Jack Wilshere lands on the world scene

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Well, whaddya know… England, beating Brazil… Jack Wilshere… stealing the show.

I didn’t get the chance to watch the game last night, but from all the accounts I’ve been taking in this morning, it sounds like Mr Wilshere really announced himself on the world scene last night. People have been comparing him to the Gazza of old, which is huge positive. It’s also great to see him take his Arsenal form into an England game. Not something you could ever really say of Stevie G and Frank Lampard over the years. Hopefully he can bring a bit of joy in summer tournaments going forward.

I think what I like most about reading around is that 1) It’s quite apparent that Jack Wilshere is a big game player, he proved it against Barca and he’s done it again against Brazil. He’s not afraid to put himself about against the best 2) He’s actually quite composed. Considering how badly he gets battered around in games, he’s got an incredibly cool head. He gets involved in scraps, but he’s learnt quickly how far he can push things. A show of intelligence Gazza certainly didn’t have,

News on the injury front is potentially not so good. Firstly, we have Santi Cazorla coming back from Qatar. I mean, honestly, is it just me or do the Spanish FA go out of their way to book tours anywhere but Europe? He’ll likely be tired from the long flight which could affect whether he starts. Aaron Ramsey was withdrawn before his game for Wales, Koscielny was taken off for France with a suspected calf injury and word on the street says Theo Walcott might not be in the best of shape.

Hopefully none of the above injuries will be too serious… it’d be a hell of a break if they were.

There’s really hardly any news around this morning. I don’t even want to get into the comments Pearce made about bringing Jack along to the under 21 championships. It simply shouldn’t be allowed. He’s putting himself before the well being of a great player. This is where clubs should be allowed to step in. Essentially, the player is their asset… yet football associations are allowed to send them into the red zone and beyond. It’s a terribly selfish mechanic. The clubs have the money, the money generally comes from the fans regardless of whether it’s TV… they should have

Did I just get into the Pearce comments?

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  1. gambon


    Wenger also nearly ruined his career by constantly injuring him, until he defied him and brought his own fitness trainer in.

  2. lord snotty

    Jack Wilshere does not score goals- does it really matter? Let him concenrate on doing what he does best, the goals may come in good time…..And I have got 2 words to say to .Stuart Pearce, the second one is “off”

  3. Joppa Road

    Arsenal FC: Potential for 80,000+ per week and be a world super power in football. Instead championing 4th as a trophy and selling all our world class players to the current football super powers.

    The board and Wenger are all ***** and should be sacked for it. We need a board to take us to the top of world football, to not roll over and take it up the arse when Barca, City and United come knocking. We need a board and owner who will trample over anyone to get to the top.

    Usmanov is the man, he is there. Unfortunately we have the most passive home support in the EPL.

    4th is not a trophy. Arsenal are HUGE. When are people going to realise that?

  4. fuckit4thwilldo?


    “They didnt let Cesc go, we did our child trafficking thing.”

    So we stole him against Barca and Cesc’s will??

    Your argument is slowly merging into fiction…..

  5. gambon

    Coming 4th isnt a problem necessarily, but it should be seen as a bad season and a blip, not “this is my greatest achievement”

    The thing that matters in football isnt winning, its the constant quest to improve, and we dont have that.

    We finish 4th this season and you will see, it will be a case of “phew” all round, and lets do the same next season, rather than taking the attitude that 4th is a platform to get up to 2nd/1st.

    There is also a willful denial at the realities of football.

    To win the PL you need world class players, to buy or keep world class players you need to pay world class wages….so thats where the discussion ends with Arsenal, as wenger isnt willing to pay anyone but himself world class wages.

    Until we have a proper wage bill we wont have the calibre of players needed to compete, therefore we wont compete.

    This suits Wenger, as hes terrified of competing and terrified of the pressure buying top players would bring.

    Ive said it before, and i’ll say it again, Mourinho absolutely killed Wenger. Wenger thought he was the greatest manager ever in May 2004, then Mourinho won the CL (something he will never be able to do), came to the PL and toppled the Invincibles while scoring more points, and absolutely fucked with Wenger mentally.

    Since then Wenger has decided he wants to be the best paid academy coach in history, and the board are too incompetent to understand the problems and potential at Arsenal.

  6. gambon


    It was 100% against Barcas will.

    They couldnt offer him a contract as he was 15, on his 16th birthday we offered him a guaranteed pro contract the second he turned 17, a big fee to him/parents, bought them a house etc.

    Why exactly do you think the likes of Martinez, Iliev, Angha, Bellerin, Ebecilio, Olsson, Toral, Gnabry, Barazite etc join us?

    You think its a coincidence that all the U17s that join us sign a pro contract within days of their 17th birthday?

    You think they sign for us because we pay them less than their original clubs?

  7. Bouldy's Left Testicle


    Gambon & Guns at it again today with their highly insightful turdy views and total out of context facts.

    Do you think JW would have had it easier making assist playing with Titi & Bergkamp, or even RvP the cunt? Knobheads. Totally different class up top now vs then.

    And please, enough with the Sir Asshole Fucker praise. How did he develop Anderson, with obvious fucking world class talent? And I can name many more, so dont worry about that.

    AW has developed several of the finest footballer this planet has ever seen. How can you not acknowledge that? What do they put in your food over there? Totally lost in your own smugness you two.

    I can go oon and ooon about all the shit that comes out from you two. But I cant bother, its just too much.

    Oh, and did you happen to watch our ‘average’ JW own the midfield yesterday?

    How can anyone agree with these two empty packets of crisps?


  8. Guns of Hackney

    Thanks for reminding William of that, Gambon!

    RVP had to bring HIS own trainer in because Wenger had no idea how to play him – the result, twice player of the year, twice top goal scorer and PL winner.

    I think it is you William who may be the tool.

  9. Joppa Road

    But what I am saying though Gambon is that only a few clubs can take it to the next level. Spurs for instance could finish 4th but you wouldn’t expect them to challenge the season after because they don’t have the resources.

    Arsenal should be competing with the resources they have. I don’t understand this whole Kronke thing either. He has more money than he can ever spend, what are his aims with Arsenal and why have we never pressured him to answer? Don’t just tell me ‘He bought the club he can do what he wants and doesn’t have to answer’ because Arsenal are not a ‘normal’ business – they are what they are because of the fans. So the fans need to know.

    Also fan wise very very few clubs could match Arsenal for support. A challenging Arsenal side would hit 80,000 fans a week. Apart from Man U which other English team could pull that kind of crowd?

    We need start thinking big and the fans need to start putting pressure on Kronke and the board to answer our questions.

  10. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Not my point at all,

    Why would these players CHOOSE to come to Arsenal?

    In your own words, Arsene doesn’t develop players? so why would you choose as a promising Barca academy player to go to a club at such a young age to be developed by a manager who can’t develop players?

  11. gambon


    I agree with you. My point is that coming 4th should be a stepping stone to better, not a case of “phew, now lets sell Cesc”.

    Arsenals attitude is disgusting.

    Look at last season:

    UTD came second, Fergie “We have to retain the title next season”

    Followed byu the purchase of the PLs best player.

    Arsenal came 3rd, Wenger “that was one of my great achievements”

    Followed by selling of the PLs best player to the team that finished 19 points ahead of us.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Bouldy – only you mentioned Anderson.

    Those finest footballers were already going to be great – he did not change their DNA or physicality. I don’t think I am lost in my own smugness, at all – I merely stated at the top of the post that we should get some perspective regarding JW, that’s all.

    Ferguson IS the best manager of all time. That is a fact. He has consistently found players, either through youth development or by buying at the right time and turned them into winners. Pray tell, what exactly has Arsene Wenger done in the past 8 seasons? What has he won? Who has he discovered? Nurtured? Developed?

    Apart from JW, our training facilities and youth development hasn’t exactly been flush with talent.

    I await your response.

  13. Joppa Road

    Gambon, it’s as if Arsenal as a club have fully accepted their place in the pecking order when we should be the top dogs. What a wasted opportunity we may look back on if we don’t let Usmanov come in and take us to the next level. The platform is there, the support is there but we are pissing it away and the next generations of supporters will go elsewhere. Arsenal have no looked after their own and it will come back to bite them.

    I just wish the home fans were more mental.

  14. Guns of Hackney


    In 2004, Arsenal could have been as big as anyone in the world – FFS we had just gone an unbeaten season. Everyone in Europe was standing up and looking – we could have got any player in the world after that year but…the mighty Wenger fucked everything up and 10 years later, we are a mid table team.

    I lay all the blame for Arsenal’s decline on Wengers £7m shoulders!!!

  15. Joppa Road

    I think if the board sit back and allow the current situation to continue then all is lost. We need to make a move now. Usmanov needs to be more vocal, he needs to get the fans behind him and press for change.

    The fans need to not accept more of the same and question Wenger as a manager not an economist.

    Shit needs to happen now or we will have 20 years in the wilderness.

  16. gambon


    The fact that we have gotten together with UTD to try and get FFP introduced into the PL is absolutely ridiculous.

    They have a £100m revenue gap from us, the very last thing we should be doing is adopting FFP that will leave them vastly ahead of us for ever.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    It would be ironic if Arsenal were slapped because of FFP – it would be the final nail in my support coffin.

    We are shit. Not the joyful, shit…but just shit!

  18. William 89

    Spent most of his time at arsenal injured but still took his wages and then has 1 good season and decides to maximise his earning potential and f’cks off…

    If he’d gone for the ‘new challenge’ the season before then that would have been fine but he didn’t. If that’s your an idea of a hero…

  19. gambon

    “Spent most of his time at arsenal injured but still took his wages and then has 1 good season and decides to maximise his earning potential and f’cks off…”

    Wenger was the one that injured him.

    He was also player of the season in 2008/9, when he was excellent.

    Silly cunt.

  20. Johnny5


    What can actually be done when there are too many akb idiots still loyal to wenger who starts fights with anyone who dare even try putting a banner up?

  21. Guns of Hackney


    Like Diaby, Rosicky et all – players who contribute the sum total of NOTHING and have taken millions from Arsenal. RVP may have been injured, but we now know why – Wenger mistreated him.

    He’s our 7th all time leading scorer – not a bad return for someone who was injured all the time. With a following wind and bit of luck, I could see him pushing Henry at the very top.

    We’re the idiots who let him go.

  22. fuckit4thwilldo?


    “it would be the final nail in my support coffin.”

    I think that nail is already firmly in place.

  23. William 89

    Wenger had no idea how to play RVP? Fair enough the medical side of things may have been messed up but playing but injury aside RVP was played well hence his goals hence his value…. Honestly the shear ineptitude in what your saying is staggering…

  24. Johnny5


    What hackney said. Also I’d add that it wasn’t money he left for he had more on offer from city but took less to go to united because they’re a better team and they don’t accept second best.

  25. William 89

    “Wenger was the one that injured him.” Yep I’m the silly cunt…

    You spend all your time trying to get rid of injury ridden players but somehow RVP is exception and we should have kept him… utter contradictory shit but then what do you expect…

  26. Guns of Hackney


    I’m not sure what to say. There is no way any self respecting Arsenal fan should have anything but respect for RVP. He stayed when all around him, the team was going from bad to worse. He is 29 and deserves better than what he would have got at Arsenal. In his first season he’ll win the PL and still might win the CL.

    Arsene Wenger has more loyalty to Diaby, than to RVP – what does that say about the mental state of your leader?

    I think this conversation is over – if you can’t see it, I can’t help you.

  27. William 89

    He didn’t leave for the money is the biggest rubbish I’ve ever heard… You have no idea what his actual options were and in terms of merchandisint the brand RVP his earning potential is massively bigger at Man U… You suddenly noticed that beats audio advert he stars in?

    Try to think about it… RVP hero yep….

  28. gambon

    “He didn’t leave for the money is the biggest rubbish I’ve ever heard…”

    Why didnt he go to city?


  29. William 89

    Sorry he deserves better than sticking with a team that seen him through injury nightmare and gave him the chance to repay the faith and support the fans had given him…

  30. William 89

    Gambon – Try to read the whole bit…. Merchandising potential… Do you think anyone outside Manchester support city or know any of their players you? Add together the wages and endorsements and you might get a better picture of your hero…

    Why do you think Madrid offer massive wages but insist on take the cut of personal rights…


  31. Johnny5


    Clearly your one of those die hard akb’s who is blind. Bet you’d jump I. A grenade for him. Yuppie sheep. It was widely known he was offered more money to go to city and RVP has never been a brand you melt. And you’re wrong anyway it would have been better for any commercial dealings outside of football to be associated with the team that won it last.

  32. Guns of Hackney

    Man United could give him something that he was never going to get at Arsenal.

    If a better job comes up, I take it. Why should he be any different?

    Come on – lets agree to disagree on this.

  33. William 89

    Guns of Hackney what the fuck has anything I’ve said go to do with Wenger… I support Arsenal and RVP is a traitor in my books just as Viv Anderson was when he fucked off to Man U under your spiritual leader Graham…

    I don’t expect loyalty but when I don’t get it, like most Gooners. I’ll call ’em cunts

  34. Johnny5

    ‘Most Arsenal Fans don’t have respect for him so what does that say?’

    Know most arsenal fans do you?

    I know a lot of gooners and the majority I know think he did the right thing and actually are quite thankful he released that letter because it has brought the issue of wenger being a fucking idiot to light in the media.

  35. the Troof

    Some fools said that Morhino (Spelt wrong) blew Wenger out of the water when he arrived… the man spent 100 million billion trillion for f sake.

    All you haters cannot acknowledge or comprehend the bigger story … that is Arsenal.
    when the level playing field (financial fair play) kicks in. we will see if the chelseas mancities and all the other clubs can compete…. aint that the troof

  36. fuckit4thwilldo?


    Rvp went to United to win stuff end of. Which is fair enough. Doesn’t make him a money grabbing cunt but certainly doesn’t make him an Arsenal hero either. Kind of how Gerrard wouldn’t be a Liverpool hero if he went to United.

    People on here just say shit like RVP = hero to get a bite out of people

    You bit.

  37. William 89

    Johny5 – f’off with your yuppie sheep shit it’s not the eighties anymore you tool. I appreciate that in your f’d up mind it’s all to do with Wenger but as I said in my previous comment it’s a ‘fan’ thing to hate a player that abandons you… you probably won’t get it… so just keep on repeating your standard bollocks to your bollocks mates…

  38. Johnny5

    Also more mancs actually support city you moron that’s why people make jokes like

    what’s the worst part of being a united fan? The train up from London.

  39. Johnny5


    It is wengers fault all of it. The fact arsenal don’t buy proper top quality players is down to wenger. The reason he doesn’t pay top dollar market rate wages is down to wenger. Tactics down to wenger. You can’t blame players for wanting to leave when wenger is an unambitious cunt who would rather spend nothing and retain 4th than spend money to win titles.

  40. Guns of Hackney

    Is William, Keyser?

    Anyway, RVP obviously had a very good reason to leave London to go to horrible old Madchester…The fucking Arndale Centre.

    If anyone hasn’t already guessed, I really hate the North and Northerners…my wife is from the Midlands and it was touch and go for a while.

  41. William 89

    Johnny5- sort of fan you hang around with sound like ‘yuppies’ to me and are the one I know or have ever met. As I say your more obsessed with Wenger than Arsenal right now which has made you lose perspective on all things Gooner. Ironic?

  42. William 89

    Johnny5 – “Also more mancs actually support city you moron that’s why people make jokes like”

    You’re making this too easy…. did you read the

    “Do you think anyone outside Manchester support city or know any of their players you”


    I’ll leave you alone now as clearly you have lack something I don’t want to come across as mean…

  43. Guns of Hackney


    THAT’S way too far North…I was thinking my cut off is Brent Cross. I don’t go South of London either…basically, I stay in Hackney, The City, West End and Highbury…I am a very well traveled guy! LOL

  44. Johnny5


    Wrong mate. Me and those who think like me are the ones that can see clearly that arsene is fucking up everything at arsenal because of his ego. I’m not obsessed with wenger. I’m obsessed with getting him out of the club I love though. That’s what makes me a real ‘fan’ because I put the club first not wengers bullshit. You stupid wenger loving cunt.

    You fucking sheep .



    I think you’re out of your depth son..

    For the record,RVP is a hero..Our hero!!
    Always will be,my hero!!!!

  46. TT

    Actually Vixen William puts his argument forward far better than GoH or j5…just a shame that I have to disagree with him though..

  47. Johnny5


    Speech impediment?? Really all that wenger ring licking seems to have fucked with your imagination if that’s all you got in the way of insults.

    Fuck it,

    I wouldn’t call him a hero but I respect what he did and why he had to leave.

  48. Johnny5

    And yes keyser I want arsene to fuck off out of the club be that he gets sacked, quits or puts a fork in an electric socket. I’m not really bothered which.

  49. William 89

    So, what your saying is?

    Henry = cunt
    Viera = cunt
    Bergkamp= cunt

    As they stayed beyond their money earning potential days under Wenger and didn’t have the bollocks to fuck off and slag off Arsenal? In fact Henry’s a double cunt for coming back to support Wenger?


  50. Dan Ahern

    People still saying we have to forget RvP and move on.

    Don’t think so. He still comes up all the time for a reason. His sale cemented us as a 2nd tier team in the Premier League, going from a team that used to always be focused on winning to a team content to just take a puncher’s chance at winning.

    You can feel however you want personally about van Persie, but this is the bottom line:
    He was/is the best striker in the PL, he was under contract for Arsenal, he was sold to a direct competitor (who were already stronger than us).

  51. Johnny5


    No they’re not cunts but that was arsenal of old a different arsenal and stark contrast to the arsenal we have today. Wenger has fucked arsenal to the point where players want to leave for success because they like me and many fans can see the direction wenger is heading isn’t a good one and will lead to mediocrity.

  52. William 89

    or in toned down Johnny ‘I’m not obsessive just…miffed’ terms:

    Henry = I have no respect for…
    Viera = I have no respect for…
    Bergkamp = I have no respect for…

  53. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Just want to chip in with some footie stuff instead of little squabbles amongst folk.
    The Lampard situation, I reckon Abramovich is looking to trim the wage bill and move the big earners off to a new club or out to pasture, I do not think we will see a team of players earning big money at clubs in the near future, maybe two or three big names but the days of spending outside of earnings could be coming to an end.
    The owners want to make money not lose it, we will see owners paying dividends to themselves and shareholders in the near future, after all that is why they want FFP rules to be implemented. We will have a better idea when the announcement on new rules re: financing is made later today.

    One thing that is certain is ticket prices will continue to rise while certain fans and tourists can afford to pay the price. The premier league games will be similar to Major Euro finals in the make-up of the people attending,
    i.e. corporate, celebs, officials and those that can afford it, the traditional fanbase will struggle to attend matches due to the prices and the days of going as a family are dying.

  54. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – That is not the bottom line at all.

    You can’t buy loyalty and players know that, he was going to run his contract down and forced the club into a corner. That’s all.

    All you have to do is go back through Le Grove’s comments to realise what people thought of him.

    What’s funny is that he exemplified everything that people think is wrong about the club, he’s not a hero, he’s a Wenger lovechild that stabbed him in the back to get the best possible deal for himself.

    Either accept that’s the way football is now, or deride him along with Wenger and whoever else you want to blame.

  55. William 89

    Arsenal 1886-2006 – Thanks for that…

    But can some one let me know if Henry is a cunt or not as I’m very confused… clearly the greatest thing since sliced bread and a bit of a legend… However by supporting Wenger must be a cunt?

    I (and I’m sure the younger ones like Johnny here) need guidance…

  56. Dan Ahern

    Keyser: “he was going to run his contract down and forced the club into a corner”

    Terribly sorry Keyser, but he was under contract for another year.

  57. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – What are you sorry about ? He was 6 months away from being able to talk to other clubs. Was there a point ?!

  58. gambon

    Henry supports Wenger so much that he couldnt wait to get out of the club in 2006, saying very clearly that David Dein leaving was the reason.

    Henry loved Dein, hated Wenger, thinks hes a french child-snatcher.

    Also, loves him so much that he had dinner with Usmanov, where they discussed how they can topple Wenger, possibly kill him and dump the body in the Thames.

  59. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — This is the point. He did not HAVE to be sold. You would only think he HAS to be sold if you count money to be more important that football.

    In other words, the only reason he had to be sold was because it was the last opportunity to make a good profit. After the summer all the hard work developing him would disappear as his price toppled. But what’s the point of developing a world-class player? To be a world-class team, or to profit (financially) from your development skills?

  60. Johnny5


    Yes mate it’s dolmio day and what about it. Seriously though why would I think Henry’s a cunt because he likes wenger. He also likes going to dinner with usmanov but that doesn’t mean he’s conspiring to take kroenke down does it.

  61. Thomas

    @ gambon

    Haha I know. Wenger is scared shitless of Mourinho. Wenger has been acting like a madman ever since Mourinho called him a ‘voyeur’.

  62. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – “After the summer all the hard work developing him would disappear as his price toppled.”

    Exactly all the hard work the CLUB put in, Wenger, coaches, other players who had to make up for his shortcomings and after a year of him finally beggining to pay back the 6 years of unfulfilled promise he turned around and said ‘match the ambition other clubs have’.

    You don’t get it, go back through Le Groves’ comments, the Club had kept him around because they thought he’d be World Class. They’d invested all that time and loyalty and once he’d finally come good, he wasn’t willing to commit himself to the club.

    So after all those years of hoping that his luck with injuries would change they risked getting back little to nothing of what they’d put in.

    At best Van Persie is a Wenger love child that came good but didn’t stay around long enough for the club to benefit.

  63. Keyser

    What’s worse is all those years of the plebs calling him a crock, he came out and said it was just bad luck and impact injuries.

  64. William 89

    Sorry Johnny – you give the impression of hating all things Wenger and have respect for players that f Arsenal (Wenger is Arsenal according to some other comment) over so you would have thought that a player doing the opposite you would have no respect for… but he ho maybe not.

  65. Keyser

    Oh Ho Ho, Jowls ? little gammy’s been brushing up on his vocabulary.

    Bet you dribbled a bit on at least 3 of the words from your last most.

  66. Johnny5


    It makes no sense hating Henry because he likes wenger. Wenger wasn’t always the cunt he is now. Once he had a good team round him and shit was handled properly, that’s the wenger Henry remembers. Now he’s just an egotistic cunt who thinks he’s right and everyone else in football is wrong. He is a laughing stock and making a mockery of the club.


    Keyser”You can’t buy loyalty and players know that”
    I think in Arsene’s case you can..



    You mean,you can’t buy loyalty from the top-end player’s..?

  68. Johnny5


    No wrong dude I hate fans who follow wenger blindly never questioning his ambition or the absolute shite he chats to the media. The ones who defend him putting profits before success. I hate them.

  69. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Dan Ahern
    February 7, 2013 16:12:11

    This is the point. He did not HAVE to be sold. You would only think he HAS to be sold if you count money to be more important that football.

    Spot on. Last summer with all the other players we have sold in previous years would have been the perfect opportunity for AFC to show the fans that we put success ahead of profits by keeping RVP at the club, even at the risk of losing him for free. It would have been a massive statement to the fans. We have money in the bank, it wouldn’t have ruined us to miss out on that 25m. Instead we could miss out on CL which will cost us even more.

  70. Dan Ahern

    Keyser —

    You’re right he wasn’t loyal, didn’t repay the club’s work, etc.

    Yet the club still owned him. Why should they let their competitor have their best asset? Because he complained and wasn’t loyal?



    Arsene is holding a gangbang style party,for his admirer’s.

    Apparently you’ve been cordially invited.
    Being held in Hampstead Heath.

    Don’t forget your Arsene gimp mask.
    He will think on seeing you that you are exceptional qualidee,when you drop those Arsene Superman pant’s,on the Heath..

  72. Dan Ahern

    fuckit4thwilldo? — Thanks for the backup.

    Even imagine the worst case scenario (which we weren’t on course for): RvP is so petulant that he goes on strike when we refuse to sell him.

    Now, put that on the scales:

    Arsenal sans RvP, United sans RvP
    Arsenal sans RvP, United with RvP

  73. fuckit4thwilldo?


    My only question would be that we don’t know exactly what went on behind the scenes with RVP and Wenger. I would have kept him just so we didn’t sell him to United even if it meant him rotting in the reserves. I guess being kept against his will there’s no guarantee will would have had the same RVP banging in goals for fun or just a sulky fucker moping around the club. Bad apples and all that?

  74. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – “Yet the club still owned him. Why should they let their competitor have their best asset? Because he complained and wasn’t loyal?”

    Mate, he complained ? he wasn’t loyal ? Isn’t that enough ? He put out the letter to pretty much force a move, what’s the club supposed to do ? He’s told them he’s not re-newing his contract, and that he’s unhappy with the clubs direction.

    The clubs left with an unhappy player they’re going to lose for nothing in a years time anyway.

  75. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – What good will that do ? He could buy out his contract.

    We sold him, bought in players and we’ve moved on.

    At best Van Persie is a Wenger lovechild that came good, that’s all, he’s not a hero, he’s not some bastion of rightousness, he’s an example of the oppurtunistic nature of football today.

  76. Keyser

    Can buy loyalty, can’t buy it, We, the club, Arsenal can/can’t.

    Whatever way, we were very much in credit with Van Persie, we’d invested a lot in him and he left to serve his own best interests.

  77. bayo

    This week is vital for arsenal’s top 4 chances…..We must beat sunderland as spurs will drop points against newcastle. I see arsenal qualifying against bayern but that may be the highlight of our season after getn top 4

  78. Paddy got up

    How about explain he is the captain, we want to keep you, how do we keep you. Agree a way forward. If not then you can sit in the reserves.

  79. Johnny5


    ‘Whays the club supposed to do’

    Bring in top quality players pay him top whack wages like every top team does and aim for titles and cup wins not 4th that’s what they should have done.

  80. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — Leave the personal feelings for him aside for a moment. Like I said, think whatever you want about him, that’s not the issue.

    You’re still worried about calling him disloyal and convincing people he’s not a hero. That shit is irrelevant. If you want to argue that we can just as easily say the club is obstinate, disloyal (unwilling to pay him better), and not a hero for standing up for their way of doing things. So let’s not argue it, just think about the situation.

    We did poorly because we both sold him to a rival and did not replace him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Giroud and Poldi just fine, but they are obviously not his standard. That is inadequate and concedes power to United.

  81. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Yeah, but there has to be a cut off point right ? You can’t just say name your price mate.

    Anyway, for all those years he was sitting out while the team went on without him, he didn’t turn around and say ‘You know what, I’m earning money for doing fuckall, how about you take some back’.

    So fuck him, the club were more than generous, he just found himself a better deal, good luck, god bless.


    William 89February 7, 2013 17:08:26
    Keyser – Don’t be so polite.
    RVP’s a cunt and any Arsenal fan that rates him as a hero are idiots that are clearly talking out of their arses…


    So by your reckoning RVP is a c**t
    & Arsene is a hero…

    Fantastic…..Don’t forget those Arsene Superman pant’s & the Arsene Gimp mask.
    The club night is calling you @the Heath..

  83. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – Firstly, I wouldn’t agree, I’d say we were in credit with Van Persie, you need to put yur feelings aside and look at it clincally, at best, AT BEST, Van Persie’s just another snivelling component of what you think’s wrong with the club.

    “We did poorly because we both sold him to a rival and did not replace him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Giroud and Poldi just fine, but they are obviously not his standard. That is inadequate and concedes power to United.”

    That’s life, that’s the power players have and the position we’re in, I mean at some point you have to say we can only offer this, we did do poorly, but that’s probably the best deal we were going to get at that point.

  84. Johnny5


    No there doesn’t have to be any cut off point. If the market rate for the best striker in the league is 200k a week we should be paying him that and telling players like squillaci to get fucked. At the end of the day arsenal make enough money. Enough to bring in top quality and pay them top whack and be challenging for titles not selling our best players to the likes of united so they can win it.

  85. Keyser

    William89 – Come on mate, yeah there’s some proper dopey cunts about, but where’s that going to get us, we might aswell just have some sort of the Lord of the Rings style faceoff.

    I call Gimli.

  86. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Nah there is a cut off point for us, there isn’t especially one for other clubs, Van Persie says United are offering 250k, we say ok we’ll match that, he says well they now offered 260k and you know what they’re going to buy some new players to.


    Cesc sign’s an extension to his contract during the WC 2010 year..(what was it-8 year contract?)
    Decides,after much pressure from Wenger that he will stay.

    Last day of the season,I believe our final home game against Fulham,though injured,he’s on holiday.Our captain,slopes off on holiday….Ahhhh..

    Never would have happened under Fergie..

    Anyway,forces the club into selling him & take’s a pay cut to move to Barca..

    I wonder why..?

    Get’s his dream move back to Barca..
    & then from the sunny climes of Barca,implores RVP to stay with Arsenal,as he believes RVP can win trophies with AFC..

    Whilst Cesc,is picking up trophies galore with Barca & enjoying playing with far better player’s & a far better manager.

    In this instance,who’s the bigger c**t out of the two?

    Cesc,or RVP for stating his case & then moving?

  88. Johnny5


    wouldn’t have happened mate. Even if we had offered 170k a week and said to him right were gonna buy Fellani cabaye debuchy and ba to strengthen as well as poldi and cazorla etc then I think he’d have stayed.

  89. William 89

    Vix vapour rub – what’s this continuing obsession with you to bring it back Wenger? I shall repeat – under any manager I will think rvp is a cunt. I love arsenal first and foremost and anyone that does what rvp will be a cunt in my opinion.

    now if you”re happy to drop your pants for your idol rvp that’s up to you fella

  90. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — “we did do poorly, but that’s probably the best deal we were going to get at that point.”
    Exactly, if you appraise it financially it was a good move. If you appraise it from a football performance standpoint, poor.

    William — Did you notice how I never argued about loyalty and personal feelings or heroism, never praised van Persie, and in fact said to throw all that out the window in my very first comment? No, you didn’t.

    And great attitude: “Stop analysing it too much.”

  91. fuckit4thwilldo?


    Fair play, you’re loyal to Arsenal first and foremost, but if you go with that and just want whats best for Arsenal you do have to question some of the decisions Wenger makes. RVP to united was the final straw for many. RVP is no hero but Arsenal didn’t exactly shower themselves in grace selling out to United.

  92. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Based on what ? what is it with you and those players and just making up these situations where you think this or that would’ve worked.

    He left mate, ater all those years of him failing to live up to expectation, he cashed in and off he went.

  93. William 89

    Dan – that’s just it. I don’t want to put all the personal stuff aside, that’s the fun of the game on and off the pitch.

    most of the comments on this blog clearly come from some personal bias but I don’t see you taking anyone to task there.

    so to me it’s really simple rvp chose some scum manc team over us and did so with no class so fuck him.

  94. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – Seriously mate, not sure what you’re getting at, read back and think about what it took Arsenal to get him to that point, if you’re going to say from a footballing standpoint, then you must’ve been saying we should have sold him and cut our losses long before his last season.



    It’s quite simple really,if Wenger does his job,as a top manager is supposed to..
    RVP would have no recourse to leave in the first place..

    I believe your hatred,or resentment to RVP is misplaced..

    If Wenger,had brought in the necessary addition’s over the year’s & tweaked his formations& tactics.
    We would not be here having this discussion about whether RVP is a c**t,or not.

    Your ire,should be directed at Wenger..

    As a starting point,let’s get down to the basics of football..

    We don’t do video analysis of teams.
    Hardly the actions of a top manager..

    Let’s go a stage further,Wenger,does not even attend matche’s of the opposition,or even scouting of player’s abroad..

    Now if it’s good enough for the likes of
    Del Bosque

    Just a few names of decent manager’s above..Why is Wenger sooooo different?

    What, it’s beneath him..?

    Sorry mate,mark a point on a piece of paper,circle it..& it inevitably does always come back to Arsene..

    Wage structure
    Playing Squad

    One man,in charge of all the above..
    You can’t escape that fact & Arsene is central to all the above I’ve just described..

    As I said your ire towards RVP is misplaced.Try redirecting it to the man at the centre point,of our dire situation..

  96. William 89

    fuckit4thwilldo – I do question decisions and personally I’d have loved to rvp to fuck himself and play on reserves for a year. But as I keep on f’ing saying I’m not talking about Wenger. Rvp is a cunt and if you say he’s your hero I really don’t get it to put it politely for keysar..

  97. Alex James

    The cloggy joins Stapleton in becoming a traitor to Arsenal. No excuses and sympathy for his reasons. Joining Utd is not acceptable in any circumstanges, and erases him from any association with Arsenal.

  98. Johnny5


    It’s a matter of opinion. Mine is that the club were not willing to match his ambition so he left simple as that. He wanted to win wenger wanted 4th and to spend no money or as little as possible only one outcome was possible really.

  99. Dan Ahern

    William: “Dan – that’s just it. I don’t want to put all the personal stuff aside” … “so to me it’s really simple rvp chose some scum manc team over us and did so with no class so fuck him”

    So you’re willfully ignoring the argument then. Thanks for clearing that up.

  100. fuckit4thwilldo?


    Like i said, i think people just say shit like RVP’s a hero on here to get a bite.

    You were starving.

    You then call RVP a cunt and before you know it you’re being labelled an AKB. Thats generally how conversations go on here.

    I nearly got roped in the other day after questioning why someone on here wanted Arsenal to lose.

  101. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Don’t really think that matters, for years the club more than matched his ambition and he sat on the sidelines earning a fat wage, so he wasn’t a hero, and at best he was simply as culpable as the rest of them. That’s all.

  102. Honest Bill

    RVP is a hero.. Unfortunately he is a Man Utd hero..

    He would never have wanted to leave if Arsenal were actually competitive.. We all saw his face in that game against United, when Ox was substituted. In that moment he shared the fan’s frustrations.. And that was just the one time it showed.. It must have eaten away at him knowing no matter how well he played, we couldn’t win because the players around him weren’t good enough..

    He said as much (not in those words) in a recent interview.

    I don’t blame him for leaving. He knew what this season would be like, and he knows what next season will be like. He is coming to the end of his career and didn’t want to spend his time in an impotent team. under a manager who has clearly lost the plot.

    Don’t blame him at all.. But won’t be cheering his name either, no more than i will be cheering Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney or any other Man Utd hero.

  103. marcus

    Think the FFP is kinda stupid in the long run. If a billionaire owner wants to put in lots of cash in a club, sure that will create a competitive advantage in the short term. But it won’t last forever, and there are plenty of good footballers to go around.

    Just look at Chelsea. They went totally bonkers and bought Torres for 50 million. Who were the winners and losers in that scenario when all came around? Chelsea got a “rubbish” player for 50 million. Liverpool then went equally bonkers and payed 30 million for Carrol, still they had 20 million to spend on other players. Newcastle then used their money to buy half of France.

    So the money injected at the top (Chelsea) trickles down and feeds all clubs, as it is most often only the feeder club that will pay the most absurd fees. This leaves the mid and lower table clubs to be able to (sorry for referring to OGL) buy whatever player they want in europe, except from the top 2 teams in each league…

    So what these owners are doing is actually a form of distribution of wealth, which is the cornerstone in all socialistic agendas, and by that logic Wenger should be all for it…



    If RVP is a c**t in your eyes…

    Then Arsene & the Club,are bigger c**ts,for selling him to Man Utd..

    Quite simple really..
    You can’t isolate one man& have him carry the can..When in year’s gone by,they sold:-


    to name a few…

    In the grand scheme of things,is RVP still a c**t.?

    Despite Arsene,telling you the season before that Cesc & Nasri won’t be sold..blah,blah..& then bang SOLD….!!

    By the way,if he had gone to Juve?
    Would he still be a c**t in your eyes?

  105. William 89

    Less of a cunt if he’d gone juve but still a cunt.

    Look you can come up with some clever arguments but most fans can just sense when someone’s been a cunt, it’s hard to explain but most fans get it…