Arsenal to take on the Spanish market | Crowd sourcing players for Arsenal | NFL: Play or NO pay

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Good morning! Welcome to the first day of the working week. Unless of course you don’t work. Which might be sad, because you are unemployed. Or it might be joyous, because you’re a child and your country doesn’t allow child labour. Thank your lucky charms, or, if you’re a poor child, rue the fact that those children are getting paid in mad amounts of football shirts.

Onto the post today. After Graham Hunter told the world Arsenal merely pulled the Monreal deal forward, Pelligrini has come out and given a different story.

“Unfortunately, the reality of the club is what it is, and there is no way of hiding it. It was an option that came up at the last minute, and the club thought it was appropriate,”

“I understand they have to try and balance the books, because the pressure is on us from all sides, and we have received punishments. It is a major loss to us in sporting terms.”

Makes sense. I’ve no idea why people think Arsenal would arrange a move for the summer when it was clear for everyone to see that we had a left back shortage. The Malaga coach was sad though… he clearly rated the left back.

“Monreal’s exit is a very sad moment for the team. It deprives us of a very important player who performed to the highest standards”

That’s good to hear. I thought he looked pretty sharp. He’s no light weight and he doesn’t look like the sort of player who is too concerned with bombing forward.Will he keep Gibbs out of the side, or will he simply be pushed forward? We know how Wenger loves a shuffle…

I took time out to watch the Superbowl last night. I”m not a huge fan of American football, but it’s quite a spectacle. The atmosphere is slightly sterile compared to a football match, but then again, I’m not surprised considering the stop start nature of the game.

One thing I did hear pre-game which was interesting was the pay & play contract. If a club in America give Abou Diaby a £100m deal, if he doesn’t play, he doesn’t earn that cash. I have no idea why we don’t take a similar approach to deals over here? It seems crazy to think you can sit on a 5 year deal and hardly play… with no recourse for the club. In the real world, I totally get the idea that you want to protect people against illness and injury… in high end sport? I’m not so sure I have the same sentiment.

Another thing I found interesting was the mobility of such massive guys. Arsene Wenger has always had a negative view of bulking up players. I’m guessing because they sacrifice movement and speed. Well, looking at those huge guys skipping between players was a major eye opener. You can do speed and mobility… can you do endurance though? I have no idea… I’m only a part qualified sport scientist.

Looking around the league at the weekend, it was an eye opener watching Sissoko. Another player available on the cheap that we turned a blind eye to. I wasn’t talking about him, mainly because there seem to be about four million Sissoko’s in the game, it’s the foreign equivalent of Mr Smith. Anyway, I’ve seen his name bandied about enough in the Le Grove comments section. His arrival, despite only being early days, does show you what a load of nonsense Wenger talks when he says the players aren’t available. If the players aren’t available in the big wide world of the most popular game on the planet… chances are you need to sack your scouting department.

Back to the player we did sign… Monreal had this to say on Cazorla.

‘I asked how things were here and he only had very positive things to say. He said that Arsenal was a massive club, the people are great and it’s really just a big family. He only had good things to say. I am sure we can be successful this season and I am really looking forward to the challenge.’

Arsenal have a really good opportunity this summer to snap up some top quality Spaniards looking to move out into a slightly less f*cked economy. Barca and Madrid can’t have them all… we can though. We can’t take on the French market these days, Pardew has it nailed down. It’s time to move on, it’s time to get a new market. That market, is Spain. Why Spain? It’s skint and it has enough Sky coverage to be able to scout from your laptop. Cheap scouting, all day long. In fact, why don’t Arsenal outsource the scouting network to the comments section on Le Grove? Or Twitter? We could all vote on the players we’d like to see at the club. I honestly don’t  reckon we’d be a million miles away. I hear about top players through the obsessives on the web way before the papers get hold of them.

Statement number 2: The next big opportunity in football is crowd sourcing players.

Statement number 1: Arsenal to own the Spanish market

Remember… you heard it here first… we’ll be rebranding this website this summer… maybe we’ll have a humourous Spanish moustache on the banner. Totally hilarious if not a touch racist. I’m English though… and racism is all the rage here.

Right, I don’t have much else… feel gifted that I managed to churn out 800 words on a nothing news day.

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  1. Inter YourGran

    Come on Gambon Giroud’s been nowhere near that bad to warrant discarding after his 1st season. He’s done well in all honesty. However, we need someone more mobile and more efficient in front of goal to lead the line for the mainstay. Giroud’s a good option to have as a plan b.

    But, we could have saved 12m and stuck with Bendtner also… We do love to waste the cash we do spend!

  2. gambon


    My point is the UK is in serious economic difficulty, yet that doesnt affect Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea.

    Spain being in trouble isnt going to have the affect a lot of people seem to imagine in their heads it will have.

    Madrid for example are basically Supranational. They only rely on Spain for their gate receipts and no matter what happends fans will still be turning up to games.

    The rest of their income, and we’re talking significant money, has no ties to the Spanish economy, just like Arsenal wont suffer as the UK Economy suffers.

    Yeah we can pick up players from Atletico and Valencia etc, but we could always do that anyway, thats nothing new.

  3. mystic

    Agree 100%, if it is going to be called the Champions League then only the domestic winners should partake. If UEFA were to argue 2 teams, I would put in the FA Cup WINNERS – I know someone could fluke winning the FA Cup, but at least they would still be winners of something (I think it is called silverware, been so long since Arsenal won any…………)

  4. Inter YourGran

    I’d agree with the 1/3 odds vs. Bayern. They are tearing up their league at the moment. But although improbable, I wouldn’t say that we’re going out is a forgone conclusion. If we can win 3-1 at home then we have every chance.

  5. gambon


    With Cavani & benteke there would be no room for Giroud.

    Nothinjg against him, just think Benteke can do the same job as Giroud, do it better, and has a higher ceiling, and is younger.

    I sold my car last year, I didnt think my car had “underperformed” or “wasnt good enough”, I just wanted to upgrade.

    Arsenal should be looking to upgrade every single position on the pitch all the time.

    If a player comes along that is 2% better than a player we already have (at the same price) we should be buying them.

    Man Utd had a great strike force last season, remind me who they bought in the summer?

  6. Guns of Hackney


    I’m still waiting for your explanation how a 50/50 between two teams is incorrect.


    Call it the silverware cup…or “The Champions and Some Runners up and The Excellence and Outstanding Achievement Trophy”


  7. gambon


    Because its only 50/50 if both teams are identical in every little respect.

    Its like saying if a Wolf fights a Lion to the death its 50/50 because there are 2 of them.

  8. Arse&Nose©

    Giroud is a bit wimpish, he has the ability and strength to really bully defenders instead he would rather be nice and then look up at the heavens and blame bad luck.
    He had the beating of Stokes CB’s but never threw his weight around like, say Drogba would.

  9. Ash79

    Fear not kids, soon the Europa will be “just as important” as the Champions league. “you can not say it is not important”

  10. gambon

    I like Giroud, he wouldve been the perfect backup to RVP for example.

    Just think Benteke in particular could do that job better, and is even more of a plan B.

    If we go out and sign a top striker in the summer, with Giroud as his back up i’d be delighted.

    In the pursuit of perfection though some good players, some great players have to be sacrificed.

    Im sure people thought Guardiola was mad when he shipped out Deco, Ronaldinho & Etoo, apparantly not.

  11. Ash79


    “The Europa League final was a fantastic game,” he told the Daily Mirror. “Atletico Madrid against Athletic Bilbao was fantastic to watch, much better than many Champions League games.

    “Personally, I don’t feel it’s a useless competition. What’s a useless competition for you? For me, a good competition is when you see two good teams play a good game. I watched Bilbao and Atletico Madrid and I watched the whole game, didn’t miss a second.

    “You see a fantastic football team. That’s what competition has to produce – fantastic football games. There are some boring Champions League games but of course you want to be in the Champions League.

    “When you play Thursday night and Sunday it’s exactly the same as Wednesday night and Saturday. If you ask me if we prefer the Champions League to Europa League then you are completely right.

    “We want to be in the Champions League, we don’t want to be in the Europa League. You play where you have to and it’s better to play there than not at all.”

  12. gambon

    “I would say a male Wolf has an edge against a male Lion.”

    While im no animal expert and ive only ever had a pet dog not a cat, i would say this is beyond wrong.

    A lion would kill a wolf in 10 seconds or less.

  13. Relieable sauce

    Anyone got any news on TV?

    The prospect of playing santoss has got Wonga shitting himself, his reply the other day was funny – “I won’t tell you who i will play there”
    BM will attack our left flank all game if he plays, unlike pool who really missed a trick there. Any manager worth his paycheck will recognise it as catastrophic weakness & use tactics to win the game, if he has the players to do so.

  14. Dan Ahern

    gambon — Okay so you did mean footballistically, in which case I agree with you. There will be a few more bargains to be had maybe, but it’s not like a new treasure trove is opening up. You’re right we could always easily buy players from non-Barca/Madrid teams, but, there is a slight benefit in that there can be more players available in Wenger’s price range now.

    As a side note, people forget that we got Santi and Nacho from Malaga, a team owned by a Qatari sheikh. It’s his own fault they’re selling off players, as he seems incredibly reluctant to put his money in. It could’ve happened in any country, basically.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Gambon V Guns of Hackney

    Gambon throws weak punch, GOH sidesteps and flattens Gambon in 3 seconds. GOH takes Gambons wallet…finds £2.45…feels sorry for him. GOH leaves Gambon £20 for cab home after he wakes up.

    GOH kisses Gambon while he lies prostrate on pavement.

  16. Inter YourGran

    True Gambon, but Van Persie never came in to replace anybody. He came to play as the 1 upfront and has Sir Alex used Rooney’s team ethic and commitment to better shape his starting 11 by playing him in the hole more often than not.

    We are crying out for a world class front man now we’ve sold the best centre forward in world football. I honestly cannot see us spending the acquired amount to entice one of the worlds better strikers to Arsenal. Cavani, Falcao Neymar all cost amounts we can afford, but wont spend under Wenger.

    I think he knows spending that sort of money puts him under extra duress and pressure to win. Sadly, I think it’s needed but it won’t come to fruition.

    Could get Damaio for 17m ish or Jovetic around a similar amount but it wont be more than that.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    A and N

    Lions are enormous – at least 3 times the size of a Wolf (which is basically a large Dog)…Lion in round one.

    Arsenal V Bayern – Arsenal wet themselves in tunnel…lose 5-1.

  18. Inter YourGran

    I think Giroud deserves a bit more credit then he gets. He’s a bit of a donkey in front of goal, but he’s done well, especially with all the pressure that came with replacing Van Persie.

    Benteke’s one we can afford to let develop for the next year or so then make our move. We keep buying kids who still havent cut their teeth in top flight footballfor long enough.

    I thought we wanted to put paid to these experiments. Benteke would be another one. He’s done very well at Villa granted, but he’s also gone missing in alot of game as well

  19. gambon


    I saw 2 ‘nomadic’ males in Ngorongoro and i dont know if god could beat these things in a fight.

    Dogs are weak. Wolves are just dogs with a bad attitude 🙂

  20. Guns of Hackney

    That film was terrible.

    Wolf v Liam Neeson with a bottle taped to his hand…Wolf shitting Liam Neseson sized lumps tomorrow morning.

  21. andy1886


    Gambon kidnapped the Spurs chicken, keeps it in his back garden with some hens just so he can force it to watch him eat it’s children…..

  22. Leedsgunner

    Mystic @1609

    AFC “flunking” its way to the UEFA champion’s league final is the only that Wenger manages to perform for his missus every month without chemical assistance!

  23. gambon

    Why are we talking about Lion vs Wolf?

    Oh yes, Bayern rhymes with Lion. Lion Munich.

    What about Tiger vs Gervinho? God I hope someone makes it happen soon.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Mate. That’s a sound call – Honey Badger’s are fearless. You have to see the footage of a Honey Badger v King Cobra – Cobra bites Honey Badger, Honey Badger kills Cobra…HB falls over ‘dead’ – wakes up about 45 mins later, bites Cobra’s dead head off and finishes the meal – truly amazing!!!

  25. Paddy got up

    A load of crap being talked about on here today, Lions, Wolfs what is this the poxy Discovery channel?
    Back to the real world, doesn’t matter how good Benteke is the
    Accountant will have him playing on the wing or something.

  26. gambon

    Honey Badger, dont make me laugh, its just a badger.

    My neighbours dog killed a badger it sounded like Peggy Mitchell getting raped.

  27. gambon


    Gervinho is in North London, we can throw him in the tiger enclsure at London Zoo

    The club would then avoid having to pay him off.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    Don’t let the name fool you – they are fearless. Of course it would never beat a Lion but it wouldn’t back down – chances are the Lion would run away first.

  29. Guns of Hackney


    fair enough – you bring the rope, I’ll delve into my bag of tricks for a mask and tape…

    Gervinho v Wombat = Wombat wins, bites Gervs head and it swells to 120 times its normal size – explodes!

  30. gambon


    That would be like me running away from an enraged Hamster, which I guess I would unless I found out it was Wengers hamster, then I would tread on the cunt.

    In my office we were speaking about funny animal match ups and one of my colleagues said a swan could kill a polar bear, I think he was maybe thinking of another animal as that just couldnt ever happen.

  31. Toli83

    Don’t diss the hb, most fearless creature in the world.

    Back to the real world, benteke is good for Wenger as he will cost next to nothing. He strikes me as someone that will force a move out of villa as well.

    Wenger won’t want cavani and if we didn’t sign villa now I’m not sure how likely it is. Given the deal was to be had, now I can city etc moving in for him.

    Capoue is the one we need, ideally with Hummels joining as well to give us some steel. Loan out Ramsey and Eisfeld next season.

  32. Toli83

    If the polar bear was unbalanced and the swan landed on the crown of the polar bears head and started pecking out the big guys eyes then it is distinct possibility Gambon !

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Polar bear off balance, swan hits bear, bear falls over the edge of the railings and plummets 30 storeys to his death

  34. Guns of brixton

    Bayern munich vs Arsenal.
    holy shit , this should be illegal!
    if it was a boxing match it would be tko b4 the 1st round!

  35. Jeff

    I was just thinking whatever happened to Miyaichi and he’s been loaned to Wigan and is currently injured. So much promise but no real effect.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Wolves are also cowards.

    A lion will fight alone….wolves need a pack or they simply wouldn’t interested.

    But a Lion would fuck…a….wolf…up.

    If you’ve ever seen one up close you’ll know they are beyond HUGE, paws the size of dinner plates.

  37. Dan Ahern

    This is the 2nd most pointless conversation I’ve ever seen on this blog.

    1st is an 843-way tie between every Keyser debate.

  38. Ade

    Interesting post! I read your posts religiously and agree with a lot of what you say although I’m not sure about your comment at the end of the post?
    “I’m English though… and racism is all the rage here.”
    Not sure what you meant there? I understand that racism exists but is it all the rage here in theUK? I think we have someway to go before they are the way they should be but things have improved massively from 20 years ago! People now are obviously not as overt with their views as it’ll land them in front of the local magistrate. Compared to other nations we are doing so much more! The kids are being educated and many see diversity as something to embrace. Ultimately people are free to choose their views but I believe the vast majority of people in the UK choose to accept and embrace the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that we have in the UK.

  39. Toli83

    Anyone saw the news that a British team is been investigated for match fixing in champs league?

    I think when we shockingly beat olympiacos at home could have raised a few suspicions?

  40. roaaary

    I got knocked out by a swan before and can lay testament to their fighting ability. But all would struggle fighting an angry dave benson phillips after a gunging session

  41. Jeff


    The manager and the players don’t half talk a load of pigswill sometimes. I mean who the hell actually takes seriously any of this stuff? I know it is good to talk oneself up to raise confidence but just utter unrealistic nonsense spewed out daily in every interview is a little too hard to stomach.

    I just wish one of them comes out and says:

    “Look, let’s be honest about it, we’ve got no chance of CL, PL or FA and we might as well stop kidding ourselves and the fans”.

  42. kwik fit


    Exactly , we are treated with contempt by wenger .
    His attitude is ‘Don’t worry about the fans, tell them any old crap , they’ll swallow what ever shit we tell them’
    An example of Wenger contempt of the fans;
    “We worked very hard on it, we were everywhere. I would have loved to take somebody else but we didn’t find anyone.
    “Manchester United, who did they buy? Chelsea, who did they buy? Liverpool bought. Man City didn’t buy’

    “For the top, top, top clubs, it’s difficult to strengthen your team in the middle of the season.”
    Wenger’s lucky I’m a pacifist with pure Shit like that.

  43. Jeff


    He’s been doing it for years and years. It’s mainly intended towards the die hard Wengerites in whose eyes he can do no wrong and he knows it. He will feed them any old garbage and they will lap it up because the brainwashing is do deep seated that nothing could persuade them that we do as well as we do not because of but in spite of Wenger.

  44. Dan Ahern

    So ManU, City and Chelsea didn’t buy, and Liverpool did.

    Now take a guess at which teams are on top of the table, and which one isn’t.

  45. Jeff

    Do you notice how none of the Wenger faithful talk about actual football any more but fringe subjects such as the stadium, our finances, our youth, CL place every season, our playing style, our prudence and how “well” we’re being run; as if any of that matters one little bit if you set yourself up to win nothing by selling expensive, buying cheap, keeping dross and rewarding ineptitude. But they don’t see any of that; it just goes right past them without any trace or sound. It’s amazing.

  46. tom

    A couple of points on pedro’s piece.

    I’m not exactly sure how Pay and play works but it wouldn’t be right to send a kid onto the field and have him pick up a serious injury and then not pay him through his recovery. How does it work in the states?
    I’m weary of players bulking up too much. I remember GG putting Rocastle on the weights and they muscled the spring right out of him. He certainly lost mobility and reflex.

    Sissoko had a fine debut for Newcastle. He seems a good signing.
    However, if AW had signed has a cheap French import (a couple of million, they say) from Toulouse, the majority of Grovers would have grumbled like crazy.

    Also, on the Monreal deal, I don’t think you can necessarily interpret
    “…It was an option that came up at the last minute, and the club thought it was appropriate,”
    as meaning AFC hadn’t planned a summer move. The last minute option could simply have been to move the deal forward. I’m being pedantic, but you imply a lie has been told and that’s not certain.

    I’m all for spanglish Arsenal. A combo of young brits, savvy spaniards plus a couple of cool germans looks good.
    Toral and Bellerin coming through too.

  47. Sam

    Giroud was once asked by French journalists if he was van pussy replacement he replied no he wouldn’t take him 7 Years to make his mark at arsenal. Contrary to some idiot comments I saw here that cavani n benteke are better. It seems to some people here only worship players from other clubs they wish to sign everyone we have at arsenal rubbish. If we sign cavani n he’s struggling to settle they will be bashing him n crying for someone else, really boring!

  48. Sam

    Some of u bored housewives need to move on coz van pussy doesn’t play for arsenal anymore . Theo Walcott will score 30 goals this season Or u can all fuck off to support man utd n stop boring us

  49. Sam

    Remember van pussy had Alex song, giroud has hmmm denilson’s welsh cousin. We are weaker than last season so van pussy would have struggled with this team for sure

  50. Dan Ahern

    tom — NFL contracts have an amount of guaranteed money and an amount of performance-based pay.

    Even if they get injured they’re still earning their base salary. It’s just that a large part of their income is incentivized, so obviously they wouldn’t get any of that if they weren’t on the field.

    Saying “no play no pay” is just the more cynical way of saying their whole salary isn’t guaranteed.

  51. K.C.

    We are weaker than last season because we don’t have Van Persie. I swear common sense is highly over-rated these days. Giroud will never come close to replicating Robin. He just doesn’t have the talent set. Square wheels man.

  52. Dan Ahern

    P.S. Note on Pedro’s observation of a sterile environment in the Super Bowl:
    This is true but not representative of all American football. The Super Bowl is beyond unaffordable to attend for your average fan and the crowd is heavily comprised of corporate sponsors/associates who have no stake in the teams playing (as well as some fans who go for the experience of going to a Super Bowl rather than to support a particular team).

  53. BacaryisGod

    Here’s what Arsene should address in the summer and it could cost him because he didn’t address it in January.

    1) 4th central defender. Right now, one injury to Mert, Verm or Kos will mean that Santos plays left back against Bayern. That is if we don’t rush Gibbs back too quickly and he re-injures his thigh for the rest of the season…

    Assuming Gibbs is not recovered in time, Vermaelen plays LB and Kos and Mert will be in the centre. Alternatively, Jenks plays as left back like he did once or twice last season. Either way, it’s not what you want going into a game vs a
    team that has a 51-7 f/a in 20 Bundesliga games and is 22 points ahead of the team that spanked us at the Emirates.

    2) Centre Forward. Sorry, but if we’re not buying another centre forward in order to keep Theo happy then that’s a big mistake. Maybe Arsene is trying to find a hybrid centre forward/winger in order to be able to rotate with Theo. Either way, what we need is a clinical goalscorer in the vein of Lewandowski to give us that extra option in tight games that we don’t have right now.

    3) Imposing central midfielder: I would take either Fellaini who is a beast now or McCarthy who will be a beast very soon.

    4) Reserve keeper: Tough one this because anyone of true quality won’t want to be on the bench. I still believe Chezzer is the future but he needs some competition in the present.

  54. Sam

    Sorry K C!

    We are weaker because we failed to replace Alex song not van pussy I personally hoped we will move in for Leroy fer after deal with everton broke down nothing happened.

  55. BacaryisGod

    Sam-that’s nonsense, I’m afraid. Van Persie had Song but Giroud has Cazorla, Podolski and Wilshere.

    For the 40 million we got for Song and Van Persie, we went out and bought Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Monreal. Not too shabby. We also extended Theo, Jack and Gibbs (not forgetting how close we came to losing Theo for nothing). I’m not sold on the merits of extending Ramsey, Ox and Jenks but I can understand it.

  56. Sam

    “giroud will never replicate what van pussy did ”

    U know that’s rubbish!

    This crap statement comes from the same people who swore that Theo Walcott will never make it as a striker
    Please stop predicting the future coz you will always get it wrong

  57. leon

    i feel on the whole this team stronger than last season.last season was a complete destaster in the tranfer windows the only reason this team did as well as it did was because rvp. wenger has been alot panic buys to avoid getting a cassen from the fans but it has never worked. i hoping wenger learned from past thats its always better to a little more get a higher quality player than go on the cheap and have a player that you want and cant rid of . wenger now is going have a hell of a job getting rid of santos because no club will pay 40k a week for him unless he is willing to pay cut and get playing time at a smaller club.. the worst thing about that is wenger only had to pay 5 million for this new player who is clearly a far better option now wenger is going paying 40k a week for the rest of the season that he not likely to use what a waste.

    in my view only has two pay cheque players sculachi and aa who had the opportunity to pay cut and play regular football but refused and were happy sit on the bench and just collect the money. on the other hand its breth of fresh air to good young player karl bartley who have stayed and be 4/5th defender got better money chose to take pay cut play more often. so at the moment have 3 players who have very little chance playing at and are getting paid for doing nothing were as if wenger had paid a paid out a bit more he would have got a higher quality player. at moment this team has park bretna delinson chamakh all on loan and all on 40/50k a week players

  58. andy1886

    Sam – the Leroy Fer deal at Everton broke down because he failed a medical (knee apparently). As we already have a number of injury prone midfielders (not least Diaby who I assume LF would be a direct replacement for) it would be crazy for us to risk it.

  59. Sam


    I agreed that we have cazorla n soldiers but we are weaker because we don’t have strongman in midfield. Chelsea beat twice for the same reason n wanker never pay attention to tactics. That skinny Brazilian bullied our midfielders n we did not know how to stop him n it led to both goals

  60. Toli83

    I like the arrogance and confidence Walcott is showing. It’s what we have all said he needed for years . You don’t become a great player without having that something about you.

  61. JJ

    Wenger is arrogant and confident… too much so.

    Walcott did not need arrogance or confidence. He just needed to work out how to go around his marker with the ball. He has finally worked out how to do that.

  62. sam

    I hope the van persie cock sucking ritual will end soon because you guys don’t know how disgusting you sound when you praise the worst treater in arsenal history. I can’t help thinking you are bunch of fucking spuds especially when you are wishing arsenal could lose the game.

  63. gnarleygeorge9

    Tip of the match fixing iceberg?

    …………& you big talking under 40’s buy it, day in & day out. Silly fucking cnuts 😆

  64. TheBayingMob

    On the Spain issue, isn’t there the possibility of them raping the football playes for 50%+ in tax? Isn’t this what Ronaldo was ‘sad’ about a few months ago at Real ?? It’s not all about income, the players god is money/wages, they will go where it’s best, that may not necessarily be the UK but if Barca have to start paying 300k a week plus to match other top leagues surely that has an influence?

  65. UGooner

    Oh please Giroud over Benteke any day! If tables were turned and they had Benteke while we had Giroud you’d be calling for HFB… Giroud’s record speaks for itself… The grasses are not always greener! We do need a high quality striker though to give him competition, bench him, play with him and even allow rotation and he’ll get even better for it…