Wenger would cap transfers… unbelievable | Diame and Villa rumours quieten | FA Cup day

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So it kind of feels a bit pointless to come on here every single day ranting about Arsene Wenger and whatever he’s said to the press. So I won’t labour too hard on yesterday’s gems, but honestly, he was absolutely on fire with some of his thoughts. Sometimes, I can’t work out whether it’s all just one big joke… because he takes the satire to such extreme levels. One of my all time favourite comments dropped in his morning meeting yesterday, it went a little like this…

 “I think it should be all completely cut out or limited to two players,”

“It is unfair for the league that some teams who have played for example now twice Newcastle already have an advantage on teams who play Newcastle now they have bought six or seven players.

“You do not face exactly the same team so I believe the number of players you could buy should be limited.”

That comment was in reference to Newcastle snapping up a load of players this January to dig themselves out of the mess they’re in.

Unbelievable. But it really does crystalise our whole situation. Wenger wants everyone to conform to his game. His game is bringing through young players and bedding them in and he genuinely believes that it’s unfair that Newcastle have gone out and signed four players. He doesn’t see the bigger picture, he sees the rules of is self imposed game and he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t look at the Arsenal situation and wonder whether he should be making bold moves for international class players for us… he looks to peddle another idea that makes the purchase of players look like cheating.

The most crazy part about the comment is that he’s on record in stating it takes 6 months for players to bed in and he’s stated that any more than 2 signings can unsettle a squad (then he went out and bought 5). For me, he should be asking why we weren’t in for Mbiwa or Debuchy. Two players in positions we’re short of quality.

In transfer news, Frimpong landed his move away from the club. He’s a player I don’t expect to stay with us much past June. Clearly out of favour in a massive way. He’s a nice kid, but he’s far too dim and aware of his celebrity to make it at Arsenal. Another player who keeps getting linked away from us is Jenkinson. Stoke and Wigan are interested in his services. It’d make sense for him to get games, but I’m pretty sure that’d leave us exposed with the out of sorts Sagna being the only option we have at right back.

Another of Wenger’s comments yesterday centred around the satisfaction Wenger has in his squad, he reckons we have two players in every position. What he doesn’t say is that he’s counting players in multiple positions. If Arsene had two players in every position he trusted, why doesn’t he ever rest Jack, Arteta or Cazorla? Why does he pretty much stick with the same front three every game? Why do our players always look so tired? It’s a silly remark for a man permanently on the defensive.

Rumours are dying a death around Diame and David Villa. Barca have made their position quite clear around not wanting him to leave and the Diame transfer sounds like a massive punt…

We travel down to Brighton today. I have no idea how seriously Wenger will take this game, but I expect players to get a rest going on Wenger’s recent approach to the FA Cup. Ramsey will likely anchor the midfield again. We might see the return of Diaby and who knows, maybe Jack Wilshere as the captain. At the back, Vermaelen isn’t playing, so Laurent will step in… hopefully not giving away a penalty or getting sent off today. Up top, I can’t see past Theo, Podolski and Giroud.

Enjoy the game if you’re going down, it’s a nice crisp clear day. If you’re not, enjoy it wherever you can get a feed!


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  1. ikon

    Spurs are balls…. wait for a few more weeks, you will love them to implode like every season and then Bale fucks off to Madrid, that will be end of Spurs actually, in the top 10 for the foreseeable future.

    Btw, Giroud balance is zero! Fifa 13 has his balance at a red 33.

  2. Josip Skoblar

    I agree. I’m as unhappy as you are about the current state of affairs. I also agree that Wenger is the Board’s accomplice: he gets very good money in return and, more strangely, when big foreign money started to get invested in English football (Abramovitch, etc.), he decided that he would bring success his own way against the odds (hence project youth). His extremely arrogant and stubborn personality explains that he has persisted with this failed policy over the past 7 years. This said, it doesn’t explain why despite poor results over the past 7-8 years, he is still in charge. Joppa may be right in saying that it’s because he’s been meeting each year Kroenke’s/the Board’s targets. This shows that this clique is not interested in success on the pitch, but only care about economic success. Kroenke’s ownership of the club is proving a disaster for AFC.

  3. ikon

    On a different topic, passing efficiency as of now is measured in passes completed…. would love to see passing efficiency being defined as the best pass out of 3-4 available with weights as 1, 0.8, 0.6 etc…. will actually greatly simplify scouting. Can we do that for a game? I am all up for contributing.

  4. SUGA3

    Christ, Santos is shit…

    can’t really blame him though, Wenger oes not believe in rotation, despite having two players in every position!

  5. GUNNER786

    El Smell

    Why dont you crawl back up Wengers tight arse motherfucker.

    BTW we are playing Brighton NOT Barcelona.

  6. useroz

    so many crap players on the pitch on arsenal side

    wenger probably meant 2 shit players per position, outside of first 11

    remember we have over 50, 60 pros in the team

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Zonal marking….Wenger it doesn’t fucking work!!!!!!!

    Rosicky has been awful so far, so has Santos and Diaby.

  8. Chamakh for a Skipper?!

    Diaby is a horrible dope-ish abdul twat of a player: daft, slow, clumsy and out of sync, but he is serious and don’t party,

  9. Bade

    Santos lacklustre is appalling. He should be subbed now & thrown to reserves

    You could bare with mistakes but not with such a complacency

  10. Josip Skoblar

    Nice goal by Giroud. Chesney’s at fault on the goal. Santos’s atrocious. Very average performance so far.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    a few years back i like many was clamouring for chesney… now he has gone backwards, not sure he is the best keeper at the club now,,,, needs a word in the ear to buck up or fuk off…

  12. Relieable sauce

    Santos is utter shit, we should have never signed him.
    How he wasn’t sold after his embarrassing behaviour with RVP’s shirt is a mystery to me & how the fans accept it is even more baffling. For some fans its ok to want the MU shirt when they play for us but its traitorous to sign for them.


  13. Goongoonergone

    Santos would do a better job standing outside Old Trafford flogging RVP shirts to the Manc faithful. If Bouldy is doing defensive training, I’m afraid he hasn’t a clue. As for Wenger, he needs to quit my beloved team asap and write a book on football economics. Been a supporting Goon since 1971 and nowadays I just laugh at our pathetic attempts to defend. Fans losing patience and belief in Wenger in droves.

  14. GUNNER786


    I dont love Spurs I NEVER will.. I was hoping it would fire up that skinny runt Wenger if Spurs did well in the league and the CL.

  15. mystic

    Nothing will fire up that twat Wenger, certainly not winning or losing – he has lost his marbles. Don’t support other teams as a way to take your frustrations out against Wenger.


  16. Bubble

    I never want to see Santos in an arsenal shirt ever again. Even if we playing 5yr old kids, play Gibbs there, If the fucker called Wenger dosn’t want to buy a backup. Or better still give Fabianski the No3 shirt & throw him on the pitch. Just Keep Santos Out!!!!

  17. Josip Skoblar

    What a goal, Giroud! That reminds me of a Gerd Mueller type of goal. The type of goal only a striker can score. Is Giroud boy on a scoring streak?…

  18. Al

    OX is letting this game just pass him by. Why is he not busting a gut?

    Loving Ramsey’s nasty streak at the moment…He is really battling and getting stuck in

  19. zeus

    These commentators really talk rubbish at times.

    That pass from Diaby…..apparently, abou is the only one in the squad who could do a pass like that. Pfft

  20. Josip Skoblar

    Giroud is slow, misses loads of chances, but Theo would have never scored the goal he just scored. Giroud is a striker, Theo isn’t.

  21. Al

    Diaby pointing telling santos to cover the overlap while he does not close down the crosser….Diaby is simply lazy and not what we need

  22. useroz

    santos was shocking no intent to block the cross

    mert was naive in positioning ‘cmon german international????

    and this is a championship side ffs………….

    wenger out

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    No pressure on the crosser, and an experienced international defender making a schoolboy error by not keeping goal side of the man he’s marking.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Love how commentators say ‘poor defending by Arsenal’…as if it’s something new!!

    Tactically and in terms of organisation we have nothing.

    What the hell are Munich going to do to us.

    Ribery and Robben whipping in crosses to Gomez?

  25. Al

    userozJanuary 26, 2013 16:19:04
    santos was shocking no intent to block the cross
    It was diaby…Diaby told him to cover the overlap which he did…Diaby forgot to chase down the crosser

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Rosicky really has been turd today, gotta go off for JW or Caz.

    Look at the energy and effort Brighton are putting in, then look at some of our players.

  27. Al

    I thought OX performance today was disgusting…I mean he did not try at all today and someone needs to have a word with him because his performances this year have been unacceptable

  28. Honest Bill

    Wenger can see it, but just like the tackles, he can’t give a valid justification for it, and pretends he didn’t

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    Remember folks, we have 2 players for each position so we don’t need to use the unfair transfer window to strengthen the squad. rofl.

  30. Voetstoots

    Jamal, please ask someone to explain the difference to you: a person can be critical of Wenger as much as he prefers, but I will always want Arsenal to win every match regardless.

  31. The Poldi Prince

    Gizz man ftw

    Surely that’s his gay porn name. But I digress. Great goals and movement. How many goals did rp score as a 26yo? Or in his first 4 seasons combined?

    A man can dream, right?

  32. mystic

    ‘I am proud of my players determination, some say there do not care that is not true’

    ‘We showed that little bit of quality that I knew was there’

    ‘At times we played as though nervous of going out’

    ‘It was a tight game, Brighton had nothing to lose’

    ‘Mentally we were strong’

    ‘Some of the players were lacking game fitness’

    ‘No I do not agree that Santos was a problem’

    ‘We have won our last 2 games, I am very happy with the strength of my squad, there is no reason to go out and panic buy – if I find that Super quality player I will add him to the squad’ (thinks: thank god I only need to keep this BS up for another few days).

    ‘I think this is a platform for us to go on and win the PL’

    Tick off the above when he AW does his after match interview – I should write Wenger’s script.

  33. Jeff

    I suppose in the final analysis if fourth is all you want fourth is the minimum you will get. Any more than that would require a considerably better squad (and manager – specifically one who’s actually sane) than we currently have. All this thrashing around and getting through to round 5 of the FA cup is fine but we need to beat the big boys and so far this season we haven’t done that. We have failed to beat any of the top three and so finishing top four (although not a certainty by any means) is all we can hope for.

    I fear by the end of the season we shall start talking about exactly 8 years without a trophy. Not really what you would call a success when our wage bill has always been very high and is now over £140m. We just haven’t anything to show for it.

  34. Relieable sauce

    Well i think thats about !.2 mil Rosicknote has trousered for 69 min of football.
    Nice work if you can get it.
    Santos getting paid as a footballer is just a masterclass in deception.


  35. sam

    you guys are really boring, if anyone didn’t follow the game he will think we lost.
    no more theo bashing, its now chamberlain, yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!