Arsenal deliver the points but against the back drop of injury / suspension

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2 clean sheets. 2 Nacho starts. You do the maths.

Arsenal headed into the Sunderland game knowing the only option was 3 points after Spurs took the same amount away from Newcastle. The sun was shining, sadly, only on the ground… there was a grey cloud over our line up after Koscielny pulled out due to a calf injury. Wenger did manage to resist the burning temptation to play Squillaci by leaving him in London. He instead opted for creativity by slipping Sagna through the middle with Jenkinson flanking.

Arsenal took a while to find their stride, Sunderland doing their best to press our midfield. We were finding gaps with some very slick and fast counter attacking moves. Theo had the best chance when he ripped a shot Mignolet did well to parry. The midfield really found its stride half way into the first half, Aaron Ramsey found himself teed up perfectly, he made perfect contact but again the Belgian keeper was spectacularly equal to it tipping the ball wide.

Our goal came from some lovely Jack Wilshere driving power play, he forced his way through the middle, found Theo, he unselfishly laid Cazorla off who kept his nerve and drove low into the net. A lovely fluid goal.

Sunderland fell to pieces after that. We had a number of great chances, two of the best fell to 1) Giroud who dragged his shot just wide 2) Ramsey who skipped into the box but found the keeper.

The second half had a cheek… no easy street, just an attitude that we weren’t going to have things all our way. Giroud went close with a long range effort, that, according to my stream hit the post, I’m not sure it did. Things turned sour after that when Jack Wilshere hobbled off the pitch clutching his heavily bandaged thigh. He didn’t head down the tunnel and he was smiling. Hopefully that indicates at worse it’ll only be a few weeks… not an Arsenal 3 weeks.

We lost our shape a bit after Jack went off, but we were surviving the aerial bombardment. Then Jenkinson dived in recklessly after getting roasted down the right. An immature mistake that could have cost us the points. Ramsey slipped into right back and found himself pulled out of position instantly which nearly led to us conceding.

Szczesny certainly earned his money, making a number of top class saves. He was positioned well to tip a header over, he came racing out of the area to block a Fletcher shot after Mertesacker had his clearance intercepted by what looked like a hand. He did manage to hash up a couple of crosses which was worrying, but the clean sheet stood.

Arsenal could have taken 4 goals out of that afternoon. Giroud brings a lot to our front line, one thing that is missing is the finishing. We can keep talking about it coming good, but we don’t have time to wait. He needs to find those shooting boots this season because they could be the difference between a rescued season and a failure. He was guilty of some bad misses that can’t be blamed on bad luck. He needs to force through a change in clinical fortunes. He needs to prove he can be an elite striker. He certainly has most of the attributes.

Arsenal battled through the ninety four minutes of time and took maximum points. The Arsenal of old would have been proud, winning with 10 men is always satisfying, the only difference between now and then is that we didn’t opt for four up front! Results like yesterday are the sort that instil belief. We haven’t had enough of those this year. Everyone fought hard and regardless of how messy it looked at times, we did what was needed.

We’ve got a bit of a rest in the sense that we should spank Blackburn next week. The really important game is in 10 days when we take on the might of Bayern. We need a fit Jack and we need a full defence to stand a chance. Things are looking precarious because of our wafer thin squad, so lets hope Jack has the return from injury skills of John Terry!

3 points… enjoy them and let’s look forward to a hopefully quite simple tie against Blackburn next week.

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  1. qotsaamkw

    Glad to see i wasn’t the only one waiting for this post eagerly.

    Seriously bordering on unhealthy, this reliance on Pedders is.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Said it yesterday but, £160 Million Cash reserves, £70 Million Transfer Budget, play a RB at CB.

    Sold Bartley, I think that will come back to haunt us, kept Djourou who we later loaned out with him having only played once captaining the team that conceded 5 against reading, kept Squillaci who we pay £50 000 p.w and don’t trust to play his natural position ahead of RB Sagna.


  3. Cesc Appeal

    If we still had a natural finisher I would not be worried at all, we created a whole host of chances yesterday but Giroud really is wasteful. He seems to take 10 clear cut chances to score. Look at Chelsea, missed that golden chance and they went straight up the other end and scored!

    He’s a bench player.

    Bale seems to be doing for Spurs what RVP did for us last year…let’s hope not with the same outcome.

  4. scott q

    Even if diaby stays fit(long shot i know)he needs at least 6 months probably alot more to be at his best.
    Without jack we lack so much drive and creativity etc its impossible to replace him with the players we have in reserve,without him its going to be a struggle.
    Enjoyed the win like you said pedro with only 10 men its great to see.

  5. g0tch34ted

    To be honest, Sagna probably played better at CB than her has all season at RB. Issue comes with Jenks now serving a suspension and a million defensive injuries.

    Hopefully Jack will be alright, rest him for the Blackburn game and give Rosicky some match time to see if he can get that spark from last season back.

    Giroud, I still really like him but his finishing is a bit of a let down. infact i’d say that for a few. We are finally starting to take shots etc but none of our team can finish that well. Ramsey,, Ox, Jack, Giroud, Cazorla are all guilty of this.

    Oh and Gervhead who will no doubt play against Blackburn.

  6. Ozrus

    Bartley wasnt good enough. Djourou is young, wanted and / or needed gametime. Squid running his contract down. What’s shocking? You being hysterical?

  7. Johnny5

    Good win yesterday. Showed some guile which is rare for this squad which I’m happy about. Giroud was a bit wasteful. But I’ll cut him some slack as its still his first season. His big test comes against bayern. Lets see how he does against a top team. Agree he needs help don’t see why he’s not played up top with poldi myself but what do I know. If jacks not back I feel we have no chance against ze Germans. He seems to lift the others. But that’s irrelevant anyway because our defence is terrible. Going on what we’ve seen this year were gonna get a beat down by bayern but I hope the lads can pull something out of their arses and get a result.

  8. Cesc Appeal



    Not just incompetence in the actual running of the club….it’s in the fanbase as well

  9. GoonerDave

    Why do some Arsenal fans have trouble enjoying a victory? We were great yesterday. We showed both flair and toughness. Sagna was fantastic. What a player, great to see him back to his best – lets hope its permanent.
    Stoke tried to kick us off the pitch and we stood up to them. Sunderland did the same and we stood up to that too.
    We had a goalkeeper that talked up his game far too much, and a manager who spoke about mental strength when there seemed to be little present. But yesterday, we saw Szczesnys brilliance and our mental strength.
    Matches like yesterdays can have a great effect on the team, hopefully we will build on it.
    I know we are all disappointed with the transfer window, but at least we have some positivity around now. And also, we appear to finally have a proper left back, which we have been missing for bloody years to be honest.
    If we show that mentality against Bayern, they will find us much harder to beat.

  10. Bade

    This win was bigger than 3 points

    It kept us in touching distance in a very critical point of the season

    It instills belief into this mentally hammered squad

    So regardless of personal faults, and there were many, it was a good result

    Even with ten men we created much more than Sunderland in the 2nd half

  11. Babakrdaemi

    I think we played well yesterday. My only concern with the team that we didnt close down in midfield and that girod was upfront.

    Theo and santi could have releived us of some pressure by closing down. Altough it was one hell of a rush at full time. Tbe back 5 minus jenkinson were excellent. Jenkinson is a good player that made a mistake.

    Come on the gunners

  12. Bade

    As for personal notes …


    He made few good saves indeed. He’s a very good shot stopper when it comes to one on ones, but he’s still a suspect when it comes to long range shots, to distribution & yesterday he didn’t quit control his area well in corners & set pieces

    This display highlights how much he needs a mentor to challenge him for 1st spot & to tip him from an experienced point of view

    He has all what it takes to be one of the best, but he’s still far off

  13. bankz

    Your last sentence cracked me up….”Much harder to beat”….LOL
    I was expecting something like “if we showed the wits we showed yest’day,then we could as well breeze pass Bayern”.
    Like we all know what’s gonna happen over the ucl two legs unless some miracle happens.

  14. Bade

    Sagna & Jenko

    Bacary had a showcase display. Easily our best player yesterday. Some very essential interceptions. We need him tied up. It looks though he’s off. I hope our in charge people sort it out, even if he wants a longer contract I think he deserves it. He still has 2-3 seasons of top football in him

    The second reason why we should tie him up is Jenko. With all the love I have for that fan living the dream, if anything was shown yesterday, it’s how far he’s off the Arsenal starting level. He might get there, but he’s still far off

    It’s almost the same case as OXO. Both with bundles of potential, but they’re far from that spot just yet. Another 2 season under a great player like Sagna will only make him better & help him achieve that needed standard

  15. kwik fit

    It must be really boring supporting teams like Barca. Same old same old. Where can they go from here. There is only one direction.(thank god)
    At least with our guys it’s exciting. No-one really knows what’s going to happen. Far more interesting and always something to improve on.

  16. El Tel

    Have just read an article on Newsnow saying Wenger knows that Ronaldo will be going to PSG next season.

    It seems that Wenger knows more about PSG than He does our Club.

    He knows that Ronaldo is going but didnt know anything about Berbatov being foe sale earlier this season.

    If He is going to manage PSG next season as seems likely if he knows so much then I cant wait for this season to end.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    Sagna played very well yesterday. Not sure he was easily our best player, Wilshere was very good too.

    Sagna is a weird case. Up till this season he’s been the best right back in the league, possibly Europe. Since his recent injuries / contract issues, he’s really struggled, though having less protection in front of him than other full backs tend to get means his workload is probably harder.
    Yesterday he was playing out of position, and alongside a raw youngster, a new recruit, and a central defender playing slightly out of position too, yet put in his best performance of the season.

    Thing is, will he take that performance forward to his next game when he’s playing in his proper position, or is it a one off ? He needs to do that a couple more times before we start offering him a longer contract.

    If of course his (relatively) poor performances are down to contract issues, then that’s another thing, but it’s pretty damn impossible for us to know that either way.

  18. RodneyK

    Sagna may not know how to cross, but he’s our best defender by far. Jack proved once again how important he is to this Arsenal team. Once he adds shooting and scoring to his game, he’ll undoubtedly become the best midfielder in the EPL.

  19. El Tel


    Sagna plays one good game and you want him tied up to the Club.

    Sorry Mate but there are far better players at both CB and RB than Sagna out there.

    Let Him go and hope that we get a better replacement

  20. g0tch34ted

    Dan: if you went say 5 years without a trophy,would the pressure come on you very early?
    Fergie: it would never happen.Simple as that.


    9:00 mark if anyone wants to see that bit.

    … *sigh*

  21. El Tel


    Sagna has never been close to being the best RB in Europe.

    He is average at tackiling and gets roasted far to often. He also gets caught in no mans land more than Gibbs does.

    Neither forward or back is no mans land.

  22. El Tel


    Yes that is what He said.

    How come He only says PSG and doesnt mention other Clubs capable of signing him?

    Seems to me that Paris is his next destination.

  23. Danny

    It was obvious in the first 10 minutes that Jenkinson wouldn’t last the 90 – shocking stuff just like his sending off at the start of last season – he’s like a fish out of water.
    Bale doing a RVP – bloody Wenger.

  24. finestcuts

    Congratulations to Sagna, what an excellent performance at centre back.
    Yesterday we put in a convincing display, an Arsenal side of a few months ago would most probably have not finished the game with 3 points.
    Giroud needs to improve, one of the main problems is that we do not have any genuine competition for him.
    Performances like these have me dreaming of top 4 glory again (uh hum), hopefully we can do it. There are genuine signs of improvement.

  25. El Tel


    This was a good performance from our lads.

    Bale looks like the nearest thing to Ronaldo I have seen.

    Looks like the Spuds will have another big sale on their hands come the summer.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    @El tel

    It’s not much of a story.

    Basically what he’s said is:

    If a club decides to sell the 2nd best player in the world, then one of the most ambitious and wealthy clubs in the world would try to sign him.

    Hardly rocket science is it ?

  27. Thundertinygooner

    Being outstanding in the ACON has not been too difficult this year. It’s been a poor standard tournament played on very poor pitches. That’s the only environment in which Gervinho could shine.
    The penalty shoot- out performance of Ghana typified the quality on view.

  28. Bade

    Arteta, Rambo & Jack

    Well, Arteta is one of my favourite players. If you ever wondered how much importance experience should have, just look at this boy. He has nothing special about him. But his presence makes us look much more composed & tough to beat. If we were playing yesterday’s game without him we would have surely crumbled at some point. He might pass sideways too many but he’s a leader that demonstrates in the best way how significant experience is

    And that leads to Ramsey. He’s really trying so much, you will always get the 100% out of him. Just like Parlour. Which I don’t underestimate by any means. But as Pedro tweeted yesterday he’s like the special boy in school whom everyone wants him to succeed so every successful pass considered as a master class, which is a bit nice, but also embarrassing.

    I like him but can’t help but think he needs a loan out of Arsenal. The sooner the better


    Fuck me what a player. If you only consider his progress & compare it to Ramsey’s, that will highlight how great Jack & how far Ramsey is. And I agree Jack isn’t just yet a world class & needs to improve his game & add an end product & all applies to Ramsey

  29. Bade

    El Tel

    Sagna played one good game? Are you mental? Or just don’t watch games??

    And please show me how many RB were more consistent than him, I would love to know ….

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    By the way, meant to mention it earlier,

    The Sun gave 5/10 for both Sagna and Jenkinson

    Football Journalism at it’s best

  31. Bade

    Santi, Theo & Giroud

    The three failed massively with their finishing. Each could have got easily a hattrick yesterday. We won so we won’t be criticising those misses, but those were alarming misses

    But what I wanted to highlight is their crucial defensive contributions, especially Giroud.

    I know the 1st thing you ask of a striker is to bang them, but the effort he made to help the defence, even BEFORE Jenko was sent out was very impressive

    As for being an elite striker, I’m not sure he’s that good. I hope he proves me wrong though.

    When it comes to finishings, I think Podolski is our most clinical finisher

  32. Inter YourGran

    Great win yesterday. Looked a bit wayward upfront but take into consideration a lot of those players played midweek internationals, we went down to 10 men and we ground out a win in a must-win situation, was very satisfying.

    If united can take points off of Everton, we have four home games on the bounce so if we rotate it right for the FA Cup & CL game we can really go to the spuds with them under all the pressure…

  33. kwik fit

    Fergie On signing Robin van Persie: “I never thought we had a chance of getting Van Persie because I didn’t think Arsenal would sell to us.’

    Even some 8 months after the biggest mistake in Mr Wengers managerial career , this ‘for footballing reasons’ still really fucking hurts .

  34. kev

    yeah we should spank blackburn just like we shouldve spanked bradford. didnt work out that way though. i really dont understand why we play down supposodly inferior sides all the time. blackburn arent that bad a team and have enough to give us a decent game at least

  35. kwik fit

    We need to be fully focused on Blackburn. Forget about Bayern, the FA cup is much more important. We have a chance in the cup if our attitude is right. A bit of like the effort of yesterday is what is needed.
    Come on Mr Wenger get them focused!

  36. bankz

    Kwit fit.
    Watching Barca never NEVER bores me as they are everything Arsenal tried to become. Their attacking & passing football is simply breathtaking & their passion,commitment to the cause is never found wanting.
    Imagine Arsenal winning the EPL 3 times in a roll. It will never happen(at least not now)..we can’t even string 3 wins together.

  37. Keyser

    What was worrying with Wilshere, is at 21 he seems to have the frown marks of an 80 year old, either that or he’s been hit by the grill of an Alfa Romeo.

  38. finestcuts

    Btw, even though I fully expect a win against Blackburn,
    I don’t expect it to be easy. Blackburn will try to stop us from playing and hope for a stroke of luck on set pieces, or maybe even a penalty. They’ll be playing for a clean sheet, I expect a similar game to the one we had against Stoke where Stoke had no ambition to score and did everything they could not to concede.
    We’ll need to be firing on all cylinders to win, hopefully we can and get an early goal, to force them to open up, score another in the first half to force them to try and attack us…..score a third to destroy their belief and then score a few more for fun. In this kind of game it’s crucial to get out of the traps quickly and take the initiative, if we go into the second half on level terms it could be a long tiring slog with plenty of body checks and a high risk of injuries. If we force them to play, they don’t stand a chance.

  39. PK

    Loved that the team played with passion and love for the shirt yesterday. The only one who really pissed me of was Diaby. He came on and really didnt care at all.

    Sagna actually was the mom in my opinion. He was on the end of almost everthing at the back. Maybe it was a one off, but for me he did his best game this season last night.

    Love how JW plays in the middle and how it gives cazorla freedom to play that free role he clearly is best at. Walcot actually backtracked a couple of times. Thats something new… Giroud also worked his boots of working 110 % on everything, he didnt score but he stopped atleast one to sunderland on the corner. Love his fighting attitude.

    This team have major talent but is not deep enought (squadwise) to compete…

  40. bankz

    Who in their right senses thought Arsenal were going to buy CR7 if Madrid decides to sell?
    Only two clubs can afford CR7 as it stands now, City and PSG. So wenger stating he will likely leave for PSG isn’t rocket science. I don’t see him coming back to the EPL either so that rules out City and Chelsea.

  41. bankz

    Kwik fit
    Yea I understand.
    Podolski tweeting something @Santos and saying “we will miss you man” and I’m like “wtf, who wants to miss santos”?
    That was one of the worst buys by Wenger in recent years,up there with Park…@least Park has a good defence of never getting the opportunity to show what he could contribute to the cause but Santos…………so shit,even a League 2 side won’t come close to considering him.

  42. Keyser

    Seriously it’ almost a perfect V or wrinkles, it’s either an Alfa Romeo or a Vauxhall Vectra.

    Actually the Veyron has a similar nose at the front. Maybe he just really likes Cars.

  43. Confidentgoner

    Tip Nigeria to win easily, Global Gunners. Its a final that favors them. I also think they are a solid team now under Keshi and would give any European team a run for their money.

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Wilshere kick on thigh but should be ok for Blackburn & Bayern. Koscielny calf strain but should be ok for #brfc & #fcb. #bbcfootball


  45. Alex James

    Everton showing what an average team they really are. To think we are seen as a contemporary of theirs! What a drop in our fortunes. And with Bale Hotspur winning again, things are looking sticky. The thought of him bearing down on our shaky defence is the stuff of nightmare.

  46. Royal Bludger

    Wenger on Ronaldo: “‘You do not leave Real Madrid if Real Madrid do not want you to leave”.

    And what about your club Arsenal, Wenger? Oh no, we sell our best player to a team that finished 19 points above us last season …

    The contradictions have become unbearable.

  47. Toli83

    Funny how RVP can have a shit game and still score, and Giroud can play a blinder yet still not find the net.

    That’s difference between a good side, and a side that wins things…

  48. Bade

    Hey Gooner.

    just remember.

    While watching United vs Everton, our rivals aren’t the Mancs. They’re the Toffees.

    Cheers Arsene for the treat

  49. Alex James

    A 37 year old scores against our challengers. What does this say about the gulf between us and Utd? The sun is about to go over the yardarm. Time for a dose of the amber nectar, followed by a slip into my parallel Arsenal universe, where we are triple CL winners, Utd are in Div 2 and RVP is a Dutch cheese maker

  50. Jeff

    Wenger after selling Van Persie:

    “Now he’s gone, don’t ask the fans to understand what is not understandable. Even I do not understand, and I am deep at the heart of the decisions. You have to deal with it. That’s life. We are here to help people to express their talents. A coach must have a positive influence on their players’ lives.

    I would have preferred Van Persie to sign for a club in a foreign country, in order to avoid playing against him several times per season, but it’s a fine challenge for us to prove we can exist after such a move, to show we can score goals, play well and survive everything.”

    In other words he gambled losing Van Persie and still getting fourth because that’s all in which he’s ever been interested. If he loses the bet, not only will we have lost Van Persie but CL money as well. This is the kind of madness we’re dealing with.

  51. Meditation

    The sagna performance isnt a surprise. Sagna has great fighting spirit but has he got a great engine? In my opinion sagna is not a wing back. He has drive which is better expressed in bursts and moments where as a wing back is demanded to be constant. They have more of a burden through having to attack and defend. Sanga needs to be at a more defensive club or a club who has an out and out winger or even being a centre back in arsenals set up. So he can be selective in his defending moments. He is not agile or technical enough to be a wing back. This limits his passing range which is vital in arsenals formation. hes better centrally in defensive positions. Or he could learn to use the outside of his foot and use both feet more . It will bring his mind set from random results to controlled results. A lot of the team need to enhance their technical qualities.

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    Alex James: A 37 year old scores against our challengers. What does this say about the gulf between us and Utd

    Well, if the 37 year old wasn’t very good then quite a lot but as this particular 37 year old is good enough to actually play for Utd then only thing it says is the 37 year old is still pretty good

  53. Alex James

    Only 21 points behind Utd now and we can still win the CL and FACup. Of course this may be the J Walker Black speaking. Remind me. If Utd win the CL, will 5th earn a CL place and Wenger and co their bonuses?

  54. Bade


    City’s biggest mistake is their manager

    He’s too small to manage such a ego-congested squad

    Dare I say it even Arsene would have done better with this squad

    They’re bottling it, while under normal circumstances they should have walk-in the league

    Last season they snapped it at the death

  55. kwik fit

    City have made many mistakes since winning last yaer alright, mainly in the transfer market. However, Mr Wenger is singly culpable in gifting the PL to Man U. It has to go down as the biggest fuck up in the history of Arsenal FC.

  56. Alex James

    Nasri Or the 37 year old is still good enough because the 4th pace pack and below is not seen as offering a sufficient challenge to make playing him a risk. Ferguson would not start him if he thought Everton were a serious force. To me, this indicates why only Utd, Chelsea and City have any chance of winning the PL. The rest of us are even more so beginning to make up the numbers. Soon be Scottish/ Spanish football mark 2, if we are not there already. The table does not lie.

  57. Phallusaurus

    RVP is quite possibly the best bit of business Fergie’s ever done. His goals, especially early on, have all but won the title in February. It’s not like it’s been a great league this year either but his signing has made sure they stepped up and at least maintained their level. RVP must be pinching himself with the ease in which his efforts have been rewarded with a title so early. On paper Utd should not be winning the league ahead of Citeh & Chavs but the cunts have pissed it! RVP has earned them a good few 1-0 wins & match winning goals, the kind of 3 points he used to save our shit with.

    Yet here we are, 20 odd points back & making a complete rats arse of even securing 4th ffs! Ok, we were never going to compete with Utd or Citeh but the Chavs are incredibly being joint managed by their chairman so 3rd could’ve been possible this year.
    I think we’ll struggle for 4th this year gentleman, 12 games to go, a thin squad and 3 competitions doesn’t bare well. Especially if that monkey faced cunt Bale stays fit.

    When we are knocked out of Europe in 2 weeks time a lot will depend on the continued desire and fitness of the players. Hopefully they’ll fight for 4th as I don’t see any of them being picked up by a team more likely to do so. Cazorla may feel differently if we fuck next season up as badly though. Just wish we had a squad to rotate more.

    With half an eye on the FA cup we can concentrate on 4th,4th ffs, so embarrassing even saying it. The Spuds will try winning the Europa or at least Villas Boas will, not sure Levy would want to risk losing out on the CL. Those extra games and hopefully an injury to monkey boy could be the difference. I think the Chavs have enough in their locker to secure 3rd now they’ve not got CL to worry about either.

    So yet again I’m hoping we can benefit from the misfortunes of others. How I long for the days when we at least had a decent grasp on our own success.

  58. Colonel Mustard

    I think its the case WHEN wegner goes…..he will be like I have handed the club in great fiscal….blaah…blahhh…blah.. clap clap not please go and get a manager in that has some f***kin ambition to win…

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    @Alex James

    I think Giggs is simply a very good player who has managed his career extremely well.

    And i still have nightmares about his chest hair.

    @Colonel Mustard

    Actually, RvP missed his first chance

  60. Byo

    Santos who became a laughing stock at Arsenal now takes a swipe at the club!

    I suggest you go to your job and tell your boss how to do his job- like RvP attempted at Arsenal. So he had to go, But I still miss him and Fabregas(the others were not worth the trouble).
    Goodluck to the mancs and vP.

  61. Jeff

    Even Eduardo knew a week after selling Van Persie what a huge mistake it was and said as much. Nothing we don’t already know of course but it just goes to show that some people are capable of telling it like it is and aren’t afraid of it.

    “Every player comes to Arsenal as a simple player and Arsenal make them into a big player. But they can’t keep everyone together to fight for titles. Every year it’s similar — they lose players, buy players, make them class players and the next year they sell again. They are always in the same place.”

  62. Gunner4Life

    BadeFebruary 10, 2013 12:57:17
    Bade I think you are totally correct in regards to Ramsey. I really think he needs to develop on loan somewhere. His enthusiasm is admirable, and he’s always running and getting into positions to receive the ball. But that’s where it stops, his distribution is poor, he spends too much time on the ball where he gets closed down or his options get closed down. He can’t protect the ball the way Arteta and Jack do, but he still tries and looses it.
    His tackling is poor, often rushing onto players, who easily beat him and then he tries to use his arms to stop them.

    Our midfield really needs a Diabiesque type player. When he is playing well our midfield is in control, but sadly it takes him a few games to get into his stride, plays a few good games and goes off injured again.

  63. Djourpoo

    Selling Rvp to man ure unforgivable. Used to be a akb but just can’t back him at the moment

    Still annoyed by fantasy league football managers buying players they think will be good by watching them on you tube

    Hate how people quote money figures like it means nothing I.e 50 mil for cavani why don’t we just spend his much on

  64. Djourpoo

    Hate people who think they know how to run a club like the arse because they read the daily star

    Time to gt behind the club and stop playing fantasy footy

  65. ozrus

    You are a 2 year old’s idea of a robot and the biggest bore on here. Everyday you say exactly the same shit with no variation, no wit, no humour, no fucking nothing. Why do you bother? Do you think you are making a difference?

  66. Dre_ZA

    Balotelli might not be cup tied for CL football. He played for City, but they did not progress to the second stage.
    There was a similar issue in previous years where if the team that the player transferred from did not make it to the second round, then they were not cup tied.

    Nacho is cup tied as Malaga made it into the second round of CL, and therefore he won’t play for us in any CL game.