Jack Wilshere lands on the world scene

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Well, whaddya know… England, beating Brazil… Jack Wilshere… stealing the show.

I didn’t get the chance to watch the game last night, but from all the accounts I’ve been taking in this morning, it sounds like Mr Wilshere really announced himself on the world scene last night. People have been comparing him to the Gazza of old, which is huge positive. It’s also great to see him take his Arsenal form into an England game. Not something you could ever really say of Stevie G and Frank Lampard over the years. Hopefully he can bring a bit of joy in summer tournaments going forward.

I think what I like most about reading around is that 1) It’s quite apparent that Jack Wilshere is a big game player, he proved it against Barca and he’s done it again against Brazil. He’s not afraid to put himself about against the best 2) He’s actually quite composed. Considering how badly he gets battered around in games, he’s got an incredibly cool head. He gets involved in scraps, but he’s learnt quickly how far he can push things. A show of intelligence Gazza certainly didn’t have,

News on the injury front is potentially not so good. Firstly, we have Santi Cazorla coming back from Qatar. I mean, honestly, is it just me or do the Spanish FA go out of their way to book tours anywhere but Europe? He’ll likely be tired from the long flight which could affect whether he starts. Aaron Ramsey was withdrawn before his game for Wales, Koscielny was taken off for France with a suspected calf injury and word on the street says Theo Walcott might not be in the best of shape.

Hopefully none of the above injuries will be too serious… it’d be a hell of a break if they were.

There’s really hardly any news around this morning. I don’t even want to get into the comments Pearce made about bringing Jack along to the under 21 championships. It simply shouldn’t be allowed. He’s putting himself before the well being of a great player. This is where clubs should be allowed to step in. Essentially, the player is their asset… yet football associations are allowed to send them into the red zone and beyond. It’s a terribly selfish mechanic. The clubs have the money, the money generally comes from the fans regardless of whether it’s TV… they should have

Did I just get into the Pearce comments?

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  1. qotsaamkw

    Pearce out.

    That’s now the interlull’s very own capaing.

    Also, if Theo is out, does that mean Gervais starts?

  2. the_real_andy

    playing in qatar is a joke … saturday game in london, wednesday in qatar, saturday game in sunderland …

    corruption all over spain, you can really sense it. do you remember where they did play last time? puerto rico. what the fuck? 7 hours or even more flying around the world just to play a fucking friendly.

  3. Ichiban

    Jack was fantastic yesterday but kudos should certainly go to Walcott for his great wing play throughout the time he was on. He was running at Adriano(they eventually subbed him off for filipe luis) and tore him to shreds until someone finally injured him.

    Great display by England, a number of Brazil players didn’t seem to be at it last night, Neymar perhaps the most significant. Before the match started, I called it 2-1 to England with Rooney scoring first, decided against betting. My mate bet on draw or Brazil winning haha

  4. Arsenalone

    Spanish dave

    Scary but true,hope not mate.

    Of course it’s up to the player,jack is a gooner,but how long before jack starts to look around the dressing room and has the same thoughts as Cesc,RVP,,
    Nasri etc etc.

    Playing he’s trade around some of our squad might just turn the boy

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Jack Wilshere made one good pass. Another tabloid over reaction: Wilshere: The New Glenn Hoddle/Gazza. Yawn.

    Do something significant for your club, first.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Jack Wilshere’s value just went through the roof!

    Gazidis, Kroenke and Wenger will start putting him in the shop window.

    Here I was thinking e were out of stars to sell.

    They might be able to get £40 Million for Jack if he keeps playing like like, he is English after all.

    Then we can have £200 Million in cash!!!

    Just sat there…doing nothing but generating interest.

    Add to that the new TV Deals, the Emirates deal, kit deal etc….Stan Kroenke will be a very happy man.

    Gazidis will get his whopping bonus…AGAIN.

    And we should all be thankful ticket prices are staying frozen at their current level…the highest in the land!

    What a club.

  7. Thorough

    The last time he went really far away he came back, had a stormer and scored 3goals. maybe the distances are overated, its not as if these guys travel in locomotives. I, as a person, will sure prefer Cazorla coming back from the long distance uninjured than Koscielny playing at a stone throw and coming back cracked. Morning all.

  8. Josip Skoblar

    Jack had a good game but as usual the journos get carried away. Now let’s wait for the backlash…
    I very much liked Baines.
    Nice to see us defeat Brazil. It hadn’t happened since 1990 I think. But the 1970 game at the WC remains of course my favourite encounter.
    We had a solid game but it was against a substandard Brazil who played with the brake on. Still I felt they could have nicked a draw in the end as they had more possession and were quicker with the ball. Some rare flashes of Brazilian brilliance.

  9. Arsenalone

    Come on mate give the boy some credit,Wembley gave the boy a huge applause when the man of the match was announced.

    He will be future England captain,but most likley a city player.

  10. Dan Mathias

    Agree with Cesc Appeal!

    Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis must be salivating at how well Jack’s return is going, each performance add’s another couple of £mil to his value. The fact he’s English as well means you can add on 30-50% value just for fun!

    Guns of Hackney…what is your downer on Wilshere? He is quite clearly an incredible player, who has just spent 15 months out, and seamlessly fitted back into Arsenal and England with no trouble! It’s not his fault the team he’s playing in isn’t upto scratch, and he has a manager that won’t develop and improve his talent further by providing more competition and better players across the whole squad. Wilshere is 1 of arsenals last jewels in a crown that has been passed around a Robin Hood get together!

    Also – Theo absolutely destroyed Brazil’s left back yesterday! I’ve slated him for a long time, but it seems as though confidence and consistency are starting to set in! He’s realised all he has to do is knock the ball 5 yards past someone and he will always beat them! Taken him 6 years, but he’s got it!

    Now if real madrid can take wenger off our hands at the end of season, and we can bring in someone with some ambition, we might be able to salvage something from this club! I live in hope!

  11. Wilshire Steal (Free and very sharp)

    We are blessed to have JW, in terms of attitude a throw back to the days of legend when club and country were foremost, a pledge of loyalty to the fans is made in blood and a leader steps up through the ranks.
    What about AW-he buys qualitee when he wants-Nacho in record time when the need arose!

  12. paul mc daid

    Dennis,will never forget beating Juve in Turin,BBC radio was so exciting in them days,sad what happened to Paul,may he rest in peace

  13. Guns of Hackney

    Arselone / Dan

    Guys, I am just asking for a bit of perspective. He is a quality player, no doubt – but I can’t work out if people are happy that he’s English or an Arsenal player?

    As you yourself said, Arselone – he’ll be a City/Utd player within 2 years so why are we getting bent out of shape about him.

    Lets see everyone on here in 2 years calling JW a cunt and a Judas…

  14. dennisdamenace

    paul mc – Arsenal pride themselves on doing things ‘The Arsenal Way’, they are and always have been fucking cheap….

    Paul was a very young man, and got no support whatsoever.

    I will always remember being at Highbury that night against Juventus, and always remember Turin away. Thank you Paul V……..RIP

  15. gambon

    Wilshere hype about to get out of control.

    Good player, will be a great player.

    At 21 he is not on the same level as Cesc at 19.

  16. dennisdamenace

    gambon – trouble is he’s English, so he is THE next big thing, and as such we will get more for him the Fabregas……..SK, IG, DL and AW are all licking their fukcing lips atthe thought of raping the club of yet another asset….

  17. gambon

    “Can anyone ever remember such a piss-ordinary Brazil side as last night’s one?”

    No-one cares about friendlies.

  18. Dan Mathias

    Guns of Hackney,

    I agree with a bit of perspective! He has got to prove himself at the top-level consistently!

    However, i think saying 1 good pass last night was all he did is wrong. He bossed the midfield in the same way he does for us. He changes the tempo through either passing or running at players, he always draws fouls (must be the most fouled player in the premier league?). The area he has to imrpove to be in the “world class” bracket is a few more goals and assists to his game. However, he is a proper box to box midfielder. He may not have the official assists / goals, but it’s his work in driving the team forwards that is where a lot of our attacks come from!

    It’s nice to have 1 of the worlds hottest properties at Arsenal, and nicer he’s English!

    Fingers crossed Wenger isn’t anywhere near Arsenal n 2 years time, so we won’t sell him!

  19. Guns of Hackney

    RE Paul Vassen – a year before my time but what a sad story…it goes to show just how pampered these little millionaires are these days. Go back to another maverick player, Robin Friday…think about Justin Fashanu and his unhappy ending – where was their support?

    Now, we have to watch that fucking bloated cunt (Paul G) piss his life away and all of his friends and FA can’t wait to send him to rehab for the 34th time – cunt! “Loveble Geordie” – nah, he is a wife beating alcoholic…like most Northerners!

  20. gambon


    Yep, we will be cashing in at some point.

    UTD need to replace Scholes! Although he will need to actually start shooting to replace him.

    There is nothing more valuable to a club than a world class talent thats English and a local boy, a la Gerrard, Scholes, Schweinsteiger.

    We dont really care about all that bollocks, once Wilshere has hit his peak Wenger will sell and start again with John Toral.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    You say perspective, then say one of the worlds hottest properties LOL…good player, not great, better than most, not all.

    Anyway, Arsenal have had countless of world class operators over the years and where has that got them? JW is now an asset that the money men at Arsenal can’t wait to cash in on. He is our only genuine asset.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Is anyone else surprised Andre Santos didn’t start for Brazil? Once I knew he wasn’t playing, I switched off.

  23. gambon

    “Jack is going nowhere he will be an arsenal legend.”

    Yeah no doubt you said that about Cesc, RVP, Vieira, Henry.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    Paul Vaessen’s story is a very sad one. You bet I remember that glorious header against the mighty Dino Zoff. He scored a few minutes from time and we went through to the final. That was in the early 1980s I think. The lad was always injured so he had a very short career. Then things went from bad to worse for him.

  25. Dan Mathias

    Guns of Hackney,

    Agreed, at the moment good player, not great. But doesn’t stop him being “hot property”. Everyone can see his current class, as well as see all being well he is only going to get better! He isn’t in a world class bracket yet by any means, but he is 1 of the players that has the ability to join that category!

    However i do agree that he is a material asset in the current Arsenal set up! Instead of potentially being a future Arsenal legend and someone we build a team around, the board and wenger will be getting excited by his market value increasing.

    Sad times for us, i have a fools hope that 1 day Mr Usmanov will up the stakes and put a tempting bid across to Kroenke! Some may say we’d be selling our soul, but we’ve already sold our soul. We are a business not a football club. Our players a commodity not a means to deliver on the pitch success.

  26. Guns of Hackney


    Don’t hold your breath. BOD and Wenger are here for the long haul. We are closing fast on a decade without a trophy…it just isn’t going to happen while Arsene is here

  27. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    conversation in the near distant future……

    Jack: “Arsene we need to talk, I need a payrise”

    Arsene: (Gets his mobile out and dials) Hold on Jack let me get Fergie on loudspeaker. Fergie

    Jack; I dont want to go to Utd, Arsene I wanna stay here in London

    Arsene: Don’t question me I’ve made 50’000 transfers and we can’t afford to pay you 101,000 a week. go ask Diaby and Walcott.

    Jack: Ok I’l go u cunt, at least I’l win some trophies and learn how to shoot there.

  28. TheBlaster

    Disagree with the unfavourable Cesc comparison. Fabregas didn’t lose a season and a half through injury, and Wilshire looks more like the dynamic Cesc who plays for Barca than the often too laid back version who played for us. Maybe Roy Keane in Cesc’s body with Cesc’s close control would be a better analogy. Always looking to drive forward like Keane.

  29. gambon

    So days after Wenger asked the fans for credit for buying Monreal Giroud is now trying to convince people hes better than RVP.

    Does anyone at this club just shut the fuck up and get on with their job?

    Mind you why should they when their “manager” is getting so desperate that hes running to papers asking for credit.

    Wenger “You have to give me credit for taking 31 days to sign a very available Monreal only because Gibbs picked up an injury that I lied about”

    Walcott “Its so hard negotiating £100k per week contracts, even though i have stated over and over and over that my agent was doing all the negotiating”

    Giroud “I have started better than RVP, even though he was 21 and backup to Henry & Bergkamp, Arsenals greatest ever players, and I am 26 and in my prime, in the first XI”

  30. Dan Mathias


    Completely agreed! Wenger OUT!

    Have you ever seen a club as divided about a manager? Nostalgia driven fantasists, with their heads in the sand, and eyes closed, don’t want to believe a man that took us to glory years is responsible for our continued decline!

    How can people still make excuses for a man, that even though it is patently obvious there is money, and a lot of it, and we have a squad that is obviously in desperate need of both quality re-enforcments, and a quick, clinical clear out of players that are paid big bucks for being average at best, who we can only loan out until the end of their contracts as no one will buy them!

    Our wage bill is a joke
    Our squad size is a joke
    The amount of “1st team” players out on loan is a joke
    The continued, systematic weakening by selling our best players to competitors is unforgivable.
    The complete lack of tactics and accountability is negligent
    And above all – The sheer arrogance of a man that believes football will bow to his philosophy and idealogy on how it should be run, that he puts this practice into action when there is no need to put self-imposed restrictions that are completely ruining the club inside out!

    I wish RvP would write a book, because that man isn’t a Judas, he is a realist. He was intelligent enough to see what the majority of people on this blog can see…the club is toxic!

  31. Al

    Guns of Hackney February 7, 2013 10:41:13

    if Jack was at United, he’d score 15 a season.
    Why is that. I mean Cleverly has only 4 goals and plays more attacking for united. Scholes only has one goal. Kagawa only has 2 goals also. Valencia, Nani only 1 goal so how are you so certain that he would have scored more because those attacking players at united haven’t

    People need to stop being soo miserable and turning every positive into a negative.
    We have a great player on our hand who is improving every game….and it is a joy to watch him so enjoy it

  32. Guns of Hackney


    The reason people cling onto nostalgia is because they can’t face the future – I started following The Arsenal in 82…that’s 5 years before GG and 14 before Wenger – Like many other Arsenal fans, our support did not begin in 1996 – some fans are either too young to remember GG, or do not know enough about our history to appreciate there were men before AW.

    Also, AW has been here for soooooo fucking long and has so many tentacles within Arsenal, the AKB’s think that should AW leave, the whole house of cards would come down – it’s naive but understandable. Arsene is no different than a machine that breaks down or a pair of shoes with a hole in – get rid of the bastard and get a new one in. Simple. And if the AKB’s love their messiah that much, when he finally does leave the Arsenal – they can piss off with him.

  33. fuckit4thwilldo?


    February 7, 2013 10:53:06
    “85 games, 5 goal, 14 assists”

    Since Cesc went to Barcelona he has:

    79 games, 24 goal, 30 assists.

    You’re argueing with yourself , no-ones comparing him with Cesc.

  34. Guns of Hackney


    I am all for JW but I think United is the place where he would genuinely flower.

    Ferguson is a better developer than Arsene.

  35. Al

    Guns of Hackney February 7, 2013 10:59:53


    I am all for JW but I think United is the place where he would genuinely flower.

    Ferguson is a better developer than Arsene.
    What the same way Anderson did?

    I don’t agree about Fergie developing players better than Arsene , however he is clearly a better manager at setting up a team, buying what he needs no matter the cost and creating a winning mentality,

  36. gambon

    Fergies much better at developing players, he actually develops them.

    Wenger just plays them incessantly until they sink or swim. That isnt development.

    Its like throwing a kid in the pool without armbands, Fergie teaches them to swim.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    I guess that’s what I am trying to convey – I hope JW is strong enough to resist Arsene’s indoctrination and be his own player. The worst things that could happen to JW:

    1. The rest of the England team start trying to turn his head – imagine JW at Chelsea as the perfect replacement for Frank Lampard – awesome!
    2. He realises that Theo Walnut is on £100k and wants parity…trouble brewing.
    3. Arsene makes JW captain.
    4. Arsene starts playing him on the wing or something equally as stupid.

    Avoid those pitfalls and JW might become a very good player for the Gunners.

  38. Pedro

    Guns of Hackney… I don’t understand how you can write stuff like that?

    Actively pimping out our best player? What a weird thing to say. He’ll flower at Arsenal. Just like Cesc did.

  39. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Arsene can’t be that bad at developing players, we seem to make a few quid selling them on? He somehow developed Song into a 16m player?

  40. Guns of Hackney


    Mate, I am like an agent…He’ll flower at Arsenal until such time where his stock has risen and then he’ll be sold and replaced by some cat from the French Ligue Trois.

    You know it, I know and I’m pretty sure Arsene knows it.

  41. William 89

    There is no joy in your soul… Arsenal player with great potential who was brought through the youth system and all you can do is moan. Yep, he may f’off but thats the nature of the game nowadays (Ronaldo, Tevez etc…). For now you should be glad.

    Bunch of losers….

  42. dennisdamenace

    Josip SkoblarFebruary 7, 2013 10:31:19
    He’s not all that bad: he’s from London and he’s a Sex Pistols fan.

    JS – You forgot to add that he’s a prize cunt as well.

  43. timao

    i don’t see the logic of knocking Wenger for not developing players. his biggest crime has been selling Van Persie and a number of other players who he did develop.

  44. Al

    Guns of Hackney February 7, 2013 11:16:47
    It seems like you only want what best for Wilshere and Not The Club.
    If your related to him i fully understand but as an Arsenal fan the Club comes first so i dont get how you want/wish one of our best players to go to united?

    You make it sound like Wenger doesnt know how to make world class players and didnt develop the leagues 2 best players ever in PV4 and TH14

  45. gambon


    And how did he develop Song…..summed up in 6 words:


    He didnt have a grand plan. he put him in the team at 18, he was shit, he carried on playing him, he was shit, he carried on playing him, he moved him to CB and said thats his best position, he carried on playing him, he moved him back to DM, he then let him try to be the Black Cesc and completely ignore his defensive responsibility which once again was to the detriment of the team but the benefit of Alex Song.

    Wenger doesnt have a clue.

  46. dennisdamenace

    fuckit4thwilldo?February 7, 2013 11:18:03
    Arsene can’t be that bad at developing players, we seem to make a few quid selling them on? He somehow developed Song into a 16m player?

    Bollocks! That was pity money, they felt guilty about taking all our decent players 😆

  47. Joppa Road

    As you all know my preference is for English players at Arsenal. So the fact we have Wilshere is great for me as an Arsenal supporter. But fans who think Arsenal would never sell him or that ‘Jack would never leave’ are once again (as has become the norm with Arsenal fans) are once again living in cloud cuckoo land.

    I said a few years back the JW would be the first £50M+ English player, but knowing Arsenal as we do they would be more likely to sell for £35M.

    Jack is the future of Arsenal (for a few years at least) but we all know he should be the captain now and stay at Arsenal for his whole career. Present day Arsenal does not have the ambition for that.

    DDM: I liked the piece on Vaessen. I was too young to remember that game. Would you say he was an Arsenal legend though? I wouldn’t put him in that category. Very sad.

  48. Guns of Hackney


    Wenger never developed PV4 or Henry – they would have been great regardless. People seem to think that Wenger literally changes players DNA LOL – he’s nothing but a charlatan. I do not want JW anywhere else, but I am suggesting that JW, like most players before him could be under threat from the disease that engulfs Wenger: I am right, you are wrong.

    Pedro – if only that WERE the case. Wenger has to leave so we can all move on. He’s like a bad smell or a spare prick at a wedding.

    Arsene’s greatest achievement was selling Cygan for £2m and convincing Arsenal fans he was actually any good.

  49. gambon


    The problem is Wenger doesnt make decisions based around helping Arsenal FC.

    Wengers priorities are his salary, his players and thats it, he doesnt give a fuck about Arsenal.

    Selling players is a perfect example of that.

    Cesc, Nasri, RVP, Walcott could have formed an awesome front line, easily the best in the PL, in 2012/13.

    Why didnt they?

    – RVP is winning the PL with (or for) Man Utd
    – Nasri won the PL with Man City
    – Cesc is winning La Liga with Barcelona
    – Only Walcott plays for Arsenal

    They all played for us when we beat Chelsea 3-1 in December 2010, and since then Wenger completely broke them up.

    Why? Because he doesnt care about AFC and winning, he persuaded the board to undersell Cesc, such is his loyalty to the players ahead of the club that pays him £7m pa

  50. gambon


    Bellerin at right back, Chuba Akpom upfront.

    Theres a 15 year old called Gedion Zelalem whos supposed to be amazing, has trained with the first team at 15.

    Dont think Gnabry, Toral, Olsson, Angha are going to anything special.

  51. Keyser

    Cesc who should never have been given the chance he got.
    Van Persie the crock.
    Nasri the Fat Ponce.
    Walcott probably the worst player Arsenal have ever had ever ever, ever, ever Banega ?.

  52. gambon

    Akpom is English

    Scored 2 for the England U19s 2 days ago, reminds me of Adebayor, tall, skillful, needs to work on finishing.

  53. Keyser

    You can’t really steal English youth from other clubs, they have to be from a certain radius from the club, at least I don’t think that rules changed but they were looking at it.

    Gibbs came to us at 13 when Wimbledon disbanded.

  54. Joppa Road

    Unfortunately the first team is still crying out for a top GK, CB, DM, MC, FC in my opinion to be able to challenge for honours.

    As has been said so many times Arsenal are not about honours. 4th is the top of their ambition and they buy accordingly.

    Until Wenger changes or goes nothing will change. Neither are likely.

    You know what? When we do get 4th the AKBs and a few on here we be celebrating like we have one the league. It really is so sad that for a club of Arsenal’s size and support that this is the level of the fans and clubs ambition.

  55. Radio Raheem

    Wonder if this ‘perspective’ on Wilshere has anything to do with gooners’ disappointed love with other things Arsenal.

    Wilshere is already dominating matches with so called WC players. If he consistently deliveres these performances then he’ll be WC. Iniesta’s stats in terms of goals and assits are not as impressive as Cesc’ yet we all know who has been in the top 4 best players in the past 4 years.

  56. fuckit4thwilldo?


    February 7, 2013 11:28:32

    Fairpoint, i agree to the detriment of the team in some cases. But that wasn’t the argument, you said Wenger doesn’t develop players. I said he does.

  57. Joppa Road

    There is no point in belittling what JW has achieved (and off the back of a very serious injury). You look at him on the pitch and you can see he is head and shoulders above most of the others.

    He is quality, he is English, he’s an Arsenal player and will get better. Just enjoy that. Just a shame we didn’t keep the likes of Cesc, Nasri and RVP around him.

    DUMB ASS 4th place trophy bollocks. What a waste.

  58. Guns of Hackney

    Radio R

    He doesn’t dominate – check his stats. Both myself and Gambs posted here a while ago. The stats don;t match up to a player who is supposed to dominate matches.

    5 goals in 85 and 14 assists – what was he doing for the other 66 games? For a ludicrous but amazing fact, check out Messi (no I am not comparing) Messi is literally either scoring goals or assisting when he doesn’t score…and that is over 300+ games – he’s never a passenger. Truly, that is dominance.

  59. Keyser

    As much as people saying Wilshere isn’t World Class, he needs to do this or that, at 21 he’s already pretty old, he’s not Cesc, he’s not Gerrard is irritating.

    As we’ve seen over the years, the English media and pretty much the whole National set-up is pathetic when it comes to looking for the next white hope.

    Wilshere isn’t any of these players, he’s not Gazza either, Scholes is probably a lot closer, but he couldn’t tackle for shit, Wilshere is his own player, his all round game is excellant, even if he doesn’t have the physicality to pull it off but just like Cesc he’s going to need the players around him to get the best out of him, he doesn’t right now and both he and Cazorla are working far too hard, maybe shouldn’t even be in the midfield together.

  60. Johnny5

    All I got from last nights game (didn’t watch it just highlights) was Theo’s got a knock and jack has well and truly put himself in the shop window with a good performance. That sound you can hear is arsene wenger rubbing his hands together at the thought of all the millions he will get for selling jack next season.

  61. Keyser

    Buns – Mate, Wilshere didn’t get an assist or a goal when we played Barcelona at home either did he ?!

    As much as the hype machine kicking into gear makes me uneasy about Wilshere, the stats people are coming out with are pretty much bollocks.

    Messi is how old now ? and after 4 consecutive ballon d’ors you’re saying (I’m not comparing), but Messi does this or that ? Come on ffs.

  62. Radio Raheem

    Guns of Hackney

    From what we can see Iniesta dominates matches, Vieira dominated matches…both have different physique neither has/had great stats in terms of goals and assists.

    Knocking Jack based on stats is too simple in my opinion. It is like praising Arteta’s passing stats when we can see they are all 5 yard passes.

    Besides I think it is unfair to expect many goals from Jack when he plays a deeper role. Also unfair to compare him with Cesc – both different players. Cesc was not prolific in is early yrs playing deeper.

  63. El Tel


    So much bollocks on here today.

    Wenger. The only Manager to which a former Footballer of the year dedicated his prize to can’t develop players.

    The only Manager youngsters leave their Clubs to join because he develops them better. Ask Mark Chamberlain why HE recommended the Ox join us.

    He developed Vieira,Henry,Cesc,Anelka and many many more.

    Hate the bloke by all means but don’t make up shit about him.

    I see the Utd crew are on here this morning.

    Their players stank last night, they got taken off early so they were ok for this weekend and that fat cunt up front is Englands liability.

    Gerrard was my MOM along with Theo. jack looked very comfortable and runs with the ball which is something no other English player seems capable of doing.

    Jack lost one and a bit years of valuable playing time too.

    Jack will be the leader of the English contingent that will take Arsenal forward in years to come.

    Off now.

    Carry on bitching you know it all’s

  64. Guns of Hackney


    Dominance isn’t measured in goals, I appreciate this…but PV4 could dominate a game just by being there and leading. Keane was the same – no goal scoring heroics, but leadership. JW doesn’t have their attributes just yet but to be fair to JW, he is playing in horribly shit teams compared to when PV4 and Keane were playing.

    Johnny 5

    It was a friendly…some geezer called Fred scored for Brazil FRED FFS!!!! It was a so-so game that the press are creaming themselves over. Come the world cup 2014 and replay that game, we’d lose 4-0.

  65. gambon


    “you said Wenger doesn’t develop players. I said he does.”

    I dont think he does develop them, I think he chucks them in the team and they either develop themselves or they sink without trace.

    Much like he doesnt do tactics, he just sends them out there and they either know what to do tactically or they dont.

  66. Guns of Hackney

    “Much like he doesnt do tactics, he just sends them out there and they either know what to do tactically or they dont”

    I think this was from Arsene’s autobiography entitled:

    S£v£n million reasons why I am so goddam amazing

  67. Ash79

    Good day all,

    Not sure why everyone getting hsyterical about a friendly.

    The media will soon be bringing Jack down. We just need to protect him and keep him grounded.

    If OG got injured we woudl have afew probs..only Ricky Gervais left…. ox to start wide right?

  68. Johnny5


    That’s kinda what I thought watch wenger jump all over it though. He loves it when one of his own gets noticed he get this child catcher look on his eyes and gets all excited.

  69. marcus

    Did not see the england game yesterday as I was busy looking for a new swedish miracle, this time Argentina brought us back to reality however… anyways.. have had a look at the extended highlights from Eng – Bra now, can’t really say I understand where the wilshere praise comes from? He seams to have had a good enough game, but from what I could see it wasn’t a world class performance.. What’s with this obsessive need to write up players?

  70. Guns of Hackney

    Ferguson is the best manager and coach in the world. 450 trophies in two countries sort of prove that.

    He has what Wenger will never have: bollocks and perhaps a drink problem?

    He develops players in the tactical sense – watch a united game, every player to a man knows his role – even the youngsters know exactly what to do. Look at Arsenal – there is more shape in a jelly crossing the channel in a force 8 gale than an Arsenal game.

  71. Guns of Hackney

    Johnny 5

    Totally. Arsene will take credit for England’s football team now. Gibbs, Theo and JW…he is a total sleaze merchant. No shame.

    If Wenger became a politician tomorrow, we would not notice the difference – he’d have to lose the sleeping bag, though.

  72. gambon

    When he was 16 he wasnt in the team.

    When he was 17, no, you wouldnt expect any 17 year old MF to be prolific….although their were the goals against Blackburn, Liverpool & one in the CL, maybe Rosenborg.

    He was top scorer at the U17 world cup though.

    The goals will come for Jack, ive never said they wouldnt, but until he is more decisive he wont be at the level Gerrard & Lampard have shown over the years.

    The biggest problem is he doesnt shoot, so hes either shot shy, or hes not getting into shooting positions.

  73. Sam

    Gambon go fuck yourself!
    Wilshere n Walcott are doing well this season. Who da fuck cares if they are world class or not. Neymar is your so called world class what da fuck did he do last night ? Fuckall!

  74. Arsene's Nurse

    Media hype and over-reaction with regard to Wilshere. This happens every time Enger-land win. The media go into over-drive, bigging up the team, whilst heaping pressure on a single individual who’ll be portrayed as “the saviour” – capable of winning every game single handed.

    Then we play poorly, scrape through the group stage and get knocked out.

    The meeja then go on the rampage -sack the manager! sack the manager! we need an inquiry, why aren’t we doing what Spain and Germany are doing?

    Then 2 years later it’s all forgotten about and the cycle repeats.

    JW is a good young, talented player with great potential,I rate him highly, but he’s won nothing. No one is saying he’s crap, but far too many have become over-excited after seeing one good performance in a meaningless friendly against a very mediocre Brazil.

    Calm down dears.

  75. Ash79

    Neymar? fuck Neymar.

    Will end up in the warm comfort of la liga at some stage where he can dribble only too obliging back fours along with Messi.

    Premier league? no fuckin chance.

    CR7 – best player in the world. Ramsey 2nd.

  76. Radio Raheem


    From what I see of Jack he does not strike me as a goalscoring mid like Lampard and Gerard. I don’t hold such expectations of him just like no one expects Iniesta to score loads. Still does not detract from his performances.

    He has been out injured for a while but the more he plays the more he gains that stature Guns of Hackney mentioned. He is doing all the right things.

    If it is too early to praise him it is also too early to knock him.

  77. gambon

    Speaking of Wenger “developing” players….

    Wilshere is a brilliant example.

    Threw him into games at 16 (too young), played him on the wing, loaned him out to a proper manager (Owen Coyle) who realised he was a CM, then he proceeded to run him into the ground and nearly ended his career by playing an 18 year old 50 times admitting he was “in the red zone”

    Then lets look at Tom Cleverly. Loaned out to Watford & Wigan, didnt get into the UTD team until 21, because he wasnt ready, and is going to win the league, while contributing just as much as Jack, who has far more talent.

    Wengers “development” is just a cluster fuck of ineptitude that nearly ended 19 year old Wilsheres career.

    Fergusons “development” ensures Man Utd are successful, while Cleverly starts playing when hes ready.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    I fucking guarantee that in 2014 when JW is lining up with Chelsea, City or United, you’ll all me shitting your pants screaming that he’s a cunt.

    Sheesh. RVP – Arsenal great…now a treacherous cunt? RVP = hero for speaking out and making Arsene look like a dick wadd.

  79. Arsenal 1886-2006

    dennisdamenace February 7, 2013 09:33:34

    That was so tragic and shows the contempt that this club has always had either towards it’s fans or players. This talk of we are a club that does thing’s the “Right way” always sticks in my throat, Danny Fiszman was the only Board member at Arsenal that I had any respect for, the rest are a bunch of 2nd rate toffs who see us and the players as a bunch of oik’s.

  80. GoonerDave

    Developing young players is one of Wengers best qualities as a manager.
    I know hes inept tactically, I know he has lied about the state of our finances, I know our team lacks bite and leadership, but I also know what hes good at.
    To claim Wenger cannot develop players properly is just as silly as thinking the man can do no wrong.
    Some of the comments are lacking balance in my view. I mean, which is the more balanced view – that Arsene has obvious flaws, but does well with very little backing from the board, or that he is actually an insane megalomaniac, who cannot do one thing right?
    I would have far more respect for some of the comments if they showed balance. Want Arsene out by all means, but why not reach your conclusions with logical and balanced thought?
    I know Ive said this before, but thinking he can do nothing right is just as silly and childish as thinking he can do no wrong.


    Bob Marleys birthday yesterday
    Jah will never give the power to a ballhead
    run come crucify a dread
    time alone ,oh time will tell
    you think your in heaven but your living in hell

  82. seventhwave101

    DDM . Yep Arsenal in the early eighties, the best times of my life. Vaessen is a sad story true and very sad., though good memories of the team then. Good point in the article Paul Davis not playing for England but Carlton Palmer getting caps , WTF ?!

  83. Ash79

    Anyone read the Telegraph article on Capoue – apparently Wenger will snap him up.

    Also there is an article floating about somewhere saying Klinsmann will take over from Wenger – same ideolgies and both Monaco men and they look similar too.

  84. Fuckit4thwilldo?


    I’m struggling to see your argument when in one post you’re saying we don’t develop players, then in the next saying how good Cesc was? Kinda contradicts your point. Arsenal got something out of Cesc that Barca (the best club in the world) didn’t think was there. And paid us 34m for the privalage.

  85. gambon

    “Arsenal got something out of Cesc that Barca (the best club in the world) didn’t think was there. And paid us 34m for the privalage”

    Well thats COMPLETELY wrong.

    They didnt let Cesc go, we did our child trafficking thing.

  86. Inter YourGran

    I thought the game was a good, competitive test yesterday. Two top class sides with lots of good players on show. People can harp on about Brazil not being what they were, but the game panned out like a CL knock out tie with two very good sides trying to win it with a host of top European talent on show. It’s only a friendly, granted, but after giving England games the “mehs” for ages due to lack of Arsenal involvement, our two players shone last night in patches and we must surely, be happy for that.

    Rooney was very good last night as were Hart, Gerrard, Johnson & Baines when he came on. Welbeck did well on the left, worked hard in an area that’s always been a problem for us. and kept Alves quiet. Adriano has been a shining light in La Liga this season and got murdered by Walcott. our shit player not worth his new contract 🙄

    As an English, Arsenal fan I was very happy with last nights performances and shows the national team are heading in the right direction with set up and personnel.

    The only thing we should be whinging about is the amount of game time alot of our 1st team squad played this last couple of days.