Jack Wilshere lands on the world scene

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Well, whaddya know… England, beating Brazil… Jack Wilshere… stealing the show.

I didn’t get the chance to watch the game last night, but from all the accounts I’ve been taking in this morning, it sounds like Mr Wilshere really announced himself on the world scene last night. People have been comparing him to the Gazza of old, which is huge positive. It’s also great to see him take his Arsenal form into an England game. Not something you could ever really say of Stevie G and Frank Lampard over the years. Hopefully he can bring a bit of joy in summer tournaments going forward.

I think what I like most about reading around is that 1) It’s quite apparent that Jack Wilshere is a big game player, he proved it against Barca and he’s done it again against Brazil. He’s not afraid to put himself about against the best 2) He’s actually quite composed. Considering how badly he gets battered around in games, he’s got an incredibly cool head. He gets involved in scraps, but he’s learnt quickly how far he can push things. A show of intelligence Gazza certainly didn’t have,

News on the injury front is potentially not so good. Firstly, we have Santi Cazorla coming back from Qatar. I mean, honestly, is it just me or do the Spanish FA go out of their way to book tours anywhere but Europe? He’ll likely be tired from the long flight which could affect whether he starts. Aaron Ramsey was withdrawn before his game for Wales, Koscielny was taken off for France with a suspected calf injury and word on the street says Theo Walcott might not be in the best of shape.

Hopefully none of the above injuries will be too serious… it’d be a hell of a break if they were.

There’s really hardly any news around this morning. I don’t even want to get into the comments Pearce made about bringing Jack along to the under 21 championships. It simply shouldn’t be allowed. He’s putting himself before the well being of a great player. This is where clubs should be allowed to step in. Essentially, the player is their asset… yet football associations are allowed to send them into the red zone and beyond. It’s a terribly selfish mechanic. The clubs have the money, the money generally comes from the fans regardless of whether it’s TV… they should have

Did I just get into the Pearce comments?

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  1. j wheazy

    Vix… demba ba’s release clause means fuck all…

    we arent offering the same wages as chelsea because we cant… same with mata. we agreed fee, his agent probably sniffed out chelsea and he decided to hold on until his release clause was no longer valid.

    then you say victor moses, remy, sissoko, mbiwa, etc. really? those are the world class players you want at the club?

    those players arent going to come to arsenal to sit on the bench, and that is exactly where they will sit.

    who is remy going to start over? he cant even get into the french squad. we have true internationals in every position the players bought by whoever play in. thats a fact.

    giroud is class, poldi is class, santi is class. ox is young class. per is a full time almost automatic german player.

    vertongen knew he wouldnt start over verms, mert or kosc…. thats why he didnt come

    dembele….not better than jack, santi or arteta….

    zaha… really? hes not even that good in the championship. not even the best player on his team. ox is miles better and has a much higher ceiling

    wenger has bought some gems. he has 80% success rate. every manager signs flops. fergie has signed a ton of them.

    its time to get realistic. we are not a club that wins trophies every year. we are and always has been a club that wins in cycles. i think there will be another cycle coming very soon. everyone is tied to long contracts and we have signed some class players over the past 2 summer windows. young mixed with old, we have bulked up as well. have faith in the club, they know what they are doing

  2. Keyser

    “You know the bottom end of the line..
    The Club’s ambition is rooted firmly in the P&L Statement’s..”

    Well now, pay attention to your own comment.

    Van Persie profited from that same lack of ambition, when people on here were saying Wenger’s an idiot for relying on a crock, someone who’s played X amount of games each year before he gets injured, X amount too few for a top class team, Van Persie didn’t say ‘I’m leaving’, ‘Or the club deserves better than me’, he took his paycheck home.

    Bergkamp took a paycut to play another year and be around for players like him, did Van Persie give any money back, when he realised he wasn’t living up to his ambition ? Fuck no.

  3. j wheazy

    and rvp is a cunt…. he said sign good players, wenger went out and signed good players. stats dont lie. he signed 3 of the best attacking players bought during the summer….fact

    poldi, santi and giroud all have better stats than hazard. they have better stats than all other players signed last summer other than michu….fact.

    if rvp was at arsenal, we would be fighting for the title. his goal have given united something like 17 points and he would have finished all the chances giroud missed in the first few games like the one against sunderland. he has done the same thing for united that he did for us. united have been poor. people complain about our defense, but united have conceeded more.

    and our defensive mistakes are no longer caused by shape or a high line without pressure on the ball…. they are from basic errors like sagna falling over or clearing a ball straight into our box. thats not wengers fault. im sure they arent telling sagna to kick the ball to the middle while vermalen falls over.

  4. gambon

    “and rvp is a cunt…. he said sign good players, wenger went out and signed good players. stats dont lie. ”

    You are an idiot.

    Try and get this through your thick skull…


    Why is that so fucking hard for you morons to understand?

  5. gambon

    “poldi, santi and giroud all have better stats than hazard.”

    Poldi & Giroud the strikers, have done better than Hazard…….the midfielder?

    Done better at what exactly? Hazard isnt a goalscorer, isnt supposed to be.

    As for Cazorla…….8 goals, 9 assists

    Hazard……8 goals, 12 assists

    And hes 6 years younger.

    Sorry you were saying?

    Unfortunately J wheazy you have failed your audition, you are a thick AKB.

    The club doesnt need your sort.

  6. William 89

    Vix – you bell end. It just sound like you lack that fire in your belly that most fans have. And as ever the vitriol and argumentative tags only get applied to anyone who dares suggest that Rvp did something wrong. Dislike for Rvp should be the norm and not this hero crap you come out with.

    Jeff – I’m sorry fella but you lot come across as the odd ones unable to have a rational thought. There very fella you praise comes across as some fat deluded troll yet you worship his every words and claim it as fact?

  7. Test

    “Hazard……8 goals, 12 assists”

    Six of them are penalty dives converted by Fat Frank and Torres. Chamakh dived and earned few penalties in his early day, in which, Cesc scored. Does that mean Chamakh has assisted these goals because he’d a better talent than Giroud?

    In life, people are not equal. Some of them has an IQ score lower than 50.