The BIG PR news story | Liverpool should be a good game | Villa and Cavani deals looking distant

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Hey Arsene...

Tonight is a super massive exciting tie against the topsy turvey Scousers. They’re actually less consistent than us which kind of leaves me with more worry than if we were playing a better side. If you’ve taken time out to watch Brendan Rodgers new outfit this year, you’d know that even when they’ve been beaten by better sides, they’ve often played better football. He’s instilled a system at Liverpool, he just doesn’t have the staff to make it work. Steven Gerrard can’t play the short passing game, so he’s having a tough time and all around the team there are gaping holes they’ve tried top fill with mentally weak youngsters…

Sound familiar? (that’s Arsenal of 3 years ago, now we have mentally weak senior players)

Players to watch out for are the more senior chaps. Suarez, Sturridge are the obvious ones… along with Raheem Sterling, the most fertile man in Merseyside. Liverpool will be dangerous off the back of an embarrassing exit from the  FA Cup. Will they pick themselves up and dish out a battering, or will they lay down and die in a youthful show of characterless rubbish. I’m hoping the latter.

Arsenal head into the game off the back of two wins. Theo and Jack will no doubt return to the side alongside Thomas Vermaelen at the back. The former two turned the weekends game around when they came on, hopefully they’ll inject a bit of excitement into the first half tonight. Really, that’s been our major issue of late… we can’t get things off the ground early on and we suffer for it. We need to match our second half’s with a decent first half showing.

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter around Arsenal launching a big PR surprise this evening… could it be Villa? Could it be Cavani? No… iiiiiiiit’s… a SEASON TICKET PRICE FREEZE!

It works on many levels, the tempreture is freezing, so are the season ticket prices. They’ve done that to make the campaign memorable, like the time I used the word ‘in-car-edible’ to sell car insurance. It’s great news though. Being from London, life is tough… I have to suffer £4.50 pints as a standard, my ciabatta based lunch costs upwards of £5 and the cheese counter at the Neal’s Yard Deli isn’t getting any cheaper. So I’m glad next season, I’ll be paying the same for my ticket.

Other rumours about a major deal being announced don’t have legs from what I’m told… unless it’s someone like Diame. If that’s your idea of a big PR story, f*ck me, you need to get out more. As much as I’d appreciate a body or two, the references from West Ham fans on the midfielder aren’t gushing to the point where I’d see his signing as something pivotal in our season. David Villa has been told he’s not leaving Barca… however, now that Manchester City are sniffing around, that might change. Someone coming to the Catalan’s with big money could have an impact.

Wenger seems happy with his squad. When isn’t he eh?

“As numbers we have enough. We have plenty of quality strikers. We could do with top quality, one more, but you have to find him.

“No [I don’t see it as a problem]. When you speak about ‘anyone’ coming in, I could just go out and buy anyone just to give people hope.

“What is important is that you bring in players who can strengthen your team, or you do nothing and are strong enough to do nothing.

“That is what is important for us, to bring in a player who can strengthen the squad. ‘Anyone’ to me means exactly what today the modern game has become.

Now, there are many things that bother me about the above quotes, but the main one is that we pay a scouting network to identify players for the manager to purchase if he needs them. Wenger is looking for a new striker and we’ve got to the end of June and the best the scouting network could come up with was David Villa? I mean honestly… I could have come up with that name! Where is the creativity? Where are the insightful purchases of yesteryear? Is Arsene really telling me that in the whole of Europe, there’s been no one of suitable quality to bolster our squad?

Still, as far as I can see… the striking issue is a bit of a red herring. Giroud has 13 goals and 7 assists, Theo has 17 goals and 10 assists and Podolski has 11 goals and 11 asissts. I appreciate there’s been a disproportionate amount scored in easy games, but for me, we’re starting to click with our strikers. I remember when people said Adebayor’s great season didn’t count because he had 2 hat-tricks against weak teams. For me, the real weakness lies in the midfield. We don’t have a box to box dynamo that will stay fit and we have very few quality options when it comes to rotation. Fellaini would be nice as would Capoue. Whatever happens this window, the biggest miss will be a game changing midfielder.

This whole transfer window has the hallmarks of world class PR. The build up was exceptional with Wenger getting his money spending face on declaring he’d recruit all over the park. From the leaked stories of a mega deal in the offing. To the three weeks we spent wondering if David Villa would be our saviour… to the final switch up… which was a price freeze on already mega expensive season tickets.

Let’s hope this evening works out well, if it doesn’t, I suspect chants of ‘spend some damn money Arsene’ will reverberate around the sterile walls of our stadium.

Have a great night this evening, also, check out my hilarious Vine video about being a digital Arsenal fan.. yeah, I’m social media to the max.


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  1. Arsenal 1886-2006

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the Emirates
    Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool
    “Liverpool lead 1-0 – and quite frankly Arsenal should be delighted with that. It would insult schoolboys to suggest the Gunners have been defending like schoolboys.”

  2. Danish Gooner

    We could have had Rooney and Van Persie playing together,instead we have Giroud and Walnutt………Ohh deary me.There will be no Champions League this year.So this summer will spent looking at real,real super quality and Wenger taking his cheque book to Brazil or some other place and then forgetting his Black berry on 31st of August.Then resisting signing sub-standard players like Falcao,Fellaini,Baines,Llorente,Herrera etc.

  3. Jeff


    It’s very strange. I’ve never seen Wenger go and see anybody else play. I know you can watch videos but there’s nothing like watching your rivals playing each other. I don’t know there are just so many “strange” things.

  4. Lordbergkamp

    TV5 is sooooooo poor. Our captain, possibly worst player on the pitch… Although santos is on now so he’s got some stiff competition second half…

  5. jaroda

    Can you f***ing believe it! The guy on Fox sang the clown music to our defending for the goal. How dare he!

    Everyone knows it should be the Benny Hill theme.

  6. useroz

    Poor GK, RB, LB, Verm. Mert’s ok.

    MF not in form including jack…starting to get tired??

    Well, nothing from our forward line.

    So a poor side like Lpool comes here and leading……..

    Fuck off wenger. Stop the rot….

  7. Alex James

    Nothing we have seen from our lot so far should come as a surprise. Our defence has been bad for years, with zilch being done about it. Bouldy. Right!

  8. Jeff

    So far as this game is concerned I really do think we have a couple of goals in us. It’s that sort of a game where Liverpool won the first half but we’ll win the second.

  9. Jeff

    And I don’t say that because we’re playing really well but Liverpool are also very vulnerable at the back; just like us.

  10. SpanishDave

    Seeing that goal again what the f was Vermarlen doing he completely missed the ball, he just panicked. He wont be dropped as he is the captain. This is one crap defence,what is Wenger seeing? This is championship defending and its been like this for some time

  11. Dannyboy

    The massive half time shit that I just did would be a better manager than Wenger.. (probably stunk less aswell)

    Bet you all can’t wait for the post match interview after tonights 3-0 defeat, it will go a little something like this:

    Reporter: So a heavy defeat in front of your home fans Arsene, what do you make of todays performance?..
    Wenger: I did not see it.
    Reporter: right… so we saw Gibbs go off with what looked like a serious hamstring injury, how is he?
    Wenger: Gibbs will miss the rest of the season. We are unlucky as no-one could predict that he would suffer such an injury
    Reporter: But Arsene, he is always injured.
    Wenger: Never mind, we have Santos who will come in, he is top top top top kwalidee.

    Also see Baines has scored 2 great goals for Everton today. Surely a contender for PFA player of the year, and also the guy Wenger overlooked to sign Santos instead..

    Arsene Knows Best!

  12. Lordbergkamp

    Jeff – the bindippers look like they have a gameplan. They are defending well.

    We look like we don’t have a plan of any sort

  13. marcus

    But not to worry fellow gooners… we have tze special qualideee of petite OX and tae little mozart on tze bench. Save us they will…

    shoot me..

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    It’s bad when you have to agree with that twat Jamie Redknapp and Hoddle at 1/2 time. Can only hope Bould will break out the fireworks and shove them up some arses.

  15. BillikenGooner

    During transfer windows, I really need to start placing bets on us to win big just after Wenger makes a comment about looking at players… and to bet against us in games just after Wenger says we are good enough and deep enough and he won’t be buying anyone. It’s uncanny.

  16. Jeff


    It’s sort of same as the West Ham game. A mad 10 minutes in the second half could see us net two or three goals in quick succession and then stop as if the game is finished.

  17. Danish Gooner

    Ther is so little structure about our game,it is all a bit happening as we go along,no structure whatsoever.

  18. Jeff

    Awful lot of empty seats for a game like this. I know it’s midweek but those people (non-corporate) have paid and not turned up.

  19. marcus

    We should give the guys some credit! It’s really hard to make a side so poor as Liverpool look like champions.

    Arsenal, making teams look good, since 2005.

  20. jaroda

    BBC Sport
    CLOSE! – Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool
    Lukas Podolski puts in a gem of a cross from the left for Arsenal but Theo Walcott can’t keep his header down. Arsenal are looking dangerous.

    Must be that other Arsenal game that I’m not watching

  21. Gunner2301


    Takes Wengers disregard for the captaincy to a new level.

    Man U – Vidic vice Ferdinand
    Chelsea – Terry vice Lampard
    Man City – Kompany vice Richards
    Liverpool – Gerrard vice Carragher

    Arsenal – TV vice Arteta

    Now you see the problem


  22. useroz

    Fucking shit

    Fucking rubbish

    Fucking defence

    4 arsenal payers + GK in the box and couldn’t fend off ONE pool guy….

    Fuck off santos

  23. SUGA3

    Henderson cunting off the whole Arsenal defence must be the new low, if that does not turn these mugs insie against Le Senile, nothing will…

  24. azed

    R.S..P.C.ArsenalJanuary 30, 2013 20:58:19
    Great one man surrond by five red shirts

    Not just one man but Jordan fucking Henderson!!!

  25. Scott

    Mertesaker is the worst centre half ever to play for Germany !! He’s fucking shit cost us both goals against Brighton now another shit game today”

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    Remember folks we don’t need any signings, we have super quality! 28 hours of the transfer window to go.

  27. Sensible old man

    “The europa league is still European football and is top top qualidee. Infanct it is better than the champions league and I’d be happy to be in the Europa league for the next 20 years” wenger may 2013

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    I would beast Sagna – he’d do nothing except run along the wing, get passed the ball and he’s have to hit it first time past a defender into the box, over and over and over and over until the fucking cunt would dream it every night.

  29. Keyser

    The last time he hit the ball like that was Blackburn away, been wanting the outside of the right blast for years from him.

  30. useroz

    Fierce shot from theo

    2 – 2

    Oh shit wenger won’t buy then…he isn’t anyway fuck off

    Keep going team……….teach the poor pool a lesson in attack

  31. Keyser

    70 minutes in and Friend still giving Liverpool players an arma round the shoulder, ‘Don’t kick him again son’

  32. useroz

    Good thing is we don’t worry ramsey would come on….and santos already on chamnkh not around so we can’t get worse right?

    Keep shooting

  33. marcus

    Wenger tactics:
    Play like shite for 65 minutes and make the opponent lower their guard. Then use superior mental strenghzz and world class qualideee for 25 minutes to get the draw.

  34. Lordbergkamp

    This is maddening and a bit bizarre, for 60ins we play like a L2 side and then, bam, a switch goes on and suddenly we’re world beaters…

  35. pliget

    Goodness me. 2-0 down and I was hoping for at least 3 more from Liverpool, but I couldn’t hep cheering the 2 Arsenal goals. And now I want another. I suppose I want Arsenal to win but, if they don’t, I want them to be thrashed. I must be intelligent, being able to hold those two opposing views … or maybe I’m thick but just a fan of Arsenal but not Arsene (any more).

  36. tippitappi

    My overiding want is always an Arsenal win but these days there always tainted knowing that vile frog gets ouy of gaol yet again