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Wenger launched into his press conference with a pretty open discussion about his disdain for the issue of cheating in the game. He’s not merely talking about tumble merchants like Gareth Bale, oh no, he’s going deeper… he’s talking drugs and corruption. Wenger believes it is rife in the game and he’s perplexed as to why nothing is being done to sooth the issue.

‘I can’t accept it and I always was a believer that there’s a lot of cheating going on in our game and that we are not strong enough with what happens, nor with the doping, nor with the corruption of the referees, nor with the match fixing. It’s time that we tackle this problem in a very serious way and that people who cheat are punished in a very severe way.’

Now, them comments either be the ramblings of a mad man, or they’re the genuine concern of someone who feels underhand things are going on. Wenger makes some points that open your eyes to the latter…

“Honestly, I don’t think we do enough. It is very difficult for me to believe that you have 740 players in the World Cup and you come out with zero problems. Look at psychological tests that have been done on people who are at the top in all sports.’

You can’t knock a statement like that. The chances that no one is ever cheating in the game are low… and if Lance Armstrong’s doctor is involved with a national football team, you do have to wonder what the motivations were for his skuldudderous employment were. Surely it can’t only be cycling where drugs cheating goes on? I mean, we’ve already seen high profile players accidentally totally on purpose missing drugs tests and we know how dim footballers can be.  I liked this following anecdote…

‘When they ask them if they would take a product that would guarantee them a gold medal or a world championship, but mean that they died in the next five years, 50 per cent say ‘yes’. If you go to amateur level and do that test, only two per cent say they would take it.’

Someone offered me the same drug before the blogging world cup, as you can read, I didn’t take it, but that’s because I’m a man of honour. After making all the above noise, Wenger did give some slack to the English game.

‘It’s not a perfect world but I don’t think cheating or match-fixing is a problem,”

“I personally feel English football is clean of cheating 100%. I don’t think referees are corrupt”

Well, that’s a nice end to a story. I guess the main worry of English fans would be finding out the game was littered with drugs cheats. I’m not sure, at the highest level, whether clubs would risk their players health with illegal drugs. Clubs are so hot with what they put into players, you just couldn’t see them putting their global reputation on the line. I remember Tony Adams refusing creating back in the day, so there might be clubs experimenting with new pills and potions, but I’d like to think British disdain for cheats would push player and clubs away from shaming themselves. I’ve no doubt that older player may dabble with extenders… but suspicion is one thing, coming down hard and proving it is another.

It’d also be quite difficult to keep it under wraps, I mean, players move all the time and they talk to the press a lot. Cycling struggled to keep the noise under wraps and that’s a far more individual sport. I think systemic team sport cheating would be hard to manage.

Today’s game against Sunderland should be interesting. Not from a footballing perspective, I hate playing the Mackems, it will be interesting at the back. Wenger’s reluctance to go out and sign a 4th centre back leaves him in a bit of trouble for this game. Who to go for? Miquel… or Squillaci? One is mega inexperienced and the other mega useless. We don’t even have options elsewhere on the pitch. Diaby is the only other tall player in the team, I’d rather put Wenger in at the back than him. There’s always the option of pulling Sagna into the middle with Jenks covering for him.

The most likely thing… we’ll play Miquel with the out of sorts giant German. I’d imagine Sunderland will be rubbing their hands together that prospect. Lucky for us, they’ve been terrible this year. Martin O’Neill, another old school manager who doesn’t have a clue since times moved on is really struggling to get to grips up North. Hopefully this won’t turn into a bore draw. I’d be really disappointed if that happened. We have some in form players, this should be a relatively straight forward three points.

It sounds like Theo escaped the crock list. He’s been electric this season, so I’d assume he’ll start in the front trio Giroud and Lukas. Midfield will be Arteta, Jack and Cazorla with the back open to debate.

We need to have an imposing game. We’re getting scarily close to the end of the season. The run we’ve been banging on about all year has to happen now. We need to start taking maximum points. If not, this summer could be pretty damn bleak. I mean, it’s not like Wenger needs an excuse not to spend… but if he had one, I’m sure he’d dine off it with relish all summer.

One final bit of good news, Santos is on Gremio’s wanted list. I’m not to sure why Arsenal are making negotiations ‘complicated’. Ivan, Dick, stop being childish and hand over the keys… get him off the books immediately and for gods sake, don’t tell them what he earns.

Good luck to the players and good luck to anyone who travelled up to the North today.

I’m off for a day in the office… don’t hate my life because it’s better than yours.


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  1. St Freak

    To think that we are one injury away from the squid…..AH, good times ahead. This is one of those matches i stay away from. it has UPSET written all over it.

  2. gambon

    So Santos is the next player that we will have to loan out for 2-3 years while covering most of his wages, until his contract runs out.

    This is getting pathetic.

    Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou, Santos, Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh all officially Arsenal players, yet dont in any way contribute to Arsenal FC.

    Is that not grounds for sacking?

    Is there any other team in the world with such wastage?

    Youre looking at £450k per week in wages,

  3. gambon


    Can we do a poll.

    Would people rather Arsenal spent £500k pw on:

    1- Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou, Santos, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner


    2- Cavani, Gotze, Hummells, Capoue

    And a secondary question….which would see us finish higher in the league.

  4. johnny5


    good post but youre taking sunderland as an easy three points but dont forget man sunderland beat city drew with us at the emirates drew with swansea away and drew at newcastle. its far from an easy three bud. granted of late theyre a bit pony but theyve a habit of taking points off teams who should on paper batter them

  5. bankz

    How Wenger thought it was genius to loan Djourou out and not get in a replacement is beyond me. Mapou Yanga-mbiwa would have been an excellent choice(and don’t give me the BS about him using Arsenal as a steppong stone to Man utd/AcMilan).
    He plays DM,CB & right fullback. For what he went for,it would have been a steal and he would have pushed Kos and BFG for a starting place.

  6. ArseneClueso

    £450k per week is crazy! £23 million a year, just cannot see how management and board can get away with wasting money like that on people who never see the team and are just not good enough

  7. johnny5


    its that exact kind of shit that boggles the mind when akb’s etc say we cant afford to pay top whack wages.

  8. Incesc

    It’s a worrying trend gambon

    Aside from the wages, why is Wenger finding it hard to work with all those players, most of which are internationals…

  9. bankz

    Only a fool or drunk AKB would go for a list that contains the names of SquillaciNator & Santos.
    They are a waste of resources and with their likes we will never be considered series-minded around Europe.
    How Wenger managed to accumulate so much dross in the dressing room is pathetic. I wonder what Wilshere,Cazorla would be thinking sometimes during their training sessions. They are total waste of space.

  10. vicky

    Miquel is not a bad defender,at least he is miles better then Squid. Jenko on the right and Sagna on the left–that for me is the best solution . Coquelan is not a bad option either.

  11. gambon


    What most worries me is the majority of fans that seem to think we cant afford big players.

    In their opinion why is it OK to pay £25m per year to guys who wenger doesnt even want on the bench, but not to world class players?

    Look at the striker situation.

    Bnedtner, Chamakh, Park, Miyaichi & Campbell…….all Arsenal players, not a single one can help us out today, or against Munich etc.

    Ive never agreed with the “director of football” model, but Wenger is the only manager in football that should be forced to work under one.

    Hes like a senile old cunt that has a house full of complete shite that he wont throw out cos every piece of junk has too many memories.

    Actually i could have cut that sentence short after the 6th word.

  12. Dave

    All clubs have players on their books that add very little to the team. The reason they go on loan is to reduce the amount their wages cost us. No doubt, Wenger fucked up here and this needs sorting. Especially this stupid wage system we have which stops us from getting rid of players. I just don’t think it’s grounds for a sacking in itself. The board sanctioned the deals and they probably have more control over wages than Wenger. If they haven’t, they should because he’s proven it’s not something he’s good at. He’s also terrible at choosing centre-backs. Hence they mess we’re in now. He should do as Fergie has always done in that position.

  13. PieAFC

    Irony talk of drugs in the English game.

    Over here in Oz the biggest drugs scandal has just been opened involving the rugby leage and the game they call football Aussie rules… Reckon it has gone into crime syndicates getting doctors into clubs, grooming (Wenger tactics) lung players by time they are at a club and older rigging games. Mental.

    Anyway, oh yeah another boring Wenger piece. What a boring January again. I see even more Wenger love child’s have got on this site again.

    Well I’m hoping to wake up in the early hours of tomorrow to find we get a result, if not then what a surprise more shit to listen to from Wenger.

    Rid the cunt.

  14. Dave

    Also Gambon, you can’t really complain about young players like Campbell and Ryo being out on loan. All clubs have young players out on loan. All top level clubs buy young players and send them straight on loan. You have a point about the rest, but leave the kids out of it.

  15. PieAFC

    It’s a scenario nobody wants to get or take. But it would probably take for us to not make 4th and slip down the table and have another mediocre year for the club to make changes. What would be even worse would be that did happen and nothing changed.

    Instead of sacking Wenger they are hoping he will leave when his contract expires.

    He buys shit, he can’t sell the shit. And yet people say he never has any money to spend he does he knows what he’s doing with it, the cunt hasn’t a clue anymore.

    He actually believes his own dribble that comes out of his mouth…..

  16. wanger-wenker

    i would have expected wenger to have made his “cheating rant” untill after our exit from the champs league and the unlikely 4th place finish. That way the attention would be craftily diverted away from his pathetic management.
    Sunderland have danny graham and fletcher,,,,,2 very competent strikers.
    I take a high scoring draw…..2-2 or more.

  17. kwik fit

    gambonFebruary 9, 2013 10:33:26
    PedroCan we do a poll.Would people rather Arsenal spent £500k pw on:1- Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou, Santos, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Park, Chamakh, Bendtneror2- Cavani, Gotze, Hummells, CapoueAnd a secondary question….which would see us finish higher in the league.


    Nothing like stating the obvious Eh!
    Come up with idea of correcting the situation FFS .


  18. Jeff

    What Wenger is doing is a classic case of diversion. If you don’t want people to ask you about your team, the players and the fact that we sit at position 6 with a high risk of dropping out of the top four, you talk about any old rubbish while psychologically sweeping under the carpet the issues that really matter to the fans.

    How about asking him these questions:

    -What are you going to do if the club drops out of top four?

    -How can you stomach 8/9 years of no trophies on £140m per annum?

    -How comes you’ve bought so many duds?

    -Why are you paying the dross so much many of whom don’t even play anymore?

    I wouldn’t mind him answering a few of those. But no, let’s talk about things that do not matter to the club or its fans and pass the time of day like that. It is pathetic. You would find that most managers who are out of a job talk about “generic” stuff. Those in a job like to stick to what they know and what is their immediate concern; i.e. the club and where it’s going. Not when it comes to Arsene; he likes to talk about anything but the team. Why? Because he knows we’re in it up to our necks.

  19. Pryce

    If we have any injury to any of the cb we’re f..ked,asuming playing sagna bfg squid santos against b munich it will look like a match fixing.

  20. useroz

    No sane mind would believe no drug users in the PL; it’s a matter of time and effort before a scandal breaks…

    Did Rio F. not accidentally missed a drug test AND refused to do a follow up the next day??

  21. gambon


    50% of my posts in the last 2 years have been about corrcting the situation….you know this.

    1- Sack Wenger

    2- If that isnt an option, bring in a Director of Football that has at least as much power as Wenger. If Wenger wants to sign Gervinho he could say “No fucking chance” if Wenger wants to give Djourou £50k per week he would say “no fucking chance”.

    3- A leaner, higher quality squad. Ship out all the dross, all the kids that never get anywhere but Arsene is too sentimental to get rid of.

    4- Make a huge list of players to get rid of:


    5- We need to be telling these players they have no future NOW, not on 23rd August. Tell their agents to find them new clubs, start talking to clubs, and make it clear to them that if they dont fuck off they wont even be allowed to train.

    Initially we put prices on them, then the ones that are harder to shift we look at paying them off and lowering our prices.

    6- We would raise cash from this clear out, and save probably £1m per week in wages. With the rise in revenues expected, we could EASILY bring in 5 top end players. By top end I mean 5 guys on £100k-£200k per week.

    7- Of all the above players mentioned, we would still have the core of a very good squad:


    Thats still 19 out of a ~26 man squad needed

    8- We would still have a lot of top class youths


    9- Then we would need to buy a world class keeper, world class CB, world class DM, world class box to box mid, world class winger/wide AM, world class centre forward

    10- Win the PL and CL

  22. gambon

    “Did Rio F. not accidentally missed a drug test AND refused to do a follow up the next day??”

    Nothing to do with cheating though.

  23. karaul

    gambon –

    its shame its so logical but still not likely in next few years.. or do you believe than Usmanov has a chance to be in the lead in some time and actually start working on it? what your realistic scenario for next few yers?

    + you dont believe Afobe and Miyaichi could become good?

  24. kwik fit


    Kwik50% of my posts in the last 2 years have been about corrcting the situation….you know this.

    Don’t worry Gambon I agree with 90% of what you have said over the years. We need more like you to say how it is. Your points 1 to 10 are 100% correct. Just wish the fuckwit would read them and take them on board, especially point one 😉

  25. gambon


    I dont think Usmanov will get much more than 30% in the next 5 years.

    I think Gazidis is already intervening a lot and taking power away from Wenger. (The Djourou & Chamakh loans)

    Afobe- Really liked him but hes too wasteful and for a 20 year old hes miles away. Hes a championship player for the next few years, we need a world class CF, not a more technical Emile Heskey.

    Miyaichi- Think hes terrible. Have never seen anything that made me think hes even half decent. Will be a championship/Eredivisie/Ligue 1 player for his whole career once Wenger admits defeat.

  26. tomb

    What about a poll on here for:
    Slipping out the Champions League Places and losing Wenger….or
    getting 4th and another year of mediocrity

  27. Johnny5


    How do you know it was anything to do with cheating?

    Personally I think he went out and did shit loads of coke and needed 48hours a treadmill and bin bags wrapped round him to sweat it out

  28. Thomas

    lol so according to AKBers we cant afford to pay top wages to the likes of Cavani, Falcao, Higuain but we can afford to pay 450mill pw to a bunch of shite players that are either never getting picked or are out on loan. What a joke.

  29. Johnny5

    Spurs have looked a bit shit and needed monkey boy to save them twice. Newcastle are looking pretty good so hopefully spuds lose.

    Speaking of monkey boy spurs have got a little Irish lad who plays right wing in the youth team who is bales double. Seriously weird. He’s good though he battered our lads scored two or three and set two up I think.

  30. mystic

    Not sure I would agree with all that list:

    Rosicky – would continue to take a chance with him as a squad player (when he plays, granted not often, he is a decent player);
    Frimpong – Arsenal need players with commitment, reasonably impressed when seen him turn out;
    Campbell – sorry but until he has shown he can’t cope in the PL it is unfair to write him off;
    So that is 3 out of 25!

    Gambon, so it isn’t list one then? 🙂 lol

  31. gambon


    Rosicky – earns money for doing nothing. If he cant even challenge for a position hes a waste of resources.

    Frimpong – Wasnt good enough for Charlton yet good enough for Arsenal???

    Campbell – Barely good enough for Celta Vigo yet good enough for Arsenal?

    It seems you want us to be a mid table team, i dnt.

  32. Kenyangunner

    i have watched Joel Campbell several times and i think if he was at arsenal he would make a very great substitute player. I think he is better than Ox on the wing

  33. kwik fit

    Listening to soccer Saturday. I get the feeling that Jack is getting the good England player treatment. IE Getting blown up too early as a saviour , a player who is top top world class. Too much praise at too early stage. Yes potentially he can be all of the hype suggests but and its a big but , you risk losing the potential if you blow the talent out of all proportion at too early a stage. Just look at Bendtner.

  34. Doublegooner

    Ferguson on BBC Football Focus ..

    interviewer: would the pressure be on you if you went 5 years without a trophy ?

    Fergie: looking dead serious , 2 word answer ” It Wouldnt Happen” (repeated) It wouldn’t happen”..

    Wenger..A million miles away. ‘Eeerr ffforf is a trofey’

  35. mystic

    gambon February 9, 2013 12:22:09
    Like it or not a full squad will not consistent of star quality players, so it is necessary to look at whether any of the existing 2nd rate players might be able to add anything, even just occasionally;

    Rosicky – when fit is a fine squad player, but obviously you would like to weaken the overall position even further;
    Frimpong – he isn’t as professional as everyone would like to see, but his heart isn’t at Charlton, decent performances would have benefited his ambitions at Arsenal, but sometimes you need to remember that players have feelings (in this day and age supporters have become too accustomed to the idea that only money ever talks);
    Campbell – as I said above until he has proved he cannot hack it in the PL it is wrong to judge him – on your basis as Chamakh / Gervinho…. were such stunners in France it is 100% understandable that Wenger made a prat of himself.

    If anyone appears to want mid table it is you, as it appears that that cannot see reasonable opportunities (3 out of 25) – are you Wenger in disguise?

  36. Al

    Forget about frimpong. He is on his way out and the fact that he changed his twitter from frimpongAFC to frimpong, taking out the AFC part highlights that he knows what’s up

  37. Johnny5


    Rosiky is well past his best we should have better than him in our squad to choose from. Plus he’s rarely if ever fit

    Frimpong when he first emerged looked like he could have been a talent but he’s a dick head. Completely obsessed with his own hype and hanging around with celebrities.

    Campbell I know rather little about but apparently he’s expected to turn into a first rate footballer but we will see ay.

  38. kwik fit

    John aldridge just said about Liverpool ‘ if they want to snatch 4 th place away from spurs or everton they must start winning games’

    Nice one johnno , your probably right

  39. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Just caught the end of Ferguson’s interview on Football Focus..

    Cunt.. Now that that’s out of the way here’s some of his replies:

    What would happen if you went say 5 seasons without a trophy?

    It wouldn’t happen, simply wouldn’t happen, he replied.

    He spoke about the Everton game when they were 4-2 up last season; We did not expect them to come back at us. That will never happen again. Trust me.

    The man is so incredibly driven and focused. Every detail is taken care of. Every mistake is zoned in on.

    Couldn’t see him having the patience with our squad and repetitive mistakes we make.

    People talk about an average Utd side doing well. I wouldn’t quite buy that totally but he’s the reason they succeed. He will drive every last point out of them.

    Only positive thing is that when he goes they’ll not replace him.

    Anyway back to things Arsenal!

  40. kwik fit

    Liverpool dominated for 20 odd years 70’s and 80’s
    United have dominated for 20 odd year’s 90’s and 00’s

    Just think that when fergie kicks the proverbial bucket some other team will take up the baton . Could be us? No chance with the bunch of fucking losers in charge.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    A win today would be a massive boost but I think a draw is more likely. All depends if we are up for a cold day in the north.

  42. Leedsgunner

    Wenger pontificating again I see. I’ve figured out why he does it – when he does it clouds the issue and draws people away from asking people relevant FOOTBALLING questions like:

    1. Why is our defence so weak?
    2. Why does your tactical approach never change?
    3. Why does your squad lack real strength in depth year after year despite transfer funds being available?
    4. How come your squad goes from being players of immense mental strength when they win but weak and frail when they lose?
    5. How come you cannot sell your deadwood players? If it is because of their high wages – who decides them?
    6. What steps are you taking now to WIN the league next year?
    7. If you are not prepared to give substantial answers to the above, when are you handing in your resignation?

  43. gambon

    When fergie kicks the prov bucket, utd will have a £100m+ revenue gap to everyone else in an FFP based league.

    They could appoint Graeme Souness and win every domestic comp

    Right off to the pub for Spurs then illegal satellite for our game.


  44. Jeff

    So if Ferguson says “not winning a trophy for 5 years wouldn’t happen”, is that confidence or cockiness? Both I would say, because one compliments and fuels the other where he’s concerned.

    As for our Arsene, “I would be happy for 2nd for 20 years”.

    Spot the chasm between the two managers when it comes to intent, drive and desire to win.

    In his defence, Wenger had all those qualities once. But somewhere between the first and second half of his reign, it all changed and now nothing really matters. Top four is in danger of also becoming extinct and in time that too will cease to matter.

  45. mystic

    Rosicky is an ok squad member – has experience and if we are going to carry one injury prone player he would be my option – when fit his attitude is excellent and even if it is only going to be for a few games a season then out of a squad of 26 players it is worth harnessing that limited opportunity;

    Frimpong has issues, but again Arsenal need committed players and it is worth reviewing whether he has anything to offer – as we all saw at the beginning he does and with a decent manager maybe something could be extracted.

    There are 22 other players in that list and whether we like it or not we will have to consider at some point if a few short term options are worth chancing – frankly as long as Arsenal had a decent strong squad, then it is likely these players would get very limited 1st team opportunities (but that would be the case for many).

  46. Doublegooner


    If we’re still stuck with our conman in 2 years , you can guarantee Ferguson will make sure his parting gift is to deliver Jack up there.

    Wenger will still be cunting around muttering more rubbish.

  47. Johnny5


    No mate rosiky is ok but just ok. we should have a better option IMO.

    Sorry but frimpong only gives a shit about frimpong otherwise he’d be in all the papers etc saying such and that he can’t wait to get his chance at arsenal. He’s a cocky little bitch more interested in smashing women and going to nightclubs than working for his chance at arsenal.

  48. mystic

    If Rosicky is ok, then again it underlines that he is a reasonable squad player – as I said assuming Arsenal have a decent squad, then he is unlikely to get many opportunities anyway (but his experience would be useful);

    Frimpong has his faults, but with a decent manager at Arsenal there is potentially still something that could be harnessed – we are all assuming that his attitude at Charlton is the same as growing up at Arsenal. He showed that he can be a decent player, but the pressure from where his heart lies at the moment simply isn’t there.

  49. Al

    Can’t believe we missed out on momo sissoko. He is exactly the type of player we have been crying out for. The huge issue is that he is also the exact type of player Ferguson has been looking for ever since we had PV4 so i fully expect Ferguson to make a move for him at United

  50. Al

    Forget about frimpong. He is on his way out and the fact that he changed his twitter from frimpongAFC to frimpong, taking out the AFC part highlights that he knows what’s up

  51. El Tel

    Whatever Ferdinand was on Coke or performance enhancing drugs his team got away with it.

    They are responsible for Ferdinand yet never got punished.

    If I ducked a D and A test at work the Company would suffer some serious penalties if not lose their contract.

    I believe Wenger knows which teams are using drugs and which Referees are bent., the thing is He just cant say anything as He will lose his highly paid job.

    Every week we hear Managers calling the Referees cheats yet nothing gets looked into.

    If you all want to believe football in England is clean then fine bit dont have a pop at those who can see what is going on.

    The Piss heads comments are misleading. When He said it will never happen does not mean he is highly focused it just means what he says. It will never happen.

    Piss head isnt a one man Gangster, his whole Club are bent. It must be great to Manage a team that you know you can say and do whatever you want without sanction.

    Easiest Club in the EPL to manage.

  52. mystic

    To be honest as he is currently on loan again – at Fulham – I’m not exactly surprised he has removed AFC from his tag (mind you I’m not a Twitter bod, so have absolutely no idea about the ease / relevance / importance of names), he wouldn’t be considered very committed by his Craven Cottage fans if he had kept it.

  53. El Tel

    Why would the piss head want a tough tackling DM. It is not like other teams attack them is it.

    I have never seen any team in the EPL harrass them like they do other teams. They have a fat boxer as centre forward who throws elbows and kicks out unpunished and a hard working midfield and defence who never get put under pressure as it just results in a soft free kick for them.

    The traitor has not been involved in any scuffles since going to them as he is now properly protected. Is this what he means by I feel at home here?

    Only Citeh give them an hard game and even they get rough decisions against them.

    As soon as Team Sky (Manc cunt Utd) get found out the better.

    Football in England has been dead for many years. It is now full of cheats and mega money Gangsters.

    If everyone dumped Sky instead of moaning about the prices of tickets at Arsenal. Team Mancunster Sky will drop like a lead weight.

    The debts they are allowed to play under will be call in and they will be gone just like Galgy Rangers.

  54. Al

    Its a loan so why should they care if he had AFC on it. The fact that his contract is running out and he moved his 600,000 followers to his new twitter account clearly shows to me he is on his way out or he knows his time.

  55. mystic

    As I said I don’t know anything about Twitter, assumed that people just automatically moved when a name changed? Or do you actively have to set a new account each time you change names?

  56. Onshu

    BREAKING ARSENAL TEAM NEWS – Sunderland v Arsenal (1500 GMT)
    Aaron Ramsey and Santi Carzorla start in place of Abou Diaby and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.

    BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter Ian Dennis at the Stadium of Light:
    “I have some transfer news for Arsenal fans. I expect left-back Andre Santos to return to Brazil in the next few days, with a loan deal possible to Gremio.”

  57. Al

    Ramsey starts. I pray to god he is playing in the middle and Santi on the wings because if he is not we are in for a long game and another tactical move that will damage ramseys recent confidence and performances

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Why do we look such a weak team compared to Spurs?

    I mean literally, physically.

    They all look huge compared our tiny lot.

    Bale, Dembele, Caulker, Vertonghen, Parker, Walker…even the youngsters like Livermore….our guys look like little weedy dwarfs compared to them.

    We need to bulk some of our players up.

    Podolski is a big guy, Sagna is stacked, Giroud is big put a pussy…that’s about it. Even Verm is a bit weedy.

    Caz, tiny.
    WIlshere, tiny.
    Arteta, tiny.
    Walcott, tiny and frail.
    Gibbs, tiny.
    Mertesacker, big but frail and not at all strong. Gangly really.

    That’s why Cavani is a good idea, utter class, but also a big powerful guy.

    Capoue, again big powerful guy.

    I’d even have a look at Hulk, watching Bale tear it up, we don’t have a muscular marauding winger…I think he’s still in Russia, don’t keep up with the ‘weird’ moves and he’s reportedly having an awful time of it with the Russian fans.

    For a ‘decent’ price I’d take him.

    Walcott needs to watch Bale, stop bitching about being a striker and try to emulate him. Always find space, charge toward the goal, shoot from distance, play neat little side footers from the edge of the box into the centre.

    Bale is 100x the player Walcott is, when do you hear him bitch in the media? Or angle for a better deal?

    he signed with Spurs last year again and wasn’t the primodona Walcott was! Didn’t hold the club to ransom

  59. Alex James

    The predicted Spurs collapse is still on ice. And today we have the great spoilers and their chatterbox manager!

  60. Jamal

    “Is there anyone better in world football”

    Fuck me, What’s with the Gareth Bale arselicking on Sky !

    13 goals and 1 assisst in the PL. I guess that makes him the best player in the world

  61. Arsene's Nurse

    Where are you getting this from? Website says

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud.

    Substitutes: Mannone, Jenkinson, Miquel, Diaby, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski

  62. Al

    Bale is quality. Its the fact that once he is on the ball the opposition panick and take a couple of steps back . He is frightening when running at a team and is a constant threat on the ball and is constantly improving.. I can’t wait to see the back of him because once gone spuds are truely screwed

  63. Jeff

    The good news I suppose is that we can’t go below 6th (even if we lose). In all honesty we’ll probably end up 5th by the end of this week’s games as I don’t think Everton will beat Man U and I expect us to scrape a win against Sunderland. You never know though.

  64. gats

    LOL wenger is a fuucking twat. He hasnt played Jenkinson is bloody months, and now because his shite CB’s are injured his going to play a rb at CB and RB thathasnt played for like 4-5 months. Sagna and Mertasacker at the back? LOL lets hope we dont ship in 10 goals.

  65. Lee Pace

    See what happens when you break up a squad of world class players, bring in inferior players, then sell the best player when they become good while sitting back and watching your main rivals strengthen season after season?

    They slowly catch up, become as good then become better than you. That’s the story of the last 5-6 seasons.

    My only hope this season is the FA cup but can’t see us winning that with this squad, players are just too small and fragile. If we lose today we can forget CL football next season.

  66. Phallusaurus

    Koz risked and busted so most likely out for the inevitable Bayern mauling midweek.

    Sagna in the middle? Just as Bale puts the Spuds into 3rd and we need to respond it’s all going tits in the defence.

    We need out of Europe if we’ve any chance of a top 4 place I reckon, I should think Bayern will be more than happy to oblige. If we had a squad he could juggle around the next few games, unfortunately we don’t so further injuries are a certainty. He’ll gamble on too many players and it will bite him in the arse big time.

    Our whole season could be about to unravel over the next 3 weeks. Yet apparently there was nobody out there that could’ve improved our squad. Oh and don’t forget RVP was sold for “footballing reasons”.

    The fucking shambolic mismanagement just carries on and on…….

  67. LeMassiveCoq

    We have two p;ayers at every position (Arsene Wenger, Jan 2013).

    Why is an out of form RB, playing at CB then Arsene you lying fucking cunt?

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Sold Bartley, to keep Squillaci and Djourou, probably because their wages are too difficult to shift them.

    Loaned one of them, the other one isn’t trusted over a full back to play his natural position…

    Fantastic management!!!

  69. Cesc Appeal

    World class striker…..goal.

    Giroud…. misses target totally and sticks tounge out.

    The lift a Cavani Jovetic signing would have given us both in front of goal and morally would have been fantastic.

    I just don’t understand Arsenal and Arsene’s thought process.

    Unless of course that mountain of cash is being used for something else….

  70. marcus

    Great action from wilshere to go past his man. He seams to be the only one who can go past players these days. Not much trickery in this team.