Top four a four way fight? | Managers and how you pick them | Paddy to take over at City?

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So Liverpool dropped points against West Brom last night which certainly made for comical viewing. That’s pretty much put them out of contention of being in contention for the top four. It’s a straight fight between Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs for top four (say it quietly, maybe City are in the pack as well). There’s 5 points in it, which I find absolutely incredible considering how bad our season has been so far.

Chelsea are the major disappointment of the season after shelling out a huge amount on some seriously top talent. It just goes to show, if you don’t have someone worthwhile steering the ship, it doesn’t matter how talented the sailors are, you’re going nowhere fast.

A very homo-erotic pre-breakfast analogy for you there…

Arsenal have a bit of an interesting run coming up. Aston Villa is the easiest game we’ll have for a while after Bayern… then the points have to start rolling in. Spurs, Everton and Swansea are must wins… if we make 3 points happen in those games, I’m pretty confident we can make top four this season. Whatever you want to say about Arsene Wenger, he’s usually pretty capable of digging out form when it matters. It’ll be a truly flat achievement if we do make top four because Arsene will feel vindicated that he’s done a terrific job and we’ll face another summer of zero squad tinkering.

Still, I’d rather we made the top four than didn’t. Once you’re out of the elite list of clubs, things become very tough. Look at the scousers… at least our constant transition keeps us in the top four. They’re nowhere at the moment. That doesn’t mean Rodgers won’t get it right at some point, but it does mean Liverpool are unlikely to see a decent European away match until at least 2015.

David Villa has been admitted to hospital in Spain for nephritic colic infection. That’s not what happens when you make love to a roadside animal carcus, that’s what happens when someone posh has kidney stones. Poor guy… he’ll be in a lot of pain… because there is only one way those bad boys come out and it’s not surgery!

In other, more horrible news, Patrick Vieira has been linked with the possibly vacant Manchester City job this summer. I can’t quite believe a club with their resource would opt to make a man of zero management experience their manager. I mean, sure, he’s an inspirational guy, but football management isn’t as simple as picking a side and making a rousing speech. I’d be surprised, but this is football and City, so you can’t rule anything out.

Picking a manager these days is a very tough thing to do. You either go with the established names that come with guaranteed success… your Louis Van Gaal’s, Jose Mourinho’s or Fabio Capello’s… or you opt for someone young, talented with big ideas. I’d imagine if Arsenal replaced Wenger, they’d most likely opt for young and talented. If you make superstars out of players, the chances of you not wanting to do that with a manager is low. I’d imagine someone like Jurgen Klopp would be high on the agenda… however, I have been told he can’t speak English. If Michael Laudrup is still pushing Swansea in the right direction when the time comes, I’d struggle to see past him if we were going to take a chance. He has a reputation big enough to command the respect of any player in the world, he has a great understanding of technology, fitness and tactics… and he has a face that fits a club looking to move to the next level.

People worry that Ivan Gazidis won’t be able to make that decision when it comes to the crunch. For me, I absolutely think he’d be able to make an accurate shot at the next manager. I think he’s been made to look stupid over the past 5 years by Arsene. He has no power, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a brain. That doesn’t mean he won’t do a thorough study into the market when it comes to bringing the next man in. You don’t need to be a footballer to spot talent. How many of the great football writers have played the game? Hardly any. No one ever says… ‘what The Times needs is more footballers writing articles’… quite the opposite. Why would you want Nial Quinn presiding over the next manager? You need people who can look beyond the very basics. I think you need a business style decision. Not a gut feel football decision.

Anyway, that’s my two pennies… and I’m always right.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow for more of the same!

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    And the one before that and the one before that and the one before that he was supposed to spend too lol
    Thought we were waiting till 2014 for renewal of our commercial’s,before we have lift off..You know before the spending bonanza begin’s in earnest..

    In b/w we just load our squad top-heavy with complete&utter shite,fatten the wage bill,& get rid of our superstar’s to steady the ship for 2014..10 year’s here we come..

  2. Johnny5

    If they extend his contract without any trophies or titles then they all need shooting. Not metaphorically either actually shot in the face. At point blank range. With a sawn off. In full view of the fans.

  3. Johnny5


    I doubt it dude there’s far too many akb’s and and corporate yuppies for a riot to take place. Although I’d imagine at best there’d be a 500 strong protest that might descend into a riot with the akb’s

  4. Toli83

    So sad yet so true.

    If we hit 4th this year that could be pivotal to whether he gets an extension. Kronke loves it at moment, spend pittance, make profit through sales and champs league revenue. Laughing…

  5. Doublegooner

    ” If you don’t evolve as a coach, you get left behind”

    Steve Clarke talking in a documentary about Mourinho on ITV.

    Think we all agree that line perfectly describes a certain french man.

  6. Dan T


    It was a great documentary. Didn’t half make me jealous! I do love the way Arsenal try and play football, but it sure would be nice for Mourinho to pop over for a few years and win us a bundle of trophies. He’s won 21 trophies in 10 years! That is amazing.

  7. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Wenger doesn’t even deserve to mentioned in the same breathe as the Special One. I’m so sick and tired of being 3rd or 4th best, yet Wenger seems to think it’s OK to make the Champions League. Since when has it been acceptable to Gooners to be 3rd or 4th best? Time to move on AW…..

  8. David Andreassen

    For all the guys calling Laudrup Föabour of the Month, I presume your all english and hasn’t yet realised that there are fotball being played…and managed! in other parts of the world?

    Laudrup has basically gone from one success to another with the teams he’s managed so far. He might not be the most experienced one, but he sure as hell has a longer track record than coaching Swansea for half a season..

  9. Rasaq

    I so much concur with the two choices you make reference to, but, it seems Wenger is not going to throw in the towel any time soon. Be it has it may, he’s replacement does have a large achievement to surpass, only time will tell.