The BIG PR news story | Liverpool should be a good game | Villa and Cavani deals looking distant

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Hey Arsene...

Tonight is a super massive exciting tie against the topsy turvey Scousers. They’re actually less consistent than us which kind of leaves me with more worry than if we were playing a better side. If you’ve taken time out to watch Brendan Rodgers new outfit this year, you’d know that even when they’ve been beaten by better sides, they’ve often played better football. He’s instilled a system at Liverpool, he just doesn’t have the staff to make it work. Steven Gerrard can’t play the short passing game, so he’s having a tough time and all around the team there are gaping holes they’ve tried top fill with mentally weak youngsters…

Sound familiar? (that’s Arsenal of 3 years ago, now we have mentally weak senior players)

Players to watch out for are the more senior chaps. Suarez, Sturridge are the obvious ones… along with Raheem Sterling, the most fertile man in Merseyside. Liverpool will be dangerous off the back of an embarrassing exit from the  FA Cup. Will they pick themselves up and dish out a battering, or will they lay down and die in a youthful show of characterless rubbish. I’m hoping the latter.

Arsenal head into the game off the back of two wins. Theo and Jack will no doubt return to the side alongside Thomas Vermaelen at the back. The former two turned the weekends game around when they came on, hopefully they’ll inject a bit of excitement into the first half tonight. Really, that’s been our major issue of late… we can’t get things off the ground early on and we suffer for it. We need to match our second half’s with a decent first half showing.

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter around Arsenal launching a big PR surprise this evening… could it be Villa? Could it be Cavani? No… iiiiiiiit’s… a SEASON TICKET PRICE FREEZE!

It works on many levels, the tempreture is freezing, so are the season ticket prices. They’ve done that to make the campaign memorable, like the time I used the word ‘in-car-edible’ to sell car insurance. It’s great news though. Being from London, life is tough… I have to suffer £4.50 pints as a standard, my ciabatta based lunch costs upwards of £5 and the cheese counter at the Neal’s Yard Deli isn’t getting any cheaper. So I’m glad next season, I’ll be paying the same for my ticket.

Other rumours about a major deal being announced don’t have legs from what I’m told… unless it’s someone like Diame. If that’s your idea of a big PR story, f*ck me, you need to get out more. As much as I’d appreciate a body or two, the references from West Ham fans on the midfielder aren’t gushing to the point where I’d see his signing as something pivotal in our season. David Villa has been told he’s not leaving Barca… however, now that Manchester City are sniffing around, that might change. Someone coming to the Catalan’s with big money could have an impact.

Wenger seems happy with his squad. When isn’t he eh?

“As numbers we have enough. We have plenty of quality strikers. We could do with top quality, one more, but you have to find him.

“No [I don’t see it as a problem]. When you speak about ‘anyone’ coming in, I could just go out and buy anyone just to give people hope.

“What is important is that you bring in players who can strengthen your team, or you do nothing and are strong enough to do nothing.

“That is what is important for us, to bring in a player who can strengthen the squad. ‘Anyone’ to me means exactly what today the modern game has become.

Now, there are many things that bother me about the above quotes, but the main one is that we pay a scouting network to identify players for the manager to purchase if he needs them. Wenger is looking for a new striker and we’ve got to the end of June and the best the scouting network could come up with was David Villa? I mean honestly… I could have come up with that name! Where is the creativity? Where are the insightful purchases of yesteryear? Is Arsene really telling me that in the whole of Europe, there’s been no one of suitable quality to bolster our squad?

Still, as far as I can see… the striking issue is a bit of a red herring. Giroud has 13 goals and 7 assists, Theo has 17 goals and 10 assists and Podolski has 11 goals and 11 asissts. I appreciate there’s been a disproportionate amount scored in easy games, but for me, we’re starting to click with our strikers. I remember when people said Adebayor’s great season didn’t count because he had 2 hat-tricks against weak teams. For me, the real weakness lies in the midfield. We don’t have a box to box dynamo that will stay fit and we have very few quality options when it comes to rotation. Fellaini would be nice as would Capoue. Whatever happens this window, the biggest miss will be a game changing midfielder.

This whole transfer window has the hallmarks of world class PR. The build up was exceptional with Wenger getting his money spending face on declaring he’d recruit all over the park. From the leaked stories of a mega deal in the offing. To the three weeks we spent wondering if David Villa would be our saviour… to the final switch up… which was a price freeze on already mega expensive season tickets.

Let’s hope this evening works out well, if it doesn’t, I suspect chants of ‘spend some damn money Arsene’ will reverberate around the sterile walls of our stadium.

Have a great night this evening, also, check out my hilarious Vine video about being a digital Arsenal fan.. yeah, I’m social media to the max.


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  1. Arsene's Nurse

    Two dreadful bits of defending has cost us 3 points – why will they do nothing to stop the defensive silliness?

  2. Keyser

    Santos and Mertesacker sum up the shite half of Wenger, how fucking crap can you get, we’re just lucky Arteta wasn’t there to make up the shitty triumvirate.

  3. Jeff

    But Wener won’t be worried or panicked. Nothing has changed. We’re still only 4 points away from fourth and I expect he reckons will make that up as the games go on. Same old same old.

  4. Gunner2301


    They’re all at fault. If I was TV I would have that back 5 training outside of Wenger sessions. They all just sit back and accept what the manager is doing without showing any professional pride themselves. I don’t know how someone can be 6ft 5 or 6 and can’t jump. WTF

  5. tippitappi

    defence lets us down AGAIN but we all know the defence don’t need any stwenthning or coaching for that matter Henderson making entire defence look twats

  6. azed

    Does anyone have an idea of what negligence of duty means because for the past six years we have been defending like under 8 girls and Wonga has done nothing about it.

  7. Alex James

    Utd’s defence is as usual rubbish but they are still winning.. Ferguson would kick players out otherwise. Our chap gives the rubbish more money and keeps grinning.

  8. Jeff

    I don’t think we can catch the top three (10 points away from the nearest Chelsea) so our nearest contenders for fourth this season are Tottenham and Everton; just as ordered and expected. Everything going according to plan.

  9. Paulinho

    Absolute laughing stock again.

    Santos absolute legend again. He’s basically becoming an on field representative of all the fans that want Wenger to fuck off and retire in embarrassment. He’s doing a great job of making him look a fool, and nicely sabotaging things.

    Well done Andre.

  10. Keyser

    It was curling back into Giroud not in front of him, his feet just weren’t quick enough, he’s a good striker, but he’s not exceptional technically.

  11. Ichiban

    Would have preferred if we lost and Le Senile at least did some panic buys. Looks like it’s gonna be until summer

  12. kwik fit

    If that fuckin madman doesn’t strengthen tomorrow we are seriously fucked. Giggs injured. Next it will be Jack then Santi then Feo. He didn’t even bring on a sub tonight. Why ? Because he hasn’t got a clue. Everything is totally of the cuff, just like his team.

  13. SpanishDave

    Our defenders have no fear about being dropped because there is no quality back up in the squad. Diaby now gone missing again wtf, tomorrow probably Diamme thats it

  14. jlp

    Ryan ThongJanuary 30, 2013 21:34:16
    Santos is a bloody walking disaster waiting to happen.
    Where the fuck are you…2011.
    Mate this guy isn’t waiting for anything he is a disaster happening with every fucking thing he does.
    My drool covers more space and quicker then Santos could.
    Truly remarkable that he receives a paycheck as a footballer.

  15. dennisdamenace

    Cowley – What’s the fucking point? As soon as Wenger gets his hands on them and imparts his non-coaching they’ll end up being the new Santos and Ramsey.

  16. Incesc


    Arsenal are shit, wengers a cunt, spend some fucking money, santos is shit, gazidis what do u do, where were the subs, ref was a cunt, sagna is shit, Gibbs will be out till September 2015, fuck the world!!!!!!

  17. Steve

    ‘ Ellis on twitter: “Holtby changed the game for Spurs, always moving and looking for the next pass. What we’ve so lacked”

    Are you listening Wenger ?

  18. Higz

    Fucking shocking. My only positive of the night is that my Chelsea friend text me saying ‘pardew at emirates next year’ seconds before reading equalised. So of course I replied with ‘pardew at the bridge next year’

  19. Johnny5

    Well that was a bit of a waste of 90mins and were no better off than we were this morning. I’ve been fighting his cause but merts was a disgrace sagna was shit chezzer couldn’t even be oldhams no1 keeper but a good strike from theo another two for giroud will let wenger off the hook only two players really turned up jack and poldi the rest were average to poor. What’s the crack with the poor first halves though

  20. Shepp

    -top cf
    Overpaid average players that we cant get rid of
    Is the reason he won’t even contemplate making signings even if
    he wanted to!!
    no room for extra wages
    Manchester united get 2nd and spend 50m
    arsenal 4th – profit



  21. Keyser

    LemassiveCoq – Look you fucking cocksucking pussy, show some respect to your fellow blogger please ?!

    Be a dear, thaaanks.

  22. Lee Pace

    Arsene ”We were Nervous defensivly, we were fantastic all night” WTF does that even mean?

    He’s also managed to squeeze in the ‘Q’ word twice already.

  23. Paulinho

    Ha ha Shreeves pulling Wenger up on his incompetence and Wenger trying to shrug it off because he hasn’t a clue how to remedy it.

  24. tippitappi

    the only thing concerning wenger enough to buy is a dip in his fucking bonus the big turd , and its no use thinking gazidis will take any initiative the board and wenger are one of the same with wenger spewing shit again on TV

  25. Gunner2301

    I like the way Wenger sidestepped the question about what he was going to do about the defence lol. He nearly said “What defence? I don’t know who is the defence?” LMAO

  26. Shepp

    I’m glad I don’t know how much ramseys new contract is worth!


    untill bendtner, Denilson,chamack,PARK, rosicky,
    squid, santos, arsharvin and even mertasacer have run down there contracts, don’t even think about any changes to this squad!!

  27. bayo

    I dont think the performance is as bad as people are painting it….It was not perfect but ok..we conceded 2 poor goals not because it was a great build up from Liverpool but poor defending….I think jekinson should start ahead of sagna

  28. Jeff

    We’re clutching at straws here. Everyone knows we’re not good enough to win anything and it is just how close to fourth we can get. Maybe under a different manager we could squeeze another 10 points out of this team but as it is we are crooked from all angles. It’s sad when you know your season is over even before Christmas.

  29. BillikenGooner

    We don’t even get the pride of easily being the best mid-table team anymore. (ie Top 4 is a trophy)

    Spuds, Liverpool, Everton and even West Brom are competing with us for that.

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    And when Wenger has to drop Santos and play Vermaelen at LB, we are one injury away from scary Squillaci. Yay!

  31. Paddy got up

    Didn’t even watch it, just found out the score, couldn’t give a fuck
    Well done Arsenal you have beaten me down to this level.
    Keep your money, keep your lying manager, keep selling land and property, keep ripping the fans off, keep selling our players, keep your pop arena shite ground full of corporates on a day out. I’ve had enough..

  32. gazzap

    That defence is a disgrace. The whole back 5 is playing like a bunch of incompetents. We need some serious surgery at the back. He has got one day to overhaul the whole defence. What’s the betting Wenger buys precisely nobody? Or he might buy a young french playmaker. I think i’d rather he buy nobody.

    Wenger OUT now.

  33. Goldinho

    Fucking hell do any off you minges coating Ramsey off watch the fucking game. Typical picking on a player and knowing fuck all about the game. But I make you all right about wenger, he’s undone all the good work he did in the early days by being a money grabbing cunt

  34. Hitman

    Baines, Baines , Baines….

    Probably enough to get 3rd spot provided we shoot Ramsey. Who said he was decent. Kept giving ball away. Effing liability.

    Spurs about to embark annual implosion. Chavs looking iffy- how are we still in this race for 4th?

  35. GoonerGaz

    Why do we accept this 4th bullshit.

    I don’t care to qualify for Europe, I just want my Arsenal to challenge for the title.

    Any old team can win the champions league, scousers a few years back, Chavs last year, whats the big deal?

    Fuck the champions league.

    Wenger thinks it’s an achievement, that’s the problem. I wish it was only the winners of the prem that were aloud in the champs league. That would end this bullshit.

  36. bayo

    The team needs to get themselves together and put in a 7 match winning streak. I t will be very important to beat spurs and everton as the 2 fixtures come after the other

  37. Marko

    The absolute second Gibbs went down Wenger (the clown) should of gone to Ivan and told him to go sign a left back. We’re down to Santos and Meade now and Santos is the unhealtiest looking fottballer I’ve ever seen. Is he fat? Is he a cocaine addict? Is he a lazy fuck? Or all of the above? Beyond a joke go buy Monreal or Cissoko on loan just do something.

    Loved how the sky interviewer pressed Wenger on why we start poorly and make mistakes in defense. And he had NO answer. Honestly blind leading the blind

  38. Hitman

    Agree Goonergaz.

    4th place is BS , achievement PR for losers, lowering standards and expectations , from snake oil salesmen and rip off merchants.

    BUT I need to finish ahead of the Spuds to get some fulfillment from the mudane.

  39. gambon


    Dont forget guys, theres no one who can improve us!!

    Going into today we had an advantage over Spurs of more home games, thats now gone.

    Absolutely no chance of finishing 4th.

    Wenger will say all is fine though.

  40. mystic

    kwik fit January 30, 2013 21:43:04
    ‘…..Because he hasn’t got a clue. ‘ Back off, in Wengers defence this time the fact that he didn’t send on a sub was because he doesn’t trust any of the prats.

    Fucking hell Wenger how obvious can you make the fact, you even gave Podolski a full 90 minutes you are so scared of the averageness on the bench.

    If Gibbs is truly out for 3 weeks, then we can look forward to 2 PL defeats, out of the FA cup and a hammering in the CL.

  41. Harry Redknapp

    thomas vermaelen, paint him black and change his name to titus bramble, put it on arsenal . com new signing

  42. mystic

    Pedro is there nothing you can do to remove that fucking smiling picture of Wenger, I’m going to bed soon and that smarmy, self righteous, repugnant image is going to give me nightmares.

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger had no idea how to change the game and win it and absolutely no faith in the lads on the bench, How this deluded prat can say we have 2 players in each position I’ve no idea. How can we have 70+ pros taking a wage at the club yet zero depth in the squad.

    We’ve had 30 days to get reinforcements and boy do we need them, yet nothing. 24 hrs to go.

  44. follow the money

    our defence has been crap since 2007. It’s the main reason Nasri RVP and Cesc left. If you were an offensive player and always did your part, how would you feel when the clowns at the back and in goal bungle away what should be wins into draws and losses? How Wenger doesn’t see this and do something about it is one of the worlds great mysteries

  45. mystic

    How can Wenger say hand on heart that Arsenal have 2 players in each position – fucking hell as it now stands we have no-one as a left-back; one option is injured and the other simply shit.

  46. kwik fit

    I think Wenger has no option but to pull coq into Santos’s position. It’s not ideal I know as coq can be better utilised else where. It might even give Santos the necessary confidence lift that he has been crying out for.

  47. Marko

    I’m not even one of those guys who would wanna sack someone for finishing 4th it’s nothing to turn your nose in this day and age but when areas of the squad and club are so bad and there’s a refusal to fix them or acknowlege them then somethings gotta change. Either he fixs them or they bring in someone that’ll do it

  48. kwik fit

    Wenger says he will be active on transfer deadline day. Watch out Mrs Wenger its going to be a busy day for you. Shouldn’t have went to Ann Summers perhaps?

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    northerngooner January 30, 2013 23:03:33

    I wonder if anyone has ever bought a shirt with santos on the back.
    You just know that there’s a junior gunner out there who was asked by his mum who his favourite Arsenal player is, with an eye to getting him a shirt for Christmas. The kid says excitedly, “Santi!” – mum buys a Santos shirt and the kid’s Christmas is well and truly fucked.

  50. marcus

    Wenger should be asked the following question:
    Are the players performing to their ability so far this season?

    If he says yes, then he is admitting the players are shite. If he says no then he should be asked this follow up:
    Why have you not been able to get the best out of your team with 2/3 of the campaign gone?

    Either admit the players are shite, or take responsibility himself.. Would like to see him dig himself out of that.

  51. pliget

    12 points behind compared with the equivalent matches last season (50-38). We have scored 3 more goals but conceded one more (what was the goals against tally for the last 6 years again) – sigh).

  52. Arsene's Nurse

    northerngooner January 30, 2013 23:18:21

    arsene’s nurse.
    that junior Gunner was Santos’s son.
    roflmao – you know your shite when your own son burns the shirt (with your name on) that you gave him for Christmas!

    Santos: Fancy a kick about lad?
    Santos’s son: Yeah dad.
    Santos: We’ll go down the park, there will be loads of other boys there.
    Santos’s son: Great, I’ll get my boots. (runs up stairs)
    Santos: (shouts up to son) Don’t forget the shirt I got you for Christmas!
    Santos’s son: (son appears at top of stairs) Actually dad I’ve been meaning to tell you something.
    Santos: What’s that?
    Santos’s son: I don’t like football, I’m gay and secretly play with Barbie dolls.
    Santos: (A look of shock on his face)
    Santos’s son: (walks of to his room) Thinks to himself, “well at least that wasn’t as embarrassing as being seen in a Santos shirt down the park.

  53. Doublegooner

    FACT: Bould HAS been relieved of his defensive coaching

    Can’t reveal source, but guy who sits next to me for last 20 years & knows many sports & football people got a phone call this week from a well known Radio sports presenter friend telling him he’d received a text from one of the famous back five telling him that Bould has been relieved of defensive coaching.

    Seems the control freak runs everything at the club.

    Brady leaving,,! The same guy showed me texts he had from Liam today. Very diplomatic ..wink wink nudge nudge say no more.