Arsenal take 3 points at the death and catch on Chelsea and Everton

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Playing Stoke is a trying 90 minutes for most teams in the Premier League. They’re the last of a dying breed, the final remnants of an era led by Sam Allardyce and his brutal football regime. Things aren’t quite as easy as they used to be. Thugging your way to three points is becoming increasingly difficult in a league that has seen an influx of teams who actually want to play the game.

Stoke lined up like the team who were in fear yesterday. Breaking into our half was not something they were particularly interested in and as a result, we dominated possession and had the best chances. It wasn’t an easy afternoon. Stoke really know how the park the bus, what I would say is that the timid score was more down to some exceptional keeping and some very off the boil finishing over a stoic display of tactical defensive mastery.

Arsenal had plenty of opportunity to fire ahead in the opening 45minutes. Oxlade Chamberlain the guilty party on two occassions, the first when he managed to find Begovic from 4 yards out after a goal mouth scramble, the second, more forgivable when he fired a shot at the far right corner and once again forced a very smart save from a keeper who is fast establishing himself as the hottest property outside the top four (and available if Stoke have made a move for Butland).

It wasn’t just Chamberlain having a bad day in from of goal. Giroud made a few interesting decisions when he cut back a header in the box that looked easier to head goalwards.The ball made it back into the box straight after and Koscielny showed the way with a good header that was blocked.

The second half proved to be a little more fruitful on the goal front. Theo Walcott was fouled on the edge of the box by Wilkinson. Lukas stepped up, fired a terrible low ball at goal, it rebounded in off a Stoke leg… it was a goal. The lino had other ideas though, he called the ref over to claim offside. Little did he know… he’d totally hashed up the rules of the game in thinking it was offside. We were granted the goal.

The Emirates took on a bit of a silence after that. We closed the game out in the end, but we gave Stoke far too much of the ball. I totally understand why we’d play for a 2nd when we’re one up with twenty to play… but really, what we should be doing is playing simple posession football. Stoke didn’t have the heart to beat us that way. I think everyone was expecting us to concede a late goal, but we didn’t, we held out and took the three points. An exciting three when you consider Everton and Chelsea both dropped valuable points.

Arsenal are still in with a major shout for third this season. It all depends on the consistency we can show. Those above us will drop points over the coming months, we just have to be on hand to deal the killer blow when we need to. The gap, between 6th and 3rd is 5 points. That’s not a mountain to climb. It’ll be tough, but there’s no reason we’re not capable of having a good go. One thing is for sure though, our finishing needs to get better and our confidence to close out a game needs to improve.

The next few weeks sees a bit more of a focus on the cup games. We’re taking on Blackburn at home with Bayern Munich away. Our two Premiership games must be 6 points in the bag. Sunderland and Villa are as easy as they come this season. Then the fun starts, potentially Everton, Spurs and Swansea all within a month. That’s what defines where we finish this year. If all three are wins, we’re on our way to top four. Lose any games in the league over the next 2 months and we really could be in trouble.

On the player front, things are looking positive. Jack Wilshere really is looking good. I love the way he defends his teams honour. After Owen threw a very girly punch at Arteta, he was the first in line to get in his face. Sometimes, when decisions go against us, I wish it was more than just the other teams players around the ref. Shawcross made another nasty challenge yesterday. He just doesn’t care who he breaks, he really is a disgraceful footballer on every level. I hope his come-uppance is a two year injury lay off.

Monreal looked ok yesterday bar a few shaky errors late on. He’s far more Spanish than Gibbs, obviously, Gibbs is French. He has a real one touch flavour about his game. He looks ok going forward, but he looks better at the back showing good positional awareness and strength. You felt comfortable with him at the back, which was a good sign considering how long it can take for players to settle into the game.

3 points in the bag against Stoke is a start… let’s see where we go from here.

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. gambon

    Arsenes Nurse

    We get more than £20m extra per year

    Like i said, Emirates dont give us £8.8m pa, cos most of it was front loaded

    We will basically be getting £30m extra pa

    And TV is over £30m extra pa.

  2. Paulinho

    Even though we could quite clearly improve the squad, it ultimately will not matter. Because if our team on paper becomes good enough they’ll just bottle it anyway, like all pure Wenger teams do. He was completely and utterly reliant on George Graham types to provide the steel to get us over the line in the past, and now his team are just a reflection of himself; whiny, petulant, nervous, indecisive, overly sensitive. They will crack whenever they are in a situation they perceive as pressure.

  3. IvoryGoonz

    well done to the lads anyway. looking now ahead at the last fixtures.
    not only do we have to win all our remaining fixtures to have a chance to win the PL, but we are given a huge occasion to come back in top four soon enough to build up confidence. it’s not a 1-0 win that will bring huge confidence to the team to finish in top four and we need a string of good results before the harsh March comes in…

    09 – EPL – Sunderland away – we did 0-0 home, gonna be a tough game… counting a win though; we can not lose that game if we want to believe in top four, and the players know this as much as Wenger. if they want to play CL next season, they have to work out better, with or without following Wenger’s advices.
    and my advice to our players would be to follow their instinct and ignore completely Wenger’s individual orders.
    I’m counting 3 points.
    16 – FA cup – Blackburn home – must win, so that the Everton game is postponed.
    19 – CL – Bayern home – must win, but they’ll come for the away goal and a draw, and likely we’ll go out in the away game, still should win that one, narrowly.
    23 – EPL – Aston Villa home – managed 0-0 away against one of the relegation teams, tells you a lot about our squad…, still, should win that one at home fairly easily. 3 pts.

    March will be again the make or break.,
    we have 3 games left against teams ahead of us atm, 2 of which at the beginning of March, and that are our direct competition, games we HAVE to win.

    03 – EPL – Tottenham away – we won 5-2 home, I’m hoping for a narrow win away, but they are above, they could well beat us at WHL with their top 4 place threatened, must win game though; but I’m thinking draw.
    1 pt
    09 – EPL – Everton home (postponed in case of FA cup 1/4 final, and I’m hoping for that to happen to spread the March load…) – this is a must win game too, and we cant go there just after a hard game against Spurs, and a tough one to come after against Bayern. if we don’t get to 1/4 final, I count 1 pt, 3 if we go to 1/4 final and Everton game is postponed.
    13 – CL – Bayern away – likely to lose that one
    16 – EPL – Swansea away – they beat us 2-0 home. Wenger has to find the way to beat them, or that will be a terrible humiliation away. 1 pt
    30 – EPL – Reading away – beat them 5-2 home, should still be an easy game against a club fighting relegation. 3 pts

    2/3 – CL – 1/4 FL – neutral – if we get there, anything can happen.
    6 – EPL – WBA – smells like a draw away, we won 2-0 home, but they’re just 7 points and one game away from us, we have to kill that game early, and keep attacking, plan to bring 3 young attacking players from the bench to keep harassing them in 2nd half early, not very Wenger, … 1pt
    9/10 – CL – 1/4 FL – neutral
    13 – EPL – Norwich home (postpone in case of FA cup final) – they beat us at home 0-1. not gonna be an easy game, especially by then they might be fighting relegation battlers even more, I’m counting a win for us, but could well end as a draw. 3 pts
    20 – EPL – Fulham away – same as above. should win, but nothing’s written away there. still counting a win. 3 pts
    23/24 – CL – 1/2 F – neutral
    27 – EPL – Man U home – don’t kid yourselves, we cant count on these 3 points. 1 pt in case we do manage a draw
    30/1 – CL – 1/2 F – neutral

    04 – EPL – QPR away – must win, and aint gonna be easy, they’ll fight rest of season to stay in Premiership, we only won 1-0 home against the last team of the PL. Could go anywhere, more likely a draw. 1pt
    (11 – FA Cup Final)
    12 – EPL – Wigan home (postponed in case of FA cup final) – beat them 1-0 away; should be an easy win home – 3pts
    19 – EPL – Newcastle away – won 7-3 home, in the meantime they strengthened; and they will want revenge badly; and it could well turn the other way around, by that time, their new players will have had time to gel, so I’m counting a draw, even if I’m think a loss. – 1 pt
    25 – CL – Final

    I counted 25 to 27 points depending FA cup.
    I’ll ignore Man City and Man U, they are way too far for us to think about them.

    Now looking at our direct concurrents, Chelsea (+5pts), Tottenham (+1game in hand, +1pt), Everton (+1 pt) and Liverpool (1 gih, 6 points less) individually.

    * Chelsea still has to play City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Man U, and Everton. Rest of their games should be fairly easy for them. counting 30 points for them left, should be 8-10 points ahead of us end of season.

    * Tottenham still has to play us, Pool, Everton, Chelsea and City, rest should be ok for them. counting 29 points, that will be a close fight with them for 4rth, thank OGL for that.

    * Everton has to play Man U, us, City, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea. they can count on 24 points, so we should get 5th, pretty much depends on us.

    *Pool has City, Spurs, Chelsea and Everton ahead of them to play, counting at least 30 points.

    So in the end; it’s still gonna be a very tough fight between Spurs, Pool and Us for that 4th spot… but I wouldn’t count on it if I were you. Gibbs was not the only player who should have gone injured for 3 weeks just before the end of the transfer window. Diaby should have gone injured before rather than in couple games. and we should have brought a DM, counting solely on Ramsey to play that role is gonna be very very much testing the breaking points of Ramsey again.
    Then for Firepower,; definitely should have brought competition uptop.
    Finally, should have cleared the defence and brought in a top center back.
    I don’t want to advocate for hoping to lose.
    but constantly fighting for a fucxin 4rth spot and arguing between ourselves is totally silly, when we got no chance to win the league; and when it is clear Wenger should go.

    Get the Wenker out!

  4. Ramsey's backpass

    El tel

    let me tell you something you probably dont know

    the number of arsenal fans in my country is more than those in england.we are silent and waiting for that mad man to leave arsenal

    bergkamp was the reason i joined arsenal,honestly nobody cared about the premier league here,it was the serie A and i was a fan of intermilan(my father made me support them)
    and nobody said its wrong to support arsenal.
    You say Win or lose,you wear the jersey.

    Lemme ask many of your friends support a club that has won trophies in the last 8 years while yours havent won a single one.let me guess no one.

    I have friends who at least within 3 years,their teams win 2 trophies and you compare that to yours

  5. tom

    PaulinhoFebruary 3, 2013 14:36:45

    and now his team are just a reflection of himself; whiny, petulant, nervous, indecisive, overly sensitive.

    yeah that’s Jack Wilshere, a pure Wenger product BTW

  6. SUGA3

    I am going to tell you once again what makes a difference between us and truly great team like MU (sorry El Tel): the difference is keeping the club’s stalwarts around to teach the new signings what it means to play for the club, we have stupidly sold Pires who still had two good years in him or Gilberto who still captained Brazil for a few years to come, these two should have retired at Arsenal, end of story…

    it’s the club ethos that is missing here, the ‘die for the shirt’ attitude, for that reason alone I would have TA6 in a coaching role here, but for the reason of Wenger’s small statue complex that will never happen 😆

  7. SurferX

    Thats what you missing Tom: a clear detracted viewpoint on Arsenal. Credit Arsene for putting those players together. Dont credit him for building a defence. He has never done that- he cant coach, he doesnt coach it and he wont coach it.

    GG would get the current players playing a LOT tighter than AW can. But, he couldnt build an attack once his youth players had grown up.

    If GG and AW could be cloned we’d have the perfect manager. We’d have a Scottish manager, passionate about his football club; a displinarian yet with a desire to play attacking football. If only such a manager ever existed.

  8. Paulinho

    Jack Wilshere is an exception, a player that would’ve thrived at any club at any time. Wenger product my arse, Neil Banfield and Owen Coyle product more like. Before he went to Bolton Wenger didn’t have a clue how to use him. Stuck him on the right wing and he was awful.

    It will be a battle now for Wilshere to keep what he has under the guidance of someone who is quite clearly deranged.

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    Fucking hell Gambon I forgot the Emirates deal was front loaded. Just been looking at the new £3bn TV deal. The TV deal goes up from around £22 to around £51. That’s mental! (I thought it was lower than that ) We will be on course for an additional £75m per year over what we bring in now next year.

    That’s even better – how can anyone say we can’t spend?

  10. sam


    wilshere is a product of owen coyle? please make sure your anti wenger stance doesn’t turn into anti arsenal.

  11. tom

    Graham’s later years were bloody awful, it’s worth remembering. Still a hero and a legend (despite the theiving and managing Spurs).

  12. Paulinho

    If Wilshere is a Wenger product where are the rest of them?

    He’s a freak – a one off. Wenger had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  13. Jeff

    I think certainly since we’re on the subject of money, even if we didn’t want to spend big on new acquisitions would it have killed us to hold on to our best players by paying them what they are worth? It would have meant breaking the wage structure but principles rate higher than club glory so it doesn’t really matter how much money we have; we will never be able to compete with the other big clubs because under Wenger those principles will NEVER change. That’s the bit that is hard for the faithful to grasp.

  14. SUGA3


    answer my question: if AW’s coaching is all that defensively and this is what made the back four with Sol et al in it, why can’t he do it with the current lot?

  15. SurferX

    Gambon: Bale is top top classSpurs are a shoo in for 4th!

    Well, you’ve been saying it for 4 years mate- its going to come true eventually 🙂

    Me, Im not so sure… I think they could- but I think we’ll be above them if they do.

  16. SUGA3


    I think we can beat them at their backyard, so it will be close…

    my tuppence on yesterday’s game: I actually enjoyed watching it, and we could introduce a couple of game changers for once!

    as much as I dislike him for being a leech on club’s resources, Diaby had a pretty neat game and this new dude Nacho is not half bad either…

  17. tom

    Defense is tricky in a high scoring league. I don’t think Arsenal’s are that much worse than anybody elses (check the stats). We’ve conceded less than United. We started the season ok but have lost some confidence. I think they will turn it around. The players aren’t bad but the mid-field needs to protect more. I think now Arteta is back and Monreal is here things might improve.

  18. Ramsey's backpass


    you are being generous,i’m 5 years old…..fcuk that i’m 2 years old,am presently typing from my mother’s breast

    muppet,you must be 80 years on a stool and telling your grandson to type for you while your step daughter feeds you

  19. tom

    SUGA3February 3, 2013 14:56:57

    Graham’s later years were pretty shit, agreed, but what are we not, world beaters?come on…
    At least I can see what Wenger is trying to do…with George, in later seasons, I couldn’t see it at all.

    Plus he sold Rocky

    Still mad love for him though

  20. bazza

    Gambon I respect your views on football matters but when it comes to finance you really are a Pygmy (no disrespect to any Pygmy Grovers out there).

    In recent years Arsenal has just about broken even or made losses in terms of profit after debt servicing costs but before player dealings. The main reason for this has been pathetically low commercial income and an insane wages policy. As a result the club does not generate cash to any appreciable extent and indeed was cash flow negative in 2012.
    Our owner doesn’t inject cash and we haven’t gone the IPO route like Man U to raise money from the sale of new shares, therefore we are dependent on our financial performance which frankly is uninspiring to say the least.
    The Board have decided to run the business prudently, which personally I agree with. But the whole reason why they are taking this position is that they have failed to maximise profit and cash flow by a succession of poor business decisions led by our friend Wenger.
    The current management of Arsenal is a time bomb. Wenger has been given a ridiculous amount of power. He sets wage levels, determines transfer policy and is as close to a one man band that I’ve seen in any company the size of Arsenal. I have never seen a company even approaching the size of Arsenal that doesn’t have a Finance Director with the result that financial strategy is piss poor.
    My fear is that despite the additional sponsorship money coming in and increased TV cash, this management team will eventually fuck it up.

    None of this has anything to do with what I think of Wenger as a football manager (which is not much).
    My personal opinion is that Arsenal needs wholesale changes – new manager, new Board and new owner to really challenge on a concerted basis.

  21. Lordbergkamp

    Tom – please. Your mindless, pro Wenger, pro club rhetoric is painful.

    Our defense has been shambolic for about 5 years.

    You seem so deluded. Did you see Liverpool game. That world beater Jordan Henderson singlehandedly running pat our entire team and slotting home?

    Please please stop this mindless shit.

  22. tom

    Ramsey’s backpass,

    Listening to you complain that your friend’s teams have won more and tease you too much. Makes me think you are very young. Or a total pussy.

    Which is it?

  23. SUGA3


    you know full well that it’s a statistical anomaly, besides, they are scoring goals like it was to go out of fashion, with one particular Dutchman being a bit prolific there…

    we are still lacking proper coaching and once pretty good players actually regress, just look at Vermaelen!

  24. GoonerHart

    lol monkey i just said that with all that extra money i do expect us to spend some money as i said i think our cash in the bank covers our long term debt so everythink else we have can be spent ( minus a couple mill for contingency) i know AW isnt perfect but i feel he should spend in the summer

  25. tom


    If you can’t handle the heat…. I imagine you are bit shell-shocked after the pasting you took from that norwegian chap on yesterday’s blog.

  26. AC Gooner

    Dont know if someone already mentioned it but the best part of the match was when Stoke tried to take a goal kick without wasting three minutes of time in the 93 minute.

    Did you see those boys hustle? Took about 5 seconds when they want to.

  27. bazza

    Re Popov – If you spit at a player, but the gob doesn’t hit its intended target standing about 3 feet away, you deserve to be sent off.

  28. Honest Bill

    Guys instead of arguing about total bullshit, i think it’s about time we all, as Arsenal supporters, united for once to do something practical to actually help the team win something.

    Now as you all know we are playing Bayern in the CL which, let’s be frank, is going to be a hard game to win. Their team is better than ours and over two legs will probably beat us.

    This is where the fans come in.. Basically, all we have to do is wait until the game is about to start, and then the whole stadium, in unison, needs to shout


    This will gurantee us a place in the quarter finals..

    Please keep this strategy quiet though, because if the Bayern fans get wind of it, they may shout it first..

    Thanks for the support gooners.

  29. bazza

    GoonerHeart ” i think our cash in the bank covers our long term debt”

    No it doesn’t. It just about covers the short term debt

  30. Bergkamp63

    Arsenal have 3 games against top 7 teams left to play

    Spurs 5 games against top 7 teams left to play

    Wenger will probably get away with it again !!

  31. Lordbergkamp

    Tom – pasting? Not really, let me share…

    …can you perhaps answer this question that the whale exterminator wouldn’t.

    You have talked a lot on here today. Can you answer this: what is your definition of success for a football club?

    No qualifications, simple answer please.

  32. tom

    TW LW Chg Team Pld W D L F A GD Pts

    Goals conceded…only City can brag

    Manchester United 31
    Manchester City 19
    Chelsea 27
    Tottenham Hotspur 29
    Everton 30
    Arsenal 29

  33. gambon

    The club could go out and spend £70-100m on new players tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever.

    Of that there is no doubt.

  34. tom


    Ultimately, my definition of success is to compete and be sporting.
    I want my team to attempt to entertain me. I want my team to care as much as I do.
    After that comes prizes, but not at any cost.
    I want my team to have an culture or ethos that is progressive, open-minded and I want them to be self-sustaining.

  35. bazza


    In the words of the late modern day thinker and intellectual, Christopher Hitchens; “that which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” There is no documented proof of the £70m cash pile; I suspect it been born out of some on-line supporters forum and then taken the mythical status of Biblical truth. Even, on the basis that there is a £70m cash pile then this only equates to a 2 year Champions League non qualification funding provision or maybe just 1 year and a sizeable dividend provision for Stan & the other shareholders!

  36. gambon


    Theres documented proof of a £153m cash pile

    Theres also documented evidence of £26m from the queensland road project

    Then theres Gazidis asserting that the AST figures of £70m unspent are correct

    Then theres the documented evidence of the £150m emirates sponsorship

    Then theres evidence of the massively increased TV deal

    There os however, ZERO evidence, i repeat ZERO evidence of us having no money.

  37. tom


    Another glory hunter. Would rather buy than build.

    You know, Arsenal used to have good fans. Reliable chaps that got behind the team and were generally good sports.
    No wonder the reputation of our following has plummeted with spoilt brats like you lot. Band-wagon jumpers who mutiny when it get’s a little bumpy.

  38. andy1886

    Tom, goals against stat is pointless. Do you think they will take the title away from ManU if they let in more than us?

    I like to be entertained as much as the next bloke. But winning comes first, second and third on my list every time.

    We used to have these blokes down the road going on about ‘entertaining football’ while we were chanting ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’ and reminding them how many titles we had won.

    Perhaps you’re becoming the type of Spud we used to deride, good luck mate cause I’m not buying into that ever!

  39. Bergkamp63

    “Band-wagon jumpers who mutiny when it get’s a little bumpy.”

    Have you been living in a fucking cave for the last 8 years ?

  40. Bergkamp63

    The half year results are due out at the end of the month, you can expect another bumper profit !!

    Still, we do have the best P&L and Balance sheet in the world more or less.

    That’s all the matters right !!

  41. Jeff

    I thought the definition of glory hunting was that you went and supported another team because they are the winning things. Has this definition changed? If people on here were glory hunters they would be on another team’s blog giving the others a hand in counting their trophies instead of agonising over the toothless and useless leaders of this club.

    I’ll repeat it again; there is no merit in supporting this manager. He is finished and will never win anything with Arsenal ever again even if he managed for the next 50 years.

  42. Relieable sauce

    Don’t feed the plant grovers!
    They don’t seem to be drawing out the AKB support they expected….i wonder why that could be?

  43. andy1886

    Tom, it is possible to build AND buy. Invest wisely, spend what you have to (£24m on an injury prone 29 year old doesn’t seem too silly if you’re a Manc does it?).

    There are no extra points for using ‘home grown’ (stolen from someone’s academy?) players, just three for winning regardless.

    But hey, let’s not bother with stupid things like titles, let’s show how clever we can be by finding ‘hidden gems’ and flogging them on for ten times what we bought them for.

  44. tom

    andy1886February 3, 2013 15:39:15

    We used to have these blokes down the road going on about ‘entertaining football’ while we were chanting ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’

    How dare you equate Arsenal with Spurs. And you are wrong. Spurs may have espoused a pretty style but they were all about buying it in. They were the big spenders then. And what’s more they used to beat us regularly till Graham took charge.
    One nil to the Arsenal may have been the song but Grahams Arsenal were good they were also pretty to watch (if somewhat robust), with Davis, Rocastle, Williams, Rix et al…not cloggers them.

  45. Monkeyjeffrey

    Bazza when you say time bomb your right!!!!!!!

    Next doors kids and mates are in the garden playing football , I’m guessing 7-10 year olds . There wearing Chelsea , Man U,man city,and spuds tops not one arsenal . So for a laugh I went out in my arsenal top ……….. I didn’t stand a chance they spared no mercy and to be honest I didn’t have many come backs cos there arnt any . They told me no one at school supports arsenal any more as they never win anything and don’t have any famous players apart from jack .
    What I’m getting at here is how many generations are we going to lose theses guys all live in north London and are already lost . Time bomb is right!,

  46. tom

    We practically bought a whole new team in the last two years. Arsenal are spending…wisely.

    Love Wenger and the Board, come on you know it makes sense.
    Let go of the bile, it’s really unhealthy and football’s much more fun if you like your team.

  47. tom

    What are you going to do about kids….I blame the parents.
    Teach em values. Winning at all costs is the antithesis of British sporting tradition.

  48. IvoryGoonz

    tom: we’ve spent the last 15 years building.
    stop being a prick and calling normal supporters glory hunters.
    victory is part of why we support a club, because we want it to win.
    not just be a show you can go to watch with your kids.
    take them to Disneyland if that’s why you go to Arsenal.
    the ones that kill that clubs are the gutless fuckers like you who are happy just sitting and taking all the lies without even thinking about it.
    the reputation is a joke, it’s what you do that defines you. and at the moment, you’re supporting a losers’ politics.
    and you talk to me about glory hunting?
    get back to reality, get out of your bank offices, and go out in the street a bit, to meet real people.
    any real supporter want their club to win titles.
    but I don’t know many real fans of their clubs who put saving money on a bank account before results on the pitch.
    and that’s what Wenger has given the Arsenal buy growing ticket prices, he’s priced out the only fans that actually care about the club, to give it to yuppies like you who only care about profits and money. how could we go bust with our current stadium, TV rights, players sales still owed money, and repaying debts quicker, zhile sponsors getting better? you’re the moron who talks about financial prudence without any fuckin idea. How many 60k+ stadiums in england? tell me? how many in central london? tell me? any fuckin businessman would see the club is far from ever going bust, there will always be ways out, look at how much the club is valued. Now you tell me, it’s normal for billionaires to tell fans that they will take their money, will spend it on a ranch somewhere, but that they will not invest in what could be a very profitable business if it was at the top on results? that a figure of 70m which was available long time ago, closer to 100m now, and not including the money owed by Barca and others, not counting on TV growing rights, and others, that well, frankly, we are one of the richest shark in the sea, but we’ll still go prudent and live on a dog’s diet? seriously, go fuxk yourself, there’s limits to what economist pricks will make real normal people swallow. you got a bunch of money grabbing fuxkers at the helm, one manager who robbed us of more than 50m in the last 8 years, and you talk to me about financial prudence? with our wagebill? while you perfectly know with a couple millions here and there we could have bought the players and kept the players to actual fill the empty golden cabinet.
    if I’m a glory hunter, I’m proud of it in you terms.
    you can’t hunt anything apart sales profits spreadsheets, and you can’t even do that properly, neither look into real accounts. so just don’t come on here telling grovers lot of crap. there is money. Wenger just proved you buy hiring Nacho. what you ignore is that there was just one free spot. we’d never have bought more players unless a player get Shawcrossed., and Wenger will not get rid of his proteges, like you, the ones he’s spent too much time indulging himself with, and getting his ass licked by.
    but change is necessary.
    it is the only norm in nature.
    and you must accept it, or you’ll be deceived.
    and adapt again and again and again.
    you’re just set in stone, and you won’t move.
    because of fear.
    keep doing so, accept all the bs media feed you, and corporate environments tell you. the day you want to listen to your heart, I’ll give some attention to your financial prudence fears. but I tell thee. this is a controlled crisis, like many others. and like any crisis, heads have to roll for situation to get better. you wanting to keep these people in charge, where much better could be done, is just holding onto that handbrake Wenger cant find, because he’s the handbrake, and you’re holding onto its cock. Start looking at the road and focus on driving and improving rather than focusing on being less worse than the others, focus on being better. all this financial prudence is what is creating this fear of it, totally disproportionned and unjustified to let some people with more money to pay debt quickly to be able to take dividends quicker and earlier.
    now if you come on here, next time, we might be able to talk football, and you’ll teach me how the TPI fund is going to get us to win the EPL, you know, the competition we are supposed to try to win?

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    tom February 3, 2013 15:49:37
    ….. Arsenal are spending…wisely.
    I think you are trolling now.

    You do realise that Park’s wages have been written off at £5.5m. How is that spending wisely? That was such a bad buy they have written that money off.

    Have you seen Gervinho play? How much did that POS cost and how much is he being paid every week?

    What about all the other dross on the books that we can’t get rid of because their salaries are too high?

    Arsenal certainly don’t spend wisely, they waste huge amounts of money especially on wages.

  50. tom

    In my opinion glory-hunter refers to someone who attaches to team because it’s successful, and that success is the main attraction for the individual. They are a fickle bunch who are not likely to stick around if fortune changes (as it ALWAYS does), they are also the type that would sacrifice for short term success as they haven’t the patience or fortitude to build something more lasting.
    They are bad to have around has they tend to sap moral with whining

  51. tom

    Ivory Goonz

    I was standing on the NorthBank before you were born.
    As for the rest of that over-long rant…I couldn’t be arsed to read it.

    Condense a little, there’s a luv.

  52. Bergkamp63

    “Arsenal are spending…wisely.”

    You need a doctor urgently !!

    Park £5m written off in last years accounts because he was so shit

    Dung Beetle £10.8m
    Santosser £6m
    Squllaci is on 40K a week minimum
    Arshavin is on 80k a week and never plays !

    The list is endless.

    Yeah, we spend it “wisely” alright !!

  53. andy1886

    Tom, I’m not equating AFC with that lot, just your argument about winning the right way, and entertaining football. The Spuds used to say the same thing, and that mentality breeds losers. I love Arsenal, but think the manager is past it, simple. I never boo, I never even booed when Don Howe was sending out rubbish like Jon Hawley. I just haven’t been brainwashed into believing that there is a right way or wrong way to build a winning team. For the record, seeing Rocky, Merse, Micky et al was far more entertaining than any Wenger team because they were all Arsenal through and through which isn’t something that AW seems capable of instilling any more.

  54. Monkeyjeffrey

    So Tom don’t you realise that the kids all start out glory hunters but once they pick a team there there for life and at the moment we are losing generations of supporters

  55. Arsene's Nurse

    I’ve supported AFC for 34 years. I suspect tom has only known the Emirates and Wenger. Since I started we didn’t win the league for another 10 years, we didn’t win an FA cup again for another 14, but of course I’m a glory hunter. /rolleyes

  56. kwik fit


    She loves coq as much as us. In fact I think she loves it more. Whenever she see’s coq she gets all excited and make’s a strange uhhhing sound.

  57. tom

    Arsene’s Nurse

    Park was Captain of South Korea who had a successful world cup. He wasn’t particularly pricey. he didn’t pan out. It happens.
    Gervinho is hit and miss but still may offer something. He’s having a good ACN by all accounts.
    These imnvestments may not pay off. Tranfer business is not an exact science. But they didn’t kill us like if we had signed Torres or Carol, might have.

  58. Arsene's Nurse

    gambon February 3, 2013 16:06:20

    Tom is Tony Attwood from that site full of nonces

    100% guaranteed.
    I suppose he’s got to do something until the primary schools open tomorrow.

  59. tom


    I respect that opinion. Though I disagree with your reading of the history. Never the less, it’s interesting that you say you enjoyed Graham’s team due to the club connections as it seems that is exactly what AW is trying to do with this new young Brit model.

  60. andy1886

    Tom, signing Torres or Carroll wouldn’t have ‘killed’ us. We’re not that feeble financially or any other way.

    Gervinho is indeed hit or miss, trouble is he’s 95% miss, as are most of your aguments.

    Tom = Gervinho.

  61. Bergkamp63

    A typical AKB response when confronted with the spending question.

    Roll out the two most expensive flops in PL history and use that to as an excuse to never spend more than £15m on a player ever again !!

    Are you sure Tom is not a alias for Arsene Wenger ?

  62. SurferX

    For the record, seeing Rocky, Merse, Micky et al was far more entertaining than any Wenger team because they were all Arsenal through and through which isn’t something that AW seems capable of instilling any more.

    Thats just not true though, is it. Great days under GG (in the early years)- and those boys could play attacking football when they needed to. But more entertaining? More enjoyable because they were all home-grown gooners maybe- but certainly not more entertaining.

    What I would say- I think I preferred the Arsenal when the neutrals hated us. I loved the seige mentality. Now, it really pisses me off when you get some tube saying they like us because we play entertaining football. Bollox to that- lets get back to being hated. Thats the problem, we need more players that get in the oppositions face. Keown, Paddy, Bergkamp, the Romford-Pele.. we used to have loads of them. Thats what we’ve been missing.

    Jack’s bringing it back…

  63. tom

    In my day kids stayed with their kind. If you lived in North West London you were Arsenal how ever good or bad they were at that time. If you lived in Shepards Bush you were QPR. That’s how it was. It’s passed down in the family.
    If you don’t have a pre-ordained allegiance you go with some other reason ( you like the strip, you granny came from there, whatever…) but you would never admit it was just for success. perhaps a style of play could be valid but not just cause a team was winning.

  64. andy1886

    Tom, history will see if AW has another title in him, I say it’s very unlikely, maybe you differ. What I cannot stomach is being told that 4th is acceptable, or next year is going to be our year, we’ve been hearing that for too long.

    It’s not the players, it’s the manager. It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. There will be life after Wenger.

  65. gambon

    My favourite team was that of Pires, Vieira, Adams, Seaman etc

    It was a blend of old Arsenal, the toughness, the defence, and new Arsenal, the pace & skill brought by Henry, Pires & DB10

    Back then we were serious, ambitious, physical, tall, poweful & skillful.

    Most of these attributes are severely lacking in our current set up.

  66. tom

    Torres and Carol are interesting examples of what can go wrong. Torres exemplifies Chelsea’s fiscal irresponsibility. Yeah, we can’t do that.
    Liverpool are held up as an example of ambition but clearly show that that kind ambition can kill a club quick. Malaga Leeds..blah blah blah

  67. Monkeyjeffrey

    Tom 60 years ago thing were different as you rightly say . Front pages of news papers carried news stories, now we have Jordan’s got bigger tits We live in the age of celebrity and everything that goes with it . So if your successful you have to support a successful team and none of the kids want to be sen as failures

  68. gambon


    Agree Jack is a “proper Arsenal man” that we need.

    There are others like Frimpong, Szczesny but they arent good enough.

    We lack a spine of top class players with that never say die attitude.

  69. andy1886

    SurferX – Sorry to disagree, I did enjoy the early GG teams more. I prefer more power, pace and aggression. The knocking it around all day is all very nice, but like you intimated those boys liked to stick the boot in too, they had character. Early AW teams had a bit of it too, but it seems Arsene didn’t really like to play that way and we changed the model. Wenger strikes me as all science and little passion, even with the best players in the world there would still be something missing.

  70. Toli83


    I think people have been asking you the wrong question, where those are questioning why we can’t shift so many of our dross squad. I’m not sure you ca even convince yourself with the answers your dishing out on that one ?

    My poimt is that If Wenger is the man, then how come anyone who is any good wants to leave and ultimately does better at another club. RVP for instance? Nasri, clichy, cesc, song …

    Regardless of whether people think they are shit or not, they all wanted to play for a different club and move away. So those closest to Wenger don’t believe in him, so why would the fans?

  71. tom

    Bad buys lose value and are hard to sell.
    If you have a player who shows promise clubs start sniffing around. There’s a pressure to sign them up and secure them for the future. denilson and Bentner fall into that catagory.
    If you are buying established players you have to sign them to reasonable length contracts and pay them well or you don’t land the signature. Santos and Arsharvin for instance.
    it’s hard getting right, but AFC are not the only ones to have bought the odd dud and had to live with it.

  72. Lordbergkamp

    Tom – you really do talk utter utter drivel.

    Back in the day??? Dude, we’re in the Internet age my friend.

    You and Wenger need to get into our modern age. It has tactics in it. It has defending in it. It is in colour, not black and white.

  73. tom

    Monkey, I fear you are right and that makes it more important that at least our club is trying to set a decent example.

    How’s that one Gambon?

  74. dave


    Nothing to do with wages they are on then? Wouldn’t spending money wisely mean you pay low wages to “unknown, untested players” and when they have established themselves you renegotiate their pay. Renegotiating someone’s contract like Chamberlain when he’s barely done anything is, in my opinion, not spending money wisely.

  75. Lordbergkamp

    What example is our club setting?

    How not to win? How 4th is the new first? How you have to pay £50 for a pie and a pint? How you can charge £1,500 for a season ticket?

    We’re teaching our kids it’s ok to fail, as long as it’s financially viable?

    Great lesson.

  76. tom


    We’ve lost players to bigger clubs who offer more money and , perhaps a more certain route to success.

    Cesc was a homeboy thing, Nasri was greedy, RVP leaving still has me scratching my head. I think perhaps he just wanted a new experience.

    It’s almost impossible to keep players that are set on leaving. I think Wenger did make a miscalculation regarding loyalty. But it doesn’t mean the concept was wrong.

    I hope our english players will be a bit more faithful. We’ll see.

  77. Lordbergkamp

    Tom they left to win things. They didn’t think they could with us.

    Did you watch the interview with RvP recently on sky? Said he plays with better players and pointed out how far behind we are in the table.

    You talk bollocks.

    Wenger’s past it and has lost his players. Sad you can’t see the obvious.

  78. tom


    The Ox was hot property when we bought him. United wanted him too. He came to Arsenal because he thought he would get more opportunity. He did very well in his first season. Arsenal have to make a choice weather to lock him down with a better contracts or risk having him poached. It’s just the way it works.

    You should hear United fans grumble how they lost Pogba and they sorely need a midfielder like him.

    So it’s not a simple as you imply. At least admit that.

  79. Jeff


    Your opinion is clear. Things are fine as they are and there is no need to change the manager. Fourth is fine, selling our best players is fine, winning nothing for 8 years is fine and the social wage structure is fine. It’s all fine and dandy and we have nothing to worry about. I beg to differ and so does any other free thinking individual.

  80. dave


    My point is you say we spend money wisely, I disagree by paying stupid wages to keep certain players. When they don’t work out we can’t shift them on

  81. tom

    RvP recently on sky? Said he plays with better players and pointed out how far behind we are in the table.

    Show me the quote where he says he plays with better players now…and anyway, he’s United now…what else would he say.

  82. Alex James

    Ivory Coast out. Back come Yah Yah, adewhatsit and Gervinho We’re back in business now. Another new player arriving from Wenger’s perspective. To think we could have signed Bale. Unless he gets injured,he will get them fourth on his own.

  83. tom


    I think Theo is better. Maybe not a huge amount between them but I prefer Theo. For one thing he isn’t a diver….

  84. Alex James

    The only other big club I can recall that failed to live up to the promise its major investment in youth demanded is Chelsea. They had a tremendous crop of players in the late 50s and early 60s, including Greaves, Venables and Bridges. They won nothing important, and the first two ended up on the glory trail at Spurs. Utd had the Beckham generation. Our investment has produced one real star in Wilshere. The rest are loaned out across Europe, with nobody queuing up to buy them. Rank bad management, regardless of what financial restrictions were in place.

  85. Monkeyjeffrey

    Tom. ……prefer Theo. For one thing he isn’t a diver….

    Only cos his not bright enough to think about diving in time

  86. tom

    Alex James,

    G.G. did well with youth which may well have encouraged Ferguson to take a risk with Becks and co.

    I think Gibbs has to be counted with jack as a success. Schezny too. Youngsters that don’t make it at AFC generally are good enough to make it at other less ambitious clubs. We have a lot of graduates in the lower leagues.
    It’s still good policy to devote resources to youth development. I’m told by Jeorge Bird that the current crop are as good as any we ever had.

  87. tom

    Also London Clubs are very competative when it comes to developing youth. The catchment rules ensure the talent get’s distributed across the city. You wouldn’t expect to get more than one or two players per intake.

  88. Lordbergkamp

    I know who he is Tom, just wondering how you got told by arsenals head of youth development?

    If your not connected with the club Tom?

  89. tom

    I asked him on his web site. He a good bloke and will chat if he’s around.

    In the interest of full disclosure I did once work for the Arsenal Supporters Club but that was in 1979 long before the current regime.

  90. gambon


    Youre talking bollocks

    We have barely any good youth players.

    Its only Arsenal fans that are obsessed with kids.

  91. andy1886

    If you’re responsible for the youth set up you’re hardly going to say that this bunch is useless are you?

    Seems I’ve heard this before, best squad ever maybe? Must be contagious.

  92. gambon

    Jeffreys rubbish, hence why the club dont want him.

    The others are good players, nothing more, certainly no world beaters in there.

    Aneke will be a championship player.

  93. tom


    ‘footballing reasons’ means RVP had decided he didn’t want to play for AFC and made his position untenable by his public pronouncements. It would have been destablising to keep him. Better take the money. If another club (particularly from abroad) had offered his valuation he wouldn’t be at United.

  94. tom


    In your world Tony Adams wouldn’t have made the cut….you would have dropped him with his first clanger.

    Jeorge Bird can be quite prickly when he disagrees with the clubs decisions regarding his charges. Anthony Jeffrey being an example. Bird thinks his should be offered pro forms.

  95. tom

    gambon says

    Youre talking bollocksWe have barely any good youth players.

    and then

    The others are good players , nothing more, certainly no world beaters in there.

    How do you know Gnarbry and Toral won’t be great, for instance?

    Just curious why you think you know the future?

  96. gambon

    I see a fair amount of the kids playing, as well as going on opinions of others.

    Martinez, Bellerin, Ebecilio, Toral, Gnabry, Eisfeld and Akpom could all make it, most wont though.

    Aneke & Afobe have likely missed the window.

    The only genuine, top class kid we have that could do a Wilshere is Gedion Zelalem, and hes 15 so we’ll be waiting a long time.

    Wenger is a terrible youth manager so the above players would be better off elsewhere.

  97. tom

    Another question regarding your ability to spot greatness. How long before you realized Henry would be one of the best of his generation?

    Be honest….cause he didn’t score much at first.

  98. Bubble

    Oh, by the way, Nigeria just knocked IvoryCoast out of the Africa Cup Of Nations. Our new signing Gervinho is coming back guys! Rejoice.

  99. tom

    Wenger doesn’t manage the youth until they transition.
    How can you say he’s terrible? And if he is, why do kids choose AFC over our rivals?
    Who of our main rivals have done better with their kids than Arsenal? United’s Kids were too long ago to count.

  100. Ric

    Still at it I see…

    tom is a plant guys. He probably gets money for this, if not then he is about the thickest individual I’ve seen on here.