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Wenger launched into his press conference with a pretty open discussion about his disdain for the issue of cheating in the game. He’s not merely talking about tumble merchants like Gareth Bale, oh no, he’s going deeper… he’s talking drugs and corruption. Wenger believes it is rife in the game and he’s perplexed as to why nothing is being done to sooth the issue.

‘I can’t accept it and I always was a believer that there’s a lot of cheating going on in our game and that we are not strong enough with what happens, nor with the doping, nor with the corruption of the referees, nor with the match fixing. It’s time that we tackle this problem in a very serious way and that people who cheat are punished in a very severe way.’

Now, them comments either be the ramblings of a mad man, or they’re the genuine concern of someone who feels underhand things are going on. Wenger makes some points that open your eyes to the latter…

“Honestly, I don’t think we do enough. It is very difficult for me to believe that you have 740 players in the World Cup and you come out with zero problems. Look at psychological tests that have been done on people who are at the top in all sports.’

You can’t knock a statement like that. The chances that no one is ever cheating in the game are low… and if Lance Armstrong’s doctor is involved with a national football team, you do have to wonder what the motivations were for his skuldudderous employment were. Surely it can’t only be cycling where drugs cheating goes on? I mean, we’ve already seen high profile players accidentally totally on purpose missing drugs tests and we know how dim footballers can be.  I liked this following anecdote…

‘When they ask them if they would take a product that would guarantee them a gold medal or a world championship, but mean that they died in the next five years, 50 per cent say ‘yes’. If you go to amateur level and do that test, only two per cent say they would take it.’

Someone offered me the same drug before the blogging world cup, as you can read, I didn’t take it, but that’s because I’m a man of honour. After making all the above noise, Wenger did give some slack to the English game.

‘It’s not a perfect world but I don’t think cheating or match-fixing is a problem,”

“I personally feel English football is clean of cheating 100%. I don’t think referees are corrupt”

Well, that’s a nice end to a story. I guess the main worry of English fans would be finding out the game was littered with drugs cheats. I’m not sure, at the highest level, whether clubs would risk their players health with illegal drugs. Clubs are so hot with what they put into players, you just couldn’t see them putting their global reputation on the line. I remember Tony Adams refusing creating back in the day, so there might be clubs experimenting with new pills and potions, but I’d like to think British disdain for cheats would push player and clubs away from shaming themselves. I’ve no doubt that older player may dabble with extenders… but suspicion is one thing, coming down hard and proving it is another.

It’d also be quite difficult to keep it under wraps, I mean, players move all the time and they talk to the press a lot. Cycling struggled to keep the noise under wraps and that’s a far more individual sport. I think systemic team sport cheating would be hard to manage.

Today’s game against Sunderland should be interesting. Not from a footballing perspective, I hate playing the Mackems, it will be interesting at the back. Wenger’s reluctance to go out and sign a 4th centre back leaves him in a bit of trouble for this game. Who to go for? Miquel… or Squillaci? One is mega inexperienced and the other mega useless. We don’t even have options elsewhere on the pitch. Diaby is the only other tall player in the team, I’d rather put Wenger in at the back than him. There’s always the option of pulling Sagna into the middle with Jenks covering for him.

The most likely thing… we’ll play Miquel with the out of sorts giant German. I’d imagine Sunderland will be rubbing their hands together that prospect. Lucky for us, they’ve been terrible this year. Martin O’Neill, another old school manager who doesn’t have a clue since times moved on is really struggling to get to grips up North. Hopefully this won’t turn into a bore draw. I’d be really disappointed if that happened. We have some in form players, this should be a relatively straight forward three points.

It sounds like Theo escaped the crock list. He’s been electric this season, so I’d assume he’ll start in the front trio Giroud and Lukas. Midfield will be Arteta, Jack and Cazorla with the back open to debate.

We need to have an imposing game. We’re getting scarily close to the end of the season. The run we’ve been banging on about all year has to happen now. We need to start taking maximum points. If not, this summer could be pretty damn bleak. I mean, it’s not like Wenger needs an excuse not to spend… but if he had one, I’m sure he’d dine off it with relish all summer.

One final bit of good news, Santos is on Gremio’s wanted list. I’m not to sure why Arsenal are making negotiations ‘complicated’. Ivan, Dick, stop being childish and hand over the keys… get him off the books immediately and for gods sake, don’t tell them what he earns.

Good luck to the players and good luck to anyone who travelled up to the North today.

I’m off for a day in the office… don’t hate my life because it’s better than yours.


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  1. Dannyboy

    People make a big deal about the non flying issue, I really don’t see it as much of a problem, as he did just fine when he was playing! No reason why he can’t find a different method of travelling if needs be.

  2. Keyser

    Dannyboy – Really haven’t followed them closely, Espn used to show the dutch league they don’t anymore at least over here, don’t know if that;s significant, maybe our dutch correepondants can help.

    Ajax have a similar philosophy and I’d like it to carry on, with a young manager with ideas, it’s still pretty risky but I’d prefer it.

  3. bayo

    If man u won with ten men today…we would have praised them for their ability to grind out results but we win today with 10 men and a make shift defence yet people moan.

    I think we have all heard it over and over about the wage bill e.t.c

  4. Alex James

    Looks like Ferguson will get another title. Mancini is a dead man walking, although it was not his fault that City failed to strengthen adequately last summer. Let’s hope Real stuff Utd. I couldn’t stand another Utd double, especially as the cloggy plays for them. When will we see the back of Ferguson, Giggs and Scholes? The way things are going, they will still be around in the 22 century. Ferguson would have 100 titles by then. Can someone remind me why we didn’t sign Bale, when we had the chance?

  5. sam

    Ok bitches!

    Can we just pretend its man u that won with 10 men away from old toilet n the scorer is that treator loverboy of yours.

    Then you all beg to suck that spanish dick instead

  6. Sam

    Wow! wenger always buys wrong players

    we’ve bought the wrong welsh, just like we bought the wrong ivorian and wrong brazilian.
    i am we’ve also bought the wrong germans

  7. Wenger's #1 Siberian Scout

    JURGEN KLOPP FOR ARSENAL!!!! Seriously, he did what Wenger could never do!!! He ousted Munich who have a budget 10 times larger than dortmunds using young kids!!!

  8. Dan T

    Heard a lot of critisism of Arsenal today but isn’t this what we have all been crying out for over the last seasons? Ugly wins, grinding out results when things aren’t going so well. Stoke and now Sunderland. These are games I’m confident we would have lost last season. We came up against 2 keepers in decent form – Last season we would have given up in these games but not this year. I don’t know who deserves the credit for this – Bould? Wilshere? The Germans? Whoever it is I just hope we can sustain it.

  9. Dan T

    I was very worried about Sagna at CB before the game but he put in a pretty impressive performance today. I wouldn’t mind us sticking with that CB pairing for Bayern and throwing Kos out to right back – I seem to remember putting in some good performances at right back last season.

    Whoever plays it’s going to be a hell of a challenge though. Bayern are flying, 15 points clear after 21 games. Last 4 games they have scored 11 conceded 0. We need a 3rd clean sheet and a few goals at the weekend then our confidence should be high too. As long as Cazorla, Wilshere and Walcott and Pod play and are on form then you never know. Pod will have something to proove aswell.

  10. Johnny5

    I know today (winning ugly) marks a step in the right direction. In previous years we would have bottle jobbed that game but I still regardless feel wenger still has to go there are way too many issues at the club that I can’t see ever changing. Wenger is the cause of most of them despite the bleatings from idiots who think he’s doing a good job because of financial restraints ( which do not exist. They call it propaganda because idiots but into it) but there are way bigger things wrong than just the amount of money he’s spending. It’s more what he’s doing with what he does spend and how he mismanages the talent out of them anyway. One good win away from home in the shithole of light changes nothing for me. Wengers 4/5’s in the grave the final fifth for many will be if we miss out on top 4. This season that’s looking more likely than not at the min and if we manage it it will be down to some bloody good fortune.

  11. bazza

    I thought that the first half was terrific, really sophisticated flowing football with a masterful display from our midfield.
    Second half we struggled but then losing Jack and going to ten men was clearly going to have an impact.
    All in all a good result.
    We need few players in to reinforce the squad but we have the basis of a great team is in place.
    In my view it’s not about signing 5, 6 or 7 players as some would suggest but more about giving the present squad belief and the fans can play a part in doing this.
    Jack, Corzola, Gibbs, Walcott, Arteta, Monreal, Sagna & Podolski are exceptional talents and with a few selective signings can acheive great things.
    I’m embarrassed how our friends down the road get behind their team and all we do is slag our team off.
    We the supporters are the club.

  12. Dan T

    Yeh. Can’t disagree with that really. I just say enjoy the wins while you can. I like Wenger, I really do, I’m not in the camp that despises him and thinks he’s insane etc etc but he does have to go.

    He’s a former legend who is sadly now way past his sell buy date. I just wish he had stepped down a few years ago instead of destroying his reputation in the way he has, it’s sad to see. Unfortunately it’s now obvious that he isn’t going to go of his own accord (and really who can blame him, I can think of 7 million reasons why I wouldn’t either) the real problem is that the people above him have no real desire for Arsenal to succeed on the pitch so aren’t bothered how far the club falls as long as money is being made. This attitude and lack of ambition filters right through the club .

    Any other major club and Wenger would have been ‘persuaded’ to resign or sacked 4-5 years ago at the latest and he would have left with his legendary status intact. It’s an all round sad state of affairs.

    But like I say. I refuse to let club politics stopping me enjoying every win.

  13. goonerboy

    Are Spurs a better team than us? Well I don’t think so-and I don’t think our players do. We are capable of drawing at their place. Getting a win means playing at a higher level than we have shown for a long time. Not impossible but unlikely.
    As for Chelsea-diehard fans of that club say they are in turmoil-and they are inconsistent-or do people on here just forget that they hate their manager even more than we do and are out of the ECL ?

    As for Man City-they have just lost to Southampton-and they on current form are not a shoe in for second.

    Man U are dead certs for the title yet again-but if clubs like us would stop selling them their best players maybe the EPL would be less than the monopoly that it has been since it started..

    This love in with United has gone too far on this site. Yes the repugnant Ferguson is the best manager by far in terms of results-is the most astute manager in the history of English football. Yes they have better players- in several positions who perform better than ours. United’s ownership model is crap-thats a benchmark to avoid. Their fans are the most boorish arrogant wankers in the league. They are the kind of empty headed glory seekers who support brand names-like Ferrari.
    You can be critical of your clubs management and direction without blowing wind up the arses of opponents.

    Those people who advocate that in order to be successful we have to become United, Chelsea or City are wrong.
    If people on here love United so much-fucking sign up to the Republik and support them.

  14. goonerboy

    Utter rubbish-open your eyes man we have just scraped 2 games 1-0 against moderate mid table opponents -with 2 deflected goals.
    -How many chances were wasted as a result of poor finishing-and why is that?
    We play a right back ay CH and he gives the best CH display of the season-I rest my case.
    Despite that how many wonder saves did it take from our keeper to beat Sunderland by a single goal? I counted 4.
    It was a hard fought win-one I am pleased with-but lets not get carried away.

  15. S Asoa

    4 years back when Arsenal was still bigguns Clichy gave an obvious assist to the opposition , was Barca I think . Happened twice . Everyone was shocked . Galas moved menacingly to deal with Clichy when Wenger in an instant had him substituted and humiliated thereafter. MMy reading was Wenger was in cahoots . What people say ?

  16. Moray

    Dan T: “Heard a lot of critisism of Arsenal today but isn’t this what we have all been crying out for over the last seasons? Ugly wins, grinding out results when things aren’t going so well. Stoke and now Sunderland. These are games I’m confident we would have lost last season.”

    The problem is now that we don’t tend to get results against decent opposition. Wenger has weakened the quality of the side (not just “squad”, as before). What is left is mid table quality, and our lowered expectations that make us crow about beating Sunderland and Stoke. It wasn’t so many years ago that we would go to Old Trafford and give those cunts a game. Now, it is 6 points given away every season and God knows how many goals against.

  17. Jeff


    I put it this way. The pain of having lost to Man U, Chelsea and Man City this season and the fact that we were out of league contention as early as November is far greater for me than a single win against Sunderland. That pain has not been eased or dissipated. It is no more than a consolation win that changes nothing. For me it is like celebrating the two goals we scored against Man U when they beat us 8:2.

    Nobody is denying or taking away from the efforts put in to secure victory against Stoke and Sunderland but I don’t see what has changed. We are still no nearer to winning anything and in all probability we will win nothing for the 8th year running. Though I would not wish for us to lose, equally I cannot just sweep away our reality by getting drunk on a win against Sunderland.

    To anyone who wants to criticise me for that opinion; knock yourselves out it isn’t going to change.

  18. tippitappi

    Southampton beat city 3 1 with no more than a good workman like performance and city are no invincibles such a shame we thought they were when they came here and rolled over first half lets hope we take teams by the scruff of the neck from now on, thats half the battle had we done that we wouuld have more points now

  19. Moray

    Jeff. Agreed. We need consistency to win silverware. A team that plays well when it feels like it and gives up when it doesn’t is not going to win jack shit.

    I’m afraid it’s a mentality that mirrors that of the manager.

  20. bazza

    Just finished watching Munich rip Schalke a new one at a canter. The’re a really impressive outfit – no obvious weaknesses and strength in depth. This is going to be difficult.

  21. Globalgunner

    Wenger…master of delusion. A man who spends his time using Machievellian tactics to deflect attention from his rapidly declining managerial talents.
    No doubt its other teams cheating which has left Arsenal toiling in 6th place. If you have evidence then submit it to the authorities or STFU.

    I`m tired of this mans grandstanding whenever a microphone is stuck in his face