Nacho to dip into first team? | Capoue should have been first minute | Stoke come to town!

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Are you Gary Neville in disguise?

Goooooood morning! Today is a good day. I don’t know why, I just feel like it’s a good day. The sun is shining, the weather is sweat yeah, make me wanna… sorry, getting carried away. The sun is shining, Stoke are coming to town and we’ve all got a new Spanish international to pur over. I’ve not seen much of Nacho Monreal, but from people who proclaim to be in the know, he’s the second best left back in the Spanish league. That’s a pretty big reputation and kind of says to me that Arsene Wenger may have actually assessed the fitness of Kieran Gibbs long term and made a positive move.

I don’t want to dig too deeply into deadline day, but Graham Hunter said the move was originally planned for the summer and it was pulled forward. He was a panic buy whatever way you look at it, because to my mind, he should have been in January 1st, in fact, he should have been in last summer when it was plain to see that 1) Gibbs is injury prone in a big way 2) Andre Santos is nowhere near the level you need to be. I just wish Wenger had taken the same attitude to giving the keeper, Diaby and Giroud competition this month.

People are saying Wenger will make his purchases this summer, please, what Arsene Wenger have you been watching for the last 8 years? We need players now. Reaching 4th is entirely feasible, but we’ve made it hard on ourselves. Missing out is unthinkable, even if we can make up the deficit with property and TV money. All we’ve done at left back is cured a problem we didn’t really have. The Gibbs replacement was a reaction rather than a proactive move. It’s a panic buy, but in a good way. In the same way Arteta was a panic buy.

If Monreal comes in and plays well, he’s not lifting us to new levels… because Gibbs has been good this year. We still have all the issues we had pre window.

It’s amazing how many excuses were fed my way after yesterdays post…

  • Are you sure the manager has money?
  • Wenger is right, we don’t want substandard players?
  • Clubs don’t want to sell their best players at this time of year…
  • The players weren’t available
  • The squad is actually really good!

A pal of mine who I go to the games with pointed me in the direction of the Occam Razor principle (yep, I’ve turned into that w*nker who talks about philosophers).

‘It states that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.’

Basically, the theory states that usually the simplest answer is the most obvious. We can all dance around conspiracy theories of a lack of money, we can imagine that players weren’t available, we can hope the Dick Law really is that terrible at negotiations and we can try and ignore that huge sum of uncommitted cash (£70m)…  but after 8 years of seeing the same thing happen over and over again… isn’t the simplest conclusion that Arsene Wenger is the issue here?

We can all the see the weaknesses. When one freshly exposed mega weakness looked too much, what did we do? We went out and treated the transfer market like Tesco’s and we purchased some Hovis Finest farm baked bread. What did that prove? That when Arsene Wenger has the desire to solve a problem, he can do it in a day. Exactly the same happened after we were smashed by United a few seasons back. We went out and bought 5 players in a week. Sure, two of them were Santos and Park Chu Young… but let’s not pretend most managers would go down that route. If you want good players they’re about. Debuchy and Mbiwa were available. Lopez, Ba, Soldado, Anelka, Drogba and Llorente were options up front. Fellaini, Biglia and Diame were available in midfield.

A last ditch attempt for Etienne Capoue? Why wasn’t he a first minute attempt?

Anyway, there were plenty of options available for a club with the largest organic cash reserves in the league (maybe even Europe).

Desire to make moves happen is all that was missing…

Anyway. I am done with this conversation.

Onto the game today. Loads to talk about. Monreal trained with the boys, so he should start. He’s match fit and apparently he bagged an assist and a goal in his last game. What a baptista of fire eh (like my religious pun?)? Stoke in your first game! Still, you don’t get too much grief out on the left. I just hope he’s a bit of a leader. I like the potential of what Gibbs can offer, but he’s prone to lapses in concentration.

Other returning parties are Koscielny. He’s looking to play his first match of the year without scoring an own goal or getting sent off. Good luck to that man. The major weakness to his game has always been dealing with high balls into the box. His positional sense has been terrible this year, but a good time to improve that would be the first game after transfer deadline day. Why? No reason. You just say stuff like that when you’re setting targets to players who aren’t reading your blog. It would be great to see him return to the player he was last year. The one that was linked to Barcelona.

Hey, Alex Song, how you getting on by the way?

A major addition to the side will be Arteta. Ramsey played ok in the holding role for the three games he was given, but Arteta with his toughness is probably more suited to a Stoke game. He’s been sorely missed for his leadership and strength. A good time to return… Up top, I’d imagine it’ll be more of the same. Lukas, Theo and Giroud. The Frenchman, despite scoring a goal in the last game needs more today. He needs to get sharper in front of goal. He’s not a million miles off and he’s up to the physical side of the game… he just needs to be more clinical. He’s getting into the positions though… which is great.

Theo Walcott needs to pick up where he left off. He’s looking value for that contract. I’ve been hugely impressed with him lately. He’s taking the game to teams, he looks sharp and he’s using his pace efficienlty. It would have been easy for him to let his foot off the gas like Adebayor did… but he’s proving to be a hard worker and an asset to the team wherever he plays.

The midfield will have to click into gear nice and early and we need Jack Wilshere at his terrier like best. We need to put a foot in and show Stoke we’re here to play and fight. I’m also looking forward to seeing what Cazorla can bring to the table.

I think it’ll be a great game today, I hope the new boy gets a good welcome and a snack based song to his name. I can’t be up there today, for all those that are, have a good one and tear the roof off the place with super positive noise. If you’ve got a banner today, know that Arsenal rolled out extra stewards at the last game to take care of protests like that!

Happy Saturday, see you in the morning for a bowl full of delicious match review.



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  1. Paulinho

    Yeah Sissoko is miles better than that drip Diaby, like the vast majority of footballers are.

    Diaby should stop moonlighting as a footballer and get back to the Lighthouse Family for a reunion tour.

  2. Kleinfeld

    Lordbergkamp February 2, 2013 22:40:00

    Kleinfeld – how many league victories have we got over Chelsea this year?


    What has that got to do with Newcastle being ‘frightening’ ?

  3. Alex James

    Lord Bergkamp 60 years for me. I agree your every word. We complain because we care. Our club is akin to a third world country. A lot of money is being made but where is it going?

  4. Goner Joe

    Lord Bergkamp
    What difference does it make how much Wenger earns if he’s not doing his job right he should be sacked right. You think that he should be winning trophies and so do I but your type would be happy to bankrupt the club to do this. When you buy a new house you have cut back on your other spending or will end up have your house repossessed. If you don’t know watt my meaning is you can not build a new stadium and expect things to be the same. I am sure that the god that was Bergkamp love to know a dick head like you is using he’s name as nom-de-plume.

  5. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I wish all the AKBs would fuck off and read A Cuntered Left Foot.
    1 win over fucking Stoke doesn’t make things rosy again..
    Wenger is a tight-arse prick that only worries about his end of year bonus based on the money he doesn’t spend. I don’t give a fuck where the money comes from, just bring in some world class talent like the olden days. Oh, and fuck Wenger off while we’re at it….

  6. Lordbergkamp

    Kleinfeld, simple.

    Our “amazing” squad lost twice. Their – according to you – mid table squad beat them today.

    How would you describe that difference?

  7. Lordbergkamp

    Goner Joe – problems spelling Gooner?

    Anyway, you are an idiot. Lets do this in caps to get through : THE CLUB HAS £170 M I L L I O N POUNDS IN THE BANK.

    So how would spending, say £100m of that bankrupt the club?

    To use your analogy – it’s like having a £200k mortgage with £200k in the bank and letting your kids eat tinned baked beans every day – A FALSE ECONOMY.


  8. Inter YourGran

    Just watching us back again. We were good today and the game felt good. The crowd at the stadium came in like a baying mob and the emirates stadium felt more like a roman ampitheatre. … Waiting…. For it to go wrong.. The team really did play well and got the crowd right into it as the game wore on… We shouldn’t have to get up for supporting our boys at home, especially against Stoke… It was hard to take in parts today..

    Results could go our way this weekend if the spuds drop points tomorrow. Happy days

    Hmmm, Although I agree on the hoarding of cash sentiment,the windows closed and whining about is tired, if anything. It really does concern me how much o the fan base have become overtly concerned with finances and transfer fees. But, I suppose the monetary, media & worldwide spectacle football has become creates products of their environments’

    What happened to supporting the players that wear the shirt and celebrating a good win by the team you support?

    Some arsenal ‘supporters’ need to pull their fingers out. If you want to see the end of Wenger’s tenure (I’m of the opinion Wenger’s time as a competitive, title winning, top level coach in today’s game is over and we need to push on and freshen up the set up) and you want the board to spend some money or change, do something about it with the like minded arsenal supporters to bring about constructive change. Infighting and divisions between fans is fucking moronic. The whole joy of supporting my club is being taken away from me.

    Having to read incoherent ramblings signed off by ‘wenger’s a cunt’, ;wenger out’ etc. and having your own supporters hope the arsenal lose (so they can justify their own selfish stance on wanting the manager gone) is quite sad in all honesty.

  9. Goner Joe

    Aussie Dave
    Who brought in those world class talents? And as I have said before because you write it does not make it a fact. Why should I Fu*k off this site I get to read so many luminaries on how to fix Arsenal and how our manager is shit

  10. Kleinfeld

    Lord Bergkamp – are you a fucking idiot? Shit teams beat better teams all the time. It’s your league position that shows the level of your team. Newcastle will be lucky to finish in the top half of the table. Chelsea will finish in the top 3 probably. Frightening stuff eh? Fucking hell.

  11. Lordbergkamp

    Inter – you toothless, mild form of revolution is a bit tepid.

    How will we get change when a lot of people are like you, apathetic?

    People are going a bit crazy because things are getting worse every year, and people are getting crazier every year as things get worse. I was with Wenger until about 3 years ago.

    My mild irritation has turned to annoyance, then anger and incredulity and now raging, fuming hatred.

    I don’t think I am alone.

  12. Gambons mum

    Lady parts is better but why call names at all? Why not have a civil debate?

    My boys writing a book, its called “1001 reasons why Arsene Wenger is a c*** and why anyone who doesn’t agree with those reasons isn’t a fan with a differing opinion, they are also a c***, by gambon”

    Maybe you could collaborate with him…

  13. Goner Joe

    No that’s how I wanted it.
    Just a point I am not sure but I think there’s 15 years left on the or mortgage and were not allowed to pay it off due the contract we signed. Also I don’t think we are eating beans every night. we have started spending money on players. You should be nice to me I may have the only lady parts you’ll get near tonight.

  14. Norwegian Gooner


    So you asumed my post was directed to you. Why is that? Don’t you feel like a real fan any more?

    My grammar is might like a twelve year old or even worse, but I’m 35 and understand English perfectly well.

    I will politly answer your qestions. The only thing I’m affraid of is beeng draged down to your level and that you will beat me with experience.

    1. We need money to pay wages and we need to save them up to compete financially.

    2. If we won the league in this period while we have been rebuilding the club would actually be a big supprise. 4th place is much more important than winning a domestic cup. We need to attract players close to top quality and because of that CL is very important. We also need CL to earn more money. There would be no £170 mil without it. (I don’t know if that number is right, but you threw it out)

    3. Just because you have money avliable doesn’t mean you should throw them around in an inflated market, witch is about to turn now. It is better to let them grow and become a financial super power that we are about to become under FFP. Qestions to you: Is this the first time you demand the club to use money or do you do it every transferwindow? Then there would be no £170m

    4. The manager doesn’t neceserily lie, but he can’t allways tell the whole truth. He doesn’t only comunicate to the fans but also competing clubs, our own players, potential player etc. Because of that he needs to weigh all his words. You can say lot about Wenger, but he is an expert talking to the media.

    5. Agreed. He get it wrong with some players and sometimes plays them in wrong positions. Every manager does that, but Wenger used to be irritatingly overpatient with some players and his own ideas. That seem to have changed recently.

    6. I’m concerned about our defence to. It’s clearly a conseqence of our offensive style under Wenger that has to be solved. I’m not worried about Scezney.

    7. I must admit I don’t follow the youth mathces, but I think Wengers youth project after the invicibles was a little bit to amitious. He should have kept more players above 30 and more gradually changed them. A team needs to mix experience with youth. It looks like he has changed that policy now.

    8. Its not like we have put them on the transferlist, is it? But the club also need the money, so they have to make some choices. £25m + vages for RvP that rather wants to be some place else, for one season. I wanted them to say FckU ManU, but I understand the choice. For me RvP is the wanker. Wenger took him when nobody wanted him and made him into a world class striker. Playing him out of possition.

    BTW. Calling people names kind of shows you are short of good arguments..

  15. Lordbergkamp

    Goner – aptly named then.

    But could you at least give your opinion of £170m in the bank and not spending it?

  16. Kleinfeld

    I didn’t call you a fucking idiot, I asked you if you were a fucking idiot. You decide if it was a rhetorical question.

  17. Lordbergkamp

    Whale Exterminator – you have really bought the PR spin haven’t you?

    Great excuses you provide, but that’s what they are, excuses for why we have not won anything for 8 years. Excuses for failure, which is what it is.

    Let me ask you this, would fergie be like this? Guardiola? Mourinho?

    No, they are ruthlessly focussed on success.

    W are not.

  18. Tomtom

    Double entry accounting at midnight on a Saturday is also a cunt. Wenger should make a bid for Begovic,we really need an experienced keeper to bring some authority into our defence.

  19. roaaary

    Some of the conversations on here are ridiculous. While some are childish, others try to use long words to make them seem educated.

    Fact of the matter is some of you akbs are cunts.

    We played well today but generally speaking we have been dreadful this season. Too light in many areas and no tactics defensively.

    Anyone who thinks wenger aint solely to blame is a silly gook face

  20. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Goner, such an apt name.
    If you are happy for our great club to be seen as being inferior to the “big” clubs of world football, well that’s up to you. I want to see this club back to where it belongs, a powerhouse in football. Unfortunately, we cannot be where we need to be under Wenger’s reign. We need to move on and that means rebuilding from the top down with a truly world class manager. Wenger’s time is well and truly up.

  21. Tomtom

    Wenger is just a pathetic bottom feeder that has destroyed his legacy at the club in exchange for a nice big annual pay cheque.

  22. Inter YourGran

    lordbergkamp – I’m not apathetic. I Just support Arsenal and it’s only an opinion given my observations of the current situation. Those who in the main I agree with (wanting Arsene gone) have yet to form or present me any reasoning or plan of action I want to put my name to or get behind. I just hear and see nothing but whiney foul mouthed bullshit.

    The point is, you see my stance as being apathetic because what we consider support of our club differs, nothing more.

  23. Goner Joe

    Can’t say that your name describes you
    170m where did you get that amount.
    Just to go back to the mortgage I keep some money in my savings to help if i lose my job or get sick.
    Don’t get me wrong I was sick to see RVP leave and if spending some of the money would have kept him I would. I want to see new players as much as the next guy with lady parts but the difference is I am not willing to turn on Wenger and the club I have supported for 45 years.

  24. Tomtom

    Wenger is a sadist in my opinion,he takes great pleasure in inflicting pain on any arsenal fan that hopes for success on the field.

  25. Norwegian Gooner

    If you’re asking me Lord, I would only use them on top class players for the right price (aka competing with bottomless wallets) or let them grow. I think Wengers deals post deadline day summer 2011 has been in that category:

    Podolski. Love the guy. Great attitude. Shoots like Koeman.
    Cazorla. Cesc is replaced.
    Giroud. Top class. The type of player we have missed under Wenger.
    Walcott. Starting to deliver. We managed to keep him.
    Wilshere and the rest of the English players. Tied down long term. Excellent
    Nacho. Spains seccond best left back? Little early, but looks like a good buy.

    All I want is for people to have a little more patience with the direction we are going in. I have been frustrated about the manager and the club and the players too, for many years. But it is so much more clear now. We are going to come out on top of this, much stronger than most of us could have dreamt of. Gazidis are not joking when he says we will be among the 5 biggest clubs in the world within a period of one to three years.

  26. Goner Joe

    Aussie gonner Dave I see your been reading lord’s post no idea’s of your own then just a point the only time Arsenal was the top club in the world was back in the 1930’s. Wenger has given fans that didn’t live in the 1930’s the best times we have every had I am willing to believe he can still win things for Arsenal.

  27. Charlesdegaulle

    Norwegien Gunner,you are on the wrong forum mate,you are 100% speaking sense.Half of these guys are from the wrong side of the 7 sisters tracks,still makes fun time looney reading.

  28. northerngooner

    up to 2005 we had the right squad mix.
    2k6 to 2k8 we were 2 or players off the pace but because of the stadium move u can think fair enough money is tight.
    2k9 to 2k11 we were 3 to 4 players off the pace but were now losing our better players.
    2k11 to present day we have finally sold our 1 true world class player “to the fucking mancs” and are now 5 or 6 players short.
    with between 130-170 million in the bank and us fan’s paying the highest prices in europe to watch average its plain to see why wenger needs to go.
    if any akb cant see that then you definitely have more money than sense.

  29. Joppa Road

    What is going on with this EPL table on the BBC website. Do they know things we don’t?

    1 Man Utd 26 30 65
    No movement2 Man City 24 26 52
    No movement3 Chelsea 26 23 46
    Moving up4 Arsenal 26 21 44
    No movement5 Everton 26 10 43
    Moving down6 Tottenham 24 12 42
    No movement7 Liverpool 24 12 35
    No movement8 Swansea 26 5 34
    No movement9 West Brom 24 0 34
    Moving up10 West Ham 26 -7 33
    Moving down11 Stoke 26 -7 30
    Moving up12 Newcastle 26 -10 30
    Moving down13 Sunderland 26 -6 29
    Moving down14 Fulham 26 -7 28
    Moving down15 Norwich 25 -15 28
    Moving up16 Reading 26 -13 26
    Moving down17 Southampton 26 -11 25
    No movement18 Wigan 26 -18 22
    No movement19 Aston Villa 26 -26 22
    No movement20 QPR 25 -19 17

  30. Norwegian Gooner


    What would that PR-spin you talk about be good for?
    You call the answer excuses. How would you completly rebuild a club within the clubs own resources?

    Mourinho would never take the job to rebuild a club. He likes to have extreeme amounts of resources avliable.

    SirAlex is one of a kind. He would have made it and probably won some titles along the way. There is just something about him.

    Guardiola will come to us after Bayern Munich. I ‘m not so sure he would have managed the rebuild either.

  31. Lordbergkamp

    Goner – yep you are a true crusader…

    I think you’re right, lets keep going as we are, as things will get better next year..

    I mean Einstein was wrong when he said: insanity is doing he same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    So next year will be different, right?

  32. Goner Joe

    Just a point I hated to see RVP leave this season up until 18 months or so a go no one in their right mind would have given RVP a long term contract by the time he came good it was to late and we all know what happened.
    We lost back to he’s home town club.
    And nasri was a cunt and went for the oil money. A lot of the players that left us in the time frame we didn’t miss them.

  33. Lordbergkamp

    Whale killer – hahahahahah!

    In your mind when will pep join us?

    And you’re saying – just so I get this right – none of the best managers in the world would be no good for us coz they can’t rebuild a team?!

    So, by your logic we keep Wenger coz he has proven over the last 8 years he can rebuild a club to win anything?

    I see your clear, undeniable logic.

    Have you been smoking dried whale blubber???!!!

  34. Norwegian Gooner


    I think those ticketprices will be balanced when our comercial deals are renegotiated. They are pretty high at the moment, but it is necessary for the club to generate enough income. But don’t use that as an excuse every time you argue. It is getting old. If you go to a movie you pay the same price if the movie is good or bad and no one is forcing you to go.

  35. northerngooner

    Goner Joe

    how can you say we didnt miss them.
    since these unmissables left we havent won anything and replaced them with inferior players.
    in fact if you can name me one player in one position we have improved in since 2007 I will be shocked. I can only think of sagna being better than eboue.

  36. Norwegian Gooner

    Why don’t you answer my qestions instead?
    Guardiola comming in after BM is of course just a tougth, but You understood that didn’t you?
    No I didn’t say no manager would make it.
    Why dont you name a manager that have rebuild a team on this level with limited resources.

    … and stop trying to drag me down to your level. I know you will beat me with experience.

  37. Goner Joe

    I will take the current insanity to the insanity that was in place before Wenger arrived. Not every thing Einstein said was right even genus gets it wrong some times.

  38. northerngooner

    norwegian gooner.
    are u serious? ????????
    I pay the money because I support arsenal. I could go and get a season ticket for both Manchester clubs for the same price as an arsenal season ticket and watch them win trophies.
    and how will it balance out?
    also your analogy of comparing arsenal to a movie is way off. its an old argument because the club are ripping the fans off and the board dont give a fuck.

  39. Lordbergkamp

    Whale hunter

    What are your questions!!

    Good managers: Juergen klopp, David moyse, Michael Laudrup, Brendan rogers, to name 4 off top of my head.

    With research, hint hint arsenal board, you may find another 3 or 4 candidates.

    And they would have over £100m to work with. Hardly rebuilding on a shoestring…

    Please come at me with some facts, not just blind faith…

    You are looking silly…

  40. Lordbergkamp

    Goner – George graham won things. I was there.

    We had Bruce Ricoh (who signed the legend that is Bergkamp!) there wasn’t a crisis before Wenger came.

    He came, brought European methods and we won. Unfortunately he has now been overtaken by every other manager in the top flight!

    In fact I believe we are confided old fashioned due to our lack of use of technology.

    We need somebody for this century, not the last!

  41. gunner4evr

    Despite what Wenger says ,I don’t believe him. His style is one of evolution where patience is the key word. He has asked the fans to be patient for 7 years.Make it 8 this year.Take for example the gk position. Many fans and myself believe Arsenal were let down by a third rate gk the last 7 years,In spite of this Wenger has refused to address this position as well as other problem areas.
    The latest is he has spent 120 million less than Pulis. Red faced could have spent 500 billion,sorry,million more but it has been well spent and the club are valued at more than 1 billion euros.
    Think for a moment the value of the Arsenal brand if they had been successful.They may have got 24 million for RVP but if they fail to get the cl place they will deeply regret for not paying the dm what his talents deserve.Believe it wouldn’t surprise me if he get his hands on the treble and we will all have to blame Ivana and Wenger.

  42. gnarleygeorge9

    Monreal looked lively, but appeared prone to the odd mistake at the end. But then again 90 minutes thrown in to the deep end 1st up amongst blokes he’s just met, he could be the goods. Could force Kieren to take his game up a notch, & force Santos out.

    As for Stoke, the call “1-0 to the football team” pretty much summed it up. That went down a treat 🙂

  43. Goner Joe

    You are right but that happened for a reason we had to find money to build the stadium but I thick things are changing and that some of the players in the current team would be able to play in the 2002-2005 team.

  44. Lordbergkamp


    Which current player would have got into ANY team 2002 to 2004? 2005 is of course different as any fan will know….

  45. Goner Joe

    I was their for the gap from 71-89
    We we where not in great shape graham was sacked for money reasons and Ricoh was falling out with players and we nearly lost Ian Wright because of him.

  46. Goner Joe

    Ok that might be little over the top but I still think there’s a lot of talent in some of the players in and around the team. Just a point Diaby if he could stay fit I know I know but hay the talent is there.

  47. Norwegian Gooner

    Oh Lord…

    I was wondering what that PR-spin you think I have been listening to would be good for and how you suggest to rebuild a club with very limited resources.
    You didn’t answer that.

    While they are good managers, None of those have actually done anything close to the project Arsenal have going on.

    Moyes – twelve years, no trophies. Why don’t the fans not ask for his head, are they all loosers?

    Rogers – Trying to rebuild Liverpool right now. When I started following English football in the 80’s they where above us. Wanna bet who’s on top in five or ten years? I think you will get great odds if you choose Liverpool.

    Laudrup – Would you have mentioned his name a year ago?

    Klopp – He has been sucsessfull with Burussia Doetmundt.

    The manager that succeed Wenger will not have to rebuild the whole club one more time, but that was sort of the question. You cant leave that out when you judge him for the last years. That would be the normal arguing based on half truth like I innitially talked about.

  48. Lordbergkamp


    Gibbs for Lauren, Cole , luzhny, Clichy?
    Wilshire for Viera, Pires, ljungberg, parlour, silva, edu, flaming, cesc
    Walcott & podolski for Reyes, Bergkamp, wiltord, Henry, kanu

    Where would you say theft are better?

  49. Lordbergkamp


    How are our resources Limited? Are you thick?

    WE HAVE £170m IN CASH. How is that limited resources?

    Please please explain?

    And why does the next manager need to completely rebuild? Coz the the current manager has destroyed the club! So it needs rebuilding!

    Fuck you’re stupid. Really stupid.

  50. Goner Joe

    You did not consider other players from the current team and Cesc would of been part the post 2005 teams.
    Now it’s been interesting but as you worked out I am in my 50’s I am off to bed.
    Give up the name calling were all Arsenal fans well most of us some times I think there are some 5 columnists from down the road.

  51. Norwegian Gooner


    No i am not, you are just short of arguments, and you know it. You choose to ignore the facts that don’t suit your own thougts, regardless of how big and iportant they are. You choose not to answer, when I ask you to explain your statements.

    How do you think we got all that money availiable now?

    How on earth can you in the same sentence actually say that Wenger has destroyed the club?

    And I am the stupid one?

    Take a look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

  52. Thomas

    @ Goner Joe

    Pointless trying to explain why Wenger is such an cunt to you seeings as you’re just another clueless AKB idiot.

  53. gambon


    You understand English tes?

    Heres the problem…

    Youre a Paedo,phile, just like your hero Wenger.

    I bet you grab the kids on his behalf….you fucking sick cunt.

  54. Monkeyjeffrey

    Nw …. I visited this blog several times today and every time I see you posting and arguing with the other posters …….why? I really think your on the wrong blog mate . Your not going to change anybody’s opinion on here . You seem reasonably intelligent so be a love and go somewhere else where you will be appreciated and stop winding everyone up

  55. Goner Joe

    You really are a peace of work and norwegian gooners English is better than yours. As for the other vile stuff it’s never far from your mind why is that in the old school yard parlance it takes one to know one.
    I’ve read this site for a long time and you are vile fool by the way did you enjoy trip to Dublin last year on the same day that spurs played shamrock rovers in the europa cup. Let insults start cause that’s all your feeble brain will manager

  56. BacaryisGod

    Lord Bergkamp.

    Who said I had faith in Wenger. I have a certain amount of confidence that he can perform some of his managerial duties and less confidence he can do others.

    It’s lunacy to dwell on the negatives when 1) we’re Arsenal fans and so we should be happy that we won, 2) there was plenty of commitment today from the players 3) we saw a promising debut from Monreal, 4) we kept a clean sheet and 5) we beat the neanderthals from Stoke.

    It’s possible to find criticism in anything, but once in a while a fan should also enjoy the good days.

  57. Monkeyjeffrey

    Sun reporting
    DAVID VILLA wants a £14million summer move to Arsenal.
    Arsenal starting early on the sales pitch for season tickets ……….

  58. oz gunner

    @ Goner Joe

    Give it a rest mate. You’re dealing with the unreasonable. So many on this site think they have the inside scoop on the club and know the ins and outs, in truth they know jack shit.
    We won and people are still whinging.

    @ Gambon

    You’re a piece of work, the sooner you piss off and support another team the better!

  59. oz gunner

    @ Goner Joe

    Give it a rest mate. You’re dealing with the unreasonable. So many on this site think they have the inside scoop on the club and know the ins and outs, in truth they know jack shit.
    We won and people are still whinging.

    @ Gambon
    You’re a piece of work, the sooner you piss off and support another team the better!

  60. Goner Joe

    it was in English not that you would know.

    Oz gunner
    I think he does
    One must try to enlighten some of the leading morons on this site you know who I mean.

  61. weedz


    I don`t read this site mush, any-more. After 50 years of being a Gooner, I say this has become the worst fan-site on the net.

    You lot are not Gooners, you`re just grumpy Pomms, with as mush loyalty to my club as Robin Van phucking Persie!!!

  62. oz gunner

    @ Weedz

    Well said

    @ Goner Joe

    You’re made of tougher stuff then me. The one good thing about this site is it keeps a lot of the twits together so the other sites don’t have to suffer

  63. oz gunner

    all those overrating Moussa Sissoko after one game need to get a grip. Any time diaby is fit he can walk straight into the french team. Sissoko on the other hand plays on the bench on the odd game.

    If Spain didn’t have midfielders to burn Arteta would be in that team.

  64. Arshavin

    @ Gone Joe
    @Norwegean Gooner
    You have spammed the comment section to show your allegiance to a man who has turned the club into a litter.I like what Liverpool did when Benitez,after a very successfull stint with scousers,lost his charm–indeed,that plunged the scousers into obscurity from European scene and gave them mid-table tag domestically,but even during this period they won things,however little or more it may appear to wenger the wanker,they won them to reward their supporters’ faith.Though,I hate pool very much,I can safely say that they will be back to top very soon,on what evidence do I say that?Under Brendan,they started far worse than us but they have improved so much as to be within touching distance from us.We should have embarked on the same path by changing our manager a couple of seasons back,in order to rebuild the team and shape our future.Coming back to Wenger,I think people like you need to realise that this matrimony is actually not a matrimony at all,for you don’t get paid in currency to be someone’s spouse.I think Wenger has already damaged whatever reputation he earned during his golden days at arsenal.I fear for him,if he didn’t leave next summer and we started that season just like this one,then he will but take humiliation and curses from supporters.The thing that is wrong with arsenal set up is man worshipping;how come a manager just get by and still remain in his job ,and yet be paid outrageous amounts of money for the shit work he does.The very fact that if we lost to united 8-2 or something like that again this season,this man will still be there to give us his mental strengh bull shet,and that is unforgivable.For someone like you who has supported the club for so long should be outraged at what wenger is doing to us,rather than defend that cunt at the expense of our club.What joy is there in finishing 4th every season some 20 points adrift of the 1st place,if you think,for a club like arsenal,that is a great achivement then you should feck off.

  65. Voetstoots

    Goner Joe, it’s not a losing battle. Norwegian, please keep it up. We need thoughtful opinions like yours to provide balance to the site.

    It is only if/when Pedro’s tone changes to the one-eyed drivel and the foul language that some here spew forth, that i will stop looking at the site. He sets the tone, therefore i believe the two of you (and a number of others – i won’t try and mention more names) have as much of a right to comment here, if not more, than the swearing haters.

    Gambon, you effectively accused me (again) last night of being an Akb who only looks in here and comments when we win, and then all ok, etc. Wrong, mate.

    But i generally don’t comment when we lose, as i am often to devastated at such a time and i don’t need to argue about our weak defense etc. You on the other hand are happy when we lose… Dissent is the highest form of support? Pleeeaaaase. Not if you keep on expressing it in such a one-dimensional and hateful way.

    I agree all is not ok at the club. I agree Wenger is way past sell-by date. I agree the defense is crap. I am also devastated that we sold RvP and even more so every time that he scores for Man U.

    But a good win is a good win and should be acknowledged.

    One more thing, on a personal note. I have supported the club for 25 years. I moved to London 10 years ago and went on waiting list for season ticket 7 years ago. Eventually got it last year (moved relatively quickly up the list in last couple of years because enough people like those in these comments gave up theirs, hallelujah). So when i can, i go to the matches, and i always want them to win. Don’t expect anything else from me or thousands of others like me: it doesn’t make us Akb’s, it just makes us Arsenal fans.

  66. Jeff

    I see a lot of friction in the after-hours debate today.

    It all boils down to a simple question. Do you accept fourth as being the proper ambition for this club? If you do, you will argue till the cows come home that Wenger is a good manager and has done well. If you don’t and therefore think we should and could do better, (as do the majority of those who frequent this blog and I include myself in that group), you will be very angry and upset that the manager’s policies are keeping us back rather than propelling us forward.

    We can argue about the reasons and the evidence but the truth is we can’t change people’s minds if they are convinced. There is certainly a lot of evidence to suggest we can do better if we change a few simple things:

    1. Lift the wage cap
    2. Lose the dross
    3. Distribute earnings more hierarchically to reward those with greatest talent
    4. Lift the transfer fee cap (so we can buy any player)
    5. Don’t sell our best players

    If you want to argue that those policies I’ve listed above are the brainchild of anyone other than Wenger, you are onto a loser there because he has already confessed they are his own handiwork; perhaps some of you are unaware of that fact. Note that the stadium argument cannot be used anymore either because it negates the fact that we can afford a wage bill of £145m per annum. How can we afford that if we are so strapped for cash?

    For eight long years we have struggled to reach top four and have been on the receiving end of beatings from some lowly clubs in crunch matches. People are right to be fed up; so all those who come here repeating the club mantra about how it has to be this way but just wait and see because we have a rosy future; it doesn’t help and in fact makes things worse.

    One win does not suddenly eliminate those inadequacies from our recent past or present; you must see that.

  67. Keyser

    There’s friction because for all your supposed insight and self-realisation, realism, ambition and so on, you can’t see that because you are ‘fed up’, frustrated, miserable and so on your posts are as irrational, illogical and irrelevant as the people you title ‘AKBs’.

  68. Lordbergkamp

    Jeff – well said.

    Keyser – we call you AKBs because you cannot (not just you!) see the reality of where our club is.

    You seem happy to aim for 4th as a “trophy”. You seem happy we never spend any money. You seem happy that we continually bottle it when we play a top game.

    Can I just remind you we are 6th, and hoping other teams drop points to win a trophy in 4th.

    So I continue to argue that people like you lack ambition, desire and drive. I would couch that as a ‘cunt’ because that’s my shorthand for such mindless devotion to a manager who most external people see as a joke. Sorry if you and you chums don’t like it, but tough.

  69. Keyser

    You call people names because you don’t respect your own opinion enough to let it sit on it’s own merits.

    You’re more of an AKB than most on here, like I said stop pretending you have anything worthwhile to say and just repeat, ‘i’m frustrated, fed up and miserable, la la luh la la lah, oooh weeee’.

  70. reality check

    Seems like the majority of wenger lovers are over 40s. Not bashing the ones that realize wengers finished as a coach. They are the minority in a minority. Seems like its that thing in life where the older generation say,

    “You young people are to hasty”

    “Back in my day ect ect”

    “You think this is bad? Well, let me tell you I remember when…”

    Seems like its the younger gunner who is up to date, got their fingers in everything from the lateset coaching methods to technologies place in the modern game.

    Enthusiasum and innovation trying to push the club forward. Which is human nature. To move forward. Horse > car > plane ect

    Communication, I still remember when there were no mobile phones. Not even the big ones.

    So now we have our divide. As I see it. Even if wengers right. Even if an akbs trust is proven correct. There always only one outcome

    Out with old, in with the new.

  71. Jeff


    Keyser’s only ambition on here is to seek attention by repudiating anything anyone says whether there is any merit in it or not. He takes more notice of my posts than I do of his and I can only assume his scroll function isn’t as selective as mine.

    When you debate with Keyser he tends to avoid the elephant in the room and likes to concentrate on the droppings in which both parties quickly become embroiled with no overall conclusion being reached about anything. I no longer address him directly because that only encourages him to disseminate more drivel. His defence of being called an AKB is to name his accusers the same; that should say it all really.

    No doubt he will repudiate the above as well and I can see the droplets of sputum flying my way already.

  72. GoonerHart

    Lord Bergkamp you say that people are AKB’s because they are happy to go for fourth and happy to not spend any money, however none of this proves that they believe Arsene Know’s Best. This just shows that these people are more grounded to where the club are currently within a performance cycle as we all know that it all happens in cycles. You could even say that these people are more realistic than those who complain about AKB’s and wanting to challenge, as these expectations are unrealistic considering the current skill level and depth of squad in comparison to the Manchester City’s, Chelsea, and United’s.

    therefore the AKB tag for these individual’s is in fact defunct and meaningless as the criteria you outlined in fact does not mention Arsene, merely the “AKB’s” expectations.

    Furthermore I ask you is it lacking ambition or being a realist to support the team in it’s current phase and not get too downtrodden while we are a rough patch, For example a set of QPR fan’s hoping to avoid relegation would be what you consider a set of “AKB” supporter’s – those hoping for what is arguably there glass ceiling – but then there will be some fans that would be hoping for Europe which would be the fans such as yourself. these fan’s are delusional because this is nearly impossible to achieve with their current squad. and i will admit i do not know QPR’s history but you could interchange it with Villa.

    lastly i would like to add that these “AKB’s” are not happy when we lose a top game but they accept it will be a tough game considering the resources we have compared to our opponents.

    You could add more about being happy with what Arsene and the board’s policies but again it comes down to being a realist of the current situation and not expecting the pattern to change, which personally as far as i see it is delusional. And this does not lack ambition as if you ask any Arsenal fan they will say they want to be fighting for trophies obviously it’s about having measured and realistic ambitions.

  73. Keyser

    Jeff embarrassed himself once by refusing to acknowledge how wrong he was on a relatively simple piece of logic, he went on and on and on about how he was right when numerous people tried to explain to him why, he must’ve decided they were AKB’s.

    He posts the same tired stuff over and over again, and fails to notice it’s a public blog, he’s also developed this habit of ending his posts with childish retorts like this..

    “No doubt he will repudiate the above as well and I can see the droplets of sputum flying my way already.”

    Jeffy might reply, he might not, who cares, debate is dead here, I just wish people would stop the pretence, and just repeat what I’ve said.

  74. Jeff


    Supporting the club is not the same as supporting the manager. All of us support the club but only some of us support the manager as well. You may choose to believe (or be realistic as you put it) that this is the best that can be done. Others don’t believe or support that theory.

    The thing that is slightly odd is why people should be offended by the label “AKB”. If you support the manager given the last 8 years and our present predicament that is what you are. If you don’t believe Arsene knows best than you fall into the same category as me and Lordbergkamp.

  75. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Reality check!


    I wouldn’t necessary agree with that. I’ve often heard the opposite view put forward. That is; younger Gooners have only known Wenger as a manager, therefore know no better or nothing else and can’t see beyond him.

    I don’t know really, I mean we don’t even know what is the divide between Pro and Anti Wenger do we?

    All I can say on that one, is that the dissatisfied bunch seems to be increasing in numbers each season.

    To put a figure on it would be a wild guess! Until there’s a pretty substantial number prepared to demonstrate outside the ground we can’t gauge the correct level of discontent.

    Geoff Arsenal on twitter makes a point on Twitter this morning something like; Hah, so the Wenger out petition has received only 90 signatures out of 2m Gooners on twitter!

    I don’t know if either figure is correct.

    Coming back to your original point: I would say that generally, as in most things in life, the older person takes a more philosophical and calmer viewpoint on most things and doesn’t see the need to repeatedly make the same
    point over and over.

    Josip Skoblar who I know is a more ‘mature’ poster on here said something similar, maybe yesterday or Friday. He has made his view known on Wenger but any chance of discussing the actual game?

    Guns of Hackney on the other hand makes mincemeat of my theory! I had him down for a young Gooner due to the nature of his posts but he said in the last few days that he has been a supporter for over 40 years!

    There you go! 😉

  76. GoonerHart


    as far as I am concerned they are one and the same Wenger has been a big part of the club for an extended period and typifies the club. Admittedly people support the club for many reasons but one big factor is the brand of football that we play and for this reason i shall remind you this was not always the way we played and Wenger had a big say in this and the continuation of the style therefore those who say they support the club for this reason, owe their allegiance to the club to Wenger as i would bet even those who are die hard supposed not AKB’s would prefer wenger to be in charge and play his football rather than god forbid big sam or Tony Pullis and may even shirk there loyalty to the club if that did happen which would then prove that their loyalty was in fact to wenger or atleast his style of play than the club.

    and its true other’s do not support that theory but they are hoping for something different that has become the nature of the club in the last 5 or so years so it is again unrealistic for them to expect it. its like doing the same experiment 10 times ( 5 years 10 transfer windows) getting the same result and then expecting a different outcome the 11th time.

    and about the being offended about the AKB label i believe it is because many people have put a negative connotation with it, you just have to look on the comments in this thread as well as the page dedicated to being against AKB’s on this very website. and the Arsene question is not just black and white there are grey area’s.

  77. gnarleygeorge9

    Reality check

    Most over 40’s left home by 25. Time some of you gen y home boys moved on .

    18>left home>. Banging beaver>owned their own home> no debts>30

  78. Norwegian Gooner


    Why do you keep ignoring every fact and question that doesn’t suit the nice little reality you have created for yourself? When you’re lost for answers you start calling people names. A little childish maybe?

    You seem to have very little knowledge about the club and what has been going on for the last years, but that doesn’t supprise me.

    You should wake up and face the reality yourself:

    Now we have money, but that is because somebody has buildt or club, not destroyed it. Just because we have them availiable doesn’t mean we should waste them. Then there would no money left. Get it? Or is that facts you choose to ignore and instead call me stupid?

  79. Zoran

    Good thoughts!
    Moussa Sissoko was also available. The toons took him for not more than 2 milions. Wenger will come in the summer offering 10 to 15 milions. that’s how he is dealing with the transfers.
    Does it has to be one person in Arsenal to deal everything concerning the club? Wenger is getting older, and cannot the responsability for everything. He should think about how to share the responsabilities inside such a massive club as Arsenal. What the fucking Board is doing all the time?