Arsenal fight back… but it disguises nothing. We’re in decline and the manager is blind to it.

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So the topline assessment is that once again, Arsenal weren’t good enough. The… erm… second from topline is that despite us not being good enough, I really enjoyed the second half. Once again, Arsenal seem to have slipped into an irritating pattern we can’t shake. We’ve had them all, conceding early, conceding late, great first halves, great second halves… the trend at the moment is weak first halves and p*ss poor defensive performances.#

Last night saw us drop points because we can’t cut out the individual mistakes. No one seems keen on taking a leading role at the back. The first goal conceded last night started with a slip from Sagna, the ball was cut across the box, Vermaelen got no where near it, Sturridge had his shot blocked by Szeceney, the ball rolled out, it looked like Ramsey tried to back heel it away, then Suarez rolled up to smash it in and Mertesacker turned his back on the shot. A calamity. I’d like to put it all on Sagna but the issue was more down to the poor reactions after the save.

We didn’t roll over and die. Walcott went down the other and and had a powerful shot turned wide. Giroud shanked a shot on the edge of the box dreadfully wide of the post… things weren’t great up top. You really did feel yourself praying for a Villa.

Our keeper showed himself up with some daft 6 yard box shenanigans. He tried to Cruyff turn Sturridge in his area, found himself tackled which put us under pressure. A few minutes later, he made a seriously poor attempt at punching the ball clear from a corner. His positional sense and confidence for high balls into the box has taken a battering. Arsene Wenger should be out there right now brokering a deal for Steklenburg who is on the radar for Fulham. Our keeper has no pressure and his performances are being negatively impacted as a result. He’s arrogant. There’s no consequence for playing terribly.

The first half started to go stale, I remember one moment where Johnson was down injured for a few minutes. Steven Gerrard took time out to speak to 6 of his players. He was barking orders out, trying to raise their game. What was Vermaelen doing? Nothing. Hand on hips, staring blankly into space looking totally shell shocked. Really poor. The lack of leadership qualities in our squad is appalling.

Things went from bad to sour when Kieran Gibbs picked up his customary injury. Santos warmed up to the dread of the whole stadium. He’s like a worse less funny version of Eboue.  It’s not his fault though, which is why the booing is really shameful. There are too many people at the ground who seem to be there just for the bad times. Wenger really should be taken to task as to why, despite knowing Santos isn’t up to the job, has not looked to bolster behind Gibbs… who is an injury disaster.

The second half started off with a bit more intent. Podolski was clattered after a surging run into the box, we thought it was a penalty, goes without saying really. Theo nearly put us ahead after the German put a perfect ball into the back post… the header from 3 yards was a bit of a mess, even for a short man.

Disaster then struck when Jordan Henderson, a player so average even his own mother struggles to watch him, waltzed through our defence, hit a shot that Ramsey did well to block, Santos was in the way so it bounced back into Henderson’s path and he slipped it in. What a joke…

We really kicked into life after that, Podolski had a powerful shot that went just wide. The team started moving for each other and the chances rolled in. Our goal came from a Jack Wilshere freekick. Giroud managed to get his head on the end of it and turn it in. Finally… he’d scored. It didn’t take long for goal number two to arrive, this time Theo picked up a cross from Podolski at the back post and smashed it low from an acute angle to make it two.

Giroud and Theo had numerous chances to close out the game, but the finish just wasn’t there from either of them. Someone with a clinical edge could have had four goals last night, but it wasn’t to be. We were still conceding posession down the other end, so the game didn’t feel closed off until the whistle went…

At the end of the day, a point isn’t good enough. It may have come from being two goals down, but that doesn’t really disguise anything. We’re not good enough in defence and that starts and finishes with the manager. Like a friend said to me last night, Arsene Wenger is managing decline. People say he’s overworked, but what is he actually doing? He’s controlling the club, but he’s not working on defence. He’s not working on a game plan. He’s clearly not working hard to bring players in. He’s just managing the team like he was 10 years ago without the bells and whistles of success. No man in the modern game is capable of managing every aspect of the club, why someone hasn’t pointed this out to Arsene is beyond me.

There’s this theory that your wage bill is reflective of your final position in the league. It generally works out that way. Some use this to justify how we do every year. Why don’t we turn that theory on its head? Should the highest paid manager in the league not be performing to a higher level than his peers? In the same way you pay the best players the best money on the expectation they’ll over achieve… shouldn’t the same be true of the manager?

If yesterday’s post match acceptance that his squad is good enough didn’t convince you he’s dead as a manager in the top echelons of the game, I don’t know what will. As I’ve said many times before, I’m not sure it’s a player thing. Our defence has been the same regardless of who we put into it. Many of them leave and go onto better things. Vermaelen and Mertesacker aren’t bad players, but they’re not being given any instruction or support. Play on… and sort out the mess yourself seems to be the strategy. It’s killing us…

I was told last night that the mess hasn’t gone unnoticed at the top. Apparently Ivan Gazidis is also under pressure as well. If I owned a football club, I think I’d be asking questions of him. I know he can’t over rule the manager on the playing front, but when the manager you’re working with starts to affect commercial income because he’s so unbelievably rigid, you have to step in. If Arsenal finish outside the top 4 this season… who is going to spend out for a club level ticket? Who is going to want to fork out £500 a ticket for a box (that has 16 seats)? Blind loyalty to a manager who is lost in his own arrogance isn’t good CEOing. The fans are unhappy, the team looks unhappy, the pundits are all stating the obvious… so everyone in world football is wrong about this team bar Wenger who has once again said he can’t find anyone in world football good enough to improve his squad?

Utter drivel… it’s almost like he’s behaving the way he is to spite the fans… and in the process, he’s actually doing far worse, he’s spiting his legacy.

Leaving this post on a high note… I though Aaron Ramsey had a really good game last night. He reminds me of Flamini in the middle of the park. He likes getting stuck in and he seems to relish the pressing game. I also thought Theo was excellent. His control has come on leaps and bounds as has his footballing brain. 18 goals, not a bad return.

It’s transfer D-Day… let’s hope for a miracle.

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  1. Marko

    Yeah no question this summer big changes are needed, new board and manager please on top of the new goalkeeper, new RB, new dominant defender, a DM, an actual winger and a world class striker. To get the later we need to get a new manager and new board members cause the current set up has had plenty chances to spend and they never do. No more chances we need changes. That could be the slogan

  2. Cesc Appeal

    I’d love Dick Law to run into the boardroom with a share size bag of Chili Heatwave Doritos shouting ‘I got him! I got Nacho’s.’

  3. g0tch34ted

    West Brom training tomorrow …

    Chris Brunt: Peter … you look tired …

    Odemwingie: I’m a bit sleepy, but my heart is in this.

    Chris Brunt: You, er … go out last night?

    Odemwingie: -_-


    What’s kind of sad about the Beck’s deal to PSG…

    Is that even a great player like Zinadine Zidane..A WC & Euro Winner+SerieA,LaLiga+CL Winner +other Cup’s & widely held as one of football’s contemporary great’s,hardly commanded the kind of money & exposure that this prick Beck’s does..

    Even Ronaldinho of Brazil,was a far better footballer & achieved more in term’s of trophies.

    It’s all about the branding,peep’s…
    Give the prick Beckham some credit,he’s positioned himself well,to get these big offer’s!

    Moral of the tale,work hard & find yourself a manipulating media whore(s)!!
    (Pedro take note).

  5. Alex James

    The keeper situation still scares the hell out of me. We do not have one good goalie at the club. Spurs have three. The signing of one LB, who may well be an excellent player, will not stop the daft defending we have become used to. In my 60 odd years watching Arsenal, I have seen some bad defences at the club but the performance yesterday was the worst I can recall. Players falling over and miskicking. And the goalie deciding he is a Messi. Ferguson would never stand for it, whereas our guy says what is a defence? when questioned on MOTD. If Wenger doesn’t know, who does?

  6. reality check

    I’m willing to put a few pinky notes to this blimp thing whatever. Tbh it would be a laugh so fuck it and fuck you ‘wenger give him another chancers’

    Post the acct & sort.

  7. bazza

    We signed Santos from Fenebace for £6.2m and he’s not good enough to cover for Gibbs for 3 weeks. Can anyone explain to me why a cunt like me recognised on day one that a 28 year old without pace, fitness or positional sense would ever make it in the Prem. I can understand the logic behind most of our other signings and of course some work out and others don’t but this one was just sheer incompetence.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    QPR’s £12.5 Million signing of Samba is only £2.5 Million away from our record signing…with £160 Million of cash in the bank we thought yyeahhhh £8.5 Million worth of Nacho’s will sort out the worst squad we’ve had in 20 years

  9. BacaryisGod

    Antone but Santos so I’m happy. Vermaelen will play against Bayern, and we’re big underdogs against them with or without Gibbs so no real change there.

    Not sure why so many people are upset. We’ve added a player who by most accounts is a solid, no-nonsense defender. This fills an absolute need.

    The most troubling issue is the lack of form from Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker. Verm and Mert had a nightmare against Liverpool and Kozzer has slipped from last season.

    The positive is that Giroud, Theo and Podolski are all mostly firing away. Ramsey looks like good cover for Arteta and Wilshere is close to being back to his best. I would just like him to add some outside shooting to his game.


    Imagine the face’s of Le Grove fan’s tomorrow..

    No new signings…

    Silence,anger,peep’s physically shaking….
    All until Arsene open’s his mouth..

    AW:We have exceptional strength,quality& extremeeeee mental strength…No new signing’s were needed,we review in Aug 2013.

    LeGrove..Cue bedlam…..


  11. Keyser

    It might not be Cavani or even Isco, glad we did this the old Arsenal way though, almost no link, just went out and got it done.

  12. Tomtom

    Can’t wait for the next window,love how Wenger makes the late big signing without any fuss. Surely Monreal will be the final piece of the jigsaw that will bring the glory days back again. Wenger you’ve done it again!

  13. Joppa Road

    Think of it this way though. There are no excuses now, everybody knows where they stand.

    Wenger has told us to believe in the players we have. So as far as he is concerned these lot are good enough for 4th (which is the stance I have always taken too – at present we are good enough for 4th and no more).

    Fans now know Arsenal are a selling club with no ambition. This should affect season ticket sales.

    If our fans all renew then they deserve more of the same shit.

    Fourth is as high as we get with Wenger. .

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Simon on Sky Sports talking a lot of sense.

    ‘You can say what you want about Arsenal being a break away from what Chelsea do, or City do, or United do. You say Arsene is lucid when he does his business, say what you want…they don;t win anything.’

  15. Lordbergkamp

    We haven’t improved the squad overall.

    In three weeks, we will have two good left backs. But not enough good midfielders or defenders in other positions or goalkeepers.

    >>big sigh<<



    Even if Hot Chilli Nachos join’s from Malaga,is he not cup-tied for the CL?

    So if Gibb’s is out for the long term,are we not left with Santo’s as an alternative still?

    In short,is it all about the battle for 4th place?

  17. Joppa Road

    VIX…that’s all it’s ever been about for the last 5 seasons. Surely you have read my comments?

    The board’s ambition at present is 4th and 4th only.

    Wenger really does believe his team will achieve it. So much so the fans think 4th IS a trophy. It borders on insanity.

  18. Tomtom

    Well at least our lack of spending means low ticket prices for us fans,oh wait………….we have the most expensive tickets in the world

  19. Royal Bludger

    Cesc – that’s a very telling point – QPR’s record signing is almost the same as ours.

    It’s shocking and unacceptable. There must be some serious money-laundering going on at AFC

  20. Marko

    We should of signed him when we lost Clichy. Monreal is and excellent left back who the only reason he isn’t Spains left back is because Alba is slightly better and plays for Barca or Real. Still think the summer needs a massive clear out (manager) and some significant purchasesto get the club and the fans back on the road to sanity.

  21. Dream10


    All cup tied when purchased.

    Instead of buying Chamakh, he waited for a free transfer.
    Chamakh has struggled, but Arsenal would rather save than compete.

    Arsene would save a few million rather than compete.

    Monreal was going to be purchased in the summer.

  22. Gregg

    A shit transfer window and a clear indication that he knows that the next three weeks could see us completely out of the running for 4th spot, hence signing a left back. So much for the ‘we will be working extremely hard in the transfer window” – usual bollox and we’d have done nothing if Gibbs didn’t get injured on Wednesday. We needed a strike of quality so that we can finish teams, we came back well against Liverpool and threw the sink at them, then we tired, no optoins on the bench. No one to rotate and keep Giroud/Walcott fresh. It’s a bare bones squad and it’s the weakest by far since he’s been at the club.


    Yes I have read your comment’s,like an alcoholic needing a drink first thing in the morning,to get his day reeved up..!

    The 4th place mantra,is what it is…
    What the club,have happily accepted& brainwashed the fan’s into believing, what is sadly an achievement.

    That said,we could have signed Beck’s.
    He would have moved mountain’s..

    In term’s of ticket sales,shirt sales, merchandise & added to the AFC Coffer’s big time..

    Surely we missed a trick there?

    & We could have done with his missus-‘Ole Posh Spice,adding a bit of class to the proceeding’s…
    You know,the sullen money grabbing parasite in the boardroom@ the Emirates.
    Nouveau Rich,mixing with ‘Ole school money,over a Vintage Bordeaux Wine..
    Courtesy of the proletariat’s in the stands…

  24. Gunner2301

    We should have bought Samba. He’s the leader we needed at the back since he left Blackburn. Maybe Wenger thought he would shout too much and frighten the players? A LB brought in only because Gibbs got injured yesterday means he had no intention of buying anyone and as usual last minute purchase. No matter how good this guy is he can’t rectify what’s wrong with the team. What a Cunt Wenger is.



    Quite frustrated,we even bought Nachos..

    Wish we kept the same unit..

    Only for this guy,to fall on his stubborn sword.

    Was hoping for a L’Pool win.
    That way,he buy’s no-one & finally hang’s himself(not literally)-career wise come the end of the season..

    Anyway PSG is the way..!!That’s where he is going it seems..

  26. Dannyboy

    Shocked but not at all surprised that todays only purchase was a Left Back who wouldn’t have been signed if Gibbs wasn’t injured yesterday.
    We haven’t signed a keeper despite having 2 that are absolute shit, and 1 that is well on the way to being shit also.
    Unbelievable and unforgivable that we haven’t signed a ‘top top top top top kwalidee’ centre back aswell, as all of ours are shit, with the exception of Per who is slower than a tree.

    Concerning doesn’t even cover it…

  27. reality check


    ‘Can’t believe that Arsenal have purchased one of the best left backs in the world for less than 10m. Great bit of business’


    A left back is what get your boat rocking?

    Signing this LB was more urgent than a CB or DM?

    One of the best in the world?

    I don’t remember aaaaaannnyone saying his name before today?

    He may be world class, unlikely. Who else from the elite clubs in europe was in for him. Why did we wait till the last few hours to buy. 8million was it.

    was he 15million at the start of the TW but because its the last day we got him for cut price. ? Nope

    Don’t forget we have a “world class” szh szh szh szhney! Who like to do Cryuff turns in his own box


    Royal Bludger
    It’s shocking and unacceptable. There must be some serious money-laundering going on at AFC

    I’m sure Pedro,must have some information at his fingertip’s that he’s keeping close to himself.

    Or,he basically know’s fuckall & is just a conduit for Gazidis & Wenger to spin their shit through..A puppet…!!

    He can’t even control Gambon.
    Gambon run’s ring’s around him,like a pig you pick up on a drunken night,when you are completely off your trolley.

    You decide?

  29. Lordbergkamp

    Raheem – he walked around the streets of Manchester handing out money to the homeless. On a separate occasion he bought them food.

    How many other players have done the same??

    Legendary bloke!

  30. Gunner2301


    Things will still fall apart it might just take a little longer. There are so many problems I just hope Monreal doesn’t look bad due to the state of the defence. We need wholesale changes but that will never happen under Wenger that’s why he needs to go. We will still struggle to make the top 4 and do anything in the CL.


  31. Lordbergkamp

    Gunner – we’ve not addressed ANY of the current player issues. Are we fucked? Yep.

    Will we get 4th? Nope.

    Will the club care. Nope.

    They have £140m in cash to buffer us….


  32. sean

    Gunner23001. You must be the worst poster on this blog. Wenger didnt buy samba because he thought he’d’shout too much and frighten the others???? I am sick of reading your feeble ass posts on here. Le grove, can we install an ignore device or something so i dont have to read such shite?



    Unfortunately Balotelli,is forever locked in an internal struggle.

    To free himself from the child that live’s within.A manchild is what he is…

    A child,that had immense talent,but did not know how too harness it..

    A troubled manchild,that has yet to come to term’s with being a foster child.

    A sense of abandonment & no sense of belonging.

    Trapped b/w wanting love & appreciation. & being loved for who is,no matter what he is..

    Conflict’s of interest..

    Where he has now become a figure of fun,for fan’s in England & Italy.

    It’s a long-winding road for Balotelli.
    Dare I say,we’ve seen the best of him..

    What a shame..He offered so much,but delivered so little,for the immense talent he was given..!

    I hope he prove’s me wrong!

  34. Kleinfeld

    More Harry Redknapp on QPR’s deadline-day business: “We missed out on one or two – but that happens. We were very fortunate to get Christopher Samba as a replacement for Ryan Nelsen. We’ve replaced one excellent player with another. We’ve also took a couple from Tottenham, Jermaine Jenas and Andros Townsend, and I’m sure they will do well for us. This morning we were optimistic of getting Peter Crouch and Peter Odemwingie – they were on our radar – but unfortunately it didn’t happen.”

    What a fucking disgrace he is,honestly. Just buying a load of average wankers on stupid wages. I mean Chris Samba on 100k a week? They both be ashamed of themselves. Redknapp is a complete joke.


    Royal Bludger
    Wenger’s not an economist – he’s a money-launderer.
    & Pedro is a sympathiser for all thing’s wrong with this blog..Case in point(Gambon)

  36. Joppa Road

    We were crying out for Samba. It’s so obvious. Bring in Begovic, Samba and Nacho and people suddenly sit up and think ‘hang on he means business’.

    But to sell us Ramsay as a new DM. I just cannot believe and then to get a kind of blessing from Pedro because he had an OK game. It’s mind blowing what this board and Wenger has done to the fans – even on a blog as anti-Wenger as this one.


    As Bergakmap63 said the other day,”this blog will soon be empty…”

    Has he posted recently..?
    Nahhh did not think so..

  38. Kleinfeld

    Samba is shit, when will people realise this. Just because he’s big doesn’t mean he’s any good. He’s a fucking oaf.

  39. sixx pac

    “I don’t remember aaaaaannnyone
    saying his name before today?
    He may be world class, unlikely. Who
    else from the elite clubs in europe was
    in for him. Why did we wait till the last
    few hours to buy. 8million was it.
    was he 15million at the start of the TW
    but because its the last day we got him
    for cut price. ? Nope”

    Nice comment reality check. I’m positive you were one of those lamenting us missing out on Michu. Another Spanish player you had never heard of till he signed for Swansea. Twerp



    Pedro get’s butt fcked by Gazidis & Arsene,especially when he attend’s AST meeting’s & training session’s..

    & come’s back spouting what they whisper too each other during pillow talk-time.Simple.

    Gambon,all though insightful & funny,is a despicable man,with his vile r-a-c-ist & religious tones.

    There’s no way,he can spout such vile nonsense in a public arena & get away with it.

    Worse still,he has never apologised for such rant’s ever.
    That’s what make’s it even worse..
    & Pedro enable’s it..

  41. Royal Bludger

    Who is the only person who can’t see that Cazorla is rapidly moving towards the fabled ‘red zone’?

    The 7 million pound manager, who has made 50,000 substiutions, and currently has his best ever squad.

    You fucking money-laundering cunt.


    Samba is shit, when will people realise this. Just because he’s big doesn’t mean he’s any good. He’s a fucking oaf.
    Samba is much better than Vermaelen & Koscieny,Djourou,Squillaci- all combined,for sure…!



    Switch back on in 2014.
    Hopefully all will be well then..!!
    Arsene at PSG & maybe SS gone as well..


    A boy walks in on his father blowining his moms back out,fuckin the breath out of her.
    Dad is looking at his son and at the same time laughing his ass off continuing on fuckin his wife,just tearing that ass up,just ah hooping and a hollering.
    The son is just standing there with his mouth open in shock,just speechless.
    Next week dad comes home and hears all this loud moaning from his sons room.
    Dad opens the door ,and stands there in shock.
    His son has grandma in bed fucking the breath out of her.
    Son turns around laughing like shit at his dads expression on his face.
    Dad looks sick to his stomach,says to his son ,what the fuck are you doing.
    Son smile and continues fuckin grandma then says,isn’t so funny when it’s your mother is it.


    Yeah we signed Pedro…Expect new signing to be unveiled tomorrow,till 2014.

    & the new rhetoric..”It’s ok people,we have Summer 2013,when according to my inside sources-major change’s will be occurring..”

    “Big,big signing’s & Arsene has turned the corner..Bould was ineffectual & had to be removed & in has stepped Nigel Winterburn..”


    So,on the transfer front & the AFC PR Spin..


    Even veteran Beck’s….

    LMFAO..It all came down to replacing Gibb’s,who was injured against L’pool..

    A last minute buy.Nacho,probably recommended by Carzola..

    The whole joke is truly on the fans…


    If this is not a cumshot in the eyeball,then what is?

  47. BacaryisGod

    All you moaners have turned me into an AKB.

    My position has been if we can find a suitable replacement (Klopp for me) then a dignified exit should be given to Arsene.

    Now because of all the moaners I am rooting completely for him to get you bitches off his back. F.A Cgue and Cup doubleup and 4th place here we go! Next season League and Cup double.

  48. Gunner2301


    I don’t see you contributing anything on here. It’s because of cunts like you why the Club is in such a state you should take a long look at yourself in the mirror.

    If you don’t like my posts don’t read them otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  49. Gunner2301


    Hopefully that will be the case. 2014 can’t come soon enough. I hope by the Summer he’s indicating that he’s not staying on. I reckon it will take us 5 years to undo this shit and put us back at the top with the rest.

    WENGER OUT! (just for you Sean. Cunt)

  50. Royal Bludger

    Imagine if the window closed yesterday, and Gibbs injury happened today; instead of the other way around.

    Thats why Wenger is paid to launder all of the money out of our club.

    Wenger + Gazidis + Board – Thank you for your interest in *OUR* affairs.

    Silent Stan doesn’t even attend games.

    Rotten cunts.

  51. follow the money

    Wenger will never go to PSG because of France’s new 75% tax rate on millionaires. He won’t go to Madrid for the same reason. We are stuck with him. I would have gotten slightly optimistic if we’d gotten Reina and another striker (Cavani) defender (N’Koulou) and midfielder )Isco) but Wenger as usual has just done the absolute bare minimum. With Monreal we will probably get the 4th place trophy but NOTHING more. BOGUS. Where’s the damned ambition? Grrrrrrr


    Jan 2013 Transfer Rumour’s & possibly AFC Rumour’s…

    Even veteran Beck’s….
    August 2012
    Transfer Rumours,or AFC PR Spin


    Jan 2012 Transfer Window
    Rumour’s or AFC PR Spin:-


    August 2011

    …..In conclusion,it seem’s to get worse as the year’s progress ..
    That is, the immense bullshit that the club utter’s about signing’s,or being linked conveniently with them, grow’s exponentially,with each passing year..!!


    This baffle’s me..

    Beck’s sign’s on a 5 month contract to PSG…

    Then,why announce you are donating your wage’s to a children’s charity?

    A real classless Ex-Manc Cunnus..

    As if,he won’t get that money back through image right’s & spin off’s+his wife’s fashion range to plug through the backdoor of the PSG PLATFORM..
    Bunch of classless c**t’s.

  54. Gunner2301


    I never listen to their shit

    The club that talks about Hazard and serves you up Gervinho. Claims they bid 20mill for Reina but wouldn’t pay the extra 500k Hughes wanted for Schearzer.

    Yes the club who apparently went in for Mata but forgot to transfer the money into the sellers account therefore his release clause expired.

    The same club that travelled to Argentina to sign Alvarez thinking he was free only to find out he wasn’t. Then there was the Joel Campbell farce where’s he anyway?

    What about the man who insulted Bolton over Cahill but thought Koscielny was worth 10mill. Lets not forget our charity to Monaco over Park Chu Young or the 18months we wasted waiting for Chamakh to become free so we could line his pockets with 75k pw to smoke his shisha pipe.

    Anyone who still feels to support a clown of a manager who has clearly lost his mind are as mindless as him.



    Anyway,what are the new French Tax Laws on millionaires in France,especially for non-resident’s..?

    Explain’s why it’s only 5 month’s & why he’s giving his money away to charity..

    He’ll probably earn fuck all anyway,after tax(not that he need’s it..)
    & decide’s to spin it,so that he’s giving his wage’s all for charideeeee…

    Beckham-“The Philanthropist”

    I’m with El Tel on this one..A massive Manc C**t….


    Funny how Beck’s got to train @ the Spur’s former training ground @ Chigwell,when Redknapp was in charge circa Jan 2011…..

    & twice@ Colney under Arse(ne)..

    But never under Fergie-“His Mentor…”
    His schooling ground@ Carrington,or the Old Cliff-Man Utd..

    The Club,that made him,CL,EPL’S,FAC’s,etc,etc….
    The No.7 shirt!

    I wonder why..?



    I know,you could compile a thesis on the Club & Arsene….

    But to be fair the whole game is tainted..

    Just listening to these guy’s on Sky Sport’s,

    Beckham,Redknapp,Odemwingie,et al…

    Make’s you realise the game is so far gone,that the word’s,honesty,truth & reality are alien word’s for them to comprehend/grasp…

    I suggest,you find another pursuit,or pastime.

    Good for your health & for your family.

    Right now,the whole scene,is quite comical..Tragic & sad,but comical..

  58. Gunner2301


    You can tell from all his statements that he regrets being “thrown out” of Man U. Despite all his money he knows he fucked up and there’s no way back. Cross Fergie and your finished in his eyes.

    Now Wenger he’ll suck you off time and time again throw his morals in the bin at the drop of an hat. He’s the poster child for battered wives.

  59. ikon

    Watched the highlights of the pool match yesterday for the first time. Have to say, was quite impressed with Walcott. Even though overpaying someone is not the best thing to do… in many ways it is like in corporate terms, taking the cyshion out by taking more debt. It helps people be on their toes, and eager to prove others wrong. I think we will see Walcott growing more and more and being sold off for a hefty amount after 3 years. I am quite happy with signing of Nacho, seems to be a good talent… but would have been so much happier to see Fabregas and Villa in the side. For 40 million it is definitely possible. Fabregas in the center, Cazorla on the wing, Villa and Giroud upfront, we need no DMs in that side.

  60. Gunner2301


    Don’t worry I’ve got this shit into perspective and enjoying the extra money I can spend on my family. I’ll get involved when I see progressive change and not before. When I think of the miles I travelled in all weather to follow that cunt only to get fucked over by him time and time again.

    I don’t have any appetite for it and am enjoying my sabbatical. I really miss those trips to Middlesbrough and Sunderland.


    He’s the poster child for battered wives.

    LOL at the above….

    Arsene is a stubborn man..
    What can one do..?

    I’ll admit,I’ve become battle weary & just frankly drained of the same ole repetitive chicanery..

    In fact,I’ve slowly falling out of football altogether..

    In a way Arsene,is not to blame..
    He’s just become a by-product of the industry..All focused on making money.

    It’s about the supplier vs the consumer..
    A product,that they sell to you..
    If you don’t like it,then they are 20,000+fan’s behind you that do(although the number’s are dwindling from say 40,000)..

    It’s a number’s game..
    Question is,do you still wish to be part of that number?

    We can dissect Arsene & the Club’s M.O.
    from now till doomsday.
    But tomorrow when we wake up,they will be far richer than us,peddling the same bullcrap.

    At some point,there must be a tipping point,for’s alike..

    I just don’t understand the idolatry towards Arsene & the club,by the AKB’S.
    It’s mindless..

    For me,I’m quite frankly past caring..

    I now see Arsenal,as a sense of amusement,a comedy of a club.

    My friend’s ask me about Arsenal,I now reply with whatever,bring on the jokes…

    I have a ManUre friend,who has on so many occassion’s this season & the last season,said sorry for your poor result(s).
    Mocked us for selling RVP to them..
    That,in the beginning I used to tell him to take a running jump.

    Now it’s become a custom..I’m no longer embarrassed..

    I laugh it off with him..

    In fact the downward spiral of the club,is mirrored on here with the recent comment’s section.

    It’s all gone to pot…

    Just enjoy your life Gunner2301,without the necessary hassle of AFC..

    Life will be sweeter…


    I mean honestly speaking,does anyone read Pedro’s post’s with a sense of realism?

    Or with a sense of what could be,i.e.fantasy?

    It seem’s,it’s not that difficult to bend the poster’s over here,with a convenient mouthpiece…!!

  63. Dan Ahern

    Monreal is a terrific signing.

    Something we shouldn’t overlook though:

    AFC’s strategy was 100% to sit on our hands and hope for the best. We know this because Wenger said they’d been watching Monreal for a while. Some media have said he was supposed to be a summer signing and we were forced to move early on him. He was our only piece of business, and only happened immediately following Gibbs’s injury.

    Nice signing.
    Shameful club.

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    Now we see David Beckham moving to the upwardly mobile PSG. If The Arsenal don’t watch themselves they may ………………………………….. become like Tottenham 🙂

  65. gnarleygeorge9

    Don’t get me wrong, my point wasn’t about missing out on a player who bends the ball well, its the fact that as each week passes, The Arsenal seem to be losing out in the “ambition to win cups” stakes to more ambitious Boards and/or owners.

  66. gnarleygeorge9

    Nice signing? Time will tell. The problem is all the deadwood that Le Boss can’t or won’t get rid of. Lets be honest here, Santos, the panic buy, makes me panic now when he fiddle farts with the ball late on.

  67. ikon

    Will be interesting to see how the new signing adjusts. 8.5 million is quite a good sum of money for a LB and I dont think Everton would could have resisted a 12 million bid for Baines. Anyways, at least it is ok to expect the new signing wont be as bad as Santos. Rest of the defense need really some good kicking. Mertesacker was aweful, but what was Vermaelen doing playing out of positions so high up the pitch?

  68. sam

    after leroy fer deal with everton collapsed we should have grabbed him.
    santos is crapped but our current DM is worse, hendersson walked in the box with no one to tackle and scored. that was worse than the first goal.
    Wenger is a fraud, a proper DM would have covered santos with a sliding tackle and ramsey was just ball watching

  69. Ash79

    Glad I could break the Nacho transfer on LG, shame there was no other news to report.

    Glad the window is closed now, just get on with the game now.

  70. Ash79

    Press conf right now and Wenger cracks another joke – this man simply does not care one jot. What a total cunt.

    Wenger jokes that our training must be good, because becks trained with us then secures a move to PSG, followed up by a wry smile.

    Also adds that now gibbs is 8 weeks away (fuckin crock!!!) and with Nacho being cup-tied, Santos oould play a key role. im sure he will, for Bayern.


    Wenger Out

  71. Gunner2301

    Quiet window considering the problems we have all over. I can see Baines being snapped up by United in the Summer. Bayern are going to have a field day. It will be one of those games where Walcott doesn’t show up.

  72. sam

    nacho will turn into shit under wenger, maybe thats why he’s scared of signing anyone new.
    wenger won things with players that don’t need much instruction n motivation on the pitch now he has players that need proper coaching he turned them all to shit

  73. Al

    I called it…Gibbs is out longer than 3 weeks which is the only reason we bought nacho…had gibbs not been injured or was out for only 3 weeks you can bet we would have signed No one

  74. Ash79

    Nige – John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    #afc Wenger says Arsenal have 2 left backs now as Gibbs injury ‘can easily go to 8 weeks.’

  75. El Tel

    That twat Becks had the audacity to say I will not play for any other English team than them Manc cunts.

    And we let him train with us.

    If I was in charge I would have grabbed the cunt by the scruff of the neck and told him to take his fucking band of hangers on and go see if them Manc cu ts want YOU.

    He was always a thick cunt and still is.

    How can we let him i to our camp? He probably rang Scholes and Giggs every day to update them on how shit our players are.

    Anyway, we got a new player.

    Wenger was in a restaurant and saw Nachos on the menu. He has wanted Nachos for a long time but the £5 dish was to expensive so he waited until the restaurant was nearly closed and offered them £2.50 for the left overs.

    What a shitc..t He has become.

  76. reality check


    Who’s this ‘Sixpacc’ prick?

    Your sure I was praising the michu signing?

    No no and no, see you don’t know me or my process of thought. If you had seen my post before you would know that

    I gave up on wenger the minute he let Vieira go!
    Michu, ha! We had Van persie and now were suppossed to be cool with

  77. Leedsgunner

    So Gibbs is 8 weeks away now? What is wrong with this club and its desire to continually pump out untruths?

    Oh did anyone else hear him say he’s been monitoring Monreal for awhile… This again smacks of falsehood – we all know that he would have signed NO ONE if Gibbs hadn’t been injured… and anyways he’s been spending days telling us how he’s pleased with his squad because he has two players in every position… and how three players in a position is “too much”. Shows how much he trusts Santos?

    Says anything does anything to get himself out of trouble. Wenger makes Machiavelli appear ethical.

    Santos is Squillaci II – between them two they must be taking home at least 80k per week. Don’t worry AKBs Santos will also be unable to be sold in the summer… because proper managers won’t touch him with a barge pole.


  78. reality check


    Who’s this ‘Sixx pacc’ prick?

    Your sure I was praising the michu signing?

    No no and no, see you don’t know me or my process of thought. If you had seen my posts before you would know that

    I gave up on wenger the minute he let Vieira go!
    Michu, ha! We had Van persie and now were suppossed to be cool with some swansey player. Yeah fair play to him, having a good season. But listen if he was so good, why wasn’t he making waves in spain? Do you really think the spanish national team coach didn’t have a deep knowledge about the spanish league!!? Ummm duh u prick

    Of course he knew about michu, but back then, michu wasn’t saying shit, and we had Van Fucking Persie! So gooners could’nt giva fuck about michu.

    Now we depend on giroud? Who?

    Fuck michu fuck giroud This is arsenal! We should be in for at least 4 world class players, not mabey-mabey nots!

    Eg. Michu vs Aguero

    Both good players, but only one gets the worldclass stamp you turd

  79. useroz

    Boring game till 35″…

    Weak mid field uninspiring…Wilshere had couple of good passes but that’s it

    Backline fine but this is Stoke

    Uninspiring still the word. Ox got to be sharper in his passes

    Need to shoot smarter. What’s the point shooting at the guy a yard in front of you?? Yes, Theo, were talking about you!!!

    Arteta too slow and when he finally releases the ball its a bloody side pass most of the time.

    Lacking forward momentum too convoluted in our game…and often 1 or 2 players in the box so wots the point???

    Probably get a 1 nil win.