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FA Cup day has landed and we face a Championship iteration of Blackburn. Everyone talks about the romance of the cup… well, if today is romance, it’s the Oscar Pistorius version of it. It’ll be a tough ninety minutes for the fans if anything. Hopefully Arsene’s boys will come out of the traps and make it an easy viewing type of day.

We need to win the match, a draw is bad for the legs and bad for morale. Hopefully we’ll have a strong bench if we don’t have a strong starting line up. I hope the manager has the guts to change the side up if it’s not delivering after 60 minutes because once Blackburn are into the last half an hour you can be pretty sure they’ll be sniffing out that replay and it’ll be park the bus time.

Wenger has been talking about British players to the press. The first one is Bale, current darling of the British press and  a lot of Arsenal fans which has me scratching my head. Anyway, Wenger took time out to remind people that comparisons to Messi are really wide of the mark…

“Bale has the potential to develop and become the players that you compare him to. However, Messi has won two or three Champions League, a few championships, scored 95 goals in a year, so let’s not go too quick. You are always very quick here, but let’s slow down a little bit,”

Damn straight Arsene. Bale is a talent, no doubt. He’s hugely athletic, he’s powerful, he has great skill on the ground and he’s a bit special from a dead ball. However, he’s just a very good player. He’s not on the level of the super elite. He’s just fast and direct. Sure he might go on to become world class… but I don’t think he’s there yet. Theo Walcott has better stats than him this year for goals and assists. Bale, for all his wonderment and incredible press doesn’t really deliver when you look at what he achieves each year. I mean last year was ok, this year he’s been ok… but we’re not talking Christiano here.

No one is comparing Theo to Messi… yet he has one more goal than Bale and he has 4 more assists in a team that has massively under performed this year. I’m not saying he deserves Messi comparisons… but if Bale does, then so does Theo. I’ll be the first to make the comparison.

Have you ever noticed Theo is a bit like Messi? No? Me neither, just thought I’d put it out there.

The topic of English players didn’t stop there… he went on to talk about ignored British talent.

“When you look at his record it is quite impressive.

“Let’s not forget that English football has also forgotten people like Rickie Lambert at Southampton, for example.

“You wonder today what kind of career this boy [Rhodes], would have had if he had gone to a big club at 18 or 19.

He has a point, young English players don’t come with the same polished technical ability the foreign boys do, but there’s always this assumption you can’t learn on the job. If you have the raw ingredients and a bucket load of willpower, you can achieve what you want. Wenger tends to give his time to foreign players, but pushes out the English guys. Kyle Bartley was a player he didn’t deem good enough, he was out on his arse at the first sniff of money without so much as a hint of a 10 game run. Other upstarts complain about a lack of action and they’re in the team…

There’s a snobbery in the Premiership, even from English managers when it comes to the English. Maybe we’re trouble, maybe the glamour of a foreign buy is more appealing… maybe we just ask for too much dollar. Whatever it is, I’m going to petition the government to make it stop. More English players at every team please. Perhaps we could have a quota system or something?

Today could see a fruity line  up. Hector Bellerin could slip in at full back and we might be in for a treat….

AFRICA’S GREATEST PLAYER is sure to make an appearance. He’s going to dazzle us with a marvellous display of balance, power and deadly finishing. I for one can’t wait. Outside that, it could be all look pretty depleted. Rambo should play some role in the game, I’m sure we’ll see the Ox… outside that, I have no idea. As long as we have ammo on the bench, I’m cool with whatever the starting 11 is.

Have a great day people, see you down there!



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  1. ikon

    Not scoring against Blackburn and hoping to score against one of the most miserly defense in Europe.. oh wait, they might just be the most miserly.

  2. Simon mcmahon

    The attitude of the squad is the managers fault , simple ,any fool can see that no one gets a bollocking or is made to feel responsible for any mistakes ,they don’t give a fuck. Look at the way the players arrive for games looking like chavs in track suits , where are club suits shirts and ties, not like we can’t afford them is it, Steve wonder can see we don’t practice any defensive or forward tactics on set pieces , when we get a corner we might as well kick the ball out for a throw in. Wenger is a busted flush, while I think the style of football under moye would change under moyes the attitude of the squad would change for the better . Players would show more heart like jack than the dung beetle. Wenger out!!!

  3. kwik fit

    The day after the night before and it still hurts like fuck.
    An FA cup quarter final draw later which includes the likes of Barnsley, Blackburn and Millwall. We had a dog easy draw and we fucked it up.

  4. goonerboy

    A holding pattern? No. You need to look more critically. We have conceded more goals every year for the past 5 years. We are scoring goals-lots against very low ranking teams- very few against the top 3 (1 goal in 5 games). Against top defenders quality matters and we dont have remotely enough of it. That may be as a result of the poorer players than we previously had but the biggest cause is the fact that the Wenger’s style of play is so easily contained- even by lower division teams.

    We have been kicked out of both domestic cups by opposition from lower divisions. A couple of years ago that simply would not have happened. We are an erratic mid table side when all key players are fit. What are we when they are not? I hate to think.
    It is extremely kind to describe Arsene Wenger as an idealist – the man who brought Nelson Vivas, Igor Stephanovs amongst many others who are not very good exponents of football.
    Even so idealism is a massive weakness in the pragmatic world of top level pro football.
    Two pieces of advice- dont be so afraid of change and and try to realise what it will take for this club to be at the top level again- remember the club charges top level prices, claims it has top level intentions then continually puts out non- competitive teams filled with players who are not good enough- who have one thing in common- they were cheap.

  5. kwik fit

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
    It’s not Wenger FC, it’s Arsenal FC. He gave us great service for a long time and deserves our respect & thanks. But it’s over.

    So true Piers

  6. TOLI83

    Kwik fit imagine if Blackburn draw Barnsley at home next round, an extra kick in the balls to show us (as Jim Bullen used to say) what we could have won…

    The facts:

    21 points behind first place
    Knocked out by Bradford
    Knocked out by Blackburn…

    Yet i’m worried the worst is still to come…

  7. kwik fit


    I think that draw will happen.
    Worst is still to come because Wenger has lost the ability to install confidence in the players. The players go on the pitch with fear of defeat in their minds. Hence all the missed chances and the keystone cop defending. No way back I’m afraid

  8. TOLI83

    Both games we could have took an early lead if our £11.8million superstar had converted routine chances…

    My view on it getting worse is Bayern pissing all over us and our league form continueing in the same erratic fashion…

    The players must look at their manager not winning a trophy in 8 years and leading them to defeats to shit opposition and question his judgement, which as you rightly point out is having a huge affect.

    I love the club so much but this feeling of losing and disappointment is becoming like just another day which is wrong.

  9. Arsenalone

    Tolie 83

    Worst is still to come,we have to play the retards down the road,we will probley get imbarresed,

    Arsenal 1. Bayern 3

    Bayern 4 arsenal 1

    Spastics 3 arsenal 0

    Mr Wenger will leave

  10. lordsnotty

    As I predicted yesterday we came to grief…. Ladbrokes were offering something like 8-1, if only I had taken them up on it. The time has surely come now for the senile Frenchman to fall on his sword, out of respect for the history of this great football club, and for its millions of fans across the world. How much worse do things have to get? The guy should have done the honourable thing at 5 pm yesterday, when he came out of the dressing room to face the press… I was hoping he was at least man of honour if nothing else. Clearly I was wrong. All he is interested is collecting his fat pay cheque nothing else matters to him. £7 million a year for 8 years of failure. Obscene! WENGER WENGER WENGER – OUT OUT OUT!!!

  11. Ric

    WTF!!!! Is this Valdes BS true?????

    IF it is thats by far the greatest waist of money discussed under Wengers tenure.

    As a keeper I can say Valdes is so totally not the reason why Barca has been able to do what they do. Schwarzer was a better choice than Valdes FFS!!! It doesn’t take the worlds best keeper to look good in a barca shirt! Fucking morons.

  12. Ric

    I can seriously not understate the Almunianess of Valdes, those of you that have not seen it, please stay out of this becuase you obviously know shit’all about Goalkeeping. But only Arsene could possibly be dumb enough to think Valdes is a good keeper.

  13. WENGER: Old French lover. All kissing and no penetration

    Ahh Wenger the old French lover. All kisses and no penetration.
    Yes I know Championship sides have quality and backbone and teams should never be under-estimated and all that. But honestly Arsenal should have won this game easily 3-0. Can’t see any other top four team losing this match. So Birmingham, Bradford, Blackburn. Why should I be surprised? The writing is on the wall. It is us stupid fans who need to believe, dream and hope that Arsenal will play football and not beach soccer with a beach-ball. Arsenal is a prostitute but we cannot see that. Then you get the well-oiled PR machine that controls Wenger’s mouth and we forget out girlfriend is a hooker.
    Yes Wenger has other strengths. Especially when he had players like Dixon Winterburn Keown Adams, Pires, Bergkamp, Viera and Henry. So his strengths belong to the great players and teams he was fortunate to have. We must bring down this Wenger demagoguery. Wenger just let’s them play. He has made so much money from Arsenal. The players make the team not the coach. Do you really think that you yourself could not have managed this team today against Blackburn? Please. Just tell them to pass the ball along the ground in pretty moving triangles and defend on masse.
    His weaknesses? How many times do we play against teams that park the bus? How many times do players put in a sterile performance? Over and over again. His tactical substitutions are abysmal. Here is his great failure. The team had no drive, leadership and balance. The substitutions were easy today. Take Giroud off. He did not touch the ball. replace him with Walcott. Walcott wants to play there and his movement and pace would have upset the defensive structure of BR. Take off Diaby. He is on drugs again. And replace him with Jack. Rosciky had the form to play some one twos with Jack and Theo. That should have been done in the 50th minute if Arsenal had not started and remained in fifth gear. Towards the end you may have put Santi on. After all Jack and Santi play a very similar game. While Gervinho is hopeless and missed his chance he still created some havoc on the left and the same goes for AOC. They were no-where as ineffectual as Giroud and Diaby. Why wasn’t Giroud that got the through ball from Rosicky instead of Gervinho? By the way where is Vela and Miyachi? How about Gnabry or Eisfeld. At least something different! Was Diaby playing a holding role with Arteta against a team that parked the bus. Where are the one-two-threes’ on the edge of the box with players running into the box to drag and move defenders away? At least Roscicky, AOC, Theo, Jack, are much better than the rest in playing and unlocking deep lying defences. While my substitutions seem like a tactical answer it was those three, Jack, Santi and Theo that can at least play some fantasy stuff. In fact what you do against a team that has five players in front of the keeper and four more in front of them is to play with three strikers. This, as mentioned with Theo above, at least puts three players in the mix and places pressure on the back five. The other 7 players should be good enough to deal with five coming out in a counter attack. Otherwise we go to the pitiful displays of the last 8 years where the Arsenal full backs put a cross into the box but it invariably goes into row Z. And if they ever have got a cross in there was nobody there to latch onto it. So if no player is making a run into the box how do you get players in the five yard box upsetting the defence, picking up on a mistake, deflecting a ball or causing havoc if you do not play with three up front. So according to yesterday’ team you would have Theo, AOC and Gervinho playing in the five yard box. All we saw yesterday was five brave blue shirts creating a castle fortress on the five yard line and no red shirt to be seen.
    Wenger’s strengths are those of a CEO. His weaknesses were there to see today and in fact have been there to see for the last 8 years. Yes play your style of football but what we have seen lately is far from the fantasy football that was his brand. Yes I understand a system should trump any tactical initiatives. The Invincibles proved that but with a lot of blood sweat and tears. That this team lacks. As someone else wrote it is as if the Emirates is like going to Wimbledon and the Arsenal players conduct themselves like members on a Saturday afternoon social tennis match. Did I see anyone really try to lay siege to the castle? You must do anything and everything to break down the castle. Even a Trojan Horse. What is the reward. Well. It is simple. Blackburn Rovers have to come out from behind the castle and play. This is where the better team scores another 2 or 3 goals.
    So the problem is that these players cannot play fantasy football. That might be the reason Arsenal have been listless, spineless, cowardly, sterile for the last few years. No really great players to spark this team into life. Except for as we have seen recently Santi and Jack. Forget about any spark or leadership from the back. Walcott just prances around, He is no leader. Arteta might be but he is hanging on playing a defensive midfield position. Gervinho looks like he has been bitten by a Tsetse fly. So too with Diaby. Rosciky is fragile and no leader. Podolski new and often on walkabout. So let’s put all the load on a 21 year old. Great management Wenger! The defence as a force? They are an accident waiting to happen. See the League Cup Final against Birmingham and most of the recent matches against Manure and of course that pitiful 4-4 against Newcastle. How on earth does this team concede a goal to Blackburn Rovers. OK so the team has no clue going forward but do we have a defence. Sagna playing at centre-back made Per, Vermaelan and Koscelny look like the idiots they are. How can Sagna produce the best centre back performance of the last few years and he is not even a centre back???
    So don’t blame RvP, Viera, Nasri, Clichy, Song, and Fab for wanting to leave. If there is no real quality and no real spirit then there is nothing keeping a player from staying. Time to go. They are simply leaving a club that is a business rather than a football team. Arsenal is no more special than Tescos or Sainsburys’. And fans talk about loyalty. Loyalty to what? A Profit and Loss sheet that sits on Wenger and Kronkes’ desk? Or to blood splattered over that great red shirt?
    All things come to an end. Player and coaches come and go. Thank God it is only a matter of time before Wenger leaves. He is an old French lover. All kissing and no penetration.
    Can we beat Bayern? Yes if all play at a fantasy level. And when they do it is delightful. The problem is as we have seen on many occasions over the last few years they really cannot sustain it at all.