Arsenal to take on the Spanish market | Crowd sourcing players for Arsenal | NFL: Play or NO pay

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Good morning! Welcome to the first day of the working week. Unless of course you don’t work. Which might be sad, because you are unemployed. Or it might be joyous, because you’re a child and your country doesn’t allow child labour. Thank your lucky charms, or, if you’re a poor child, rue the fact that those children are getting paid in mad amounts of football shirts.

Onto the post today. After Graham Hunter told the world Arsenal merely pulled the Monreal deal forward, Pelligrini has come out and given a different story.

“Unfortunately, the reality of the club is what it is, and there is no way of hiding it. It was an option that came up at the last minute, and the club thought it was appropriate,”

“I understand they have to try and balance the books, because the pressure is on us from all sides, and we have received punishments. It is a major loss to us in sporting terms.”

Makes sense. I’ve no idea why people think Arsenal would arrange a move for the summer when it was clear for everyone to see that we had a left back shortage. The Malaga coach was sad though… he clearly rated the left back.

“Monreal’s exit is a very sad moment for the team. It deprives us of a very important player who performed to the highest standards”

That’s good to hear. I thought he looked pretty sharp. He’s no light weight and he doesn’t look like the sort of player who is too concerned with bombing forward.Will he keep Gibbs out of the side, or will he simply be pushed forward? We know how Wenger loves a shuffle…

I took time out to watch the Superbowl last night. I”m not a huge fan of American football, but it’s quite a spectacle. The atmosphere is slightly sterile compared to a football match, but then again, I’m not surprised considering the stop start nature of the game.

One thing I did hear pre-game which was interesting was the pay & play contract. If a club in America give Abou Diaby a £100m deal, if he doesn’t play, he doesn’t earn that cash. I have no idea why we don’t take a similar approach to deals over here? It seems crazy to think you can sit on a 5 year deal and hardly play… with no recourse for the club. In the real world, I totally get the idea that you want to protect people against illness and injury… in high end sport? I’m not so sure I have the same sentiment.

Another thing I found interesting was the mobility of such massive guys. Arsene Wenger has always had a negative view of bulking up players. I’m guessing because they sacrifice movement and speed. Well, looking at those huge guys skipping between players was a major eye opener. You can do speed and mobility… can you do endurance though? I have no idea… I’m only a part qualified sport scientist.

Looking around the league at the weekend, it was an eye opener watching Sissoko. Another player available on the cheap that we turned a blind eye to. I wasn’t talking about him, mainly because there seem to be about four million Sissoko’s in the game, it’s the foreign equivalent of Mr Smith. Anyway, I’ve seen his name bandied about enough in the Le Grove comments section. His arrival, despite only being early days, does show you what a load of nonsense Wenger talks when he says the players aren’t available. If the players aren’t available in the big wide world of the most popular game on the planet… chances are you need to sack your scouting department.

Back to the player we did sign… Monreal had this to say on Cazorla.

‘I asked how things were here and he only had very positive things to say. He said that Arsenal was a massive club, the people are great and it’s really just a big family. He only had good things to say. I am sure we can be successful this season and I am really looking forward to the challenge.’

Arsenal have a really good opportunity this summer to snap up some top quality Spaniards looking to move out into a slightly less f*cked economy. Barca and Madrid can’t have them all… we can though. We can’t take on the French market these days, Pardew has it nailed down. It’s time to move on, it’s time to get a new market. That market, is Spain. Why Spain? It’s skint and it has enough Sky coverage to be able to scout from your laptop. Cheap scouting, all day long. In fact, why don’t Arsenal outsource the scouting network to the comments section on Le Grove? Or Twitter? We could all vote on the players we’d like to see at the club. I honestly don’t  reckon we’d be a million miles away. I hear about top players through the obsessives on the web way before the papers get hold of them.

Statement number 2: The next big opportunity in football is crowd sourcing players.

Statement number 1: Arsenal to own the Spanish market

Remember… you heard it here first… we’ll be rebranding this website this summer… maybe we’ll have a humourous Spanish moustache on the banner. Totally hilarious if not a touch racist. I’m English though… and racism is all the rage here.

Right, I don’t have much else… feel gifted that I managed to churn out 800 words on a nothing news day.

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  1. Ric

    Good Morning all!Got Yer coffees out yet?
    Please no more tom… please no more tom….
    Please say tom got raped by an amerous Paddington bear…
    Fingers crossed lads.

  2. Guns of brixton

    quite the post, monreal will do good, but we need a lot more strengthing b4 we can challenge for the CL and premier league more strongly and comfortable.

  3. Ash79

    More humourous tone of post today Pedro.

    I think we’ve said for a while on here that are some bargains to be had in Spain, Soldado, Banega etc Im still gutted that Q{R snared granero, with the right players around him he could excel and would be the sort of player that could do a job for us. Arsene, make sure you call him when QPR go down – im sure half the QPR squad are on release clauses.

    CR7 own goal at the weekend, thats a 1 in the million isnt it. Pained me to see moneyboy score a gem yesterday. Spurs – one man team? let you decide. certainly not lacking some steel and mental strength this season.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    Day 6,300 (or there about) of Arsene’s reign and he is still a total douche bag.

    Well everyone, that forth place is looking more and more tagged on – and all that means is another few years of disgusting bullshit from the Arsenal.

    Fuck you Stoke! You inbred, Phil Taylor/Robbie Williams making, midland based bomb crater town. You blew it! Pottery making sausage jockeys.

    My prediction – watch Natco Libre start making elementary mistakes in the next game. He will be Wengerised.

  5. gunner4evr

    He will buy some unknown Spansh kid who will make the football world sit up. Frankly I have lost all faith in Wenger’s magic touch to turn raw diamonds into
    wc beaters. The Emrates is littered with has beens.Enough is enough.
    Get the quality guys who can improve the senior team immediately ,not in ten years ti.

  6. andy1886

    Pleased with Monreal so far, the test will be the Spuds game though. Play Gibbs further forward? I’m just happy that we may finally have two decent left backs at the club. Chances of getting rid of Santos before the end of his contract? Nil, or worse if that’s possible.

    I’d still like another forward option, but by far the main priority is to sort the coaching out. If Wenger wont delegate to someone who can a) organise a defensive strategy, and b) do tactics that involve more then ritual substitutions then there really is no hope for either us or him until he leaves/retires/is fired/dies (delete as you wish).

    Finally, forget the CL, let’s hope Wenger gives the FA Cup the attention it deserves (I wouldn’t put money on it).

  7. andy1886

    Ric, have you seen Ted?

    Let’s hope he met that bear with his Parsnip in the supermarket stock room (wont mean anything unless you’ve seen the film of course).

  8. Ric

    Guns of brixtonFebruary 4, 2013 09:33:43
    Tottenham will always be behind Arsenal.

    Yeah only this season its giving us a sore ass.

  9. Ric

    andy1886February 4, 2013 09:35:31
    Ric, have you seen Ted?

    He he he not the biggest fan of Seth Macfarlane but he does hit home at times.

  10. Paddy got up

    Just some examples of what Wenger thinks are good buys for the club.
    Anyway he did beat Stoke 1-0

  11. gambon

    “if he doesn’t play, he doesn’t earn that cash. I have no idea why we don’t take a similar approach to deals over here? ”

    Pretty simple, cos if every team did it, one team would decide not to, and have a huge advantage over everyone else, then every team would follow suit and we’re back to square one.

    Also I would look at Spain & Germany.

  12. gambon

    Speaking of Spaniards, when Sagna leaves in the summer I think we may sign Angel Rangel.

    He is 30 so wont “kill” Jenkinson, would be available for £2-3m and has been excellent for the last couple of years.

    Wenger loves to make his profits. £7m for Sagna, replaced by £2m Rangel will give him a boner.

  13. Dublin Gunner!!!

    if wenger rang you and said I have 10/12 million to spend in Spain. what player would you recommend to him?

  14. Ric

    Ok here’s a real quiestion; What should we make of this latest invasion of AKB’s?

    I know most of you probably think little of it, I must say that to a degree the same applies to me, but still I find it odd that throughout the AFC blogosphere and comments sections in various AFC dedicated newssites, there seems to have been a major AKB’s shake up this weekend.

    Now and this is just me asking; do people on here believe AFC would actually go to such lengths as hiring “AKB’s to troll the most popular comment sections in order to rile up some positive vibes. Alternatively rewrite history/ put players/staff in a better light etc?

  15. gambon

    “if wenger rang you and said I have 10/12 million to spend in Spain. what player would you recommend to him?”

    I would tell him if he wants to win the league to get serious and stop obsessing over a self imposed transfer limit of £10-12m.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    The art to buy the ‘best’ players available whether they come from Spain, France or Germany.

    Spain produces quite a few good players reflected by the status of their
    national team. At the moment they can be bought fairly cheaply because of the economic plight of most of their clubs .

    France has an entirely different problem. Their current government has introduced heavy taxation on their top earners including footballers. Their best players will want to leave. Newcastle has picked up some decent players particularly Debuchy and Mbiwa.

    There are not many decent English players available particularly in the
    20-25 age group. The small number, which might have been of interest will fetch completely unrealistic transfer fees. Take a look at what
    Man Utd paid for Zaha. Such a player if French or Spanish would have
    cost a fraction of the price!

  17. Hitman49

    I’d get the biggest ball I could.
    And make the frenchie fight it to the death.
    All frenchie would have is his mate diary spud to help him.

  18. Guns of Hackney


    Paranoid, much? LOL

    Arsenal FC are snakes but I doubt if they would pay people to troll.

    AFC can generate their own bullshit without outside help.

  19. William 89

    Ric – Na, newsnow shows what looks like interesting headlines and we wander in to finds you guys practically tossing each other off… but liking a good argument we we wade in for a laugh.

    Now where your soggy biscuit gone….

  20. Ric

    Guns of HackneyFebruary 4, 2013 10:08:47

    Dude I know… Even suggesting as such requires a somewhat flexible relationship towards conspiracy theories. And again I’m a TV writer, I literally live of shit like that, I don’t necessarily bellieve in it. But then again this line of argument has little to do with my question.

    My question was simply; Would you put it past them these days?

  21. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – nah, I think Arsenal under Arsene could be responsible for faking moon landings, the JFK assassination and the disappearance of Lord Lucan.

    I’ve also thought a few times that some posters on various websites take the Wenger love-in to a whole new level…so actually, who knows?

    It’s worth digging around to find out but don’t blame me if you end up ‘missing’ somewhere around the Emirates.

  22. Guns of brixton

    we should nab samba when the hoops get relegated, imagine samba and mertesacker standing together at centre back? bloody hell!

  23. Guns of Hackney

    guns of brixton (which by the way is one of my favourite tracks of all time by the second best band ever).

    We should have got Samba last season but Arsehole went with the irrepressible Djurou.

    But good call on next season – I think we should also get Adel Tarbaat.

  24. Ric

    Guns of HackneyFebruary 4, 2013 10:41:06

    He he he, yeah beware of Gunnersaurus trying to lure you into the cupboard while holding a huge metal candlestick.

    But on a “serious” note I must say, that unless anyone points me in the direction of the first church of saint Arsene, then I’m going to assume that there’s a secret covenant of AKB’s hiding out there somewhere.

    Blimey… Someone knocking on my door…. Is that… hold on is that an albino Steve Bould dressed as a cleric and spanking himself with a football rosary?

    …. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……

  25. Capelgooner

    The only issue with transfers is Wenger and his stupid pricing strategy.

    For £4 million more we could have had Mata….that sums it all up.

  26. Ric

    goonzerFebruary 4, 2013 10:51:14
    El-Grove, should be fantastico. Perhaps you could also write the posts in Spanglish.

    No Esperanto 😉

  27. mystic

    ”Which might be sad, because you are unemployed. ‘ Nice to see Le Grove is thinking of us semi humans.

    Spanish RB would make sense – the new way forward for Viva El Arsenal: Cazorla / Arteta / Monreal already in + we have a couple of Barca youngsters and a couple of players on loan in Spain as well + hopefully Wenger will go and corrupt RM.

  28. Draper-Corleone

    Crowd sourcing is not a good idea in marketing, and it is not a good idea in football.

    The crowd, unsurpringly, did not have much of a clue about Monreal.

    The crowd will always be sheep, regurgitating each other’s views ad nauseum till they all start to believe themselves as latter day prophets.

    In-sourcing is a different deal altogether though, but that is very different from crowd sourcing.

  29. Guns of brixton

    Capelgooner- how about a few 100,000s more, cristiano ronaldo would have been ours, and ibra, ribery,- i am gona stop dere it hurts too much.

  30. Thomas

    In Wengers twisted man no player is worth more than 15m. If we were to be offered Messi 20m Wenger would decline. Cunt.

  31. Ric

    Guns of brixtonFebruary 4, 2013 10:58:16

    Yeah please do- the thought of what we could have had is like taking an electric screwdriver to the heart. Just when you thought it couldn’t be more painful, someone pushes the button and you get the feeling of your heart running through a blender for a few moments while you say your prayers wishing you’ll see no more of this and thankfully die.

    Depressing, moi? noooo…

  32. GregMatth

    Quick question, that I’m undecided on… Would you rather AW signed a CM of Diame/Sissoko’s quality in Jan and it be a possible catalyst for a 4th place push. Or, risk the season with what we have, hoping that AW will replace the unfilled squad place in January with potentially a higher calibre of player available in the summer?

  33. Relieable sauce


    Its sad but a fact of life that people will always take advantage of the mentally ill. I have said before that these akb suckers are ripe for a fleecing & now it seems that some others have jumped on the AFC gravy train.
    They must do the “in arsene…” items with extra, extra long sleeves but i didn’t see them. Too busy laughing at the “stoke legends” gear & the picture of someone that so obviously isn’t mario balotelli.

  34. Ash79

    the manager again insisted that it was impossible to find other players of sufficient quality and said he should be praised for at least capturing Monreal. “I found at least one, you have to give me at least that credit,”

  35. mystic

    Hmm 3/4 years suggests Arsenal / Utd / chavs as the most likely candidates – have to say utd do come up with some odd teams / results at old trafford in some CL games.

    Mind you it was March 2009 that the chavs drew with barca in that farcical match – now that did seem to be fixed by the officials.

  36. Ash79

    Im just waiting for the report that shows United and SAF have been in cahoots with the FA for years, referees in back pocket, bribing etc –

    United stripped of all titles and cups.
    Banished to 4th division
    Sponsorships terminated
    Club sued
    Eventually broken up
    SAF loses knighthood
    Refs and FA ppl fired, jailed even
    Club known as Manchester NEWCO

    and spurs relegated for good measure as testing has shown that they’ve been fielding an inelgible primate for the past 4/5 years.

    Even after all this, Arsene would target Top 3

  37. Ric

    I’m going to laugh my ass off if it turns out that the stunner in Milan was fixed.

    Because that was the closest Arsene has ever been to getting axed I think.

  38. Guns of brixton

    An english team were involved in a CL match-fixing operation. who d’ya think it was? i think it was us vs barca, when we won 2-1 . . . i knew dat nite was too good to be true. . . nah im kidding i think its spurs or chelsea.

  39. gambon

    Looks like Arsenal have been fixing matches to make some extra cash.

    Wenger is obsessed with earning as much as poss.

  40. TitsMcgee

    Monreal should be a solid player for us by all accounts.

    Good signing. Unfortunately for Arsenal as a whole it was the bare minimum and was only made because Gibbs got injured. That should scare us about Wenger.

    I really believe that Wenger doesn’t sign a striker because he thinks that in “his system” the striker is unimportant and that you don’t need to be a superstar to score with his philosophy.

  41. Ric

    OnrushFebruary 4, 2013 11:45:42

    Then why take the time out to comment on it? You must be fairly boring yourself to have the urge to point that out.

  42. Nick

    Ric your coments and the way your mind works are very strange indeed.
    tv writer i doubt, tv adict I would belive VERY STARNGE!!!
    JUST posting that so save your witty reply got work to do I am on the moon today fighting monsters, did I mention I was a space travaling cowboy!!!!!!!

  43. Ric

    Onto all things Arsenal again.

    There has been alot of buzzing around the blogosphere lately; where bloggers(not Pedro) are making the case that as long as our supporters are fractioned as they are now; the club will never win anything regardless of Wenger and the teams individual failings. One chap even went as far as throwing up the Abe Lincoln quote; “a house divided against itself cannot stand”.

    Now hypothetically do any of you out there believe this to be wrong, and if so how?

    But and here’s the kicker; If that is the prevailing feeling, how would you unite this team? And would you manage to do it with Wenger still in place?

  44. AC Gooner

    I liked the Nacho man on Saturday. I think he will turn out very nicely for us. Lets hope the 100 lashes he gets today for that one shot wont break him too much.

    Also loved LJW shoving Owen – “Dont fuck with our players you dirty Stoke monkey”.

    Angel Rangel – what a name.

    Is Diaby injured? Picked up any knocks on Saturday?

  45. Marko

    If or when Sagna does leave one of Seb Jung, Hugo Mallo, Ricardo Van Rigjn (sp?) Of Ajax, Danilo of Porto or Piszack of Dortmund should be the guy.

  46. Omar

    You know I thought about that ‘El Grove’ idea the other day! I say the day there’s more Spaniards than Frenchmen at Arsenal you re-name the blog 😉

  47. Bush Gooner

    “If that is the prevailing feeling, how would you unite this team? And would you manage to do it with Wenger still in place?”

    1) Get rid of the ageing cigar smoking, whisky drinking greedy Bankers (board members) and replace them with men who actually knows a thing or two about football
    2) Change the “Money first, squad and supporters can f*ck off ” attitude
    3) Bring back the “winning at all costs” mentality.
    4) Get rid of the dross and any other player who does not meet the required standard.
    5) Oh, and kick Wenger out 🙂

  48. Ric

    William 89February 4, 2013 12:53:30

    Mondays suck…. Oh an not just in general.
    Stuck at work with nothing to do but searching the web for anything of note.
    Anyone seen some exciting news or some cool vidz or anything of that nature? Cuz I’m stuck, supposed to be writing reality tv but thats actually more boring even than watching it. And I can’t get myself to believe any of this post window transfer

  49. gambon

    “If that is the prevailing feeling, how would you unite this team? And would you manage to do it with Wenger still in place?”

    – Kick out the dross so no-one feels there are overpaid players at the club
    – Buy world class stars to give the players something to aspire to and excite them
    – Bring a defensive coach in to work extremely hard on this side of the game. Every time we have a shocker the players should be worked much harder in training, repeating the same drills over and over and over again
    – Bring in a Director of Football to take a lot of power away from Arsene, so the decision making doesnt rest 100% with a mentally ill weirdo

  50. Ric

    gambonFebruary 4, 2013 13:00:20

    Damn and the most ardent Anti-wengerist in the lot managed to turn the ship around AND keep him in place.

    Respect gambie!

  51. gambon


    Wenger could be a success if he

    – Hired a defensive coach
    – Accepted a Director of football to control the wage budget, control scouting and be responsible for buying & selling
    – Brought in tactical coaches to form specific game plans
    – Accepted that he has to have competition for places, has to drop non performers and sell sicknotes/non-performers

    If his job was focussing on developing the team and mainly the attacking side, then he could be successful again.

    The problem is he wont ever change, and after the bullshit of the last 8 years he doesnt deserve the chance to try and change.

  52. Ric

    gambonFebruary 4, 2013 13:10:06

    Yeah add aim for #1 instead of #4 to that list and I’ll agree with you.

    The shame is that all the evidence suggest he’ll drop dead before going along with any of that.

  53. Ash79

    I know its early but Sunderland away – we are 9 points ahead.

    Last season we played them on the 11th Feb and after we had 43 points. This year its 9th Feb and a win would give us 44 points. (all of this is meaningless i know)

    Ramsey and certain frenchman scored that day…….

  54. lord snotty

    I have nothing much to say today. Monreal looks decent. Remember he’s only here because Gibbs’ injury… How long before Wenger ruins him? WENGER OUT!!!

  55. Bush Gooner

    So Owen gets off for swinging a “lady like” punch at Arteta. I suppose thats one of the many benefits you get after a career at the top 🙂 Can you imagine if it was one of the Arsenal players who did that. They will be asking for the death penalty

  56. andy1886

    Wenger can win again if….

    ManU go bust
    ManC go bust
    Chelski go bust
    Spurs go bust
    Liverpool go bust……..etc

  57. Ric

    andy1886February 4, 2013 13:23:25
    Wenger can win again if….ManU go bust
    ManC go bust
    Chelski go bust
    Spurs go bust
    Liverpool go bust…
    If he kills Marty MCfly jacks his ride, goes back and stops the retirement of one D. Bergkamp.

  58. Ric

    Ash79February 4, 2013 13:25:14

    NO … Squibb IS ON FIFTY EFFING K U SAY?!!!

    Ok… then yeah sure. 100 hell give him 2.

  59. Arse&Nose©

    Martin Jol calls Arsenal useless:

    “Van Persie is the main man. He’s the one who sets them up with the little flicks and combinations. He will be the top scorer in the Premier League again, as he was last year. I think Van Persie is like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Wherever Zlatan goes, they will be champions. I think Van Persie has that quality as well. If the rest [of the team] are useless, he will not win you the title. But United are very good – plus they’ve got Van Persie. “

  60. Ric

    Arse&Nose©February 4, 2013 13:34:11

    Welle iffe youe selle alle youre gooode pleyerse thene youe canne note calle youe ae bigge clubbe…

  61. Ric

    andy1886February 4, 2013 13:40:18

    Before I go I can’t help but answer to this…

    I for one has always been struck by the similarities between Wenger and a certain entity making an amiable apperance before the honorable lords Bill & Ted 😉

  62. mark

    monreal will be a solid back-up to gibbs.
    malaga coach’s sadness has to be something to that effect at an attempt to stop the exodus of players from the club.

  63. andy1886

    Ric – Cool Dude!

    Mark, Nacho has 8 weeks (maybe more!) to show what he can do. If he does well, he stays in, if not, Gibbs will be back when fit. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, I prefer to say that we have two good left backs and the competition will be good for the team. Shame we’re not so well covered elsewhere.

  64. Lee Pace

    CL match fixing. Premier league fixing will probably be exposed the moment Alex fergie retires, after he wins the league again.

    That linesman who refused to reward theo any free kicks and wanted rule out our goal may have got his wish had rat boy been reffing the game. I bet if we we were playing man utd instead of stoke that goal would have been a guaranteed rule out.

  65. Arse&Nose©

    WENGER on scouting the AFCON:

    Asked whether Arsenal would be doing any scouting at the Afcon, Wenger claimed the Gunners had no need to go out there and are already in possession of the tournament’s most impressive player.

    “In the Africa Cup of Nations, the best player is Gervinho. It’s simple. Why should we go there when the best player is Gervinho? We already have Gervinho,” he replied.

  66. SpanishDave

    Spain is in big shit believe me. The banks falsify the books, the big football teams do not put proper debts on the books, and they all lie. The Pm here is under investigation for expensess, and the party treasurer has hived off 20 mill to Swiss bank accounts.
    Yep time to look around Spain, the country is bankrupt

  67. Honest Bill

    I don’t know about you guys.. But if i were an Arsenal player listening to Wenger’s comments in the media, i’d feel patronised and a little embarrassed..

    Don’t tell everyone they’re the best team ever and world class.. Because anybody who is a proper professional doesn’t want smoke blown up their arse. It does nothing but foster a culture of mediocrity…

    Why do you think Arsenal are so good in the second half of games?

    It’s because they get fucking booed off the pitch at half time, and the shock tht they’re actually playing like a bunch of cunts motivates them.. Telling them they are super super quality and have great mental strength is what hurts the team… The supporters are the only ones keeping any semblance of standards…

    If it weren’t for the booing.. We’d still be playing the passmaster Eboue at RW… Don’t worry Eboue you are much better than Ljungberg and Overmars and Ray Parlour, you are mentally strong


  68. Windy City Arse

    Ivory Coast team mates on Eboue….

    Also… On the mobility of the big NFL players… Do u think they could do it for 2 45min halfs without the constant stoppages? Also, the rampant steroid & HGH abuse within the NFL may have something to do with it.

  69. gambon

    Spain is no more bankrupt than any country in the western world.

    UK, USA are just as bad.

    Madrid and Barca are in very good shape, Madrid especially are an absolute powerhouse financially.

    There may be bargains at the likes of Valencia, Atletico etc.

  70. Confidentgoner

    Gervinho couldn’t beat his man yesterday. He is a dumb player. A waste of money. Plenty of forehead, little grey matter.

  71. Guns of Hackney

    What is the love in with the Spanish, anyway? They are all fly-away players. We need Tutonic power from the Fatherland.

  72. Guns of Hackney

    Buying Africans isn’t really going to help seeing as whatever we do buy, we miss for a large chunk of the season during the ACN.

  73. gambon

    Gervinho is Wengers all time favourite player.

    Think about it:

    – Hes African, and Wenger is completely obsessed with Africans for some strange reason
    – Hes hugely flawed, something that Wenger just loves
    – He’s quiet and doesnt say a word on th pitch, Wenger doesnt like leaders or strong personalities
    – He is the exact opposite of clinical, and would rather miss or pass than actually hit the target, prefect for Wenger, who doenst think goals scored and goals conceded are important, as long as you miss in style.

    Unfortunately we will never see the back of him.

  74. Ash79

    “In the Africa Cup of Nations, the best player is Gervinho. It’s simple. Why should we go there when the best player is Gervinho? We already have Gervinho,” he replied.

    yeah fck you Yaya, we dont need you.

  75. MuddyGooner

    Talk Sport are hailing the Newcastle scouts for finding the super new french players…….. My Arse !!
    I’ve been reading about these player on how good they are and how perfect they’d be for Arsenal for ages on LE GROVE !
    I insist that LE GROVE takes charge of our scouting system.

    Up the GOONERS
    UP the GROVERS !!

  76. gambon

    “We need Tutonic power from the Fatherland.”

    Hummells, Bender (Not talking Breakfast Club), Gotze, Shurrle, Muller, Draxler could all add a lot to this team.

    I agree our scouting should be focussing on Germany, and maybe Belgium right now.

  77. mystic

    Bankrupt, no. In shit street yes. Just which other western European nation has an unemployment rate over 25% and u25 unemployment rate of circa 50% (ok Greece excluded). The central government is bailing out the regional governments, not because of a concern of loss of confidence, but simply because to keep them running there is no other option.

    Teams are going to the wall, the players are there for the taking – why the hell do you think old stingy has started to look at the Spanish market? He knows there are bargains to be had.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    Any player we sign / won’t sign is moot. Until that overlord of bullshit has been removed, we are not going anywhere fast as a football club.

    This is why it is so important that WE FAIL to get forth. Forth means Arsene has reached his target and therefore, keeps his job.

    Quite simply Gunners, forth is the minimum and maximum we aim for…perhaps a cheeky cup run because we do not have the firepower, tactical know-how or leadership to win the CL, PL or FAC.

    Bayern (if they turn up) will fucking destroy us and if you thought the AC Milan result was bad, I can see that being smashed. AC were fucking poor, Bayern are in a different class.

    Perhaps a flukey draw in the FAC might be are best chance.

  79. Ric

    Ash79February 4, 2013 15:09:08
    “In the Africa Cup of Nations, the best player is Gervinho. It’s simple. Why should we go there when the best player is Gervinho? We already have Gervinho,” he replied.
    —————-yeah fck you Yaya, we dont need you.

    Yeah thats pretty much what we told him when he and his brother tried to angle a move so that he’d come to us.

    …. thank god that never happened. I mean blimey we might have actually won something then…

    AW’s last words to Kolo: Can’t have none of that No! Fuck! We can’t hold onto players that want us to improve! Go ring City and ask how bad they want you Kolo, if they say a number higher than ten start packing. Oy and never mention that lanky brother of yours to me ever again I MAKE TALENTS GODDAMNIT! THIS AIN*T A RELIEF CAMP FOR AFRICAN FAMILIES!
    … Now piss off!

    Shocked Kolo stumbles out of the room for the last time, but little did Arsene know, little Kolo and his younger brother Yaya would have their revenge.
    Sooner… Much sooner than AW saw coming.

  80. mystic

    What happens if Bayern don’t turn up?

    Now that the league stage is over Arsenal are basically in a 2 leg knockout competition, anything flukey can happen, there is no emphasis on consistency, more on luck.

    99/100 times I’d say Arsenal have no chance, but then I never would have predicted Bradford v Swansea in the CoC final.

    Absolutely no fucking chance of winning the PL, as that requires consistency and Wenger had no idea how to create a team that can challenge.

  81. Dan Ahern

    I quite like the idea of crowd sourced scouting. It’s actually already done by a third party company, but the process is rather riddled with agents.. Read a very interesting piece about it recently on FourFourTwo, I think. Can’t remember the name.

    Anyway, crowd-sourcing for a particular club would be fun, but also flawed. I see as many bad ideas as brilliant ones. Even a few days ago I had people on my timeline muttering about signing a no-name player. Jesus Christ, Monreal is a National Selection player for the best footballing nation on the planet. If we can’t identify him, how would we agree on anybody aside from a couple big-time obvious buys?

    And for every shout of “Fellaini!” there’s somebody going, “Get Barton, he’s mean!”

    There would have to be some sort of merit system to it, or otherwise just use the network to report to the scouts.

  82. Arse&Nose©

    Benteke is a beast. Just goes to show you don’t always know how a player will turn out until you play him . Lukaku was rated way ahead of Benteke but although younger he hasn’t fully lived up to the hype.

  83. peanuts&monkeys

    “if wenger rang you and said I have 10/12 million to spend in Spain. what player would you recommend to him?”

    I would tell him to buy a villa there and settle down to coach some school team.

  84. Guns of Hackney


    Technically Arsenal have a 50% chance but going on form, players, managers and ability I’d say Arsenal have 10-15% chance…and that’s if Bayern implode.

    Anyway, after Bayern knock us out, we’ll still trouser a few million so job done, thanks and roll on next season where we hang around forth spot, crawl out of the group stages, go to round 4 in the FAC and get knocked out in the first round of the CC. What’s that…about £40m???

    I hate Arsene Wenger. He’s a grim looking puppet featured cum sack.

  85. gambon


    3 years younger than Benteke and more efficient infront of goal.

    I do like Benteke though, we made a mistake buying Giroud instead.

    We should sign Cavani/Falcao/Jovetic & Benteke in the summer and sell Giroud,Bendtner,Park,Chamakh & Gervinho.

  86. Guns of Hackney

    “We should sign Cavani/Falcao/Jovetic & Benteke in the summer and sell Giroud,Bendtner,Park,Chamakh & Gervinho”

    Really, Gambum? Has your account been hacked?

  87. Dan Ahern

    gambon — not sure if you meant in footballing terms, but Spain is indeed more broke because they’re opting for a bunch of ridiculously short-sighted austerity measures.

  88. Guns of Hackney


    Go on, I’ll bite…why in a two horse race would another team have more than a 1/2 chance of progressing – form etc aside.

  89. mystic

    ‘Technically Arsenal have a 50% chance but going on form, players, managers and ability I’d say Arsenal have 10-15% chance…and that’s if Bayern implode.’

    Which basically is what I was saying, luck – I suppose the best way of summing up the difference between the CL and PL, is that in the former you could win 3:1 and then lose 2:4 and still go through!, in the PL the latter would be 3 points dropped.

    UEFA need to rethink the CL, so that teams CANNOT fluke it – it would be a travesty if a crap team like Arsenal ever did that!.

  90. Guns of Hackney


    Sorry…I suppose you were. To be honest, perhaps only teams that are actually champions should be in the CL – or rename it back to the European Cup.

    The away goal rule sucks. I agree, take out flukes and just have at it.

    Anyway, Arsenal might get done for match fixing. Big story breaking.

  91. Arse&Nose©

    Lukaku has bags of potential but I’ve listened to/watched some w.brom games and seen that he is extremely raw. Lot’s of offsides for example. Could end up being the next big thing but a way to go yet.