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So Arsenal launched their new website to the a typically ‘OMG this is new and I hate it’ response. Maybe people were annoyed that Arsenal clearly responded to my rant about how bad their old site was?

I like the new design, simply because the old one was so bad. The best feature is the fact it’s mobile ready. I can’t believe it’s taken so long to come to fruition, but it’s here now and you don’t have to pinch your screen to read the content. The site is almost too mobile friendly in the sense that you can see from the desktop it has a mobile template. Still, if my analytics are anything to go by… most people visit via mobile. 68% of Le Grove traffic comes from a tablet or a smartphone. That’s pretty huge considering the same figure was 39% last year. The world just got richer… smartphones got cheaper… or people sacrificed eating to read Le Grove on the move.

Anyway… it’s a step up. There are some rough edges, but at least it looks fairly modern.

I heard some pretty interesting news on the kit deal last night. Put it this way, Nike and Adidas aren’t the only people interested in bringing their name to the Arsenal shirt. If it’s a challenger brand; though it might not look as swish, you always stand to make more money  year on year. Arsenal can either be one of many… or the jewel in the crown?

There’s not a huge amount of news floating around the web. Arsenal are still doing a lot of back patting over the import of Monreal. Yeah he’s a good player, but jeez, he’s had one game and the club are talking like they’ve solved the worlds left back issues.

Steven Gerrard kindly supplied me with a load of words I could pump into a quiet post…

“Jack’s got a bit of everything: he can tackle, pass, get up and down the pitch, create a goal or score a goal,” said Gerrard. “He ticks almost every box, and he’s going to get better and better. He’s only 21 and a fantastic talent, and we’re delighted he’s back. He has the potential to become one of the best in the world. I don’t want to put any pressure on him, but having played against him recently and seen him in training, he’s a one-off. He’s a lot better than your normal Premier League midfielder.

“He’s been frustrated at the amount of football he’s missed and wants to make up for lost time. You have to give credit to his club manager, Arsène Wenger, as well for the way he’s found his form, but he’ll get better, and better than he is now, which is a scary thought. But one man can’t carry a nation on his own. He needs other players to help. I can only tell him to try and keep his feet on the ground and enjoy it: his career will be full of ups and downs, but he has the mentality to handle it and looks as if he can cope with the pressure.

“These young players with huge potential, they all have to go out and prove it in big games in the Premier League, the Champions League and at international level. They have to show they’re good enough to compete against other world-class players. If they do, then the tag of ‘world-class’ can be given out.

Now, the kind words from a great player are perfect. Jack does have all the ingredients to become one of the best… but the last sentence is key. Jack isn’t world class yet, far from it. He shouldn’t be at 21. He has to prove himself game after game. You know you’ve hit world class when you can carry a team on a bad day. Jack needs to be producing assists and goals like Cesc. That’s when we’ll be able to hold him up as world class. I think he has it in him to be a great player… maybe not quite a productive in the sense of goals and assists… more in the way he could drive the team. A mix of Patrick Vieira fire and brimstone combined with the ability to run with the ball and dip in and out with the things that matter. He’s an all in one fire ball of a player rather than a specialist. That’s the sort of guy we’ve needed in the side over the last few years. When the chips were down, could Cesc lift the squad? Not for me… Can Jack do that? Absolutely. He’s shown he can do that… he just hasn’t shown it consistently.

… mainly because he’s young. The future is bright.

What Arsene Wenger has to do with this latest batch of hopefuls is give them the tools to succeed. He failed miserably at that with Cesc, Nasri and Robin. When Wenger writes his book, if he ever does, I’d imagine that will come as one of his biggest regrets. If he’d have bought experienced players when Cesc was here (like Arteta), we’d have won the league at least once over the past 7 years. I think that’s what has grated on Arsenal fans. Wenger, on the face of it, has done pretty well on his self imposed restrictions. We’ve been 2-3 players short on numerous occasions.  When it was easier to buy a player than miss out, Wenger baulked, which cost us in 2008 and it probably cost us in 2010. Where we were teetering on the brink of something special back then, we’ve regressed to a point now where it looks like we’d need a serious injection of talent to get any where near United. Wenger took his reluctance to show ambition to heights that talented players couldn’t tolerate… so now we have holes all over the squad that he’s still not willing to fill.

The young players we have come through need to be supplemented by great players. If they’re not, there’s enough money in the Premiership to put loyalty aside. Nasri, Clichy, Toure and Robin have all gone onto better things. That trend has to stop at some point. Question is, does anyone at the top level of the club have the balls to question the stagnation? We’re slipping behind off the pitch as a result of Wenger’s stubbornness .. that’s not good for business.

Right… see you in the comments.

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  1. Bade

    I wonder how Chelsea’s people see themselves knowing they’re throwing away once of their best players….

    Since that announcement of “go find yarself another team” he’s been banging goals in a stylish way it’s funny

    Jack is the England future, no doubt

    The only refinings that boy need are:

    1. Keeping his fitness
    2. gaining experience
    3. willing more to shoot on goal

  2. Bade

    That said, looking at the Argentinian squad was hilarious

    I mean they have the best forward line by miles, they have a decent defence & a very good midfield

    Fuck me how a manager can make difference. Had they had a good manager I guess they would have won the WC at least once in the last couple of tournaments

    But I think next year they will walk the WC at Brazil

    Messi, Aguero, Higuain, De Maria, Lavezzi, Pastore, Tevez …. WOW