Arsenal fight back… but it disguises nothing. We’re in decline and the manager is blind to it.

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So the topline assessment is that once again, Arsenal weren’t good enough. The… erm… second from topline is that despite us not being good enough, I really enjoyed the second half. Once again, Arsenal seem to have slipped into an irritating pattern we can’t shake. We’ve had them all, conceding early, conceding late, great first halves, great second halves… the trend at the moment is weak first halves and p*ss poor defensive performances.#

Last night saw us drop points because we can’t cut out the individual mistakes. No one seems keen on taking a leading role at the back. The first goal conceded last night started with a slip from Sagna, the ball was cut across the box, Vermaelen got no where near it, Sturridge had his shot blocked by Szeceney, the ball rolled out, it looked like Ramsey tried to back heel it away, then Suarez rolled up to smash it in and Mertesacker turned his back on the shot. A calamity. I’d like to put it all on Sagna but the issue was more down to the poor reactions after the save.

We didn’t roll over and die. Walcott went down the other and and had a powerful shot turned wide. Giroud shanked a shot on the edge of the box dreadfully wide of the post… things weren’t great up top. You really did feel yourself praying for a Villa.

Our keeper showed himself up with some daft 6 yard box shenanigans. He tried to Cruyff turn Sturridge in his area, found himself tackled which put us under pressure. A few minutes later, he made a seriously poor attempt at punching the ball clear from a corner. His positional sense and confidence for high balls into the box has taken a battering. Arsene Wenger should be out there right now brokering a deal for Steklenburg who is on the radar for Fulham. Our keeper has no pressure and his performances are being negatively impacted as a result. He’s arrogant. There’s no consequence for playing terribly.

The first half started to go stale, I remember one moment where Johnson was down injured for a few minutes. Steven Gerrard took time out to speak to 6 of his players. He was barking orders out, trying to raise their game. What was Vermaelen doing? Nothing. Hand on hips, staring blankly into space looking totally shell shocked. Really poor. The lack of leadership qualities in our squad is appalling.

Things went from bad to sour when Kieran Gibbs picked up his customary injury. Santos warmed up to the dread of the whole stadium. He’s like a worse less funny version of Eboue.  It’s not his fault though, which is why the booing is really shameful. There are too many people at the ground who seem to be there just for the bad times. Wenger really should be taken to task as to why, despite knowing Santos isn’t up to the job, has not looked to bolster behind Gibbs… who is an injury disaster.

The second half started off with a bit more intent. Podolski was clattered after a surging run into the box, we thought it was a penalty, goes without saying really. Theo nearly put us ahead after the German put a perfect ball into the back post… the header from 3 yards was a bit of a mess, even for a short man.

Disaster then struck when Jordan Henderson, a player so average even his own mother struggles to watch him, waltzed through our defence, hit a shot that Ramsey did well to block, Santos was in the way so it bounced back into Henderson’s path and he slipped it in. What a joke…

We really kicked into life after that, Podolski had a powerful shot that went just wide. The team started moving for each other and the chances rolled in. Our goal came from a Jack Wilshere freekick. Giroud managed to get his head on the end of it and turn it in. Finally… he’d scored. It didn’t take long for goal number two to arrive, this time Theo picked up a cross from Podolski at the back post and smashed it low from an acute angle to make it two.

Giroud and Theo had numerous chances to close out the game, but the finish just wasn’t there from either of them. Someone with a clinical edge could have had four goals last night, but it wasn’t to be. We were still conceding posession down the other end, so the game didn’t feel closed off until the whistle went…

At the end of the day, a point isn’t good enough. It may have come from being two goals down, but that doesn’t really disguise anything. We’re not good enough in defence and that starts and finishes with the manager. Like a friend said to me last night, Arsene Wenger is managing decline. People say he’s overworked, but what is he actually doing? He’s controlling the club, but he’s not working on defence. He’s not working on a game plan. He’s clearly not working hard to bring players in. He’s just managing the team like he was 10 years ago without the bells and whistles of success. No man in the modern game is capable of managing every aspect of the club, why someone hasn’t pointed this out to Arsene is beyond me.

There’s this theory that your wage bill is reflective of your final position in the league. It generally works out that way. Some use this to justify how we do every year. Why don’t we turn that theory on its head? Should the highest paid manager in the league not be performing to a higher level than his peers? In the same way you pay the best players the best money on the expectation they’ll over achieve… shouldn’t the same be true of the manager?

If yesterday’s post match acceptance that his squad is good enough didn’t convince you he’s dead as a manager in the top echelons of the game, I don’t know what will. As I’ve said many times before, I’m not sure it’s a player thing. Our defence has been the same regardless of who we put into it. Many of them leave and go onto better things. Vermaelen and Mertesacker aren’t bad players, but they’re not being given any instruction or support. Play on… and sort out the mess yourself seems to be the strategy. It’s killing us…

I was told last night that the mess hasn’t gone unnoticed at the top. Apparently Ivan Gazidis is also under pressure as well. If I owned a football club, I think I’d be asking questions of him. I know he can’t over rule the manager on the playing front, but when the manager you’re working with starts to affect commercial income because he’s so unbelievably rigid, you have to step in. If Arsenal finish outside the top 4 this season… who is going to spend out for a club level ticket? Who is going to want to fork out £500 a ticket for a box (that has 16 seats)? Blind loyalty to a manager who is lost in his own arrogance isn’t good CEOing. The fans are unhappy, the team looks unhappy, the pundits are all stating the obvious… so everyone in world football is wrong about this team bar Wenger who has once again said he can’t find anyone in world football good enough to improve his squad?

Utter drivel… it’s almost like he’s behaving the way he is to spite the fans… and in the process, he’s actually doing far worse, he’s spiting his legacy.

Leaving this post on a high note… I though Aaron Ramsey had a really good game last night. He reminds me of Flamini in the middle of the park. He likes getting stuck in and he seems to relish the pressing game. I also thought Theo was excellent. His control has come on leaps and bounds as has his footballing brain. 18 goals, not a bad return.

It’s transfer D-Day… let’s hope for a miracle.

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  1. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The story that fascinates me this morning is the one of Jenks going to Stoke!

    Here we have a very promising player, who made a fairly decent start to this season, then is dropped for Sagna. Sagna totally out of sorts since then but is not dropped?

    Now we ship Jenks out on loan! (reportedly)

    Now, Jenks was never ready for starting on his arrival after 8 games with Charlton. He should have gone on a season long loan immediately to a lesser PL club to do his apprenticeship.

    He has improved this season. Now we have Sagna playing like a ballerina at LB and we are about to ship out the only replacement!

    This (mis)management is symptomatic of everything that is wrong at the club.

    Right decision (loan), timing shit!

    I know Coq can play there and for what it’s worth I do think Jenks will turn into a fine player when he masters his primary function, which is defending and not whizzing forward to support the attack.

    Jenks is far from the finished product but I don’t see an alternative to Sagna now unless a purchase is made?

  2. Fizzy Styles

    Giroud impresses but fails to tap in….and Walcott’s goal was just electric. Sadly our we have quality defenders individually that always find a way continually cock it up when it matters most. Suarez’s goal should not have happened.
    Letting Henderson score the way he did just sums what we all know about Wenger. The man we see is under a spell.
    The real Arsene Wenger is locked up somewhere is Grampus. Off to read the post.

  3. Danny

    Once upon a time in a far away time there was a defence made up of Lehmann, Cole, Torre, Campbell + Keown and Lauren…….

  4. Joppa Road

    I agree with a lot of that. I think we do have good defenders. Yes I would buy a Baines and a top GK but what has Wenger done to our players are the back> Kos was looking great last season. TV5 and Sagna are shadows of the players they should be. I don’t think it’s just the players, it’s their belief in Wenger – it isn’t there.

    Get off Santos’s case fans. Besides he wasn’t our worst defender last night. Sagna and Per gave him a run for his money. It’s not Santos’s fault Wenger plays him.

    “Huge cheers from the Liverpool fans when Santos came on”.

    Says it all.

    Sad days.

  5. stuuu

    As good as Ramsey was, he is NOT a DM.
    With a proper DM we might not have conceded those silly goals to Liverpool.

    We have changed personnel at the back over the years, yet the comical defending persists. It gets even more comical every year and now we lack the firepower to recover from them.
    Spurs will drop points but unfortunately we will be too shiitee to capitalize

  6. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I watched the game on The PL channel last evening with Tony Adams and Andy Townsend doing the studio analysis.

    The absolute amazement by TA at the defending ineptitude was clear. He said he could spend an hour just going through the mistakes for the first goal. All over the field. They joked that it would make a good DVD alone!

    He was asked what is the answer then?

    He said, hard work, more hard work and simply stick with the back four we have and constant repetition and drills on the training field. Every morning and afternoon.

    That’s what they did. Hour after hour after hour on the training field pays off on the Saturday. They spent hours and hours just getting their shape and starting position right. Every day, rinse and repeat.

    The back four are not working as a unit. So many of them out of position as various times.

    One wonders what the fuck is actually going on in training that we see this god-awful display.

    So, according to TA, it’s not actually a money problem, it’s a training issue. Now why can’t that be put right?

  7. Holmes

    Pedro, You got the 2nd goal wrong.

    “It didn’t take long for goal number two to arrive, this time Theo picked up a cross from Podolski at the back post and smashed it low from an acute angle to make it two.”

    It was a pass from Cazorla into Giroud who laid it off for Theo to hammer it home.

    …I’m starting to wonder if you really do go to the games my friend. 😉

  8. gambon

    Hitler wouldnt have made the mistakes Wenger made, and wouldnt have embarrassed himself in the post game interview.

    Im just saying

  9. andy1886

    So we’ll be facing Bayern with two terrible fullbacks (Sagna – form, Santos – just terrible full stop), a totally disorganised defensive setup, with no tactics, so passion, no plan B, a poor plan A, and form that could be described as ‘average’ at best.

    Naturally Wenger will concentrate on the Bayern game at the expense of the FA Cup, cause that really makes great sense. Bye-bye trophy for another season!

  10. Kurt F

    My problem with Giroud is that yes, he scores goals, but what’s his goals to chances ratio? How many points have his misses cost us? It’s not his fault, he’s a good striker, but at the top level the margins are so fine we need better than good (you might say ‘super quality’) if we’re ever going to win anything.

    What’s really pissing me off is why no one in the media is challenging Wenger on his massive moving of the goal posts – he started the season saying this was the best side he’d ever had, now he’s making out like them getting 4th will be a massive achievement and vindication of his policies. We have a wage bill of 142 million – 4th in the league is the very least we should be achieving.

    No wonder Van Perise left – “What’s our goal for next season boss?” – “Well Robin, I hope to scrape 4th place and make the club a nice profit”

    If we don’t make the top four, you can already hear the excuses for not spending in the summer: “it is difficult to attract top players without ze champions league football” , as he conveniently ignores the fact that not spending this window (when we can still attract top players) is what cost us 4th in the first place.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Morning losers!

    Shame the scouse shleppers couldn’t hold onto their lead, but hey-ho.

    Arsenal F.C is in decline and frankly, no one takes us seriously anymore. You can almost hear the collective groan when Arsene puts his two pence worth in – he’s like one of those dodgy gypsy machines…give in a quid and it will tell you something. Yesterday, he suggests politicians should stay out of football…hypocrite much, Arsene?

    Apart from the walking and talking shit spewing machine we have running the club, we are also just about as poor on the field, as off it. I know most will disagree, but this is a totally boring, boring Arsenal to watch. Forget the GG days – where it was ironic, this is terminal to watch.

    A team, club, Manager, Board…all in decline. Where do we go, now? Limbo team: too good to go down, not good enough to win anything…I’d almost rather be in a relegation battle – more exciting than watching this horrible, turgid team.

    Arsene out, now and always!!!

  12. T Bone

    Wenger should really be tested for dementia, the stubborn old fool. What if Gibbs is out for the rest of the season? Santos at LB? Jesus. We should already have sorted out this fucking squad long before today. Wenger, SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY YOU GUTLESS, CLUELESS, DICKLESS FAGGOT!!!!!!

  13. hughie

    Sack the clown now and let Bould take it on till the end of the season. Then we have enough time to lure a good manager if Bould fucks it up. 4th is beyond us now so it’s not much of a risk.

  14. Fizzy Styles

    Whoever scouted Santos, Compiled Youtube Videos and other hard copy evidence and got Wenger to buy, really needs to be applauded. It’s like Scouting and signing Peter Enckleman (Worst Goalkeeper in the EPL I can think of after Almunia) and snubbing Buffon when he’s available for 3.5mil.
    Santos should never wear the red of Arsenal again!

  15. Bush Gooner

    Liverpool were there for the taking last night and with that extra bit of quality in the side we would have turned them over.

    Sagna, Santos, Verm, Chezzer were woefully awful last night. Santos IS a liabillity and should not be anywhere near the team let alone replacing Gibbs. Push Verm to LB and Kos in CB and take off Sagna and bring on Jenkinson.

  16. Ben

    It’s deadline day, we have the worst points tally in recent memory, the news wires are awash with news about deals being done, Alex Ferguson is urging his strikers to each aim for 20 goals this season…….and what’s in the headlines for Arsenal? A friendly against the Indonesia National Team in July!!!! WTF, are we even a football club anymore?

  17. Mach III

    I think we had a great match. Our team was combining well. Wilshere was all over Gerrard that match. Walcott’s runs were excellent compared to the last few games. I love how Santi Cazorla, without looking, can just turn and play an amazing pass across the field. We dominated that entire match. I like how Poldi is imposing his game into the Arsenal way. It’s really inspiring! That cannon blast to Carragher made my night.

    The big problem lies with the defense, and it’s not a problem with the quality of the defenders, it’s a problem with their mentality. Here’s an example: If a player at Real Madrid, Barca, United, City, make a mistake.. One mistake. They will be dropped. Wenger doesn’t drop his players because he has a completely different approach to it all. He just gives them more faith, time and time again. There is no pressure on them, and that’s what is needed. The big problem with that approach is Vermaelen is Captain and not very droppable. Santos should never wear an Arsenal shirt, it is an outrage that he is on the field instead of Meade. An absolute outrage, and how was Debuchy signed by Newcastle and not us? It’s a disaster. Santos looked drunk from sexting with RVP on the bench.

  18. Gunnershabz

    Listening to theo interview he mentioned something about hard tackling in training and they just changed it now which is shocking

    So Gael clichy was right

  19. Rob

    Im sorry but just because it wasn’t so noticeable 2nd half doesn’t make it right,what I’m talking about this new barmy experiment of Yaya Ramsey.This may be a bit ‘out there’ but I happen to think we may be better off with a real defensive midfielder in the defensive midfield position..maybe its just me though.I couldn’t give a fuck if the guy can spray a 40 yard pass to someones feet or play a tidy through ball the fact is it’s not his job and is half the reason song was let go so easily.A ball winner is a must and has been since flamini left years ago,why we don’t just sign M’vila or capoue while we can is beyond me.Defensively the first goal was as bad as it gets,how Sagna slipped I don’t know,why vermaelen swung at mid air like at old Trafford I don’t know,add to that our cocky bellend of a goalkeeper Mr Wojiech ‘I cant motivate myself to play’ Szczesny doing Cruyff turns AGAIN,does no one tell him how stupid that is?Even Almunia knew not to try that!The longer our ‘manager’ keeps on believing in his shoddy defensive work the worse it’ll get,squillaci would do a better job than these 2 right now.The need for signings is massive yet will we buy someone?anyone?even a 12 year old from the Phillipines?Will we fuck. Wenger out.

  20. Mach III

    I don’t buy into the hype about Sagna, he has been excellent all season.
    He slipped for the build up to the goal last night yes, but he knocked the fuck out of Johnson! He runs the whole of the right field on his own. No Sagna, no RHS. Bacary is amazing!

  21. andy1886

    Gambon, no point in having Hitler at the helm, he’d be off ‘scouting’ in eastern Europe every week.

    I doubt he’d be paying Theo £100k a week either….

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Mach III

    There’s no pressure on Arsene – that’s the fucking problem!!!! Even Ferguson feels pressure to win things – and there’s a man who deserves a break, but no. He’s a natural born winner and Arsene is a cheese eating surrender monkey – it’s in the genes, so I guess we can’t be too critical.

    Add all of this up, and you have a mentally weak team, managed by a weak and pathetic cunt of a manager who got fucking lucky a few years ago and has been doing out on old memories for 8 years.

    The players are shit, because the manager is. Fact!

  23. T Bone

    The lack of accountability at the club provides a haven for mentally weak players. As a result our defence makes Louie Spence look like the epitome of butch masculinity.

  24. Doublegooner

    FACT : Bould HAS been relieved of his defensive.

    Can’t reveal names, but this is from Sports Presenter (Arsenal fan too) who received a message from one of the ‘old Back 5’ confirming the above.

    Our ‘leader’ knows best !!

  25. sabeel

    The current CBs are good enuf,if properly drilled in training by bould who is handicapped under wenger.

    As such Buying new players cant be a solution in defense,as good defensive players have become bad under wenger.

    I dont think even new players will help us.

    In short “Balls to deadline transfer day”

  26. nickfury

    Afetr watching that shambles, that some people call a defence, last night, (goalkeeper included) I would like to pose a serious question to all on this board. Is Thomas Vermaelen the worst captain we have had in recent years?

  27. Gav

    Bould clearly isn’t having any input in the defensive side of training so what is he allowed to do? Put the cones down and cut the half-time oranges?

  28. Rohan

    “Theo picked up a cross from Podolski at the back post” …. Did you even watch the game? It was a layoff from Giroud when Cazorla played it to him that led to Theo’s goal …. SMH ! I do agree with we need some leaders in the team …. We have none at the moment !

  29. Mach III

    Guns of Hackney

    There is no player on the field that runs up and down the RHS like Sagna. I don’t know if you look at the tactics of the team, but he controls the whole of the RHS.. Without Sagna we would be in big trouble.

    Jenkinsen played really well there, but in an attacking aspect we had nothing to offer with him on the pitch.

  30. Paddy got up

    Look on the bright side Santos can ask for Robbens shirt at half time to go with Robins!!!
    Good play on words there ehh folks?

  31. John Gee

    Thomas, please don’t listen to Tony Adams !! He is bitter at not being offered a coaching role, yet, has failed abysmally in his attempts to coach lower level teams. I am not making excuses but Sagna is still recovering from two broken legs and is a shadow of his former self. Vermaelen likewise is half the player he was last year. Gibbs has been the best defender this season. And NO he is not always injured. That is just a crap headline. All of a sudden Theo is Mr Wonderful having been criticised for two years. The man, now 23, is top class. What is frustrating is that Arsenal are so close to being able to compete with the top three, all of which have unlimited funds. Stop criticising AW he is far and away the best man for the job. Not Tony Adams I promise you.

  32. Fizzy Styles

    Mach III,

    Sagna needs to get his game right. Giroud is good with his head in the box. When was the last time Sagna beat his man and put in a decent cross in the box? With a couple of decent crosses Giroud would’ve been more of a threat than he was yesterday.
    Wenger’s contract expires after next season. I’m a patient man.

  33. Kevin

    Refreshing to read an Arsenal blogger who speaks the truth, instead of the usual biased comments. Wenger is the problem, he needs to go! We need fresh ideas. Wenger has said it himself, no one is bigger then the club. Well he is, Gazidis doesn’t even dare to question him. If Wenger can’t see that this team needs reinforcement then he must be blind.

  34. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Buying new players to replace your favourite turkey of the moment; (insert here any of the back 5), won’t change anything.

    It’s clear from the goals we concede that defensively we are not organised and don’t do enough preparation in training.

    Another name comes in, say to replace Santos, Gibbs is out, he’s in the team. Now he may be a decent player. But he’ll be working alone and to what he knows.

    At some point he’ll be out of position, play someone onside, not cover adequately because he hasn’t worked hour after hour on defence on the training ground.

    I remember the legend of the famous back four being tied together by rope on the training ground. This was never true. What was true was that GG got them to imagine they were and to react accordingly.

    Every day he and his assistant would take up a position on each side on the field and shout to the back four where they should be; until it became instinct and second nature.

    Just one example of this last night. When Sagna slipped for the first goal. TA highlighted Gibbs reaction to that. He didn’t! He should have closed right into the back post and cover Mert and TV. Hence the first shot that led to the goal.

    There were many other examples but he constantly said the only way to fix this is in training. Not by buying new players!

  35. Pollux

    Top top post. A manager who has absolutely lost it. Saying more is of absolutely no use. Lets just watch the demise of this club. Sad.

  36. Guns of Hackney

    Mach III

    I just don’t buy into the Sagna love in – he might just be the best of a terrible bunch. Perhaps I am too hard on him, but I lose respect for a player who loses respect for himself or the team. Clearly his head is gone and has been for 2 years – he should just demand a transfer.

    He’s the antipathy of the Arsenal under Wenger: a floating sort of player who takes a salary but never sets the world on fire.


  37. IDOWU

    its just a shame to see this Arsenal side play football. I still cant believe the coach thinks this side is improving ….The defence was in shambles yesterday, even if you put Matts Hummels in that backline, he will still make those same mistakes. The structure of the team is killing the defence.
    Less than 24 hours and we really need 3 players: LB, DM and David Villa….but i guess the shithead called Wenger wont buy any!!….IMO

  38. Afc53

    Mertesacker for me last night was woeful he is never touch tight on his striker and constantly finds himself way out of position with no recovery speed.

    Santos is terrible but as it said in the post he is a small fish in a big pond who’s never an arsenal player.

    Chezzer needs competition to push him in the same way lehmann pushed almunia to be better as soon as the big German left out stepped the clown.

    We are in dire need of a quality
    DM although Ramsey had a good game last night

    My bet is we get nobody and finish out of the top four good old Arsene

  39. Mach III

    If we have Santos in the team against Bayern, we are done.

    I mean, the fuckface passed to them, slipped, got up, fell on his arse again…

    It’s bull shit that he’s allowed to play in the team, Wenger is really supporting the “Wish for a Dream Foundation”.

  40. sabeel

    In current league only one game in a month we have been clinical,in front of goal

    Sept : 6-1 win against southampton

    Oct : 7 goals against reading

    November: 5-2 against spuds

    December: 5-2 against reading / 7-3 againsts newcastle

    Janurary: 5-1 against blackburn

    Just once in a month we really do rejoice, otherwise every damn game defense screws our results,in absence of killer instinct in front of goal

  41. Rohan

    Mach III – Remember Wilshere is still a 21 year old … He is just getting back from a year off and Yes he does drive Arsenal on … But is he a leader yet … Does he influence his fellow teammates enough …. I would not say so !

  42. G787

    Sometimes I wonder if Wenger is not doing the things that everybody knows should be done – strengthen squad – because he somehow dislikes the fans nowadays. Maybe he thinks because he’s done some great things in the distant past the fans don’t deserve him and don’t appreciate him enough, in eternity I’m trying to figure out his behaviour, psychology e.t.c., but it’s difficult.

  43. Kane

    For me, the issue is simple. Arsenal, as a club are showing gross negligence. They are striving to be profitible at the expense of being competitive. The fact they openly boast about this as if it is something to be proud of is an insult to every Arsenal fan.

    Football is an uncomplicated business. Fans, advertisers and sponsors want to be associated with successful football clubs. The world’s best players want to play for successful football clubs.

    While no c;lub can guarentee success, they can guarentee that they will remain competitive – which is all anyone can ever ask of a club. Arsenal used to be able to guarentee this, then year by year, their view of what “remaining competitve” actually meant changed. From a top 2 finish, QTR final of the ECL, one of the 2 domestic cups and / or a final appearance – has become choosing which of the 4 trophies to compete for as we do not have a squad strong enough to compete on 4 fronts and scrapping 4th place to secure ECL group stage football for another season.

    Sure, the landscape has changed, the likes of Chelsea and City and other big spenders have meant that even average players go for big money and big salaries. However, there are plenty of players available that can improve our squad, who can make us more competitive and give the fans some kind of reward for years of emotional and financial investment.

    There are also simple changes (i.e. a focus on defensive frailties, ensuring players contracts are not allowed to run down, a full review and reduction of our inflated wages paid to mediocre players) that could be made to make the club more profitible and more competitive (as that money could be invested in the higher quality players that we need).

    Bottom line – Arsenal FC’s future is in it’s own hands, it has the financial muscle and it’s brand is well known enough that if it decided in the Summer that it was making the required changes to its infrastructure, wage bill, coaching methods and squad quality, it would start next season with a good change of being competitive. It would regain any fan support that it has lost and both advertising and sponsorship revenue would increase.

    It really is as simple as that. Attempts by the manager or board to make it any more complicated is a crass attempt to divert attention away from the fact they are guilty of negligence and have no reason to justify this other than a desire to put profit ahead of being competitive.

  44. Guns of Hackney

    Afc 53

    It always surprises me when posters underestimate just how many players we need – you say 5 – I’d say, we need about £150-£200m and at least 15 players.

    Excluding a new manager, new board and building a new Highbury II – get rid of that coffin bowl. It’s a cursed stadium…there’s a direct link between Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire movie and Arsenal’s decline.

    Trust me

  45. hughie

    Bould was stopped from coaching the way he wanted the time wanker was asked in an interview about the improvement in the defence and the changes Bould had made. He replied with a sneer that we had only played 4 or 5 games and we would see at the end of the season. Wenger is a megalomaniac.

  46. Ian Selley

    if Mr Kroenke feels that Ivan Glazidis and Arsene are not the right people to take our club forward,do you trust him to have sufficient knowledge of the game to replace them with people that will ? because I don’t…he has always struck me as someone who has absolutely no knowledge of what makes a football club successful and is only interested in profit.So if the decision lies with him to replace both of them and he doesn’t have a clue who to replace them with,who is there at the club that will have the authority and knowledge of the game to make that call ?…not a good situation to be in…a clueless/unambitiuos/money grabbing owner and a CEO who has little knowledge of the football side of things

  47. Josip Skoblar

    I was at the game and this is my assessment of the players:

    – Chesney: 4.
    Made some good saves, but also made terrible errors; some could have been costly. He looks unfocused, can’t play with the ball on the ground, is quite poor in the air. As things stand, he’s a good No. 2, certainly not an undisputed No. 1.

    – Gibbs: 6.5.
    Competent game overall. He’s developing well. Injured again!

    – Santos: 0.5. Should not be a professional footballer. One of Wenger’s crimes.

    – Vermaelen: 2.5.
    I agree with Pedro. You have to watch a live game at the Emirates to realise how uninspiring a captain he is. He is indecisive, slow, technically limited. He looks lost and out of his depth most of the time. He shouldn’t be a first choice.

    – Mertesacker: 6.
    Against the tide, I am going to defend him. He may be slow and, at times, error prone but he is a decent defender who reads the game well and who stays calm and focused.

    – Sagna: 3.
    Awful from start to finish. He looks totally out of his depth. Very limited skills. I confirm that he can’t cross the ball. He shouldn’t be a first choice.

    – Ramsey: 6.
    Nothing fancy, not a world class player, but he seems to be settling down quite well in his new position. He fights.

    – Cazorla: 7.5.
    Superb skills and creative. A joy to watch. The trouble is that to be more effective, he would need a strong DM alongside him to bully the opponents. Our midfield is too light-weight so, at times, he has little impact on the game.

    – Wishere: 8.5.
    Not very skilled, but a real fighter. Superb runs with the ball. Our most positive player at the moment.

    – Podolski: 5.5/6.
    Superb player, but too inconsistent, a bit erratic and, in my opinion, lazy (the Arshavin syndrome?). Did virtually nothing in the first half, but contributed more in the second half. When he decides to play, he is an asset to the team.

    – Walcott: 8.
    I’m no Theo fan, but he had another good game yesterday. He was energetic, decisive, daring (great second goal). On the downside, he doesn’t track back when we lose the ball which leaves our (poor) defenders exposed.

    – Giroud: 8.
    He’s no world class striker, but he is more than a decent player for our squad. When the service is good (notably in the air), he scores. Together with Wilshere, another fighter.

    To sum up: disastrous defence and goal keeper; decent midfield (despite the lack of a strong DM) and a decent/promising attack. Wenger should urgently invest in defence (RB and LB + GK). This is our No. 1 priority

  48. Abzman

    This was almost a viable, brilliant article until you ended praising Ramsey and just clearly stated your lack of knowledge of our game. Anyone who plays football would agree how poor Ramsey was, misplacing passes, weak tackles.. always passing sideways (wasn’t Denilson vilified for that). Archair pundit no doubt.

    Sadly I agree with a lot that was said.. and can not wait to see the Santos / Robben battle in the coming weeks.

  49. Rob

    Just to add to the previous statements about Steve Bould being relieved of his defensive duties,he was never in charge of them,nothing changed from before and there was no ‘Bouldy sort out this defence’,there was only minor tweaks instructed by Wenger and no big training drills.I’ve been told this via goalkeeping coach Tony Roberts.That along with Wenger goes mental at his goalkeepers if they don’t play out from the back.Fact.

  50. Mach III

    I don’t think Wenger cares about the Fans at all. If he did, he wouldn’t use the same lines week in week out. He’s comments are a joke to us, but our comments are a joke to him too. No one at the club answers to the fans.

  51. Spanishdave

    We are totally disjointed as a team. I have never seen such a mess at the back, its worse that sunday league, and to know Wenger does nothing about it is disgusting. Its an insult to Mickey Mouse to name them that.

  52. Ali

    Loads of peops giving Giroud stick for missing a tap in……..did you peops watch the game and analysis on Sky????? the ball was fired at pace to him and it took a deflection off one of the Liverpool defenders……..thought he had a massive game a goal and an assist….what more do you morrons want!!!

    No excuse for defence though, we are a shambles at the back.

    We need to gather around the team and give them our support, the negativity around the club is killing us.

  53. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    John Gee.
    TA may be bitter, he may not be. Point is he has nothing to prove as a defender and has been coached into a very good one.

    Now if he has something to say on defending its worth a listen. You cannot ignore his analysis of the defending last night. It was simply appalling, with mistake after mistake compounded by bad positioning and a lack of understanding between the defensive unit.

    Sagna’s slip wasn’t the problem. It was the rest. Per’s effort to block Suarez’s shot. Did you see it? He turned his back!! A CB!

    Now I can see TA or Keown facing that full on and taking the ball in the face or the ballbag if necessary!

    TA may be bitter, but the club think enough of him to put a statue of him outside the ground.

    I’d personally be of the mind to give him a role simply with the brief: OK Tony, put up or shut up. Let’s see it. What have we got to lose there?

    Leaders, big ones, around the club inspire. Listen to what players said about playing with TH and DB. You think TA would not have an impact on the defence if given a role??

  54. Sujith

    I don’t think AW is going to buy a striker coz Gervinho will be back from ANC soon. Priority would be a defender I guess. But the way he has been talking to the media, looks like we might not buy anyone by today. That is the reality.

  55. hughie

    Stewart Robson was on (off the ball) last night talking about brady and him leaving the academy. Will post link when I find it

  56. ovostiks

    the mistakes of how the arsenal goals are scored have to stop on this site as it is getting nigh ridiculous.If per chance you did not watch the game,it would be adviseable to watch the highlights and cut out these errors,dont you think?

  57. gambon

    I think 4th place has almost gone.

    For us to get 4th we will need realistically to beat Everton & Spurs, so absolutely no chance.

    Going in to yesterday we had a home game advantage against Spurs. We dont have that anymore. It was a great chance to catch up points, and as always we fucked it.

    I would say there’s less than 20% chance3 of seeing us in the CL next year, and im fucking delighted with that.

  58. useroz

    Pedro “Santos warmed up to the dread of the whole stadium. He’s like a worse less funny version of Eboue. It’s not his fault though, which is why the booing is really shameful. There are too many people at the ground who seem to be there just for the bad times. Wenger really should be taken to task as to why, despite knowing Santos isn’t up to the job, has not looked to bolster behind Gibbs… who is an injury disaster.”

    Seriously, booing is passion and part of the game. The boys should be big enough to take ‘feedbacl’… I’d rather see if as fans expressing a displeasure for WENGER putting Santos on, choice or no choice, as you rightly put it in latter part of your comment.

    Wenger out… yes, he won’t but it’s the net version of boooing…..probably all we could do to express ourselves i suppose.

  59. Shola

    Aaron Ramsey did not have a good game mate…his passing is so slow he drags our play to a standstill…being able to complete about 90% of your passes is ok but no penetration, no pace…

  60. lamia

    If AW was in charge of Manure they would be a mid table team. He has no idea about tactics and cannot inspire players. He was lucky enough to inherit a great defence and then was able to make some outstanding signings. He has never been able to build a side, it is beyond his abilities.

  61. bayo

    I see some improvement in the team and the way the team is growing. I feel in few weeks time without any injury we would catch spurs…..though taking 4th position is not good enough every year….

    4 the defence vermaelen should just move to LB….santos is the worst player have seen in my life.

  62. Guns of Hackney

    I think forth is a dead cert – I can’t see Everton or Tottenham staying the distance. They should have been out of sight over the last few weeks but we’re only 4 points behind with 14 games to go – hardly a mountain, is it.

    Nah, we’ll nick forth 45 points away from Utd, Arsene keeps his job/gets payrise…

    Boring fucking club to support. In fact, fuck it – Arsenal can kiss my winkle!

  63. irishgoon

    First time commenter, long time supporter.

    I am getting so sick of the predictability of Arsenal’s frailties, and even sicker of the fact that the manager has become so blindingly stubborn.

    All this talk about waiting for the right player, the special one to improve the team etc. is ludicrous. Anybody with half a brain would agree that there are over a hundred players who are better than Andre Santos; there are Sunday League players who could do a more effective job than him in that left back position.

    Our number one goalkeeper is having a mid-life crisis. Give him therapy. Give the gloves to someone ready to shoulder the responsibility.

    We have an empty shell of a captain. I don’t mean that he is a bad player; but he is not a captain. We need a menace of a captain; a Roy Keane type of player who will control that team, someone who knows why it should be an honor to play for The Arsenal and who will make sure that every player treats that honor with respect.

    These are things we all know. Why can’t are manager see them?!?! Is he not world class? Why does he feel shame about spending some money on a few decent players? He obviously feels none paying Arshavin and Co. millions every year to fill up the stadium.

    My confidence in Wenger has gone this transfer window. Arsenal will survive him going. They cannot survive much longer as a ‘top class’ team with his child-like refusal to see that his policies are only sending us further away from our rivals.

    We cannot let our club slide into his senile mediocrity. The only reason we are not further down the table is because many other teams are evolving this season. It was our chance. We missed the boat. Nest season; vital for our club.

  64. Leedsgunner

    For a team that was renowned for its stingy and mean defence — I found last night’s performance shocking — fair enough — we fought back and rescued a point but Arsenal of old would have never conceded such soft goals.

    The manager said after the loss to Chelsea that we could not afford to drop anymore points at home if we are to capture 4th — but we did exactly that last night — but does he highlight it? No of course he doesn’t he’s too busy talking about how this squad is full of mental strength and team spirit. No wonder nobody takes him seriously anymore.

    THe manager fiddles whilst the club burns all around him.

    Santos – the epitome of super super quality… surely the worst left back ever to play for Arsenal? (By the way, he’s promised to get back to his best form slowly… oh ok then.)

  65. Vijiboy

    Why do some of you have to result to referring to Wenger in such a vile fashion? I am NO AKB but have a bit of class for goodness sake!

  66. Guns of Hackney


    Santos has to walk to work now after the plod took his licence away – give the guy a break…he must be knackered!

    But no, horrendous player – Eboue, without any clownish charm.

  67. DUIFG

    scandalous the fact wenger is happy to let us go into the second half of the season with santos playing a major part. Sagna has been truly rancid of late, news of jenks possibly going to stoke is a fucking bad joke, plays out of his skin and gets shipped out so weng hasnt got to drop one of his favourites. No wonder moral is piss poor.

  68. Joppa Road

    What amazes me, is that despite all the glaring wholes in Wenger’s approach to defending and the poor results the man is still not under the slightest bit of pressure AND still is he highest paid manager in the league!!

    Yee Haaa

  69. Doublegooner

    Guns of Hackney.

    I can’t tell you the source name. Use your loaf.

    But, if its the same one who told me Sol Campbell was rejoining in 2009 which I posted on here before there was any mention in the press. LG then announced it about 3 days before he signed.

  70. Guns of Hackney

    Double gooner

    How about their initials?

    How will we know if what you say is true?…is Bould leaving?

    Argghhhh – just tell me!!!!!!!!!

  71. Rhj

    Good post, as usual. Top second half but why can’t Wenger motivate his players – rhetorical question, we know the answer. Liking Giroud more and more, Theo was excellent and Jack Wilshire was immense. And at last Ramsey’s found his position.

    Felt we could have got the winner but when they all dropped to their knees at the final whistle it was hard to be too pissed off, they went for it in the second half and gave all they had. I wonder if Cazorla will be out all of next season or just most of it after Wenger runs him ragged and plays him 10 games into the red zone (is that the right phrase, I don’t really know what I’m going on about?) like he did with Jack?

    Didn’t like the boos for Santos, he can’t help being shite. And it effected him in the game. He loves to get forward and I think he can be dangerous but was very hesitant.

    Interesting Gazidis maybe under pressure, he deserves to be, the fukwit. I wonder what the season ticket churn rate has been the last couple of years? I’m hearing the wait is nowhere near what it used to be and if that’s not a wake up call to them then nothing will be.

    Hey Arsene, why don’t you buy Kyle Bartley back? You sold him for £1mn in Aug, but you could probably get him for £6mn or £7mn now, you prick.

  72. gambon


    Good point, maybe we should have class like your hero Arsehole Wanker.

    Asking for the biggest salary in football management to have us sitting in 6th, embarrassing ourselves every week?

    Theres a really shit site for mentally ill Wenger fan-boys, its called Untold Arsenal.

    Watch out for the old nonces that run the site, they may try to touch you where you wee.

  73. Simon Gaunt

    Never thought of comparing Wenger to Hitler – Gambon, you have changed my mind.

    It’s so obvious what needs changing that it’s becoming boring, LB needed for past 2 seasons – TV5 has never been the same player since he was put out there last year, anyone remember that disaster? He’s come back into the middle of the park and looks like a beginner. We all know the rest, from GK to DM and so on, there is no depth.

    Pedro is right about Ramsey, looks comfortable in the middle and has had 3/4 good games playing there in Artetas absence. I’d like to see Arteta playing a little more attacking when he’s fit, give Jack a rest for a game when he can.

    Anyway, not holding my breadth today but something would be nice to demonstrate the club do care about the results on the pitch and not the profits off it??. They are both linked by the way – speculate to accumulate etc

  74. GoonerDave

    Poor Gambon.
    Anybody with a basic level of knowlege of psychology would feel very sorry for this boy/man.
    Not only is he so desperate for attention that he says things for shock value, but the lonliness he experiences in everyday life leaves him no other option but to lash out at handicapped people, belittling the crimes of Nazi Germany, etc.etc.
    We should all feel very sorry for him.
    He will not learn until he has experienced a bit more of life. Its very obvious that this guy has lived a very sheltered life so far – anybody who can mock the things he does, has obviously not experienced much hardship.
    Cue the standard Gambon response, and watch him prove my point.
    As I said, you might fool a few people on here Gambon, but you cant con everyone.

  75. Josip Skoblar

    I believe we’re still in a minority. No “Wenger out” shouting at the Emirates; when we were 2-0 down, people were of course moaning around me, but after scoring both goals, everyone was ecstatic! I was even surprised by the rather good-natured crowd in the end. The fans kept supporting the team throughout the game. I’ve seen much more tense and angry crowds that that.

  76. vicky

    There is nothing left to say anymore. We can just silently watch a dictator ruining our great club and hope for all this to end one day.

    What are our former greats doing? Do they not have in them to openly come out and create pressure on the people who matter to take a decision? It is all very easy to criticize the defense or a particular player. They should openly ask for the removal of the manager.

  77. wanger-wenker

    @john gee….THE GREAT TONY ADAMS would just have to be in the same dressing room as these half wit defenders and there would be a drastic improvement in focus and morale.
    I dont know where you are coming from….perhaps you like the style of this feeble arsenal team that will never win anything under this joke of a manager.
    As for your comment about wenger being the best manager!…..nice wind up pal…i almost believed you were being a serious AKB zealot!

  78. John Gee

    Thomas, no argument about TA as a leader or a defender, but great players do not always make great coaches. Probably, like yourself, I know a couple of people at Arsenal whao see the training most days, and can assure you that Steve Bould is very active in the defensive coaching. Why Arsenal are so inconsistent the Good Lord alone knows. TV was rated as the best defender in the League two seasons ago, Bacary Sagna the best RB, Koscielny the find of the year, Szchesny the best we have seen for years, !! Why have they all regressed ??
    It is no coincidence that they have all suffered serious injuries and I believe will take some time yet to fully recover.

  79. Guns of Hackney


    The reason the was a cheery atmosphere is because the stadium is full of ‘wet weekends’ – seriously, throw a coin or a can at a player/rival fan – it makes you feel like a big man!

    Arsenal are a business run by creeps, for sad sacks who sit there and toe the line.

  80. Pedro

    Double Gooner, Bould hasn’t had the defence since September when Wenger sulked out at all the praise he was getting.

    He has no say…

  81. Joppa Road

    Arsenal, need a a hard core standing area on the North Bank. say 10,000 ultras who are not afraid to vent their fury. Look at what we have at the minute.

    For one, not even allowed to stand. How would compulsory seating ‘stand up’ (lol) in a court of law? I mean how can you force people to sit if they want to stand?

    No hardcore support. The club is dead.

  82. Skinnywill

    ########### BREAKING NEWS #############

    I work 5 mins from the Training Ground and confirm that no new signings have been seen. The attacking and midfield players have arrived but as usual the defence has not turned up.

    Wenger, do us a favour and buy a fucking defender.

  83. Josip Skoblar

    [Ali January 31, 2013 10:40:24
    Loads of peops giving Giroud stick for missing a tap in……..did you peops watch the game and analysis on Sky????? the ball was fired at pace to him and it took a deflection off one of the Liverpool defenders…]

    Agreed. It’s unfair to blame him for missing that one. It wasn’t technically speaking a “tap in”.

  84. Guns of Hackney


    Exactly. Standing sections, mass brawls and a little bit of aggression from the stands might make these pampered dolls think twice about being so shit.

    Top Side!!! Top side Highbury!!!

  85. as

    Moan, moan, moan – that’s all you lot ever do, if we are good, it’s because the other team are shit, if we are bad, it because we are shit, it’s always the manager’s fault, Pedro, while you often make decent points, so often you sound like just a negative moaner who has decided that he doesn’t like the manager and will always twist his arguments to suit that narrative, that’s why even though I agree with some of your points, it’s difficult to take you too seriously – I always know what you will say regarding a game – before I’ve even read the post, you are seldom balanced in your view, and never give Wenger any credit, even if he deserved it – you would twist that in such a way to make out it’s the work of someone else, and most of your pals on here who’s comments consist of the simple “WENGER OUT…VERMAELAN OUT” variety are just the plain jokers that they sound like.

  86. Harry Redknapp

    they should bring back standing but then the proper fans would lose their season tickets as you could only stand in place of the cheap seats lol

  87. Simon Gaunt

    Josip – you are correct, it hit the inside of Aggers leg and ended up behind Giroud. Giroud is probably our best defender too, very good at defending set pieces and corners. Before anyone starts, I know that’s not what he’s paid to do, but he offers a lot to the team that some others definitely don’t do!

  88. Joppa Road

    Guns. Football is about passion, it’s not just about ‘entertainment’. They are sanitising the game. Look at it at the Emirates. I remember that interview with Johhny Rotten….what words stand out? “Look it, the place wants torching”.

    Up the Ultras!

  89. Leedsgunner

    Joppa Road @1111

    Why are you so surprised at the lack of standing up areas? In or outside the stadium the Club doesn’t like anyone standing up to it!

  90. Gunner2301

    Great write up Pedders

    I was thinking yesterday that due to Gibbs injury and Villa vanishing into the ether if he ever was on the radar that we might be in for a LB today then I woke up and remembered we have Koscielny, so expect Kos to partner Mert and TV to play LB for the next few weeks. Wenger will not buy.


    ps. Pedro have you changed the font? it seems a bit funny on the eyes?

  91. Joppa Road

    Johnny Rotten, “But fkin hell, who took the Arsenal away?”

    So very true.

    Now Pedro moans at Rotten for not being a true fan (he doesn’t attend any games). But you don’t know how many games he attended growing up.

    Rotten is right.

  92. John Gee

    Gambon, as GoonerDave said, “who’s the idiot”. You should read comments in full before replying. If you would like a full and frank discussion on the merits of Arsene Wenger I would gladly accommodate you, but, only in words of more than one syllable. Could you manage that in the Queen’s english ?

  93. mrz

    I remember the match against Liverpool at Anfield this season..Diaby played a major role in the midfield..he won the ball from opposition for billions of times….But yesterday, Diaby was not in team!!!! where is the defense which conceded just 2 goals in first 5 matches????????

    When Diaby was injured, I really hoped to see Frimpong in Diaby’s place…where is this guy??? He was considered as a perfect replacement of Song….Frustratingly, after Frimpong’s recovery from injury we hardly got his service…i wonder what Wenger was thinking when he let him go to Fulham on loan….

    Arsenal has deteriorated so much that the person, who was once widely admired for this club’s glory, will be blamed forever for his utter arrogance which led to club’s demise….let me tell u something…if Wenger stays for another 2 years, this club will no longer be fighting for champions league spot…

    Wenger will never be remembered for his achievements with the club, instead, he will always be held responsible for his part in this club’s decline….He, himself is destroying his legacy at the club..

  94. karaul

    josip –

    youre 100% right about every player. but my conlusion would be different – to save THIS season we must buy DM and one defender who can play anywhere in backline. for NEXT season list goes on and on… if we dont buy anyone today, i want us to finish like we stand now. sorry to say that but i cant see nothing no other way out of this

    + ramsey – i think he had good game but just because he was one of the players who tried really hard. but is just trying hard enought for arsenal? he isnt good DM by any chance. hes might end up like good second hand version of arteta in this role but again.. arteta should even be our 1st choice for DM – hes alternation to wilshere in his position

  95. Josip Skoblar

    January 31, 2013 11:06:27

    I think we have by and large 4 categories of AFC fans nowadays:
    – Away fans, die-hard, passionate fans. Few of them turn up at the Emirates.
    – Tourists and passengers; those who arrive 5 minutes late and leave 10 minutes from time and who spend a fair amount of time going to the loo or buying food and drinks during the game.
    – fair-weather supporters: they support the team come what may. They moan when we are 2-0 down but are happy when we equalize and go back home fairly contented. They remain faithful to Wenger because of the 1998-2005 years.
    – Older supporters: they’re not happy with what they currently see, they want Wenger out, but they also remember that bar a few titles (essentially under GG), Arsenal was never a dominant force in English football. So despite their anger, they keep thing in perspectives. I belong to that category, mate!

  96. gambon

    John Gee

    However educated & smart you think you are, you are nowhere near me, so yes, of course I could.

    Would I want to debate anything with a guy half as intelligent as me?

    Frankly no.

  97. Marrrfooo

    I will say that was the least worse performance from Santos I’ve ever seen. Would have bet my rent he was gonna pull Henderson down for a pen/red card (before he eventually scored) but he didn’t. Doesn’t stop him being awful. But still, worthy of note as his performances have been so bad…

    I’m bored of us giving top 6 sides goals through mistakes. Bored of it. Very disheartened by the final result. Only possible shine was that everyone else (bar Everton) dropped points too – but that just also means 2pts to close up that we threw away.

  98. Dom spawn of Baresi

    We’re not going to win anything with wenger. His mismanagement of the defensive situation is inexcusable. He just dosen’t know how to fix things. I’m so bored of it, and judging by the empty seats last night, fans are walking away. Wenger in my opinion needs to do the same thing, he’s out f ideas and for the benefit of club he needs to get someone in who can do a proper job a rebuilding this squad and put pressure on the board to spend.

  99. Josip Skoblar

    Simon —
    You’re right. Giroud’s body was ahead of the ball when it reached him. Given the pace of the ball, it was quasi-impossible for him to put it in the net.

    karaul —
    cheers. I don’t think that we disagree here. Ideally, Wenger should buy a new RB, CB and LB, but I know that it’s impossible. So a strong DM and a defender with versatile skills and who can play in different positions would also do to me.

  100. mystic

    gambon January 31, 2013 10:42:36
    ‘Going in to yesterday we had a home game advantage against Spurs. ‘

    Can’t honestly see the advantage that was there. Lost 3 games at home (3 away), avoided defeat at home in 9 games – 6 wins & 3 draws (9 away – 4 wins and 5 draws).

    With Arsenal and spurs grounds circa 1 1/2 miles apart, I wouldn’t say that there is much pre-match going either way for each team in a North London derby (either at WHL or the Emirates). Form doesn’t count, grounds don’t count – passion does and without emergency rectification I ‘ll grant that could be Arsenal’s undoing.

    Whether Arsenal manage to beat Everton at the Emirates is a different matter altogether.

  101. Guns of Hackney


    Really nice analogy. Good post!

    I can’t argue with your assessment and you’re right. I have followed since 1982 and remember some terrible seasons – but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t supporting Arsenal because I had too – my Dad hates football and think it’s played by femmes…I loved Arsenal because I grew up across Clissold Park. Win, lose or draw – I didn’t care, I was just glad I felt part of the club. Played for the Juniors Team, got Xmas cards signed by the players, ball boyed…back then, we were actually part of the club – you could almost talk to players like they were mates.

    Football now is horrific and the reason why my opinions on Arsenal have changed is because SKY basically said “we need a new type of fan…one with money and sensibilities who won’t cause any problems”…and here we are. A sanitised, soulless (sport) which is played by millionaires and watched by middle class ponces who see a Saturday game as the space between getting up, and supper.

    For me, Saturday’s game started the previous Saturday if you know what I mean.

  102. gambon

    Sorry mystic but thats utter bollocks

    Last 3 NLD at home = 6 points (average 2 points per game)

    Last 3 NLD away = 1 point (Average 0.33 points per game)

    Theres clearly a very obvious advantage to playing pretty much any team at home.

    Id love to see how many teams in the whole of europe pick up more points away than at home.

    Theres likely the odd statistical anomaly of about 8% or something.

    In the PL its 10% i think

  103. Josip Skoblar

    I couldn’t agree more with you.
    Did you see the banner unfurled at the end of the game by the Pool fans yesterday? It read: “Is it a fair price for a working-class game?’
    That says it all.

  104. Bade

    Well, honestly we were shocking yesterday from top to bottom

    We looked the 2nd best most of the game & when we had possession we were wasteful

    Ramsey had a really good game? Give me a break. For someone who isn’t a DM he did OK. That said, he was way below the needed quality. He is to blame for the two goals we conceded. We were easily countered because he seemed unable to hold the line alone, so Jack drifted back too many times to help him

    He’s energetic yes. He’s giving his 100% yes. But he’s more like Flamini in his 2nd or 3rd year than in his last one. Still far away from being our DM.

    Liverpool had almost no one in the middle yesterday & they cut us almost by will. Against Everton, Spuds, Mancs we will get battered with Rambo as DM.

    I like the lad & his 100% effort attitude, but come on he’s not our DM solution

  105. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – one can always count on a Scouser for good humour!!!

    Standing would be the answer to a lot of problems. Ticket prices could be reduced as capacities increased, ‘real’ fans would be able to go back to games, atmospheres would improve…

    Such an easy solution but, nope. Too dangerous – YAWN!

  106. gambon

    Bergkamp to head up the academy?

    Yeah right!

    As if Wenger would ever let such a popular person come in and steal any limelight from the egotistical prick.

    Theres a reason Adams, Bergkamp & Vieira have never been allowed back.

    Theres a reason despite our appalling defensive slide that’s gone on for 6 seasons he hasn’t at any point asked even Martin Keown, who’s much less popular than Adams, back.

  107. Josip Skoblar

    Pool are an average side but they are well-organised in midfield.
    Steve G. – who almost never runs on the pich ! – is alway well-positioned on the pitch and he’s an inpirational captain.
    Carragher looked old and unable to cope with the pace and he was such a time-waster!
    I am VERY impressed by Suarez. What a player! Possibly among the top 5 strikers in the world at the moment. He’s a cheat, but what a player: his movement, his skills and his positioning are sublime.

  108. wanger-wenker

    The AKB continual comment which declares “be careful what you wish for”, in response to the perceptive amongst us that want wenger OUT….should be answered with the statement “yes we may end up with the manager of grampus 8”.
    These AKBs are like the downtrodden wives of an abusive husband. They have somehow got used to the punishment and are too insecure to want to do anything about it and remembering the good times when their loved one wasnt a complete and utter CNUT.

  109. gambon


    I remember when they signed Suarez i was asking why on earth we arent looking at him.

    That 50 yard ball he played with the outside of his foot to Sturridge was amazing.

    So sad to know we will never be competing for these top players until Wenger leaves.

  110. Josip Skoblar

    I’m in favour of standing as well. I don’t think they’ll do it. The lumpen would come back to the stadium! 😉

  111. mystic

    Last 3 Prem. matches at the Emirates:
    Drew v Liverpool
    Won v West Ham
    Lost v Man City
    Total 5 points

    Last 3 Prem games away from Emirates
    Lost v Chelsea
    Drew v Southampton
    Won v Wigan
    Total 5 points

    To a sporadic team such as Arsenal there is currently no benefit either way.

  112. Northbanker

    Gazidis must now resign – no other CEO in any football club anywhere of Arsenal’s stature or even just below would accept this level of mediocrity for this long.

    If he doesn’t have the power to sack Wenger, who is so long beyond retirement it is untrue, then it is not possible to continue. Until that decision is made, the decline will continue.

  113. gambon

    Arsenal lose to Man City “We have shown great spirit and quality”

    Arsenal lose to Chelsea “We have shown great spirit and quality”

    Arsenal draw with Liverpool “We have shown great spirit and quality”

    Fucking ridiculous.

    There is no doubt the guy is mentally ill.

  114. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. Pool people are more clever than us… They got for £10M. a world-class striker, someone as good as RvP or Falcao, IMO.
    Suarez really impressed me yesterday. He’s got everything: the skills, the killer instinct, the flair, he’s strong on his feet (when he doesn’t dive of course… 😉 )and he’s one of the rare strikers who manages to bully defenders. Unbelievable!