Bayern Munich have conceded 7 this season | Arsenal FA Cup dilema

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Hey there sexy people. How goes it? Did you all have a romantic evening last night? You, a box of Maltesers… perhaps a DVD of the 1994 Cup Winners Cup final? Yeah, I know that evening. I hope it worked out well for you.

Right, onto football… there’s an exciting weekend of FA Cup action ahead of us. Yep, we have the chance to sail on into the quarter finals. We have a relatively easy tie against a side we’ve all grown to detest over the years. Blackburn are two points behind Brighton in the Championship, which will no doubt lead some people to inform you they’re a tough opposition. They’re not. They’ve been poor this season and we’ve been gifted a pass into the next round.

The challenge for Arsene Wenger is balancing the need to win a trophy he can actually win with his desire to challenge for a trophy we probably don’t have a chance in hell of winning. So, does the manager go in strong and dismantle Blackburn early… or does he go in weak and hope that’s enough to win, but run the risk of that not happening… followed by a replay, which no one will want. It’s a tough question to take on, because Bayern is on  Tuesday. I guess we at least have the advantage that we’ll be at home.

Bayern Munich have Wolfsburg at home. Their Football Association clearly going out of their way to ensure the German teams have fresh legs for their Euro endeavors  I wonder when the FA will wake up to Friday night games? I’d quite enjoy that. At least before Euro games. The Germans sound like they’re having a good year. I casually read somewhere that they’ve scored the most goals at this stage of the season(55), conceded the least (7!!!) and have the most points.

Well I’ll be god damned, good defending does exist somewhere in Europe.

When people reference that spending money isn’t the answer, I think Bayern, after their huge summer investment, have totally proved that it’s more often than not the right answer… if you have the right person investing it. Is it a good manager? Is it more football people on the board? Is it just a fluke?

Back to the weekend. The good news from a left back point of view is that Thomas Vermaelen will be fit for the weekend. Who we were going to slip in against Bayern was a horrible mystery. Hopefully Thomas can keep his cool there next week. Arsene has been raving about Sagna at centre back.

“I always thought he could play there one day,”

“We pushed him in this position in training. What he showed in training was encouraging. He had no preparation. He was told 10 minutes before the start of the game and he dealt very well with that situation, so that’s very positive.

He did look good, I’d be tempted to put him there against Bayern if the alternative choice is the own goals and red cards machine (Kos). That might be harsh, but he really has struggled all year. Putting him straight back into a game against one of Europe’s best feels like a disaster in the making.

Wenger also took time out to rave about Theo.

“It’s unbelievable. I believe what this season shows is the remarkable evolution of Theo Walcott,”

“He’s a complete player today and his transformation is absolutely sensational.’

Yeah, I can’t disagree. I was a huge critic of Theo Walcott and he’s proved me wrong in a big way this season. His decision making has sharpened, his finishing has been electric and his attitude has changed from middle class choir boy to middle class slightly disobedient bad ass who got a tattoo against the wishes of his parents. I’d be tempted to stick him on for a half against Blackburn. I very much doubt they’d be able to live with him for pace… he could finish the game early for us.

Anyway, more on the line up tomorrow. Enjoy Friday!

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  1. tom


    I think your language will offend Ramseys backpassage.
    And you two ought to stick together for safety reasons.

    Hold hands like the crocodile at school.

  2. BacaryisGod

    This Walcott over Bale line is nonsense. These are his actual quotes. Perfectly reasonable.

    Wenger said: “At some stage, we were on about taking the two if possible.
    But we could get Walcott and I am very happy we got him. You’d be amazed by the number of players we should have signed. Every club misses players.”

    I remember how everyone was mocking Bale for being a jinx to Spurs as they didn’t win one of his first twenty or so games for them. It’s so easy to be the expert with hindsight.

  3. BacaryisGod

    “After many disappointing displays, predominantly as a full-back, Bale really found his feet in the second half of the 2009/10 season under Harry Redknapp. But only after he had managed to end an extraordinary winless record. Bale had previously been involved in 25 matches and 1,533 minutes of league action without being part of a winning side, but that hoodoo was banished on September 26, 2009 when he came off the bench in a 5-0 win over Burnley”

    I wonder how quickly the Arsenal faithful would have turned on Bale. Probably would have ruined him….

  4. andy1886

    Tom – how ‘sussed’? At least I offered some evidence to back up my points, unlike you of course.

    Bacary, sorry I think my ‘evidence’ if as conclusive as you’re going to get. The 2003-2004 team didn’t succeed in Europe which isn’t belittling their magnificent domestic achievements. I think the ’34 team (in the middle of a three year run of successive titles) really were considered the pinacle at the time. The World Club Championship hasn’t been taken as seriously to date as it may be in the future. I for one would not have accepted that Chelsea were the best in the world had they won the final last year.

  5. tom

    Sussed as a one eyed Wenger hater who will twist facts and spout nonsense to support his unhealthy obsession. Unhealthy for himself , as hate is corrosive and unhealthy for Arsenal for the same reason.

    And why are you still bleating on about Chapman. Nobody disagrees with you.

  6. Kushagra

    BacaryisGodFebruary 15, 2013 19:11:16
    “After many disappointing displays, predominantly as a full-back, Bale really found his feet in the second half of the 2009/10 season under Harry Redknapp. But only after he had managed to end an extraordinary winless record. Bale had previously been involved in 25 matches and 1,533 minutes of league action without being part of a winning side, but that hoodoo was banished on September 26, 2009 when he came off the bench in a 5-0 win over Burnley”I wonder how quickly the Arsenal faithful would have turned on Bale. Probably would have ruined him….


    In the current environment he would have been The Gervinho…

  7. tom

    I come to this site quite rarely just to see how things are on the dark side and invariably you are here spouting nonsense. I have never heared you say a single original thing and often you are uncivil to any that disagree. 
    You hide behind your more belicose chums which makes you a coward as well as a fool.To me you epitomise the reactionary style of the Arsenal Tea Party.
    Twice as gullible as any Wengerite.

  8. johnny5


    right little bitch arent you. everyone can be a gobshite behind a keyboard. karma mother fucker. that shit will come get ya!

  9. tom

    Ramseys backpassage, your quaint expressions wont get you off the hook.

    snakes hugging cats also,isnt it?



  10. johnny5


    if he is keyser (which im starting to think is a virtual certainty) then it just shows just how much of a sad case he is give it 5 mins bet hell post as keyser to throw us off the scent lol.

  11. Ramsey's backpass

    The only person i do lay my anger on is wenger and that shouldnt be biting you.
    You have an opinion,then feel free to say it,instead of swearing at someone

    things you post here,am very sure you cant say it face to face with the person yet you call me a coward

    see the irony?

    If my me saying arsene has lost it and he needs to go makes me gullible,then so be it.

    A coward is always scared of change and clearly you are scared of change

    telling me am a fool doesnt affect me one bit but if i should rain curses on you,it would continue with your generations,so behave SIR

  12. andy1886

    Tom, I’m not a ‘Wenger Hater’ as you so eloquently put it. I just think that he’s had is day and it’s time for him to exit the stage. I’m very up front about that so if you’ve only just worked that out (and ‘sussed’ me) then you’re a bit on the slow side mate. As is frequently said by many on here, we are Arsenal, not Arsene supporters. If I thought AW was the best way forward for AFC then I’d back him. I don’t though, I believe we will not win another trophy while AW is at the helm.
    As for supporting the team itself I’ve already made it clear 1) I don’t boo, 2) I rate a lot of the players (Walcott a case in point) because 3) I believe it is the coaching and tactics that are lacking, not the quality of the players we have. Sure there are some that are struggling, and I believe that AW isn’t exactly helping there either (Ramsey out on the wing? give me a break!).
    So, keep to the blind optimism if you like, I want the best for Arsenal, not a former great who was lost his way.

  13. tom


    This site exemplafied by you and GoH and the twat Gambon is one of the most malicious on the web.
    Any contrary opinion is howled down, most often in a mean and violent way.
    Certainly that has been my experience, when in the past, Ive tried to just debate some of the bullshit thats propagated here.
    Today, I thought Id try it your way. It was fun but too easy.
    You just bite and bite.  

    And if Karma is getting anyone its you lot. And if not Karma then Gooners will should you be foolish enough to claim tospeal
    k for them.

  14. andy1886

    First the African thing, now you dis India, another smart move Tom. Like I said earlier you really are out to upset everyone aren’t you? I’m sure there are some very knowledgeable people out there too Tom, no need to refer to anyone’s ethnicity is there?

  15. Ramsey's backpass


    i have noticed the trend, Tom is indeed Keyser

    if “tom” isnt here with his trashs then “keyser” would be here

    same person,different handle

    well played Toyser or keysom whichever is your true name

  16. tom


    It would take me 5 minutes scanning archive to find examples of you being rude and insulting. Same goes for Johnny5 and GoH.  andy1886 Im not familier with though I know hes a fool for not recognising AW is anAFC legend.
    So get of your high horse. You look ridiculous.

  17. johnny5

    tom aka keyser

    firstly there are many debates on legrove that dont descend into abuse. its only when some act like muppets much like yourself today that it gets a bit testy well unless gambon is about. and youve not tried to debate. youve just been itching to get into it at every opportunity. its fine if you dont agree wenger should go. but dont act like a cock when you cant win the argument.

  18. andy1886

    Tom, if you look back just a few posts you’ll see that I referred to AW as a ‘former great’. Perhaps if you actually read the posts properly that you object to then you might be able to form a more convincing argument.

  19. Ramsey's backpass

    I dont just come here and call people fools.

    i only reply to people like you and honestly,it is mostly you

    and if you mean Akb is an offensive word,then i think you are right.

    So Tom, is AKB an offensive word?

  20. tom

    Itll be funny if Keyser shows up.
    Not Tony Attwood either.


    be honest. abuse of anybody supporting Wenger is endemic.
    Everyone reading knows this to be true.
    Also, for me, I am deeply offended by the insults aimed at our players and club and AW.
    Some of which are just evil.

  21. andy1886

    Back to football and away from the childish insults I see that Moyes has said he wont make a decision in a new contract until the end of the season. If we finish outside the top 4 and the board act maybe he’d be an option? Good on a budget, can pick a decent player, overperforms with the resources he has, knows the PL and can organise a team.

  22. tom

    What is former great? Is GG a former great? What about pat rice?

    Great is great. GG is great and an Arsenal legend in spite of his failings.

    AW hasnt failed as badly as GG.


  23. johnny5


    most of its banter not abuse though. not being funny keyser but if you cant put up with a bit of cussing football isnt the sport for you. the the critcism of wenger is 100% justified. if he wasnt such a snivelling lying sack of shit then he wouldnt get any criticism but he is and he does and regardless of what propoganda bullshit youve bought into. hes is the cause of many of the problems at the club right now.

  24. Ramsey's backpass


    check yourself before trying to be smart

    you were asked that question first so dont try and shift it to another person

    it just shows exemplo de insensatez

    just to let you know,its the third language

  25. tom


    Of course wenger must carry the cans for the clubs failings I just contend that AFC are not failing.
    Sure we could improve, sure wenger has blind spots but hes not deliberately trying to ruin the club, hes not in it for the money and he not a kiddy fiddler.

  26. tom


    I only speak one language and that not well, so respect your ability to speak and write in three.
    Shame you cant say anything useful in any of them


    Johnny5/Ramsey’s Backpass

    I doubt Tom is Keyser,but in any event if you think he is..

    Why give him,the time & day?

    Why antagonise him?

    Surely,you guy’s are above that?

  28. andy1886

    Well, GG won three trophies in his last three years at the club, so if that’s failure what has Wenger’s last eight years been?

    Yes George took a bung, but then he wasn’t on a fraction of AW’s £7m a year was he? It may be legal, but it feels like robbery all the same.

    If AW really does know then he knows it’s time to go.

  29. tom

    GG took a bung, loaded the team with cloggers, sold Rocky and went on to manage spurs.
    Not perfect.
    But Graham loved the Club and produced my favourite Arsenal team I his failings and laud him as a Legend.


  30. kwik fit

    Failure to invest in the necessary players
    Constant lies regarding players he’s after in the market
    Inability to motivate his players against the ‘lesser’ teams.
    Stubbornness in listening to advises from other members of his coaching staff.
    Apathy towards the Arsenal supporters in their yearning for silverware
    Lack of tactical nous in matches against the ‘bigger’ teams.
    Predictability in use of substitutes and using players in wrong positions
    Loyalty to players who lack the necessary quality
    Incredibly egotistic in terms of his own abilities
    If it weren’t for the above small deficiencies he would be exactly what we need.

  31. andy1886

    Tom, I’m carrying out a study on mental incapacitation in stroke victims.

    You seemed to be a good candidate, so thanks! (careful with that laser pointer, you could get eye damage too).

  32. LeMassiveCoq

    I’ve worked it out…Tom is Gambon!…

    for teh lulz eh?

    In Wengers defence (first for me for a long time..), he’s hardly going to say “Yes, Theo is pony compared to Bale, I am seriously fucking regretting that shit”…

  33. IvoryGoonz

    Bale at Arsenal would have worked out better than at Spurs. No doubt.
    Now why are we comparing attacking left back and a striker?
    Why can’t we just fuxkin conclude Wenger should have signed both… It’s not like Gibbs is the sh*t…

  34. andy1886

    GG will always be a hero. But every dog has his day (Fergie excepted it seems). Time to say thanks Arsene, you have been a legend but time for us all to move on. Change is always a gamble but one that needs to be taken if we are to have a chance to win things once again.

  35. IvoryGoonz

    Tom: should I remind you how we missed out on Messi? Fuxkin Wenger refusing to pay his hormone treatment.
    Seriously, if you’re still licking Wenger’s ass, I thought you’d know the flavour by now.

  36. tom

    Failure to invest in the necessary players

    maybe true to an extent but his record in transfer market is actually very good.

    Constant lies regarding players he’s after in the market

    What lies?  Name one.

    Inability to motivate his players against the ‘lesser’ teams.

    Hardly unique to Arsenal.

    Stubbornness in listening to advises from other members of his coaching staff.

    How do you know?

    Apathy towards the Arsenal supporters in their yearning for silverware

    baseless accusation

    Lack of tactical nous in matches against the ‘bigger’ teams.

    Sometimes he gets it wrong. Sometimes he doesnt.

    Predictability in use of substitutes and using players in wrong positions

    Like bring on Theo Jack and Santi at Brighton and turning Henry into a striker. Or Cole into a right back.

    You take the team for training and know better I suppose.

    Loyalty to players who lack the necessary quality


    Incredibly egotistic in terms of his own abilities

    Not like Red Nose or Maurinho.

  37. IvoryGoonz

    Tom: now the fact saying Wenger should go fuck himself being not original, you should then explain why it has still not happened. And you’ll realise its because of morrons like you.

    I condone assholes in high management who think doing things on the cheap is the way forward. And believe me, I know I’m fuckin right:

  38. tom

    LeMassiveCoqFebruary 15, 2013 20:34:48
    ?In Wengers defence (first for me for a long time..), he’s hardly going to say “Yes, Theo is pony compared to Bale, I am seriously fucking regretting that shit”…

  39. IvoryGoonz

    Tom: “Wenger’s record in the transfer market” seriously, who gives a shit he’s the manager with the biggest net transfer?
    Who gives a shit apart AKBs totally lost for the football cause against the economic cause? What has he done on the pitch since he throw the towel after going unbeaten a full season?
    Fuck man, get your ambitions straight, or you’re just as good as a cow waiting to be killed to fill out plates instead of horses.

  40. kwik fit


    One lie …ok lets see…..In December 2012 he said ‘we will be very active’

    Stubbornness to listen to other members of the coaching staff….How do I know?…… Just listening to the ex players such as Adams and Parlour

    Loyalty to players who lack the necessary quality

    Diaby/JD/Den?Bendtner etc etc…

    baseless accusation…..Really,,,,so ‘4th is a trophy’ is not apathy?

  41. tom

    In December 2012 he said ‘we will be very active’

    Well how do you know he wasnt?
    He got Nacho and tried for others apparently.

    Stubbornness to listen to other members of the coaching staff….How do I know?…… Just listening to the ex players such as Adams and Parlour

    Well I dont blame him for not listening to those two. Also its hearsay.
    Wengers staff seem loyal to him. Would that be true if they felt unheard?

    Loyalty to players who lack the necessary qualityDiaby/JD/Den?Bendtner etc etc…

    You win some you lose some.

    baseless accusation…..Really,,,,so ’4th is a trophy’ is not apathy?

    No its pragmatic.
    And he has never said that is the limit of our ambition. It is , in fact, the minimum. Still an achievment. 

    He cant win if he says 4th is a trophy is mullered if he says the squad could win the CL hes mocked.

  42. Johnny5

    ‘Failure to invest in the necessary playersmaybe true to an extent but his record in transfer market is actually very good’

    Not true ala chamakh park miyachi vela Denilson

    ‘What lies? Name one.’

    Zaha recently

    Hardly unique to Arsenal.

    perhaps not but it seems to happen to us more than any other team

    ‘Stubbornness in listening to advises from other members of his coaching staff.How do you know?’

    Ill give you that one.

    Apathy towards the Arsenal supporters in their yearning for silverwarebaseless accusation

    ‘Lack of tactical nous in matches against the ‘bigger’ teams.Sometimes he gets it wrong. Sometimes he doesnt.’

    He gets it wrong way more than right. Way more.

    ‘Predictability in use of substitutes and using players in wrong positions
    Like bring on Theo Jack and Santi at Brighton and turning Henry into a striker. Or Cole into a right back.’

    Coles a left back. And your example is shocking he shouldn’t have even needed to call on those players against Brighton. How’s about his ineffective use of Ramsey in any position going when it’s clear he belongs in the middle of the park

    ‘Loyalty to players who lack the necessary quality. examples ?’

    Chamakh Diaby djourou squillaci tge list is almost endless

    ‘Incredibly egotistic in terms of his own abilitiesNot
    ‘ like Red Nose or Maurinho.’

    Yeah but much worse

  43. andy1886

    Kwik Fit – Let’s add failure to take responsibility for his own mistakes, or at the very least a total lack of grace in defeat. It’s always the referee, the pitch, the fixture list, bad luck etc. It’s embarassing. I’d have a least some respect if he stood up and said “I got it wrong” or “we weren’t good enough, we must do better”.

  44. tom

    Well Im spectacularly unconvinced by any of your arguments, Grovers.
    Try and do better next time I drop by.

    Untill then.


  45. kwik fit

    Would Nacho be here if Gibbs didn’t get injured?…….No

    Wengers staff seem loyal to him…..yeah Bouldy looks delighted sitting beside wenger.

    You win some you lose some,,,……Maybe,,,, but why award them with long contracts on high wages……great management.

  46. IvoryGoonz

    Tom: how do we know he wasnt? he fuckin signed a nobody on last day of transfer window because of a 3 weeks injury to Gibbs, which already told you a lot about Santos’s credentials.
    seriously, stop talking about Wenger and Arsenal as if you actually were objective and enlightened. you arent.
    and this for you, I wont stop bashing on Wenger for aholes like you believe whatever gives them. when you’re earning more than 200k a year, I’ll giv credit to what you can say. until then, if you were slightly unbiased, you’d realise the handrabke is and always has been Wenger and akbs like you believing whatever he says rather than just looking at the actua facts.
    Wenger has made as personal fortune more than 50 millions on our asses the last 8 years. do you really think hes worth tht much? i dont. and history will prove you I’m right. this club could be the best in the world, if it w

  47. Johnny5


    Point is if he invested in the team instead of saving for a rainy day or lining the pockets of the board and kroenke then saying things like ‘we can win the CL’ won’t be ludicrous

  48. IvoryGoonz

    tom; tremendous risk: surely a bigger one than Djourou.
    seriously, you dont have your place on this blog, just realise it and go to ACLF or untold, there’s many deluded fools like you waiting for your insights;
    why would you sign for arsenal? if you ask the question; you”re definitely a Spurs fan

  49. tom

    when you’re earning more than 200k a year, I’ll giv credit to what you can say

    What a stupid and classist thing to say .
    AW earns 8 mill how come you dont accept his opinion?

  50. Johnny5

    Well Im spectacularly unconvinced by any of your arguments, Grovers.

    That’ll be because you can’t see the wood through the trees and won’t accept the evidence we’ve given you. Aclf would fucking live a melt like you. See you tomorro keyser

  51. kwik fit


    Has the judge said to Oscar today ‘ you haven’t got a leg to stand on’
    Mr Wenger is firmly in a corner , a corner that he put himself in and he has no route out . But I accept you are entitled to your opinion.
    Just as a side issue when did you start supporting Arsenal…..circa 1997 perhaps?

  52. Yippee Kai Yay

    February 15, 2013 19:55:48
    broken keyboard.


    I guess that’s what happens when you sepnd all day hitting your fists against it.

    I’ve seen enough to know an idiot or a troll when I see one.

    No Gooner who watched them fold like a cheap suit in January can be that ignorant or blind to the failings of the current team. Can they?

    I mean, granted the second half of sunderland showed at least some fight, but off the back of the woeful jan, Southampton? that wasn’t too long ago. Man City and the game of rugby? even the Liverpool game when a draw felt like a win because the first half was about as bad a performance I have seen.

    Anyone who can’t see the cracks probably shouldn’t have access to the internet, or the ability to vote on anything that really matters when you come to think about it.

  53. johnny5


    explain how. all ive done is poke holes in your lame arsed attempt at excusing wengers blatant deficiencies as a top flight manager

  54. tom

    I hear City are in for the OX next summer. Lucky he signed a new contract so at least they will have to pay….

  55. andy1886

    Ivory – even ACLF has changed recently. Yogi has started being more critical of AW and the whole set up. Only Untold still believe, and we all know uncle Tony is completely and utterly bonkers!

  56. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Tom. Please leave. You seem to only respect your own opinion. Nobody else’s.

    So in that respect you are exactly like your messiah, Mr Wenger.

    He’s not a legend. He had 8 great years, and 8 shite ones. That makes him distinctly average. Half good. Half bad.

    If you cannot see the evidence of your eyes then I do feel sorry for you. 4th isn’t a trophy. Never, ever will be.

    Sad you have so little ambition for the club. But ey, takes all sorts I guess.

  57. andy1886

    Tom, 1973, about the time I first went too. The start of another downturn only that one only lasted about 4 years, not 8. It wasn’t as frustrating as this though, we weren’t the fifth or sixth wealthiest club in the world then, and it was a more level playing field. The slow decline to the end of an era, which is how this feels too.

  58. IvoryGoonz

    tom: all about the money ain’t it? mofo.
    we’re so loaded we could afford Neymar. and we don’t go for him despite Wenger..
    we bring in players to make up numbers to get an average of 4th place.
    not to improve the team, but to replace good for lesser and cheaper. this is not how you build confidence. it’s because Wenger’s obsessed with not spending it we havent had titles for so long. Glory hunter? any day. I’m in it for winning it.
    Not just bloody look like a shadow of a club. we keep fighting for 4th.
    The only reason Wenger is still there is money, it’s profitable business.
    what he totaly forgets, is that if he was spending a little more, he would’t take that much more risk, and get a real go at it. but as things prove, he believe his squad is adequate. and he’s totally wrong. he can’t win a PL with that mentality. this is war, it’s not a schoolyard’s football pitch. and Wenger is always found wanting. I don’t even share totaly Pedro’s feelings against Blackburn. If Wenger was the ideal manager, sure, I’d send my best team as well, but it’s Wenger we’re talkin about, the guy who only gets to shout at players when they are about to get kicked out of CL. it’s gonna be much more complicated than that. our best team would get their mentality killed by Wenger’s certainty to win, and eventually get a draw and a replay,. our best shot is with players slightly better than Blackburn’s, and good mix with experienced ones in central defense, midfield and striker positions.
    otherwise they’ll just consider it like a walk in the park

  59. Cesc Appeal

    The Bale vs Walcott debate is ridiculous.

    Bale is 100 times the player Walcott is and IF Bale was English he’d be a global brand already like Beckham or Rooney.

    IF he was English he’d be worth £100 Million by now (Henderson at £20 Million, Carroll at £35 Million).

    IF he had been bought by Arsene he’s have been sold after his first really good season for way below his market value but still at a profit.

    Madrid, Munich, Barca, City, United…all of them would stick Bale straight into their starting elevens.

    Would they do the same for Theo Walcott?

    A player who has played consistently decent for about three months out of a 7 year career at Arsenal but is suddenly in the same bracket as Gareth Bale???

    Utterly ridiculous, purely because he’s English and Arsenal fans are clutching at straws when looking enviously at the Spurs side for the first team in years.

  60. IvoryGoonz

    andy: as I already told tony, he’d have to change his layout and main theme “supporting our great Lord Wenger”; and he ain’t gonna do that. neither think about “supporting our great beloved club” rather than his idol; but I also told him, the writting is on the wall, Wenger will eventually die one day (if not leave before that) , but the club will never die, even penniless.
    he’s fighting a loosing battle. …
    and change, well.
    human was made for change. those against are just fighting themselves, let’s leave them at it, and when they’re tired and ready to reason with logic rather than just wallet, maybe they’ll listen…

    good that the Turtle is changing, although, i’ll still remain a Le Grove faithfull.

    I’ve only ever seen that said by sith students to their masters 😉

  61. Inter YourGran

    This site has become full of trolls, mongs and fuckwits who ”pretend” to support arsenal, but bang on about hoping we lose and lick united and spurs rectum at every turn…


  62. jeffozgooner

    People lets be real about this who as a gooner would not swop Theo for Bale. Its a given that Bale is a much better player than Theo, I know theo has improved and I think he can and needs to get better, he is a far way off from being the complete player that AW espouses. if I knew the players i would imagine that Theo is a much more likeable character than Bale but thats because he plays for them and for all his talent he is clearly a compulsive diver which is also a bit of a put off. He is however a better finisher and all round player tthat theo, Bale is a match changer Theo is not.