Arsenal take 3 points at the death and catch on Chelsea and Everton

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Playing Stoke is a trying 90 minutes for most teams in the Premier League. They’re the last of a dying breed, the final remnants of an era led by Sam Allardyce and his brutal football regime. Things aren’t quite as easy as they used to be. Thugging your way to three points is becoming increasingly difficult in a league that has seen an influx of teams who actually want to play the game.

Stoke lined up like the team who were in fear yesterday. Breaking into our half was not something they were particularly interested in and as a result, we dominated possession and had the best chances. It wasn’t an easy afternoon. Stoke really know how the park the bus, what I would say is that the timid score was more down to some exceptional keeping and some very off the boil finishing over a stoic display of tactical defensive mastery.

Arsenal had plenty of opportunity to fire ahead in the opening 45minutes. Oxlade Chamberlain the guilty party on two occassions, the first when he managed to find Begovic from 4 yards out after a goal mouth scramble, the second, more forgivable when he fired a shot at the far right corner and once again forced a very smart save from a keeper who is fast establishing himself as the hottest property outside the top four (and available if Stoke have made a move for Butland).

It wasn’t just Chamberlain having a bad day in from of goal. Giroud made a few interesting decisions when he cut back a header in the box that looked easier to head goalwards.The ball made it back into the box straight after and Koscielny showed the way with a good header that was blocked.

The second half proved to be a little more fruitful on the goal front. Theo Walcott was fouled on the edge of the box by Wilkinson. Lukas stepped up, fired a terrible low ball at goal, it rebounded in off a Stoke leg… it was a goal. The lino had other ideas though, he called the ref over to claim offside. Little did he know… he’d totally hashed up the rules of the game in thinking it was offside. We were granted the goal.

The Emirates took on a bit of a silence after that. We closed the game out in the end, but we gave Stoke far too much of the ball. I totally understand why we’d play for a 2nd when we’re one up with twenty to play… but really, what we should be doing is playing simple posession football. Stoke didn’t have the heart to beat us that way. I think everyone was expecting us to concede a late goal, but we didn’t, we held out and took the three points. An exciting three when you consider Everton and Chelsea both dropped valuable points.

Arsenal are still in with a major shout for third this season. It all depends on the consistency we can show. Those above us will drop points over the coming months, we just have to be on hand to deal the killer blow when we need to. The gap, between 6th and 3rd is 5 points. That’s not a mountain to climb. It’ll be tough, but there’s no reason we’re not capable of having a good go. One thing is for sure though, our finishing needs to get better and our confidence to close out a game needs to improve.

The next few weeks sees a bit more of a focus on the cup games. We’re taking on Blackburn at home with Bayern Munich away. Our two Premiership games must be 6 points in the bag. Sunderland and Villa are as easy as they come this season. Then the fun starts, potentially Everton, Spurs and Swansea all within a month. That’s what defines where we finish this year. If all three are wins, we’re on our way to top four. Lose any games in the league over the next 2 months and we really could be in trouble.

On the player front, things are looking positive. Jack Wilshere really is looking good. I love the way he defends his teams honour. After Owen threw a very girly punch at Arteta, he was the first in line to get in his face. Sometimes, when decisions go against us, I wish it was more than just the other teams players around the ref. Shawcross made another nasty challenge yesterday. He just doesn’t care who he breaks, he really is a disgraceful footballer on every level. I hope his come-uppance is a two year injury lay off.

Monreal looked ok yesterday bar a few shaky errors late on. He’s far more Spanish than Gibbs, obviously, Gibbs is French. He has a real one touch flavour about his game. He looks ok going forward, but he looks better at the back showing good positional awareness and strength. You felt comfortable with him at the back, which was a good sign considering how long it can take for players to settle into the game.

3 points in the bag against Stoke is a start… let’s see where we go from here.

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. lordsnotty

    Didn’t wtahc yesterday’s game but our defending last Wednesday was of schoolboy standard. Santos was not the only cuplrit either. Whatever is going on with the defence? And why has nothing been done to address this weakness which has been glaringly obvious for several years. No team has ever achieved anything without a strong defence. If not for the injury to Gibbs, Wenger would have spent f*** all in the transfer window. It’s pathetic. What does the guy think his job is meant to be? WENGER OUT!!!

  2. gambon


    Lol, so youre saying every team should just aim to finish where they were last season, no one should look to improve?

    Ive long thought that AKBs were likely unsuccessful losers in life, now its confirmed.

  3. tom

    looking forward to next season is the staple diet of 99% of football fans you fucking snobs
    I love arsenal win, lose or draw. I love our players, even though they are sometimes shit. I believe in the manager though I know him to be fallible. I’m enjoying being a Gooner.
    I feel sorry for your obsessed, glory-hunting, vendetta. It must be no fun at all to hate what you say you love.

  4. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 12:43:27

    Yeah well if you think Arsene “might” change his tune and turn this ship around, then I’ll just shake my head and continue laughing.

  5. andy1886

    SurferX – You say the height of dissatisfaction was 2/3 years ago?

    Check the records, Feb/March time we were first or second but just hadn’t made that small investment that would have seen us over the line, so we failed (stubborn belief we didn’t need to buy, sound familiar?). Now we are 6th, last season we only made the CL by the skin of our teeth, we have chants of spend some fkin money at matches. I’m not sure what planet you’re on, but if you think it’s only LG check out ACLF who are taking a similar line after years of backing Wenger.

    Sensible arguments welcome, not deluded garbage.

  6. tom


    Nothing bad is happening at the Club. Things are looking good again.

    Have re-think, mate.

    You know you want to love them…just open your heart.

  7. GoonerHart

    Jeff fair enough i would not be happy with it of course but i have a feeling from that article he thought we were gonna win one of the cups i dunno but it also brings back to my point about spending big he says that more expensive teams are behind us and they were obviously.

    and ric this is where i disagree i don’t think the board give as much money as they say, and dick law for example aren’t the greatest at their jobs.

    and monkey i dont work for the club these are my belief’s and im not necessarily pro wenger i just dont believe he is the route to all problems and getting rid of him will be a magical cure and when he is replaced it will be interesting if we dont improve who the mobs will be after next thinking it will be a magical fix.

  8. gambon

    toms weekly life:

    – Goes to work all week collecting the bins, realises its a terrible job but accepts theres absolutely no way he can do better, but maybe tomorrow the job will become more enjoyable, he wont try and make it happen though.

    – Goes home, his wife ties him up and fucks the neighbour infront of him, he doesnt like it but accepts he cant possibly do anything about it, and thinks maybe tomorrow she will stop humiliating him.

    – Watches Arsenal, sees a terrible defence, a nervous wreck of a clueless manager, and dropped points, but accepts it and hopes it stops happening sometime in the near/mid/distant future.

    – Arranges extra marital affair with creepy Tony Attwood.

    Rinse and repeat

  9. gambon


    Normally your comments are pretty accurate but i found that strange.

    We are in a worse place than at any time in years.

  10. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 12:54:18

    Again I propose to you that you are being led to believe as such, If you actually look at comments from anyone at the club apart from Wenger you would know he has the funds to buy C. Ronaldo if he had wanted.

  11. tom


    I don’t think you know me at all.
    Strangely compelling vision you have there though.
    Did you dribble a little when you ‘thunk it up’

  12. tom

    I’ve been watching Arsenal with wide open eyes for a few years now. I like what I see. We still have ‘something about us’ and I’m loyal to the core.

  13. gambon

    Man City are gonna finish 2nd an Mancini is talking about plans for summer signings, and getting business done now, not in May.

    Thats the difference between an ambitious manager and an overpaid nervous wreck of a man.

  14. GoonerHart

    gambon i obviously didnt say that did i, as i said that id tell united that they could challenge as they did last season and won the previous season’s while our last 8 seasons have been 3-4th theres have been 1-2nd so i wouldnt tell them to accept 2nd and also they brought the best striker in europe. where as like i said we have finished 3-4th with no real squad development so its ridiculous to say we should be challenging because if we finished 3rd last season and basically are the same or a little weaker than last season whilst others have strengthened it doesnt make sense to say we are challenging.

    and gambon i am actually quite successful in life relatively speaking for my age but lets not get too personal huh…

    and ric you say you might laugh but you say you base your opinions on facts well my facts are we have won the league with wenger before to back up my faith in him and he has been relatively consistent where your “might” manager you have no clue who it may be or how they will perform it may be the board who wont sanction big moves so if it is what makes you think they would sanction a move for a big manager.

  15. Ric

    tomFebruary 3, 2013 13:02:11

    Yeah well I submit to you that all the chaps here have been loyal as well, but we choose to be loyal to the club and not its king.

  16. Keyser

    “Man City are gonna finish 2nd”

    “Thats the difference between an ambitious manager”

    Fucking hell are you a right mong sometimes.

  17. Lordbergkamp

    I don’t think there’s any point in arguing with goonerhart, Kessler and co, what they have is some strange form of psychosis that makes them argue the opposite of what they actually see….

    In their version of reality it’s us not man Utd, city and Chelsea that have won PLs, FA Cups, league cups and Champs leagues…

    So in their version of reality the credit crunch never happened, princess Di never died, and England won every World Cup since 66…

    Not though reality!

  18. Real Madras

    A new manager brings hope and hopefully more hunger and ambition than Arsene. For what we are charging for ticket prices and paying high wages to the manager and the playing staff we should be competing for title not the coveted 4th place trophy. It seems like every year we are slipping further away from the dream.

    Yes we had to move to a new stadium which meant that money wasn’t available and had to sell players from the invincible team, If we gave him 4-5 years since then for rebuilding then his last 3 years have surely been a failure, he has failed to retain the good players we had, stuck with many average players that he can’t offload and made some signings that should have never played for the Arsenal.

    I don’t see any thing to change in the next few years with Arsene at the helm as its not an issue with the money which I understand we have plenty of, but it’s his principle and the way he wants to win and prove the rest of the world that they were wrong to doubt him.

  19. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 13:03:31

    Yeah well I for one know that the fact that Wenger actually won once was less down to him and more a cause of the players and staff he inherited.

    Another fact is that he has never managed to duplicate this success with a team built by himself.

  20. GoonerHart

    ric you say we have the funds to buy ronaldo last i checked real bought him for 80m and would probably want atleast that we have 70m spare and our players or the ones we would want to sell won’t go for much but would probably cover his wages, and we “only” have 70m. and you have to admit that we are not an attractive proposition for players like him when he can go to say united or city, yes i dont like admitting it but thats where we are at the moment.

  21. gambon

    Look at how far we have finished behind the leaders in recent seasons:

    2008 – 4 points
    2009 – 18
    2010 – 11
    2011 – 12
    2012 – 19
    2013 – 31 (est)

    Nope, no cause for concern at all…

  22. Keyser

    lb – I see you post complete bollocks, I tell you, you’re talking bollocks, you say ‘ah but these bollock ear-rings I’m wearing really bring out my eyes’

    I say stop talking bollocks. You continue to talk bollocks.

  23. Ramsey's backpass

    As a fan what do we benefit from our club?answer-bragging rights
    Let me clarify something

    most of you here are from england,so the only banter you receive are from the chavs,tiny totts cant make jest of arsenal.

    at the office there might be spuds fans who make jest on after arsenal failings but deep down you know you are better than them
    But from my country where your friends,neighbours,families and the loons at your place of work supports chelsea,man.u,barca,real its different.we cant talk when they are talking

    take for example we were arguing and my sister said this arguement are not meant for people who think 4th place is a trophy and as painful as it was,it’s true.

    i buy jersey but cant wear them cos i get laughed at,its painful and some come on here and say wenger should be given more years,we should be thankful to wenger.

    The only banter most of you receive are from the internet,so it doesnt bug move on but its different for some

    arsenal fans normally play the richest team card on the internet but for others its different.

    will i tell my friend that we are the 5th richest in the world,what is his fcuking business with that?

    Some say that without arsene,arsenal would be nothing.its that normal?

    and Pedro comes up with
    “people are obsessed with AKBS…it’s so boring” how wouldnt i be fcuking obsessed when some nutter says we should basically be licking arsene’s ass

  24. GoonerHart

    lord bergkamp i don’t pretend like we’ve had success in the last few years i just find it strange how people believe by just getting rid of wenger all our problems will be solved.

    and ric so your saying none of the players he brought have ever contributed to our success when he has been in charge? and yes he has brought quite a few dud’s but his recent record has been good again Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Monreal, Mertesacker, Arteta yes there have been duds but i don’t know one manager thats got a 100% success rate

  25. Leedsgunner

    Yes, it is great that we won. 3 points are always welcome – goodness knows we haven’t had very occasions to do so this season.

    The thing that frustrates me most is the extreme myopic vision that the manager has. Whether the squad is good or not is determined from game to game and he just says what he thinks people want to hear. If we win he chortles on about the team being the “best he’s had” and how they have much mental strength and togetherness and if we lose he moans about fatigue, officials, the opposition or the lack of desire and playing with the handbrake on.

    Having said at the start of the season about the title going to the most consistent team in my opinion he has created one of the most inconsistent Arsenal sides of recent years! Yet, does the manager address this inconsistency? No. Does he have a long term plan going into transfer window? No.
    His obsession is with 4th – and we’re not even doing that! Surely for a club of our size and history – 4th should be minimum but tragically it’s become a maximum.

    As much as I despise SAF as an arrogant odious little man, at least he possess the big picture – that’s why he paid top dollar to plug the weaknesses in his squad. That’s why with RvP he is leading the pack – where WE should be.

    FIRST and NEVER 4th.

  26. tom

    Real Madras,

    I think there have been two teams since Invincibles, the Fabregas team which, in my opinion, though ultimately unsuccessful was a great team. Now we are in a new phase with more experience and a young british spine. this team is in development and shows great potential.
    Wenger is as hungry as anyone to succeed and by all accounts works like a slave.
    He loves Arsenal and is a top notch coach.
    Relax enjoy the ride. Arsene knows…

  27. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 13:07:30

    Duuuude punctuations… Ffs I’m not even English man.

    What… are you saying that Ronaldo wouldn’t come? I was being hypothetical man, the point was that we probably could have afforded him. FFS I wouldn’t want him even if we got him for free, I loathe that cunt!

  28. Lordbergkamp

    Tom – I think Gambon was right about your life!

    The abuse, humiliation that you can take is off the scale…

  29. bazza

    It seems to be taken as read that we have £70m of free cash available for player purchases. Does anyone know where this figure comes from?

  30. tom

    Ramsey’s backpassFebruary 3, 2013 13:10:52
    As a fan what do we benefit from our club?answer-bragging rights

    Aw, bless you

  31. gambon

    “Wenger is as hungry as anyone to succeed and by all accounts works like a slave.
    He loves Arsenal and is a top notch coach.”

    Confirmed plant by AFC

    The PR bullshit since the turn of the year is incredible.

    Ivan must be very worried by fan opinion to employ these mugs.

  32. GoonerHart

    duuuuude tiredness!

    and how can you be sure i am in fact english myself? (ok i am but still its an assumption)

    and yes i am saying ronaldo wouldn’t come as he would have offers from clubs better suited to winning trophies (and before you say it i don’t put all the blame on wenger)

  33. Guns of brixton

    I have a question to all the anti- wenger clique: who would you replace arsene wenger with?
    simple question.

  34. gambon


    The accounts are there for all to read.

    The AST have been estimating cash available for years and the club have always agreed with their view.

  35. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 13:11:40

    Yeah thats not a hugely impressive list you just threw out there, how many throphies have that lot won us yet?

  36. Lordbergkamp

    GoonerHart – my my, putting rules on other people’s questions to limit the response. Pathetic, moronic and patronising.

    Look them us and then look up utter cunt, suspect you will see yourself looking back…

  37. GoonerHart


    but you have to admit that they are better as he did have a rather big rough patch with signings or brought 1 a year they have been brought in within 12 months so what i am saying is its an improvement and considering 3 of them have only had 1 competition to even try and win well 0 as the final hasnt happened yet its a bit daft to ask that question.

    can you at least admit that if City hadn’t arrived on the scene we probably would of won a couple of trophies in the last year? despite our feelings for certain players there is no denying that with them in our team assembled through organic growth we would have won something?

  38. Guns of brixton

    lord b,
    do you really think (excluding pep g) they can turn us into a cup challenging team? moyes no way, he cant handle big clubs, i wouldnt give him arsenal to give a 1st hand experience. laudrup and klopp maybe, rodgers cant do much, hes a tad bit overatted. . . still prefer AW over any of them until pep g takes over. . .

  39. tom

    Juergen klopp, could be good but nowhere near as experienced or accomplished as AW

    David moyse, He’s one a lot hasn’t he?

    pep, won trophies with the greatest team of our time but again inexperienced and in some,ways untested. Remember AW’s successor will not have all the recources in the universe.

    rogers, Wenger-lite but seems ok. hasn’t won a thing though.

    Laudrup who? and why?

  40. gambon

    “can you at least admit that if City hadn’t arrived on the scene we probably would of won a couple of trophies in the last year?”

    Erm, what?

    We didnt finish second to city last year, we cant even beat league 2 Bradford or relegation bound Birmingham in pressure games.

  41. Ric

    Guns of brixtonFebruary 3, 2013 13:17:29
    I have a question to all the anti- wenger clique: who would you replace arsene wenger with?
    simple question.

    A better question would be; Who was Wenger when he came to us?

  42. SurferX

    No Andy, I didnt say the height of dissatisfaction was 2./3 years ago- you did. Quite clearly from the mood on here, and at the stadium, that time is now.

    However, stand by my points. The nadir was two years ago- the team was drivel. Compared to then, we are better.

    And, for the record, it was back in 2008 where we were blew it. 5 years ago. Oh- and we’re 4th, arent we? So, go reread my post, then come back with some facts that are correct- you numpty.


    The transfer window has barely closed.
    The ink on some contract’s barely dry.
    Yet the Arsenal Propaganda machine,goes into major overdrive,with this:-

    In one paragraph,the club is shameless.

    & the fan’s moronic,for being sucked in,every transfer window.

    All AKB’s deserve all the perennial shafting they get from the club & some.

    I pity the fan’s…The club’s is just sooooo utterly shameless…

  44. Lordbergkamp

    So if city didn’t exist we would have won?

    See, the bubble of unreality is spreading! Soon he will imagine away SAF, Man U, Abramovich and we will have won every PL since PL started.

    Well done!

  45. Guns of brixton

    its been asked a million times. . . ” keeping asking a question until the answer is satifies the questioner. ”

  46. Real Madras


    I see you are content with the current state we are in, I don’t know what you have witnessed over the last 8 years to even think that success is round the corner.

    The great cesc team as you called it failed to deliver and this squad doesn’t even compare to that.

    So what do we do now? Wait until the summer and see what acquisitions we make in the transfer window, then once we are again let down by Arsene, troddle on with the season until January hoping for signings we should have made in the Summer. Witness the usual January transfer debacle, praying that we have enough in the tank for 4th and let the crazy cycle continue.

  47. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 13:23:37

    Yeah I’ll admit that if we hadn’t sold all our players to them City might not have won.

  48. gambon

    “Juergen klopp, could be good but nowhere near as experienced or accomplished as AW”

    What has wenger won in the last 8 years? and Klopp?

    “David moyse, He’s one a lot hasn’t he?”

    Whats wenger won? (you dont even know English).

    “rogers, Wenger-lite but seems ok. hasn’t won a thing though”

    Whats wenger won since Rodgers became a manager?

  49. GoonerHart

    lol LordBergkamp well surely it should be sensible otherwise hey ill just take mourinho pep and ferguson have them work together and while were at it we will get messi for 10million, bring in falcao in a swap trade for bendtner and offer a couple mill for pique. just because im feeling generous ill offer a mill to city for kompany, and of course they will only want 500 pound a week as they do it for the love of the game.

    and by the way there was no need to use such language it’s just rude and unnecessarily vulgar

  50. Ric

    tomFebruary 3, 2013 13:25:36
    Juergen klopp, could be good but nowhere near as experienced or accomplished as AW

    Based on what??? Wenger doesn’t exactly have the shining resume you think he has.

  51. andy1886


    A non-question. I suppose you were the one indivdual amongst us who thought ‘let’s sack Bruce Rioch and get in that well known top, top bloke Arsene Wenger!’.

    By your logic Arsene would never have been employed by AFC because hardly anyone had heard of him.

  52. tom

    Good point , Ric

    That’s why I won’t cry if AW’s successor isn’t a house-hold name. Truthfully any of the managers mentioned could be fine. I just don’t beleive any of them are superior to Arsene or as well suited to AFC at this time.

  53. Lordbergkamp

    Tom you clearly don’t watch football.

    Laudrup who coaches Swansea and beat us at home 2-0 recently. Who has them in the pointless cup final, which we couldn’t win…

  54. Bade

    A win is a win, but we’re just looking bad. The funny thing is our new rivals, the 2nd fiddle teams such as Spuds & Everton, are looking even worse

    I mean, if I was Arsene & was convinced 4th is a trophy & afraid to deal with the big sharks, why would I buy? I know that even when I miss on many players I can scrap 4th, not because my team is brilliant, but because our opponents are worse than us. Simple as that

    The problem with all this is that it’s now an accepted method at many parts of our fan base. They all miss the point though, because this is NOT a big club mentality. It’s a mid-table+ club mentality

    And this is about the worst thing Arsene made fr this club. Ti instil into the board & fans the acceptance of a small clubs mentality, NOT TRYING to be the best & conceded beforehand

    I really look for the day that odd man leaves us


    Arsene’s Nurse

    Mystic,tries too appear to be the voice of reason…HAHAHAHA

    But half the time,his argument’s alway’s center’s on why would Stan get rid of Wenger?In fact,his every argument conclude’s in we should sit on our hand’s & pray to the God’s that Stan,has an untimely accident& is removed from his role,as a result..

    In short,Mystic sound’s like a guy in a coma,being fed morphine.

    Pointless,just give up Mystic..

  56. El Tel

    Arsenal v stoke Harlequins

    Chesser 3. He had fuck all to do.

    Sagna 7. His best game in months.

    Nachos 6. He looked decent but Stoke never really attacked him. Gibbs might have been more dangerous with his dribbling ability.

    BFG 8. Never made one mistak all game and kept that ugly git Crouch quiet.

    Kosser 8. This CB partnership is our best and Kosser showed us yesterday how poor TV is positionally. I also think kosser has more fight than TV5

    Arteta 7. Normal Mr consistent Arteta, good to have him back.

    Willshere 8. He was not in the game as much as the last few but He is sk direct he causes problems. Potential to be a great.

    Diaby 5. He has superb ball skills but just never knows when to pass and his vision is awful.

    Theo 8.5 i was one of Theo’s biggest critics but I am so glad to be proved wrong by him. He now has more body power to his game and he gets more invovlved. They kicked the shot out of him yesterday but he kept battling on and he got the free kick which done them once and for all.

    Giroud 8. If only he could be more calm in front of goal. I love strikers who are up with play and make moves in the box. He might not finish like the traitor but he gets to the front post and causes havoc. He also is always there for aerial challenges.

    The Ox 8. The Ox is already a strong player physically and he has good close technique. He just needs to learn when to pass and how to change pace when necessary. He is always on full throttle when he gets the ball and runs into places which isolate him from his team mates.

    A good result and a decent performance.

    Has anybody yet mentioned the penalty that never was when a corner was swung in and BFG was being held down with two arms around his midriff?

    It was similar to the Kosser sending off against Shitty but BFG didn’t fall over.

    Classic song from the Stoke fans. ” Your support is fucking shit” they could ‘t even sell their allocation and had at least six empty rows at the front. Fucking Chav idiots the lot of them.

  57. GoonerHart

    gambon they were cup games anything can happen liverpool shouldnt of lost to oldham villa should of overcame bradford, you have to admit bradford deserve that cup final. and i mean through them taking our players we would be much stronger.

    and no lordbergkamp i am saying that if things would of progressed naturally we would of kept our best players and won a few trophies but we cant compete with the sugar daddy’s.

  58. Keyser

    lb – Big sweaty balls eh ? Mate, that’s all you’ve talked about since you started your campaign of salty terror last night.

    You can’t argue properly because you don’t have a point and Norwegian was right.

    You name yourself Lord Bergkamp and thought Wenger was the reason he left. You have to be someone taking the biscuit.

  59. Stan Donkey


    buying Nacho has improved the 1st team…. it is not an opportunity to play Gibbs at LM/LW. It means we have competition for the LB position.

    I only ever want to see two LBs on the pitch if we’re closing a winning position out or suffering an injury crisis!!

  60. Guns of brixton

    Usmanov and Pep g, the stuff of f-ckin dreams that is. . . man we would be called the: ‘UNFU-KABLES’ AKA THE INVINCIBLES MK.2′. dats what im wating for. . . but i’ll be in for a long ass wait till that happens. . .

  61. bayo

    I hate this question of who you will replace arsene with..Is not so hard to get a manager that can get 4th position and not win for 8 years…..Even the great fergie will be replaced one day

  62. Keyser

    AN – Why not just quote the accident claim ? Do I have to do it for you ? fucking hell, it’s like you talking about tactics again.

  63. Lordbergkamp

    Tom – >>sigh<< no point in arguing with a religious nutter is there. I should really give up.

    Your faith in mediocrity and failure is commendable.

  64. SurferX

    gambonFebruary 3, 2013 12:57:20
    SurferNormally your comments are pretty accurate but i found that strange.We are in a worse place than at any time in years.

    Gambon mate- its honestly something I think is true. AW biggest failing was keeping that hobble team going too long. The crappy buys he made- he kept going with them. He has always made crappy buys- he just never used to play them solidly for 5 seasons. He always played with youth- but for 5 years he tired with JUST youth.

    I dont see that we are in a worse position than last year. For that to be true, you’d swap RvP and Song (and the dross) for Podoloski, Giroud, Santi and Monreal? I wouldnt- no chance.

    And the season before- youd swap Cesc & Nasri (+dross) for Merteskacker, Arteta & Oxo (+dross)? Tougher call that one- we missed Cesc more than we RvP. But they key to that year is who we got right or.. Clichy, NB, Denilson, Eboue all out of the team.

    He has spent £105m in two years- and recouped around £115m. He needs to have the same next season- but this time losing no-one (apart from the dross). 3/4 quality players needed. 1 GK, 1 DC, 1 MC, 1 SC.

    Two years ago, I wanted him gone. Now- the tide is turning for me, even if its an opinion that is as common as rocking horse shit round here.

  65. Guns of brixton

    Alrite, andy m8, with us in such a fucked position, would you rather a man with years of experience or b, a man with no experience whos just test driving us for experience. back then it was different, it was less hostile then it was today.

  66. tom

    AW has a resume that’s better than any manager in our clubs history with the exception of Chapman. That’s outstanding.
    His decline in terms of silverware is directly correllatted with the rise of the sugar-daddies.
    He has still kept us in the frame and built Ashburton Grove.
    You can say it’s time to move on, I disagree.
    You can’t say. he hates the club, you cant say he is useless, you can’t say, he hasn’t made us a bigger and better club in his tenure.
    This new team look good. I’m sticking by Wenger and the majority of Arsenal fans seem to share my opinion.

  67. Relieable sauce

    Wow! the AKB idiots are out in force today.
    A victory must trigger a manchurian candidate type response that gets them trolling & spewing PR BS on line. It must be something sinister, i just can’t accept that there are humans this stupid.

  68. Ramsey's backpass

    Someone said before whinger came to arsenal we only qualified 23 out of 92 years for european competition but under whinger its 16 out of 16,so if we dont qualify this year it would be 16 out of 17 which is also good.

    Why would someone argue with the idiot that said this?

    I’ve met my fair share of foolish people but they would marvel at the stupidity and the foolishness of this so called AKB’s.

    Truth is as long as whinger is in charge the fans can never be united.

  69. Lordbergkamp

    Keyser – you are a bit like a toddler.

    All I am hearing is Whahhh, whahhhh, Whahhh.

    Time for a bottle and a nap I think

  70. NoMoreCesc

    Both sides of the AKB and Arsene Out argument are obviously passionate about the club , so calling one group idiots and the other group treasonous is inappropriate and pointless. Both groups care about the club.

    I am a passionate Arsenal supporter but I have completely lost faith with the club leadership and especially AW for the following reasons:

    1. Of the barren 8 years, the first 4, maybe even 6, were forgivable because of the stadium and the resulting lack of funds. The last two years don’t merit the same excuse. It almost feels like having gone through the 4 to 6 years of austerity, the club has decided that the supporters are used to austerity so let’s keep doing it; we’ll make more profit. This attitude instead of “let’s reward the loyal supporters who stuck with us through the lean period by investing in an exciting team that can truly challenge for trophies, now that we have money again”.

    2. There is no transparency and communication from the club and AW to the fans about what the real situation is and what the plans are. It always feels like deception and misdirection. We are not children or idiots; don’t treat us as such and we will likely understand and support the cause. Few have abandoned the club despite the frustrating past eight years. Just don’t lie to us constantly.

    3. People talk about Liverpool, but despite their mid table predicament, they have actually invested heavily in the club, albeit not always wisely, and have won a few trophies in the past 8 years. To say that we have done better than Pool just because we have made the CL and thy haven’t is well wide of the mark. I believe that our club can spend more prudently and wisely that Pool, so do it and stop trying to turn sows ears into silk purses all the time.

    4. Arsene Wenger is a flawed manager, coach, and man. I don’t know if that is really true but that’s what the body of evidence over the past eight years shows.
    – poor selection of players (we all know the long list ) and sticking with them endlessly. In business they say that even good managers make hiring mistakes but they rectify it by firing them quickly. It always seems like AW doesn’t like to admit his mistakes.
    – he has a foolish pay policy that s completely inconsistent with a club that is in an austerity period.
    – he doesn’t use his squad even though he claims he has a great squad. He exhausts a subset of his squad into injury.
    – where are the much vaunted youth players? Jack is the only one that has made it. Theo and Ox came from the Southampton academy. Ours appear briefly and then disappear.
    – players played out of position. You can’t make a team out of 11 central midfielders. Good players come to our team and regress because of this.
    – doesn’t address glaring issues in team and tactics
    – doesn’t delegate, empower, and share credit. He appears to be a control freak.
    – and most unacceptable of all, constantly lies to us and treats us with contempt. In an age where every statement remains for posterity in cyberspace, it’s pretty contemptuous and arrogant to believe that you can change history. Yet, he tries over and over again. That tells me that he simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks and that he will never be ld accountable for anything.

    This has all been said before and I’m sure that everyone here can add to the above. Yes the criticism of AW and the club management is often over the top but it is a symptom of the fact that we are weary and sick of it. So dear AKBs, and I don’t use the term in a derogatory sense as I know that you love the club too, before you accuse us of treason, please step back, look at the facts, and illuminate us on what we are misreading and misunderstanding from what we see.

  71. gambon

    “He has still kept us in the frame and built Ashburton Grove.”

    This is the point where a weirdo becomes a stupid cunt.

  72. tom

    Lord B

    You are just a glory-hunter. Want to buy your baubles and be part of a millionair’s dick-measuring contest. Sad and unprincipled. And dangerous too…

  73. El Tel

    Ramseys back passage

    So you come from a place where you are embarassed to wear an Arsenal short because al, the people you know are glory hunter wankers who bully you.

    Get real FFS. Wear the shirt with pride and fuck what they have to say. Why would Real Madrid or Barca fans care that you support Arsenal. They are not even competing our League.

    Get the shirt on roll them sleeves up and give them what for. The Chavs are a small little Club from Fulham and Citeh were as non existent ten years ago as the Chavs were twenty years ago.

    They have money which makes them a big Club.

    Liverpool and Arsenal are still massive compared to them but because we aint won a pot for a while everyone calling them big boys.

  74. gambon


    IMO there is no worse manager than Wenger to lead us in the coming years.

    Clearly we have issues from top to bottom, the whole club in every area is flawed, but Wenger for me is by far the biggest problem.

    Watching Mata & VanPersie tear the PL up confirms that.

    One was as good as ours, the other was ours.

    They are now the PLs 2 best players and neither play for Arsenal.

    Wenger will always be capable of building good attacking teams, but we will forever be 2 world class players away from the quality needed.

    As for the defence, well we will never have a good defence until a new manager comes in, so for that reason alone he has to go.

  75. bazza

    LordB & Gambon

    There’s nothing in the Accounts that give any information on how much FREE cash the club has.
    The Chairman has said that the money the club generate is available to the manager, but this is unhelpful as “generate” could mean anything. For example Arsenal was cash negative in 2012 i.e. more cash went out than came in, you could therefore argue that nothing was available.
    Whilst we had cash of £153m this is almost balanced off by monies due within one year of £145m.
    My point is that I have a suspicion that that we are not as financially healthy as the club would have us believe. Even with the new sponsorship our commercial income is nowhere near good enough and as we all know are wage structure is mad. I’m not saying we haven’t got enough money to make some decent signings but we should be in a much stronger position.
    How the club could have handed out bonuses based on recent performance (financial and success on the pitch) is just beyond me.

  76. Leedsgunner

    Who would I replace Wenger with? Hiddink if he’s available. Good experience on both club and international level known for good attacking football, superb tacticiian and man manager… everything Wenger is presently NOT.

  77. goonerboy

    The AKB -should be called the Arsenal amnesia- because whenever we get a single result against moderate opposition-like Stoke, they instantly forget how crap we were against the top sides. Remember our defence against Man City, or Liverpool? No they engage in selective vision where they instantly ignore anything that doesn’t fit with Arsene’s deluded mantra.
    Blind optimism is -faith- nothing more and its home is in a religion , not a footballs club.
    They are in a word Mugs.

  78. Ramsey's backpass


    no offence sir,but you are a fool

    was it cos of the sugar daddies we lost to birmingham?

    or the reason we lost to bradford?

    or was it because of sugar daddies man.u rapped us?

    or was it cos of sugar daddies acmilan gave us our worst european defeat?

    You muppet,was it cos of sugar daddies we cant hold on to leads during games?
    this shit talks from Akb’s are getting annoying

  79. tom

    I suspect Arsenal’s war-chest is money earned from the sale of players. I suspect without it we would cover our operating costs but not much more. The money we have needs to be divided between player aquisition and any club costs beyond the everyday. I think it’s smart that the club are careful with it. We do spend and Monreal looks like another shrewd purchase.

  80. GoonerHart

    Goonerboy you mean the defence against man city that had a player sent off early? and the team which came from 2-0 behind to draw with liverpool – granted we should never of gone 2-0 down but our second half performances against all teh teams this january have been quite good. i’m not saying that wenger is the man but i dont subscribe to the idea all our problems will be fixed when he leaves

  81. GoonerHart

    ramseys backpass

    in a sense it is because of sugar daddy’s because without them we would of retained our players possibly and therefore had a stronger squad…

  82. Ric

    tomFebruary 3, 2013 13:48:04


    TOM CALLED GAMBIE A YID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The fact that you don’t know how funny that was, just makes it better!

    I’ve heard all the stupid tripe I can’t muster the will to respond to today.

    Keep up the good fight Le – Grove, I’m off for today.

    Peace out to you all even you AKB’s, trust these guys, they’ll lead you threw the facts and fictions, and sooner or later you’ll be one of us.

    To Le- Grove! For uniting Arsenal Supporters when the club has no interest.

  83. andy1886

    SurferX – Thanks for the response. Probably best not to call me a numpty after saying (quote) ‘Oh- and we’re 4th, arent we?’

    No, we’re 6th. Just in case I was in a parallel universe when I last looked I checked again, yup we are 6th, no doubt about it.

    You’re right, it was 5 years ago that we should have won the league, but if you check back (try we have been right up there with those terrible players you mentioned. For example look up the table on 07.03.2011. We were second, three points behind ManU with a game in hand. Try three years ago, 13.03.2010 we are second, level on points with Chelski (played a game more) and one ahead of ManU. Facts checked mate.

    I agree I think we have better players now, but the manager hasn’t moved on with the times, has little tactical ability and is incapable of sending out an organised defense that knows it’s role. That’s why I think with a more tactically astute manager that values both attack AND defence in a integrated fashion we would do much better.

    No apologies necessary 😉

  84. El Tel

    Ramseys back passage

    I wasnt saying the sugar Daddy teams caused us to lose the games you mentioned Pal.

    I was trying to make the point that they are little Clubs historically.

    Grow some bollocks and wear that shirt.

  85. gambon


    We were £7m cas negative last year.

    I dont get your point, we have £153m in the bank

    The 2 issues are seperate.

    If we spend £70m we would maybe have to pay £30m upfront, so we would have £123m

    When has a business EVER struggled with £123m in the bank?

  86. tom

    Ramsey’s backpassFebruary 3, 2013 13:54:17

    was it cos of the sugar daddies we lost to birmingham?

    A comparably thin squad can cost you matches in april

    or the reason we lost to bradford?

    Underdogs often win cup games as recent FA cup results show

    or was it because of sugar daddies man.u rapped us?

    No that was just a disaster.

    or was it cos of sugar daddies acmilan gave us our worst european defeat?

    When pretty much matched them in the second leg.

    You muppet,was it cos of sugar daddies we cant hold on to leads during games?
    this shit talks from Akb’s are getting annoying

    You can point to individual games all you like but the record speaks for itself. Arsenal are successful.

  87. SurferX

    As for the defence, well we will never have a good defence until a new manager comes in, so for that reason alone he has to go.

    Partially agree with that. Hes got lucky with the defence before (first time inheriting Graham’s- 2nd time getting Cambell to lead it). He needs to get lucky a third time. But crictically, he also has had Seaman and Lehman to make up their deficiencies- with Paddy sat in front of them. He’s not capable of building a defence, and he’s not playing an out an out DMC- so the only way is if he gets a DC in who can lead and organise- and a GK who can make up for it when they cant.

    Ive been happy with the past 2 seasons transfer dealings (Id rather we kept both Cesc and RvP- but that was never going to happen). 7/8 experienced quality players in. It was the five years that preceeded it that hurt us the most: his signings (and lack of) between 2006-2011 left us in deep trouble.

  88. Guns of brixton

    signings , marquee , big boy, high profile signings. thats what will fix us up.
    imagine if we never sold any1 and only added:

  89. El Tel

    The Dutch Cunt also missed a penalty at Old Toilet to putnus in front before they thrashed us 8-2.

    By the way the Dutch cunt hero of some was in that team which got thrashed 8-2 there is no getting away from this.

  90. gambon

    “The second leg of the Milan game could have been so much betTer if that Dutch cu t had scored the open goal chance he fucked up.”

    Or if Arsene actually knew how to build a defence, or delegated it we may have lost the first leg 1-0 and gone through.

  91. Guns of brixton

    and that list was off the top of my head!
    by the way- defoes injured! spuds have no avaliabe striker! HA HA!

  92. Ramsey's backpass

    El tel

    Barca and real are not even competing in our league.hahahahahahaha

    pls can you tell me the best club competition?i would answer that-the ucl

    i think barca and real are in always there and we have won poo there

    i’ll wear the jersey if i feel i love the direction the club moves or are moving.

    We endure series of abuse/banter cos we are arsenal supporters,but these are not stopping me from supporting them but to say i can walk majestically on the street with an arsenal jersey,sorry no.i cant do it

    daily,arsenal looses fans worldwide and they they loose them fast.

    hardly will you see an arsenal shirt to buy again in my country
    go to china,hardly will you see people putting on arsenal shirt and you blame it on the sugar daddies.shame really

  93. El Tel


    Lauren Keown Campbell Cole

    Probably our best ever defence.

    Only Keown was from Georgi’es team.

    For me George was our best ever Manager but I can’t rwad Wenger like lies saying He couldn’t build a defence. The year we were in the CL final we had about 7 players in at LB as they were all getting injured and Senderos was also in at CB too yet they hold the record for most clean sheets in a row. I think it is ten.

    I have no problem agreeing that Wenger has fucked up the defence now but it was never always the case.

  94. gambon

    El tel

    He did his job that day.

    If we had a proper defence we wouldve won 2-1

    Hes a hero. Im glad hes gonna win the pl.

  95. tom

    Wenger inherited Graham’s defense who, at the time, were largely considered past their sell by date. Arsenal results were far worse than anything under Wenger’s watch in those days. One of Wenger great acheivments was the rehab of Tony Adams and rest of the lager boys. Who would have thought Ray Parlour would become such a hero? before Wenger he was considered worse than Denilson.
    Wenger revamped the Graham defense, score Sol, found Toure, Lauren, Silvo, Petit etc… plenty of good defenders and defenses under Wenger. The current one is not bad and will improve. Kos, TV, Sagna, Gibbs, Mertesacker are all good.

  96. Guns of brixton

    Gambon- m8, you clearly knw your stuff and knw wht the fuck your on about, so im gona ask you a question: is dere a fuckin chance of us beating bayern munich taking into account their blinding form and our poor defensive one?

  97. bazza


    “bazzaWe were £7m cas negative last year.I dont get your point, we have £153m in the bankThe 2 issues are seperate.If we spend £70m we would maybe have to pay £30m upfront, so we would have £123mWhen has a business EVER struggled with £123m in the bank?”

    I was trying to illustrate that the Chairman saying Wenger can spend what we generate is a meaningless statement because in cash terms we generated zero in 2102.
    Yes we have a ton of money in the bank but this isn’t FREE cash because we also have a ton of short term liabilities of roughly the same amount.

    My point is NOT that we’re in a shitty financial position but that we ought to be hugely better off than we are and the reason we’re not is because Wenger and the Board have no idea how to run a business, but then what do you expect from a theoretical economist, a bunch of failed geriatric merchant bankers and a carpet salesman?

  98. SurferX

    Also, Id be a little surprised if he is still here after next season. I could be wrong- but I get the impression he’ll see out his contract and be gone. Since his last extension, the mood has changed significantly. The Board, supporters, his players- all have lost a lot of faith. Then there was his affair. Donno- think we are witnessing the end.

    Anyway, ff you want him gone, you better hope we win nothing this year or next. I think the Cup could be ours this year- have no logical reason to think that- just a feeling. (Thats the FA not the CL: we have zero chance of winning that). Which is something I could never bring myself to do. Even in the last days of Graham, I couldnt bring myself to want AFC to do badly.

  99. gambon


    “Yes we have a ton of money in the bank but this isn’t FREE cash because we also have a ton of short term liabilities of roughly the same amount.”

    This is wrong.

    You are ignoring that we generate £235m pa,

    We dont live off of our cash balances.

  100. El Tel

    Ramseys back passage.

    Shame about the Country you live in. Never mind thats not your fault.

    We Brits however wear our shirts win lose or draw.

    Barca and Real Madrid are not playing in the EPL so NO they are not rivals.

    We meet them every now and then in the CL so yes then they can shout their shit.

    Something we will never know but answer me this.

    Do you think both Barca and Rsal Madrid would win the EPL as many times as they have their League?

    I see them having great players and playing teams who all try to play football but would they be strong against teams like the one we played yesterday?

    It is an irrelevent question I knw but what is your opinion and whay did you choose Arsenal in the first place?

    If you are from another Country and it is a bad thing to support Arsenal then why did you?

  101. Arsene's Nurse

    ‘ bazza – we are drowning in money mate. You can view the accounts for yourself or go to Swiss Ramble and see the analysis.

    Last year we increased the wage bill from £124m to £143m. That’s an extra £19m per year just like that. We’ve just splashed new deals for Jack, Ramsey, Jenkinson, Oxo, Gibbs and Walcott. We’ve just bought a LB. The wage bill is rising fast.

    We have at least £500k (£26m per year) going out the club in wages to the dross; Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou, Squillaci, Park, Santos, Diaby, Bendtner, Gervinho,Rosicky, Mannone, Fabianski, Dennilson, Frimpong etc

    We have £153m in the bank and £70m of that is uncommitted funds which was confirmed at the AGM. AST and Swiss Ramble estimate this too.

    TV money increases by £17m per year next year. Emirates just signed a £30m per year deal which increases revenue by around £20m per year (old deal was £90m including £48m naming rights until 2021 and shirt sponsorship £32m till 2013). Kit manufacturer deal is up for renew next year. Current is £8m per year but we expect to get £20-25m minimum – a raise of at least £12m.

    Add that up and we have 17+20+12 = £49m additional revenue per year every year for the next 5 years. Forty nine million pounds extra per year. We have the 5th highest revenue in the world. (actually Chelsea have just pipped us but that was before new deals for us)

    So you see we have enormous spending power. If Barcelona said you can have Messi for £100 in cash one off payment and his wages were £400k per week, we could afford to write the cheque with no negative impact on our long term future.

    We are rolling in lolly and what we do spend, we waste a large chunk of it.

  102. El Tel


    We didntnhave a proper defence that shameful day but we had what you call the best striker out there and he missed a penalty to put us in front.

    Every single player was responsible for that terrible day.

    What about the miss v Milan then when we were 3-0 up?

    What is your excuse for him for this one?

    If Bendtner had missed that chance this place would have melted with animosity.

    Legend my arse Pal.

    The fella tried to emulate DB10 and TH 14 and was found wanting so he fucked off.

    Come on I suppose you will blame Wenger for his chocolate legs again next.

    I see you want him to win the League because he plays for the team you really ssupport.

  103. gambon

    Arsenes Nurse

    TV money for the top teams will rise by £35m, not £17m

    Emirates new deal is worth almost £30m pa more to us, not £20m

    The last deal was nearly all front loaded, so although they paid us £8m pa in terms of accounting, in terms of cash we arent getting anything from them.

  104. Ramsey's backpass

    A comparably thin squad can cost you matches in april

    errrh,the match was played february and the only player missing was fabregas due to injury.

    Underdogs often win cup games as recent fa cup result shows

    quaterfinal and realistically the only place we have chance of winning a cup and we played like bluehool fc

    no it was a disaster

    its already in the history books,a reasonably manager would know the weakness of his team but your saviour thinks its mental strength.

    We pretty much match them in the second led

    who qualified?

    Arsenal are succesful

    lemme guess the sugar daddies made man.u more succesful right?

  105. gambon

    Tom again confirming he is a club plant

    Cash does nothing for a football club, it cant keep a cleansheet or score a winning goal

    Why dont you fuck off back to Untold, you’ll be much happier amongst the cult members with IQs under 60.

  106. GoonerHart

    see i think we will see wenger spend next summer as with all the extra cash he we know is already publicly available plus the figures we know we are getting from tv and sponsorship he knows he cant say we dont have any and if i am right we already have enough money saved to nearly cover all debt so all this extra money is spare as the board dont take dividends, this is why i have faith in him until august

  107. SurferX

    El Tel- I know where you are coming from- but lets break that defence down.

    Lehman- signed as a 34 year old
    Lauren- this one Ill give AW
    Keown- GG’s
    Campbell- signed on a free as a
    Cole- mixed. Much of his academy would of been spent under GG’s rule- but AW stuck him in.

    Thing is, in Cambell, Keown and Lehman they had leaders in their prime. Cole and Lauren were both fighters. That unit couldnt fail in a way. So yep, I’ll give you that AW stuck them together. But I wouldnt say he built that defence- I think they built it themselves.

    The players we have now cant do that. And AW can’t build a defence. Thats why we look so shabby game after game. He needs to go and get people that can do what that back 5 did- organise themselves.

  108. gambon

    El Tel

    If Bendter was capable of scoring 37 goals per season no-one would blame him for anything.

    When you lose a game at OT 8-2 you dont ask questions of the attack

    When you lose a CL tie to Milan 4-3 you dont ask questions of the attack

    Unless youve been conditioned by Arsene to believe defence and money are evil, which it seems you may have.

  109. Arsene's Nurse

    @Gambon – I’m talking about extra revenue over what we currently generate. So if old Emirates deal for sponsorships is

    Shirts – £48m for an 8 year deal then = 6m per year
    Stadium naming – £42m over 15 years = 2.8m per year

    Then the total is 8.8m per year. So a deal worth £30m per year for next 5 years gives an increase of 30-8.8 = 21.2m extra per year. i.e. around £20m.

    Yes I know the naming rights go on longer now so I dropped the figure a bit to reflect this hence “around ” £20m.

    That’s extra revenue over what we currently generate with the deal.

  110. tom

    Cash can buy you Monreal for 8 million. Great signing. Cash can develop facilities, cash can protect you from rainy days, cash can give you flexibilty (Barca couldn’t stump up the cash for Cesc all in one go, if I remember right). Cash up front was a major factor in securing the sigs of both Cazorla and Monreal.
    I think we use our money pretty well certainly as well as any other team that has to earn their keep.

  111. tom

    SurferXFebruary 3, 2013 14:27:59

    I’ll give you that AW stuck them together. But I wouldnt say he built that defence- I think they built it themselves.