The BIG PR news story | Liverpool should be a good game | Villa and Cavani deals looking distant

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Hey Arsene...

Tonight is a super massive exciting tie against the topsy turvey Scousers. They’re actually less consistent than us which kind of leaves me with more worry than if we were playing a better side. If you’ve taken time out to watch Brendan Rodgers new outfit this year, you’d know that even when they’ve been beaten by better sides, they’ve often played better football. He’s instilled a system at Liverpool, he just doesn’t have the staff to make it work. Steven Gerrard can’t play the short passing game, so he’s having a tough time and all around the team there are gaping holes they’ve tried top fill with mentally weak youngsters…

Sound familiar? (that’s Arsenal of 3 years ago, now we have mentally weak senior players)

Players to watch out for are the more senior chaps. Suarez, Sturridge are the obvious ones… along with Raheem Sterling, the most fertile man in Merseyside. Liverpool will be dangerous off the back of an embarrassing exit from the  FA Cup. Will they pick themselves up and dish out a battering, or will they lay down and die in a youthful show of characterless rubbish. I’m hoping the latter.

Arsenal head into the game off the back of two wins. Theo and Jack will no doubt return to the side alongside Thomas Vermaelen at the back. The former two turned the weekends game around when they came on, hopefully they’ll inject a bit of excitement into the first half tonight. Really, that’s been our major issue of late… we can’t get things off the ground early on and we suffer for it. We need to match our second half’s with a decent first half showing.

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter around Arsenal launching a big PR surprise this evening… could it be Villa? Could it be Cavani? No… iiiiiiiit’s… a SEASON TICKET PRICE FREEZE!

It works on many levels, the tempreture is freezing, so are the season ticket prices. They’ve done that to make the campaign memorable, like the time I used the word ‘in-car-edible’ to sell car insurance. It’s great news though. Being from London, life is tough… I have to suffer £4.50 pints as a standard, my ciabatta based lunch costs upwards of £5 and the cheese counter at the Neal’s Yard Deli isn’t getting any cheaper. So I’m glad next season, I’ll be paying the same for my ticket.

Other rumours about a major deal being announced don’t have legs from what I’m told… unless it’s someone like Diame. If that’s your idea of a big PR story, f*ck me, you need to get out more. As much as I’d appreciate a body or two, the references from West Ham fans on the midfielder aren’t gushing to the point where I’d see his signing as something pivotal in our season. David Villa has been told he’s not leaving Barca… however, now that Manchester City are sniffing around, that might change. Someone coming to the Catalan’s with big money could have an impact.

Wenger seems happy with his squad. When isn’t he eh?

“As numbers we have enough. We have plenty of quality strikers. We could do with top quality, one more, but you have to find him.

“No [I don’t see it as a problem]. When you speak about ‘anyone’ coming in, I could just go out and buy anyone just to give people hope.

“What is important is that you bring in players who can strengthen your team, or you do nothing and are strong enough to do nothing.

“That is what is important for us, to bring in a player who can strengthen the squad. ‘Anyone’ to me means exactly what today the modern game has become.

Now, there are many things that bother me about the above quotes, but the main one is that we pay a scouting network to identify players for the manager to purchase if he needs them. Wenger is looking for a new striker and we’ve got to the end of June and the best the scouting network could come up with was David Villa? I mean honestly… I could have come up with that name! Where is the creativity? Where are the insightful purchases of yesteryear? Is Arsene really telling me that in the whole of Europe, there’s been no one of suitable quality to bolster our squad?

Still, as far as I can see… the striking issue is a bit of a red herring. Giroud has 13 goals and 7 assists, Theo has 17 goals and 10 assists and Podolski has 11 goals and 11 asissts. I appreciate there’s been a disproportionate amount scored in easy games, but for me, we’re starting to click with our strikers. I remember when people said Adebayor’s great season didn’t count because he had 2 hat-tricks against weak teams. For me, the real weakness lies in the midfield. We don’t have a box to box dynamo that will stay fit and we have very few quality options when it comes to rotation. Fellaini would be nice as would Capoue. Whatever happens this window, the biggest miss will be a game changing midfielder.

This whole transfer window has the hallmarks of world class PR. The build up was exceptional with Wenger getting his money spending face on declaring he’d recruit all over the park. From the leaked stories of a mega deal in the offing. To the three weeks we spent wondering if David Villa would be our saviour… to the final switch up… which was a price freeze on already mega expensive season tickets.

Let’s hope this evening works out well, if it doesn’t, I suspect chants of ‘spend some damn money Arsene’ will reverberate around the sterile walls of our stadium.

Have a great night this evening, also, check out my hilarious Vine video about being a digital Arsenal fan.. yeah, I’m social media to the max.


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  1. Midlandgunner

    Price freeze……it should be a price decrease if we finish out the top 4 this year,doesn’t affect me anyway I stopped giving the club my money a long time ago,no more matchdays,magazines,membership,merchandise it’s what the club deserve no ambition what so ever…..go buy Cavani and feillini tomorrow and I will renew my membership buy a match ticket buy a shirt with Cavani on the back and a big affro wig to complete the look…..until then the club won’t get a penny from me,I will just continue to cheer on the lads from my sofa watching sky (which I would have irregardless of the football)oh and one more thing Wenger out

  2. gambon

    Gerrard cant play the short passing game?

    Erm, he averages about 30% more passes per game than Jack, the best player in the history of football does.

  3. Fuzzo

    Remember that feeling when we signed Reyes, to a team that was already pretty much complete, that is what we need back at Arsenal – a bit of ambition, some feel good factor – it has been totally devoid these last 5 years or so.

    We will beat Liverpool tonight comfortably, and unfortunately this will mean no signings until the summer, I just can’t fathom why the club wants a repeat of last year and nothing more; its frankly disturbing.

  4. Ash79

    funny how you never hear how piss poor valencia, Young, rooney, Aguero etc have been this season…media always bashing the likes of Giroud and Podolski for ‘not adjusting’ or being flops. All of a sudden OG is pisssing all over Rooney, not a word about it. Man United are not a one-man team, they are organised and know how to get the ball to the danger man where as Arsenal were a one man team last season, we were, no doubt. Anyways rant over.

    Ars vLiv is the prem fixture which has had the highest number of hat tricks – hat trick for OG anyone? Suarez? Theo?


    looking forward to the game.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    First off, I never in a million years believed Arsehole would spend any cash this transfer window…and I am very pleased about that. Imagine if the stout bodied, tailless amphibian HAD spent £30m…we’d then have to put up with him desperately mismanaging a world class player and ruining yet another career. No thanks. Lets just revel in the mediocrity forever.

    We signed up 5 very average ENGLISH players – and yes, Wilshere is ok, but he isn’t Mata and anyway, JW will be sold off in a year or so. That was our transfer window and who can forget that we signed the greatest forward to have ever played the game: Mr Theodore Walnut!

    Amazing manager, amazing players.

    Go away, Arsene.

    P.S Pedro, if you post another photo of that hideous, grinning puppet, I will come down to Le Grove towers and smash your computers.

  6. Matt Bowden

    Pedro: Being from London, life is tough… I have to suffer £4.50 pints as a standard, my ciabatta based lunch costs upwards of £5 and the cheese counter at the Neal’s Yard Deli isn’t getting any cheaper. So I’m glad next season, I’ll be paying the same for my ticket.

    That’s seriously funny old boy. I assume it’s a prawn ciabatta too?

  7. Tomtom

    So Wenger has said today that he won’t spend as it would be a panic buy. Didn’t he have plenty of time to prepare his transfer targets for this window? Why would he wait and make a silly last minute bid for villa? Wenger has also said today that he has the best striker in the African cup of nations,is he just taking the piss out of us fans now?

  8. Kurt F

    Shock confession – Arsene admits he’s not doing his job:

    “But I have to be strong enough to resist (buying) or you have a player for four or five years who will never play a game, just because you bring in an average player who you know at the start is average – if I do that, I don’t do my job.”

  9. Sleek

    Wenger’s scared of buying another Park. As you said Pedro, I wonder what the scouts are paid for. Apart from Villa, is there any other top striker who’s available this January? This is why it’s crucial to do all your business in the summer. Wenger should have made a move for a top marksman then. Too late now. Dejavu.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    I think Ba was available…but Arsene was put off by his ability, premiership experience and massive £7m buy out clause.

    As for other forwards: Cavani, Jovetichichchch (sic), Michael Owen, Danny Dyer?

  11. johnny5

    top post pedders,

    loving the way wenger is making himself look like such a dickhead first off he says he will bring in 2 signings then he signs walcock up, a couple of days pass and he says were looking at zaha then when man utd start sniffing round he says we werent interested. he then come out and says were not in the market for players as we ‘have two players for every position’ which we all know means we have the starting 11 and the amazing ramsey who can play everywhere (apparently) then he bitches about other teams strengthening their team claiming an unfair advantage then he says he is looking to bring in one or possibly two players but doesnt want to name names then he says were not signing anybody as our squad is strong enough he then goes and bids a ridiculous £8m for david villa. £8m is he having a fucking laugh. cunt this fucking nutjob clearly gets off on rubbing us all up the wrong way the fucking prick. as for the game tonight if we wind defo no signings and more wallpaper over them big ass cracks, lose and expect a panic buy but effectively it means lose to spuds on march 2nd and we aint even making our minimum objective of fourth.

  12. Bush Gooner

    Good post Pedro BUT that image of that grinning sausage is making my blood boil.

    You can see behind that grin that he is taking us all for mugs.

    THE LOT OUT !!

  13. Paddy got up

    It has all gone too far his comments are now aimed to piss the fans off. I do believe that we are his new enemy, the guy seriously needs removing now.
    Gazides if your reading and I know for a fact you have people checking websites like Le Grove all day. You must see that this bloke is inflaming what is already a potential bomb going off.
    Sack him, sack him now or forever be referred to as his puppet.

  14. Raz

    Pedro you forgot to mention Wenger’s comments on the PR site….sorry, official football site, about how amazing our summer signings are!

  15. Ash79

    Paddy is right. You must wonder or even believe that he makes these comments to antagonise the fans. He knows he is untouchable and a majority of fans never really disect his behaviour the way we do on LG. This guy is a disgrace now to the badge and the history of the club. He is basically pissing in the face of all Arsenal fans,

    Ivan, do you really want to play this game?

  16. Tomtom

    City are now trying to sign villa,that would make Wenger look like a right cunt if they got him after Wenger saying he was not available

  17. wanger-wenker

    great post, particularly the assessment of liverpool this season. Liverpool need to “click” more often to be a quality side. Sterling wastes a lot of attacking situations…he is like an uprated version of gervinoid. Sturridge has the makings of an up-and-coming Ian wright. Great feet, quick, and potentially a 25goal a season striker.
    Whether we win or lose is no indication of where we will finish. The result depends on which liverpool team turns up.
    Wenger was never going to buy anyone in this window…he hates the window enough to complain about it and suggest its removal.
    wenger wants a quality striker to knock on his door and a team desperate to sell that player. That way he gets a bargain with no competition from chelsea or city. The players that do end up at wengers holiday home for mediocre players are primarily from the french league; players that are not sought after by the big boys in the prem. Wenger has deliberately refused to compete for the services of top quality players. That obvious attitude will only help to create a reluctance from top quality players to sign for a club with no ambition other than the entry into the champs league.
    AKBs have accepted our fate with wenger and behind him the passive kroenke claiming we have no right to win trophies and praising our financial stability. These AKBs are aiding and abetting this crafty charlatan in his quest to reap obscene profits at the expense of a team that should be at least challenging for trophies. I would even suggest that wenger may view the fa cup as unecessary games getting in the way of his only target of 4th place. He must surely know the champs league matches with bayern are a lost cause.I certainly do.

  18. nepGunner

    This season ticket freeze is a big scam – a fucking big farce! Season tickets have CL matches included in them. I think the board are taking a precautionary measure now to tie down as much season tickets as possible knowing it is a big possibility we may not qualify for CL next season. However season ticket holders might enjoy Europa league matches more (if we qualify for that) as with our current standards we may reach upto semis?


  19. johnny5

    tom tom

    the only reason hes ‘not available’ is because wenger insulted their intelligence with an £8m offer. he thinks he cleverer than everybody else like someone else from history did then went on to kill millions of jews. the world needs to be careful of that cunt

  20. John Kosmina

    I can hear him now, part of his justification for not buying anyone will be that we’ve already gone to all of the top clubs, which makes us a better chance than others of making the top 4.

    The next day he’ll crap on about how our away form is the best in the league and it’s our home form that’s letting us down…….

    And he wonders why no one listens to him anymore!

  21. Guns of Hackney

    Breaking News

    Arsene Wenger has just eaten a very cute kitten.

    He said “nothing like a kitten to start the morning with…I am untouchable…for lunch…a baby swan, washed down with it’s Mother”

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    People were talking about share prices yesterday, and what Usmanov would have to offer Kroenke to get him to sell.

    As Usmanov is still buying the occasional share at upwards of 17k, he’d need to offer something like 20k a share

  23. Ash79

    Tomtom January 30, 2013 10:33:35 City are now trying to sign villa,that would make Wenger look like a right cunt if they got him after Wenger saying he was not available

    I hope City do indeed get David Villa – would publically show up Arsene and make some AKBs sit up and think WTF!?

    nepGunner January 30, 2013 I think the board are taking a precautionary measure now to tie down as much season tickets as possible knowing it is a big possibility we may not qualify for CL next season.
    Yep thats exactly what they are doing. Locking people in, im surprised they havent thrown in an incentive for early renewals. I dont think it will be long before you will be able to buy 3/5 year season tickets, its forecastable cash flow. The PR machine will go into crazy spin as the season nears its end. Watch the club, manager and players hype up the Europa League. AW will get questioned and he will most likely say something “You can not say Europa league is second rate when you see the quality of teams that qualify, and dont forget teams from the Champions league also drop into it, strengthening the overall quality and make it very competitive – it is not a trophy we have won so we are excited” *wry smile*

    Shit im writing stuff for the cunt now.

  24. diabyearnshowmuch

    if we don’t get CL footy, which is almost nailed on, there is no way i’m renewing my season ticket without a price reduction, this clubs goes from shocking to a laughing stock.

  25. gambon

    This “season ticket freeze” is a complete and utter scam, its absolute bullshit.

    The club have realised that there is a huge chance of missing out on CL football, and so have looked to secure their ticket revenue for next season,

    They thought the general reaction would be “Oh thanks god the prices arent going up”

    When the reaction should be “Why the fuck arent the prices coming down with no CL football”

    Its fucking disgusting.

  26. johnny5


    i know mate easiest dictator from history to associate him with. is stalin a better comparisson lol. im only messing hes just a cunt and winds me up no end

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    Wenger might have contacted Barca about Villa because he thought he might get a bargain. When Barca say he’s not available it means they don’t want to see him, so he won’t be bargain. He’d have to offer over the odds to get him. So when he says he has to respect that, what he means is, he’s not going to pay over the odds which is the way Wenger has always worked.
    If ManC do sign him, it’s got nothing to do with Wenger not wanting to upset Barca, or respect, or loyalty, it’s simply to do how much money they offer…

    Doesn’t make him a cunt, does question once again his ambition for the club though

  28. Ash79

    Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong Ivan, Board, Arsene — worse than Lance Armstrong

  29. johnny5

    nasris mouth

    sorry mate you wrong as fuck it makes him a fucking cheap cunt. he wasnt bargain hunting he was taking the piss out of barca, the media who reported it and the fans who are desperate for success

  30. Ash79

    Doesn’t make him a cunt, does question once again his ambition for the club though

    no ambition = cunt

  31. GoonerDave

    What has happened to our fanbase when the manager is compared to Adolf Hitler?
    That is beyond insane.
    Whats the point of typing such nonsense? Do you really think anybody with a mind of their own would agree with you?
    And you think the managers lost it…

  32. TheBayingMob

    I believe Club Level renewals are due in a couple of weeks time, rather than the club sh1tting themselves on CL football.

    A thought that struck me this morning, so many of Arsene’s PY signings have gone onto be fucking turgid, do you think actually, like an old man in a car after a crash, he’s actually lost a bit of confidence in himself? Hence his dithering, he’s like the old boy with knocked confidence at the round-a-bout unable to go, people going round him getting angry all this making it worse. He might have a mental breakdown before he leaves??

    Just a thought like …

  33. AC Gooner

    Its becoming more and more obvious that Usmanov is the puppet master in charge of this charade:

    Kroenke is fronting him before he buys him out. And in the meantime plays the role of the hated, distant, uninterested owner who does NOTHING for the club except make himself more hated week by week (as he is paid to do).

    Wenger is playing the role of the demented pyscho who refuses to repair the squad and talks jibbly jack every time a microphone is put in front of him.

    Kroenka and Wenga are working in concert to enrage the fans, setting the stage…. for the big takeover. For the big bad Russian who no one wanted 5 years ago. But now he has gained everyone’s backing – even the King Thierry Henry.

    The final scene is Usmanov riding in on a white donkey, turns over the tables of the money changers, and delivers Arsenal to freedom with an immediate 100m cash injection. Wenger holds up his hands and says, “I was constrained by the board!” and then buys Neymar.

    Should I wake up or continue to dream?

  34. Yippee Kai Yay

    I’ve not been following Bendtner out in Juve, so when an associate sent me the link below I was intrigued to see how he was getting on, given how much ‘quality he has’ (clearly he must have because wenger bought him after all, and he only buys ‘qualidee’).

    At least it was a 1 minute distraction from the non-event which is the ‘January transfer closed door’.

  35. Ash79

    TheBayingMob January 30, 2013
    like the old boy with knocked confidence at the round-a-bout unable to go, people going round him getting angry all this making it worse.

    LOOOOL You know this actually happens to Arsene. AW goes home and writes a letter to get the road rules changed.

  36. mystic

    Guns – I have read this glad that Wenger didn’t spend business in a number of various posts on this site, so are you and the others honestly saying that if the tight-fisted twat had gone out and bought Cavani + Neymar + Sneijder you would have been unhappy?

    Agree that he would probably would have fucked up their careers, but in the past he has papered over the cracks by having decent players in house – assuming that he didn’t play the above 3 in defence / goal there is no reason to believe that Arsenal would not benefit from having them.

    By the way the above is purely an example, no one in their right mind believes Wenger would actually have ever contemplated getting 1 let alone all 3, after our squad is strong enough – must be, Wenger keeps on saying so (arsehole)!

  37. Guns of Hackney

    The Baying Mob

    Might have a mental breakdown??? I would suggest he’s at least 6 years into it.

    Sick and ill. Worst manager in Arsenal’s history

  38. Yippee Kai Yay

    TBM, to use your anaolgy he’s not the old man at the roundabout all hesitant to join the traffic.
    He is in fact the the old tramp with dirty cloth and a bucket by the side of the road, going up to the cars saying ‘I’m going to clean your windows’.

  39. Guns of Hackney


    Do you never learn? You absolute 100%, attention seeking prick.

    Last week it was out and out ra(c)ism and this week, with Remembrance of the holocaust fresh in everyone’s mind, you come out with “Hitler did good things”

    You really are a fat cunt.

  40. Dale

    I raise my hand.

    I actually thought we might buy a big player. What a doos I am.

    In the next window hey?

    Feel pretty manhandled by the club I love.

  41. Ric

    What the fuck is wrong with Arsene… Seriously WTF?!!!

    A year ago we wouldn’t hand our best striker since T.Henry a new contract because he was “too old”, so instead we sold him to our former rivals so that he could singlehandedly secure their season and destroy ours. Nice, but ok it some of us are dumb enough that we’ll believe you when you say it had nothing to do with the money, he was just too old.

    But how dumb do you really assume we are if then a few months later; you try to buy, first a 35 year old striker, then realising that said 35 year old, ( arguably our best player ever) no longer has an interest in being his gimp.

    Failing then to do the bare minimum, what does he do? He lies, he lies some more, then he orders others to lie on his behalf.

    Arsenal fans are the most lied to, the most manipulated, and the most underappreciated fans in the world.

    Our Manager loathes us and treats us with nothing but contempt. Our board of directors only answer to their own purse, and since they are totally devoid of any form of loyalty, common curtesy and or conscience. They feel free to treat the club and its fans as mobile atm machines, taking, taking taking and taking while never giving back.

    The truth of the matter is that, if you look at Chelsea and how they responded to Benitez, if you look at City pre Mancini. Liverpool post Benitez.

    FFS!!!! Even Man utd fans where openly questioning Fergie after they lost the league on goal difference!

    I mean bite the bullet guys, we just don’t care as much as the other clubs fans do, we’ve been veened off success and now its something foreign to us.

    We deserve Wenger and his ilk, because honestly speaking after watching a decade of this shit. I can’t really blame Wenger anymore, I have to blame you guys, the fans. Why? Because as Gazidiz said; its on us to hold him accountable for his actions.

    Pedro will push our another diatribe asking for Wenger to get the axe tomorrow if we loose, but what will it accomplish? Nothing.

    Le Grove has a responsibility in this, we AFC fans have a responsibility in this, its not all on Wenger and the board. It’s also on us .

  42. N21 Tone

    Liam Brady has stood down as head of youth. What do people on here think? He was my absolute hero but in 25 years how many world class talents did we produce from our multi-million youth set up?

  43. gambon

    Guns of Hackney

    Shut the fuck up you angry little self appointed rac,ism police cunt.

    Is that what you do all day, trawl the web looking for any hint of racial overtones so you can try and be the new Malcolm X?

    Why dont you try and get sickipedia shut down or something, that’ll take up some time.

  44. jules

    On Wallcot ” The is a good because it shows we can keep our best players”! Righttt

    Watch Man city now come in and sign Villa .

    In a way ,will be funny as will just how fucking incompetent Gazides and wenger are .


  45. Tomtom

    Why is Wenger so intent on destroying his legacy at the club? Most managers would be knocking down the owners door demanding more transfer funds and telling the media that its not his fault that he can’t sign top quality players. Wenger is always saying how transfer fees are too high and that wages are gone out of control and that new signings are not the answer. Why can’t he see what is missing at the club and either demand more funds or resign. He obviously thinks that he is under no pressure and he really dosent care about winning things.

  46. mystic

    Wenger must be shitting himself at the prospect that citeh might get villa, it would totally fuck up his lies about trying but not being able to secure players.

  47. mystic

    We had concerns about Park:

    ‘…..more on the news that QPR have completed the signing of Yun Suk-young from Chunnam Dragons’

    The player’s name is cracking, but the team name is absolutely classic.

  48. Guns of Hackney


    No mate, I do not trawl the web looking for trouble, I just happen to take offense to ignorant, attention seeking cunts like yourself.

    The thing is, you never apologise which says everything…you actually believe in what you are saying.

    You really are an obnoxious cretin.

    And if you think I am some liberal tree hugger, you are very wrong.

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    Possibly because as an employee of the club, it’s up to him to follow the wishes of his employer.

    As you say most managers are always asking for more and more money to spend on players, but then most managers live in fear of getting the sack if they lose their next game.

    If Kroenke is looking at Arsenal as purely an investment, then maybe Wenger is simply following his orders.

    Doesn’t make it right of course. but IMO it makes a little more sense than just assuming Wenger has dementia.

  50. vp

    @ wanger-wenker

    Totally concur with the points you make and yes, the fans are to blame,there’s no doubt about that. Can’t blame Kroenke -he’s just a businessman doing what he’s got to do. Can’t blame glazadias- He’s just follwoing the strategy laid out to him by the board (sanctioned by the yank). Can’t blame Wenger- he ‘s just making the most of the unfettered powers that he’s been allowed to derive. Its got to the stage where the only people that can be blamed are the fans. Furthermore, Our ex-shareholder Nina Bracewell’s comment’s allude to further reasons to doubt the integrity of those who control and manage our resources but yet we still allow the club to obtain a default position of concealment. It is this lack of transparency and accountability which enables the actors up top to pursue personal/shareholder wealth.

  51. gambon


    Fair enough

    OK, I admit, it wasnt right to bring up the most evil, disturbed man in history on this blog.

    He is the Arsenal manager though, so its inevitable.

  52. goonerDNA

    AKB’s will only start turning once we don’t make the top 4 but what they don’t see is we needed to buy to make that happen.

  53. gambon

    I hope we dont finish in the top 4 this season.

    I dont want us to lose any specific games, and i wont be cheering for Liverpool to beat us, but i do want us to finish 5th/6th/7th

  54. arsenal tom

    As long as we keep making money Kronke wont do a thing about moving Wenger on, in fact he’ll probably do the opposite and want him there longer. he’s a business man after all. All the while Wenger will be allowed to carry doing whatever the fuck he likes with the team and budget.

    Don’t expect change any time soon.

  55. Pollux

    Arsenal to drop points against Liverpool.
    We will sign no one to improve the squad.
    Diaby to get injured at end of Jan. Hattrick of disaster awaiting for the deluded manager

  56. AC Gooner


    you are either one’s lawyer?

    That is the only situation that makes any sense to me with an optimistic outcome.

    Otherwise we are truly foooked. Stan will continue to indulge Wenger’s desire to buy nobody and if anyone then on the cheap. And we continue on the downward spiral.

    Then what? Storm trooper SS enforcers of FFP arrive and Arsenal can outspend everyone in 2 years? And then we buy Neymar?

  57. mystic

    @Nasri’s Mouth
    If Kroenke is looking at Arsenal as purely an investment, then maybe Wenger is simply following his orders.

    Doesn’t make it right of course. but IMO it makes a little more sense than just assuming Wenger has dementia.

    Agree 100% with the first comment. But the second assumes that Wenger still has the ability to reason that what he is doing is right or wrong, his behaviour indicates the opposite.

    I do believe he has his hands tied when it comes to accessible funds, but at the same time he is unable to distinguish the effect that his subservience causes.

  58. ricardo

    There are 19 team in the premier league – and each of them have at least 2 players that could improve our feeble squad. Same in Spain, Germany France etc. Go to a good side and they will have 5-6 players that would walk straight into our first team (Barca, Madrid, Dortmund, Bayern, PSG, Juventus.
    Wenger is deluded if he thinks this team/squad is any better than Europa League. Watch the difference when we play Bayern

  59. gambon

    So Liam Brady is leaving the HEad of Academy role in the summer.

    Give the job to Wenger.

    If hes terrified of signing superstars and terrified of competing for trohpies, but obsessed with kids & developing talents then he can fuck off and do that job.

  60. PK

    You forgot to mention the intervju with chezzer in guardian. He might not world class (yet), but atleast he got some love for the club.

    Would like to see walnut on the bench today. Thats where he can make the best impact on a game (coming on in min 65-75). They have johonsson back from injury and he will proberly be tired after 75 min today, and that would mean atleast 5-6 good oppertunites for wally. And offcourse if Girod dont find his feet today wally can operate thrugh the middle also (backline of looserpool dosent have speed). Besides we need someone who is not pretending to cover for rightback, so cazorla would be perfect on the wing today.

    Line up:

    Sagna Mert Verm Gibbs
    Rambo Diaby
    Cazorla JW Poldi

    Bench: Wally, Rocisky, Kozzer, Ox, Bould (best option we have, so gear up….)

    Subs: 5 min Rocisky for diaby (injury), 65 min Ox for poldi, 73 min wally for rambo (change to 442).

    That would be the way to beat them as even if we have 2 goals up comming min 75 we always fuck it up anyway, so mind aswell counter attack the shit out of them in a 442.

    Ohh and almost forgot: WENGER OUT!!!

  61. mystic

    What will be the gain of finishing outside the CL spots? We already know that Kroenke isn’t in it for the fame, you only need to look at his other sporting involvements to see that.

    All that failure will ultimately do is make Arsenal an even less inviting prospect to ambitious managers. Pep joined BM because he could clearly see a decent future, do people honestly believe he would have contemplated joining them if they were preferential also runs in their league and not even in the CL?

  62. Tomtom

    Wengers face even looks like a cunt. Two big lines on either side of his nose and mouth. His nose is his clit while his mouth is his vaginal opening. Explains the crap that he comes out with every month.

  63. Ash79

    Tomtom January 30, 2013 11:30:53 Wengers face even looks like a cunt. Two big lines on either side of his nose and mouth. His nose is his clit while his mouth is his vaginal opening. Explains the crap that he comes out with every month.


    Stuff that 7 year old would say. Sorry Tom but biology wernt your strongest subject was it?

  64. gambon


    What is the gain of being in the CL?

    – Getting humiliated in the CL (No benefit)
    – £40m pa, none of which benefits the fans (No benefit)
    – Huge salary for Arsene, bonus for overpaid players, bonus for Gazidis (No benefit)
    – Kroenkes asset remains highly valued (No benefit)

    Its no so much a case of wanting us to finish 5th, more a case of complete apathy.

    We get nothing from being in the CL, so why worry about being in it.

    The only bonus for not being there is the cunts exploiting this club cant steal quite so much money, and theres more chance of change if we finish 5th than 4th.

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    Guns of HackneyJanuary 30, 2013 09:44:18
    “P.S Pedro, if you post another photo of that hideous, grinning puppet, I will come down to Le Grove towers and smash your computers.”


  66. arsenal tom

    I dont see how finishing 5th/6th/7th will force us to improve?

    We’ve been declining pretty much every year since 2004 and very little has been done about it.

    Finishing outside the top 4 and missing out on CL will just give Wenger another excuse not to spend.

  67. 2Pistolz2Cannonz

    Wenger’s comments were disrespectful to the core ,a total slap in the face ,which lead’s me to believe he feel’s he’s actually at war with the fan’s ,so can talk with total disregards ? why even open his mouth on the issue .

  68. Rocky87

    I see Liam Brady is giving up his role at Arsenal as Head of the Youth Team. I can’t blame him, when he works his butt off only to see crap like Chamakh, Squillaci and Gervinho taking the space of potentially very good prospects!

    The club is going to pot!

  69. charlesbronson

    In my opinion Barca would sell Villa. He is 31, coming off a bad injury, and on big wages. I also think Villa would come to us too, but I don’t think Arsene wants to/ever wanted to sign him.

    As others have mentioned, its just a smoke screen and bullshit PR to show we are ‘active’ in the market, when we are blatantly not.

    I just hope some big names are signed in the summer.

  70. mystic

    Gambon, you know full well that the value of Kroenke’s assets will be linked to the valuation of his shares. Assuming he has a potential purchaser out there then his share value will remain high – he will not give a toss if the club is only worth tuppence if his shares are worth hundreds of millions.

    If it is to be believed that Usmanov would buy out Kroenke, then based on how SS has held on to his shares at other poor performing franchises (lets face it that is all Arsenal are to him) it is potentially likely that only a silly big bid is going to move him.

  71. gambon


    A club in the CL is worth good deal more than a club out of the CL

    The only people that benefit from us being in the CL is Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis & the Players.

    Chelsea & UTD of course want to be there cos their aim is to win it.

    Not the case for us, we are the only club in the world with £150m in the bank.

    I repeat what is the point in us being in the CL?

  72. mystic

    You don’t think it will make them a less attractive prospect, or you don’t think it would have any benefit?

    If the former then I disagree completely and again would point out that Pep almost certainly joined BM because of the continued potential for glory;

    If the latter I agree.

  73. karaul

    Guns of Hackney

    1. well.. he DID some good things (no i dont mean killing jews) but of course no one expect people like you get this – also if you say that it doesnt mean you say holocaust never happened or something like this – hitler was a bad guy, no doubt about it. so whats your point?

    2. it was a joke. funny one. check louis ck

  74. goonerDNA

    As much as I want an end to the wenger regime I would hate for us to be out of the CL I fear we won’t ever get back into it again. Wenger to quit and CL football next season is my dream.

  75. mystic

    “I repeat what is the point in us being in the CL?”
    Even under new financial management – i.e. decent spending – ambitious managers are still going to be swayed by the opportunity to win something. Simply if you are not in it, you can not win it.

    There are top managers out there who Arsenal should be looking to employ, without the prospect of CL football there is little to offer them that many other also ran suitors would not be able to match.

  76. Guns of Hackney

    January 30, 2013 11:49:54

    “People like me” – explain yourself, because your terrible grammar and awful prose were hard to understand.

    You follow people like Gambon because of herd mentality…Gambon is neither funny, quick witted or satirical but people on here lap up his SUN: White Van Man observations like he’s Wilde. That probably sums up the ilk on Le Grove rather well. White Van Men.

    So, Karaul, be brave and explain yourself and explain how Hitler did “good things” – come on, chop, chop.

  77. Ric

    mysticJanuary 30, 2013 11:30:44

    Jeeeezuz Christ you need to give up on this Mystic…

    7.5 an annum… And no pressure at all to succeed….


  78. gambon

    Guns of Blackney has a massive inferiority complex when it comes to the mighty one.

    He hates that im bigger than jesus.

  79. Ric

    arsenal tomJanuary 30, 2013 11:36:43
    I dont see how finishing 5th/6th/7th will force us to improve?We’ve been declining pretty much every year since 2004 and very little has been done about it.Finishing outside the top 4 and missing out on CL will just give Wenger another excuse not to spend.

    No man… No.

    We have a 60 000 seat stadium, and are the fifth richest club IN THE WORLD!!! Us failing to qualify for the CL is a calamity that will not go unnoticed, as long as we have a 150 mill wage budget.

    Pretend to be dumb all you like, but no one is dumb enough to actually believe that all this is insignificant.

  80. mystic

    You are still making the comparison as if everything today would be the same as tomorrow.

    On the off chance of a change in ownership there would almost certainly be expectations placed on the manager so your ‘…no pressure to at all succeed…..’ isn’t relevant.

    Secondly what makes you think that any new owner would be dumb enough to pay his manager £7.5? Therefore your second argument falls down.

    I assume what you are saying is that Pep could not have been offered a contract with more money anywhere – bearing in mind the silly wages being offered to players to end their days in Russia / China I think there is every chance he could have sought out something more lucrative than BM were offering. Some how I suspect the prestige had a part to play.

  81. Ric

    mysticJanuary 30, 2013 11:38:14
    Gambon, I repeat what benefit will it serve making Arsenal a less attractive prospect to ambitious managers?

    If you think Wenger failing with the resources he has available makes us less attractive to other managers then there’s something wired wrong in your brain mystic.

  82. Guns of Hackney


    Am I correct in saying that you post on here every day, all day and even on weekends?

    I’d suggest that it is you with the complex. You probably have no love in your life, very few friends and the one’s you do have, don’t really like you, so I suppose Le Grove has become a bit of a fantasy world for you – in here, you can reinvent yourself and be ‘popular’…people like that illiterate cretin, Kaboul (or something like that) keep massaging your online ego.

    I’d imagine you would be the first to shit yourself if ever faced with the people you threaten, insult, call a cunt and question their sexuality.

    You are a sad, pathetic manboy.

  83. Ash79

    I hope City get David Villa for £5m. I dont want Arsene to say City spent crazy money and have resources blah blah blah…

  84. Ric

    mysticJanuary 30, 2013 12:06:36


    To put it as Spock would; It is illogical captain…

  85. Nasri's Mouth

    IMO Gambons comments seem to fall into 3 categories

    1) Well thought out constructive arguments
    2) Clever but aggressive statements designed to attract response / admiration
    3) basic insults

    On the whole, most of what he says are good. I think the site is better off with him, especially when you compare his posts to someone else’s post which likens his face to a vagina, and then has to explain which bit is which…

  86. Ash79

    Pedro open another blog for gambon and his mates and also his enemies, this shit gets fuckin boring everytime. Annoys me that ive just added to this also.

    back to arsenal lads, please.

  87. AC Gooner


    Nope, not having a pop at you. Just wondered if you had some inside insight.

    My theories are typically warped in an optimistic way: I try to think of some reasoning to explain our situation which will end in a positive way.

    Otherwise we are foooked:

    Owned by a tight fisted, absent yank who thinks of us only as one little piece of his portfolio which should never invest.
    Club is entrusted to delusional, has been trainer.
    CEO caretaker is uncle fester lawyer type who looks out of his league
    Scouting network has rusted over

  88. Guns of Hackney

    Nasri’s Mouth

    You are kidding, right?

    Gambon reads other obscure websites, takes their words and copies and pastes. Check it out and perhaps you’ll see what I mean.

  89. Guns of Hackney


    Well said. I have lowered myself to that freak’s level.

    Back to the horrible little club we purport to follow.

  90. mystic


    Club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has since revealed that Guardiola’s decision was guided more by his heart than his wallet.

    “If it were purely down to money, then Bayern would have had no chance,” he said.

    “The signing of Guardiola shows the value of Bayern who want to be on par with the likes of Real Madrid or Manchester United,” said Bayern’s honorary president Franz Beckenbauer.
    They got their man through prestige.

    If you think Wenger failing with the resources he has available makes us less attractive to other managers then there’s something wired wrong in your brain mystic.
    Stop your idiotic comparisons between the perverse situation that Wenger has now and what would be expected by / of a new manager in the future.

  91. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, compared to others he talks some sense. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, but he does at least know some things that others don’t seem to

    I.E. Knowing that both Barca and RM aren’t going to go bust

    Some things he says I don’t agree with. The idea that us not finishing in the top 4 would be good is one, but he does at least lay out a decent argument.

    I just tend to ignore the controversial and the ridiculous fanboy stuff

  92. Fizzy Styles

    I remember Wenger strengthening the team with Squilacci, Park Chu Young and Silvestre before them. Cavani would have no such effect on the team so Wenger would do what he does best…keep all the pages of his cheque intact.

  93. Guns of Hackney

    Nasri’s Mouth

    His posts are recycled garbage from other people’s websites.

    It’s not controversial, it’s just downright mean, horrible bile – hard to ignore if you ask me.

  94. Guns of Hackney

    Prediction for tonight: Suarez will tie Vermalens blood in knots, and Mertersacker will have to have his legs undone at half time.

    3-0 (hopefully) to Liverpool.

  95. Ash79

    still banging the Gervinho drum, i despair..

    As for his current striking options, Wenger added: ” I believe. If you look at the African Nations, the best striker is Gervinho and after we have one or two good young players who will get a chance.

  96. Ash79

    Nasri’s mouth, re becks. Nothing mate, can only be agood thing, its Wenger leaving the door open slightly to Beckham joining us. It wont happen but annoys the hell out of me. AW has done this before with Sol, Jens and Henry – none of which really helped bar some romantics about TH14.

  97. Ric

    gambonJanuary 30, 2013 12:01:55

    Seriously Gambon & Guns give it a rest will ya?

    I have such a huge black schloong Gambon has to do a fly over to hurl insults at it. Gambon is a hillbilly rac*st we all know that, but please don’t make it the focus of the debate, it just highlights his sickening deficiencies as a human being, provokes some and causes other reta*ds to either join him in provoking a response from us or at least take attention away from the debate.

    So please let it go.

    Oh yeah and Pedro Get out!!!

    Ra*ist is till a no go, but at least now is N*GGER added to the list.

  98. Nasri's Mouth


    The last line spoke the most to me.

    “He has done the maximum in his career that you can do. Why? Because he loves football. He arrives before training and, after training, he stays and plays”

    If he can impart some of that desire to our players it can only be a good thing

  99. Ash79

    Nasri – yes I agree. Taking a step back however, if some our players need that impressed upon them then we have bigger problems.