Messi contract is mega | Wenger in for expensive players | Premiership sanctions coming

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Post transfer window blues? Feeling the effects of SAD? Wish things would brighten up? Fear not… it’s that time of the year when we’re all looking at that £1000+ we’ll have to level out on a season ticket… Ivan has a plan to make you feel better. A transfer story…

Arsenal, according to the Telegraph are ‘seriously’ considering adding Jovetic to the front line this summer for the sum of £20m. This Eastern European has all the ingredients to make it big, great technique, positional awareness, a clinical edge as well as a questionable injury record. He’d mark a step change in player purchase and he’d certainly whet the appetite of the home faithful.

The same article also mentioned our need to replace Bacary Sagna along with the managers lust to buy a younger, fitter more aggressive defensive midfielder in the shape of Etienne Capoue… a player scouted by the good people of Le Grove long ago.

The question is why these issues haven’t already been addressed. I’m also interested to know why someone at the club is peppering stories like this into the media already. Remember, Jeremy Wilson is the only man from the UK press who has been granted access to Stan Kroenke. His info will be from a genuine source.

For me, it’s more of the same. The gaps were there last summer, surely we should have addressed them then? Why does it take take a loss for Wenger to react? Debuchy is an international right back and he moved for a pittance in January,Sissoko is major Premier League talent and he also moved in January. Are we to believe the only club in Europe who can make deals on the cheap happen is Newcastle?

The only hope I’ve got for the summer is that Wenger will want to go out with a bang, so he might change the habit of a lifetime and make some clever moves. Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re not 3 players away from challenging these days. We’re 5 players and a new approach. Lucky for us, the quality pool around us is so weak we’re more than capable of keeping in the competition that can keep us going into the new era…

The Premier League is putting in sanctions to ensure no man can ever pump half an economy into a club to earn success double quick. Any club with a deficit of £105m in three seasons time would face the ultimate sanction… Ninety minutes in the punditry box with Alan Shearer…

Just jokes… I’m talking point deductions. Currently Chelsea,City, Liverpool and Villa would be in breach. Arsenal are the only club in the UK who will have £105m in cash reserves by the time this rule kicks in. Ivan Gazidis was warned this would this would not lead to more points being granted.

The other rule they’re looking at is a salary inflation cap for clubs with wage bills over £56m. I’m struggling to comprehend this one a bit. I think the rule is you can only add £4m a year to your bill above that fee. This has been put in place to stop agents gobbling up the new TV revenue. Possibly great news for the fans… the temptation to increase season tickets won’t be so strong if financial pressure on clubs is alleviated.

I think most fans will be pleased with the new rules. La Liga is about to suffer a massive hit this summer because all their clubs are broke, we certainly wouldn’t want that here. You wonder how long the Barca bubble will last? They just awarded Messi €36m a year… €692k a week… £99k a day… €4100 an hour!

That’s mega. If anyone deserves such a fee it’s him. When I say deserve, I mean in the world of football. Never involved in scandal, never injured and always on top world class form. An amazing talent…

… but a huge expense. So don’t get your hopes up about Wenger lodging a bid.

That’s all I’ve got today, take this post, share and absorb its meaty goodness.

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  1. Dannyboy

    and if that is the way to beat them guys, it certainly doesn’t work on Keyser, as he gets called a cunt all the time and just rallies back even stronger…

  2. Dannyboy

    haha kwik it’ll be interesting to hear things from his point of view, rather than just the opposite of everyone elses.

    Go on Keyser mate 😉



    Nah Keyser is the Tim Henman of Tennis..

    Dim,but nice..Not quite there…A loser,that lacked ambition..!!

  4. kwik fit

    We really pull and feeln a ral you know what. Listen guys my you know what gets really erect on occassicionsdd.

    Its me!

  5. goonerboy

    Vix Affair-
    Your figures appear to have been lifted from Swiss Ramble. What you didn’t mention though was the key point made by Swiss Ramble about our financial position- that
    “he (Gazidis) must be concerned about the continuing decline in operating profits, which have fallen from a £31 million peak in 2008/09 for the football business. In fact, excluding property development, the club actually reported an operating loss of £18 million last season, compared to the previous year’s £9 million operating profit.”
    “This £28 million turnaround was due to operating expenses (£38 million) rising much faster than revenue (£10 million).”
    “Arsenal’s profits have been very reliant on player sales and (to a lesser extent) property development. In 2011/12″,
    ” if we exclude the £2.5 million profit from property development and the £65.5 million profit from player sales, the football club would actually have made a sizeable loss of £31.3 million.”

    He goes on to say “No other leading club has been so dependent on player sales as part of its business model..”

    Thats the real picture- not your selective quote. I am not saying that you are the only one to exaggerate the amount of money available but the key point is because of the dross we are carrying in the squad,there is nothing like the money available to spend on players which you (and others on here) claim.

    Take 35m out as lost revenue for next season as a result of failure to qualify for the ECL and you get a much more realistic figure.

    Of course before season ticket renewal Arsenal FC don’t want to make the puny amount available to strengthen the team public.

  6. Adole Godwin

    One man gets almost 48Billion (NGN) in five years, this is crazy….and to challenge curruption in high places when a club can pay this much to just one player……this is unthinkable!