Arsene Wenger’s inaction even shocked the people who work at Arsenal

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Well there it is everyone. After 31 days of wondering, we now have it confirmed. Arsene Wenger has either totally lost the plot, or, as I suspect, he’s put his own self styled crusade against the big dollars of football ahead of what is good for the club.

So, what have we learnt this transfer window?

Arsenal PR is up there with the best in the blue chip world…

People look at the comms team and ask, ‘what do they do for their money?’… well, Mark Gonnella and his team pulled off a master class this transfer window. Remember, he comes from a banking background, so working out how to paint Wenger in a positive light is probably a pretty basic job.

The traditional patterns we’re used to seeing occurred, headlines like this in the Daily Mail are usually the first signs PR are up to something…

‘Ivan awards Wenger a £35m warchest for January’

It’s always the same amount, it normally highlights the change of mindset and it normally indicates that Wenger is finally ready to get tough.

Then, after more bad results, Wenger sets tongues wagging with some pro transfer stories. He’ll usually say he has money to spend and that he’s looking at every position. That’s what happened this December.

This January followed the usual flow of ‘we need to sign the players with contract issues’, then we need to get the players back from injury… only trouble is, we didn’t really have any players out injured. Then Wenger started to talk about his squad being ‘too good’. So we were all starting to get pretty clued up as to what wasn’t about to happen.

Don’t forget the gem of converting a flexible player into a specialist… Aaron Ramsey is our new holding midfielder who is like a new signing.

This window did see a new glimmer of hope laced in a dark art (dark because it wasn’t declared)… in my business, we call it influencer marketing.

If you have a perception issue you want to amend, you can either throw money at changing the perception… i.e McDonalds have thrown hundreds of millions at TV advertising to convince you that that burger you’re eating is ok because it was cut from a cow who had a Playstation 3 and a 6 pack of beer in his stable.

If you don’t have that sort dollar, you can ask select influencers in your vertical to change perceptions for you. Irn Bru recently selected one super fan to seed a video. From that one person, the video rippled out to generate a million views. This window, we saw the bomb shell of a £30m bid into the social space, Within the space of 6 hours, the whole of the online community was buzzing about Arsenal finally moving into the big league of transfer spending.

Did that bid happen? Well, I’ve not heard anything. You’ve not heard anything and for the first time in the history of the connected world. No one has heard of a bid.

Funny that, eh? People say Arsenal do transfer deals in secret. Well, name me the last one you didn’t get a good run up to? It doesn’t happen. If there’s a player out there worth a £30m bid… there’s a chairman out there who is willing to make some noise to get a better deal. Keeping deals secret only works for one team… the buying team.

So, that kept our minds at ease that things were going to change. Then the David Villa story gathered momentum. This story just wouldn’t stop… this, despite every Spanish pundit and his dog stating it wouldn’t happen. Even Rossell came out and said ‘we don’t sell our best players’… yet we continued to pester up a blind alley when there was no intention Barca’s end to sell…

So, we get to the final day and this one gets me the most. It’s been clear for a while now that Andre Santos is a terrible player. He reminds me of the guy on the Mars advert who steps out of the stands to take a penalty. Except he’s worse. Anyway, Wenger knew he was bad. He knew Kieran Gibbs had a knack for getting injured because I posted the stats (jokes, but if a blogger can see the obvious, so should highly paid pros), yet he didn’t move for back up until Gibbs picked up and hamstring problem. He was actually going to gamble on Gibbs fitness with a back up he has no faith in.

So, all we’ve got to show for 31 days is a left back. No striker, no box to box midfielder and no specialist defensive midfielder and no back up keeper (I’d go for a first team keeper).

Also, amusing how buying a left back when you need one is very much like buying a load of Hovis.

I mean, how can anyone defend the man now? He’s got the best part of £80-100m to spend, he has a demonstrably weak squad and he’s left the cash to one side. Some described him as a sadist online yesterday… it honestly looks like that. Why would you purposefully put yourself under highly pressured constraints if you didn’t need to? No one at the club thought Wenger would be inactive this window… no one. That’s even the people who don’t rate him.

It’s the last stand of a man failing at his job. It’s a naive attempt at proving the world wrong. It’s his last go at proving 1998 still lives on and that modern football management methods have nothing over gut feel and experience.

He’s not going to win this battle and it’s sad to watch, he’s he guy fighting the future, he’s the guy saying ‘young people know nothing’, he’s the guy who’s stubborn streak is so powerful, it’ll be the undoing of him.

Still, at least everyone has finally seen it with their own eyes. It’s taken a long time to get here, but whatever your thoughts are of the manager on a personal nostalgic level, you can’t excuse this months inaction.

We’ve banked on the teams around us being worse, rather than investing in the side to ensure we’re a cut above the rest… a hugely negative strategy. Not one that sits in conjunction with the mantra of us becoming one of the best clubs in the world. A place we weren’t a million miles away from in 2004…

Pray for Arsenal people… 5th is going to be ugly. Very ugly.

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  1. michael

    Stands are that far away because of health. N safety regulations there has to b a run off area for fans to leave the stand incase of an emergency and for those advertising boards so u can read them properly

  2. Jed

    I’m with you on that.
    Seeing the back of Wenger would be good for my mental health but it will take 2-3 seasons to turn the club around, and probably a change of owner too.
    Still, fans thrive on hope so if the board has the balls to make the change then we can start to hope again that one day we might lift a pot.
    I might actually start to enjoy going to the Emirates instead of doing my nut over workrate/organisation/tactics like I have done for the last 4 or 5 years.

  3. Josip Skoblar

    Foreign stadia I like because they always have a great atmosphere:
    – Italy: Sans Siro and Fiorentina.
    – France: Marseilles and Lens.
    – Germany: Schalke 04 and Dortmund.
    – Spain: Valencia and Camp Nou.
    – Portugal: Porto.

  4. El Tel

    No Gambon

    I see a Club that you pretend to support having more class than those Northern butchers you really have your heart on.

    You are wrong about the seat being the only thing that is important. The whole matchday is an experience and turning up at a car park with a Stadium there and a poxy Chip shop and couple of burger vans is not my idea of a football Stadium.

    The Camp Nou has wooden benches I am told. Fuck that.

    Seems lime you hat the fact that Arsenal could easily be bigger than your lot. We are close enough now and with no success.

    When we do win a few trophies we will have the potential to be a giant.

    If you cant see this then you are not as clever as you think you are.

    We have the basis of a true football giant. All thats missing is the football success. That will come.

    As for the fans. Has anyone been to a League cup match at the ground when the local Arsenal fans get a chance to se us play. The atmosphere is much better.

    Unfotunately these people are priced out of becoming regulars because if the hefty prices which has caused protests which has stopped them increasing for next year.

  5. Ric

    William 89February 1, 2013 15:46:26
    @Ric –
    I could Chaucer the shit out of you and give you the finger all classy like, but honestly dude ; “up yours”!

    Your a cunt rag that has never seen this team play outside Wengers control what the f*#¤ do you know anyway?

    You are just the byproduct of Wengers reign; “The ultimate in Wengerized fan evolution. You are the idiot who has been condition to giving away all his money smiling, the marketing department at AFC all get their willies out when they see you coming all secure in the knowledge they are about to get a free blowob.

    The sad thing about you is that you are simply; inconsequential.

    Those that know, know they should not care what you say, and those that don’t, well… they are you, just not that far along.

  6. Bush Gooner

    We all feel a bit tense and psychotic after Wengers latest purchase was brought forward by 7 months. I’d say we have to thank 2 people for forcing that maniacs hand into doing it in the first place, albeit reluctantly.
    Gibbs – for getting injured and Santos – for being absolutely shite when he came on.

    I mean, who else in this world would go through the second half of a season taking a huge gamble with shit squad players and crocks in the squad?

  7. gambon

    El Tel

    Youre absolutely right that we could match UTD, not sure about being bigger, that would take a long long time and a manager of Fergies calibre.

    It wont happen for a long time thats for sure, cos no one at AFC has that ambition.

    As for the stadium youre just wrong.

    Padded seats, Architectural dips, shallow banking, £5 hot dos, pulled pork baps, £4 beers, scamming betting kiosks doesnt make a stadium.

    San Siro is a shit hole in the middle of the shithole that is Milan, but as a stadium its miles ahead of ours. A proper football stadium with proper fans.

  8. AC Gooner

    I heard when they moved the season ticket holders from Highbury to Emirates that they dispersed them around hoping they would spread the old guard throughout the new bigger stadium.

    It had the opposite effect. It silenced and antagonized our best supporters.

  9. Spectrum

    LeMassive Coq @11;19 – Well said, man ! Jolly good show, by jove.

    And to Guns of Hackney – The Mighty Gambon will assimilate you. Resistance is futile. Seriously though, do I detect a hint of reconciliation in the air between you two ? Let’s hope it lasts.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  10. William 89

    @Ric – Sorry clearly hit a raw nerve somewhere by commenting on your intelligence? Only get a 2:2 in your media studies degree but that’s only cause the lecturer was against you from the start?

    Must admit to not fully understanding what being ‘Chaucered to shit” would entail but clearly you must be intelligent and all as you have read things and all….

    Truth is I have seen Arsenal play before the Wenger era by a good 10-15 years but hey why let facts get the way of your arguements etc…

    I’m just having a laugh on this blog thing but it does feel like that you’ve lost a bit of perspective and might be taking yourself a tad to seriously? Go on admit it… just a tad?

  11. Jed

    I was at the San Siro when we beat Milan 2-0. Cesc and Ade the scorers. Place was a shithole, apart from the rivers of piss in the bogs. It was very quiet, the only noise was from us. The stewards applauded us as we left, clearly gentlemen of discernment. I’ll take the Emirates any day.

  12. El Tel


    You have been to only 50 matches in six and half sasons and yet you are such a know it all.

    Do the tour and see the stuff you wouldnt see in your seat.

    The padded seats are also bigger than any other Stadium for fat Guys like you to have more comfort with more leg room too.

    Like having a premium seat on a flight in all areas of the ground rather than those who have economy seats everywhere except where the rich sit.

    50 matches. Oh dear.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Who cares if we have the best Stadium in the land? Surely it is the results that are obtained in the stadium that counts.

    Besides wasn’t this whole point of the new stadium in the first place? It had to be built we were told to compete with the Man Uniteds and Chelsea’s of the world… wait until the stadium THEN we’ll be up there…

    You know what the Stadium has become? An embarrassing monument of excuses. The sad thing is the reasons are the same… now we are told the same excuses post stadium and the gullible among us fall for it.

    The saddest thing is the purveyors of these excuses THINK that they are doing the club a big favour. AKBs have fun waiting for 2014…. 2016…. 2018… 2020. The dawn is always to come right?

  14. gambon

    El Tel

    You are definitely a bit thick.,

    Do you know what the word “over” means?

    Secondly,….what can you learn in 180 games (est number of Emirates games so far) that you dont learn in 50/55/60?

  15. El Tel

    It wasnt the atmosphere we were talking about it was the Stadium.

    Like it or not we currently have one of the very best.

    I agree the atmosphere is ownere near good enough.

  16. Josip Skoblar

    I see what you mean about San Siro. Italian stadia are bizarre. There’s always a strong police presence (largely threatening) and there’s still a lot of hooliganism going on in there. For instance, Fiorentina fans are among the most violent fans I’ve seen in my life; yet Florence – at least its city centre – is a peaceful, quiet and middle-class city. Italians are not very vocal during games but they are nonetheless passionate. San Siro remains in my view an intimidating venue. It’s not a nice place and that makes everyone a bit edgy.

  17. Cavalry

    I believe that we are in a much bigger problem than even Wenger leaving will solve.
    1. Our medical unit is a joke. Those that get injured with relatively minor injuries stay injured for ridiculous lengths.
    2. Our scouting system is a joke compared to the likes of Porto. They can manage to sell their best players each year yet keep on replacing them with high quality bought at relatively little money and they stay competitive. We on the other hand managed to scout the two worst players (Santos and Denilson) in the whole of Brazil and the slowest one from Germany who has the same turning speed as a London Bus
    3. We have managed to bring only two players through from the youth academy in the past ten years despite spending inordinate amounts of money on same.
    Replacing the manager with someone who actually wants to become No. 1 and is willing to overhaul everything ruthlessly in order to achieve it would go 80% of the way to getting the Arsenal ship back on the right course but we are saddled with a manager who is content to keep on receiving his 7 million a year to keep on protecting a flaccid board who know nothing about football and care less.

  18. Jed

    You have a point about the edginess – the fencing and netting does suggest that things sometimes get out of hand.
    Are you a Croat by background? My Mrs comes from there.

  19. Nick

    They are saying bergkamp is to replace brady at the academy will this make a diffrance with the quality we produce? we havent made many players for ourselves but the lower leagues are full of ex players!

  20. Ric

    LeedsgunnerFebruary 1, 2013 16:14:55

    Truthfully though how dim must these AKB’s really be to continue acting as if everything is alright after 15 years? Makes me ashamed of being an AFC supporter to be honest. I mean just look at all the newspapers comment sections its the same trend all over, a few stupid AKB’s that don’t even realise they are getting the “thumbs up” from our rival fans for keeping this nutter in charge.

    Read any newspapers comment section its almost universal across the globe, every single comment section under an article about AFC or Arsene has a whole bunch of comments in his favour that are sarcastic, ironic or just plain dumb. And a few “Wenger out” voted down to the extremes.

    The fact of the matter is that if Wenger had that many fans willing to pay to see his team play then every game would be sold out.

    The really sad part is that I know I have both a spud and a manc friend who I know loves to read Arsenal news and that I have seen vote “Arsene knows best” in forum posts.

    I wonder how many others are there on here that has a mate like that?

  21. Josip Skoblar

    Yes, my parents are from Croatia (then Yugoslavia). I was born in the UK, but I spent time in Belgium, France and Italy. Hence my obsession with continental football!

  22. Jeff

    “Football looks to be an exception in our society (when it comes to spending). I always say it cannot last much longer, but I am always proved wrong on that.”

    And yet you carry on regardless Arsene; you carry on regardless. Why?

  23. Jed

    We must get a lot of those types, a couple of my mates do that too, but then there really are gooners who believe the stuff they write on untold. They are finding it harder and harder to toe the PR department line though, the last few items on untold have been very short on logic.

  24. Dave Junia

    Pardon me if I missed it but which part of the article has it been written that ‘people who work(ed) at Arsenal’ were shocked at ‘Wenger’s inaction’?

    I’m trying to locate the evidence for the headline.

    Besides that it sounds like PR vs. PR today.

  25. William 89

    @Dave Junia – you beat me to it… basically the post was a general rehash of the usual stuff but with added ‘spicy’ headline to drag you in… very shoddy journalism if you ask me

  26. Jed

    Josip, it’s great to have that broad perspective, we are a bit insular (me included).
    The Croats know a lot about passionate support of their team. I went to see Dinamo-Hajduk once, that made the NLD look like a kids party.

  27. Ric

    William 89February 1, 2013 16:34:20

    I could take a Bong hit the size of a cumulus and forget more than you have ever learned between the time I inhale and exhale.

    Again I see you are for some reason trying to rile me up, it will not work, you are a cunt rag, I use them to wipe. Thats the difference between us.

    Hence, “you = inconsequential”. …..Jawn…

  28. William 89

    @ric – I clearly have riled you… and so it was my intention but only after a bit of provocation mind you.

    I shall leave it now but can you answer me one question? Was I right about the Media Study degree?

  29. Ric

    JedFebruary 1, 2013 16:38:52

    Indeed as I suspected then… Oh well, now that is what I call inferiority complex!

    But still… Untold… Jikes.

  30. Josip Skoblar

    Cheers mate. I’m not very ‘continental’ in the end. I’ve been on this island for too long! Hadjuk Split is my favourite club and Ivica Surjak, one of my all-time heroes.

  31. Bubble

    Nick February 1, 2013
    gibbs is good he would get in most teams his just made of glass his quality aint in question diaby the same.


    I literally Can’t believe an educated humanbeing could say something like this. Gibbs would get into most teams? He would get into the ManU team? He would get into the ManCity team? He would get into the Chelsea team? He would get into the Everton & Tottenham teams? Oh wait. Now i get what you meant by “most teams”, he would get into the swansea,QPR,westbrom,westham,& the Readings of this world. Just shows how far we’ve fallen. Alot of folks have said it on here & i’m gonna repeat it again, Gibbs is a backup leftback at best. Kapiche?

  32. Bubble

    JJ February 1, 2013
    “8am Friday Morning
    Wenger: Ivan, did you buy my
    tickets to Montreal?
    Ivan: WTF?”

    Comment of the day mann.

  33. SpanishDave

    You could understand Wenger if we had no money.
    You cant understand why he has no ambition other than 4th.
    Why doesnt he want to have the best team in the world full of classy players as we used to have 8 years ago??
    What is wrong with him ? What is he trying to proove?
    Does the board want to carry on like this? Why
    The only answer is that the owner wants only to increase the companies value and pay off the debt using the fans money,
    Football and winning, that can wait, Wenger hasnt the balls to stop this stupity, his personal wealth is now a priority now, no pressure no problems. Only failure in the league will stop this unfortunetly, not want we want but is there another way out?

  34. Marko

    Want change? Keep the stadium half empty the TV people are picking up on it finally, try to designate a time in each home game where a chant is done for a whole min (not offensive it’ll make people come across as yobs)something like we want our arsenal back or spend some money. At AST meetings or AGM’s from now till the summer keep questioning the manager’s sheer refusal to spend money and when he has it’s been poor, question the direction of the board and whether they think a poor squad and league finish will result in them making more money. Change will only come about when they realise the fanbase isn’t happy.

    Now I’m not one of those guys who’d want a manager sacked for getting 4th spot it’s not the worst thing to happy but the sheer refusal to spend money (wisely) coupled with potential 5th or 6th place finish means he should go. Even if we do manage to finish 4th it’ll be more down to Spurs and Everton blown it than us being good enough. He has to go simply cause he won’t change

  35. Marko

    Oh and why the fuck aren’t more Arsenal people involved at the club or is Wenger that much of a control freak. Vieira should be with us not City, get Bergkamp involved, get Bobby Pires involved in some capacity. Niall Quinn too. Major shake up needed to get Arsenal’s identity back. IMO

  36. slade

    “Most dopy Yanks think London is England”..
    No, it’s the fucking English that think London is England, you moron.

  37. Rocky87

    Bang Goes The Theory.

    As some people have already said it looks like we tried to sign Capoue at the last minute, a strong central midfielder we are screaming out for, but Toulouse would not sell.

    I do not believe this is because our bid was not high enough, but because we waited until the last minute, and they had already sold Sissoko to Newcastle.

    If Arsene had acted on Jan 1st we probably would have got him, but he believes you are better off waiting, to the point the selling club cannot replace them.

    Another example of inept management!

  38. Alex James

    Agree with Ric. It is difficult to sing when you’re watching a team that is destroying one’s faith in the club,through appallingly inept defensive performances for much of our matches. The Candid Camera defending against Liverpool could have earned a standing ovation, I guess, were the match being played at the O2 or Palladium.
    So we still have three poor keepers, compared with the three good ones at Spurs. And we have the Big Bertha boys next. Bring your hard hats!

  39. Gunner2301

    Pedro bang on the money today

    It’s time the fools woke up. Waiting for Wenger to do the right thing is like waiting for the second coming.

    Gambon spot on as usual Joppa knows what time it is. There’s fuck all point talking about Cavani, Lorente or anyone else that is quality and cost big money.

    Look back at Wengers record. History will tell you what to expect. I will spell it out for you. WENGER WILL ALWAYS DO THE BARE MINIMUM. Anything else would require spending money and he’s not about that.

    Wenger is constantly calculating on 4th. He will gamble and take risks when the alternative would mean spending. He operates close to the bone at all times? When last did you feel we had ample cover? I can’t remember, there’s a reason for this. He is he’ll bent on doing the bare minimum.

    He will say he wants to win, he’ll say he’s competing for everything the only thing he won’t say is that he’s willing to spend to make the team strong to achieve that because he won’t.

    Stop torturing yourself lower your expectation that’s what Wenger wants you to do and he’s not looking like he’s going to blink first so you better do and rude it out.

    He can’t stay in his job forever. The results will go against him and he will hang himself eventually.


  40. UGooner

    Firstly, I’d like to say what this article doesn’t. That I’m happy at least a left back was signed. That said, I can’t believe we didn’t at least get another striker, I don’t think we need a midfielder, not even a DM, but an attacker, a winger, a striker, someone more creative, like say Villa, yes. That said, when the window shuts, time for football. I’m done with all this Wenger bashing, it doesn’t help anything. For all I know, you don’t know any better than me and Wenger didn’t have that money to spend. TBH this team has really underachieved, they definitely ought to do better than they have. I’m a fan so I say they’ll improve and hope even will it to happen. Some fans even said we over spent on Monreal… Money is not my domain… I support the Arsenal… Fuck Villa, we have Podolski… We have Theo… We have GIROUD… Barca can eat their player, we don’t want him now… We are the Arsenal, we will RISE!


  41. UGooner

    And believe me, shouting Wenger out is a waste of time. It’s more likely that Wenger stays and more money is spent than him going. Why? because he is not the sole reason that we don’t ‘splash the cash’. Any fool can see that. I rather stick with him than get some other manager who won’t be able to spend either.

  42. UGooner

    Someone saying Gibbs is not good enough. Then if he gets sold and starts for Chelsea… First person to say we sell our best players. I echo whoever said Gibbs is a great LB, injuries just let him down.

  43. spidergooner

    Just sat watching Werder Bremen v Hannover. Djourou is by the far the worst player on the pitch. The Bremen attack are destroying him time and time again. Did we ruin him at Arsenal or was he just simply never good enough to start with. When he was a youth player I never remember thinking he had the potential to be a top player (not even an average one). How did the heck did he manage to rack up so many appearances in the red & white.

  44. Keyser

    “What other reasons exactly? (before I find Wengers quotes from 1997 saying he is in control of all footballing decisions, transfers, spending, wages).”


  45. Confidentgonerll

    Is anyone watching Hanover v Brenem? Djorou is playing and showing the fans how terrible he is. This loan spell will be one heck of a spell for the Hanover fans. The things Wenger has done to Arsenal!

  46. tippitappi

    It was fortunate Gibbs got injured otherwise no one was comming in even the gods have had to intervene to stop this nut case running amok meanwhile the board continue to think he’s the oracle of the world . If I get grief off any AKB tomorrow I’ll slap him although as last week showed they seem to attack in packs.

  47. David

    NickFebruary 1, 2013 13:52:29
    David not when said firm has been let down by you in past then you have one good year and call work mates all cunts and want them sacked and a big fuck off pay rise to boot to stay!!!


    Nick in this day an age of Google there is no excuse for statements like this.

    RVP was unstoppable for about the last 2 seasons straight.

    RVP has also been our highest goal scorer pretty much every seasons except the season Ade had 30 goals.

  48. goonersfury

    nacho a good player shame it took an injury to trigger the move. wenger is a larry….simple as that 150k a week wenger takes home. we could have klopp and a 100k a week marque signing. enough is enough.wenger out…. even moyes at everton…

  49. CowleyGooner

    just had a ‘discussion’ with two AKB twats on Twiitter who still think Wenger is a god for buying a LB.

    Fuck me there are some cunts out there, were fucked

  50. Gunner2301


    Yes I have.


    So what else do you know that would offset what Wenger was saying in 97? Given that Gazidis has been saying for years money is there to strengthen if Wenger wants to spend it (Remember Wenger did say if he was given 100mill he would give it back).

  51. Monkeyjeffrey

    Crowley I had much the same discussion with a couple of lads that work for me……. I’m wondering if its an age thing
    There both 21 and have never known anything else

  52. Gunner2301


    Yeah that’s understandable. 😆

    I’ve also got an AKB mate who has had to change his tune since the beginning of the season when faced with the cold hard facts.

  53. Gunner2301


    No I’m not its well documented between comments that Wenger has said himself and Gazidis so I don’t need to go there. You can Google the info instead of wasting your time trying to catch me out.

  54. CowleyGooner

    Accusations of me being a Talksport listener whatever the fuck that means.

    i did ask if he’d supported Arsene FC since 1998 but didnt get a very intellectual answer.Cant understand the mentality of being happy about qualification for a competition we’ve got 0% chance of winning. Brainwashed by the Wenger ‘Qualidy’ diatribe.

  55. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – I’m not really, just you had a hissy fit last time, when it’d be best to just clarify your position rather than trying to out-guess yourself.

    The quotes say ‘THE BOARD’ gave the manager the power back, since they’d taken it away probably because of the George Graham scandal.

    Or am I wrong ?!

  56. Tomtom

    What’s this sky sports news are saying about Wenger? Something about Wenger saying one got away? Is Wenger now saying we missed out on a big transfer?

  57. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I saw a bit of Jd 20 in the match awfully, contented millionaire from being a bit part player at our club which has been hijacked by the French man. Jd could have. Should have been Better coached and maybe understand defending. A sorry testament of the frenxhmans rrign he sint the first and won’t be the last!

  58. Joppa Road

    Just been going through some of the comments as been out with my boy all day. Gambon still tearing it up.

    “I tell you what “rips teams apart” – selling your best players, and only world class players, every year.”

  59. tippitappi

    wengers overstay could be blamed on neglect by the board , in truth they know what they want from this club and this alas is it, I have said it time and time again if wenger goes the board has to bad rubbish the lot

  60. Toli83

    Wenger without fail comes out just after the window and says we were close but In respect to the player and club he won’t name anyone…

    That’s really professional for you to do that, cheers arsene!

  61. goonerboy

    This is yet another very good post by Pedro-I don’t know how you do it day after day.
    Draper-Corleone is another poster with a ridiculous overblown view of his own opinion. He makes a fair point about recent purchases and possibly about rebuilding.
    What he ignores is that the acquisition of players is only one component of a successful side-they have to be deployed and be tactically capable of beating tough well financed opponents in order to be successful in the EPL.

    Wenger’s deployment of players and tactics are utterly predictable, and driven by his personal obsession-not by an assessment of the attributes of the opposition. The results of the the last few years shows that the top 3 English clubs have Wenger’s style of play totally worked out. They will not break into a sweat whoever Wenger buys.

    Wenger buys players to fit into an outmoded, failed system. I am also convinced that the whole of Arsenal’s current back four will need to be replaced by far better penalty box defenders for the club to ever seriously compete. Why do I think that? well just look again at the games against the top 3 sides this season. It is the defence that lets us down time and again. But the problems we have are greater than just the back 4. Wenger has developed a whole team of players with mostly the same strengths and also the same weaknesses. The result is a team that is wide open every time the opposition has the ball.
    Its not another 4 players the club needs to be successful, it is another 7 and a different manager deploying different players, differently.

  62. goonerboy

    G 2301-Totally agree
    A number of years back there was tv show about a US judge who always handed out maximum sentences to offenders-“Maximum Bob.”
    Well Wenger is Minimum Bob. Whatever the team is crying out for he will provide less than the absolute minimum-and often years too late. I think he deserves a label-something like “cheap” Wenger.

  63. Royal Bludger

    Look at the ever increasing lag times between posts – soon Arsenal’s most ardent fans will have lost interest, in disgust.

  64. Incesc

    Prefer to think we are all laying dormant.

    I dunno about you but when we were winning everything under the sun I took it for granted, when the good times come back it will be good to see people enjoy themselves.

    The next fever pitch

  65. Ric

    Royal BludgerFebruary 2, 2013 00:26:48

    We got used to watching greats and we would gladly have taken it on the chin and bled with some of the lads that used to be out there. But no man is bigger than this team and is that a statement you believe the man in charge agrees with?

  66. goonerboy

    re Your reply to William 89
    I know that you don’t want to give Wenger credit for anything at all, but
    you massively underestimate the importance of Wenger to the Emirates Stadium project.
    How do you know that Wenger’s support was not a key factor in the Boards decision to move to the Emirates, and then in the pricing policy?

    Would it still have happened if Wenger said- no I’ll leave if you go down this road because we won’t be able to compete for 10 years? His support was crucial.
    Would Arsenal have been able to leverage the loan deals it had without his support? I very much doubt it.

    His total support meant Fizsman could afford to isolate dissenting Board members and kick them off the Board.

    The other way Wenger’s support was critical -is the sale of our best players-the only way of raising revenue without input from shareholders or resorting to issuing additional shares..
    As Usmanov rightly says-Wenger has built 2 teams-ours and our opponents..

    There is no doubt that Wenger is a major reason why the Emirates happened. and what happened.

    He had a major hand in the design of the stadium-to make sure the playing surface stayed in fine condition (unlike Wembley), the design of the medical and changing rooms. In fact, Wenger appears far more rational when designing a stadium than when running a football team.

  67. follow the money

    to challenge for cups and titles we needed 4-5 top players. To challenge for 4th place we need a replacement for Gibbs. That explains everything about Arsenal the last eight years. Wenger is obsessed with doing the bare minimum. Project youth failed so now he has Project English. It will fail too, without serious investment. The lack of ambition is shocking. A football club should do everything in their power to win trophies and titles. That’s how you make fans happy and recruit top players and keep them. Not doing that is a dereliction of duty. I hate to say it, because I am an Arsenal fan, but Wenger’s arrogance and stubbornness makes me want to see him fail. How screwed up is that?

  68. Gunner2301


    You got your head screwed on. I believe Wenger convinced the board he could remain competitive using youth and without spending much. This allowed him to indulge himself and dust off the project that failed at Monaco.

    Yes he kept us in the top 4 but went about it totally the wrong way in terms of the wage structure, which he brought in after Highbury.

    He thought he could buy loyalty and foster some kind of zen utopia where playing together was more important than winning. He fucked up massively and led us into this spiral.

    He needs to go. He has caused so much damage to this club and the only good thing he has to his name is that he kept us in the top 4.


    PS. Yes Keyser you are wrong remember this is what you said

    “The quotes say ‘THE BOARD’ gave the manager the power back, since they’d taken it away probably because of the George Graham scandal.”

    I’ll post the quote tomorrow where Wenger says that those were the terms under which he would work I.e the areas of control that came under him.

  69. goonerboy

    I have been to the Emirates a fair few times-and don’t think its that great-not just because of the mainly sterile atmosphere or being full of irritating middle class wankers, the fact that the catering is crap and ludicrously expensive.
    Its the quality of the facilities-the viewing positions as well-good-but not the best. Bernabau, Camp Nou are in a different league.
    San Siro? More impressive when no one is in it-than when full of nasty Italian fans.
    United? Well I would not give you 2 pence for Manchester- as a place a cold wet shite hole. for the most part.
    Uniteds ground is far bigger than ours and cheaper for the average punter-but there are plenty of poor viewing spots.
    Unless you can get someone else to pay for all or some of it – the United model-extending an existing ground is a far better option than building your own ground from scratch. Arsenal are a classic example of why. Eight year of player purchase austerity, selling your best players to pay for your mortgage, compromised commercial deals.

    Australia has 3 stadiums that are a lot better than the Emirates-the best of which, the MCG is in a different league in terms of standard, quality, value for money for the average punter and the user experience. All 3 were redevelopments of existing grounds.

  70. Keyser

    Arsene Wenger was prepared to quit Highbury unless the board gave him full control, he revealed yesterday.
    He said: “Without an assurance of that freedom and control I would not have stayed.”
    Wenger celebrates his first anniversary as Arsenal’s boss today as the Gunners continue their bid for European glory.
    He has won back the full managerial powers that were removed following the sacking of George Graham over the bungs scandal.
    Wenger’s predecessor Bruce Rioch could nominate players he wanted but could not negotiate the transfers. Wenger can.
    He explained: “For me the basics of the job was to have the freedom to run the club as I chose – to make the important decisions about what was to happen inside the club, to buy the players, to sell them and decide on things such as contracts and even a new training ground.
    “It would have been very difficult for me to accept anything different.”

    What this quote ?!

  71. Keyser

    Wenger didn’t fuck anything, saying he presented this idea and because it failed we’re left in a mess is bullshit, it implies there was a choice.

    The board have been looking to move stadium for probably 2 decades, they knew funds would be limited, they knew they had to improve stadiums to compete, United were already pushing 70,000 fans for every game and have been since the turn of the century.

    They basically said we’re stuck, with Abramovich investing money hand over fist, they simply said to Wenger this is the resources we have do what you can, that’s all.

    They didn’t bank on the recession, or that Citeh would turn up and make it even more difficult. They did what they had to, to get the stadium built, they tied themselves up to long term financial deals that hamstrung the club but would finance the stadium.

    Since then they’ve simply taken a low risk path knowing that in a few years time they’d be able to re-negotiate those deals.

    It’s not hard to understand.

  72. Gregg

    I have to say the bits that made me laugh was the “we’re working very hard to bring in new players” & “We were close to making another signing, but the selling club didn’t want to sell” – The second contradicts the first because by that it indicates only one deal was being chased, presumably Villa & if the club didn’t want to sell then how does that constitute coming close ? clearly by saying they’re not selling means no discussions with player, no personal terms, no fee discussed with Barca – how in hell is that coming close to doing a deal ? The panic on the last day ends with us signing a player, that doesn’t get away from the fact that we never intended anything other than the one player ie Villa and were quickly rebuffed on that one.

  73. Monkeyjeffrey

    “Look at the ever increasing lag times between posts – soon Arsenal’s most ardent fans will have lost interest, in disgust.”

    Your right ! I guess after saying the same things for 8 years there comes a time when everything’s been said

  74. GD

    Just been thinking about Arsenal being a financially prudent business – what a load of rubbish!!!! Before we can address the many areas of weakness in the summer or promote a few promising young players (e.g. Eisfeld, Joel Campbell) , we have to get rid of all the waste we have at the moment. If they wont go bcoz of wages then we should just terminate their contracts!!!!

    Frimpong – not sure if we should stick with him, I mean if Wenger prefers le coq then why would be need another young DM?? Instead we could buy a more experienced DM and le coq can be the understudy.
    Diaby – great player but rarely plays, time to say good bye!!
    Arshavin – like him but it seems chances have dried up for him
    Rosicky – same situation as Arsh it seems
    Gervinho – maybe give him some more time to improve, if not, then we should throw him in the bin!!
    Chu-Young Park