Wenger would cap transfers… unbelievable | Diame and Villa rumours quieten | FA Cup day

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So it kind of feels a bit pointless to come on here every single day ranting about Arsene Wenger and whatever he’s said to the press. So I won’t labour too hard on yesterday’s gems, but honestly, he was absolutely on fire with some of his thoughts. Sometimes, I can’t work out whether it’s all just one big joke… because he takes the satire to such extreme levels. One of my all time favourite comments dropped in his morning meeting yesterday, it went a little like this…

 “I think it should be all completely cut out or limited to two players,”

“It is unfair for the league that some teams who have played for example now twice Newcastle already have an advantage on teams who play Newcastle now they have bought six or seven players.

“You do not face exactly the same team so I believe the number of players you could buy should be limited.”

That comment was in reference to Newcastle snapping up a load of players this January to dig themselves out of the mess they’re in.

Unbelievable. But it really does crystalise our whole situation. Wenger wants everyone to conform to his game. His game is bringing through young players and bedding them in and he genuinely believes that it’s unfair that Newcastle have gone out and signed four players. He doesn’t see the bigger picture, he sees the rules of is self imposed game and he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t look at the Arsenal situation and wonder whether he should be making bold moves for international class players for us… he looks to peddle another idea that makes the purchase of players look like cheating.

The most crazy part about the comment is that he’s on record in stating it takes 6 months for players to bed in and he’s stated that any more than 2 signings can unsettle a squad (then he went out and bought 5). For me, he should be asking why we weren’t in for Mbiwa or Debuchy. Two players in positions we’re short of quality.

In transfer news, Frimpong landed his move away from the club. He’s a player I don’t expect to stay with us much past June. Clearly out of favour in a massive way. He’s a nice kid, but he’s far too dim and aware of his celebrity to make it at Arsenal. Another player who keeps getting linked away from us is Jenkinson. Stoke and Wigan are interested in his services. It’d make sense for him to get games, but I’m pretty sure that’d leave us exposed with the out of sorts Sagna being the only option we have at right back.

Another of Wenger’s comments yesterday centred around the satisfaction Wenger has in his squad, he reckons we have two players in every position. What he doesn’t say is that he’s counting players in multiple positions. If Arsene had two players in every position he trusted, why doesn’t he ever rest Jack, Arteta or Cazorla? Why does he pretty much stick with the same front three every game? Why do our players always look so tired? It’s a silly remark for a man permanently on the defensive.

Rumours are dying a death around Diame and David Villa. Barca have made their position quite clear around not wanting him to leave and the Diame transfer sounds like a massive punt…

We travel down to Brighton today. I have no idea how seriously Wenger will take this game, but I expect players to get a rest going on Wenger’s recent approach to the FA Cup. Ramsey will likely anchor the midfield again. We might see the return of Diaby and who knows, maybe Jack Wilshere as the captain. At the back, Vermaelen isn’t playing, so Laurent will step in… hopefully not giving away a penalty or getting sent off today. Up top, I can’t see past Theo, Podolski and Giroud.

Enjoy the game if you’re going down, it’s a nice crisp clear day. If you’re not, enjoy it wherever you can get a feed!


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  1. andy1886

    Go for the cup or gamble everything on the fourth place trophy?

    I’m sure if you polled the over 40’s the FA Cup would win hands down. When will Wenger realise that on the ‘honours’ section of the club history the fourth place trophy is NEVER going to be mentioned (f*ck me, Stan’s an American, the guys that think second is the first loser!!!!).

  2. Arse&Nose©

    I had a conversation with a work mate which covered similar points to WENGERs.
    The work mate was annoyed because he didn’t like yahoo fantasy football allowing transfers every week, he would prefer to pick one team and not change many players during the season (like the Sun dream team). He used all sorts of excuses -it’s not realistic, I don’t have time for it, it’s not fair…in the end people like him only complain because they are shit.

  3. Bob

    Your a prick, why don’t you become a football manager you clearly have so much knowledge and wisdom on the inner workings of the current game.

  4. andy1886

    Why do we need a blimp to highlight the ‘Wenger Out’ message??

    Get Gervinho drunk, have it tatooed on his forehead in big red letters!!!

    This serves one of two purposes.

    1. We get the message across, or…

    2. Gervinho is never seen near the first team again.

    It’s a win-win situation!!!!!

  5. bankz

    Some of us said in the 1st week of the Jan’ transfer window that wenger wasn’t bringing in new players save the “like a new signings” we get every transfer window.
    I counted 10 “like a new signings”…Wilshere,Ox,Ramsey,Gibbs, jenkinson(the 5 brits signing) then Abou “Mr like a new signing” Diaby, Thomas “crocky” Rosicky,Frimpong(before the Fulham loan), Theo “SignDatin” walcott and the return of Mikel “definitely a new signing” Arteta.
    10 “like a new signing” signings…..so I ask you, who needs any new signing??
    Wenger asked you the same yesterday…who needs signings when we have 10 “like a new signing” signing…..haaahaaaa!


  6. useroz

    7m being paid to wenger for what…if he doesn’t even know that january is an excellent opportunity to right his wrongs??

    If wenger wants fairness in life go and do charities and donate his luxuxry paris apartment now…many still live on the street and tats not fair!!!

    Fuck off though he won’t…greedy bastards

  7. bankz

    I forget to add Gervinho to my list of “like a new signing”….so that makes it 11 new “like a new signing” players.
    We are definitely strong enough to go for the Champions league trophy now..

  8. Hunter

    Your Comment HereWe can all forget about anyone coming to the club in this or any other transfer window as long as that idiot Wenger is here.So as his contract dosent run out until 2014 it will be more of the same old story!He genuinley believes we have enough in our ranks to compete and obtain at least 4th,there will be no convincing him otherwise!Even though the fans are craving for new faces he will ignore our requests and just plough on,the board will not pressure him and gazidis is downright too scared of upsetting him for anything to happen.We can torture ourselves until we are blue in the face,we can rant and rant until our throats are sore but we can do NOTHING strong enough to get him out!He has made it quite clear to me what his position is ‘two players in every position’ albeit crap ones,a distict disslike for the january transfer window,recognition that prices are too inflated,and a persistance in keeping faith in our ‘crocks’ and fringe players.This will be year 8 we dont win anything and next year will be another drought,what a legacy eh,if he does walk in the summer it will be a great relief but he will feel he has done a great job in making AFC what it is today,a self sustaining,non trophy,non caring cresh for young players to start their careers and eventually be sold off to the highest bidders.Its all about MONEY,nothing else matters,the whole club is rotten right through to the core.The manager has completely lost it,the coaching staff are still in the dark ages and soon the real arsenal fans will begin to wake up!WE,the fans,cant protest ‘inside’ the ground where it matters,only away games is that a possibility,our letters to the club are ignored,the AST are toothless and the press dont write or ask the right questions from a supporters point of view and even if they did wenger would just smirk and answer in a ridiculous manner.So lets just accept our fate!we will slip gently down the league,we will get smashed out of the European Cup next week and the FA cup will shorly follow and as we are out of the Carling Cup we have ‘F’ all to go for in reality.HAPPY DAYS GOONERS

  9. Bade

    Nice read Pedro

    It’s amazing how many times this man is contradicting himself. It’s not even that funny any more.

    It’s boring & pathetic. A classic act of a dictator that can’t be questioned or challenged for ill reasoned opinions

  10. bergkamp63

    • The Gunners, who fell foul of League Two Bradford City in the Capital One Cup, have lost 99 matches in FA Cup history.

    Wouldn’t it be fitting to lose out to a lower league team again this season for 100th loss in FA Cup history !!

  11. Santos

    Despotic rulers always step down ignominiously . I can’t wait for le hitler to go down the drain as a failed manager whose failure was attributed to his own pertinacity

  12. Toli83

    Pedro I can see your getting board of Wenger out everyday and rightly so.

    I’d like to know your opinion on Gazidis and kronke etc?

    My take is that they should be running a tighter reign on him and pressuring him into signings. Making him accountable and clamping down on these bull shit press conferences. It’s makes our club look like a joke.

    Others, such as gambon (sure he’ll be back soon) and many others think Gazidis can’t really do anything and is powerless to act as Wenger has to much control.

    We all know Wengers a cunt but shouldn’t those above him be doing something?

  13. Simonlevert

    Pedro – your anti Wenger tirade is really really boring. Never managed a team have you? Ever managed a team anywhere? Nope – thought not. The answer to any of our problems isn’t just buying big names. Ever thought about the difficulties in getting a successful transfer have you? Players image rights? Is the player’s attitude right? What’s the injury history? And most importantly is a player going to communicate well and get on with the rest of the team. this site is written by 3 year olds. It’s the last time I’m going to use it.

  14. Bade

    As for the noises Jack is going to be made the captain for today. Well, with two very tough games ahead of us I wouldn’t risk him.

    Not to mention I’m totally sick of this emotional bribe. He shouldn’t be the captain. Per should be.

    I also can’t see Arsene risking Diaby, as I’m more & more inclined to think we’re not going to sign anyone this window.

    I would also rest Cazorla, if we don’t want to see him burnt out just like Arteta.

    With Rosicky available, I would play a trio of Rambo, OX & Rosicky in midfield & put Cazorla & Jack on the bench, if needed later on the game. I know Rosicky hasn’t played for so long, but it’s a good game to give him a run & we can always use Diaby or Jack if the circumstances call it upon us.

    Up top we also lack those “two for each position” players, so unless Arsene is going to use Jack, Cazorla or Diaby from the off, there are no option.

    Arshavin is totally out of favour. OX/Rosicky the only options to play wide if Arsene is after resting any of the front three.

  15. SUGA3

    I used to violate the F5 key during the transfer windows, but if sale of RvP proved that I still gave a fuck, now I am pretty much resigned to the thought that it has to get much worse before it gets better…

    Wenger is off his fucking rocker, yet there is no one with the nous to challenge his, let alone the balls, they think that if it is still ticking along nicely there is no need to upset the apple cart, but it is a risky game, IMO, Wenger should have been asked for his wishlist around Xmas and if he did not have it, should have been sacked and someone else brought in…

  16. Goonerpower

    Can’t he just fuck off already!! There was a time when I defended him, he is totally fucking this club. But nothing will change and he certainly won’t. If he buys nothing, then he needs to go, this season in a total shambles!!! I fucking hate him!!

  17. andy1886

    Simon, other managers seem to make signings without the fuss we make. Take ManU – top of the league and they make a signing to improve further. Bought RvP, just paid the money and looks like they will reap the rewards.

    Wenger’s the highest paid manager in the league, higher than Fergie. We expect and yes DEMAND better for the money.

  18. Mrpink

    Simon Le vert & Bob (Wilson)…

    I see you’re both critics but don’t offer solutions. Quite a lot like Wenger really…

  19. Mike

    I do love websites for the under 11’s they make me laugh. My kids think they know everything too despite the fact that they have little or no experience of what they are talking about. Fantastic.

  20. Jonraid

    Just read an article Benitez asking Roman to spend because squad too thin… Here we’ve Wenger insisting not to buy. We have almost the same squad size, squad strength is another question; now, it’s pretty obvious Wenger is sort of delusional isn’t he?

  21. mr klean

    Wenger has gone mad he has lost it with the resent happenings around him old cinile man have a squad fight for there positions is it a crime wenger out ur policy has failed admit it and g.

  22. Gooner S

    ”I think it should be all completely cut out or limited to two players,”

    If by the first part of that sentence Wenger means remove the transfer window altogether so that you can buy whenever you want then I agree with him. It’s totally artificial. A bit like play-offs or a ‘Champions League’ that doesn’t have just the Champions in it or calling the First Division ‘The Premier League’ or (worse) calling the Second Division ‘The Championship’ and (even worse) calling the third division ‘The First Division’.

  23. K.C.

    Bob and Simon’s posts read far too similar to be different people. So I ask the question, what kind of psychotic loser takes the time to post twice, from two different accounts, on a site he hates?! No wonder he loves Wenger so much, they deserve to be sharing the same cell at the nuthouse.

  24. wanger-wenker

    simonlevert??????…written by 3 yr olds?….what is a clueless moron like simonlevert doing on a blog that is by far the best of its kind available????
    No wonder he believes its written by 3yr olds because he obvioiusly cant understand it. His name has a french “look” about it…i think maybe he could be wengers closet bumchum.

  25. Evan

    “Arsenal did not want to include a buy option,” said Djourou.

    “But those things don’t worry me right now. I have to perform first, to make sure Hannover want to buy me.

    “As a team we have the quality to reach the Champions League.

    “Everything has to work out great and we all have to stay fit. It is a high goal, but you need to have them in sport.”

  26. goonersfury

    we get knocked out by brighton and bayern without any signings and there will be a revolution at every home game till he quits or gets sacked!

  27. Relieable sauce

    The akb’s are worked up aren’t they?
    I guess when you realise your god is a phoney its tough to take 🙁
    🙂 Suckers!!!

  28. AJ

    simonlevert, mike and all the names you may change into..
    Listen fella, one does not simply insult Pedro.
    He has been putting up a post for years now, when you could only come up with ‘In Wenger I trust’ everyday.
    Just do not show up here.

  29. Scott

    Wenger thinks some teams have an unfair advantage in the transfer window. He’s sitting on a £153m transfer war chest !!!!
    He is mentally insane.

  30. midlandgunner

    arsenes comments annoy me all the time,hes taking a massive gamble on sneaking 4th place without strengthening the squad and if he doesnt get it i hope he is told to walk at the end of may,but im fully behind the players today come on get us a win and in the hat for the next round but….come on arsenal…..fuck off arsene

  31. sam

    Hey! Idiots are happy to see Jack Wilshere with the captain armband.
    you stupid sheeps will never learn and arsene the sheep fucker will keep doing you from behind.
    thats why you can’t remember what happened to our last 6 captains

  32. Jamie England

    Amazed by some of my fellow “Gooners” who sound like they want my beloved Arsenal to lose today? Even worse they want us to finish mid table.. And get spanked my Bayern? What the f*ck Is wrong with you..? Just so your proven right and Arsene’s proven wrong…? I want new players.. We’re clearly short.. but thats out of our control.. what we do Control is the amount of support we give this team.. the players that are here.. Thats wory about that? Talk of revolution.. boycotting games? We’re shooting ourselves in the foot by doing that.. if we don’t get any new players then so be it.. We go with what we’ve got.. We will finish in the top four.. And go as far as we can in the cups.. And ill be there.. Win lose or draw.. Not just through double winning seasons..

  33. Gregg

    I stopped taking any notice of what he says many years ago. If you analyse it too much you would really question the guys sanity. Yes we have numbers in the squad but the quality is poor. We barely have one keeper good enough, let alone two. The left backs are the worst in 40 years, the deterioration in Sagna is hugely worrying. As for Midfield, well the fact that he wanted Sahin at the beginning of the year confirms that he knows he doesn’t have the quality in depth or the right balance & up front we have a Centre Forward that is more comparable to Grant Holt or Ricky Lambert than he is to Alan Smith – yes he works hard but he is simply not good enough for a side that wants to be in the elite group.

  34. Joppa Road

    Just discussing with Gambon on Twitter who is to blame. He very much thinks Wenger where as I think the board/Stan are totally to blame. Fair enough if this had only been going on for a season or two but the same failings have been seen for the last five seasons now.

    As far as I am concerned Wenger IS achieving the targets set (by whoever sets them – that’s another argument). It’s not just a question any more of Wenger leaving. Serious questions should be raised of the people above Wenger and what motives they have.

    As far as I can tell Arsenal have accepted the current EPL hierarchy and where they fit in. The sale of RVP to Man U proves this.

    I’m not happy with 4th but if that’s the goal that has been set then why is everyone having a go at something Wenger always achieves? If 4th is the goal then why bring in the likes of Cavanni and Fellani? We don’t need them to make 4th.

  35. Scott

    Haha Gambon posting through Joppa.

    Fuck me Queer of Suburbia will be back next. Funny she laughed at me 2 years ago when I said Wenger had power over Gazidis and the board are scared of him.

  36. Evan

    Joppa Road: Ivan and Stan have the power, Wenger continues to insult the fans and fails to improve the team. Anyone that believes its solely Wengers fault is just as deluded as him.

  37. Dplanet

    Just another day supporting one of the richest clubs in the world. A club that’s trying to convince us that buying great players is unsporting and futile. A club that has systematically sold its best players, given up on trying to compete and milked fans by raising tickets to eye-watering levels.

    I was brought up to believe that supporting a club is a lifelong commitment that is passed down through generations. Kronke knows this and that’s why we’re fucked and nothing is going to change in the foreseeable future.

    Wenger out. The lot out.

  38. Joppa Road

    lol Scott. Queen of Suburbia has blocked me after calling me and I quote ‘ A Spud loving cunt’ and then her hubby threatened to ‘gut me’.

    My crime? I said she what she tweeted was a load of shite.

    Nice people, clearly.

  39. Evan

    Definition of ‘Chief Executive Officer – CEO’

    The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions,

    Gives Wenger the bloody money or not and should say SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY

    and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations. The CEO will often have a position on the board, and in some cases is even the chair.

  40. eyeballpaul

    Every time Wenger is asked a decent question he futher confirms his insanity.

    I haven’t actually deliberately watched a wenger interview for years now. They used to make me angry. Obviously i still catch bits, and it made me embarrassed, and now just sad.

    I used to love wenger, I went through confusion, disappointment frusration, exasperation, anger, hatred, but now all that’s left is pity.

  41. Pedro

    Joppa, I was following that chain… did he really say he’d gut you?

    I thought he just took umbrage that DDM said she wasn’t a lady.

  42. ozrus

    Joppa but you ARE a spud loving cunt! QoS actually had something to say. This blog was a friendly place when she was around. Breadth of opinions. Fun to read. Now it full of cretins like yourself and gambon’s cock licking chihuahuas. Oh wait, that would be you too. It’s like I’m saying you are a cunt over and over again. Damn

  43. dan

    we will get 4th regardless if we sign anyone or not. why dont we stop trying to predict and second guess transfers that are 90% of the time bullshit rumours? then we slate the manager for not getting them! the last few days of the window is where the action is at especially for penny pinchers. go mental with the manager at the END of the window dos we really do need strengthening in areas that are clear to anyone that has eyes

  44. Kurt F

    Yes Giroud has scored a few goals – but think how many points he’s cost us due to the huge number of chances he’s missed. We may have two players for every position, but are they the best players we can possibly have? The answer is a clear No. All true Arsenal fans want us to have the best team possible, yet all Wenger wants is to prove his flawed philosophy is right – this is why the fans are so angry, he’s not doing the job he is paid a huge amount to do.

  45. Scott

    Haha really Joppa oh wow how pathetic.
    Yeah had loads of rows with her over the year. Funny thing is all the times she said I was talking bollocks about Wenger being on the panel interviewing his boss I.e. Gazidis she said I was a fool.
    Funny that eh!

  46. ozrus

    Rohan, what bergkamp63 is saying is that he and gambon used to share a bit of a laugh about players and bloggers from Africa, and that he, bergkamp63, is missing it a little bit. It was edgy, like. But Pedro finally got a wiff of the shit that was being spouted on here and binned the prick, gambon that is.

  47. Pedro

    Rohan, I’ll get Gambon back on… there just has to be acceptance of the rules. The site is international and there are certain things I can’t accept on the site regardless of how much I like a poster.

  48. Pedro

    QoS once told the poster on ACLF that either more or Geoff had called her house and threatened her kids…

    That was amusing.

    I told Geoff it was a bad idea… but would he listen?

  49. Joppa Road

    Yes Pedro he did say that. Not sure if Twitter stores it but it was along the lines of “I will gut you like the maggot you are”.

    I did try to get in touch with both over it but was blocked.

  50. ozrus

    Pedro, that’s really dissapointing. By your own admission you can’t patrol the site 24/7. Just think of the amount of shit gambon gets away with that you don’t have a chance to read. Especially when he is deprived of doughnuts.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    Joppa Road January 26, 2013 11:55:09

    I’m not happy with 4th but if that’s the goal that has been set then why is everyone having a go at something Wenger always achieves? If 4th is the goal then why bring in the likes of Cavanni and Fellani? We don’t need them to make 4th.
    If that is the case then don’t you think that the club should be honest and come out with a statement saying we are only aiming for 4th?

    If that is the case then why are fans paying through the nose for it?

    If that is the case then why has Wenger come out and said the ticket prices have to be high so we can compete? etc, etc, etc.

    Lastly, if I was manager of Arsenal, and I was told we are only aiming for 4th, knowing full well what resources are at our disposal, I would have the dignity, the courage and the integrity to resign on the spot and come out in the press, telling every Gooner exactly what the aim of the club was.

  52. Leedsgunner


    WHY? Our squad is paper thin as it is… What if Sagna injures his leg again? Are we going to have to endure another February with makeshift fullbacks. It’s the same old irrational, hubris filled Wenger back to his usual deceitful conniving worst. Instead of addressing the shortcomings of the squad and doing his f****** job he pontificates about how the winter transfer window is unjust.

    Besides I thought he cut short a press conference so “he could do some work” as he has made it clear that his focus is getting his players back from injury rather than having a competitive squad — that should tell you what work he’s been doing with regards to transfers….

    The silence is deafening isn’t it?

  53. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Le Grovelers whining and crying and complaining again. Imagine that.
    Please post an article about football, instead of your daily whine about Wenger.

  54. Joppa Road

    Arsene’s Nurse. I agree 100% with you. What i am saying is though why have a go at Wenger when he is doing all Stan/Board ask him to?

    Perhaps the BSM are right in singling out the board and not Wenger. After all it is the board that employ Wenger so the buck stops with them.

    Gambon argues that Wenger only answers to Stan and no one else. In that case then the BSM and other must protest against Stan if not happy.

    The problem is bigger than just removing Wenger (which let’s face it would be silly when he is doing exactly what the board ask).

    Personally I think Arsenal are a HUGE club and should be challenging for the EPL at the very least. IF Usmanov was in charge then there is every chance Wenger would have different goals set which he had to hit. The likes of RVP would not be sold to a main rival and if Wenger didn’t accept he would be long gone.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that Stan is the problem now.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger really is a terrible manager.

    I don’t see how anyone can defend him.

    He bases his whole transfer/season strategy on the last game.

    If it was poor he starts to look at the market.

    If it was good he doesn’t.

    Ramsey has his first good game for a year and a half and Wenger is already chuffed that that might save him from buying.

    Podolski, Walcott and Giroud all had great games against West Ham….again now there’s no movement on the transfer front!

    So the last 5-6 months are just a blur then Arsene?

    What an incredible moron.

  56. Al

    Emmanuel Frimpong ‏@Frimpong26AFC

    Gonna try n snap the traitor init dench

    LOL as silly as he acts, you got to love his passion and affinity for the club

  57. Joppa Road

    You really have to ask questions of the OWNER and not put it all on to Wenger.

    You say but Kronke says “Wenger has money to spend” and doesn’t spend it.

    SO WHAT? Then surely Kronke/board have to set new goals and targets then not Wenger.

    Truth is for 5 seasons now we have been in decline and yet the owner/board have done nothing to change things. Should Wenger sack himself? Of course not.

  58. Bade



    Some people really take this shite too seriously eh?

    I really find it amusing & worrying in the same time that people on their forties do such things on twitter. Really pathetic conduct.

  59. Scott

    Onrush she once said her and her brother were season tickets for 25 yrs then said she was 32. I replied so she’s had a season ticket since the age of 7. She never replied to that either.
    Don’t mind a football blogger being a woman, but she was a big mouth cunt who knew nothing and chatted shit all the time as if she was the oracle of football.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    Set that aside.

    Tactics…. nonexistent.

    Will to win?…forget it.

    Backbone (if what you say is true)….doesn’t have one.

    Morals….no chance.

    Ability to look at his team from a neutral view….nope.

    I don’t know why he’s still here…he cannot do ANYTHING…Tottenham getting fourth and buying a couple of players like Moutinho and Damiao or the like might be the boot up the arse Arsenal fans need to wake up.

    If that happens, we don’t have anyone at the club who’ll get us back to the top, Tottenham will take our place easily.

    They’ll adjust their finances to settle for Europa every year and everyone’s job at the club gets even easier.

    Disgusting, club…not Arsenal…the people running it.

    Not one football man at the club. Board is 90% OAP, Wenger is a compulsive liar, Gazidis is so out of his depth it’s pathetic, Kroenke doesn’t even know where Islington is….

    Worst run club in Europe. Got to be.


    We’ve now fallen behind Chelsea in terms of revenue and City will soon overtake us…so, so much for their precious self sustaining, balance sheet, healthy financial position horse shit!!

  61. Joppa Road

    Bade you know what banter is like on here and there. I didn’t consider saying ‘stop talking shite (and then backed up with vaild point)’ that offensive. Certainly not enough to be called ‘Spud loving cunt’ and that ‘he would gut me life a maggot/fish’ (whatever it was).

    Yeah, perhaps I should not of sworn but the reply was a little out of context lol. Each to their own.

  62. Joppa Road

    Cesc Appeal. Exactly. But follow my argument and you still end up at the same place.

    Who is responsible for employing Wenger? Ans: Board/Kronke

    Who is setting the goals for Wenger? Ans: Board/Kronke

    Who are happy with the current status quo? Ans: Board/Kronke.

    So if as you point out the flaws of Wenger’s management then who should be doing something about it? Ans: Board/Kronke.

    Not Wenger’s fault. He is just achieving the targets set.

  63. Arsene's Nurse

    Mancini makes a tactical change in the 39th minute, going to a back three. Can you ever imagine Wenger ever doing anything like that?

  64. mystic

    “You do not face exactly the same team so I believe the number of players you could buy should be limited.”

    Have I missed something. Does Wenger think it is ok if a team has 2 new signing and 2 / 3 players that have broken through the ranks (or due to injuries being promoted)- suddenly the forthcoming opposition could be facing 4 /5 players that earlier opponents haven’t, but in his warped thinking that is ok?

    Every time he opens his mouth it is becoming more and more embarrassing. However to an extent I still believe some of his insane utterings are due to the money grabbing pressure from the morons above.

  65. USAGunner

    I have to say I was appalled by the comments this lunatic made. You hit it on the head Pedro when you said the he wants everyone to conform to his game. I mean who does he think he is? He’s mad because a team went out and bought 4 players to HELP their team, but he can’t look past his French nose and see that maybe one or two players out there can help out his team. They may not be Messi in disguise, but I’m sure we can get a few talented players that can spell our tired Gunners. My God, this man is slowly killing The Arsenal! He has to be mentally unstable or something based on his back and forth comments and behavior. If he wants to dictate what the league can and can’t do, then leave The Arsenal and do it…but don’t do it while you are managing. That way we can get a manager that will lead us to greatness again.

  66. arsenesabemejor

    Arsenes nurse might be something to do with Kompany getting inlured,DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. mystic

    Seen the Diame / Villa story on a couple of blogs.

    1) Why the hell doesn’t Wenger pay out £3.5m if he really wants him;
    2) If Barca are genuine in they attitude that they don’t need to sell Villa, surely the end of transfer window price would go up, not down, as they sensed the desperation of suitors.

    Lets be honest the wanker isn’t going to buy either, but will launch bids and say that they ‘tried’.

  68. charlesbronson

    We won’t sign anyone. Villa, Lopez blah blah fucking blah is just gossip and bullshit spread by someone to show the club is interested in signing players. Except we aren’t.

  69. Bade

    Arsenal’s today’s XI
    Szczesny; Jenkinson, Kosicelny, Mertesacker, Santos; Diaby, Ramsey; Ox-C, Rosicky(c), Podolski; Walcott

    Very good side, well blended. The only worry is Diaby getting injured.

  70. Bade

    The correct XI

    Arsenal team: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker (c), Koscielny, Santos, Diaby, Ramsey, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud

  71. UGooner

    Hi, my name is….. and I’m a Gooner and an AKB. Oops, sorry wrong meeting. Nways on the real, I like Wenger, just like deep down all y’all suckers and haters do too. But that there, what he said about capping transfers was the dumbest thing he’s ever said- mind, it does have a lot of competition coz h says a lot of silly things sometimes.

    At a time when we need signings more than most, he jerks us around for a month and then says that? Go home, Arsene. You’re drunk.

  72. Josip Skoblar

    Fair point. AW is the shadow of the great manager he used to be. But it’s not the matter here. As you rightly point out, if Kroenke/the Board disagreed with the non-spending policy or were unhappy with out lack our silverware, they would have sacked Wenger at least five years ago.

  73. UGooner

    We need at least a bloody striker and a defender dammit. Any idiot can see that we are in danger of fielding the Squid!

  74. Bade

    As I predicted earlier today, Per is the captain, Jack & Santi both are rested. OX & Rosicky both used. Very well indeed Arsene

    By Wednesday morning I will tell you whom to start against the Scousers

  75. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re giving the BoD and Kroenke far too much credit.

    Wenger was on the board that chose Gazidis as CEO.

    He, along with PHW was instrumental in Kroenke becoming the strongest stake holder.

    Wenger made sure that he was the power figure at the club by surrounding himself everywhere (players, shareholders etc) with people who would never challenge him.

    Who’s going to sack him, Gazidis?



    No chance, Wenger is the kingmaker at that club, everything revolves around him.

    But don’t get me wrong, I want Kroenke and Gazidis gone.

    Everyone at that club is useless.

    I would not keep a single person in management, or the board.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Why would they sack him?

    In 12 months he sold £117 Million worth of players, they’ll have £100 Million worth of disposable cash in July.

    And he made fourth last year.

    Plus there are still fans putting bums on seats and paying £13 for Fish and Chips.

    That’s what needs to change, hit them in the only thing they care about.

    They do not embarrass, no result (8-2) will see Wenger go.

    They have no ambition, winning nothing will not see Wenger go (after next season he’ll be approaching a decade with nothing.)

    All they care about is money.

  77. GUNNER786

    Come on Brighton beat the shit out of the money worshipping scumbags.

    Total humiliation for Wenger today.

    Spurs for fourth place.

    Come on you Spurrrrrrrrs!!

  78. Jeff

    There are only two certainties in life: taxes and death.

    I think it was Daniel Defoe who said it first but I’d like to revise it. There are in fact three certainties and they are: taxes, death and Wenger not being sacked.