Wenger would cap transfers… unbelievable | Diame and Villa rumours quieten | FA Cup day

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So it kind of feels a bit pointless to come on here every single day ranting about Arsene Wenger and whatever he’s said to the press. So I won’t labour too hard on yesterday’s gems, but honestly, he was absolutely on fire with some of his thoughts. Sometimes, I can’t work out whether it’s all just one big joke… because he takes the satire to such extreme levels. One of my all time favourite comments dropped in his morning meeting yesterday, it went a little like this…

 “I think it should be all completely cut out or limited to two players,”

“It is unfair for the league that some teams who have played for example now twice Newcastle already have an advantage on teams who play Newcastle now they have bought six or seven players.

“You do not face exactly the same team so I believe the number of players you could buy should be limited.”

That comment was in reference to Newcastle snapping up a load of players this January to dig themselves out of the mess they’re in.

Unbelievable. But it really does crystalise our whole situation. Wenger wants everyone to conform to his game. His game is bringing through young players and bedding them in and he genuinely believes that it’s unfair that Newcastle have gone out and signed four players. He doesn’t see the bigger picture, he sees the rules of is self imposed game and he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t look at the Arsenal situation and wonder whether he should be making bold moves for international class players for us… he looks to peddle another idea that makes the purchase of players look like cheating.

The most crazy part about the comment is that he’s on record in stating it takes 6 months for players to bed in and he’s stated that any more than 2 signings can unsettle a squad (then he went out and bought 5). For me, he should be asking why we weren’t in for Mbiwa or Debuchy. Two players in positions we’re short of quality.

In transfer news, Frimpong landed his move away from the club. He’s a player I don’t expect to stay with us much past June. Clearly out of favour in a massive way. He’s a nice kid, but he’s far too dim and aware of his celebrity to make it at Arsenal. Another player who keeps getting linked away from us is Jenkinson. Stoke and Wigan are interested in his services. It’d make sense for him to get games, but I’m pretty sure that’d leave us exposed with the out of sorts Sagna being the only option we have at right back.

Another of Wenger’s comments yesterday centred around the satisfaction Wenger has in his squad, he reckons we have two players in every position. What he doesn’t say is that he’s counting players in multiple positions. If Arsene had two players in every position he trusted, why doesn’t he ever rest Jack, Arteta or Cazorla? Why does he pretty much stick with the same front three every game? Why do our players always look so tired? It’s a silly remark for a man permanently on the defensive.

Rumours are dying a death around Diame and David Villa. Barca have made their position quite clear around not wanting him to leave and the Diame transfer sounds like a massive punt…

We travel down to Brighton today. I have no idea how seriously Wenger will take this game, but I expect players to get a rest going on Wenger’s recent approach to the FA Cup. Ramsey will likely anchor the midfield again. We might see the return of Diaby and who knows, maybe Jack Wilshere as the captain. At the back, Vermaelen isn’t playing, so Laurent will step in… hopefully not giving away a penalty or getting sent off today. Up top, I can’t see past Theo, Podolski and Giroud.

Enjoy the game if you’re going down, it’s a nice crisp clear day. If you’re not, enjoy it wherever you can get a feed!


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  1. Leedsgunner

    I wonder if Colin Lewin and the rest of the medical staff get a performance bonus for making sure our perma-crocks make their annual appearance during the January transfer window just so that Wenger can proudly say that he has a strong enough squad — only for the perma-crocks to go back on the treatment table once the transfer window SLAMS SHUT.

    I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. Grimm

    Yeah. Agree with Wenger with the Newcastle thing. Why can Newcastle managed to buy decent French players at bargain price while Arsenal can’t even buy one player from the Newcastle targets? It’s just not fair for Wenger. So, it must frustrate him that much that he decides NOT TO SIGN any player this month. Good for you, Wenger. Save the money for your bonuses and leave the club for PSG in the summer.

    It’s pathetic to see an unambitious Manager still manage a so-called big club like Arsenal. The worrying part is he still has 18 months left in his contract, he’s critic-proof and his arrogance is destroying the club.


  3. mystic

    Fucking brilliant that we won, but it is necessary to be realistic. Arsenal won, Arsenal were the better team – just.

    On that display against a championship side what would have been the outcome if we had gone to a top PL side – it isn’t good enough to accept that we probably would have lost, Arsenal should be in a situation where it is viewed almost 50:50, regrettably they are very far away from there.

    For today lets wallow in the glory and fingers crossed for the last 16 draw.

  4. Voetstoots

    You’re right, Sam. All the guys on here must be such perfect husbands and fathers and colleagues and managers at works and sons to their geriatric mothers… In fact, they hardly even appreciate some of the bright moments of perfection on the rare occasion that they see it.

    Theo should’ve passed? Sure… But he’s running at speed, controlling the ball, taking on the goalie… You cannot always expect perfect decision-making in the heat of the moment. And if he had in fact scored, it would’ve been pretty special anyway.

    Until just the other day, most people on here didn’t give Giroud the light of day either – fortunately they’ve gone a bit quiter on that one now.

    Lastly, and for the record: I agree that Wenger has lost the plot – but I support the club through thick and thin like I’ve done for 25 years (not that long, I know – but hey, I cannot change my age and when I was properly introduced to the game and the club, can I?)

  5. Voetstoots

    Jamal, it followed on the earlier conversation.

    And i suggest you go read my comment again – I didn’t call ALL of you Spud supporters.

  6. Relieable sauce

    I agree with you that Gibbs could be top class, i think if he played in a 442 with a good LM he’d be tearing the PL up & be 1st choice for england.

  7. kwik fit

    That may be the last we see of Santos in an Arsenal shirt.
    The attractions of Brighton will prove too much for him me thinks.
    He couldn’t even wait on the bench for the final whistle. When subbed he went straight down the tunnel and out into the Brighton night-life.
    Bye Bye Andre.

  8. Jamal

    “all you Spuds supporters!”

    ‘All’ is there for every single one of us to see but everyone one on here is an Arsenal fan so who exactly were you talking to?

  9. mystic

    I think we should loan Santos to Charlton. Lets be honest Song was fucking hopeless at first and it was an embarrassment to see him in an Arsenal shirt – goes there on loan, comes back a very much improved player.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    hope fulham get a draw at least… their mascot was superb in the tunnel, stretching like hangleland looked like he was really enjoying himself,, good on the little lad, hope he and his team get someting out the game

  11. Voetstoots

    Jamal, this will be my last response, i need to go: you prefer to choose on one interpretation of a possible double meaning (which frankly i personally didn’t even see in the first place – underlining the fact that it’s not the way i meant it) – read it as “all of you THAT are spuds supporters” – which is not the same as “all of you are spuds supporters”.

    Good night.

  12. Leedsgunner

    Santos – so super super quality I can’t breathe. NO F***** HOPE.

    Note to Arsene, just because he’s Brazilian doesn’t mean he’s good. If after seeing his performance you still think you don’t need to strengthen the LB position you’re even more stupid than I thought you were. 2 players for every position my arse.

  13. Voetstoots

    Sorry, one more thing – all Arsenal supporters here? You wouldn’t really say so, would you, a lot of the time. Which is my main gripe, given so many people wanting us to lose every match, etc – even though i cannot help coming back to the site most days.


  14. Cloggs

    Just switched off the telly, my conclusion; Brighton Shove ‘n Albion have a nice stadium, the pitch was a little bit too wet and there’s still enough beer in my garden shed. Can we still win the FA Cup? Yes. Will we win the FA cup? No.
    I’m looking forward to the summer transfer window!

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    santos will be a brazillian god in Brighton…. he will be raving with the boys until the first train back to Victoria…. where he will get on the tube to vauxhall to fire until training resumes Monday morning at the coloney…. no doubt still in shorts, fluorescent top whistle round neck and bottle of poppers in his pocket,,, suns headline … santos right on in brighton.

  16. Toli83

    I just saw santos walk in the blue oyster bar just to the left of the pier, wearing a pair on stone wash jeans and a PVC waistcoat with nothing underneath… He looks up for it.

    On the game… Hard to assess or comment on anything we didn’t know already. Giroud needs to score in the big games to become a contender in my opinion. We lack a centre back that picks himself and is a leader and teams like Brighton can identify our soft centre in midfield. Ramsey certainly isn’t a dm, nor is he a regular in any top premier league side…

    Would love to get a tasty game next round, Spurs / Chelsea at home would do…

  17. Josip Skoblar

    A few observations about our defensive frailties:
    – Our team seems to have clear strategy when not in possession. We do not press high and/or we do not drop deep and defend in numbers. The players are all too passive.
    – When defending crosses no one attacks the ball and the keeper does not commend his box at all. (Chesney worries me more and more, I have to say)
    – In addition, some players appear not to care at all through lack of effort. (Wenger should have substituted Santos much earlier in the game)
    – The team lack focus during the opening of games which has cost the team dearly.
    – Merteserker: for someone so tall, he gets beaten in the air which needs to be rectified really. (See Brighton’s second goal)
    – Kozzer and Gibbs played well today.

  18. Cloggs

    There’s still a lot of beer im my gardenshed, anyone cares for a Peroni?

    LOL @R.S.P.C.Arsenal 18:16:35
    Don’t pick on Andre, though, Kolo set the example for him.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    cloggs… i like italian bubbles however me fave at the mo is bottles of charringtons ipa from sainsbury… or any bottles of light with a heineken.

  20. Dan Ahern

    I want to be really clear about this:
    I like Giroud as a player. But I’m still mad he let Jenkinson cut his hair.

  21. wanger-wenker

    on the current statement to be spouted that “i never gave up on giroud”…..well good luck to your loyalty. However, he is strong and at times brave….but that doesnt make him a top quality player does it!….he is still a big lump of a striker but i will concede that his strength is a bonus and he seems to be picking up the knack of being in the right postion. I like the guys attitude but there are a dozen better strikers playing in the prem.
    Santos???? a real wenger buy…..relatively expensive, flimsy and not good enough

  22. kwik fit

    Wenger said: ‘You do not find them in the street, strikers who can play for us. We have strength in our team. It is difficult in January.

    No wonder Wenger can’t find the right players. Don’t think you’ll find what’s needed around Kings cross Arsene.

  23. Dan Ahern

    Josip — Good observations. I’m not sure about Koscielny. Him and Per just don’t seem to make a good CB pairing (although Koz/Verm is even less reliable. Per/Verm for me.)

    The biggest issue with the press is we randomly carry it out, and don’t even do it well. Our players run up to pressure but stop and give the ball carrier loads of space. Which is okay if you’re closing down his passing options, but they usually aren’t.

    Biggest problem of all though is our MF is completely rudderless without Arteta or JW. Seems we never control a game like we used to. Which is sad because AW’s calling card is supposed to be a controlling attack.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    Cheers, mate. You’re right to stress that our rudderless MF partly explains our defensive problems. You’re making good points about our MF. We’ve won nothing since Vieira left.
    Kozzer and Mert had a few good games together, but I agree that it’s not an ideal partnership.

  25. kwik fit

    Wenger “We are a bit short (Strikers) But Gervinho will be back soon. We are not close to signing anyone.”


  26. Ash79

    Gervy just gave an interview apparently after ivory Coast won and said ‘I hate arsenal fans, that’s why I am playing well now. I am rubbing it in their ugly faces’

  27. Lee Pace

    Just read this on Arsenal forums, apparently another fight broke out between AKB’s and Wenger out brigade.

    FlittsTheGooner ‏@FlittsTheGooner
    Proper fight at the end of the game with the Arsène Wenger out banner boys and the Arsenal fans. Punches were thrown.

    FlittsTheGooner ‏@FlittsTheGooner
    Police had to split the fight up and then most the Arsenal fans started singing: “One Arsène Wenger”

    FlittsTheGooner ‏@FlittsTheGooner
    The people holding the Wenger Out banner were the same people who got floored at Wigan Away.

    JM ‏@jackAFCmarti
    Fight at the end of the game with. A banner read “Thanks for the memories AW but its time to go” and punches were thrown.

    JM ‏@jackAFCmartin
    Sparked a massive brawl between Arsenal fans. Chants of “One Arsène Wenger” rang out

  28. follow the money

    “he looks to peddle another idea that makes the purchase of players look like cheating.”

    Ouch. But so true. Wenger is like a drug addict, but he’s addicted to an idea. He is right and the everyone else is wrong. The perennial victim. Poor Arsene, fighting the good fight against all these teams that pay the going rate for real top quality. Waaaaaaaaaaah. What a Lame-o

  29. dave

    Not surprised. Got close to it at Emirates. I had the temerity to say something like “he’s gotta go” and some spotty kid told me that I didn’t know what I was going on about. Wouldn’t mind but I’ve been going to the Arsenal longer than he’s been alive.

  30. May2689

    I actually thought we looked very comfortable today and the match facts seem to back me up.

    We were playing a Championship team who are in the nix for a playoff place. They scored from 2 of the three chances that had in the game.

    Job done!

    Wenger out!

  31. Dannyboy


    more made up propaganda from Wenger’s media team to try and make everyone love him again. After hearing of the fighting going on amongst Gooners, it is actually quite scary the lengths that some of Wengers cult following will go to for their leader.

    I’d love to work for Sky on transfer deadline day, the lucky SOB who gets to sit outside the Emirates getting paid to look at the beautiful empty stadium we have… Hope it snows torrentially on the fucker and maybe in his mental state. Wenger locks himself out of the house and freezes on his doorstep.


    I told you plebe’s a few day’s ago

    Arsene Wenger is off to PSG.You heard it first!!!!!!!

    The Real Madrid rumour’s are just as a smokescreen.

    Wenger is going home.

    Thank’s for the memories(well the first 7 years,anyway).

    Au Revoir

  33. Grimm

    If Wenger decides not to sign anyone this January, then the club must do something, get rid of the manager and make a statement on the website :

    ” Since the former manager can’t find any quality players to strengthen the club, we have decided swiftly to replace him with a new ambitious manager by appointing Jurgen Klopp.”

    Wenger seems to be okay to sign an average Bastia winger or a Ligue 2 midfielder rather than sigining quality proven players like Capoue. Spend ridicilous money on average players is the new normal for Wenger.



    dave 21:09:57

    Not surprised. Got close to it at Emirates. I had the temerity to say something like “he’s gotta go” and some spotty kid told me that I didn’t know what I was going on about. Wouldn’t mind but I’ve been going to the Arsenal longer than he’s been alive.

    How do you know he was some spotty kid?

    The spotty kid could have been Bill Gates-The Philanthropist!!

    Or come to think of it Zuckenberg!!!

    These Yank’s are quite patriotic you know……….


    Breaking news…….

    Pedro last seen skipping along the Brighton Promenade late in the evening,with Gazidis and Arse(ne).

    Apparently discussing transaction fees.

    Gazidis offering to pay for Pedro,to visit a Harley Street-Anal Specialist.
    About anal operational procedures to tighten his gaping hole .
    That’s been busted more time’s than Katie Price has had,well a zillion lover’s.

    (All those visit’s to Gazidi’s office,for 1-on-1 meeting’s eventually take’s it toll.)

    And Wenger,wanting to get all busy,down on Brighton Beach,for free.

    Wenger:How much Pedro?

    Pedro:I’m your man,I’m free for you.It was a great win today.
    You deserve it.

    Wenger;Free!!Now’s that what I call qualideeee.
    Bend over!!Ooooh, if only Diaby can see me now.
    Oooohh…..Super qualideee.

    Tomorrow’s headline Le Grove post:-
    Pedro:”Wenger show’s his worth,he’s quality.
    The man for the moment.
    Exceptional Qualityyyy-People”

  36. sam

    the first goal remind me of almunia, what happened to sczeszny?
    the second goal was santos’s fault for sleeping.
    welldone to theo n giroud for saving us from embarrassement

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Wow, over 27,000 in the stadium @ Brighton to see The Arse. I guess Arse is very popular in Brighton these days.

    Anyway, ultimately a good result, but that old Wengerism of playing 2nd stringers like No 11 Santos could derail a potential trophy.

    I wonder if Old Frenchie does it on purpose just to spite the hopeful fans. No, he brought on Lil Jack, Theo & Gibbsy. He wants the cup 🙂

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    Next up Liverpoo. That’ll be a toughy, but indeed a must 3 points if you want to keep the spuds off your backs during your Summer & next season/CL.

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    My other footy season kicks off in 54 days 3 hours 37 minutes & 40 seconds time, so spuds won’t worry either way. Big things planned for The Tigers. 32 crap years coming to and end


    Alan Pardew is the new Arse(ne), 16 year’s down the line.

    Just as clueless & cocky(but without the trophies)!
    Signed some good player’s,a bit late in the day mind you.
    Does not know,how to take the next step up.

    With player’s like those listed below:-
    Ben Arfa
    Ba(until Chelsea sale)

    & now flirting with relegation,in 16th place.

    Now with the following on board:-

    Let’s hope he make’s a decent job of it.Remind’s me of HR@QPR.
    A pure blagger!!!!!!

    I mean how could you flunk your lines with Tevez& Mascherano @ the Hammer’s?!!Criminal,not with one,but with 2 players!!Criminal..!!


    Gnarley Barkley

    We will spank the scallywag’s.Easy 3 point’s.
    & then we are back on for 4th trophy.

    Woopeeee..Brighton Rock’s..Pedro Rock’s & the Ping-Pong show rock’s!

    Munich here we come.Be afraid,Be very,very afraid Munich.

  42. Jeff


    The people at Arsenal, (in particular Wenger himself), know how to manipulate the media by putting out false rumours. We have had so many of these in the past and none of it has come to fruition. It is the same with these tenuous links to stars and world class players which in the end are nothing more than talking points.

    This type of rumour suits both Wenger and AFC board because they want him to stay and he won’t leave. But in order to keep the natives happy what better way than to churn out rumours about Wenger being wanted by top, top, top clubs.

    In some future months you will hear AW in some interview talk about how all these clubs wanted him but he stayed loyal. A lot of people (AKBs in particular) go for this sort of thing because it suits their agenda and belief that there is not and never will be anyone better than Wenger. However, some of the more pragmatic supporters (i.e. most people on Le Grove) prefer to look at the results. Over the last 8 years, given what we spend on wages and the mad policies being adhered to with the wage and transfer caps, you can see that Wenger has never been part of the solution but in fact the problem.

    If you seek anything other than success on the pitch, Wenger is definitely the best manager we have ever had and will ever have.


    Jiffi Jeff

    What about Terry Neil,or Don Howe?

    They signed some player’s,but delivered almost an empty basket in the long run.A Cup Winner’s Cup -Runner’s up loser’s medal & a ’79 FAC

    Though in their defense-Howe brought through Rocastle,Adams & Quinn,despite peeps saying it was GG..

    & T.Neill brought through Jenning’s,Stapleton,MM, Brady & signed Charlie Nicholas.
    With Neill’s only showing being a ’79 FAC trophy,despite a trio of 78-79-80 FAC final visit’s.
    Surely those were wonderful time’s for fan’s back then?


    Jeff-January 27, 2013 06:12:13
    If you seek anything other than success on the pitch, Wenger is definitely the best manager we have ever had and will ever have.

    See my post above-

    VIX AFFAIRJanuary 27, 2013 06:28:51

  45. Jeff


    Perhaps over and above everything else, openly and willingly selling our best players to rivals in the last 8 years (for me) makes Wenger one of the worst managers we’ve had. Why? After all, his win ratio is better than most other managers we’ve had and he is the longest serving coach presiding over 900 competitive games.

    The people you cite did not have 16 years; Terry Neill (1976-1983), Don Howe (1983-1983), so it’s difficult to make a straight comparison. There are specific reasons why I no longer rate the present manager and those reasons relate directly to making Arsenal weaker and less competitive as the years have gone by. The three most damaging aspects of his management are:

    1. Wage Cap
    2. Transfer Cap
    3. Selling our best players

    The third is almost certainly as a result of the first and second. So whatever he’s done in the first 8 years of his career is being eroded away with the lunatic policies I’ve listed above and there is no way I will accept that it’s all been “forced” on him by the board or owner. There is just too much evidence to the contrary.


    Jiffi Jeff

    I was just being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

    Your reasoning cannot be faulted..

    I mean what club on earth charges £12 for a plate of fish & chip’s.

    & almost £6.00 for a pint of your finest piss-beer.

    Charges fan’s- stupendous fee’s in the whole of the world footballing community,for watching a bunch of kid’s running around like headless chicken’s,attempting to display strong mentalllll strengthzzz..

    Personally speaking, you can get far better value,watching Barnet FC down the road..

    What other Club President,mock’s the fan’s & salutes the work of Arsene,as a job well done,year-on-year for finishing 4th?
    Along with a contract,there for Arsene too sign,before the season has even begun?

    A Chairman,who rarely attend’s game,the antithesis of RA,in every possible way. A silent-hand’s off money hoarder.

    A CEO,oblivious to the world of football.But appear’s to be schooled in the dark art’s of street-level buggery & muggery,just with a slippery tongue as his trusted weapon.

    & as for the manager..Well we know the score..

    To say they are all complicit..
    Is a massive understatement of the century!

    Now,what was Pedro,doing in the private room’s of Gazidis
    & Arsene,all these year’s?

    That’s the real question,I want answering…..?

  47. tippitappi

    VIX I never eat or drink in the ground theres no need to leave that to the AKBs
    fucking muppets , cant do much about ticket prices so I’m just a bit selective and that dosn’t always mean only the big games oh and never buy a programme . Championship defending against a championship side no shocks there then and I said at the start of Jan no one would come in its easy to thats the case if you pick between the shit of wongers words……………ah thats feels better


    Breaking news,Breaking news…..

    Last sighting of Pedro..

    Bent over a sparkling Black Mercedes Benz,in the parking lot of the Blue Oyster in Brighton.

    With Arse(ne),behind him whispering:-
    “We will finish Top 4 this season-little fella…
    Make sure,youzzzz make that Le-Grove…ze headlinez post”

    Pedro:”I know the drill boss,now I need some Champ.League’s filler right now boss.2nd Stage KO,will do me,right now. “



    Nahhhhh..Don’t think I’m funny at all…

    Just think it’s funny,that a guy(not you by the way),talk’s about Kick Racism out of Football-like he his the main sponsor of such a campaign

    Happily,lampoon’s John Terry for his racial indiscretion’s& when it’s on the blogger’s time watch,bury’s his head in the sand & pretend’s it never existed…

    Now that’s funny…

    It’s so funny,it’s almost stomach churning..

    The guy in question,is a fucking creep.

    More slimier,than Pier’s Morgan..& that’s saying something.

    Does more U-turn’s than Ramsey circling the whole of the pitch,for the entire season..

    More spin than Alistair Campbell

    Now’s that’s hilariously funny.

    A blog where you are meant to share opinion’s..

    The main blogger,the other day,had several comment’s posted by several people,voicing their displeasure at certain comment’s that were made.
    i.e.Tarzan,Chimp & Jungle..

    What was the main blogger’s response,he censored incoming post’s by various blogger’s ,changed their comment’s & more, or less swept it under the carpet.Pretending as if nothing happened.

    When he could have dealt with it there & then.
    With a full on message & moved on…

    He did neither,took the coward’s way out..

    Banned one guy-temporarily,soon to be returned to the fold any day soon,due to the uproar..

    Banned a few other’s for daring to question him?

    The issue here is with the principal of the man..

    What does,he in essence really stand for..?

    I’ll say this again,he’s nothing more than a creepy,spineless sheep.


    “It seems a prostitute has more backbone & a better moral compass,than Pedro at present..

    How can you bury your head in the sand for so long over such an issue & then talk about how AFC fans are a classy bunch..!!

    What a c**t!!”

  50. roaaary

    Vix i think you are taking this blog a bit too serious mate. I think you should try online dating as you clearly need a girlfriend.

    Your stories you have put together really arent funny mate.


    El Tel

    As for you,you deluded man….

    Here’ what they think of you on twitter…
    “El Tel on LeGrove = Lunatic.”

    “Angry angry man.”

    & many more…..G’day Sir..

  52. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger’s totally crazy.
    He only thinks that Arsenal is the example everyone should follow.
    But the fact is. When there is a law that allow you to strengthen at mid-term, you fuckin use it. That’s what Newcastle did, and if Wenger just had the guts to actually spend money to strengthen, and not just bring us level with 4th place, he wouldn’t be complaining. But buying players like Newcastle did.
    If there was a so called limitation to players trade in winter, it wouldn’t change a thing. Newcastle would have strengthened in summer. Or if they were limited to 2, they wouldn’t have hesitated to buy David Villa…
    Wenger should realise that Billie Beane’s model was to take a team out of bottom of the league, but that to actually win trophies years in years out, you have to constantly bring in top quality, and Beane lost that when he refused to sign for Red Socks.
    And it’s not because Wenger doesn’t usually by anyway, that everyone should be doing the same. The winter trade season is there particularly to renew strength in a squad, and if Wenger refuses other to use it for some fucked up reason he doesn’t like other poorer teams than us go out and spend but Newcastle is doing what they are supposed to do.
    How can you call on caps, while we never even reached that cap…
    It’s not because Wenger is a tight ass hole refusing to spend that all the teams should do the same. This is how a crisis start. No more cash flows. The problem of Wenger is paying top salaries to average players.
    Then if you want to be always an average team, stick with that.
    But at some stage someone’s gonna have to kick his ass.
    We are losing opportunities every year…
    Wenger out!
    And I’m free to be assistant if some idiots want to stop their fuckin analyst from talking about Diaby like the new Messiah

  53. IvoryGoonz

    2 main differences between Billie Beane and 1 reason we are fucked with Arsene.
    – Billie would not hesitate to get shot of players not performing after 6 months or with recurring injuries to bring in players who could save the season based on their actual skills for the roles he planned for them before hiring them.
    I know lot of people will support Wenger for sticking to his rusted pistoleros, but football is not a game of good sentiments.
    With the money involved, it is clearly Wenger’s weak heart that has weighted a lot in the balance, and his ideals instead of actual pragmatism.
    It took 2 years for Red Socks to win the title applying the same model as Billie’s.. Because when all other teams picked up that model, there was nothing left for him to make a difference against rich teams.
    We do need a huge clean up.
    There’s no doubt we have many players not fit for purpose, and hundred players who’d give us more for our money.
    – Billie knew he was a failure as a baseball player. Because he really understood the needs for specialised players rather than a team full of multi-specialised expensive players, and that he never really reached his potential. So he never payed over the odds for a youngster, and brought in ready made players just lacking confidence.
    And he managed to motivate them.

    Wenger is not Billie Beane. And will never be.
    He already achieved his dream, got nothing to fight for anymore.
    So he’ll keep on hiding behind his principles and model, and not re-assess it as long as the numbers are ok for him.
    Finally, Football is not Baseball.
    Some basic principles of MoneyBall can be applied to All sports.
    As long as you take into account tactics.
    Billie would have won his first title the first year if he had taken hold of field management on match day.
    You let your captains do the ground training for you, they are the expert at teaching your troops, but you’re the one supposed to take full control of your team and prepare them for the next game looking at the whole calendar. So you need to show up. And trust your analystS and scouts. Looking at both our coaching team and scouting setup, this is what I would call in French a “hold up”.
    We, Arsenal fans, are being robbed, being made to believe that the true aim of WengerBall is titles. But it isn’t.
    It’s an idealistic utopia that can never work as long as Capitalism, money, and billionaires exist.
    And he knows it. He uses them, and is becoming one of them himself. The more you have, the more you have to loose, and the less free you are.
    So, while some are making huge profits and sitting on Arsenal fans hard earned cash, what’s the point?
    Get the Wenger out, put a young chap with sharp teeth in, clear the whole squad, and lets start from clean proper basis. You don’t build a house on leaky grounds ffs.
    We are not the bottom of the league. Far from it. And we got plenty of cash available. If we really wanted to improve the squad, there’s always possibilities.
    Just Wenger want to do it on he cheap to maximise profits. That’s no the right way to look at it, you build the team that’s needed, and the rest follows.
    But not on potential.
    You can never predict how a kid’s gonna turn out.