of a 5 year old!

    Shouldn’t let him near a computer though…

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Yep, hugely embarrassing for the club and us fans.

    He really is getting the old person siege mentality now. They are all against me. The modern world is trying to crush me. The Journo’s have a vendetta against me….how do i work this fucking microwave?!!!

    My brother is a Yid, and even he looked at him today and said ‘he looks old and sick, very ill. For his own good I think someone should sack him.’

    He’s right, Wenger looks like a paranoid schizophrenic now, he looks medically ill.

  29. Keyser

    SDE – So basically the more money you pay tax wise, the more weight your opinion carries ? The sheer stupidity of this is mind boggling.

    I can’t even be arsed to continue now, you’re an idiot.

  30. andy1886

    I heard that Arsene comes round to do his misses at 10, regular as clockwork. Tom sits at the end of the bed breaking his wrist and dribbling….

  31. Dannyboy

    “If I listen to your questions, we are not favourites but I trust our quality, our spirit and our mental strength.”

    I think we can conclude that wenger definitely reads Le Grove…



    You have no answer.Let’s just leave it at that..

    You have all the answer’s for what the club’s plight has been..

    You have all the answer’s for slagging off AFC Season Tax Paying fan’s in disagreement with you..

    You have all the answer’s for why Arteta,who is on £ 60k p.w,contributing to society,should leave,or is completely pointless player..Dissecting all his position’s& the player’s around him..

    You have all the answer’s for why Oligarch’s with the billionaires have shaped the game & thus thwarted our competition for trophies..

    But you have yet to come up,with a single tangible argument,as to what your contribution is too society, you jobless 24/7 bum..

    I salute you…

    You have more ball’s than Arsene..

    At least he goes to work..

    What is your occupation..?

    Terrorising poster’s on here,for self-satisfaction?

    I suspect Tom,has a job,maybe he’s obtuse opinion’s count’s more than yours..?

    Maybe it doesn’t…?!!

    But what’s your contribution to society 24/7 bum?

    Did not hear it,the first time around from you..?

  33. Alex James

    For all the cloggy’s efforts last year, the real saviours were Spurs imploding and the WBA keeper doing a Flappianski in the lazy game. That’s how bad we were in the last camaign as well.

  34. Keyser

    See that’s it, that’s how weak, and feeble minded you are, soo insecure in the merits of your own arguments that you resort to childish retorts like that.

    If I say I work, would you stop there ? Or would you ask where ? Haha and on it’d go.

    Anything to mask the rank stupidity of your own contribution to this blog.

  35. Incesc

    I’m on wengers side here

    AW: I don’t take that personally. I’m more worried about the players. I will go into the Champions League tomorrow night in a difficult situation. On top of that, they have to fight against everybody and I want to protect the players to make sure they go into the game in good conditions.

    Q: You seem angry?

    AW: I’m angry because when you give wrong information like that … there’s not only wrong information behind that. See what I mean?

    Q: It’s aimed to hurt you?

    AW: The lie is targeted to hurt. It’s easy to say people are not happy and on top of that say he’s extending the contract. That’s what I mean. I’ve worked here for 16 years and when I say I deserve more credit, that’s not about respect and everybody saying: ‘He’s doing well.’ It is morally. I think that’s right. You can criticise me and say I’m a bad manager. I’d never come back to you on that. But I think when you work like that … you will never find any story behind me that I’ve taken money anywhere, or things like that. So I think morally that is wrong.

    Fuck the sun

  36. AA23

    Vix affair
    Some top posts today.
    You show a lot of quality considering that you were raised by a snivelling coward of a father.
    Good work on breaking the pattern.


    Alex James

    Come squeaky bum time,it will be very interesting to see where we finish..?

    What Arsene,has on the pile of terd beneath us..Is the experience of finishing within a top 4 place..
    That is our mainstay competition..
    So he will,somehow find a way to rally the “Queenie Troops”..

    I’m certain we will beat Spurs-3 point’s there..
    We will bomb out of the CL against BM,drop some point’s & then the cycle begin’s again..Lauding top 4 as an achievement..

    Fuck,we should be a political party..!!

  38. Keyser

    He’s just a bit desperate really.

    You seen ‘once upon a time in Anatolia’ ? Also Argo’s supposed to be excellant.


    Not really you are just a jobless bum,quite simple..

    Yet to define your existence &contribution to society?

    You just sit here 24/7 slagging all & sundry,in opposition to your views

    But what the fuck do you do,apart from rock up to a ballot booth & tick a box,too exercise your democratic right/vote,every 4 years..?

  40. AA23

    Vix Affair
    Is that your name because your mum had an affair with a guy named Vic?
    I don’t blame her considering what you told us about your dad.
    The earthquake line was awful as well. It doesn’t even make sense, then again I’ve always said you were a thick cunt SDE and my mate Keyser proves it every single night.
    You “terd”

  41. Keyser

    “Yet to define your existence &contribution to society?”

    Why do I have to define it ? Firstly it won’t make your opinion anymore worthwhile and Secondly why would it be a requisite for commenting on football ? At what point in my sad existence would I put ‘blog commentator’ as a contribution to Society ?

  42. AA23

    SDE was a proper wanker.
    I doubt this Vix affair is the same poster as he can’t stand up to Keyser. SDE couldn’t either but he tried a bit harder.

  43. Keyser

    Come on it isn’t saying much if they couldn’t stand up to me, I’m under 5ft as it is.

    I think it’s the other way around SDE was alright, this VIX vapour rub bloke’s a bit of a twat.

    But that’s what Le Groves about, different opinions.

  44. Ric

    I swear two of you guys have two accounts and are slagging eacother off from both of them… I’m sure Pedro is thrilled.

  45. AA23

    I rarely talk football or arsenal on here anymore as I’m earning too much money and having too much fun in real life to give a shit about such silliness.
    But seeing Arsene lose his rag at the journalists made me smile.
    I remember when he had a bit of fight in him and I’ll watch the game tomorrow just to see if we stand up to them.
    I think we will be up for it.


    AA23February 19, 2013 00:10:23
    Vix Affair
    Is that your name because your mum had an affair with a guy named Vic?
    I don’t blame her considering what you told us about your dad.

    Since you want to go down the mum line…

    Sorry I have to lower the benchmark,for you lowly plebes…

    But I heard your mum,auditioned for a Hardcore Gangbang Porno Movie with 200 men..

    She failed the audition after 100 takes..

    Wasn’t up to the job…
    Your mother could not cut it..
    Failed miserably…

    & this was before you were born..

    Question now is- who is your father..?

    You absolute & complete bastard..!!

  47. Dannyboy

    Keyser, did you watch the whole interview, the journalist did nothing wrong really, someone asked a question and he bit there head off shouting ‘why do you look at me?!’

    was actually quite cringeworthy and more than a little bit disturbing…

  48. AA23

    You are quality mate. People even having to change their names to try and get to you. I love watching you beat up the whole blog on your own.
    Keep it up, it’s good for the soul.
    Your old mate


    I think we will be up for it.

    Your mother certainly will be up for it,come win,draw,or lose…

    She will be in the changing room’s looking to score in her own personal way..
    So as to keep you in luxury mate…!!
    The Squad,The Manager,The Coaching Stuff..
    You know the High Earner’s…!!
    Nothing but the best for AA23!!

    Since your father remains anonymous..

  50. AA23

    You can tell Vix affair is SDE because of the terrible quality of the posting.
    Thickest man ever.
    I’m off now. Money to make in my sleep, people’s daughters, wives and mums to shag etc.


    AA23February 19, 2013 00:52:47

    I’m off now. Money to make in my sleep, people’s daughters, wives and mums to shag etc..

    Says it all really..

    Bastard by name,Bastard by nature..

    Who is your Father?

  52. Keyser

    Fuck it, it’s only a blog, it’s all I have, I remember you turning up randomly in the early morn freaking out Ethan and the likes, those were the days.

    “I’m off now. Money to make in my sleep, people’,s daughters, wives and mums to shag etc.”

    To be honest, if it mean’t people posted a lot less, but were all the better off for it, I’d be happy for you/ them. Have a good one mate.

    Bayern might tear us apart, we might nad a draw, might even win, we can all dream.

  53. Honest Bill

    Arsene knows the press are trying to assassinate him, but he is only getting angry because the pressure is on him and he knows it. His good standing with the fans is all but gone.

    He also know that the squad isn’t good enough to turn it around.

    He knows that the board are backing him for as long as they possibly can, but they will soon be putting his head on the chopping block.

    Arsene knows alright..

    After all this though, the fans will be the real losers. A new manager will be appointed and the usual excuses will come out

    He needs time to implement his own ideas,
    ‘Revolving door’ managers never work etc..

    All to get as much time as possible to milk the cow and not to spend

    And the fans will do nothing about it because we, like all football fans, are completely brainwashed in to thinking that supporting their team isn’t completely fucking stupid..

    They will continue to manipulate us with statements like “remember who you are and who you represent” and wheel out old club heroes to talk about “The Arsenal way” and we’ll do nothing except keep giving them our money and pretending that we’re somehow more noble than the ‘glory hunter’ supporters of far superior teams.

    We will be that old cunt banging on about ‘history’

    before you know it, we’re the scousers…

  54. jeffozgooner

    Leeds ,WHU ,Ipswich ,Valencia does anybody remember those bleak times when we got our arses kicked and hearts broken. 43 years I have been following the gunners through some very bleak periods.

    Interspersed with this we have had our glory moments too when we have cried for much better reasons Anfield (thank you George)is a moment that never ceases to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

    I fear that we are now in another period of darkness with not much light in store for us. AW has provided us with more good times than any other manager but it may be time to say thanks and let him move on with the dignity that he deserves but which is eluding him at the moment. He burns for us in a different way he believes in his ways and genuinly wants what is best for us in his mind.

    I just think he is now confused and his long term plan has not worked. He has exceptional skills in many areas I do not think that match tactics are one of these and this is his and our downfall combined with a stubborness born out of early success when we had our golden period.

    Some less than adequate replacements in the ttransfer market combined with a board satisfied with adequacy has not helped AW.

    To all the AW haters (at times I can feel your pain) just remember that soon he shall be gone and be gracious enough to remember him as a person who put us in the world eye where we never were before no matter how good we think we were.

    Support him while he is here and hope that it wont be for much longer for he does not desrve the inane and spurslike hatred that some of you are aiming at him.

    we will not qualify against BM andthis should not be your opportunity to again look for the rope, Dont kid yourself that Moyes or laudrup will enter on a white steed and make all well becuse our problems run much deeper that repalcing AW.

    I hope I am wrong about our plight I would love to be completely and utterly wrong and i might be, the boys might even work a miracle with BM

    Live in hope, This Arsenal thing is in our blood and passed on to our kids ( almost a form of child abuse I know) but whay can you do


  55. marcus

    For anyone still wondering why RvP left the shit storm that Arsene has created then just consider this. Arsenal are now (as of 17 february) out of all competitions, Man Utd are still contenders for all three major trophies.

    Football is not about sentimentality, it’s about winning trophies.

    Wenger OUT!

  56. unhappy gunner

    Well said Marcus. Its one of the reasons that i believe if wenger is given another 2 years then we might as well enjoy JW for another year or so, but he will then seek trophies elsewhere. Jeffozgooner your right as well, im a massive wenger out these days but i also believe nothing will change until both the board and wenger fuck off. The fact that the board is happy to go along with wenger, who truly looks an ill man, proves to me that they are just as bad as him. The reason moyes name has been bandied about is because he is used to working with restrictions as well and this is the kind of manager the board like. No disrespect to moyes but FFS we are the Arsenal and should be looking at the peps, mourinho ancelottis of the world.

  57. marcus

    I hate the board just as much as the next guy, but the reason I focus my anger on Wenger is that he is an enabler. If the restrictions are put in place by the board then Wenger should have stood up on day one and said “fuck off, I wont work under these conditions”. Instead, he plays along, lies to the fans, wins fuck all, and cashes in 7.5m pa.

  58. marcus

    For example. Heynecks on Bayerns two (!!) year trophie drought. (Which includes one CL final..)

    “Two years at Bayern Munich without a title – you have to do something about that. This season we’ve changed a few things around. We’ve improved in defence and our switching of the play,” he added.

    “What is very important for me is that all players have learned they must defend and attack. The players have the motivation. They have a hunger for success. That is an important factor for us moving forward.”

  59. jeffozgooner

    Unhappy Gunner

    I too would like a Pep or Mourinho but they would fail at Arsenal as they need to spend bucket loads of cash on players that willsit on the bench and be bit players. We ae not there yet and i dont think we will be for q long time can you really see us competing with the lies of MU Chelski and Man city in the money stakes, we do not have that mentality and never have we are the team that buys a big player once in a blue moon and then expects himto carry the load.

    The above teams buys 4 or 5 of these players and supports with the sort of player we pay Arsenal Money for. This makes the manager like Pep and Mourinho look good they will never mange Arsenal and would struggle to perform as Moyes has at Everton or even managers at the lower levels of epl.

    They are big spending high profile managers but give them a squad like Wigan or Swansea they willdo no bertter than the mangers in place. Its the players that make the difference and the willingness of a club to buy them. This is why we are in strife because we will not spend AW is the perfect fit for our board as his hobby and passion is to make us great withi a meagre budget. Unfortunately its not working any more.

    the problem are deep rooted business issues and we are the humble supporters who have expectations of greatness but no control over the mangement of the club. I have no doubt that these people who care not about making Arsenal great again are already plotting the sale of Wiltshire because it makes great business sense.

    Yes its probably time for AW to go but I am not convinced that if he went tomorrow that this blog would be a less gloomy place this time next year.

    Bayern tonight 2-1 Gunners !-! in Germay then we beat whoever in next game and get into final. Anyway back to the wine I am jealous that all you can watch this game at a normal time for me its 3am kick off and Ive tried taping it but the Arsenal Clock kicks in and I wake minutes before the game as i have said before its a disease this Arsenal thing but who would change

    COYG get stuck in

  60. Pedro

    Guys, treat Tom with a bit of respect… disagree with him if you want, but calling him names is childish and not what the site is all about.

  61. Pedro

    Tom, you seriously think the only time we get shown up tactically during a season is when Ferguson comes to play?

    Wow… you really aren’t paying attention.

  62. AC Gooner

    my goodness, 699 posts this early in the morning. I guess everyone has said it all already.

    “who has less confidence than the boy who wet himself at a school play”.

    At least something to chuckle about.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    The starting point of any discussion is who takes responsibility when matters
    go wrong.

    First is the senior shareholder who is in control of the club. The question to be
    asked is what is Kroenke’s knowledge of football and what is his ambition for the club. On current evidence very little. He has made an investment in shares. He has made absolutely no investment in the club or team.

    Second I look at the Board . All I see here is a group of septuagenarians who preen themselves about the business plan and club’sprofitability and seem self satisfied that we qualify for Champions League, but contribute nothing else.
    Ambition and trophies seem to be a dirty word.

    Then I look at the CEO. All he seems interested in is making a profit and in
    recent years that means to a large extent selling our best players and allowing
    Wenger to buy low cost inferior replacements. Our performance level is not
    particularly impressive when you see the sponsorship packages achieved by the likes of Bayern,Real Madrid,Barcelona and Man Utd.

    Then I look at Wenger and his philosophy. He has allowed the Board to sell
    his best players without any real fight. He has bought in recent years a lot of
    donkies who may look okay on paper, but when they play on the field are totally inadequate as we have seen both on Saturday and yesterday.

    The reality is that he is well past his sell by date. Playing teams who do not defend properly, lack concentration, are physically and mentally weak are not
    going to win titles or trophies.

    Clubs like Bayern, Barcelona and Man Utd are successful, because their best
    players do not want to leave their clubs and when they buy players they do so
    selectively and are willing to pay the right transfer fees and wages.

    Arsenal has set a transfer and wage cap, but more importantly Wenger has
    rather like the current French Socialist Government adopted an egalitarian
    approach to wages. A very average player can earn at Arsenal £50,000 per
    week. It is hardly surprising therefore that we find it so difficult to offload our
    dross. Noone else pays wages to such players.

    The club needs to make a serious cull of its playing staff. Fabianski,Squillaci,
    Frimpong and Arshavin are at end of contracts in summer and must be offloaded. Diaby,Rosicky,Ramsey,Gervinho,Santos,Djourou,Denilson,Chamakh,
    Bendtner and Park need also to be offloaded. That is 14 players who are not
    up to scratch.

    We need to bring into the squad players who are not just good footballers, but
    also physically and mentally tough and will fight for the cause. At the moment
    there are very few who demonstrate those qualities

    Above all the people who run the club need to understand that first and foremost Arsenal is a football club with a strong tradition which includes winning