The BIG PR news story | Liverpool should be a good game | Villa and Cavani deals looking distant

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Hey Arsene...

Tonight is a super massive exciting tie against the topsy turvey Scousers. They’re actually less consistent than us which kind of leaves me with more worry than if we were playing a better side. If you’ve taken time out to watch Brendan Rodgers new outfit this year, you’d know that even when they’ve been beaten by better sides, they’ve often played better football. He’s instilled a system at Liverpool, he just doesn’t have the staff to make it work. Steven Gerrard can’t play the short passing game, so he’s having a tough time and all around the team there are gaping holes they’ve tried top fill with mentally weak youngsters…

Sound familiar? (that’s Arsenal of 3 years ago, now we have mentally weak senior players)

Players to watch out for are the more senior chaps. Suarez, Sturridge are the obvious ones… along with Raheem Sterling, the most fertile man in Merseyside. Liverpool will be dangerous off the back of an embarrassing exit from the  FA Cup. Will they pick themselves up and dish out a battering, or will they lay down and die in a youthful show of characterless rubbish. I’m hoping the latter.

Arsenal head into the game off the back of two wins. Theo and Jack will no doubt return to the side alongside Thomas Vermaelen at the back. The former two turned the weekends game around when they came on, hopefully they’ll inject a bit of excitement into the first half tonight. Really, that’s been our major issue of late… we can’t get things off the ground early on and we suffer for it. We need to match our second half’s with a decent first half showing.

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter around Arsenal launching a big PR surprise this evening… could it be Villa? Could it be Cavani? No… iiiiiiiit’s… a SEASON TICKET PRICE FREEZE!

It works on many levels, the tempreture is freezing, so are the season ticket prices. They’ve done that to make the campaign memorable, like the time I used the word ‘in-car-edible’ to sell car insurance. It’s great news though. Being from London, life is tough… I have to suffer £4.50 pints as a standard, my ciabatta based lunch costs upwards of £5 and the cheese counter at the Neal’s Yard Deli isn’t getting any cheaper. So I’m glad next season, I’ll be paying the same for my ticket.

Other rumours about a major deal being announced don’t have legs from what I’m told… unless it’s someone like Diame. If that’s your idea of a big PR story, f*ck me, you need to get out more. As much as I’d appreciate a body or two, the references from West Ham fans on the midfielder aren’t gushing to the point where I’d see his signing as something pivotal in our season. David Villa has been told he’s not leaving Barca… however, now that Manchester City are sniffing around, that might change. Someone coming to the Catalan’s with big money could have an impact.

Wenger seems happy with his squad. When isn’t he eh?

“As numbers we have enough. We have plenty of quality strikers. We could do with top quality, one more, but you have to find him.

“No [I don’t see it as a problem]. When you speak about ‘anyone’ coming in, I could just go out and buy anyone just to give people hope.

“What is important is that you bring in players who can strengthen your team, or you do nothing and are strong enough to do nothing.

“That is what is important for us, to bring in a player who can strengthen the squad. ‘Anyone’ to me means exactly what today the modern game has become.

Now, there are many things that bother me about the above quotes, but the main one is that we pay a scouting network to identify players for the manager to purchase if he needs them. Wenger is looking for a new striker and we’ve got to the end of June and the best the scouting network could come up with was David Villa? I mean honestly… I could have come up with that name! Where is the creativity? Where are the insightful purchases of yesteryear? Is Arsene really telling me that in the whole of Europe, there’s been no one of suitable quality to bolster our squad?

Still, as far as I can see… the striking issue is a bit of a red herring. Giroud has 13 goals and 7 assists, Theo has 17 goals and 10 assists and Podolski has 11 goals and 11 asissts. I appreciate there’s been a disproportionate amount scored in easy games, but for me, we’re starting to click with our strikers. I remember when people said Adebayor’s great season didn’t count because he had 2 hat-tricks against weak teams. For me, the real weakness lies in the midfield. We don’t have a box to box dynamo that will stay fit and we have very few quality options when it comes to rotation. Fellaini would be nice as would Capoue. Whatever happens this window, the biggest miss will be a game changing midfielder.

This whole transfer window has the hallmarks of world class PR. The build up was exceptional with Wenger getting his money spending face on declaring he’d recruit all over the park. From the leaked stories of a mega deal in the offing. To the three weeks we spent wondering if David Villa would be our saviour… to the final switch up… which was a price freeze on already mega expensive season tickets.

Let’s hope this evening works out well, if it doesn’t, I suspect chants of ‘spend some damn money Arsene’ will reverberate around the sterile walls of our stadium.

Have a great night this evening, also, check out my hilarious Vine video about being a digital Arsenal fan.. yeah, I’m social media to the max.


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  1. Kleinfeld

    I’ve asked him numerous times what the fuck he’s doing with an Andre Santos top. He’s never answered.
    He’s not one to question the establisment either. According to him it’s all rosy as fuck.

  2. leon

    its real simple to me as long as the club has this tranfer policy they are always going to finish between 4th- 6th its hampering the level of the level of players they can bring weather that is defender midfileder or striker


    We never do well against teams we should easily defeat, that means we drop a shit load of points in the up and coming games.Wait and see 6th will be the new 4th,you heard it here first.There is still a paycheck in europa.

  4. Doublegooner


    It was the same source that I broke the news that allowed LG to announce Sol Campbell was rejoining 3 days before it was announced.

    The presenter works for Le Beeb and is an Arsenal supporter. The defender is now an analyst.

    Work it out you little turd.


    How is it that Arsenal can sell their best bitches to Barcelona and ManU, but can’t get these teams to reply in kind.AW is a real cunt,hey dummy some advise get them to suck you off first.

  6. leon

    from business stand point i get it i do there rigid wage and tranfer has made this the 4th richest club in the world but i think they have forgotten this is a football club first on for most and bringing players like santos park chamakh delinson bretna aa sculachi has hurt the club because now they cant sell them because of thier wages

  7. Joppa Road

    What makes me laugh is 3 seasons ago when people were saying to me

    ‘Be careful what you wish for’ I answered with.

    ‘Look we are no where near winning the title, what is going to be the next stage of dumbing down, just scraping 4th?’

    Now look, Wenger has made 4th a real trophy. Even the commentator tonight said as much. Yet we are still managing to fck that up even when Wenger is holding a pair of aces and the flop comes AAQ. I mean fck me look at the resources he has at his disposal. It’s a fkin embarassament.

    Do you want him to buy? I’d be fked if I do. Look at what happened when he panicked last time, we got shit.

    Yet I am laughed at when I want Cahill, Baines, Shawcross. Pedro even told me Baines is overated and Santos is a better player (last season). What the fck are you guys watching.

    This club is dead. It’s not the Arsenal I grew up loving. Then fans all fck off before half time and don’t take their seats until well into the second half. Fck em all. You all deserve each other.

    If an Arsenal supporters group was to form a Real Arsenal I would be all for it.

  8. Dannyboy

    Wouldn’t it be so Arsene Wagner to go and buy a striker tomorrow and nothing else. Here are our current defensive options..

    RB – A crap frenchman who is intentionally playing poor to piss Wagner off.
    RB – our most improved player who Wagner refuses to play because the fans want him to play him.

    CB – A very large tree that, like a tree, can not rise an inch from the ground.
    CB – A ‘captain’ who is scared to talk, and looks like a corpse that has been left a few days and has turned a strange grey colour.
    CB – A french error prone nervous wreck.

    LB – A talented, overpaid Englishman who is trying to beat Diaby for the physio room trophy.
    LB – … nope that’s it.

    And Wagner won’t sign anyone, even though Cissokho is available right now for £6 million, Baines is gettable if we were ambitous. But alas…

  9. Dannyboy

    and ffs Pedro please don’t use that photo again, everytime I refresh the page, there the cunt is staring at me with his fucking vile cretinous face.

  10. L

    Changes are obviously needed top to bottom at our club. Everyone on here bitches and moans non stop but how many are actually doing anything to enforce change?! Sitting at your laptops typing away and being a clever cunt in the comments section isn’t going to change anything. Ideas are needed on how we can get the changes we want and need, anyone got any?

  11. Dannyboy

    L, we need someone with a journalism degree. We need someone on the inside who won’t be like all these other cunts in the media who pussyfoot around the old fool, we need someone to say to him straight ’21 points off top spot Arsene, I thought this was your best ever squad?’ or ‘Another shocking defensive performance Arsene, is it true you’ve taken Steve Bould off defensive duties’
    or ‘remember when you said if you sell Nasregas you can no longer call yourself a big club?,,, haha funny that weren’t it?’

  12. NoMoreCesc

    Recall at the beginning of the season, the defending looked solid and everyone was talking about the “Bould effect”, but there were a number of 0-0 games. Two problems with that has led to the current situation. Firstly, OLG doesn’t like anyone else getting credit and always appeared annoyed when asked about Bould at his press conferences. Secondly, team defending is not “the way we like to play” because it can mean 0-0 games. So no more team defending and Bould put in his place and we have what we have today.

  13. ikon

    Bad defending from Mertesacker and Sagna… Vermaelen is not exactly taking responsibility either. I have always said Koscielny is the best defender we have. Probably should have a look at Miquel alongside him. Fergie would have dropped Vermaelen and Mert after today.

  14. S Asoa

    AKB has become a foul word because it symbolises a frenching arsehole wanker always ends like a turd oozing from the face on today’s page

  15. simon mcmahon

    it’s a fucking shame that really this man has been left to fuck our club up , all because of money well the ray of light is that it looks like we are the outsiders in the race for fourth. and there are more empty seats starting to be seen at home games .
    He is a modern day nero , he is truly out of touch , the defending all season has been comical sagna, How can one of the greatest defenders that the club has had and who is a coach let these players make the same mistakes in every game , we awful at defending set pieces , the goalkeper is a mistake waiting to happen as aswell he is another almunia .
    The Smug smile will be on display tommorow when he talks about the quality and mental strength of this squad and to believe in this squad when no new players arrive, personally i have more belief in the tooth fairy .
    Wenger Out !!!!!

  16. reality check

    Even if bould has be relieved of defensive coaching.

    He’s still on the bench

    He’s still on the payroll

    If he really wasn’t happy, he’d leave it.

    Oh but he has bills to pay, family to take care of?

    Well, so does cesc, rvp, Nasri, adebayor, clichy.

  17. reality check

    More details leaking about liam brady. Suppossedly not in agreement with the wage structure for young players??

  18. Jeff

    Stoke won’t be playing like West Ham and Liverpool did. They will play their usual game and deny us space up front. We’ll get frustrated but the mistakes at the back will remain. I don’t think we’ll get much joy out of that game either to be honest.

  19. Rom Ramirez

    Going much beyond a joke now….. this is actually sick toruture to us Gooners!!!
    F’ing Liverpool’s attack made to look good from our shite defence!!

    Santos ?? Sagna is absolute crap this season and we’re thinking of sending Jenko to Stoke!! Why not send Theo out on loan aswell along with Podolski and Giroud.

    Arsene, this is a very important day for the future of your managerial career with us!!! us fans will still be Arsenal long after you have gone so don’t think you own the show….

  20. gambon


    Dont be so fucking stupid.

    We all know that money cant be spent as its needed for debt repayment.

    What do you mean our debts are half of UTDs and our repayments are a third of theirs? Stop telling the truth and just agree that we cant afford Mo Diame for £4m.

  21. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    We need to stop deluding ourselves Gambon and get onside.

    But, from a good source, I hear AFC are planning a massive spend in the summer.

    Apparently the mahogany panels in the board room have received a few scratches and the board are planning a major refit.

    I also hear, reliably, that in this refit they are putting the trophy cabinet into storage in a garage in the East End. It will be replaced by a state of the art Nespresso machine. Style and Class. The Arsenal way

  22. Graham O'Keeffe

    rumoured we have put a bid in for a no mark left back from malaga…..jeez if its true wenger really hasnt a clue as getting a decent centre back would be preferable as the we could move verm to left back whilst gibbs is injured and then we are stronger through the middle. But we desperatly need a strong defensive central midfield player… Pedro im not sure if you were wathcing the same game as us as Ramsey was garbage and was culpible for the first goal. He spent more time ahead of jack and santi and until the last part of the game when santi and jack both moved up the pitch he hindered us going forward because of his lack of discipline…..not often i disagree with you mate but on this one Ramsey is no patrick….