David Villa: Will we / Won’t we? | David Beckham joins up | Will Wenger pull ‘that’ face?

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Good morning people of Le Grove! I have very little to talk about this morning, news appears to have dried up on the home stretch towards T-Day which happens this Thursday night.

The only rumours that seen to be perpetuating are the ones on Twitter. There are two going around. One is that David Villa is coming to Arsenal, the other centres around Diame. The mainstream press have stated, in the main, that Barcelona are not looking to sell David Villa. Why would they? He’s there only recognised striker and they don’t need the money. Piecing together little bits I’ve picked up, it sounds like David Villa wants to move, his people want him to move… but Barcelona don’t really want him to go anywhere as he might be needed should half man, half machine Messi pick up an injury.

There have also been denials from the club (Arsenal) that we’re in for him, and a good person from Talksport told me that he’d spoken to Arsenal and Dick Law apparently is not in Spain. Hey, he could be in Italy? Or, alternatively, he could just do his business via Skype and e-mail like the rest of the rabble. I spoke to someone close to the action, the usual person, who said there was more chance of Ricky Villa joining… Still, like I’ve said a million times before, there really aren’t many people who know what’s going on, even when they’re close to the action. Personally, I can’t see it for three reasons… 1) Theo Walcott is banging them in 2) Giroud has just started to come good 3) David Villa is a very expensive solution as a second striker, very un-Arsenal like. He’s currently on £110k, he won’t come on a two year deal and it’s unlikely we’ll get the 31 year old for less than £10m.

If we did manage to purchase him on his current salary on a 3 year deal, that would cost us £27m in total.

Personally, I’d rather us use big money like that to bring in a player like Cavani. Someone who can hit the ground running, someone who has time on his side to adapt and someone who looks far better built for the Premier League. I guess the reason David Villa works whatever the output of his arrival is… is this… he’ll shake up the squad, inject it with excitement and hopefully elicite an improvement in performance. Clubs all around us have brought in new players, some will work, some won’t… but they’ll all give their clubs a lift. We need a freshen up…. signing a legend like Villa would certainly do that.

Talking of players that have moved so far in January… I lifted this from the comments yesterday:

  • Wilfired Zaha – Man Utd
  • Demba Ba – Chelsea
  • Lewis Holtby – Spurs
  • Leroy Fer – Everton
  • Philippe Coutinho – Liverpool
  • Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool
  • Mapou Yanga MBiwa – Newcastle
  • Moussa Sissoko – Newcastle
  • Matthieu Debuchy – Newcastle
  • Loic Remy – QPR
  • Joe Cole – West Ham
  • Nicolas Anelka – Juventus
  • Didier Drogba – Galatasaray

No one from that list who could improve us?

Arsenal.com are ramping up the propaganda. The need for a new defensive midfielder is being dealt with by shoe horning Aaron Ramsey into the fold. He had to find a spot somewhere and apparently, after two good games against West Ham and Brighton, that’s where he’ll play! Amazing stuff. That’s why I have my doubts over the Villa rumours, this whole transfer window has been an excercise in PR, right from before Christmas when Wenger said he was looking in every position and looking to do something. If we come out of Thursday night without any new buys, we’ll all be pleased in the knowledge that we lodged a £30m bid for an unidentified player (have you ever known such a massive bid kept on the downlow) and that we tried for a Barca legend. We’ll also have a new defensive midfielder and we’ll have our injured players back… which are like new signings.

Things are quiet. In the old days, that meant we were busy. These days, in the modern era of Twitter and 24hr Sky Sports News, it normally means we’re not up to much.

Wenger has a press conference this morning… when he’s asked about signing players, I have a feeling you’ll see this face….


The… ‘Hey, I’m up to something face’… question is, will you believe it?


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  1. follow the money

    The people running the club are cunning devils. For instance, Wenger has always been against pre-season tours. But now we are doing them. Why? Wenger hasn’t changed his stance. It’s because they need revenue from overseas to make up for decreased revenue from matchday tickets etc. I agree with whomever said Kroenke won’t sell. Unfortunately. Not even if Emirates is half full and there are brawls between pro and anti Wenger supporters. They knew this period of no trophies was coming, and that fans who want to see some ambition from the club would get fed up or bored or whatever. They’ll just be replaced by overseas morons who will buy the Wenger legend and buy kits–which cost pennies to make and the club makes a fortune on. Indonesia, Thailand, China, Nigeria, these are the fans the club really cares about. Not ppl like me, who have passionately followed the team (until recently) since 1971, and not the people who buy seats at Emirates.

  2. Gunner2301

    Wenger Classics

    “People expect us to buy someone of top quality but I have to be strong enough to resist or you have a player for four or five years who will never play a game… an average player who you know at the start is average. If I do that, I don’t do my job.”

    You mean like Squillaci and Chamakh Oh yeah and what about Park?

    Oh then theres this….

    Wenger said that Barça had made it “very clear” that the 31-year-old was not for sale. “You respect the desire [of the club],” he said. “If I say that somebody is not for transfer, I expect the other clubs not to try to buy him.”

    Like you didn’t get rolled over and fucked up the arse by Barca Arsene. Well it was more than once so its more like gang raped.

    Fucking joker.

  3. James

    The frustrating thing about only buying “better than what we have” is that “what we have” are several blank spots on our 25-man roster. Give Arsene the benefit of the doubt: maybe we cannot find someone better than Giroud at a price he likes. But we can *easily* find someone better than the backup/plan B which is currently an empty chair (necessitating squad shift).

    [My offer still stands to help you proofread for grammar/spelling.]

  4. Jeff

    Watch what happens tonight. If we get beaten by Liverpool he might panic and go for “someone” tomorrow and dress it up as though he was always after this person but left it till the last minute because the price is more negotiable when you do that. It’s all hogwash of course. The other thing Wenger tries to do is spout out all these false statements about possible links (in order to appear disinterested) so that the price doesn’t go up. That is his real problem. He hates being told a player is worth x when he thinks they’re only worth (x – 10).

    Whilst it’s fine him to waste something in the region of 40m per annum on underserved wages (including his own), he can’t stand spending on players who are near enough guaranteed to deliver. It’s bullshit ladies and gentlemen and it’s bad for the club.

  5. TheBayingMob

    We have to drop this DM sh1t, Wenger doesn’t see the need. You can se ehow his teams are set up; he gives not a flying fuck about defence. While I disagree with Gambon about 2002-2005 being all about luck, they certainly managed themselves. We were going down the pan in 1998 until Adams stepped up and demanded we player properly.

    The squad lack characters (Wenger won’t entertain them, hence why Arshavin started in a blaze then went downhill the first time he said something out of line, why Chamakh started off banging them in, when he didn’t conform to an Arsene yes man he was dropped and never played again), the squad lack leaders, it lacks men.

    Arsene is never going to buy a defensive midfielder. Ever again. Period.

  6. Zacharse

    hold on 2301-

    remind me where Alex Song is again. Arsene is dumb, but at least he’s vindictive. I think it maybe the wrong move to act that way towards the fans though

  7. timao

    ‘..asked if it was likely to be a defensive reinforcement, [Wenger] added: “Yes. That’s how quickly football changes. Three days ago people told me we need strikers. Now, this time, we’re speaking about defenders.”‘

    um, with all due respect, 3 YEARS ago people told you we needed strikers and defenders and midfielders. And we STILL bloody do. Maybe football changes quickly but unfortunately Arsenal do not!

  8. Spectrum

    All we have done is replace ( the now likely outgoing ) Santos with another left back. Sure, Nacho is better, but overall, number wise, the squad is exactly THE SAME as before. So how have we strengthened and improved the team ? We haven’t. We all know and have been saying that the squad does not have enough depth, and Wenger must know this too. But he has effectively done NOTHING about it. Again. Oh, and does anyone REALLY THINK that we would have signed Nacho if Gibbs had not been injured against Liverpool ? No, which makes it even worse.

    With all the huffing and puffing, rumours and conflicting statements from Wenger, it turns out to be yet another anti-climax. Our net squad gain is…..zero. Farcical outcome, underlining the complete lack of direction and ambition of this administration.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  9. Spectrum

    One of the A.K.B.’s in attempting to defend our lack of signings, asked “What about Nuri Sahin ? You all wanted us to sign him, too. Where is he now ” ?

    Where ? On an 18 month loan at Borussia Dortmund. Obviously their manager has a contingency plan in case of injuries, and he decided that Sahin would add depth to their ( already strong ) squad. Coincidentally Dortmund are managed by Jurgen Klopp, who is talked of as being a future Arsenal manager. How ironic, eh ?

    Who do think has the most foresight ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”