Arsenal take 3 points at the death and catch on Chelsea and Everton

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Playing Stoke is a trying 90 minutes for most teams in the Premier League. They’re the last of a dying breed, the final remnants of an era led by Sam Allardyce and his brutal football regime. Things aren’t quite as easy as they used to be. Thugging your way to three points is becoming increasingly difficult in a league that has seen an influx of teams who actually want to play the game.

Stoke lined up like the team who were in fear yesterday. Breaking into our half was not something they were particularly interested in and as a result, we dominated possession and had the best chances. It wasn’t an easy afternoon. Stoke really know how the park the bus, what I would say is that the timid score was more down to some exceptional keeping and some very off the boil finishing over a stoic display of tactical defensive mastery.

Arsenal had plenty of opportunity to fire ahead in the opening 45minutes. Oxlade Chamberlain the guilty party on two occassions, the first when he managed to find Begovic from 4 yards out after a goal mouth scramble, the second, more forgivable when he fired a shot at the far right corner and once again forced a very smart save from a keeper who is fast establishing himself as the hottest property outside the top four (and available if Stoke have made a move for Butland).

It wasn’t just Chamberlain having a bad day in from of goal. Giroud made a few interesting decisions when he cut back a header in the box that looked easier to head goalwards.The ball made it back into the box straight after and Koscielny showed the way with a good header that was blocked.

The second half proved to be a little more fruitful on the goal front. Theo Walcott was fouled on the edge of the box by Wilkinson. Lukas stepped up, fired a terrible low ball at goal, it rebounded in off a Stoke leg… it was a goal. The lino had other ideas though, he called the ref over to claim offside. Little did he know… he’d totally hashed up the rules of the game in thinking it was offside. We were granted the goal.

The Emirates took on a bit of a silence after that. We closed the game out in the end, but we gave Stoke far too much of the ball. I totally understand why we’d play for a 2nd when we’re one up with twenty to play… but really, what we should be doing is playing simple posession football. Stoke didn’t have the heart to beat us that way. I think everyone was expecting us to concede a late goal, but we didn’t, we held out and took the three points. An exciting three when you consider Everton and Chelsea both dropped valuable points.

Arsenal are still in with a major shout for third this season. It all depends on the consistency we can show. Those above us will drop points over the coming months, we just have to be on hand to deal the killer blow when we need to. The gap, between 6th and 3rd is 5 points. That’s not a mountain to climb. It’ll be tough, but there’s no reason we’re not capable of having a good go. One thing is for sure though, our finishing needs to get better and our confidence to close out a game needs to improve.

The next few weeks sees a bit more of a focus on the cup games. We’re taking on Blackburn at home with Bayern Munich away. Our two Premiership games must be 6 points in the bag. Sunderland and Villa are as easy as they come this season. Then the fun starts, potentially Everton, Spurs and Swansea all within a month. That’s what defines where we finish this year. If all three are wins, we’re on our way to top four. Lose any games in the league over the next 2 months and we really could be in trouble.

On the player front, things are looking positive. Jack Wilshere really is looking good. I love the way he defends his teams honour. After Owen threw a very girly punch at Arteta, he was the first in line to get in his face. Sometimes, when decisions go against us, I wish it was more than just the other teams players around the ref. Shawcross made another nasty challenge yesterday. He just doesn’t care who he breaks, he really is a disgraceful footballer on every level. I hope his come-uppance is a two year injury lay off.

Monreal looked ok yesterday bar a few shaky errors late on. He’s far more Spanish than Gibbs, obviously, Gibbs is French. He has a real one touch flavour about his game. He looks ok going forward, but he looks better at the back showing good positional awareness and strength. You felt comfortable with him at the back, which was a good sign considering how long it can take for players to settle into the game.

3 points in the bag against Stoke is a start… let’s see where we go from here.

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. GoonerHart

    Lord Bergkamp from your comment yesterday as i am not sure you will read it on an old post but….
    you say that people are AKB’s because they are happy to go for fourth and happy to not spend any money, however none of this proves that they believe Arsene Know’s Best. This just shows that these people are more grounded to where the club are currently within a performance cycle as we all know that it all happens in cycles. You could even say that these people are more realistic than those who complain about AKB’s and wanting to challenge, as these expectations are unrealistic considering the current skill level and depth of squad in comparison to the Manchester City’s, Chelsea, and United’s.therefore the AKB tag for these individual’s is in fact defunct and meaningless as the criteria you outlined in fact does not mention Arsene, merely the “AKB’s” expectations.Furthermore I ask you is it lacking ambition or being a realist to support the team in it’s current phase and not get too downtrodden while we are a rough patch, For example a set of QPR fan’s hoping to avoid relegation would be what you consider a set of “AKB” supporter’s – those hoping for what is arguably there glass ceiling – but then there will be some fans that would be hoping for Europe which would be the fans such as yourself. these fan’s are delusional because this is nearly impossible to achieve with their current squad. and i will admit i do not know QPR’s history but you could interchange it with Villa.lastly i would like to add that these “AKB’s” are not happy when we lose a top game but they accept it will be a tough game considering the resources we have compared to our opponents.You could add more about being happy with what Arsene and the board’s policies but again it comes down to being a realist of the current situation and not expecting the pattern to change, which personally as far as i see it is delusional. And this does not lack ambition as if you ask any Arsenal fan they will say they want to be fighting for trophies obviously it’s about having measured and realistic ambitions.

  2. Keyser

    “If you support the manager given the last 8 years and our present predicament that is what you are.”

    This is complete bullshit, and shows how much of an AKB you are.

  3. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 10:15:13

    I got five lines into that diatribe before I was completely convinced that Lordberkamp was entirely in the right and that you good sir are an idiot.

  4. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 10:15:13

    PS. No you are not an AKB because of a technicality although it may very well be that you are an AKB because o the fact yousomehow equate being an AKB with sticking to your team.

    Well newsflash: We all stuck by our team, its just that we are not completely oblivious to what ails it.

    So please take your quasi intelligent pseudo nonsense somewhere else man.
    You are an AKB, live with it or wake up!

  5. Ric

    Josip SkoblarFebruary 3, 2013 10:29:35

    Although I totally agree with you, and wouldn’t mind seeing Shawcross on the inside of a blender. Still though…

    Is it just me or did we get away with a lot yesterday?

  6. Kurt F

    Sorry Gooner Hart, but your comments just don’t make sense when you consider that we pay the highest ticket prices in world football, have a £142 million pound wage bill and that at the start of the season our manager told us he had his ‘best squad ever’.

  7. andy1886

    Let’s look at the logic.

    I’ve heard of rebuilding, but an 8 year cycle and we’re still not even at the bottom let alone on the up again? (based on results). How does that work when the cycle is longer than the playing career of the players??

    I’m with Ric on this one.

  8. Keyser

    “start of the season our manager told us he had his ‘best squad ever’.”

    Like this, who said that ?!

    “I’ve heard of rebuilding, but an 8 year cycle and we’re still not even at the bottom let alone on the up again?”

    Also this, an 8 year Cycle from what ? The Invincibles ? The first team in a century to go through a top flight English season unbeaten ? Probably the best team in our history ?!

    Where’s the logic ?!

  9. Sam

    What a fuck is akb anyway , who da fuck does not know that arsene should be sacked but unfortunately he’s still here. Can u please name one so called akb u know I think u guys made it up coz I have never met a die hard wenger supporter only arsenal fans who wish the best for their club.

  10. GoonerHart

    RicFebruary 3, 2013 10:30:25
    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 10:15:13PS. No you are not an AKB because of a technicality although it may very well be that you are an AKB because o the fact yousomehow equate being an AKB with sticking to your team.Well newsflash: We all stuck by our team, its just that we are not completely oblivious to what ails it.So please take your quasi intelligent pseudo nonsense somewhere else man.
    You are an AKB, live with it or wake up!

    Ric if you really only read 5 lines then you really have no place to comment and i merely used Lord Bergkamp’s criteria for being an AKB and showed why this is not suitable criteria for such a term it is in fact logical.

    you say newsflash we all stuck by the team, when there are countless post’s that are “anti AKB” that say they have abandoned going to the games or buying merchandise, this shows that the loyalty to the club has faltered, after all not going to a game or buying a shirt does not directly influence Arsene’s position at the club and actually deteriorates the chance of Arsene and the board spending money, as if they are not spending money when we have surplus cash, the chances are they will tighten the reigns even more when less is coming in. of course there is a chance that they would spend but as i have said previously it’s unlikely and do you really think people that are willing to let go of one of the best strikers in the world go and buy a cheaper version when they have excess cash will splurge when they have less coming in?

  11. vcc

    Goonerhart we also have 70 mllion in the bank. My measured and realistic ambition would be for this money to be invested by buying some players.

  12. Donald

    A depressing post Pedro

    We may get 3rd.Big deal.Lets get the open top bus ready.The gap between the 1st team is growing bigger every season.Utd havent been great this season but are out of sight of us on the 3rd February

    We finished 3 rd last season but havent improved one bit.3rd this season will just be an excuse for Wenger to carry on his failed project

  13. Ghost

    When fit, in some games, I’d love to see Gibbs play left wing and Monreal left back, should we decide to rest Podolski.

    As for Chamberlain, he’s been one of our most consistent players, consistently poor. But I’m not judging him just yet, he looks like he’s having problems finding his best position and he’s just 19. He needs a kick up the behind. And this was sagna’s ‘best game’ since he got back. Just happy Walcott didn’t get any knock, the officials were useless all of yesterday.

  14. Keyser

    We made 5 changes yesterday, and gave Monreal his debut, Stoke managed one shot on target, didn’t really leave their half, we scored from a deflected free-kick not really much to judge there.

    Out of the teams chasing the 3rd or 4th place finish we’re the only ones in 3 competitions, with two massive games against Bayern who are flying, it’s going to be tough.

  15. Yemmy Idowu

    The manager mixed it up a bit yesterday,& if not for Begovic,it would have been a comfortable win. Resting Cazorla is key,to keep him fresh for the important matches ahead!

  16. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    stories still around about Villa (David)

    ‘reports’ that he actually wants to move to Arsenal in the summer!

    But another insider ‘report’ that Wenger has moved on and wants a younger striker.

    He’ll be 32 in December. Would you still have him?

  17. GoonerHart

    but VCC again your asking for something that’s not in the nature of the people in charge of the money. Most people when they say to spend the money mean buying a Cavani or Subotic and Hummel’s which is 20m + signing’s but we all know that this is not their way this is why i say it is not realistic, besides chelsea as an example they spent 60-70m in the summer and it is quite possible that they could end up 5th again this season which show’s the answer is not always splashing the cash.

  18. Mike

    Sadly people like Ric do not use logic. He demonstartes this perfectly by the way he and his few hundred glory-hunting mates think booing the players will make them play better and destabilising the club is a good thing.

  19. Keyser

    Chamberlain’s just like Walcott, he needs games and plenty of them consecutively, at least this year his defensive discipline has improved a fair bit as has his fitness and will to track back, as long as he’s solid and consistent within the team he can build that up into more end product.

    A better touch and shot either side of Begovic and he’d have had a goal yesterday, also bar a decent save.

    You can’t really see anyone in this team really lifting the teams threshold on it’s own like a Van Persie or Fabregas would, but there’s promise, Podolski, Giroud and Walcott all have double figures for goals, and are racking up the assists aswell.

    With Diaby and Arteta back, Cazorla and WIlshere will get a bit more rest and someone to take the onus off.

  20. Keyser

    Depends on what Villa’s willing to accept, he could come in a bit like Suker, but then he’d probably still be able to offer enough of an option up front to displace Giroud anyway.

  21. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 10:42:22

    Yes and that post proves you equate our support as one of purely monetary value to the club.

    Youre support soely focuses on you handing money over to someone else to do wht they want with our club, that is not support it is blind obedience.

    Although I eventually read the rest I still think my previous statement was correct. After five lines of reading your comment it was indeed clear that Lordberkamp was the informed one in your argument.

  22. Ric

    MikeFebruary 3, 2013 10:49:59

    Define Logic for me would you?

    Because I know the definition of insanity and I’d say that describes you lot fairly accurately.

  23. Ramsey's backpass

    If they play well,they wouldnt be booed.although am not in support of the boos during match,it should be after the match
    You mean after a comical/schoolboy defending we should clap for them

  24. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 10:47:23

    Classic AKB tactics, why do you guys always come over here from untold at the end of windows? Do you get paid by or what?

    No one here has demanded we spend 100 mill on one player that is a false argument, the fact of the matter is that it is effing beautiful seeing you AKB’s this desperate ha ha ha ha!

  25. semanda

    yeh…’s gonna be vital 4 arsenal 2 remain in champions but i think they are nw a determined team ready to end de trophy drought remember w/n they reached final in 2006 gud luck

  26. Toli83

    Villa would be welcome, seems that Wenger is digging the Spanish market.

    Villa is no doubt a bit of spin though surely?

    I’m happy with yesterday. Good to see a bit of rotation as well.

  27. tom

    On the cycles thing, this is the third team after the Invincibles and the Fabregas kids project.
    I think it has potential to be great.

    I enjoyed the match yesterday and thought the team played well. Stoke, dirty and negative as ever and hard to break down.
    I thought we were pretty positive in our approach and showed energy and determination.
    On another day, with another keeper in the opposition’s goal, we could have had four or five.
    In the end I was relieved by the one we did get. Maybe not vintage Podolski but important enough.
    Theo played well again which must infuriate the haters.
    I thought Diaby a few nice touches and hope,as ever, he can string a few games together.
    Jack Wilshere is becoming a true Arsenal legend and can be the hub of this team for the next decade.
    Monreal looks mustard. Good signing by AW.

    Good result.

  28. GoonerHart


    you say i put support in a purely monetary form i do not i am just pointing out those that believe are taking action against the club and Wenger are doing it in a monetary value or are stating it more in a monetary value.

    The whole point of taking action against something is doing it in a way that you believe those you are campaigning against will take most notice of and have most affect. therefore it is debatable to say that those that are doing these campaigns believe that their support is best represented by monetary value which is admittedly detrimental to the club but in reality will have little to no effect on what they are campaigning against and as i stated before it is unlikely that individuals that do not spend when they have surplus cash will spend when they have less coming in, it is more likely the purse strings will be pulled tighter.

    also i would like to hear where you think lord bergkamp is more informed as in my mind i set things out logically therefore i would like to know where i was not logical in my thinking as much as being able to debate further on our opinions

  29. Toli83


    I appreciate your stance however Chelsea’s downfall is more down the constant change in management that the money spent not working out.

    Ignoring Chelsea though, look at Utd they spent, and will win the league. For every bad example of spending there a good one to match it…

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I’d have been happy to see him arrive this window.. Not so sure about the summer.. And it depends on what Wenger means by a younger striker (if we believe that insider stuff!)

    If a younger striker means someone 25-26 and proven then yeah I’d go with that. (Cavani wishful thinking!)

    It will also depend on who Mancini will pursue, stories he is after Suarez, Falcao or Cavani.

    Pity we didn’t pick him up now. Giroud improving and progressing well but we are very fortunate with injuries so far!

  31. Ric

    “he and his few hundred glory-hunting mates think booing the players will make them play better”

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihgt! Isn’t it abut time you AKB’s killed off this argument once and for all!!!!

    Because it isn’t us that booed; Eboue, Nasri, RVP, Adebayor, Clichy, Song et al out of the club, that was al you guys on the express order of

    You really are nothing but thugs and henchmen.

  32. Ramsey's backpass

    Norwegian idiot

    cazorla replaced cesc? think because they come from the same country means one replaces one. Cazorla is a more Nasri replacement

    Giroud is a top top striker-it seems you have been infected by the wenger top top disease.Giroud is just a decent striker, an upgrade from chamakh

    nacho-the second best left-back in spain-wait till your saviour turns him to our False 9 or wait till he continually see szczesny fumble a simple ball after all his hard work,then he gets fed up and start playing like the new sagna

  33. GoonerHart


    classic AKB tactic’s are stating that most people will not change their habbit’s or to such an extreme case where they will pay 20-30m+ on a player or 3?

    and i am guessing you mean untold arsenal? i do not visit that site this is the one site i visit daily and i hardly comment except when i fancy it.

    i never said 100m+ on a player, you are clearly either misreading my comment’s (100m was never mentioned) or exaggerating so those that do not review my comment jump on your bandwagon because such a statement is ridiculous and i would expect to be ridiculed for making such a comment.

    and seeing AKB’s desperate i don’t follow you, desperate for what?

  34. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 11:10:08

    Your logic fails compared to his in one most important respect, his views are based on observation of our actual modus operandi over a number of years. Yours is based on our proposed modus operandi, as laid foreward by for an example The two are not alike, and what you see will determine what you believe, imo, you my good sir; are about two years of contradicting bullshit away from an epiphany of clarity on this subject.

    Because the truth of the matter is that you all join us eventually.

  35. Kurt F

    Keyser, in answer to your question:

    Gooner Hart – you claim we don’t have the resources to compete, yet we clearly have the ability to fund a vast wage bill, and at least £70mil in transfer funds. That doesn’t make sense.

    Is it ‘delusional’ for fans to want a trophy in a season that has Swansea and Bradford contesting a cup final ?

  36. Ramsey's backpass

    Did they boo santos to get fat or did they boo metersacker that made him not to be able to jump?
    Did they play well and got booed?
    We will never win a trophy under wenger.that is very clear

  37. Keyser

    Ric’s just trying to get you to talk about the Norwegian league, in fact pretty surprised that he hasn’t backed up his brethren.

  38. GoonerHart


    you are correct of course about the money and then i must remind you of the stark opposite of manchester united, QPR spent and look where they are and Portsmouth? there truly is many examples for each argument but we do not have the access to such inorganic growth to chelsea and man city freely available. and when it comes to managers i doubt chelsea will ever be that stable in the manager department to settle that debate!

  39. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 11:24:05

    Again this argument disregards the fact that we have onee of the most expensive teams in the world, for apparently no good reason.

  40. TheBlaster

    When Wilkinson did to Walcott what Campbell once did to that weasel Solskjaer and the ref didn’t even give a foul you knew that Theo was going to get the shit kicked out of him. So much for ‘traditional’ Pulis. Biggest cheats in the league. Wish we’d had a few more Arteta challenges… See how they like having one up’em. Monreal immediately made me more confident in the left side defense. Gibbs could learn from his positional sense. For someone who just stepped off a plane I think he showed he’s a class act…(Apart from that howler of a shot into the 11th row… My how we laughed)

  41. Pollux

    Looking at how GIROUD struggle against stoke, I have little hope of him scoring against the mighty bayern. If we would to somehow progress into the QF, we will have to depend on Podolski who will definitely have some score to settle with his old team.

  42. tom

    Here’s Wenger on recent negativity. Quoting a Guardian article.

    Wenger again explained their struggles as being due to a lack of confidence.

    “Somebody told me that we were second in the league, just two points behind Man City, on our second half of games, but 12th in the first half,” Wenger said. “That can only be psychological because you do not become a good football player in the second half and you are bad in the first half.

    “The team has certainly been deeply affected by all the negativity and as well by the fact they are highly focused to do well.”

    Wenger said that none of his players enjoyed criticism. “Everyone of us is affected by criticism. I didn’t meet one person who loves absolutely to be slaughtered. All of us prefer to say ‘yes you’re great, you’re good’.”

    So, yeah, booing doesn’t help.

  43. Al

    Do you know what was impressive about Monreal…. The amount of headers he won against stoke when they was hoofing yesterday

  44. Ramsey's backpass


    “People are obsessed with AKB’s….it’s so boring”
    “people are obsessed with loosing and not winning trophies while some fools say we should support the manager after 8 years….it’s so boring”

  45. Ric

    TheBlasterFebruary 3, 2013 11:28:14

    You know I still think Gibbs gets a lot of Schtick for doing as ordered, I mean the fact he gets caught upfield all the time won’t really change with Monreal as long as Wenger orders him to do the same thing Gibbs does.

    This “left wingback getting caught upfield thing” is a problem that has persisted since Van Bronckhorst so I doubt it’ll change until Wenger takes his one dimensional plan elsewhere.

  46. Rob

    Too harsh on Chambo. He had a good game, luck was with the goalie, that’s all. Liked the new boy, Nacho man. Not sure why we cheered every time he touched the ball but it seemed like the thing to do and was kind of funny.

  47. Ric

    PedroFebruary 3, 2013 11:34:55

    You as well as anyone on here knows Le-grove has become more of a de-programming institution for dissillusioned AFC supporters than anything else.

  48. Toli83

    Gooner hart,

    Again I agree with you. But football clubs Arsenal will never become successful again unless hey spend which is obviously something that divides the fans.

    We don’t necessarily want 40 or 50 mill purchases. Three players around the fifteen mark (if that) could put us in contention.

    Capoue / Strootman

    Offset with selling 2 or 3 of the deadwoods and your probably talking 35mill spend. That won’t put us out of business mate.

  49. GoonerHart

    So Ric it isn’t illogical at all you what it comes down to is the readers perception which is a fair point but that’s the whole intention of debate is to try and convince/prove your thinking or logic is correct and because you agree with lord bergkamp of course you will see my view as illogical and you can’t win everyone over of course. But for your information I do not go along with every arsenal propaganda I have just made observations on what I have seen and what I consider logical conclusions and inferences and I believe Wenger won’t renew so within that two years we shall see if anything changes when a new manager comes in. And yes we have an exorbitant wage bill which I agree for the players we have is silly but I do not go along with the notion we should just blow the 70m and see what happens i believe it should be gradual spending over 2-3 years so we have more money overall and can make changes where needed rather than splashing the cash and finding out we didn’t need that 30m player because a player has improved and that’s 30m wasted

  50. Keyser

    Lol Ric you found the Sam Allardyce article yet ?!

    Nothing wrong with Gibbs getting forward. Especially since our left side has generally been our most productive.

  51. Jeff

    I would say that those who align themselves with Wenger have and irrational fear of having a different manager. It’s like the wife who’s regularly battered by her husband but says nothing and makes up endless excuses and lies to hide the marks. You have to ask why? That’s easy; she doesn’t think there will ever be anyone better. It is a terrible affliction and a neurosis.

  52. Ramsey's backpass

    1.Telling a shit player that he is great and shouldnt work hard
    2.Telling a shit player that he is shit and must improve
    which does whinger thinks is the best?obviously the first one
    And if the atmosphere is affecting them let them start playing behind close doors

  53. Ric

    So Ric it isn’t illogical at all you what it comes down to is the readers perception which is a fair point but that’s the whole intention of debate is to try and convince/prove your thinking or logic is correct and because you agree with lord bergkamp of course you will see my view as illogical and you can’t win everyone over of course

    Yeah I couldn’t read that sorry.

  54. Keyser

    “People are obsessed about AKBs… it’s so boring.”

    It’s your fault, you’ve given the plebs something to use as a crutch so they can talk as much shite as they want.

    Just bring back video embedding so they can express themselves without the bile.

  55. GoonerHart


    I agree but I think we need more than 3 players and the fact is the players we need rid of wont fetch a decent price. So it will be net spending and you know Wenger as well as the better players will want better wages so that has to come from the 70m. Don’t get me wrong I want us to spend but sensibly as those asking for Wenger out and simultaneously asking him to spend will also be the ones complaining when a new manager comes in and have a small budget to change things as Wenger would of used it and if we have a new manager it will because of retirement or him getting the sack and if he gets the sack after spending its because we are doing ridiculously bad. So that’s a lack of funds to change the team plus an even more expensive team which is under performing and their value would of depreciated

  56. tom

    Ramsey’s backpassFebruary 3, 2013 11:42:09

    …And if the atmosphere is affecting them let them start playing behind close doors


  57. Keyser

    So basically you want a new husband ?!

    A top 4 finish is the equivalent of a beating from an abusive partner ?!

    The Champions League is an upper class lifestyle that we aspire to but can’t ever really feel like we belong because we’ve never had the Silverware ?!

    A new manager that builds from the back, is just really a euphemism for anal ?!

  58. Byo

    The comments here have been a repeat of what has been rehashed in the past-

    Wenger out. The board is useless.
    No English spine in the team. All Wenger has is a French team.
    Now he should have got all those french players at Newcastle.
    Arsenal dont spend money.
    He should have got all these other players instead. And the list changes often.
    etc, etc.

    When the team loses, it is abuse time. When the team loses, the same occurs!
    I wonder what Madrid does after a loss to Granada, or Chelsea to N’Castle.

  59. tom

    I support Wenger. I’m not scared of change I just think there’s nobody better for Arsenal.
    When Wenger steps aside I hope he’ll still have enough affection for the Club to help select his successor.

  60. GoonerHart


    My argument wasn’t illogical it’s about current perception as to if you believe mine or bergkamps view is the right view.

    The idea of debate is to bring someone round to your way of thinking

    Because of your current views you believe bergkamp was right and it’s impossible to bring everyone around to your way of thinking so you may(probably never) infact will see it my way but those who are still on the fence and more objective its likely the polls will be divided

  61. Stan Donkey

    If true and as much as i wanted a new CB, i’m glad Wenger was forced into buying a specialist LB. Amorebieta is a left footed CB who was probably preferred so it didn’t kill Gibbs!

    I know Sagna is suffering a huge dip, but having top international full backs in their mid/late 20s backed up by potential England internationals is a good way to structure a squad.

    Shame there were no other top top purchases!

    “Other transfer developments were that a deal was agreed for Atletico Bilbao’s Fernando Amorebieta, but the player did not want to move. If he had, then apparently Monreal would not have been purchased, as Bilbao were in turn lining up Monreal and would have used the Amorebieta money to sign him. Arsenal upped their bid for David Villa to £15.5 million, but Barcelona didn’t even bother responding, so short was it of their valuation (and reflective that they can afford to maintain a decent player as back up).”

  62. TheBlaster

    See, now I think Wenger’s problem is not that he orders the team to follow flawed tactics, but more that he doesn’t order them at all, and players are left to their own devices. Like Fabregas said when he got to Barca… Arsenal don’t prep and choose a formation for each team they play, or at least they didn’t. I think Gibbs will benefit from the competition, like Jenks will benefit from under studying Sagna, though I think given Sagnas lacklustre half arsed outings lately he should have been rotated a lot more. Wenger still has the destructive habit of sticking with out of form players too long before rotating

  63. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 11:40:55

    Pained my way through now; (Heard of a comma mate?)

    As I said earlier no one here wants us to throw away 100 mill on one player we hvae never said that, the problem is that wee all know how little we will do to get what we actually could get.

    I for one know that both Ibra and C.Ronaldo could have made their careers at Arsenal, but the devil is truly in Wengers details.

    This season for example; Do you disagree with the notion that had we kept hold of both RVP and Song and still made the acuisitions we did bar maybe Giroud. That we would have beeen cruising at the top of the league by now?
    I am sure we would have even in spite of Wengers other failings.
    The fact he took the money and ran should say alot, because it also proves he has no faith in this team himself. Well either that or the fact that he is clearly willing to sacrifice success for cold hard cash. Because you cannot call that a rational decision with a fotballing perspective, add RVP and a functional DM to this team and we have a possible 2nd invincibles team.

    And before you forget; I did not ask for us to use money we did not have for that, we could just have kept hold of what we had in addtion to the money we did use and that would have been enough.

    The fact that there’s now a possibillity we loose out on CL money because of our actions in a competition we could have dominated fairly cheaply, but chose not to should say all you need to know about Wengers commitment to financial frugality.

  64. Guns of brixton

    Man city are set to have a massive summer clear out to try get back some of that money they lost. the list of those likely to go:
    – sinclair
    – nasri
    – kolo toure
    this is from the the the daily mail so take it with a shovel of salt, but tevez contract does end soon and he has no bid to renew it, i wouldnt mind seeing him here at emirates if we cant land any1 else, i wouldnt mind dzeko or kolarov either if made avaliable.

  65. gurkhaligunner

    Nice post Pedro as always, but i’ll have to say Begovic is off to united this summer as Stoke have Butland in there ranks i’m pretty sure that will happen. How about Benteke for us in the summer he looks more like a next Drogba tall, strong, fast and skillful…….. he could be the real deal.

  66. tom

    I’ll concede Wenger has some short comings, but I think it’s the hate-Brigade that’s really blind.
    It’s like a mass hysteria and the internet amplifies it.
    The level of rhetoric is so heated and everyone talks in absolutes. Grown ups know it’s not really like that.

  67. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 11:59:47
    But Ramsey’s backpass Why do you feel a new manager will automatically bring success?

    Again a false argument, we are all prepared for a few years of shit,but we’d rather have that than a continued managed decline under Wenger. Again we are not sellouts, or traitors that is just what the other AKB’s will have you believe, in fact we are all OLD ARSENAL here.

  68. Guns of brixton

    Did anyone catch the bayern match? i honestly dont see how we are progessing to da next stage with them in blinding form. manzdunic that croatian striker looks deadly,and i honestly dont see how we contain such multiplitude of attacking prowess,especially with the poor form of our back line. . . hoping for a chelc-esque miracle to overcome them at the emirates, let alone the the allianz arena. . .

  69. Keyser

    He gets about, he’s a sargeant in A touch of Frost and The Bill I think, the police force must be short staffed.

  70. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    One game but you can see Monreal a footballer

    I love that shot he took with his right foot that went miles wide

    and they way he clattered Walters twice, even with the bandage on his head.

    I only noticed Monreal give the ball away once, and that would of been down to tiredness near the end of the game

  71. Ramsey's backpass

    i think Jeff pretty much answered you



    you want wenger to determine who our next coach is?seriously
    thats from fry pan into Hell

    you are talking like we should pity the old man,the same man that doesnt win anything but racks close to £7million pa

  72. tom

    Atmosphere is generally pretty good at Emirates but there is a nervous about the place which is understandable but unfortunate but the booing from a small minority is inexcusible, in my opinion especially when directed at individual players.
    I’m ok with booing the whole team at the final whistle in the exceptional case where the team have embarrassed the badge but not just for losing. Support remains excellent at away games as I can hear on the telly.

  73. GoonerHart


    sorry i’m currently abroad and its 7:10 here and ive been awake for almost 24 hours and i must admit grammar is not my strongest point when i am tired.

    and we have both agreed we didn’t mention 100m on a player but in a previous post i feel like you made an inference that i said about 100m on one player.

    it is also wide knowledge that we had chances to land both Ibra and Ronaldo. but its also wide knowledge the reason we didnt get them was because ibra wouldn’t do a trial (which realistically wasn’t an outlandish request for him to do) and united have a strong link with sporting.

    its hard to say whether we would be first for definite but sure we would definitely been up there or at least won the CC and i will admit i was hoping to see them all playing together Giroud included.

    But i feel like there was other happenings behind closed doors that we are not aware of perhaps, and also you say it shows a lack of trust on wengers part but i disagree i feel like it shows more trust and that he thought they could battle through anyway.

    just out of interest where do you stand on the people that are choosing not to attend matches and want us to lose out on the CL?

  74. S Asoa

    Arsene Wonkie living dangerously on luck . With his psychotic hate for Arsenal he might be enjoying the high of dangling the club to obliteration and pulling a rabit at last moment but the antics of Le Maniac is a threat to heart and health to AFC fans ( with exceptions of AKB masochists)

  75. Ganesh

    Of late, defenders look good for their first few games for Arsenal. Then they get to know how it really works at Arsenal and start to make shoddy errors.

  76. Eboue's Korean lesson

    Poor old Untold Arsenal, victim of ‘severe and prolonged attack’. Don’t ever let that happen to you Le Grove :D. Them and Tony Atwoods lot can GET STUFFED.

    The scoreline yesterday doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad we beat those them. Cannot stand that team of brutal, thuggish skinheads. They’ll all have gum shields soon…unless they ditch the rugby and start playing football?

  77. GoonerHart

    ramseys backpass you mean this comment?

    I would say that those who align themselves with Wenger have and irrational fear of having a different manager. It’s like the wife who’s regularly battered by her husband but says nothing and makes up endless excuses and lies to hide the marks. You have to ask why? That’s easy; she doesn’t think there will ever be anyone better. It is a terrible affliction and a neurosis.

    it doesn’t really say why you think it will make it better if another coach comes in it just implies all “AKB’s” are afraid of change and we’re not. another coach could come in and be an absolute nightmare for example dalglish and liverpool in his latest spell do you really wanna buy a squad full of henderson and downings?

    and jeff i may be wrong but i dont recall him ever saying that and if he did i would be surprised like i was when he said 4th was a trophy. of course i don’t want to just finish fourth but i don’t believe changing managers will magically make us title contenders overnight or force the board to cough up the money

  78. Scott

    Goonerhart how the fuck can you compare us coming fourth to QPR avoiding relegation. They are a small club and survival is their aim. Never will be anything less.
    arsenal on the other hand have always been a big club competing for titles etc throughout our whole history.
    I suggest you read up on some.

  79. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 12:16:14

    Yeah well there you go then; You base your view on your feelings, as is easily influenced by the AFC propaganda apparatus. I base mine on 15 years of observations and seeking out actual facts with regards to our actual position in the market.

    Do I like the idea of Arsenal failing? NO! But do I see our failure to qualify for CL play as a necessary evil that might instigate real change. Keyword “Might”.
    And after a decade I’ll take that “might” over Wengers “next year”.

  80. GoonerDave

    Dead pleased with yesterdays result, and delighted with how we stood up to Stokes tactics. We got a lucky goal, but we more than deserved it.
    As for the AKB row, I must say that I have never met a single Arsenal fan who thinks Wenger is infallible. Its an invention, a way of pigeon-holing fans.
    I assume there are no fans who think he can do nothing right either? Because that would be just as ridiculous.
    I just wish we could get back to supporting the team. This in-fighting among the fans is counter productive, and it may lead to a permanent divide in the fanbase even after Wenger does leave. Everybody wants whats best for Arsenal, so why not just accept that different people have different opinions? Nothing we discuss will change anything at the club, so whats the point?
    Arsenal FC stands a much better chance of success with all the fans united and roaring on the team.

  81. tom

    This a very attacking league and everyone is conceding buckets. United have conceded more than AFC so far.
    We have been making schoolboy errors, seemingly due to nerves, but I think the players can do the job and Bould and Wenger will do their best to help them sort it out.
    Monreal ought to help with his experience and technique.

  82. gambon

    Man Utd are lucky Goonerhart doesnt support them, or advise Fergie.

    He would be on their forums telling all the fans they have no right to win the PL and after last season would have told them they should accept second and third place.

  83. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 12:22:59

    “another coach could come in and be an absolute nightmare for example dalglish and liverpool in his latest spell do you really wanna buy a squad full of henderson and downings?”

    PS. THIS was exactly what he was reffering to, and I’d rahter have henderson than Denilson any day of the week.

  84. tom

    MonkeyjeffreyFebruary 3, 2013 12:25:12

    …I could nearly contain the excitement when he sold rvp to the mancs

    RVP wanted out, we’ll take the money. Move on.
    We’re scoring more goals without him and United are now a one man team, I’m told.

  85. GoonerHart

    Scott i can easily because i’m obviously not comparing the quality but where we are in our history at the moment. at the moment QPR are aiming to avoid relegation and that is perhaps the most sensible aim for the squad and position they are in at the moment, and logically with the squad we have it is logical that we aim realistically for 3-4th as we don’t have the squad for 1st or 2nd so i feel it is not realistic to compare ourselves with City and united for THIS season but things COULD change next season like it should for QPR if they manage to stay up. it was also an example showing just because you spend money doesn’t guarantee success…

  86. Ric

    GoonerDaveFebruary 3, 2013 12:26:15

    I have said it countless times already; we will never unite until Wenger leaves.

    In reality it is even in the AKB’s best interest (assuming AFC is more important than AW) to join us in wanting him out, because we won’t change. Wenger lost us ages ago, he had ample opportunity to win us back but now that ship has sailed.

  87. Gunnershabz

    Still can’t believe we didn’t go for moussa sissoko

    Just seen him play what a player but I guess we still got diaby

  88. gambon

    Thought from the little i saw Monorail looked much more intelligent than Gibbs.

    But yesterday was about the players wenger has missed out on or deemed not good enough for AFC

    Fellaini was outstanding, Mata was outstanding, Benteke looked immense, Sissoko amazing, Begovic has been the PLs best keeper and will improve UTD massively.

    While we will carry on signing good, not top class players and carry on declining.

  89. Scott

    You’ve probably been saying that for the past 8 seasons like the deluded Wenger. ” this is my best squad ever”

  90. Jeff


    His exact comment was about finishing second for the next 20 years, not fourth, but it amounts to the same thing:

    “As long as you are second in the league, I am ready to sign for the next 20 years and stand up for that.”

    Here is the source:

  91. Monkeyjeffrey

    Goner Dave
    Nothing we discuss will change anything at the club, so whats the point?
    So you think we may as well not bother commenting on here then ?

    Shut it down

    Not a bad idea save me a lot of time reading comments

  92. tom

    I think we do have the squad to compete for the very top, at least domestically. We’ve lost too much ground this season but I’m optimistic about next.

  93. Ric

    GoonerHartFebruary 3, 2013 12:30:10

    Again as has been said to the tiresome; Wenger will always leave us with the bare minimum we need to compete, as long as he is in charge we will never have a team that can realistically compete for 1st or 2nd.

  94. tom

    RicFebruary 3, 2013 12:32:47
    In reality it is even in the AKB’s best interest (assuming AFC is more important than AW) to join us in wanting him out, because we won’t change.

    What a joke, you lot are a SMALL minority. You are whistling in the wind…

  95. SurferX

    Afternoon Munglers.

    I guess Im a lone voice on here- certainly the mood seems to be that things are worse than they have ever been under Wenger. I disagree. The nadir was reached 2/3 seasons ago when we had a team full of truely medicore / awful players. Clichy, AA, Denilson, Bendtner, Song, Almuina, Flappy, Eboue, Squid were some. Not all bad players (latter excluded)- but all lightweight in terms of quality, character and fight.

    The past two seasons has seem them all gone or sidelined to the reserves. In their place have come a much better quality of player- Mertesacker, Arteta, Oxo, Santi, Firoud, Podolski. Theres still been the dross ‘What were you thinking’ signings (Santos, Park)- but AW (and arguably every manager) has always had his fair share of those down the years.

    The thing that has held us back is the loss of a talisman each year. First Cesc- then RVP. Thats hurt because we have lost a leader at the same time as having to integrate new players- which has made the first half of each year shakey to say the least. We cant afford to do that again next season- but equally, Im not sure we are as reliant on any one individual now as much as we were.

    AW needs to sort out the defence- plain and simple. We’ll win nowt until he gets a DC that can lead and a GK that isnt prone to mistakes. He needs more options from the bench in attack- we should have someone that can come and impact- rather than hoping for the 1st teamers to do all all the time. He also needs to finish the job of shipping out the dross- its taken too long and is clogging our wage bill. But: this is no longer a team of kids and lightweights- its better now than it was. Its just taking too long to get to where it needs to be.


  96. gambon

    “We’re scoring more goals without him and United are now a one man team, I’m told.”

    We are 6th in the league, behind teams that we destroy in terms of finances.

    We have failed to score in 6 PL games this season.

    UTD are 10 points clear in the PL, having been second best last year. They are the PLs top scorers, and RVP is 4 months from being 2 x player of the year.

    Your post is re,tarded.

  97. Keyser

    We had a team with Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie, were in all four competitions and 2nd in the league when he made that comment.

  98. Monkeyjeffrey

    I think goonerhart and Norwegian gunner are paid by the club to comment on here . I mean why would you come on legrove and argue the Akb side ?
    No ones gonna change there mind there just gonna get abused

    So to do that you must get paid. What I would like to know is it by the word or comment. Where do I apply ?

  99. gambon

    “I think we do have the squad to compete for the very top, at least domestically. We’ve lost too much ground this season but I’m optimistic about next.”

    Definition of insanity right there.

  100. Guns of brixton

    malaga sounds pretty pissed and upset with losing monreal, spoke quite highly of him too. the lads got a future here at the emirates

  101. Ric

    tomFebruary 3, 2013 12:37:38

    If we are so inconsequential… Why are you wasting you time trying to convince us of your point of view?

  102. andy1886

    The argument over signings is kinda irrelevent anyway. We have decent players, just a coach who doesn’t do tactics, and sticks to the same tired old plan week in week out. He can’t motivate either, and once we get in a rut we’re stuck there for weeks or months. Contrast a Fergie team coming off a bad result with a Wenger one. Chalk and cheese.

    A great manager creates a team that are greater than the sum of their parts. If you look at the playing staff we have at least as good players if not better (Henderson < Wilshere, in fact our mf is far far superior). United are our yardstick, we used to compete with them, but while Fergie continues to achieve I'm afraid AW has had his day.

  103. gambon

    “No offense Tom but people like you will always look forward to next season.”


    Its like keyser, always saying he will start his diet tomorrow, but always puts it off cos he wants a dominos.

  104. GoonerHart

    Yeah well there you go then; You base your view on your feelings, as is easily influenced by the AFC propaganda apparatus. I base mine on 15 years of observations and seeking out actual facts with regards to our actual position in the market. Do I like the idea of Arsenal failing? NO! But do I see our failure to qualify for CL play as a necessary evil that might instigate real change. Keyword “Might”.
    And after a decade I’ll take that “might” over Wengers “next year”. I never said mine was based solely on feelings and if i did then i apologise.

    Ric so your saying your views have no emotion in them what so ever?

    and you say based on our actual place in the market. for a lot of the players people mention we are not an attractive option in consideration to other teams that want them honestly.

    and exactly ric it is a might but by the way a lot of people talk its as if they take that might as a certainty as if when wenger goes all our problem’s will disappear they might not. and you don’t know wenger might spend next year or he might not spend too much and he still might be competitive, the whole future is full of mights and yes if wenger leaves we might be in a better position but then again we might not who’s to know ( and i’m sorry i feel like that has bad grammar all the way through)

    concerning the CL its my opinion that the board will not sack wenger still, and that would put us as an even less attractive position in the market and as you have seen with liverpool its hard to get back in the CL after dropping out.

    and gambon no i wouldn’t because their recent history says they are still a team fighting for titles and trophies our’s for recent history has been 3-4th thats why i say its realistic to aim for that again because we haven’t made any real improvement’s.

    and ric when you mention denilson he had a good season or so with us, and he has been loaned out after his performance went downhill, henderson plays regularly for Liverpool so it’s not like for like.

  105. Ric

    MonkeyjeffreyFebruary 3, 2013 12:39:49

    Ha ha yeah, I must say a large cheque is one of the few things that may soothe some of my more extreme oppinions on misser Wenger.

  106. The Poldi Prince

    I really like monreal. Couple mistakes but none defensively. His positioning is first class.

    Really see a future for him at lb and Gibbs at lw/lm. That was a bit better from ox, but currently I’d prefer Gibbs there..if he was fit.

    Also think it was a great performance all bar our finishing. They had no chances. We had at least 5 gettable chances.

    Love santi but his shooting has been atrocious this season. That’ll come though. Reckon he will be a 15goal + player for us for a number of years. Has easily missed 5-10 sitters this year.

    Theo really is showing he loves the club, and the fans are reciprocating. Has improved out of sight. Not many wingers in England as important to their team or with stats as good as his. Looking good for that contract. Good on him.