New kit leak is so bad | Wanyama plays too much like Alex Song | Lukas loves a pic of London

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How good can a morning be when you hear Santos had a conversation with Arsene Wenger about coming back to Arsenal next season? They had a chat, spoke about getting on top of his game, embraced in a big hug… now he’s telling the Brazilian press he’ll  be seeing his deal out this side of the pond.

That’s what happens when the money is too good and the manager isn’t harsh enough.

Chelsea want to get rid of Florent Malouda, he won’t leave presumably for the same monetary reasoning… so they’ve shipped him off to train with the kids for a year. Fair shout I say. If your only contribution is recieving a massive wage every month, you shouldn’t be involved. Arsenal don’t make it tough enough on the players we want to bin. Perhaps if it wasn’t a pleasure coming in to training every day, they’d leave more readily?

News emanating from Spain from two very unreliable sources suggest Arsenal could be in for Dani Alves this summer. The talented right back is being lined up to replace Bacary Sagna if he decides to leave for pastures new. I mean, on the face of it, he’s an exceptional talent… I couldn’t complain. I just wonder what an attack minded right back would do to shore up the defence? He’s top class, but would he be as top class in a team that is far from it? Who knows. It’s a better proposition than Jenkinson taking over. I do like the way our team is starting to take on a bit of a samba feel to it… well, at least through the players we’re being linked with.

In other transfer news, we’re being strongly linked with Wanyama of Celtic. I took time out to watch their game last night and I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with him. He’s got a touch of the Alex Song about his game. He didn’t really sit deep and his overly ambitious passing wasn’t always what the Scottish team needed. That said, when given the chance, he was controlling of the midfield… Celtic played well in patches last night,  but you can’t help but think that was part of the Italian’s game plan. Their small gifted players ripped Celtic when they needed to. Marchisio, Matri and Pirlo were all impressive. It’s odd that no one every really tries to pick off players from the Italian league. There must be some gems out there.

The picture below is flying around the we at the moment as the shirt Nike have proposed for next year. Honestly, if ever a shirt said ‘the intern knocked this one up’… it’s that effort. What a boring design. Not just that, it kind of looks like the sort of thing you’d be able to buy for your Sunday league side on ProdirectSoccer. It also seems unusual to see a leak when there are at least two other brands in the running for our shirt contract.


In news outside of Arsenal, I thought this comment on QPR and their acquisition of Samba was worth a share (Anzhi Director)…

‘In my view QPR have lost their minds. When they agreed to pay his release fee we wept.’

Great stuff.

As we really are struggling with news at the moment, Lukas Podolski caused a stir yesterday as he posted pictures of himself around London. It was crazy, it was like one minute he was by the Palace, then he was by Trafalgar Square… this taxi he was in could go anywhere for a fee. Magical. It was cool as well, because at certain points in the day, you could tweet ‘Oh my god, Lukas is right by my office’… even if by close, you meant 6 miles. Lukas, why didn’t you come to Covent Garden? You ruined my day.


Anyway, that’s it. 6 days of Santos stories. At this rate, I’m going to have to start making up my own news.

Catch you tomorrow.

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    Well I’m sure the matchday experience at the Bernabeu Stadium will be a darn sight cheaper as well..

    Just imagine watching:-

    Di Maria

    All player’s linked with AFC,but playing for Real Madrid..

    Well the ole addage springs to mind.”.If the mountain does not come to you…Jump in the boat & row to the mountain..”HAHAHA!!

  2. Keyser

    Pretty shit for the neutral really though, all that hype and they reverted to the conservative tentative approach.

    Hopefully early 2nd leg goal and they open up, but thats what we always say.

  3. Paulinho

    The hype was a bit unjustified though. Built up because both domestic leagues are dead. Neither team are really top class, at least to the teams of yesteryear.

    With Madrid the balance/quality isn’t right to play between the lines like they want to and there is too much hesitation in their passing. United as always do the basics unbelievably well.

  4. Keyser

    Of course it was, but that’s what Sky do best, Stelling as we returned from the break, Great goal from United, Great goal from Ronaldo and Madrid, Great game, Great chances, Great Great Great, cock.

    Mourinho’s taken the fluidity Pelligrini built up and eroded it completely, United are their usual stifling selves mixed with decent individual talent, not sure how good they were as opposed to how bad Madrid were.

  5. Arsene nose best

    that’s why van persie left, if that was us tonight it wouldn’t of ended 1-1, that wanker wenger would of set out to try and pass madrid off the pitch, WENGER OUT!

  6. Arsene nose best

    United have a world class manager who gets the best out of his team. They have a resilience we’ll never have as long as Wenger is still here”

  7. Royal Bludger

    Ask the mighty Gambon about Kagawa …

    Another 30 mil he would spunked against the wall – and then he calls Wanker a wanker.

  8. Array

    Utd got great result. Playing madrid at Bernabeu isn’t a easy job imho. Bet we would’ve celebrate like crazy if we got similar result…

  9. Keyser

    A fluent one ? I think Khedira, Ozil and Di Maria came in with him, he’s given up the ghost on Kaka, dropped Marcelo for Coentrao, Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Casillas, Alonso, Higuain, Benzema, Ronaldo still there

  10. andy1886

    El Tel – Ray Hankin! Lol.

    Let’s face it, if Gus Caesar was at Arsenal right now then AW would have just given him a five year £80k a week contract.

    In June 1995 Arsenal signed the legend that is Dennis Bergkamp. At the same time some shite team a couple of miles away signed Chris Armstrong for £4.5M, – £3M less than Bergkamp. Can anyone honestly say that if those events were to happen now then it wouldn’t be AW signing the less expensive (and crap) option??

  11. carl

    I personally think it is harsh to blame Arsene again and again for the policies put in place regards to transfer and contracts !!
    We have a team for though eventualities yet they are the ones not getting a word spoken badly about them ?? Last time i checked Arsene was the Manager not the owner of the club…. Is it not then the responsibility of the owner to say how he wants it to run??
    I get fed up with all the negative aimed at Wenger by Media and so called supporters.. Wenger highlights players he wants and then it is for the Transfer/Contract team to sort the rest out and for the best of the Club only … Seems to me they are not doing their work again but yet again it lands in Wengers lap unfair to say the least. I must also say one thing which is to me of great importance.What are the scouts looking at when they go looking at players such Santos, surely anyone even a child could see he is not the grade bar far not the grade… So answer me this if Wenger can’t go see every player around the world himself, who is responsible ?? YES the Scouts !!
    With regards to the contract etc who is responsible the Transfers /Contracts ? YES the Contract and Transfer Team so where is Wenger involved in this? Yes he Identifies players sometimes but most of the time he is advised by the Scouts ? SO again who is responsible ? The Transfer/Contract Team… So where is Wenger accountable? On Training and the Match day that is where he is mostly involved… and are we not looking to challenge for 3rd or 4th again? yes we are? Are we in the Champions league Knock out stages yet again 15 yrs now on the trott with 3 semis and a final to boot… Are we not still in the FA cup did we not qualify through to the quarters or even semis not sure this year of what we have got to know as the youth cup !!

  12. ikon

    Spending 100k on Theo per week is actually paying off i think, he is making good consistent performances, and now at least he feels there is a minimum level below which his performances cannot drop.